Shots of Wisdom, Part 6

200 Proof. This Red Pill will burn through your tongue. Here is something else that separates the northern man from the aboriginal — the Line Test. Visualize an imaginary line connecting the tip of the person’s nose to the tip of his chin. If his lips break the line, he has an aboriginal profile. But if his lower lip barely touches the line or is behind it, he has a northern profile. I noticed this while celebrating diversity in New York.

Assimilation. “I’m fine with mass immigration as long as they assimilate.” “No. To assimilate means that they either have to become our slaves or be free to marry our daughters. Neither is acceptable. They must go home.”

Capital. If a student behind the Iron Curtain demonstrated talent for the cello, he was evaluated for the depth of his ability and extensively trained to be a world-class cellist. A Western student with the same talent would likely pursue a more practical course of education. One of the tragedies that accompanied the fall of Eastern Bloc was that the entire state infrastructure that channeled talented people toward their careers disappeared overnight, with one-time symphony violinists now playing for tips at Berlin train stations. The three decades of unipolar world order have laid waste of human capital on both sides of the former divide.

Charity. ‘Tis the season for corporate charity drives. But do people who perform charitable work ever ask themselves “where does my work lead?” Many Christians, as well as members of secular foundations, volunteer in Africa and it’s reasonable to appreciate the value of their work where their charity alleviates individual suffering. An example of that would be plastic surgeons traveling overseas to repair children’s cleft palates. The beneficiary of pro-bono work in this instance is a single individual. The operation makes a permanent improvement in the life of that patient with no effect on the relative well-being of others and with no impact on the larger social ecosystem. But on the other hand, if charitable work such as the delivery of improved health services, sanitation, nutrition does impact the larger social ecosystem — then “what is the meaning of what I’m doing” ought to light up in the mind of the humanitarian.

Your charity might temporarily ease individual suffering but then cause the alleviated misery to boomerang back million-fold in the form of Africans populations growing beyond their land’s carrying capacity. Consequently, your beneficiaries will require ever more of your charity, and with zero probability of improvement over the long-term but with high probability of becoming a devastating burden on non-Africans, whose lands they’ll seek to swarm. Before you donate, you probably ought to put aside your moral vanity and ask yourself: “when meddling in complex ecosystems presumably as a servant of Christ, am I in fact serving His adversary?”

Hierarchy. Sailors had a saying that a woman on a ship is bad luck. When male structures fail, the Alphas become despotic before they become targets, the Betas split into warring factions, and the Deltas disengage and either morph into facsimile Sigmas or they heat up into Gamma. Sensing chaos, the Omegas buzz about, whispering “cheap wetwork.”

Hillary. If she had won: Alt-Righters are jailed, millions of migrants are brought in, and World War III starts. The kid-fucker globalists needed a bit more than eight years to consolidate their power; Hillary’s first term would have delivered the finishing move. But they never saw Trump coming.

Hipsters. Rootless young Westerners grow beards and appreciate words that connote a working class vitality, a poignant grasping at air for their severed roots. ArtisanalGritty, Authentic.

Liberation. Life went on as usual for most of the women in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Bloc states. They went to school or worked normal jobs, married normal men. But some of the girls had ambitions and they flocked to modelling agencies and scouting events, or to hostess and greeter jobs abroad to be noticed, and many were noticed. A number of them ended up in brothels.

Loneliness. Liberals have been let down by Blacks and other minorities in the 2016 US presidential election. Furthermore, White women came through for their men, voting for Trump at 53%. A realization is dawning on liberals: they were abandoned by their allies and healthy White men despise them.

Opposite Numbers. If zero represents perfect indifference toward something, then hate can be quantified as a negative value and love as a positive value on opposite sides of the zero. In other words, a man’s feelings toward something he values are in the right balance if the absolute values of his love and hate are equal. If you love something at value +n, then your hate for anyone who’d harm that which you love should be -n. Love that’s not backed by an equal value of guardian-hate is sentimentality. Hate with an insufficient chaser of love will eat through your soft tissue like acid.

