Readers’ Shots of Wisdom

Reader responses to my thirty questions in the recent “Why Is The Sky Blue” post. What else needs to be asked?

1. Is there transcendence in intoxication?

Only if you’re already intoxicated by life. — Each Pond Gone

Yes but it’s temporary and it comes at a cost. — Suburban_elk

Depends on the intoxicant, set, and setting — Ripple Earthdevil

No. (I thought last night of the San Fran warehouse rave CO documented with a rollcall of the dead at heartiste, and Hillary’s nuclear war, and it occurred to me they were a sort of holocaust). — Lucius Somesuch

There is definitely “transcendence” in toxic casing… It is called “liberationist theology.” It is ideological self-annihilation. The logical idea to General Entropy, ie., total degeneration. — Thordaddy

No. — Samson J.

No, you just think there is. — peterike

Yes. A drunk mouth speaks a sober mind.Recce Room

2. Is Rock dead?

I’m afraid that it is. I am wondering when all of the liberal white male rockers in the music business start to get upset after realizing record companies/stations don’t want to feature their music any more. — Camlost

In the sense that it’s no longer breathing. But reverberations of that amped mirage will be felt even in ‘classical’ for a long while. — Each Pond Gone

… as far the musical genre, yeah pretty much. — Suburban_elk

Hardly — Ripple Earthdevil

Yes. (though Noel Gallagher could still accomplish something of merit). — Lucius Somesuch

It’s not dead, but it’s in an old-folks’ home where the kids regard it as cute. — Samson J.

No. Go to YouTube and type in “wussy” — peterike

Sadly, yes. — Recce Room 

Obviously — Nozdryov

3. What is your purpose in life?

Actuate genuine white Supremacy. — Thordaddy

My cause in life is preventing baby boys from having their genitals altered in the ritual of circumcision. […] At its heart, circumcision diminishes sexual intimacy and pair bonding. — Suburban_elk

To do the best for my family, and use my gifts for the world’s good. — Samson J.

Paying for my children then dying. — peterike

To crush my enemies. To see them driven before me. And to hear the lamentations of their women. — Recce Room

4. Was the 1944 Warsaw Uprising a mistake or a sacrifice with long-term recompense?

Alan Clark’s “Barbarossa: The Russian-German Conflict, 1941-1945” deals at length with the Polish Uprising. He notes: “One of the Poles has described how from the tallest building, when the smoke cleared, they could see German and Russian soldiers bathing on opposite sides of the Vistula River in apparent amity, or as if in tacit acceptance of a truce which was to last while Polish gallantry was extinguished.” (p 392) — Lucius Somesuch

Sacrifice. — peterike

It was needed. — Recce Room

I originally read this as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Given how Jewish-centric current tellings of history are, that was just a reflex and I thought, “no – it wasn’t a mistake and I would have wanted to die at a high price also.” Considering the Warsaw Uprising, I’m of a different mind. Better to have waited for the Germans and Russians to have fought it out and then made desperate fight for freedom from the Russians. Hopefully the Poles have now permanently absorbed the lesson that Russians will always try to screw them. I’d defer to you here, PA. — DN Poolside

5. Why am I not a liberal?

Because I understand history. — Camlost

Because I cannot legitimate the desire for self-annihilation EVEN under the “truth” of “infinite regress” and General Entropy. — Thordaddy

Because liberalism violates the laws of nature. — peterike

Because I think. — Recce Room

Because a liberal cannot exist — Nozdryov

Low disgust threshold — PA

6. Can one step into the same river twice?

This is the “glitch”
In the “make tricks”
A sign of systemic redundancy
Infinite regress
And the reality of dummies
Yet it is that itch
A twitch
That switch
An unconsciousness
Into conscious fits
A recognition of a singularity
A neo not see bits…
— Thordaddy

Yes, just like absolutely (per Bart Simpson) there is a sound of one hand clapping. — Samson J.

Yes, of course you can. That comment is just intellectual dissembling. Are we sure Heraclitus wasn’t Jewish? It’s a very Talmudic, lawyer statement that may be true to the letter, but utterly wrong to the spirit. Believe me, I swam in the SAME DAMN RIVER many, many times as a kid. — peterike

No. — Recce Room

What peterike said. — PA

7. How did my 18th century paternal great(xN)-grandfather look and what would we talk about if we met?

One of my favourite questions, since I am fascinated by genealogy. Alas since I’ve thought about it so much, the answer is too long for here. — Samson J.

He looked like me. We’d talk about the Holy Roman Empire and how it related to the Kingdom of Bavaria. — peterike

Looked a lot like me, but shorter. We would talk about why men aren’t men anymore. — Recce Room

Definitely shorter. But more broadly and deeply educated. We would talk about the prospects of the colonies — Nozdryov

8. What is the most beautiful thing today?

The fact that in spite of everything, I can still see beauty in my wife, my kids, the woods… — Samson J.

The certainty that we are in the midst of a vast and redemptive historical shift. History isn’t quite rhyming or repeating, but humidifying into a rare climax. — Each Pond Gone

Silence — peterike

Waking up to another glorious day. — Recce Room

Racial purity — PA

9. What happened to all of the masculine Leftists?

They became Bernie Bros and they are in serious disarray and panicked confusion right now. –– Camlost

They’re wearing bandanas over their faces and vandalizing Oakland, Portland OR, and other places. — Ripple Earthdevil

They never existed… They were an illusion of the nascent Mess Madia. — Thordaddy

Good question; I wonder that myself. — Samson J.

Nothing. They still rule most of the Left. They have simply cultivated an army of preening girl-men. — peterike

There never were any. There cannot be. — Recce Room

They were purged — Nozdryov

Give Pajama Boy real power and he becomes Che Guevara — PA

10. What is the prettiest female name?

Melissa — Ripple Earthdevil

My daughter’s, Adeline. (French p. Ad’leene) — Chase

Lily White. — Thordaddy

I like the name Leigh. — Lara

Adeline is a good choice. I am also partial to Maria, Michelle, Nicole, Francesca, Sarah, Natalie, Isabelle, Gabriella, Paulina, Julia, Sophia, and Keira. And others in that general vein, — Lothar of the Hill People

Agree also on “Melissa” as a beautiful name though I hadn’t thought of it until I saw it above. Means bee in Greek, and for real pedantry, it’s accented on the first syllable. And is also a great but sad song from about the same time as Box of Rain. — Marc

Elizabeth (my daughter’s name). — Samson J.

I don’t know, but probably something Gaelic like Aelwen. — peterike

One that doesn’t have a man’s name imbedded. — Recce Room

Your mother’s — Nozdryov

11. What would an AltRighter’s public response be if he were for some reason victimized by nationalists?

“Does he hate my white socialism?” — Thordaddy

I forgive them. They are on the right path even though we disagreed about X. — peterike

Sure as hell wouldn’t be whining. — Recce Room

What Recce Room said. — PA

12. What is the most elusive thing?

A river of inspiration that can’t ‘step into the same you’ twice. — Each Pond Gone

(P)erfection… By free-willed choice. — Thordaddy

A satisfying resolution to the tension between wanting sinful things and knowing they’re wrong. — Samson J.

Personal peace — peterike

Decency. — Recce Room

13. Do Islam and Mormonism have anything in common?

Yes. Fan fiction! — Lucius Somesuch

Desire for radical sexual autonomy. — Thordaddy

Quite a lot; too much to go into. For one thing I think they’re both attractive and both contain a lot of truth. — Samson J.

Yes. They are both extremely attractive to male cucks. — peterike

About half. — Recce Room

14. Is it wrong to have so few regrets?

Nope. I have very few, and couldn’t be happier about it. I’m intrigued to know why it *would* be wrong. — Samson J.

No. — peterike

No– Recce Room

15. Does haste ever not make waste?

Often — peterike

No. — Recce Room

16. What is white Supremacy — or White supremacy?

The former is properly ordered while the latter is dysfunctionally ordered. The former is a voluntary collective of white men who believe in and therefore strive towards OBJECTIVE (S)upremacy, i.e., (P)erfection. The latter is an ambiguous collective of “whites” either (a) given to all-out degeneracy or (b) partial to some all-white ethno-socialist State. — Thordaddy

white Supremacy = understanding WHY whites are the supreme race
White supremacy = knowing you are white — peterike

It’s what its name suggests. — Recce Room

Ws: G. Vasari; contemporary Bösendorfers; limited exhibitions; release doves; sheer invention
wS: Albrecht Dürer; 1929 Mason & Hamlin CC; private circulation; swans; Unalloyed Creation — Each Pond Gone

17. Is art more perfect when true to life?

Not so true that it records the frequency of one’s bowel movements. — Lucius Somesuch

Yes. Representational art is categorically superior to non-representational, though non-r can still be done well. — peterike

No. — Recce Room

18. Are Mulattoes tragic?

Evidence here at this blog suggests that they are.🙂 — Camlost

The Dominican Republic next year. — Lucius Somesuch

Only within the worldy Epic… Metaphysically, they are dawged by (P)erfection and self-annihilation just the same. — Thordaddy

Yes. — Samson J.

Yes, invariably. — peterike

No. — Recce Room

Always — Nozdryov

19. Which popular song contains the most wisdom?

T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” — Lucius Somesuch

Hell by the Squirrel Nut Zippers — stevetirone

Grateful Dead: Box of Rain — Each Pond Gone

As I hit No. 19, I immediately thought “Box of Rain,” and how no one here – for perfectly good reasons – could possibly “get” that. Surprised but pleased to find EPG agrees. — Marc

Popular song from recently? I wouldn’t know. I’m partial to a lot of Axl Rose’s wisdom (“the only validation is in living your own life; vicarious existence is a fucking waste of time”) — Samson J.

The Mountain Goats, “Isaiah 45-23” — peterike

Only the good die young. — Recce Room

Beethoven’s Ninth — Nozdryov

“Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down” – Kris Kristofferson/Johnny Cash — Lothar of the Hill People

Lynyrd Skynyrd “Simple Man.” Echo: Drive-By Truckers “Outfit”  — PA

20. Will it be peaceful or bloody?

It shall be bloody peaceful and peacefully bloody… Per the assassin’s creed. — Thordaddy

More peaceful than otherwise, I expect. — Samson J.

Bloody, but not for a long while yet. — peterike

Depends on whether it’s worth it. — Recce Room

21. Is there a foreign agent behind the racial cuckoldry?

Helena Blavatsky. This governess of globalism did some real damage. — Each Pond Gone

Yes… But at the level of individual affliction said “foreign agent” is merely memetic mau-mauing of a dull (white) mass by an all-pervasive Mess Madia and at the particular point of “foreign agent” of “racial cuckoldry” is the radical autonomist (a dispiritedly deracinated, de facto homo, jew-nigger idolater) actuating this global infection. The convergence of this across-class-divide is the self-annihilating ideology of anti-white Supremacy. — Thordaddy

Of course. Jews. Full stop. — peterike

Of course. — Recce Room

22. What is friendship?

Friendship includes a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment in spending time together, in conjunction with genuine concern for the other’s welfare. — Samson J.

A confluence of interests and proclivities. — peterike

Wanting to be around someone of the same gender for non-reproductive reasons. — Recce Room

23. “Grandpa, what did you do during White Genocide?”

I raised yer mum, gave money where I could, and refused to believe in evil. — Samson J.

Nothing — peterike

Read the stories they wrote. — Recce Room

The reverse Alinsky — Nozdryov

“Not Enough.” — Each Pond Gone

24. Have you ever journeyed into the Underworld and if so, what did you keep?

Yes; fair deal of stolen objets d’art, some unhinged memories and a couple emblematic scars. — Each Pond Gone

No, I havent. — Samson J.

Yes. My soul, barely. — peterike

My mind. — Recce Room

Yes, I traveled to the Underworld once. I lost a piece of my soul there, but gained some wisdom (which was not worth the fee, alas). I was also given a mission by God as part of my penance for journeying there, in the same vein as the ancient mariner was given a task after slaying the albatross. — Samson J.

Thinking I’m climbing Olympus, I was in fact descending to the underworld. Kept one part pride, two parts regret. — PA

25. What can a quadriplegic man do to live his best?

Preach faith in The Perfect Man and speak a disrepute for the annihilation of the self. — Thordaddy

Perhaps more than one thinks. — Samson J.

This is too awful to contemplate. Pass. — peterike

Same as a regular man: don’t whine about it, do something. — Recce Room

26. Can a mudshark find redemption?

Modern antibiotics can accomplish quite a bit, but I still don’t want you back. — Camlost

Can a mudshark find redemption? It is a question in need of attention less the jaws of a lot of mulatto cynicism bite white privilege with one thousand indecisions. Swirled ice cream melts with an oil-slicked crystal blue ocean the shark-infested vision. Predators require white men with killer metaphors to imagine horrors that -ish fins off the swimming carnivores. Pedo-paddling underwater cannibalists rolling near the baby white boys on shore. Let’s create doors on sand floors that mudsharks can freestyle towards. A mudshark has to want redemption as her forward. — Thordaddy

Maybe, but I can’t think how. — Samson J.

Not really. — peterike

No. — Recce Room

Regarding 26, a mudshark who bears a child can never find redemption. A mudshark can also never find redemption in her fathers eyes, and she and her mother should know it. A mudshark can find redemption in society. Young girls make mistakes and betas need wives too, if the lesson has truly been learned. — DN Poolside

This short piece of fiction suggests that she doesn’t even want it. — PA

27. Have you ever scaled Olympus and if so, what did you keep?

No. I gaze at it from afar, knowing I will never get there. — peterike

My mind. — Recce Room

Thinking I’m descending to the underworld, I was in fact scaling Olympus. Kept two parts pride, one part regret. — PA

28. Should I be afraid of death?

Only if actual life amounts to a waking death — Each Pond Gone

If you desire total annihilation or a “conscious” oblivion then “no,” but if those things give you the heebeejeebees then “yes.” Yet, there is a synthesis that allows one to feel the distraught anxiety of a postmortem abyss and still be at ease with a final physical death. It is called…

Heaven with your Father. — Thordaddy

No. — peterike

Only if you are afraid of life. — Recce Room

No — Nozdryov

29. How do we value something without it first having to be gone?

Don’t be a fucking idiot. Think ahead. — peterike

We cannot. — Recce Room

Cunningly bolster/promote ‘it’ to a select group of state museums, and let it fly accordingly… — Each Pond Gone

30. What do you want?

To save all my children’s souls. Anything less is a personal damnation. — Thordaddy

Paradise for myself and my family. — Samson J.

Peace of mind. — peterike

Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness. — Recce Room

General answer:

Many questions, but one answer: White Supremacy.
It can make things very simple, if applied properly.
— Ryu


Open thread.


326 thoughts on “Readers’ Shots of Wisdom

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  2. let me know if you’d rather not be named

    Certainly don’t mind being named, although I have to say I think often of changing my username, having grown tired of seeing other “Samsons” spring up every so often.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas!

  3. At my Christmas gathering, a man claimed that what racist Trump voters don’t get is that mixed race people are far better looking than they are. He then pointed to his newborn son claiming he could never be as cute as a “mocha” baby.

  4. At my Christmas gathering, a man claimed that what racist Trump voters don’t get is that mixed race people are far better looking than they are. He then pointed to his newborn son claiming he could never be as cute as a “mocha” baby.”

    The Shemar Moores are very few and far between.

  5. …and what was the response of the white audience when he said that Lara?

