“I Brought You Up As A Mother!”

That’s what Romania’s first lady Elena Ceauşescu bellowed at members of her country’s security forces as they escorted her and her husband Nicolae to their place of execution.

“Mutti” Merkel should have known that the internet’s power of neutering state propaganda raises the bar on a government’s claim to legitimacy. And that German security forces may well be reviewing the Romanian tapes.

Below is my translation of a troll comment that readers paste under Polish-language articles on the subject of the refugee situation in Germany. I saw it under an article about the Tunisian hijacker that plowed a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin:

From a refugee’s diary: “Finally made it to Berlin. In the morning I picked up my benefits package from our boss Merkel. In the queue, I met up with other soldiers from my ISIS unit. They’re telling me that the EU is now requiring us to declare that all of our terror attacks are financed by EU funds because after all, she is the one who brought us here, and it is she who’s paying us. We’re also buying explosive materials with Merkel’s money, so it’s hard to argue with her.

Oh well, she signs our checks so we do things her way. Besides, Ahmed and Ahmed have already gotten second jobs. One is a drug dealer and the other leads a team that robs German apartments. But there are problems with those apartments: wherever he breaks in, there’s already either a colleague from the unit or another ISIS activist there. Mama Merkel has been resettling most of the Germans so now it’s difficult to find a German’s flat to rob. It’s a heavy kebab to bear… on the other hand, Ahmed has his own problems with his apartment situation. He was expecting to move into a house with a pool, but got an flat instead. Mama Merkel explained that he will get his house, but she must first push through new regulations on the quartering of our brothers from ISIS among the Europeans. Then, the owners themselves will move out and the house will be his. Ah, difficult is our lot.

We went shopping at Lidl in the afternoon. As usual, we entered the store thirty-strong, did some shopping, and left. We’ll come back in two months at the latest, after they renovate it. Maybe even the cashier and the security guard have come out of the hospital? Imagine that — they expected us to pay for our purchases! Us, guests of mama Merkel herself! They won’t be asking us anything the second time around but just to be sure, Ahmed cut off a cashier’s tongue. It was so funny! we have now mastered the German tongue. I even felt a bit bad for her, a cute blonde. Almost as pretty as my habibi. I was going to come back and enrich her again, but they took her to the hospital. Oh, well. 

In the evening as usual, the fellows went out to hunt for a German women. Policewomen are worth double. They’re ugly as sin but it’s already dark and I close my eyes and somehow imagine that I’m doing it with my habibi.

Tomorrow, my buddy Ahmed is flying in from Turkey, and so is his brother Ahmed with little Ahmed. Couldn’t they have flown me in too? I had to deal with taxi rides through half of Europe! But it’s a lot better now. Mama Merkel says that she will send charter flights to any given country in Africa, because dragging oneself to Turkey is also a hassle. But at least their imam in his white jumpsuit washes our feet. It’s nice after all that walking. Ahmed says that we shouldn’t cut his head off when the time comes, just let him continue washing our feet. We’ll see. Thanks to mama Merkel, things are looking bright. Europe is already ours. A.A.!”

As to the scavengers that were brought to Europe as paramilitaries against her native peoples?

The hyenas feast, until the lion tears them to shreds.


19 thoughts on ““I Brought You Up As A Mother!”

  1. We fund murderous dindu/rag terrorists in Britain too (none witg so much blood as Mutti), but we call it Foreign Aids.

    Our GVT claims there is no money for social care. Yet if the tax waatsted on DinduDepots’ crack & gold + the SJW BluhairBlobs siphoning the admin costs were redirected to Social Care…

  2. The problem right now is that “white genocide is the law.” All opposed to white genocide are criminals.

    It is good to see that you’ve seen the same thing as I, PA. The other side of the struggle is the leaders begging and pleading, saying how much they love us, how much they care, they only did it for our own good….

    WN is still far from what it needs to be. Men want to act, but don’t know how to do it without being killed or imprisoned.

    The surveillance state, which functions in all Western nations, is directed against WNs. It is not there to protect against criminals.

    We must wait until either the surveillance states weaken or some WN comes up with a way to bypass it, in a safe manner.

  3. Merkel is the “mother” who aborts Hitler once and for all. All Germania should tremble at the depths of her sexual degeneracy and the wide open conspiracy with those who perpetrate self-annihilating mass murder return the reward of seventy-two German virgins for eternal smashing.

    Is there a fugging white genocide or not?

  4. PA….

    Given your IQ, how accountable are you in the facilitating of white genocide? Parasite, by definition, are not accountable in the manner in which “we” speak. Ergo, real accountability is in the hands of a minority of high IQ non-parasites. This is you and NOT I and so the script is all flipped.

  5. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    Is it really plausible that the leaders of dozens of White nations have adopted similar policies antithetical to the long-term survival of their own peoples, yet none of them knew what they are doing?

    What we learned in 2016:
    1. ‘Racism’ really means ‘I hate White people’. ‘Racism’ just means you’re anti-White.
    2. Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’.
    3. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.
    4. The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of White people’s money to steal.
    5. Polls don’t assess public opinion, BUT rather coerce and direct public opinion.
    6. Virtue signalling is no virtue. It’s theft – of people’s lives and sacrifices, their past and future.

  6. The manipulators of the masses have mediated a multitude of archetypes which the citizen-individual must constantly wrestle with in his daily life. Two such STRONG mediated ARCHETYPES are the devout dyke and Muslim jihadist. Where they find mutual destiny is radical sexual autonomy?

  7. If the mass rape of German female by the jihadi sand-nigger occurs under a devout dyke head of Germania THEN what is the totality of this realization?

    To be neatly tucked into “white genocide” has what effect exactly?

  8. “PA…..Given your IQ, how accountable are you in the facilitating of white genocide?”

    You know, given this work down time, this interim holiday week to kick back, see family, get out and volunteer and watch some mindless football at both the collegiate and professional level, I too keep returning to meditate on the question of P.A.’s I.Q. and its fate in initiating white genocide. I mean, just how could one NOT make that intuitive, plain-as-day connection and then ponder it?

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  10. Whether you’re at a party tonight, or working, or alone with your thoughts and a glass of something strong, may good things come your way in 2017. Don’t forget to look back on this past year and give a word of thanks for everything.

    Happy New Year’s folks!

  11. I’m so ready to waste some of those muslim morherfuckers and the traitors who let them in. I hope it sets off within my lifetime.

  12. Merkel is Blutmutti (Blood Mutti). Let’s feed that meme into Germany’s coming electoral campaign.

  13. @PA Story in Poland that’s not getting huge international play about a 21 year old killed by a Tunusian kebab cook over two unpaid Cokes. Rioters ransacked the shop. The Polish media report that the kebab chef stabbed the boy twice then they pretended to not know what happened nor did they call police immediately for help. But that comments are interesting. They aren’t overwhelmingly sympathetic towards the boy saying he had a police record or had been in trouble with the law before. They’re treating this more like a crime gone wrong and downplaying the muslim element. http://www.fakt.pl/forum/tunezyjczyk-opowiedzial-jak-zabil-daniela-wlascici,0,3022634,232307929,czytaj.html

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