Recruitment. Any organization that fails to attract Alpha males dooms itself to irrelevance because a group can be successful only under visionary leadership. Not all White men are visionary leaders but in 99% of instances, that quality comes from us. I came across a recruitment poster for a professional association, which featured a multicultural assortment of faces and not one White man. In my contrarian interpretation, I saw a counter-intuitive subtext: “White Alphas, please step in! Look at the cute girls and colonial sidekicks you’d have under you!”

Solipsism. If someone’s inner life as such were interesting, a girl’s musings would distract us from her moving lips. The only two things worth the audience’s time are lucid thoughts about things outside of the speaker’s psyche, or the deeds he’s done or is doing.

Stewardship. There is a larger meaning in Elton John’s Empty Garden, his song about the assassination of John Lennon: “He must have been a gardener that cared a lot / Who weeded out the tears and grew a good crop.” The lyrics continue: “It’s funny how one insect can damage so much grain.” And they ask why insects get exterminated…

Vivisection. The 1990s in Eastern Europe evoked an image of organ-thief’s table. The ascendance of globalism made for an Escher staircase-like hierarchy of the conquered. The East was looted of goods and youth but kept its racial hygiene; the West stayed rich but was blitzed with immigration and emasculated with political correctness. Soon, the backlash and the settling of scores.


The fifth installment of this series anticipated the ascendance of President Trump.

Shots of Wisdom, Part 7 is about fatherhood.

57 thoughts on “Shots of Wisdom, Part 6

  1. Communism had many virtues PA; the Americans forget this. I think that if the white race survives, it will turn to a form of Communism.

    The average Soviet paid only 5% of his take-home pay on rent. Today, Murkans usually pay around 30-40%. Many of the finest white athletes ever produced were made by the Soviet system. For all of Murka’s money and obsession, the Soviets dominated the Olympics for decades.

    The only reason white Americans dislike Communism is that comrade Stalin began to target jews, which was when world opinion magically began to change.

    Freedom is dead. Even very few nationalists can admit the USA and England are already police states as they sit. Not “becoming….” or “going to be…..” The average person has never used his political freedoms, so he never misses them.

  2. This Red Pill will burn through your tongue. Here is something else that separates the northern man from the aboriginal — the Line Test. Visualize an imaginary line connecting the tip of the person’s nose to the tip of his chin.

    Yes, the longer nose developed in higher latitudes to give cold inhaled air a chance to warm more before entering the head so close to the brain.

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  4. Ever since you pointed it out, I have been noticing the aboriginal vs. northern facial structure. Cam’s explanation makes sense.
    Solipsism is why many female writers and more effeminate male writers are lousy.

  5. One part of the red pill, which is rarely explored, is forbidden archeology. If “the narrative” is so tightly controlled in other soft sciences, why not in archeology also? This is where your line test comes from.

    The original native European was the Neaderthal. The Thal was the most K-selected hominid ever; it had to be to surived the ice ages up in Northern Europe. The Thal did not go extinct; he was mixed out of existence. The men were either killed or enslaved, while the women became camp whores.

  6. Prostitution for women is similar to drug dealing for men. You can make a lot of money without having to work hard. In many cases, though, it probably won’t end well and doing it likely ruins your ability to work a normal job.

  7. FWIW, the Line Test reveals my primitive side; I actually have a thin maternal caucasian upper-lip and full, near-plump-negroid lower lip —– and the nose-tip trajectory of your imaginary line clears the Nordic upper lip but clips my bushmen’s baseline kisser….

    Does this white dude pass?

  8. They must go home.

    Viktor Orban praises Trump and the rise of a new populist party in Italy, declares 2017 to be the “year of the rebellion.”

    The ‘United States of Europe’ advocates, by being stealthy, encroachments on the sovereignty of individual nations using the issue of asylum.

    “All of this is surrounded by political correctness, containment, intellectual rebellion against stigma. The rebellion started in 2016, will be even more enhanced in the future.