    I will bet they said nothing. Many whites today still have some manners, to their detriment. That liberal was willing to poison the atmosphere with his anti-white remark.

    That kid is certain to be abused, as his father or grandfather hates him already. We shall have to invent a white CPS to steal white children back from such parents.

    Many WNs have not yet understood – minos don’t really matter. It is the traitorous liberal whites that we need to eliminate. WN is more of a civil war than any external event. Families shall have to be broken up, houses divided.

  6. Frankly that story sounds far-fetched. Sometimes i get the feeling that Lara is putting us on.

    On the other hand, people are far-fetched, and all this idiocy is very real.

    For instance in Germany a man who son (or grandson perhaps) was killed by the truck driving terrorist, said that he was now unwilling to vote for Merkel.

    So that is our response to being abused by this system and those who wield power. That’ll show em!

  7. It is 100% true. He adores his son and probably thinks he is the cutest baby in the world. It was just talk and therefore I chose to ignore it. I say a lot of dumb things too. There was also plenty of Trump bashing too. They were using him of an example of of unearned wealth and privilege. Some of my family members are extremely liberal. Oddly enough, the one who praised mixed race babies is one of the more conservative ones. He is a hunter and pro gun.

  8. A lot of conservatives are very anti racist. One conservative friend recently posted on Facebook that the only thing that should be sorted by color is laundry.

  9. I think blacks are more inherently open to mixed children because in America especially ‘being black’ runs the phenotype gamut, from bone-cream alabaster to inky dark black; Afro-Am features have more range as well. And then there is the fact that blacks are a mongrel people; they’re on average 20-30% Caucasian and/or native American. Native-born Sub-Saharan Africans tend to think of blacks as more similar to Caucasians than they do ‘pure’ western Africans, which are the kind of African blacks most common in the African stock of Afri-Am blacks.

    These debates need not be contentious but they do and go on because the varying perspectives that comprise the debates tend to favor the semantics that their particular ethnic conceits and predespositions.

    FWIW, a lot of people i casually no also offer up complimentary platitudes about biracial kids and infants —— and I doubt it’s to cover up or capitulate to p.c. piety; rather, it just makes sense that composite ‘nikcrit’ characters would know people with such sensibilities while composite “PAs” or other more mono-racially minded individuals would not.

  10. Nothing is “just talk.” Psychologists, police and military interrogaters know this. Many crimes are solved by that one small, unguarded remark. That small thing becomes the key to larger issues.

    He “adores” his son – he just thinks the kid would be better looking if he were part black, that’s all. So white is ugly, but that is alright by him. He’s a liberal, at least in part.

    We could easily find out if this man is truly pro-white or not. Liberalism festers in those small contradictions, which then grow.

    Who is this man, Lara? You defend him, by saying he is just a man, not the father or grandfather or cousin. It was no doubt a family meeting so you’d know almost everyone there.

    Many nationalists, including myself, have liberal family members. They will have to be dealt with, sometimes severely. Their liberalism would not only destroy the race, but also the family. Many times liberal family members will outright disown nationalist family members. The best example is Ted Kaczinski’s brother Daniel. He turned his own brother into police, resulting in life imprisonment.

  11. He is my cousin. He is of German ancestry and both sides of his family have been in the country since the Revolutionary War. He is intelligent, lives in a red area of a purple state, and is conservative on some issues, most notably guns. It surprised me when he said this. Maybe he was trying to score points with the more liberal, urban members of my family or maybe he really means it. I do get the impression him and his wife are slightly embarrassed by their red state upbringing and go out of their way to disparage it.

  12. “Liberals” never speak in the term of DESIRE.

    This lil’ “Nikcrit’s” RACE is his “white father.” As it stands, lil’ “Nikcrit” will be “raceless,” ie., radically autonomous.

  13. A father who does not love his son has not, in fact, come into existence AS A FATHER.

    The Son begat the father and so forth defines the races of men as the sons of God.

    No son, no fatherhood. Full effect before all physical causes.

    YOUR RACE is your father.

  14. Thor: “This lil’ “Nikcrit’s” RACE is his “white father.” As it stands, lil’ “Nikcrit” will be “raceless,” ie., radically autonomous.”

    I have no idea wtf you’re talking about. Literally.

    How did I become a part of your response to Lara?

  15. The whitest white people have been too successful for their own good. They will never support white identity politics.

  16. Nikcrit…

    Your father wasn’t so UNTIL *you* were ACTUAL.

    No “common descent.”

    Rather, the nature of reality is a “descent common.”

  17. It doesn’t seem like Trump gets any points from liberal Jews for having a converted Jewish daughter and Jewish grandchildren. In fact, it seems they hate him all the more for it.

  18. oh, you were comparing me to lara’s relative’s kid —— you were ‘mulatto-izing’ him via labeling him after me.

    Well, maybe someday Thor will convince me of how deprived I am. But for now, I just ain’t feeling it.

  19. “I just ain’t feeling it…”

    “[D]eprived” of a race.

    There is a name for this ^^^ phenomenon JUST BECAUSE here it has to be in The Land of white Supremacy.

  20. Yep, desensitization…

    I’ve confessed that; maybe i’ve been denied the full biological force of nationalistic pride —– but then what of all the Euros who were sovereign in their copulating and family formation, until all hell broke loose in the New World.

    That Heinz 57 solidarity that Ryu and other contemporary Clatyon-Bigsby-like white nationalisim he and others champion would’ve been considered blasphemy among white-rightists a mere 100 years ago.

  21. Recognizing your state of de-sense-cessation AND NOT determining to solve the “identity crisis” is DESIRE for “radical autonomy.”

  22. The tragedy of half-breed is that they have no people.

    Minos will hate them because they are smart and look white. Liberal whites will fawn over them, but nationalists must reject them, unless they want their new ethnostate to be mixed out of existence. That’s the tragedy.

    It’s also the problem Roosh and Jack Donovan have. They can’t promote full WN, because they’d be out of a job.

  23. Thordaddy, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you. Have you seen “Boondock Saints”?

    I’d be curious to your reaction to this movie. Its about an Irish Christian direct action group. God sends them to clean up their city.

  24. “Recognizing your state of de-sense-cessation AND NOT determining to solve the “identity crisis” is DESIRE for “radical autonomy.”

    Well, the postmodern state that we live in can produce ‘desensitization’ through many-upon-many avenues of modernist expression, no? What makes you presume that your descriptive ‘de-sense-cessation’ is the result of ‘identity crisis?’ You say it without qualification, as if it’s a evident truth; and i do believe it is that for you. I mean, i just stated above that the ‘white’ identity you and Ryu salute —— the Heinz 57 melange of Euro muttery —— was nothing to be lauded prior to the 20th-century; yet you to hold it forth now as the ultimate sign of identitarian absolution. And you have proven to ignore when i ask you to confront that fact.

    So go ahead; start blowing the usual smoke: your co-religionist here in this string may sign on, but I’m not biting.

  25. “The tragedy of half-breed is that they have no people.”

    They have no full social and/or familial communion with those who’d disqualify as much based on ethnic heritage; otherwise, they do have ‘people.’

    I would argue (or concede) that they don’t share an ethnic-familial communion in THE PRECISE WAY that the overwhelming majority of the population does —– and that that can become a exalted issue within the individual, good or bad, crippling or inspiring, etc.

    It can also be considered ‘a blessing,’ (falsely, in a platitudinous way most of the time, i would contend) in when one says: “You get a familial connection with ‘both sides’—- hence, you’re lucky in that you’re not alienated in a wholesale way from racial or ethnic ‘others.'”

    I think it’s a matter of God’s grace in that bi-raciality does perhaps impart both uniquieties and burdens —– but one can never really know exactly what they’re nor can they exult their advantageous gain, because the experience is hopelessly subjective and non-transferable.

  26. Ryu…

    I’ve watched the movie. I remember enjoying it as far as movies go. Irish Christianity is its own phenomenon worthy of inspection. I will watch it again as I was unaware of that meta-plot.

  27. Nikcrit…

    I put “identity crisis” in scare quotes indicating the qualification to your raceless milieu.

    Yet, you will not concede a desire for “radical autonomy.”

    So your desire for something racial is there and undefinable at your very own insistence.

  28. TD, do you see self-annihilation in extended commentary on race? I think it grounds us in the quicksand and renders us cognitively flightless. Race-talk ought to end at White purity as a starting-point given, full stop. How would we ever get anything done if all we ever talked about were the ins and outs of breathing?



    Your “race” is your father and a son knows this as a child before he is learned otherwise by the inversion of the babblers.

    The notion that the above cannot be so is nothing more than a simple lack of freed will to push back and then submit the degenerate paradigm of the radical “liberal” to an Absolute reckoning.

    The zeitgeist wants to replace our sole metaphysical Father with a SINGLE worldly “black” one who came out of Africa. The zeitgeist calls this “common descent.” It uses this “common descent” to criminalize separation and desire for Supremacy. But, the zeitgeist also sells inversions of reality. In this WORLD, father does not beget the son (“we” are not all sons of one black father out of Africa), the Son begat the father and so DEFINES the races of men through the sons of God.

    Your race is your father.

    Anti-racism is the scourge of a hatred for one’s father. It is a burning contempt for the father who has not properly defined the world for his son. It is a rage of once being sure of yourself and your race and now possessing neither nor.

    Your race is your father.

    Racism is the immersion into your father who then is symbiotically defined as the son comes into his own.

    Your race is your father. Nothing fuzzy. Truly particular. And CONTRA the zeitgeist.

  30. “Purity” invokes metaphysical notions of objective Supremacy. So a “white purity” not grounded in objective Supremacy reduced to racial reductionism in opposite direction of those who insist “race” is meaningless. So there is a symbotic regression thwarting a true racial synthesis between the fraudulent thesis/antithesis of pure race versus no race.

  31. “How would we ever get anything done if all we ever talked about were the ins and outs of breathing?”

    I actually agree and am not really eager to argue out racial conjecture that I’m invariably pulled into here.

    I accept these premises, full stop: this is a white-rightist sight; mono-racial white culture and interests are a priority; to the extent the ‘other’ is discussed here, it’s to discuss tangible, real and possible solutions to snags in our here and now —– some of which may be resolved through cooperation while some of which may be resolved through separation, etc.

    I don’t argue this; i understand the larger ‘givens’ of this forum —— but then I have these gradiose conceits heaved upon me: that ‘race is your father’ that I and other libs or whatever rhetorical bogeyman thor or others come up with have declared an “African black father” is primal and foundational, etc., ad nauseum.

    That is utter bullshit and if I left it unchallenged, any debate or discourse here would read fallacious. I would LOVE to not argue these points over and over, and while i may slip up from time to time, I’m not the one who’s displaying my OCD in rhetorical debate here.

    Of all people, biracials are usually the most prudent and wise in cutting to the chase and pursuing only what’s socially practical. And I suggest some of your mono-racialists cohorts need heed that lesson.

  32. to wit: the 6:22 p.m. comment posted here is a perfect example of what I describe in my last comment; blowing smoke for the sake in the guise of pseudo profundity….. wTF does that mean?

  33. Nothing is “just talk.” Psychologists, police and military interrogaters know this. Many crimes are solved by that one small, unguarded remark. That small thing becomes the key to larger issues.

    He “adores” his son – he just thinks the kid would be better looking if he were part black, that’s all.

    That is perceptive.

  34. What’s the origin of this Heinz 57 slur, referring to mixed-ethny America Whites?

    I would not say it is effective in conveying whatever it is supposed to mean. Steak sauce?

  35. Nikcrit…

    You are only “bi-racial” in the sense that you reject a metaphysical Father and claim two distinct worldly fathers. This goes to the heart of the “identity crisis.”

  36. All WNs are “supposed” to be trained in PUA also, Elk.

    The NLP style pioneers like Ross Jefferies emphasized every single word. They used to memorize cold routines and responses, common objections. NLP figures, or used to figure prominently in psychology and law enforcement. Particuarly in interviews and interrogations.

    Working crime scenes, every little piece in important. A hair, paint chip or pollen might be the lead that solves a case. There are very few full-WN cops; but if they wrote more, it would revolutionaize WN.

    The applications of PUA go far beyond just bedding women. There is one PUA book co-written by a hostage negotiator for the Las Vegas PD.

  37. Ryu…

    Most here, I would imagine, are not familiar with Tex Arcane and his idea of Thals, Melonheads and Star Children.

  38. Elk: the only point advanced re. Heinz 57 is that multi Euro heritage per individual was only accepted & championed as proudly “white purity” only since the turn of the 20th century. The slur is not mine; it is a intra-white term and reckoning. .. . Larger point: white and other racial identity are fluid, constantly changing terms…..Btw: I get Nordic deference all the time, and I think it’s fukin hilarious; it falsely makes me think my points are more principled than they are..

  39. White racial consciousness predates the 20th century. The USA’s founding documents stare that citizenship is restricted to free white people of good character. Vox Day’s book “Cuckservative” covers this.

    And in centuries before, “Christian” and “Christendom” were used in reference to the White race.

    White racial identity is not fluid and it never was, except on edges where culture/religion influenced things. Armenians can pass but not Turks. But even then, its more a matter of core Whites simply tolerating a slightly “off” stranger in limited numbers.

  40. PA…

    Your race as your father goes to the very point of dispensing with fraudulent “debate” over merely breathing amongst each and the “other.”.

  41. PA…

    One cannot reduce his race to mere genes and then invoke ideas of purity. Ergo, genetic “purity” is nonsensical.

    The exercise of God-ordained free will is the true measure of white man.

  42. There is a greater significance to discussions of the Neanderthal or Thal, PA. It also ties into some of the Christianity/bible stuff, which I am learning from Tex. Apparantly Esau was a Thal.

    The Thal was mixed out of existence. He was massively outnumbered by the Sapiens and after the last stand, the women were all gangraped and those children became mixed race janissaires against the real Thals. Even the purest modern white is only part Thal.

    Small groups escaped to Northern Scandinavia and others sailed to North America. The North American ones were then genocided again by Indians.

    This story now occuring in the West has happened many times before. The Thal was the most K selected “human” of all time, as he lived through the Ice Ages.

    For WNs who have been there and done that all, when there seems nothing more to learn, the Thal material is very profitable. I can’t recommend it enough. It explains diet, polyphasic sleeping, dreaming, exercise patterns, and so on. Tex Arcane is the leading world writer in that area.

  43. I just read through these M.R. links and recognized some of that from earlier reading. Interesting. Phrenology and physiognomy are coming back. As I wrote in the election day Gameday post, the Enlightenment itself may well be on its way out — rightly so, as its always been a specie of hubris.

  44. What’s coming to an end is the lunacy that is “never judge a book by its cover.” In the world of the bounce, judging a book by its cover is the first, second and third protocol.

  45. — never judge a book by its cover.

    You can gain a lot of self knowledge from looking at your own photo with a stranger’s detachment.

    — In the world of the bounce, judging a book by its cover is the first, second and third protocol.

    I would value commentary /observations from you in this area.

  46. TD’s experience makes him very good at judging a person’s intentions in seconds. It is a job requirement.

    He needs a special form of knowledge. For him, he is not just in danger once, but many times a night, over many nights, over years. Special protocols are needed there.

    This is also why cops act as they do. Like a slick DAA, they want to “get away with” not being injured or killed over a long period. Just one mistake over time and their perfect record disappears. It explains why they only make contact when they have the advantage, whether in weapons, position or numbers.