  9. PA – love the post – I have enjoyed all of your Shots of Wisdom. Good on you, mate.

    One section really hit close to home – the section on charity. I am a born-again Christian, and have attended church my entire life. I owe my moral standing to my parents and extended family. We are a devout evangelical family, and i love them for it. (I am converting from Churchian to Christian, and my life has improved because of the red pill – another story for another day)

    But dad gum it, quit giving to African (and other third world) ministries. I have been thinking this for years. All we are doing is contributing to a system that puts these people in a bad position. Example – a few years ago my brother-in-law, a pastor (and a good friend), went on a mission trip during spring break to Nairobi. He came back and told stories of men just wandering the streets without work, trying to find work, and doing nothing but panhandling and impregnating the local women. He then went on to say that we need to help more, and do more missions work in Africa. He’s a good man, a godly man, but I can’t disagree more. If we do more than teach (see below), like feed and educate, all we are doing is giving them a few (marginal) skills that they cannot do anything with, so they go to the big city, look for work, and cause more harm than good.

    Like you say, “when meddling in complex ecosystems presumably as a servant of Christ, am I in fact serving His adversary?” I believe we are. Of course, he (and many other of my Churchian family and friends) will say, “But, but, but, Matthew 28:19-20!!! The Great Commission!!!” (Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And lo, I will be with you always, even unto the end of the world) I guess that means teaching isn’t enough, that we have to feed them, and give them medical aid, and build schools. What a mistake.

    The sad part? If I were to bring this up next week at our family Christmas gathering, I would be ostracized and criticized, and it would cause a ruckus that I’m not willing to be a part of. And that makes me sad.

  10. Yes, the longer nose developed in higher latitudes to give cold inhaled air a chance to warm more before entering the head so close to the brain.

    I have heard this many times, but – there are two problems. First of all, the reasoning smells of being yet another evo-psych just-so story. Moreover, it’s gainsaid by practical experience. When the air is so cold and sharp, it’s invariably much more painful to breathe in through the nose than the mouth. For me it is, anyway.

  11. I do not think Christianity is compatible with nationalism.

    After all, if a mino believes in Jesus, he too will go to heaven. We may, if we are lucky, gain a white ethnostate down here. However, Christian WNs will go to heaven to find it packed full with minos.

    We don’t know what God’s political system is in heaven. If it counts on votes, the white man will still be a minority up there also.

    Further, Christianity tends to moderate one’s WN. I cannot name any Christian direct action person in recent history; they just don’t exist.

  12. I do not think Christianity is compatible with nationalism.

    For Europeans clannishness and Christianity were an excellent and powerful combination for over 1,500 years. Multiculturalism can only take root where religiosity is abandoned.

  13. Indeed, but modern Christianity and what it was are two different animals.

    Today, Christianity is a tool of the multiculturalist. Two of the biggest problems are:
    1) The Jews
    2) Non-whites

    Ultimately, there will be one true test for admission to WN: the ability to kill minos.

    Virtually all Christian WNs decry violence and pagen WNs promote it. Christianity CAN be taught as a warrior religion, but they are unwilling to do it.

    Jesus: “Laws? What are laws to us Sons of God? Laws were made for servants; love God as I do, as his son!” I’ve only seen it in print once.

  14. Great stuff re: charity.

    My favourite story in this vein is of a group of do-gooders who decided to dig wells in all the villages in a certain province of Mozambique. They found viable groundwater in only half the villages but proceeded anyway, built the wells, took the happy snaps and left. The villages without wells began raiding the villages with wells by night and the villages with wells responded with fortifications and guards around their wells. The situation escalated until several men were killed on both sides. The do-gooders created a problem where there was none. Take only photos, leave only resentment.

    Dead Aid by Zambian woman Dambisa Moyo is a great primer on this same phenomenon in government and official circles.

  15. Is there such a thing as a true northern or far northern profile? My line test sort of forms an obtuse angle. Strong chin, but even longer Roman nose. As I said to CH this morning: I don’t trust (or like) men with short, flat noses and pug-like features.

    Ryu: “Ultimately, there will be one true test for admission to WN: the ability to kill minos

    Yes. Most of our people currently fail it. Sad!.

  16. If two filthy bums are fornicating at the town intersection, this is not a pox on reality… It is not a pox on God-ordained free will… It is not a pox on Perfection… It is not a pox on white Supremacy… And it is not a pox on white Christianity.

    It is a pox on those desirous of annihilating degeneracy and yet lacking the will to do it.

    So it is a pox on “us.”

    Yet this “lack of will” is not unfounded BECAUSE the punishing protection of degeneracy is a real phenomenon. Ergo, “we” operate in a degenerating police state. Yet now, it goes even deeper into a profiling state where even thoughts of annihilating the degenerates merely “uttered” in the “virtual reality” ARE of worldly criminal status.

    To now say Christianity is an inefficient religion to oppose this totalitarian reality IS EQUAL to gutting the entire essence of white man’s God-ordained free will AS REVEALED by The Perfect Man. In other words, the radical autonomist SIMPLY DEFINES Christianity as self-annihilation… Simply defers to the liberated conception of Christianity… In order to reject a “self-annihilation” that serves as nothing more than smokescreen for his own brand of personal destruction.

  17. National-ism proper is the immersion into a Nation.

    This works for a dulled mass exactly because it is so general.

    So as Cesar Tort has highlighted, white nationalism is not equal to Polish nationalism is not equal to National Socialism is not equal to “black nationalism,” etc.

    The rejection of Totalitarian Diversity IS NOT EQUAL
    TO American Nationalism or European ethnic nationalism any more than the rejection of self-annihilation/genocide equals white Supremacy.

    {{{They }}} say the devil is in the details only to get a dulled (white) mass out of the business of devilish details in the first place.

    If it is to be separation then it shall be a birth of a new nation.

  18. The only reason to reject Reality is the attempted actualization of “universal equality.”

    If the measure of white man was annihilating human parasites then he worships a cruel god indeed.

    Likewise, if the measure of white man is in his self-annihilating submission to all things humanly decimating then this god he worships is absurd.

    Christianity IS THE ENDURING CLAIM that The Perfect Man exists as FALSIFICATION of “universal equality” FOR ALL TIME.

    It is a claim of Perfection as reality’s “operating paradigm.”

    Only a white Supremacist can deal with the consequences of this reality.

  19. “No. To assimilate means that they either have to become our slaves or be free to marry our daughters. Neither is acceptable. They must go home.”

    Tocqueville wrote about this when he discussed the Indian problem. If they’ll assimilate, they’ll never really fit in because either they’ll have to completely eradicate their culture to do so, meaning they lose their identity and will resent both themselves and the white man, or they will partially assimilate by holding onto some things and discarding others, and remain permanently on the fringe of white society. The other option was to fight for their livelihoods, which would lead to their eventual ruin. Of course, you can pass through grad school now and never encounter a single word from Tocqueville, which would explain a lot and surprise no one here.

  20. Liberals have been let down by Blacks and other minorities in the 2016 US presidential election.

    Hillary should’ve seen this coming after blacks abandoned her for Obama in 2008 without the slightest bit of shame or regret. Hillary and Bill were the ones who had done the 30 years of heavy lifting to expand the influence of black issues in the Democratic Party platform, then she gets her thunder stolen by the arrival of some inexperienced, ungrateful, egghead campus leftist Mulatto who hadn’t paid his dues with rank-and-file blacks and had actively avoided being associated with other black politicians prior in his career.

    This is what happens when you rely on blacks.

    I have no sympathy for her, especially when she’s still chirping about “Russian hacking” instead of putting the blame where it belongs – on the DNC’s incompetent campaign committee and on lazy ingrate black voters who didn’t turn out as well as they had for Obama.

    40+ years of the Clintons tirelessly kissing black backsides on the campaign trail and they don’t even show up for you….

  21. — the longer nose developed in higher latitudes to give cold inhaled air a chance to warm more before entering the head so close to the brain

    It’s not the nose but the shape of the skull. The northern profile has recessed maxilla (upper teeth) and forward chin. The aboriginal profile has prognathic (forward) maxilla and a recessed chin.