  47. Thal is essentially the equivalent of the white Autistic-Sperg whose deep-rooted isolationist ethos makes him both detrimentally inward-thinking and outwardly prone to the stimulating assault of the modern world. In this context, “wn” MAY BE a return to a less modern environment to one more conducive to a Thal’s sensibilities.

  48. Only the predators watch what is going on. The prey are feasting, philandering and faux-fornicating. So you watch who is watching without looking like a watcher. You “see” the predators by recognizing the most delicious prey because as a bouncer, one is already overt in his capacity.

  49. Bouncers operate in a “search space” orders of magnitude smaller than the white cop/soldier which then only means he is, in the meta-scheme of things, generally closer to the violent transgression in the real time. In addition, as Ryu is surly to point out, bouncers bounce without real State Sanction and the divide between white bouncers, white cops and white soldiers is palpable as a general phenomenon. And this palpability is directly attributable to each individual/collectives’ embrace of “equality.”

    As a bouncer, embracing “equality” is deadly. It says, “Don’t judge a face by its evil.”

    As a white cop or white soldier, embracing “equality” may save your life. You say, “I’d never judge a nigger by his violence.” That’s the price of State Sanction.

  50. We definitely card as a matter of strict Alcohol Bureau of Control bureaucracy. By law, and per “equal application” justification, only those with proper ID shall be served. Obviously, as a business that isn’t ignorant of basic realities, this law is selectively applied. It’s not a real gun deterrent though.

  51. Everybody in this business understands the general nature of the “black” collective… Even the “blacks” in this business understand themselves outside the biz and inside that collective. The stereotypes are real because they are true. The anti-white Supremacy radiates like Crypto-night everywhere they bemoan. They are like Flex Truther, stretching a fallacious magnetism across Planet Crept-On.

  52. Let’s say you wanted to go to the moon? Fortunately for you, there is a moon to go to.

    Now, let’s say you wanted to strive towards Supremacy? How would you get there when it is not even real like the moon? Well, very simply, you will it into existence as though it were a moon to go to. In addition, you realize that NASA will not help you and this is why one possesses a “life time” to strive towards Supremacy.

    Clearly, more than one can go at the moon. Although, in order for all to get there, a state of frictionless parallelism must be achieved. Conceptually, the aforementioned is analogous to white Supremacy and The Race to the Singularity.

    Deep-socket Thals like Koanic Soul are recognizing the Truth of white Supremacy AND THEIR VITAL ROLE in conceptualizing Perfection, i.e., objective Supremacy. This concept start with “The Perfect (white) Man.” And this concept of “The Perfect (white) Man” IS anti-egalitarianism PROPER.

  53. Thals are equivalent to 9-10 Nordics… So close to extinction that all their self-annihilating characteristics are worn on their sleeves, seen in their face and understood by their words and beliefs.

  54. One can see Evil. Thals can see Evil (read: predator) better than most exactly because they were so under-stimulated until they were jettisoned into total fight for survival. If your basic view is a white canvas (read: solitary and isolated existence) then over time you will become keen to the texture (read: you will focus solely and with Isolation). The effect of diversity… Mass stimulation… Is a dulled Self. One can see neither the backdrop or the fine detail. Thals can see both with excruciating clarity compared to most whether they can articulate this or not. Modernism is essentially a “hack” of Thal’s brain circuitry by matter of volume and amplification.

  55. Clearly, the Protestant Christian Assertion has provoked the Thal to confront the metaphysical question? Who or what is The Perfect Man and does He require Faith alone?

  56. Conceptually, deep-socket (to be interpreted as inward-thinking) Thal is failing by the execution of Modernism and his immersion within. Theoretically, he must begin to “make” Modernism false in totality and deconstruct to reconstruct. Koanic Soul is Thal showing other Thals how to combat Modernism by God-ordained free will.

  57. The very best information on bouncing TD will have a hard time giving away.

    A good bouncer succeeds when violence does not occur. In fact, a GOOD bouncer never needs to fight.

    It’s not about being tough, it is about surviving and being able to spend the money you make. An injured bouncer cannot train and he may be unable to work the next day, reducing his paycheck. They want to reduce the risk down to zero, if possible.

    A bouncer who likes violence is going to be very expensive for the club.

    They don’t have police powers. He or the establishment could be sued for assault or aggravated assault. There are hospital and auto bills. This isn’t the movies; today, everyone narcs to the police and their attorney. No one takes his beating and shuts up.

    The real mastery of bouncing comes from being able to see the future minutes in advance. It is a mental game all the way.

    People think bouncers are tough; no, bouncers are just smart and good observers. One has to stop the “progression of violence” before the patron needs to fight.

    That was a good statement from TD; only cops and cons know what is happening around them. Everyone else is oblivious. All cops, bouncers and soldiers are part wolf, as a criminal is. And the phrase “lone wolf” is apt.

  58. 1“They are like Flex Truther, stretching a fallacious magnetism across Planet Crept-On.”
    Hmmm. That is one insidious form of dogma that you bemoan…and that is the koan at the end of the narrative, but you left it unheeded.

  59. PA, I’m aware that Tex assigns other races as having some Thal in them also. He is not a hardcore WN, more like a conservative. His Christianity seems to greatly moderate his violent and extremist tendancies. I read him for the archeology and his explainations.

  60. Cam,
    I think we are going to see a lot of this over the next four years. There are a lot of unstable people who are projecting their psychological problems onto Trump.

  61. They only say things like that because they don’t have to pay for them….yet.

    These are good times now because we get to sort things out. WNs still think there is some manner of compromise between us and liberal nazis – there is not. It is either us or them.

    I have been to rallies at universities with hundreds of students in them where the speaker begs for white genocide. It’s mainstream. There are many rallies available on youtube; its no secret. They play to full auditoriums with applause.

  62. They only say things like that because they don’t have to pay for them….yet.

    Theyve been taunting us for over a decade… under their real names and photos.

  63. Indeed, many decades.

    …and, they know that most whites, even most WNs will do nothing. There is virtually no security at those rallies. Most attendees are minos, some white women, very few white men who are no doubt liberals.

    Their overconfidence comes from having state power. The liberal nazis are in control, even with Trump as president. No man can drain the swamp.

    WN is still too weak. If powerful liberal nazis began dying off, most WNs would feel pity and remorse. They’d stop short far too early. I firmly belive most WNs are still asleep, and won’t truly realize how serious the struggle is until they admitted into camps.

    I encourage any WN to attend such a rally. Most state universities have them. They truly want white genocide. Feel how the mino men look at white men afterwards. It is enlightening.

  64. “White genocide” is liberated cuck-speak for “white self-annihilation.” Referencing the very entity of disrepute to make the case is the double-down. And then to be aware of a total lack of metaphysical grounding in those hollering “white genocide” (for and against) and the perverted inversion of reality is complete.

  65. “White Genocide”
    Is the alley sigh
    Of the gauntlet “rat”
    Deliciously deplorable
    Amongst the I
    Of the fattest Cat
    “Me, ow!”
    He cries…
    He forms a pack
    That spurs a pact
    Declaws the feline
    And yanks the whiskers
    Of that faggot jack…
    One handed degeneration
    The stringing tail
    Hanging off the back
    Around the neck
    A noose relaxed
    The deed is done
    Cat ate its snack
    And the rally cry of genocide
    Echoes off the brickheaded
    A self-annihilation
    Still fully intact…

  66. It’s a war of attrition and the collective can always outlast the individual…

    So *you* need solid metaphysics to carry on and through the ages…

    The enemy perpetuates by possessing no metaphysical creator and TWO worldly father(s) whose authority is then divided and falls.

    The enemy operates per “radical autonomy.”

    Only REAL AUTHORITY can submit the enemy.

    Real AUTHORITY necessitates metaphysical coherence.

    Ergo, the enemy DOES NOT INTEND OR DESIRE to represent real authority.

    “It” DESIRES “default” status. Its “eliteness” is entirely predicated on doing nothing elite. This is both an inversion of reality and anti-white Supremacy.

    This is white pill.

  67. IF there is really a “white genocide” and the mass of “whites” do not care THEN it is really a mass “white” self-annihilation.

    That the jew-nigger can scream “holler cause – genocide” and a mass of jew-nigger fall into a pair of sick shits perpetuating a parallel self-annihilation posing as symbiotic progression ONLY MEANS that the mass of jew-nigger is terminable without consent.

    Imitation is still self-annihilation.

  68. Within a mass “white” self-annihilation is the true aim of the enemy which is the targeting assassination of the white Supremacist. This is straightforward “game” theory. Only the remnant of true white regeneration is worthy of absolute destruction. All other “whites” are enjoined in a perpetuating self-annihilation that serves as the cover for this targeted assassination.

    “White Genocide” is the most obvious tell of this meta-plot GIVEN a radically autonomous playing field.

  69. “Anti-white” is another tell.

    The Enemy is anti-white Supremacy.

    “White” self-annihilators are worthy of perpetuation.

  70. “The “N” in me!”
    Said the nigger
    As he pulls the trigger
    By anti-white Supremacy
    Blew the brains out
    A Father’s dignity
    The enmity
    It takes to maintain
    Wiff aberrations
    Suboptimal “Aye, I like”
    Botted parasitic iterations
    Is a temptation
    So great
    Only a Good Lord
    Can bring mediation
    But it take right men
    To articulate
    A death wish
    That persists
    Like a nigger insists
    Liberation without separation
    The de-manned
    His eternal “Christ” mass list…

  71. No clue
    “Who we?”
    No jew
    “Hoo wee”
    Right on cue
    Line in the sand
    Forms a queue
    The Halfrican jihadist
    And his milkshake coup
    It’s cold and sweet
    Spoilt too
    In the extreme
    By memes
    Of dreams
    A white genocide
    With screams
    That beam
    Gold grills
    And rimmed sheen
    Neat trick
    To live a charmed life
    And chat a race war
    In between
    Time and time again
    Just to say
    Jew don’t no
    What “eye” mean…

  72. @PA,
    Your resident Freestylin’ supremacist, Thor Dog, they call him —— he went after me in his latest dropping of lines; Cam just cited the specific passage…..

    now, if you’ll excuse me, this decadent, deracinated halfrican has to indulge his mindless and soulless passions, before i watch the rest of this Kennedy Center tribute to James Taylor, Mavis Staples and the Eagles (only in America would you see the country’s head of state in a tux beside his wife listening to an acceptance speech by one….. Joe Walsh.)

  73. If the mass is a slop of fattied dumbness AND one’s memetic strategy is to sell them an enlightened mint of anorexia THEN the probable result can be readily predicted. So the memetic strategy is fatally flawed.

  74. If whites are being genocided then the fate of the white race is in the hands of the genociders of white hot “hate.”. Such is clearly not the case. Ergo, whites are not being genocided. “Whites” are self-annihilating. “White supremacist” is but a figment of “man-you-fractured” deception. And the genuine white Supremacist is targeted for assassination unnoticed within the modern chaos.

  75. Whites ARE being genocided thru demographic engineering, exploitation of our weak spots, and psychological (and perhaps chemical) warfare. There are parties to this crime and they have to be stopped. I don’t understand your jargon and as far as I can tell, it’s useless beyond some banal and largely non-actionable directive to be “supremacist.”

  76. PA….

    Your paradigm is not surmountable. Your paradigm is above and about the white race.

    The evidence of “white” self-annihilation is everywhere down the EVERY last white person.

    At the individual level, this ^^^ paradigm is surmountable.

  77. “Whites ARE being genocided thru demographic engineering, exploitation of our weak spots, and psychological (and perhaps chemical) warfare. There are parties to this crime and they have to be stopped.:

    I would go along with much of this but would parse the words ‘genocided’ and the “and perhaps chemical) part of the warfare list of deeds.

    See, I’m fairly certain that the antagnoistic ‘others’ you allude to; i.e., ‘liberals,’ ‘democrats,’ ‘minorities,’ ‘libera activists,’ etc., are aware of the civilizational powers and innovations of Europeans; their enmity is in large part admiration and its lesser cousins: jealousy, resentfulness, envy.

    Perhaps you and yours even acknowledge this in moments when you go into your ‘liberation without separation’ screed clauses (though i disagree with that specific admonition because I think that, in the case of afro-americans, you’re in effect asking them to separate from a people that are partially biologically one with, e.g., the average amount of white admixture within aggregate American blacks, etc.).

    Perhaps the end result makes it a inconsequential quibble. But much of the anti-white collective screed is bluster; there isn’t society as they know it without whites.

    I believe even the extreme examples —- these Tim Wise characters, are ultimately crying wolf; they more than others in the same game know the real deal; didn’t someone expose Wise’s address, which revealed that he lives in a toney, all-white neighborhood in Nashville or something?

    Some of these guys are probably narcissistic egomaniacs who privately revel among their intimates about what a role-playing scam they are pulling off. Really, I bet there’re elements of that that re. Wise, for one…

  78. The evidence of “white” self-annihilation is everywhere down the EVERY last white person.

    I reject the validity of the premise behind that statement. Human beings by and large are always going to behave in “self annihilating” ways, and the purpose of good social organization and legitimate leadership is to create conditions under which they’ll thrive in spite of their imperfections.

    It’s little consolation to your “wS” when society around him is crumbling, and ugly faces fill his habitat.

  79. “It’s little consolation to your “wS” when society around him is crumbling,”

    it’s got to be galling; and if you really don’t care and reverse your current fortune and prevail to the point of setting your own course, it’ll then not likely even matter —— but dissenting white libs and minorities at large know and value the real contributions to civilization that Europeans innovated and steward to this day.

  80. If your premise is that all humans degenerate more or less then the validity of “white” self-annihilation is legitimate. Yet, rejecting all-out degeneracy is not equal to embracing white (S)upremacy.

  81. white Supremacy is the only consolation in a society of radical autonomy.

    And only the poor-minded piss on their living room floor because the toilet is broke.

  82. I like the Eagles very much.

    California was the white man’s paradise until about 1980. Their music captures that golden age. Whites came from all across the country to experience it and to leave their troubles behind.

    Some types of music are only for the white race. There’s a whole culture behind what the California music scene used to be, like “409” and “Surfer Girl”.

    Of all the areas in the USA I’d like to liberate, SoCal is near the top.

  83. “Some types of music are only for the white race”

    That’s true; even though its members all have attested to loving black music, via blues and soul artists of a generation preceding theirs, the Eagles appealed to very, very few ‘minos.’ I’d feel comfortable saying they were probably well under 1% of the band’s total audience.

    To me, that band just signifies the lazy, indifferent profit-motive instinct of the pop-music industry; a rote commmercially-assembled McBand in every derogatory notion of the term.

    And I hate the actual product; when i hear “Hotel California’ in the car on the radio, I wanna fukin’ puke!

  84. Not only that, but some sports and academic fields are for whites only. There are very few mino surfers, sky divers, or mountain climbers. There are few mino philosophers or physicists of note.

    Chris Cross is a musician who only appeals to whites. What mino could understand “Ride like the Wind?” or “Ventura Highway”? America was like this also.

    Each race creates its own form of art, which is for itself only. The spics like those “mural” things on walls, which I have no feeling for. Jew art is pure filth to me.

    These ideas have an application for WN.

    Achilles was disguised as a girl on the island Skyros. Odysseus laid out a sword and waited for the “girl” who would pick it up. Only a young white boy would like just an weapon. It’s a genetic condition.