    SoCalMike: Thank you!

  22. And the largely non-striving and “unacquisitive” Native American lacks the same insane love for European goods that blacks have.

    When Native Americans lost their land they lost most of their impulse to continue as a people. In contrast, the African absolutely relishes “being black” as evidenced by their limitless love all of the materialistic things and advantages they can enjoy in proximity to whites, despite them not often having the right demeanor for the type of complex, rules-based capitalist societies that Europeans form.

  23. It is sad to see what happened to the Indians. The white man could learn alot from them.

    If they were smart, they would have exterminated all the whites when the problem was small. Near the end, they put up quite a struggle, particularly Geronimo. But by then, the demographic war was lost.

    Today, the Murkan Indian is a joke, a tourist attraction. On the high end they are jew-like parasites, wanting to collect more casino money. On the other, negro-like affirmative action hustlers. Their children have been corrupted by American materialism, and would rather get rich in the cities than to carry on their own culture and way of life.

    It would have been kinder to eliminate every last one of them.

  24. “Their children have been corrupted by American materialism, and would rather get rich in the cities than to carry on their own culture and way of life.”

    It was gradual. A lot of their forebears would likely never put up with babble about “insurance,” “driver’s licenses,” & “income taxes.” And yet the Pale Pioneers could do nothing with them other than provide the groundwork for making those tribes and their wampum minor museum sideshows. If the red man’s staple métier had been producing distinctive brandies or even deluxe cigars, he might have been taken more seriously. He could have closed some lasting deals. Indians in general were/are the Haast’s eagle of world politics — far from a dinosaur and not a bird, and thereby void.

  25. “Indians” is a fabulous social construction that hides the truth of disparate tribes either faithfully regenerating against all odds or collectively participating in the cry of “genocide” to hide their individual desire for self-annihilation.

  26. Today, the Murkan Indian is a joke, a tourist attraction.

    The Indians are working on maintaining their own culture and identity, separate from the degenerate pox of America.

    They do have a lot of problems with obesity and alcoholism, but even so, they have a sense of themselves and their people which is not dependent on being a fat American, which sense of themselves white Americans do not have.

    I would say that they have weathered the storm and that they are not going to disappear.

    A lot of them are massive people with huge frames that are among the biggest and strongest of any race. The Sioux back in the day were known as the biggest Indians, and they still are.

  27. Their strategy is to weather the storm. They foresaw the white man coming, but not how it ends.

    I am lately unimpressed with what vision the white man has on offer. If the AR is supposed to come up with something, and all they have is Trump?

    The criticism of Trump is that he is all about more America, more progress, more “happy motoring”, more retail, more paving of paradise. Is that making America great again?

    The business of America is business. Get on board or get out of the way.

  28. That is the reason why intelligent liberals such as hipsters and swapples, are not for America and are not on the Trump train.

    Because they see it as business as usual, as progress without an aesthetic behind it.

    A blog called mcmansionhell dot com is an example of this liberal reaction against America.

    What America did was build McMansions. When America had the world in its hands, it built itself up into a theme park, and it crushed a lot of souls.

    Trump offers little to nothing in the way of aesthetics. He is a great man, but you can see in his face that he is late come to wisdom, if ever even at all.

  29. This man, who shouted at Ivanka on the plane, is a real headcase. On Twitter, he put up a picture of a man in a Regan/Bush shirt and claimed seeing that made him physically ill. He thinks wearing that shirt should be considered hate speech.

  30. The Alt Right isn’t WN, Elk.

    We too have to lie to the public. Are they ready yet to hear about the jews? About how to get rid of 50 million minos? About what that will take?

    Alt Right is a codeword for the WN-lite we mass-market to the American people. There is a public face to the movement, and there are its real intentions.

    The real driving force of the alt right, the core, are not people like Roissy or Voxy. It is the neonazis, the skins, the old style survivalists who are now in their 30s and 40s.

    The points made by the Alt Right in the year 2016 are exactly the same points made by Rockwell in 1966. Just toned down about 50%. The media is still jew-dominated, liberals are the same, niggers, spics, immigrants, all of it.

    The real purpose of the Alt Right is the prepare the white public who wants to live. The liberals are already dead – they have no place with us, and no place with the minos except as slaves.

  31. “Yes, the longer nose developed in higher latitudes to give cold inhaled air a chance to warm more before entering the head so close to the brain.”

    Well, considering the winter we’re having here in the Upper Midwest, I could use more of that Nordic physiology, as that cold, virus-strewn air has once more gotten the best of me.

    Oh, and could I take back those earlier claims of living of mine that Midwest living is the best? This is the time of year when I regret that boast..

  32. O.T. anecdote, for holiday consumption: So I’m at one of the district’s better-than-average high-school’s yesterday, waiting to take the elevator from the basement to the fourth floor; (student use of elevators in schools is a strict no-no, with immediate suspension the result of a student sneaking onto the elevator without a pass, no exceptions to the rule.) But as I’m getting on, three girls slip-in behind me: “Hey, what you girls doing? Show your passes or get off now!”

    The three girls give me a smug smile and one of them blurts out: “Ahh, Mr. Nikcrit, we have passes, here (they all brandish their passes, on cords around their neck but were concealed under their jackets.

    But they all look fine; no casts or limps, etc.

    Mr. Nikcrit: “Why you girls got passes; you look fine to me…”

    They all enhance their smug grins:

    “We’re pregnant, so there!” one of ’em says, as they all step in past me and off we go….

    Yep. 21st-century prep education ain’t what it used to be; nowadays teen pregnancy not only is no longer taboo, but a special-interest that gains you certain, piecemeal special privileges.


    Happy holidays, all you alabaster goys and gals.

  33. “Of course, you can pass through grad school now and never encounter a single word from Tocqueville, which would explain a lot and surprise no one here.”

    I went to a regionally elite universty for graduate school—– and in my humanities M.A. program De Tocqueville was prominent in the curriculum for my subject area.

    I recall having a seminar, run by a female lecturer in her early 30s or so, and I recall one of her assignments: she gave us an essay prompt based on certain chapters we had just covered in de Tocqueville’s “Democray in America”:

    “Was de Tocqueville a racist? Not a measure of are you for or against his premises —- but IF his premises were racist; please support your opinion with facts or specific passages from the chapters cited in the text.”



    thordaddy on December 23, 2016 at 10:22 PM
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    You are making this far more complex than need be.

    First, get into Dr. Charlton’s mind and ASSUME that the evil global “default elite” seeks to damn souls.

    Second, assume that such effort at damnation is COHERENT. Ergo, Satan expends his effort laboring to damn those who do not want to be damned and doesn’t much bother putting any effort into damning those who do not care about being damned.

    This latter group is the global majority with a super-majority of those who could care less about being damned existing in the West.

    This ^^^ is why “we” are here.

    The above goes to explain the dense loci of Satan while the worldly mechanism in place utilized to damn those who don’t want damnation IS MERELY the phrase “white supremacy” with a Mess Madia simply serving as an amplifier.

    In other words, “I” am part of an evil “default elite” attempting to deconvert, i.e., damn, self-identified white Christians.

    How do I do it AND REMAIN true to an evil “default elite” status?

    Most simply, “I” persuade *you* to deconvert by any memes necessary. Yet, “I” cannot just expect a self-identified Christian white man to outright state that he is no longer a Christian. “I” have to be more cunning and deceptive. If “I” could somehow get the Christian white man to renounce and denounce “white supremacy” then “I” have opened the road to deconversion and self-annihilation, i.e., damnation.

    And this is where “we” are at… The high IQ “white Christians” are in denial of white Supremacy and partaking in their own self-damnation. The high IQ “white Christians” are CLINGING DESPARATELY to the LIBERALLY-stunted conception of “white supremacy” so as to do as much. The high IQ “white Christian” IS REFUSING to conceive white Supremacy, absolutely, for a multitude of reasons not the least of which serves to stunt and pervert lesser intelligent white Christians who cannot rightly sense the babble of Babel.