    It is very easy to find WNs of any type one can imagine. Girls don’t like swords. Classical music repels nigger youths, which some cities have used to get rid of blacks in public spaces.

  85. I agree with Nikcrit that sometimes white advocacy sounds hysterical. It also doesn’t always hold up in the real world, where many white people seem to be doing well. I think unwanted immigration is an act of aggression. You are changing people’s habitat without their consent. The anti white propaganda is relentless in some mediums, but it can be ignored.

  86. The Eagles were very polished and studio sounding. That isn’t necessary a bad thing. I like some of their songs, but I can understand why Nikcrit does not.

  87. All the young people I know, who are having trouble affording a family are liberals. They look down on me because of my anti immigration stance. In fact, I’ve personally been told to leave the country for it.

  88. That Forbes article reads like an industry press release, explaining why Trump’s restriction/deportation programs won’t work. The author is an immigration lawyer, who on one hand might see his livelihood dry up, but on the other hand, any legal monkey wrenches liberals would throw into the deportation process would be a boon to lawyers such as him. There are many levels of between-the-lines reading one can do. Either way, I suspect that there is something obsolete in concern-trolling from prro-immigrationists.

  89. There is a good documentary on the Eagles on the new jew programming machine net-bitch.

    They were originally more country twang in their orientation and the sound they were after. And a little known fact (except of course to Master Critic) is that for awhile they featured the hot and lustrous half-Mexican somewhat-jewish Linda Ronstadt.

    But they parted amicably and all went on the fame and fortune.

    However the interesting point to me, is that The Eagles as a band have been used as an example of the last of ‘local flavor’ in American music. They were a local band whose sound was part of that part of the country.

    They were from Southern California when that was still a place.

    Before it turned into just another nowhere.

    And them being from someplace was part of their draw, and part of their appeal. They still had roots in America, before it became “one bland place” (in the words of Greg Brown).

    Those guys were excellent musicians, and they could sing and harmonize and hit and the high notes, and it was all raw talent from back when America still had a magical allure and it wasn’t a slumtown full of squatters.

  90. The Eagles had some good lyrics. Very meticulous and crafted. Good all-around musicianship and song craft.

    Joe Walsh was a late addition to that band, and it was he who was ‘instrumental’ in changing their sound from country twang to rock.

    Some of his solo work is really perceptive in its storytelling description of Life in America,

    I’m just an ordinary average guy
    my friends are all boring
    so am i

    Or that song about the pretty network news heads — back when tv news was still a thing! — “I coulda been an actor but i wound up here, i just hafta look good i don’t have to be clear”. Blistering single-note guitar.

  91. That Forbes article reads like an industry press release, explaining why Trump’s restriction/deportation programs won’t work.

    Yeah, it was sort of a “negative Nelly” kinda article, typical of the Forbes cheap labor crowd. I’ve just learned to tune out pretty much any editoriallization/opinion that is infused into articles dealing with the immigration question. I just extract the most bare facts.

    Just that colonial holiday, umm, “subjugated” upon me and mine: AKA, ‘Christmas.’

    Yeah, must be painful to accept Westernization and forsake all those great traditions and customs that you created for yourselves.

  92. I just extract the most bare facts.

    Yes, there has to be that ‘mala fide’ relationship between establishment press and the reader. I go to cnn dot com for barest-facts news, filtering out the editorializing.

    The Eagles had some good lyrics.

    I’ve had an almost 30-year-long fascination with the lyrics of The Last Resort. I tied its liberal treatment of Manifest Destiny with current times here:

  93. “Or that song about the pretty network news heads — back when tv news was still a thing! — “I coulda been an actor but i wound up here, i just hafta look good i don’t have to be clear”.”

    That was written and sung by Don Henley (co-written by his chief session man, Daniel Kortchmor (sp?); big hit, no.1 i’m pretty sure…… Walsh may have played on it, though it was technically a Henley solo single, not a Eagles track.

    Walsh’s biggest distinction is, though he had a very successful solo career, probably second to only Henley’s, he was an inferior writer and a pretty poor singer; but his musicianship was almost as good as Kortchmor’s and the other pure session players surrounding the Eagles. Walsh’s solo albums were huge, but i never saw why; he also, of all the Eagles, perhaps had the biggest number of hits accrued PRIOR to joining the Eagles, i.e., The James Gang, with that guitar-anthem hit, ??-49 (?)…..

    Anyhow, I know it’s a, uhh, ‘minority opinion’ (racially and numerically) but i cannot stand the Eagles, whether as a single entity or in terms of music by its members’ solo careers.


  94. Joe Walsh was a late addition to that band, and it was he who was ‘instrumental’ in changing their sound from country twang to rock.

    I think Joe Walsh replaced someone else who tried to kill Don Henley during an argument while they were on tour carrying drugs by the fridge load. They were probably the biggest after-partiers of all time, and got into at least one on-stage brawl amongst themselves that cancelled a tour.

    They say that Glen Frey had to get his nose rebuilt internally twice using teflon due to the cocaine burning out his membranes, I think he died earlier this year.

  95. p.s.— that Walsh, pre-Eagles’ James Gang hit was titled “Funk-49.”

    btw, per our blog hosts permission and occasional request that I cheesily provide name-dropping anecdotes re. my vocational past, I once had a f2f encounter with one of the Eagles: Henley, a L.A. junket in which he was doing press at his pad in Malibu; don’t recall what I specifically asked during my allotted half-hour sit-down, but I do recall asking him about the infamous Jello Biafra ditty, “Don Henley Must Die,” as this was the early-to-mid-’90s and the much-vaunted alternative and new-wave-vs-boomer-A.O.R. genre war still had some media currency, (i think the prime reason for this junket was to announce The Eagles first of many ‘Farwell Tours.’ lol.

  96. This is now classic Nikcrit… Whenever I on the spot, divert and revert to some cultured pop. Burst the bubble which trouble to put this Halfrican Duperman on lock. That’d be John Locke… He fathered “liberalism” while smashing his Grand Father’s clock. Knock knock? Jew’s there… No, he’s not. It’s “Nikcrit… The neat trick is thy eye has imitated Lot.”

  97. Butt the reel cucked up ask speck of its fall…

    Is that nobody knows…

    What the very life that he lives…

    Nobody knows…

    The things he believes in…

    And nobody knows…

    What a white Supremacist is…

    Nobody knows…

    And Halfrican Duperman grins…

  98. And what’s the neat trick over at the Orthosphere?

    Debating “liberalism” for three centuries and being so wholly uncertain as to certainly be holy anti-racists.

  99. “Convergence” is the keyword in the relativistic paradigm that is Totalitarian Diversity versus Separated (white) Supremacy. In fight parlance, this keyword is “close the gap.” Where there is real friction and potential degradation, someone has converged and closed the gap on YOU. Separation is then stasis for the purpose of aggressively converging to close the gap on “others.” The zero-sum game of worldly affairs necessitates this violent oscillation. And where “separation” is strictly taboo, annihilation and eradication are imminent.

  100. A Thal like Koanic Soul NEEDS TO embrace a religion which allows him to righteously vanquish the very horde that shall savagely violate his spiritual, intellectual and physical isolation. That religion is Christianity as conceptualized by the white race over the last two thousand years.

  101. The consequence of possessing THE metaphysical void and a deliverance by TWO worldly (f)athers is the (t)ruth of self-annihilation.

  102. Is there transcendence in intoxication?

    And there’s nothing more shameful than a grown man who can’t handle his liquor.

  103. While I dug it at the time, I agree with Nik that I can barely listen to “Hotel California” any more. Just too played out for me. But the Eagles were decent, and songs like “Lyin’ Eyes” and “Take it Easy” and “One of These Nights” retain their appeal.

    “They were a local band whose sound was part of that part of the country.”

    Yeah, that was a thing once. Like Bruce Springsteen being so totally working class New Jersey (his old neighborhood went for Trump). And then you had hyper-local bands like The Iron City Houserockers (who?). There are still good local bands out there, like Wormburner and Wussy, and the dearly departed Weakerthans (the best band ever from Winnipeg).

    Ya see, back in the day, you could have all the “diversity” you could handle with just, you know, white people. The most diverse people on the globe (just consider the incredible diversity between English, French, German and Italian cultures!). Now all that great white diversity is just “whiteness” (insert sneer), and the globalist corporate shopping mall of blacks, browns and yellows all buying the same things is “diversity.” Funny that.

  104. Thor, no one knows what you’re talking about. I recall Hobbes and Locke debates re. property, rights and other meta u. s.-formation humanities academic discussion. I neither referenced it nor alluded to it in this thread.

    You’re way out there dude; take your meds and reel it in some. I don’t mind some of the more abstract metaphysical and theological discussion and debate but perhaps that blog is a more appropriate forum for that, yeah?

  105. That small anti-fleck of “white genocide” in the fractured fingers of the “white” liberationist is a self-annihilation.

    “White genocide” in the hands of the Other is the normal course of things. No need to jew-nigger about it.

  106. Nikcrit…

    To be of the white race is to believe in a creator God who has created “us.”

    To be a white Supremacist is to believe in The Perfect Man as empirical fact.

    To then exclaim, “No one knows what you are saying…”

    Equals “radical autonomy” WHETHER you are to be believed or not.

  107. Nikcrit..

    You have no metaphysical Father…


    You are “born” TWO worldly (f)athers.


  108. The failure of paganism is not recognizing that separate gods NECESSITATE Perfect God. It’s a failure of imaginative logos.

  109. “I was the town drunk.

    And the town was LA.”

    — actual quote from the lead singer of Three Dog Night

    Three Dog Night was filling stadiums on the level of The Eagles and Led Zeppelin. Their lead singer was an almost professional athlete or D1 baller or something. He recounts how he would have girls lined up for him in rows of hotel rooms, and go room to room and do blow and screw em.

    Speaking of local bands, Lamont Cranston Band was rumored to live in an apartment complex down to street. Thinking back on it, the likely reality is they crashed and partied there.

    But the amusing perspective on that memory, is that at the time we thought it was cool that they were (perhaps) living there. When the reality was that it was down and out.

  110. And there’s nothing more shameful than a grown man who can’t handle his liquor.

    I would say that there is a ladder down to infinity on the shame scale, and wet-mess drunk is a measure of one’s grip on the ladder, and rather not one of the rungs.

  111. TD, I value some of your commentary but if there were someone who wanted to gum up blog comment threads with nonsense, he could just as well post strings of comments like yours. Just because I haven’t been enforcing your two-per-day comments limit, doesn’t mean it’s lifted.

    This isn’t The Thordaddy Show. For that, thordaddy-dot-wordpress is available.

  112. Thor, I regret some of my wording in that last comment of mine. I’m not the final authority on how clear or not you are to all the others here; I’m going by the casual and stated consensus, which includes statements by those others…

    I like much of your commentary and engage you as much as any other here IMO.

    But I think you aren’t mindful enough of how clear and comprehended are your comments. What is it worth if none of most don’t know what you’re getting at. I mean, I’m willing to look at your comments as context builders that require repeated immersion in order to garner full meaning— and that itself is a sign of respect.

    So perhaps be gracious when those who’ve been patient with you request you be more simple and deliberate with your statements here. The blog HOST seems to concur with that advice as well.

  113. I thought you stated this was an “Open Thread” and my only violation is a radical focus on “white genocide” and Nikcrit’s facilitation thereof.

    CLEARLY… A real white genocide starts with the annihilation of white boy’s metaphysical Father.

    Those such as Nikcrit possessing no metaphysical Father provide insight into real white genocide.

    This is an open thread or it isn’t?

  114. This peek-a-boo
    “Beyond me”
    A neat trick
    Of Nikcrit
    Is facilitated
    By a blog host
    By a parasitic
    Psychoptic war
    That’s far sided
    And far sighted
    Near sided
    It’s sighted
    Dark sided
    So let there be light
    It’s an open thread
    Thoroughly cited….

  115. It’s an open thread, so don’t be the reason for why we can’t have nice things. I enjoyed your observations on bouncing but have no idea what you’re talking about on the WG metaphysics.

  116. How else can one say that Nikcrit possesses no metaphysical Father?

    Is there another way to say what I’ve declared above?

    If “common descent” says Nikcrit is my brother to a father out of Africa and not actually a brother of mine because we possess different fathers, is there another way to state this fact?

    Put these declarations together and one can glimpse the origins of a REAL white genocide.

    Is there another way to state this most true of empirical observations?

  117. If you reverse engineeer a white genocide, it starts with the perpetuating self-annihilation of the young, white boy.

  118. The editorial position of that article is so alien to me, it may as well have been written by someone from another planet. It’s media’s campaign to coopt and neuter the victorious Trump demographic, using centralized (and thus obsolete) 20th century methods of opinion-molding.

    From the article: Where Americans live, worship, send their children to school — much of it is driven by race…

    No shit, Sherlock. The election WAS about race, not some platitude about economic concerns of rust belt voters who had their pain fondled just the right way.

    As to children this or children that, pushing that kind of talk toward action makes one, as Thordaddy puts it, terminable without consent.

  119. Ahh, I see I’ve become the existential scapegoat in Thor’s defiant screed of vindication tonight.

    But there’s no way out of it; it’s your rudeness and juvenile petulance that’s gotten you into hot water tonight, mister.

    Be humbled and be gracious.

    I just hope someday, with my lackthereof ‘metaphysical father’ i can still one day be as balanced, coherent and well-adjusted as you, Thor.

  120. That editorial is the psychological war that is “liberation without separation” and the odious belief that the white Supremacist is spawned of a black father out of Africa.

  121. I was wandering around the cable-band earlier, delving through some of the more esoteric sports channels and came across a surprisingly interesting documentary on how the Dallas Cowboys became ‘America’s Team.”

    I know, yawn-city—— especially, a ESPN-depth-level enterprise on this subject.
    But i was surprised at the level of insight and speculation delivered —- and even the list of insiders and academic analyzers was surprisingly good: Tex Schramm, J.Jones and other past and present top Cowboy execs, alongside commentary on the cheerleaders by (none other than) Camille Paglia, who was summoned by 70s feminists to put down the Cheerleaders — who were cresting the pop-cult msm zeitgeist at the time, generating a tv-movie with jane seymour that drew top Nielsen ratings that week, ’78 or so—– and going off into other pop-cult tangents; they also did a five-minut segue on how the team and its cheerleaders inspired a big-budget porn movie, ‘Debbie Does Dallas,’ and how the team sued and won its copyright-infringement case against producers of the film.

    There was a certain plausibility and depth to 70s msm news that is totally gone nowadays in the service of ratings, many-to-many social media competition and overall pop-cult diminishing attention spans that is obvious merely by watching this doc’s assemblage of 70s newsclips.

    check it out, if you’re among the likes of me who have off in this Xmas-New-Year’s interim; it’s running on one of the more obscure ESPN channels.

  122. p.s..—– i dispute that doc’s prime title and conceit: That the Cowboys are “America’s Team.”

    I say, with a measure of bias, that the team that best dons that distinction resides in my humble flyover state.

  123. Thank you for that CNN article, Cammie.

    MW always said that once the Aryan Skynet became self-aware, things would change fast. Trump the man isn’t important, but as a symbol he has helped awaken “some” whites.

    WNs can’t change liberals by arguement. They can’t change us by arguement. This is exactly what we want. Half of the country is a lost cause to another half.

  124. The Civil War was an internecine bloodbath pitting rival whites against one another each appropriating “radical autonomy” and white Supremacy where most self-referentially prudent. Meta-schematically, the Civil War was about destroying The Southern Monopoly of cultivation and distribution of SUGAR (to which slaves were an obvious target). The Civil War was very much the origin of an engineered chemical warfare that has witnessed the geographically-sustained monopoly of the world’s most productive “drug” destroyed and replaced by a real chemical warfare and the psychological insanity that is a “black slave” as the all-important impetus of internecine war amongst whites.

  125. The idea of a healthy-minded white man killing himself to master a slave is as odious as the idea of white men annihilating each other to save a “black slave.”

  126. You would think Elk of all commentators would recognize a white genocide in the circumcision that is the origin of a white boy’s self-annihilation?

  127. I should get the most freedom around here (mainly because I don’t abuse my freedom)… Just because I want “it” the most and I relentlessly subsidize thIs .wordpress domain more than anyone else. To then deny this simple declaration bolstered by real analytics… That would BE petulant.

  128. Really though PA…

    I see you as a fellow white Supremacist.

    You’re just not fully committed.

    That’s why I’m here.

    One Face.

  129. Same goes for Ryu…

    He has no metaphysical Father, yet unlike Nikcrit, there is no racial continuity between his two worldy fathers. This introduces a different type of racial self-annihilation only found amongst “whites” as sons of a “black father” out of Africa and the son of a “white father.” This introduces a white racial self-annihilation that prohibits a truthful rendering of genuine white Supremacy.

    And yet, I sense that Ryu is also a fellow white Supremacist not fully committed. Yet, the nature of his reluctance is different than yours, PA.

  130. That 10:57 comment revising the theoretical purpose of the agricultural vs industrial conflict of the Civil war was one of the most fantastically selective, dishonest and self-serving I’ve seen yet, even by the many-to-many wilds of contemporary race blogs…. I do believe your claim that you’ve read no more than two or three books in your life though.

    Better to avoid all that propaganda, I guess.

  131. The GIVEN is a chemically engineered white genocide.

    Occam’s Razor says the “chemical” to be engineered is SUGAR.

    “We” have a Civil War AND aspartame. Origin and Damnation.

    And a lot of dead white men on the screen.

    And the “black slave” that “jews” it all together.

  132. The aim of the evil global “default elite” is a mass of perpetuating self-annihilators. Such aim requires a “make tricks.” Which necessitates an eventual “glitch.” A deja vu only seen by YOU and subjectively submitted to an objective mob twitch. Bewitched, Neo-itch is the pathology remedied by a six foot ditch. So it’s tic tac toe… Two steps forward, one step back. Some days you face it… Some days you wear a mask. The task is first anti-self-annihilation. Secondly, is to bask… In the shiniest light that brights the path. Whomever blights the pass is to be dispensed to the place called last. Such is hierarchy over anarchy… White Supremacy over radical autonomy… So there is a Race whom runs most fast.

  133. “However the interesting point to me, is that The Eagles as a band have been used as an example of the last of ‘local flavor’ in American music. They were a local band whose sound was part of that part of the country……They were from Southern California when that was still a place….Before it turned into just another nowhere.”

    That ‘local flavor’ you refer to is oft-likened to a marketed sound created by David Geffen, who in biographical treatments of his life, is quoted as being very deliberate in finding and creating ‘the California sound’ strictly for commercial purposes; his forming of Geffen and teaming with Elektra Records, and bringing together not only the Eagles, but Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro and (somewhat the odd-egg out) Cher into the national-pop mainstream fold was a very deliberate act and a distinctly UNspontaneous development of a regional style; of all those prototypes he assembled and nurtured with housing, rehearsal space and studio time, Cher was the one he was personally most infatuated with and to whom he was romantically involved, even proposing marriage to her (only later did Geffen more or less publicly acknowledge his homosexuality); i’m a bit foggy on the exact alliances and don’t feel like looking ’em up at the moment, but it was Holtzman from Elektra and a few others, including Irving Azoff, who fleshed out Geffen’s label, Asylum, and his shaping of the ‘California Sound’; Asylum also signed Dylan for much of his early-to-mid-’70s recordings, before the label dissolved into one of WB’s holdings.

    Anyhow, the sort-of joke about the myth of the Eagles and that whole easy loving So.Cal music-scene vibe is that Geffen was totally not into that kind of pop mythology; of his artists, he was by far most smitten with Cher, followed by the likes of Bette Midler and Nyro and other Yenta popsmiths. He’s also been documented as saying on the record several times that he has no idea why or how Bob Dylan achieved the myth and renown that he has.

  134. So a jew faggot is the genesis of a SoCal sound that he didn’t even much care for? Color me niggardly with that prehistoric rendition.

  135. You are a keen observer, TD and should be praised for it.

    My objection to your white supremacy concept comes from not being a full Christian. I have too many unsatisfied questions. Christianity has stolen alot from paganism.

    Christmas is very near to Saturnalia, an old pagan celebration from Dec 17-24. Jesus was crucified and died, then came back from death. But before Jesus, Odin hung on Yggdrasil for 9 days and afterward, had a knowledge of the runes. The Havamal is their sort of bible with Loki as “the devil.” Ragnarok being like revalations.

    Christianity has many contradictions for the nationalist. I don’t want to fight for WN here and find minos in heaven. But there are no jews in Valhalla. The idea of heaven being a place where one can train, eat, and live with one’s kin until Ragnarok is very appealing to the white soul.

    The image of Odin with his spear, ravens and wolves is very natural and satisfying. David Lane’s wotansvolk religion has been very influential on me.

  136. Thanks, TD. I’ve learned from your discernments as well. Happy New Year, fellas. I’ll be in South America laying down wS on the Spanish-speaking quags doused in Pilsener and cassava.

  137. p.s..—– i dispute that doc’s prime title and conceit: That the Cowboys are “America’s Team.”

    I say, with a measure of bias, that the team that best dons that distinction resides in my humble flyover state.

    You are out of your mind, of course the Cowboys are America’s Team. And they sure did spank the fudge packers this year!!

  138. On the subject of Thordaddy, I would like to see him do a long-form piece, a la Moldbug, where he lays out his entire premise in full. Something thought out, edited, written and re-written, so it’s all there at once, clearly, rather than these relentless scattershot and repetitive comments we get here. And most of which, honestly, I don’t bother to read anymore. I also feel the exercise itself would do him good, help him to clarify his own thinking.

    I certainly can’t speak for PA, but my guess is he’d give TD the online real estate to post it if TD put it together.

  139. Nik, nice backgrounder on Geffen and the California sound. It’s amazing how much of contemporary pop culture was organized not only by Jews, but by gay Jews. They aren’t very prevalent in rock music as players/performers, beyond a few major names (Dylan, Lou Reed… ?), but they are always there as the impresarios. But this is the typical Jewish MO — exploit the work of others and keep most of the earnings.

    For me the most curious California product was Creedence Clearwater Revival. These San Fran boys came up with the ultimate New Orleans / Bayou rock sound, and damn if they didn’t make it believable, especially on their “Bayou Country” album (whence spring “Proud Mary”). They had a short run, only a few years as a band, but I’d still put them in the top five American rock bands of all time, and probably in the top three (would have to think about the sequencing there). Maybe top five if you include individual performers (in which case it’s Dylan #1, Springsteen #2 and then Hendrix somewhere next for me; more objectively it’s Dylan 1, Hendrix 2, but I adore Springsteen up through “The River” album and he resonates way more emotionally with me than Hendrix, who is all chops but icy).

    Hey, Nik and I should start a rock music blog! We could call it The Nazi and the Mulatto Rock Reminiscence Blog!

  140. “Hillary will be a good president.”

    Bruce, in an interview with some limey, on youtube with the title, Bruce Springsteen on Donald Trump, and his own depression.

    To his credit, he still has a great face. His background is Italian and Irish and New Jersey.

    The guy who sold him the motorcycle that he references in that video is (was) an acquaintance.

  141. Peterike…

    The summary is that I am fulling engaged in the psychological war that is “white genocide” without a suicidal bone in my body.

  142. Springsteen is a typical limousine liberal who campaigned for Obama endlessly. All that yapping about that working class been he really never listened to them at all, just wrote songs that sentimentalized what he thought to be cool about them.

    He performed his stupid anti-police song “American Skin” repeatedly, but one of the problems with that is that Diallo was an undocumented immigrant and not an “American” at all.

  143. “You are out of your mind, of course the Cowboys are America’s Team.”

    Really? You too are captivated and captured by the gaudy excess of that egomaniac Jerry Jones and his tawdry burlesque media shows? Or is it some rote, southern deference thing?
    I would hope it’s the latter, because otherwise I’ve been heavily overestimating your sensibilities and judgement: I would think you’d now damn well that true NFL grit is more readily found in flyover country, the Heartland to be even more specific; and within those qualifiations, is there really any reason or doubt about the Green and the Gold? Starr vs. Staubach? Nitschke vs. Newsome? Puh-leez!

    Considering we’re three days away from the 50th anniversary of the Ice Bowl, your suggestion that the Cowboys are America’s Team over the Packers carrying that sobriquet is outright libelous slander!!

  144. “Hey, Nik and I should start a rock music blog! We could call it The Nazi and the Mulatto Rock Reminiscence Blog!”

    I’m down!

    But I’d be hesitant to infect you with my cynicism re. ‘the biz.’

  145. Really? You too are captivated and captured by the gaudy excess of that egomaniac Jerry Jones and his tawdry burlesque media shows? Or is it some rote, southern deference thing?

    Regardless of your personal thoughts on Jerry Jones, the Cowboys almost single-handedly drive NFL viewership. When they’re good, ratings are at an all-time high. They have the largest following, the best stadium, the most valuable franchise, the richest overall winning history (in Superbowl era), the brightest stars in Canton and they are consistently #1 in apparel sales across the globe (even in down years). The Blue Star is an iconic brand that is known in every corner of the globe, even in countries where very little English is spoken and no American football is played the one thing they will known about the NFL is “Cowboys”.

    BTW, Jerry is only one of a small handful of owners to win multiple super bowls, plus the only owner to be all-conference and a national champion as a college player himself.

    Starr vs. Staubach?

    The Cowboys have two rookies that are megastars now. Not to mention their 90’s pantheon and all of their party-hardy past superstars who’ve only added to the mystique. And Tony Romo is as big a household name as you can find, and he’s never actually even won anything.

    For a small-market heartland team the Packers have done ok, but they don’t have a world following like the Cowboys.

    My advice is to just focus on the Lions, I predict a season-ending loss for you in Detroit on Sunday, they are 6-1 at Ford Field this year.

  146. “but they don’t have a world following like the Cowboys…..”

    True; overall, i go more for the humble-over-hubris-type NFL mythology; i.e., more into The Packers/Steelers/Browns gritty-type myth over the Cowboy/49ers/Raiders type coastal glitz… Romo, you know, if from a small town about 50 miles outside Milwaukee, known for being home to the Nestle chocolate factory and headquarters…. IdK re. GB this year; on paper, it seems pretty clear they’re on path for yet one more ‘one-and-done’ season, except there’s no guarantee they’ll even get that far this year; i wish they were playing Sunday at Lambeau, even though about half the fans in Detroit will be cheering for the Packers.)

    Are you enthused by Ryan having a good year and the Falcon’s overall post-season prospects?

    Re. your Cowboy stats and demos; check out that doc if it’s sticking around ESPN for a bit; it’s interesting.

  147. Cam, do you bet on football? Like a handicapper?

    It seems like a waste to study a sport so in-depth but to get no profit out of it. Sportbetting is still legal in Murka.

  148. The Dallas Cowboys and Bruce Springsteen… Two of the most fraudulent stars in the multiverse. Both entities entirely converged and necessitating replacement by truly brighter lights.

  149. Are you enthused by Ryan having a good year and the Falcon’s overall post-season prospects?

    I hate the Falcons, they suck. They’re the worst fairweather fans in history. When the Falcons start off 1-5 they all tune out – SEC country cares way more about college football, anyway. And a place like Atlanta is largely settled by those who’ve migrated from other parts of the country over the last 10-30 years. I’d guess that most people in Milwaukee actually grew up in Wisconsin and their family has always rooted for the Packers.

  150. do you bet on football? Like a handicapper?

    Yes, I’ve won huge sums but it becomes a full-time job betting on sports seriously. And everybody takes their lumps and loses, except for the sports books/casinos themselves. They always win in the end.

  151. “Springsteen is a typical limousine liberal who campaigned for Obama endlessly. All that yapping about that working class been he really never listened to them at all, just wrote songs that sentimentalized what he thought to be cool about them.”

    Don’t get me wrong. I totally agree that Springsteen is a complete sell-out. He spits on the people that made him famous. I do think he was sincere at the time and really was a man of the people. But the “Born to Run” success started to go to his head (his infamous same week covers on Time and Newsweek, back when that meant something). His liberal turn started with his “no nukes” advocacy. And the real sellout was the “Born in the USA” album, which made him a superstar — and rich — and I think ruined him. After that he ditched his old E Street Band brahs (first sign of the Liberal — no loyalty), and it’s been downhill ever since, both politically and — no surprise — artistically. His one real resurgence was “The Rising” album, when the tragedy of 9/11 brought back some of his feelings for the working man (e.g. “Into the Fire”, an astonishing song, and “You’re Missing,” utterly heartbreaking). But it was like a dream of the old times that he soon woke from. Essentially, he sold his soul. But the Jersey yobs will never stop loving him.

    All that said, his first six studio albums and the Live/1975-1985 box set comprise one of the great sequences in rock history that very few bands can match.

  152. And in coal burning news, Serena Williams announces engagement to white guy. I wonder what Black Twitter has to say about it?

  153. Ryu…

    You must elaborate on the Christian contradictions and tell me the significance of what you perceive as historic redundancy between paganism and Christianity?

  154. Many a young, deracinated “white” boy shall be psychoptically transfixed by the genetically-engineered, muscled Amazonian that is Serene-Nah Will-hims and xe “courting” of the modern “light man.”

  155. Number of elected Democrats in office has plummeted drastically since Obama arrived on the scene in 2008 and jumpstarted the party’s shift into a quivering mass of campus leftists obsessed with identity-based issues such as gender, race, sexual self-identification, etc.:

  156. In a nutshell TD, I find Christianity and Wotanism very similar, but that Wotan has no multiculturalsim or jew-worship. The Christian must always account for Israel and the equality of all God’s children.

    There is also the issue of heaven. What to do up there? How should I spend eternity?

    Odin understands this, which is why he built his hall for men to train and feast until judgement day. It is very natural for white men to want to do this.

    Jesus asks us to turn the other check, and to love our enemies. Odin has not done that. He knows the white race wants payback. At least, the worthy do.

    Odin is close enough to Jesus. He visits people as a beggar or wanderer. He crucified himself to gain something.

    David Lane’s letter to Christians is a good summary: He even uses one of your phrase “imperialism.”

  157. If the “enemy” in “love thy enemy” is THYSELF then the LIBERATED interpretation is a one hundred and eighty degree inversion of Christ’s command against self-annihilation.

  158. — Some types of music are only for the white race. (Ryu)

    Yes. Even many songs by performers one doesn’t associate with any golden age or tradition can be great. Elton John is one of the greatest. There was a discussion once here on his merits vs Billy Joel’s. Joel is talented but a LARPer underneath it all. Elton transcends anything he tries to push via his public persona. I like his ardent “Empty Garden,” “Someone Saved…” “Nikita,” and “I guess that’s why they call it the Blues.”