    Result? An evil “default elite” perpetuates.

  35. PA and Ryu… If you have time for “Vox” and Eradica and not the Orthosphere then you might be coming up a little short and that’s real radical.

  36. I thought the story with nikcrit in the elevator with the hs girls was going to go a different way, and confess to being a little disappointed.

    The race of the girls was left out, so assume they were black.

    Before my life went off in the direction it did, i considered being a hs teacher, for the benefits. But now i think such a career choice would have ended badly.

  37. “I thought the story with nikcrit in the elevator with the hs girls was going to go a different way, and confess to being a little disappointed.”

    shame on you, elk! 🙂

    And yes, considering my district is upwards 80% NAM, your presumption was safe and correct in this instance.

    Happy holiday’s; i’ll be bringing in 2017 with a nasty flu!!

  38. If you say Christianity is a failed religion and you’ve never attempted white Supremacy then you just might be alt-rite.

    Creating reality is not abiding Order.

  39. — That is the reason why intelligent liberals such as hipsters and swapples, are not for America and are not on the Trump train.

    I used to try to reach out to individual liberals on the basis of aesthetic or intellectual common ground and couldn’t break through their irrationality. I no longer see it as anything but a waste of my time.

    — We’re going to have a high of 70 degrees here on Christmas Day.

    I’m jealous of Elk and Nikcrit’s snowy winter.

    — But they all look fine; no casts or limps, etc.

    Back in my Army days, every mailroom was staffed with ten pregnant soldierettes. That’s where all pregnant females were reassigned for light duty.

    Warmest Christmas wishes to all of you readers and commenters here.

  40. Thor,
    Just curious: what would make you think that certain people here would be prime for reading the ecumenical logic and philosophies at Orthosphere.wordpress? Just curious as to what would trigger that suggestion…You never fail to surprise..

  41. @Thor; that post there, “Rhonda’s World,’ is pretty good; i like the idea of a ecumenically driven political-philosophy site; it matches nicely with my natural inclinations…… however, with all due respect, i do see that you, thor, pull some of the same bait-n-switch there as you do here with your choice pet terms and phrases; perhaps you schism is you prefer a paganistic, pre-Christian type moral order and designation; that your ‘objective supremacism’ is stymied by traditional Christian doctrine, no?

  42. Hi PA,
    Long time listener, first time caller. I appreciate your section on Charity. I remember back in my liberal feel-good younger years when I volunteered for a 2-day home renovation project for needy inner-city folks. The program was sponsored by my company’s community outreach group, and I was 100% on board. I felt like a great person for helping supposedly needy people clean up and make repairs to their dilapidated house. Only after a couple hours of being there on day 1, did I see first-hand evidence of my error in judgement. Once we brought in lunch for the volunteers (who were working very hard), the residents’ able-bodied teenage and young adult children showed up, numbering at least 5, with their friends to eat a large amount of the lunch meant for us. Soon after, others from the neighborhood started traipsing through the house looking for free handouts. When we ran out, and no volunteers had actually eaten, uninvited guests started showing anger that whitey had not brought enough.

    I didn’t have a racist (or any “ist”) cell in my body at that time in my life. It took a lot of additional experience and observation for me to red-pill myself enough to see things as I do now. And that, while liberating, is also depressing.

  43. @Camlost
    “40+ years of the Clintons tirelessly kissing black backsides on the campaign trail and they don’t even show up for you…”

    Completely agree. Back in ’08, I argued with my liberal but well-intentioned in-laws. Their response to me asking if black voters were largely racist after the general election was that most blacks vote Democrat. OK, fair enough….my next question was why the same percentage of black votes went to Obama over Clinton in the primary? Of course the answer to that question was filled with some excusing liberal guilt-speak implying only whites can be racist. I don’t try to discuss politics with them rationally anymore.

  44. Carnegie of best-selling self-help book fame, said that to inspire people’s loyalty, one is better off asking them for a favor, than in doing one for them, because doing someone a favor incurs from them a reciprocal obligation and people resent that. Whereas receiving a favor from someone allows them to feel good about themselves and associate that with you.