    — Springsteen is a typical limousine liberal who campaigned for Obama endlessly. (Camlost)

    K(yle) back at GLPiggy once explained how U.S. POWs with slightly above-average IQs were the easiest to convert by the Chinese/North Koreans, in the war’s experiments on brainwashing. John Mellenkamp also came up in the thread. Back in the 1980s, he was branded as the rural man’s spokesman to Springsteen’s industrial worker. I am aware of Mellenkamp’s pro-farmer activism but don’t know if he’s become a sellout lib too.

    — After that he ditched his old E Street Band brahs (first sign of the Liberal — no loyalty) (peterike)

    r-selected rabbits underneath it all. I was once burned by a liberal’s disloyalty in a situation in which I would not have been expect to know better.

    — But I’d be hesitant to infect you with my cynicism re. ‘the biz.’ (nikcrit)

    After Wikileaks, I doubt anything would shock or disillusion anyone here. And music is music. I say go ahead and start “The Nazi and the Mulatto Rock Reminiscence Blog”!

  159. Springsteen has probably never worked a physically demanding job. I’m not surprised he is a liberal.
    I dislike liberal men more than liberal women. I’m not sure why.

  160. I just came back from a satisfying longish vacation in the South. One of my observations was how much nicer working class Blacks are in the rural areas. I’ve seen this before but I still always find it remarkable. I have no illusions on race but it was nice to not be in a simmering war-zone for a change.

    Two examples. One, this was straight out of a 1930s period piece: I’m driving slowly down a dirt road with the widow down, and an ancient Black man in coveralls tips his hat to me. Another example: I’m in a small town grocery store and a matronly Black female cashier is ringing me up. A youngish black employee walks by singing something R&B’ish and she tells him to cut it out because the customers ain’t interested in hearing his caterwaul. And he stops singing.

    A SPWL utopia a considerable distance away was also a feast for the soul. The restaurant had an all-White staff, I haven’t seen a single Mestizo, much less an East African the entire time. A municipal park was 100% White and full of kids.

    The difference between me and liberals: I know a chimera when I see one, and something that has to be defended if it’s to last. I also know that it is all resting on the backs of the downscale Whites who live in small houses or trailers and do the menial work there. The liberal lives in the snapshot moment, has no sense of cause-effect when it comes to making sure that good things last.

    It’s also part of the liberal’s nomadic nature. If a SWPL utopia goes to mud, he will move to the next one, no remorse or regret or loyalty.

  161. Pro-ISIS groups spreading these images on social media, encouraging refugees to attach NYE celebrations in Europe:

  162. I just came back from a satisfying longish vacation in the South. One of my observations was how much nicer working class Blacks are in the rural areas.

    Yes, much nicer. The lower population density is better for blacks, it’s more like where the evolved. The slower life saves them from themselves.

  163. “If a SWPL utopia goes to mud, he will move to the next one, no remorse or regret or loyalty.”

    Rootless cosmopolitans. The original Jewish virus.

  164. A SPWL utopia a considerable distance away was also a feast for the soul. The restaurant had an all-White staff, I haven’t seen a single Mestizo, much less an East African the entire time. A municipal park was 100% White and full of kids.

    The local services around here are mostly colored. For instance at a nearby DQ the staff is half black, half white.

    But it breaks down that the white half is girls, and the black half is not. In that type of environment, mixing is built into it. They are working at a dq and half the time hardly anyone is around.

    Hypothetically, if you had a daughter and allowed her to work at that place, you would implicitly be approving of any mischief that got up to.

  165. You’re not alone there, PA.

    Another WN I know went to the South. He was shocked! The negros were so friendly and non-aggressive. Nothing like the city blacks. In the South, they say “yes sah”.

    It seems that either the culture is good in the South, or they remember Ole Massa’s whip. It may help that there is no money, and therefore, no jews in the country. It’s the big city jews that make the groids go a-hopping.

  166. The Southern Monopoly on sugar cane and cotton production is geographically-rooted. So any and all “slaves” on today’s plantation are voluntary soldiers.

  167. The rancid belief that Northern white men killed and died to free “black slaves” while the Southern white man died and killed to master those very same “black slaves” is perhaps the Biggest Big Lie of the Amerikkkan revisionists.

  168. The white American man’s internecine war never ended. In fact, the internecine war has balkanized even beyond North versus South. The story of the “black slave” is an aspect of the Narrative that is, in the aggregate, bound to trigger a certain segment of the population for purposes of profiling and persecution. And then there is just that mass of lazy consensus as submission to Narrative which shall be tantamount to the itching trigger finger of the highly unpredictable.

  169. PA: “John Mellenkamp also came up in the thread. Back in the 1980s, he was branded as the rural man’s spokesman to Springsteen’s industrial worker. I am aware of Mellenkamp’s pro-farmer activism but don’t know if he’s become a sellout lib too.”

    from 2001: “Cuttin’ Heads is a return to the sound of 1987’s The Lonesome Jubilee, where instruments like violin and flute augment guitar-based rockers and country-ish ballads. The title track is one of Mellencamp’s hardest-hitting songs, both musically and lyrically, with Rolling Stones-style guitars driving a tune that addresses racial politics from two different angles.

    The song’s narrative tells the story of an interracial marriage, with a white Southerner coming within a knife blade of killing a man who verbally attacked his black wife. At the last minute, he decides not to, deciding, “Someday the wind of change is gonna blow on through/ And put all these jokers right.”

    It’s a rhyme from Public Enemy’s Chuck D criticizing other rappers for using the “N” word in the song’s middle section, however, that’s likely to raise eyebrows. “I connect the word with pain,” Chuck D raps. “Now some smile when they scream the name?/ Funny how the times have changed and the rhymes have changed.”

    “This is about black people selling out other black people,” Mellencamp said, adding that he and Chuck talked for hours about what the rap would be about. “When you’ve got a guy on MTV or VH1 waggin’ his $150,000 watch or his $200,000 necklace, saying the word ‘n—–‘ … suburban white kids buy these records and think this is what black people are like. He’s created a new stereotype that they used to call Uncle Tom.”

    Social commentary runs through most of Cuttin’ Heads. “Crazy Island” talks about America’s isolationism and tendency to ignore its own faults, while “Peaceful World” is a call for people to walk the walk when they talk about racial unity.

    As was the case with “Cuttin’ Heads,” Mellencamp felt like he couldn’t come out as a wealthy white rocker and expect to be taken seriously without reaching out himself when he recorded the song. “For me or a Bruce Springsteen to sit up in our ivory towers and make comments about racism, well, we’re not really in it, are we?” Mellencamp said. So he called on India.Arie to sing with him on the song.

    “I needed to have somebody sing with me, and I needed someone who had soul, but who hadn’t been part of the ‘booty call’ mentality,” Mellencamp said. “And I needed to find a girl who it didn’t look like I was trying to get something off of her. Lauryn Hill would have been great, but I didn’t want people to go, ‘Why’s Mellencamp with her?’ India was absolutely the right choice, and the decision wasn’t taken lightly.”

    Though it was written and released before the terrorist attacks on the United States, the song has become something of an anthem for people looking to overcome racial divisiveness.

    “I’ve always wanted my music to serve a certain purpose,” India.Arie said Thursday at the City of Hope benefit dinner in Los Angeles, where she performed Stevie Wonder’s “Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer.” “I do believe in prophecy. Everyone knew that something was going to happen at the real millennium. Songs like ‘Peaceful World’ and songs that are responsible with their lyrics and talk about love and harmony can take the forefront and do something for real. [‘Peaceful World’] has taken on a new meaning, but we all kind of saw something coming.”

    In typically straightforward and self-deprecating style, Mellencamp is less idealistic about what the song might achieve. “I don’t think it really makes a hell of a lot of difference,” he said. “It’s just another f—ing rock song.”

    Cuttin’ Heads isn’t all politics. “Deep Blue Heart” is a longing ballad sung with Trisha Yearwood, and “Women Seem” is a lighthearted take on the differences between men and women that became a crowd favorite on his recent U.S. tour, which wrapped up in September.

    With the tour over and the album almost out, Mellencamp will turn his attention back to finishing songs for the musical he’s working on with Stephen King. He said the music is unlike anything he’s worked on before. “They’re not rock songs,” he said. “The reason I’m interested is that I don’t have to worry about any pop sensibility. I can write adult songs, and I don’t have to worry about choruses and hook lines” (see [article id=”1446796″]”Mellencamp Talks About Writing Musical With Stephen King”[/article]).”

  170. Lower population density seems to be better for a lot of people, but definitely for groups who are prone to dysfunction and treating each other poorly.

  171. The local services around here are mostly colored. For instance at a nearby DQ the staff is half black, half white.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with DQ but I’ve noticed that virtually 100% of the new Dairy Queen franchises are run by Indian immigrants who staff it with their whole family.

  172. In response to Debbie Reynold’s death, a black comedian tweeted out, “Black mamas don’t die cuz they kids do. They cry and say God don’t make no mistakes”. I’m assuming he is complimenting black women.

  173. Yes, I remember that there was more to Mellenkamp than saving farms. There was something a long time that gave me a bad impression of him. It was a Superbowl or some other major festive public event in which he had that sourpuss look on his face, like an ingrate Grunger receiving an award he’s too cool for.

    Maybe Mellenkamp’s always had an SJW streak. His video for “Cherry Bomb” (1988) features an egregious case of mudsharking. But virtue signalling was cheap and easy before 9/11 and especially before the Obama-era immigrant deluges. It’s nice (if that’s your thing) to wax on about overcoming racial divisiveness if you don’t yet see the flotsam of the world all around your country.

    — “Cuttin’ Heads [… the] title track is one of Mellencamp’s hardest-hitting songs, both musically and lyrically

    There is a point in many pop artists’ careers where they either run out of ideas in working with the material they know or lose relevance with impact on record sales and try to experiment with other genre or fusion styles. Sometimes it works like with Alison Krauss, but usually it doesn’t. Nobody’s ever heard of “Cuttin’ Heads” but everyone knows “Small Town.”

  174. I avoid any food service franchises that are staffed by Subcontinentals on general principle and because they supposedly don’t wash their hands after shitting.

  175. Maybe Mellenkamp’s always had an SJW streak. His video for “Cherry Bomb” (1988) features an egregious case of mudsharking.

    As a teen I remember Mellenkamp on TV claiming to have received lots of death threats over the BM-WF couple dancing in that “Cherry Bomb” video. He talked about it as if it was a badge of honor.

  176. Musicians tend to be outcasts growing up and not particularly masculine. It is no surprise they are always liberal.

  177. Men, who play an instrument, rather than consider themselves artists, seem more normal. Any man who consider himself a misunderstood artist is likely a whiny little gamma.

  178. — Musicians tend to be outcasts growing up and not particularly masculine.

    Someone of Mick Jagger’s stature had major command failure at Altamont, contributing to a loss-of-life incident. There appear to be no George Pattons on the mic end of the industry. There is also the artist’s natural openness/passivity that is prerequisite to great art but also makes him vulnerable to manipulation and appeals to vanity.

  179. — I’ll be in South America laying down wS on the Spanish-speaking quags doused in Pilsener and cassava. (Each Pond Gone)

    Not a bad place to be. Someone I know just returned from visiting Peru, Chile, and Argentina and spoke very highly of the first two. Not so much of Argentina, with the qualification that they only saw Buenos Aires. They said that there were major SJW protests going on, with the protesters having that androgynized look you’d find among U.S. Left Coast liberals in Portland or San Francisco.

  180. “Not so much of Argentina, with the qualification that they only saw Buenos Aires.”

    While Argentina has a very large white, European population, it is also the largest Jewish population in South America, with over 250,000 of them, most in Buenos Aires of course. And while we don’t hear much about Jews in South America, as you would expect, they are up to their usual nation wrecking tricks, even in Argentina. At the bottom of it, of course, are the globalist bankers using the debt weapon to control nations. The largest landowner in Argentina is a Jew.

  181. I stopped going to that DQ once the staff had transitioned. They got frosted lettering on their windows saying that the place is family-owned — and then they employ of bunch of black teenagers. Liberal disconnect much?

  182. Men, who play an instrument, rather than consider themselves artists, seem more normal. Any man who consider himself a misunderstood artist is likely a whiny little gamma.

    That is perceptive, but at the same time something of a tautology, especially the second part.

    “To be an artist, is to be misunderstood.”

  183. Any artist has to have something he can point to, as an accomplishment.

    But what is art?

    Art is the reification [gay word alert!] of generative culture.

    What is culture?

    Culture is what is used to affirm values that are helpful.

    What are values?

    Values are meaningless gay abstractions that artists used to justify themselves and their misspent youth.

  184. I like my concept of the artist as conduit between transcendent truths and material world — and one must accept that these truths exist, or any definition of art can’t rise above talk of sensory stimulation.

    A great artist has these three qualities in strong measures: (1) receptivity to those truths with no need to understand any of it; (2) originality, via which he filters and shapes the abstract idea on it way to physical expression; and (3) technical skill that allows him to deliver the artifact faithfully to intent.

  185. “Someone of Mick Jagger’s stature had major command failure at Altamont,”

    There’s been a lot of folklore and mist that’s shrouded the memory of Altamont; the stuff being said about Jagger’s and (earlier in the set) Richard’s onstage loss of command is true but sometimes overstressed: there were disruptions and acts of overaggression called out earlier in the day by the GD and particularly by Jefferson Airplane; by the time the Stones went on, you basically had a significant percentage of the several hundred thousand in attendance drunk, stoned and tripping on acid, all acting out under the watchful eye the Hell’s Angels, who were acting out themselves, with and without audience provocation.

    Not exactly a wise, well-executed strategy for ensuring a safe public event. For reasons having to do with the band’s longstanding image, there were other such incidents and tragedies at rock and pop festivals, in which fatalities occurred, but they never gained the notoriety of Altamont; of the two fabled incidents of ‘command failure’ by the Stones, I always thought that Keith Richards’ comeuppance was always more egregious…..

  186. Actually, that festival concert can offer an interesting hypothetical to our resident bouncer: Thordaddy, how would YOU have run security differently at Altamont.

    As things went down in history, do you think a few warning signs were overlooked? 🙂

  187. Art is necessary, but whoever ventures to crisply define it will tend to look (and feel) like a grammarian of expressive possibility — not a generator.

  188. One of the things to look for is a change in white music and art in general. That will portend that white youth are becoming revolutionary.

    The white race was quite radical and aware from about 1975-1985. The music of that time has a different character than modern music. That character reflects a different psychology.

    I look for something like Rock music. It should be young, angry, rebellious. I doubt it would have any rap or hip hop elements.

    Nothing is more taboo than racism today. With the right people doing the right things, I could easily see some young racist group gets becoming popular and having white groupies hanging around. The more taboo, the more power there is in harnessing a thing.

  189. Lara, the murder victim at Altamont was a black man.
    I want to say his name was Meredith Hunter. He was with the young blonde girl, who’s also in the video.

    Didn’t you notice the part in the video in which Jagger says: “Hey, leave that coon and his mudshark alone? (rimshot!)

  190. PA, what makes you say that the great artist need not understand the Truths from which their representations flow?

  191. This is true, but if your theory is that an artist is a conduit between transcendent truths and the material world, I wonder how much creativity would be involved regardless? I would imagine the choice of media would be one of the only creative choices made, and everything else would be akin to performing a translation.

  192. Sort of, as I see it. The artist’s originality is where creative choices are made. Imagine an artist as a conduit, but since he’s filtering or translating the transcendent through a human medium (himself), the more creative his “filtering”, the more original the art.

  193. Looking back and knowing what we know now, it seems all the key players benefited from the events that unfolded. I smell “false flag.”

    HAs as “security” is nuts…. Insane without removing their cuts… And at a Rolling Stones concert… But, butt, butts…

  194. And Mick Jagger looks like a real faggot… Guarded by HAs and groupied by a gun-wielding negro his mudsharkian misses… It is the stunt of all-out degeneracy.

  195. Defining degeneracy without making said degeneracy concrete is the trick of the reactionary’s trade. Only the wS can pull off the real magic. And yet, no one wants to be a white Supremacist.

    What does that hell you?

  196. *You* are only confused because you want to be…

    “We” call *you* anti-white Supremacy.

    Rolling Stones — anti-wS
    HAs — anti-wS
    Negro with gun — anti-wS
    Ms. Mudsharkian — anti-wS
    Media back when — anti-wS

    Do the math if you can’t do anything else.

  197. If you knew that there were before you:

    Ground Beef
    And Tomato…

    And you were DAMNED SCARED TO EAT Chili…

    What would you then make of that list above?

    Would you just imagine a perpetual fart in your face?

  198. Deconstruction is the mechanism of radical liberation and so reconstruction will be the mechanism of concrete separation.

    The high IQ will read the above and ALREADY KNOW.

    The average IQ WILL OR WILL NOT go into full conceptualization mode.

    The low IQ can only partake in the deconstruction where it is not forcefully made to reconstruct.

    This takes us back to the FAILURE of the high IQ at every level.

  199. I can’t speak to it objectively, as I’m sure the methodology of artists varies wildly, but for me the general rule is that as a piece becomes more creative the transcendent truth value decreases accordingly.

    In both painting and writing there are two types. The first is less frequent – I want to produce something, and the most difficult step is choosing subject matter. These tend to be the pieces I think of as “creative”, and they convey the truth of whatever I’ve decided upon – usually some personal affair.

    The second are a more common occurrence – when something nags at me until I put it to paper or canvas. These are what I refer to as “artistic”, and the most difficult part in them is visually or verbally perfecting whatever it is that has stuck in my mind. It’s still being filtered through me, but it’s not *of* me. The act of putting it down is technically creative, but the thing itself isn’t, if that makes any sense.

  200. “Someone I know just returned from visiting Peru, Chile, and Argentina and spoke very highly of the first two.”

    Yeah, other than Brazil this is new territory for me. I’ve had some excellent trips to Guatemala too, though that’s C America.

    “In both painting and writing there are two types.”

    Way oversimplified, but your second ‘type’ speaks to me in the realm of sculpture.

    Cheers again, deplorables…

  201. Indeed, it could be. Just as in translations of texts, the “accuracy” will vary depending on the translators knowledge of both “languages”.

    Leaves you wondering about the origin of the source text in this scenario, though.

  202. All security forces have colors, TD.

    …and cops don’t police off-duty, soldiers don’t soldier without the uniform, and you don’t work off the clock either.

    A big part of the respect any security professional gets comes from the uniform. That’s why undercovers have to be better than uniforms.

    Cops have a uniform, the military does, and I’ll bet you have some also. It is a way of separating us and them.

    A big part of working security details is intimidation or deterance. Outsiders must understand that if they cross the line, the response will be immediate and painful. If done properly, the threat is enough.

    HA was chosen for the same reason that most Murkans feel awe over the word “SEAL” – reputation.

  203. First, *you* quibble, quake and query over the various artists…

    Then *you* ponder, “What is art?”

    It’s like putting the paint before the canvas…

    Or, in the multiverse of anti-art, putting the shit before the butt whole.

  204. “Leaves you wondering about the origin of the source text in this scenario, though.”

    Homer very likely didn’t even exist (at least as a human being).

    That’s Art, not translation.

  205. Ryu…

    Cops, soldiers, HAs and bouncers are all essentially “white” collectives, but beyond this each is radically different.

    The civilizational assumption is that all parties involved… Venue, Stones, security, negro with a gun and Missus Mudsharkian did not desire this particular event to transpire.

    But the radically autonomous assumption is that ALL PARTIES DESIRED THE EVENT to transpire towards one ending or another with each knowing a Final Liberation will transpire and the spectators forever TRANS-formed.

    High IQ would have “us” believe there was a more centered axiom involved.

    {{{They}}} make life an illusion. No, really, no reality.

  206. Odin in relation to God as revealed by The Perfect Man is like the apple to the orange sweetly reconciled in the white man’s desire for the fruits of incarnation.

    Revelation is still empirical even when only a singularity.

    The enemy to white man’s God-ordained free will seeks to sever the Supernatural connection to an empirical world MADE MOST REAL by the existence of The Perfect (white) Man.

    It is what it is… Christianity is the Truth of what is said above.

    Believe it or not?

  207. You guys going on about Mellancamp I find pretty amusing. Who cares. I guess it’s a generation thing. When you grow up to The Pixies and have a lot of family that builds pianos for leisure, you hear rawer shit I guess. Here’s Pixies in their prime. Enjoy:

  208. “at least not as a human being.”

    Something with deeper roots. The Spirit of a people put to verse.

  209. I might have to re-examine the “Inconceivable Delusion” as operating meme of the perpetuating zeitgeist?

  210. EPG: Age, experience & indifference is a continuum: PA says “Mellencamp did this,” while you say “Who cares?”

    I say “Who cares and then some?” upon hearing “The Pixies.”

    Pssst: but in full disclosure, I NEVER figured out their appeal. I saw em only once; their farewell/ Encore your…. Never saw the antecedent bands, either, except for a opening set by the Breeders in the early ’90s… Never understood the appeal—-which, I’m humble enough to know, us a sign that it’s time to gracefully bow out, I.e. (was in mid 30s during their finale swing)

  211. On a plane, buzzin’, I told a couple next-seat gals I was a music journalist/art critic rather than a working artist; good so far, though wasn’t necessary. Just thought I’d try the oblique approach (they don’t read English, pretty sure). N-crit: you were the inspiration. Your 20+ years in the biz will come to a head *tonight.* Thank The Pixies and Hendrick’s Gin.

  212. One cannot conceive the inconceivable…

    God is not inconceivable…

    Ergo, God is conceived.

    Therefore, the claim that there exists no empirical evidence for the existence of God is false…

    UNLESS one can conceive the inconceivable.

    And that someone must have done such a thing once with regard to God.

    It was clearly the game changer.

  213. The GB Packers are the New York Yankees of pro football: they may not carry and illuminate the zeitgeist day-to-day,

    How much wine have you had tonight?

    The Yankees and Packers have ZILCHO in common. A better comparison is to call the Packers the San Antonio Spurs of the NFL.

    The NY Yankees are all about glitz, glam and simply buying the best team by having a huge payroll that is 2-3 times those of rival small market teams. If you’re a star on the Yankees you’re a Hollywood celeb who appears in TMZ weekly. Even marginal NY Yankees players get huge vote tallies for the all-star game every year.

    Every minor personnel move the Yankees make is scrutinzed endlessly by 5 newspapers and 2 TV channels.

    In contract, the Packers are workmanlike, nameless and faceless. They win by excellent personnel management and frugality – they rarely sign overpriced free agents (like the Yankees) and prefer to build through the draft. Over the past 20 years the Packers’ GM’s have always been top 3 in the league in performance and getting “bang for the buck” – on par with the Patriots and Steelers. Outside of Aaron Rodgers, the Packers haven’t had any real household names (in the marketability sense) since the Brett Favre days.

    The Packers manage the team with class and for the benefit of the local populace. Jerry Jones will gladly sell ads on the bottom of urinals if he can get a buck $$ out of it.

    Even after the new renovations at Lambeau they’re still only the #13th most valuable franchise in the NFL:

    AT&T stadium in Dallas is like a casino, it has so much expense and so many assets inside. The Cowboys are worth $4 billion, almost twice as much as the Packers.

    commenced the NFL’s descent into the media-pampered spectacle it is today.

    Yes, Jerry Jones did much to bastardize the NFL into a $$ buck-chasing over commercialized spectacle.

  214. PA, in the name of commentary incontinence, I apologize for the following recent two remarks of mine: the ones on December 30, 2016 at 10:48 pm and on December 31, 2016 at 12:07 am

    Sometimes even the old boy slips up and let’s the devil’s sauce turn him into a fool!

    But happy New Year, nonetheless!.

    [Happy New Year to you too! — PA]

  215. Never heard of the Pixies and that song is terrible. My guess is that singer has a very sore throat after his concerts.
    My favorite Mellencamp song is Ain’t Even Done With the Night. I’m not much of a fan, but some of his stuff is catchy.

  216. Not so much of Argentina

    Interestingly, when I was in my twenties and *just* beginning to dip my toes into a red-pilled grasp of the world – this being ten or so years ago – I remember hearing on the news that Argentina had passed some milestone pro-homo law or other. “Argentina!” I thought. “What the heck? My country (Canada), or Sweden, but Argentina?” It was the first moment I really remember realizing that there was – there must be! – an organized global movement to ruin civilization.

    It really is quite interesting that musicians are almost uniformly liberal. I guess that the reason is exactly what has been said: they tend to grow up as not-particularly-masculine rejects. I play a mean guitar myself, and grew up fitting that bill (which was only rectified by military service), but I was never a flaming liberal and always saw through certain modern lies.

  217. I play a mean guitar myself

    Respect. I learned to play the guitar at 37 and plateaued as an “advanced beginner.” My point of pride is being able to play Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” like the recording, including the long intro notes and string-bending.

  218. The global movement is a desire for homosexuality and all-out war against White Man.

    “Liberalism” equals the homosexual “nature,” i.e., the self-annihilating “nature.”

  219. “My point of pride is being able to play Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” like the recording”

    No disrespect, and playing the whole thing through and verbatim is worthy of extra credit, but after Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water,” “Wish you were here” is probably the most familiar scenario in the western world for six-string neophytes.

    (In my case, back in early middle school, it was one of those Mel Bay “easy play-a-long’ guitar guides; once I got down a few recognizable chord passages of “House of the Rising Sun” and John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” it was over! lol..

  220. p.s.@ PA: but seriously, in my book, the terms of “play Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” like the recording” and “being able to play Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here”\’ like the recording, including the long intro notes and string-bending,” simply don’t jibe; playing that song at a studio-verbatim level clearly places you above ‘advanced beginner’ status.

    [I wish! nah, the chords in the song are very basic, the tempo is slow, and the intro notes were just a matter of practice — I followed the JustinGuitar tutorial on youtube. — PA]

    My advice for mid-brow, middle-age guitarists: just make a habit of practicing all the five-string and six-string bar chords and eventually it all fits together, as 97%+ of the modernist pop-rock canon is culled from its shapes and attendant scales. (And then when you start adding the Moody Blues and certain white folk-rock tunes into your repertoire, add some minor-chord variation bar chords to your routine! Also: any Irish rock or folk act boasts inordinate amounts of minor chords or minor keys in their songs)

  221. As it stands, MRKA is widely considered the monopolistic distributor of “liberalism” worldwide. WWIII with Russia is, in the ephemeral sea of change, purportedly initiated by MRKA’s drive to push homosexuality on the Russians. Yet, this sexual degeneracy runs rampant across the globe from Asia to Africa to South America back to Russia and the Middle East. So what you are now seeing is “homo-sexuality” as the mechanism of white man’s self-destruction being wielded and utilized against the diverse masses. And who is better known for using a white man’s sexual degeneracy against said white man than the KGB itself?

    Mrs. Anne Gizzapate


    p.s.@ PA: but seriously, in my book, the terms “play Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ like the recording” and “plateaued as an ‘advanced beginner’” simply don’t jibe, as playing that song at a studio-verbatim level clearly places you above ‘advanced beginner’ status.

    Sorry about the earlier wording flub.

    [where I’m above mere beginner is that I can feel out strum patterns on my own, no need to have it spoon-fed by a youtube tutor. What limits me is inadequate finger dexterity with bar chords and the more exotic chords. Thanks for the practice tip in the earlier comment — I’ve slacked, so there’s my New Year’s resolution. — PA]

  223. With the TRANS-sexual movement, the HOMO-sexual movement is now the norm and ARCHAIC. So self-annihilation is normal and traditional. This is the post-modern frame that one is “conceived” of.

    What is the truly effectual reaction?

  224. Vlad knows real white Americans aren’t pro-homo and so those pushing homo on Russia are truly anti-Americans. His failure to make this distinction is tantamount to conspiring with the forces of anti-white Supremacy. He knows that white Supremacists in both Russia and America are absolutely against homosexuality, yet this collective could be absolutely most formidable in relation to the evil global cabal of sexually degenerate “elites.”

    And all this applies to Trump as well. There is a nefarious complicity in the tolerance for saber rattling between American and Russian enemies of unknown definitiveness.

  225. Thank The Pixies and Hendrick’s Gin.

    I’ve taken a like to Hendrick’s lately. I like it better than Bombay.

    in the name of commentary incontinence, I apologize for the following recent two remarks of mine: the ones on December 30, 2016 at 10:48 pm and on December 31, 2016 at 12:07 am

    Sometimes even the old boy slips up and let’s the devil’s sauce turn him into a fool!

    Take it easy tonight, those two debilitating foo-foo stoli cocktails you had were probably enough excitement for you for one holiday season.

  226. This all applies to the socialists of Poland, too. The white Supremacists of America and Poland are against the normalization of homosexuality, period. So any Polish provocateur not making distinction between real Americans and anti-Americans pushing “homosexuality” in the name of real America IS COMPLICIT in a blood libel… Complicit in an anti-white Supremacy that demands righteous reaction up to termination without consent.

  227. So Merk’m is not President of Germany, but de facto chief executive officer.

    So if a Chancellor Dyke were to “rule” Germany, how would that reality differ from the reality?

    I say not one scintilla.

  228. I am personally glad Trump isn’t using a lot of big names for his inauguration. I will certainly enjoy listening to a Mormon choir over Beyonce. Big names performers are always a let down. I also enjoy listening to military bands. It will be low key and classy.

  229. I’m eagerly awaiting the news to start rolling in about immigrant behavior in Cologne tonight after last year’s debacle. Police presence is supposed to be very high.

    Of course, police have banned a far-right demonstration that requested permission to stage a nearby event. The police presence is supposed to be increasing from 150 to 1500, what a shame it is to think about how expensive $$ it is to police third worlders to European standards:

  230. Sailer has interesting thread today on what he thought to be the turning point for 2016.

    For the election I think it was the “deplorables” comment.

    For the alt right (and I mean that in the widest sense) I think the watershed moment is having the AR mentioned specifically. in the major liberal MSM outlets for the first time (like Wash post and NYC). That started last year and by the time that Hillary mentioned the AR herself at the campaign event (at Reno in August) we know that the DNC had already long debated on how to try and turn the term Alt-right into a smear against the right, since the Dem Party doesn’t make a move without doing studies, focus groups, calculated social media big data analysis, etc.

  231. “The facts behind Cologne sex attacks make awkward reading for refugee-bashers”

    — tweet from the HuffPost and their extended phenotype Aubrey Allegretti, pictured above

    That makes no sense, saying that the sex attacks last New Year’s are awkward reading for “refugee-bashers”.

    Unless they are claiming that the attacks did not occur?

    Or is it a case of liberals just saying whatever they want and thinking that that makes it true?

    Because the facts behind the attacks are not awkward reading for refugee-bashers.

    The majority liberal contingent on the Clusterfuck board absolutely maintained that the Rotherdam rape crisis did not occur, and that generally there was not a rape crises occurring in Europe, because there was not a publicly available police report listing specific names. And then when it sorta breaks mainstream, they just ignore it as much as possible and pretend that they never denied it occurring.

  232. “The facts behind Cologne sex attacks make awkward reading for refugee-bashers”

    — tweet from the HuffPost and their extended phenotype Aubrey Allegretti, pictured above

    That makes no sense, saying that the sex attacks last New Year’s are awkward reading for “refugee-bashers”.

    Unless they are claiming that the attacks did not occur?

    No, get this – what they are saying there is that only three of the attackers were (recent) refugees. See !! See !! It’s not refugees so stop bashing them!!

    But what they gloss over is that a whopping 52 or 58 arrested were North African/Middle Eastern immigrants who had come to Germany in the last 5 years by other means, but they weren’t “refugees”. Only 3 of those arrested were “German citizens” which I’m thinking still means that they were Turks or someone else of non-white origin, but who had been there long enough to gain citizenship.

    Isn’t that crazy logic? 55 of 58 arrested sex offenders are of clear middle Eastern origin and she’s celebrating that only of them entered the country in the latest wave.

  233. The AR is the conversation: the “many to many” as Trickin would put it. And as long as there is a network for this conversation, it will continue and supersede the (formerly) received narrative, because it is inspired by reality and given voice by more intelligent people.

    Myself i don’t even agree with a lot of AR and WN, but this is the real conversation. That is the reason i define AR as the conversation rather than a set of principles.

    Principals not principles. — Sub_elk

  234. I am not going to shit post this evening, but Happy New Year.

    The Holidays are the low point of the year. Obviously as seasonal people, and not totally disconnected from the rhythms of the Earth — it is a real thing, and this is a good time of year, because the low point is past.

    Big Success Journey 2017

  235. Alt-rite is more realistic than its left and less real than Right. Alt-rite is not overtly annihilationist, but covertly anti-Perfection. Alt-rite grants perpetuating self-annihilation justifying total collapse. Alt-rite is anti-wS.

  236. Tonight is not a real holiday for the white race and the perogative behind the celebrations is all the evidence one needs to understand this… I’ll bounce these fools either way though.

  237. I’m sorta looking forward to the end of this thread; somehow, people really dug down, got stubborn and I say ‘stuck’ in their positions on this thread. Sorta ugly….. many of us more unreasonable than we are capable of and all that jazz…..etc

  238. Some of it may have gone down in the other ‘shots of wisdom’ thread; no biggie or need to re-assess, but i personally was a bit disappointed in some of the thor tangents i got into…. IMO a bit over the deep end than usual….. and this false-flag-mania stuff, getting to the point where he’s calling Altamont a ‘false-flag’ event, if i’m even understanding his monomania correctly….. i mean, sometimes i can’t help but indulging that tendency of imagining someone else coming across some of these conversations and imagining what they would think, etc.

    Enough; in any case, cheers to 2017, with perhaps a bit more clarity and maybe willingness to let things go if it becomes clear that clarity will not be forthcoming.

    I think we could all toast to that, no? 🙂

  239. Nikcrit,
    What do you think of the fact that Trump’s inauguration will have no big name performers? Do you see that as a bad thing?

  240. Thordaddy, I am going to enforce your two-per-day comments limit. Midnight-to-midnight US Eastern time / 9 PM Pacific. Please abide by it. If you’re at two and someone asks you a question, wait until the next day to reply.

    I thought about this during the past week and decided to not be heavy-handed and ban you because I value your thoughts when they do not run in strings of nonsense abstractions and when they do not circle everything back to your theology.

  241. PA…

    You were born Catholic…

    I’ve had wS beaten into me.

    Nothing arbitrary or abstract about these facts.

  242. You remind me of that coach in college that literally wanted me to go half-go on the starters while they could go full-go on me? Think of the insanity and sickness? But this is even worse because you are not just passively demanding I go half-go, you are not even demanding anyone else step up their pace EVEN WHILE CLAIMING a “white genocide” afoot.

    I’ll log 55 hours this week with 7 training sessions in 6 days. And no kids for the second straight Christmas.

    And you mofos are celebrating

  243. Thor, Idk and it’s not my blog —– but I’m thinking maybe your “Altamont was false-flag’ posit was the straw that broke the camel’s back; I mean, I don’t even think there’s a cable-network comedy that could come up with something that comically askew.


    Lara, I actually am charmed and sort-of respectful of that fact even if not quite labeling it a ‘good thing.’

    I think it’s more indicative of the artists, and their unified gesture in shunning Trump reveals more about their lemming-like pack-herd mentality than it does any genuine political convictions than JUST HAPPEN to lean lopsidedly leftist.

    And wasn’t the whole left/Dem foothold on the middle-brow hipster Hollywood ripe for a takedown anyhow? I mean, how tepid and even outright lame can you get.

    And then when it got to the point it did this year, with Michael Brown’s mom onstage with HRC, well, that one might say is the fine line in which parody and sham-like behavior refines itself into detailed farce….. HRC onstage hoisting up Beyonce’s clenched fist. I mean, GMAFB!

  244. — You remind me of that coach in college that literally wanted me to go half-go on the starters while they could go full-go on me

    No. I want you to not shadowbox while we’re practicing football. The 2/day comment limit gives you plenty of platform to speak your mind here.

    — maybe your “Altamont was false-flag’ posit was the straw that broke the camel’s back

    It wasn’t; I don’t care what other people think about Altamont. I simply don’t want to see strings of comments nobody understands.

    I respect Thordaddy and believe that he’s worth ten modern men.

  245. Is the situation with the Trump inauguration any different than the situation with Romney in 2012?

    No musical acts wanted to be associated with the GOP back in 2012, either. And in both 2012 and 2016 a host of artists complained when the GOP has used their music at conventions or rallies, even though the GOP paid and licensed the music through the correct channels.

    The Democratic Convention this summer had artists a-plenty playing on their behalf in Philadelphia during that whole week of festivities. I think the GOP only got Kid Rock and Lynard Skynard to play for them in any official capacity.

  246. “My advice is to just focus on the Lions, I predict a season-ending loss for you in Detroit on Sunday, they are 6-1 at Ford Field this year.”

    Ahh, the Southern Sage again falls short in his eminent wisdom and prophecy. 🙂

  247. Ahh, the Southern Sage again falls short in his eminent wisdom and prophecy

    LOL. I just said that to get under your skin, the Packers have been surging the last 2 months while it’s never wise to have faith in the Lions for any important late-season game. In fact, the Lions are only 1 of 2 teams that Tony Romo has actually beaten in the playoffs.

    By the time the Packers game started I had started rooting for the Packers, actually. As a Cowboys fan I’d rather have the Packers as the NFC North winner in that #4 slot because they have the ability to take out our bitter nemesis (NY Giants) in the Wild card round, while we all know that the Lions can’t win a postseason game at all.

    If the Packers win at home over the Giants they will surely be headed to Dallas the following week. There’s absolutely no way that the Lions win in Seattle, the Seahawks were 7-1 at home this year and Detroit didn’t win a game played outside all season, I believe.

    Oh, and the Big 10 sucks. 2-5 for bowl season so far, and shut out in the last 8 quarters of play in the CFP.

  248. Damn, TD.

    Quality of rest is as important, if not more important, than training itself. If you can’t recover, training is unimportant.

    Unless your training sessions are very fast, like 20-30 minutes long, why train 7x in 6 days?

    You must also be careful at work. Work stress can sneak up on a person. The body sees stress, whether it comes from anxiety or tearing down muscle. You must pace yourself appropriately.

  249. “…why train 7x in 6 days?”

    If I remember right, TD doesn’t believe in training ‘to failure.’ I myself go at it basically once a day, but to failure on most things. Only a few exercises per session, but at least aiming for new PRs on each. Some apple cider vinegar in your constant water intake about 3x/day helps with recovery, as does becoming accustomed to hill/mountain sprints. Extreme variance in the nature of your resistance workout will also keep you fresh (e.g., negatives one day w/ sets of 3; 10 sets of 10 the next day). Fasting on occasion (36 hours plus), with a workout in the midst of it, is also vital.

    “Never heard of the Pixies and that song is terrible.”

    Fair enough. Interestingly, I find girls into the modeling scene gravitating heavily toward vintage Pixies. I used to get fired up to them before college track meets. They’re called the “psychotic Beatles” for a reason.

  250. “If the Packers win at home over the Giants they will surely be headed to Dallas the following week.”

    Yes, I know your ‘predictions’ are more mischief and schadenfreude than they are pure, sweet reason.

    Anyhow, when i learned earlier in the day that Washington was going to lose to n disinterested Giants team, which meant that both the Packers and the Lions in the later game were in the playoffs, part of me wanted to go to Seattle next week rather than host the Giants at Lambeau next week, because A) historically speaking, we’ve lost twice to the Giants AT HOME in the playoffs (during the recent 15-1 Packer season; and, more horribly, that classic frozen NFC championship in ’08, in which Favre threw that reckless interception in O.T. that led to that winning Giant field goal); and B) I, like many a Green Bay fan, am stick positively SICK about losing that NFC championship game in Seattle a few years ago in which every conceivable thing went wrong and stupid decision was made in which we lost a game that was all but a hand-delivered win (i.e., I call that atrocity “the Morgan Burnett kneel-down game, in which he took a knee after intercepting a pass with five minutes left —-which the Pack had to punt away after 3-and-out and 30 seconds lapsed off the clock).

    Anyhow, THIS year will be different; umm, ‘America’s REAL Team’ will be bringing the Lambeau trophy home!

  251. Damn TD was right…he is now the sacrificial goat.

    We can write anything we like about him, and he can only respond with 2 comments per day.

    Ha. Kind of like being a white nationalist. We want to take our country back but that is illegal.

    What to do? Obey the law and they win. Disobey the law and we lose.

  252. “What to do? Obey the law and they win. Disobey the law and we lose.”

    How about an option number 3:

    Don’t be an obtuse guest on someone else’s blog by indulging your OCD and repeating the same obscure phrases literally dozens of times per post and showing interest and perceptual dexterity in the commenters you DO engage by expanding your vocabulary beyond six or seven key overused phrases?

    Might that approach gain some traction?

  253. “They’re called the “psychotic Beatles” for a reason

    That ‘Farewell Tour’ I caught of theirs, in 2005 or so, seemed sorta sad to me; there was clearly a nostalgia-sweep vibe surrounding the whole hoary enterprise —– and of course, however understandable for such an event, that vibe is especially odd when applied to an entity that was once known for being ‘punk’ or ‘subversive’ or whatever overheated pop descriptive; Deal was clearly older and running to flesh; she looked like someone’s portly Midwestern Auntie; Black too looked shapeless and defeated,and hte band itsef was clearly, CLEARLY under-rehearsed. And there was other cynicism in that this tour was clearly pumped hard as a ‘alternative-superstar reunion,’ as I could tell by the very particular verbal descriptives in wire-story-after-wire-story I pinched off Nexis-Lexis in advance of the show; (often, critics eventually tune into very specific rhetorical tactics in the flow and shape of the advance press; when you keep hearing the same thematics and evne descriptive terms in review upon review; and, more importantly, in all the pre-tour band-member interviews allotted to advance the upcoming juggernaut, that is a clear sign that something is up —- or, one might say, something VERY SPECIFIC IS ‘UP’ — as in ‘desired’—- because something is ALWAYS ‘up’ if elaborate press-access is allotted prior to the tour’s debut, period.’

    IDK: two things: one, i was never besotted by the band, period; and 2) something was clearly being pushed hard during that particular ‘farewell-to-alt-genius-kings’ tour, but not being intrigued, i simply left it at that.

  254. quick indifferent caveat: I see via wiki that the pixies are intact to this day; when i say i saw their ‘reformation’ that was in 2004 after a supposed ‘breakup’ —– which, in terms of the pop-music industry, is rarely more than a marketing term.

    Man, reading over the Pixies Wikipedia entries, as well as a few such entries devoted to bands spawned by or associated with the Pixies, one realizes again that a big portion and task of being a pop music writer at the consumer level is to create common hierarchies and distinctions where none exist.

  255. one realizes again that a big portion and task of being a pop music writer at the consumer level is to create common hierarchies and distinctions where none exist.

    Right. My own categorization scheme would be something like,

    American Songbook
    Contemporary Pop
    Traditional and Ethnic

    The Pixies would of course go into Contemporary Pop. Was never a fan.

    That era calls to mind Henry ‘Low Self Opinion’ Rollins, who as a character lives on. He made an appearance as the scary ‘what’s-wrong-with-his-face’ white supremacist in the tv series about the CA biker gang, what was it called, Cutties? Rough Riders? His co-white supremacist gang leader was played by Alan Arkin. What could possibly be wrong with that picture.

    I mean Alan Arkin and Henry Rollins, what else do you think of when you think of white supremacy, than those two.

  256. “American Songbook”

    I suppose H Carmichael fits here. That’s music, for sure. “Two Sleepy People” and “Hong Kong Blues” are particular favorites. I’d go ahead and throw Al Bowlly into it as well, though he wasn’t an American.

    N-crit, the fact that The Pixies are still touring minus new material or Deal really is too bad. Black is unfortunately quite overweight and flagrantly without his chops. Low energy. Their erratic and gusty youth was their aere perennius. Worse than The Doors without Morrison or the movie industry without Bergman. But those Peel Sessions live on.

  257. more horribly, that classic frozen NFC championship in ’08, in which Favre threw that reckless interception in O.T. that led to that winning Giant field goal);

    Yeah, but that’s what you get with Brett Favre – wild unpredictability.

    If Favre played in today’s NFL I don’t think his style would be tolerated. The NFL is now a high-precision passing league, where accuracy is paramount and gunslinging is no longer necessary or accepted.

    Aaron Rodgers’ machine-like delivery is the model for modern QB success with his 4-to-1 TD to INT ratio. (best of all time) In contrast, Favre didn’t even have a 2-to-1 ratio, and threw 15+ INT a season on a regular basis.

    BTW, the Packers really didn’t want to go to Seattle and take on that dominant defense considering Green Bay’s complete lack of a running game. The Packers don’t even bother trying to pretend like they’re going to run the ball at all, they’re passing something like 70% of plays. You do NOT want to have a predictable, unbalanced offense against that defense in Seattle. Better to take on the Giants, who are prone to laying an egg in a game here or there.

  258. “You do NOT want to have a predictable, unbalanced offense against that defense in Seattle”

    However, you DO when that daunting Seattle defense lacks one Earl Thomas:

    I would relish the opp to beat Seattle on their home field; that NFC conference championship loss a couple of years back still stings here; that collapse was epic.

    (blog host: i understand holiday week is over today, as are the mindless football tangents)

  259. Looking back and knowing what we know now, it seems all the key players benefited from the events that unfolded. I smell “false flag.” — thordaddy


    Thor, Idk and it’s not my blog —– but I’m thinking maybe your “Altamont was false-flag’ (my emphasis) posit was the straw that broke the camel’s back… — Nikcrit


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