  45. @Suburban_elk
    I never heard that psychological analysis before regarding favors. Although initially counter intuitive, it makes a lot of sense. Maybe I’ll have to employ that sometime.

    For fear of being overbearing on day 1 of posting, I apologize to the audience if I am over-posting.

  46. Nikcrit…

    I don’t “bait-n-switch.” I’m not selling anything. I don’t make money off this writing I do. I have a desire for white Supremacy. And we are all deeply immersed in anti-white Supremacy to an infinite degree of pressure and self-awareness.

    What the Orthosphere has shown me is that even extremely high IQ “white Christians” are anti-white Supremacy AND ONLY BECAUSE they cling inexplicably to the “liberal’s” stunted and INCOHERENTLY RELATIVIST conception of phrase.

    It is the equivalent of a pro-lifer ADAMANTLY INISISTING that abortion really is a “reproductive right” and feigning ignorance to the reality that abortion is female self-annihilation, i.e., the act of a female annihilating a “part” (her child) of herself. Ergo, abortion IS NOT the “right to reproduce.”

    So when I say that a white Christian is a white man who believes in and therefore strives towards objective Supremacy and as such is a white Supremacist and the high IQ “white Christian” retorts, “That’s ridiculous and doesn’t make sense because a ‘white supremacist’ is a ‘racist’ is a white man who believes the white race should lord over blacks because he is white.”

    It should be obvious the nature of this LEARNED reaction…

    The LEARNED reaction is one of anti-white Supremacy AND EXPLICIT SUBMISSION to the “liberal’s” stunted and perverted concept of white Supremacy which one can easily glean from their refusal to ever write (w)hite (S)upremacy.

    So one simply avoids white Supremacy by playing radical “liberal” EVEN IF they call themselves “Christians.” They are, in fact, even more radical under such a cloak and in possessiom of that high IQ.

  47. Merry Christmas, PA & commenters. Here’s to T-daddy on his way to reconciling (c)lassical paganism, wS, and a somewhat neoteric (C)hristianity. What a great year to be alive!

  48. PA is already aware of this phenomenon with Vox Day.

    Vox Day is a self-proclaimed Christian anti-egalitarian…

    A Supremacist!!!.

    He has been relentlessly accused of being a “white (s)upremacist” by the zeitgeist (knock knock, race realists) to which he believes a satisfactory retort is, “I’m a Red Man, so I cannot be a ‘white supremacist.'”

    In fact, in the game of semantical reframe, he has merely submitted to the degenerate “liberal” paradigm.

    Vox Day SIMPLE ALLOWS the “liberal” degenerate to define “white supremacy” in a manner that is wholly advantageous to said “liberal” degenerate.

    This submission to “liberal” denegeracy on the ABSOLUTE MATTER of white Supremacy IS RADICAL “liberal” degeneracy.

    And Vox Day’s high IQ DOES NOT AFFORD him the benefit of the doubt.

    So he is alt-rite AND anti-white Supremacy. The movements are SYNONYMOUS and this white pill is tough to swallow.

  49. On this Christmas
    The Perfect Man
    The “universal equality”
    In the palm of His hand
    For all eternity
    Hierarchy amongst man
    His will to Perfection
    Plus the gift of a land
    Equals God-ordained free will
    So Supremacy demands
    Striving to be alive
    As though the perfect white man….

    Happy Christmas, my fellow Supremacists.

  50. Merry Christmas everyone! I think conservatives and liberals have different temperaments. Liberalism was never a good fit for me. I once mentioned this to some liberals and they didn’t seem to like it. Maybe they want to hear they are better than me. There are some liberal traits I think are good. They do seem to have more of an openness to other cultures. I also refuse to discuss politics with liberals. Again, some of them do not like this.

  51. Ok, there may have been a cultural ‘turning of the page’ this year —- but the poz machine creeps onward and, having time off and watching some rare-for-me mainstream television programming, I stumbled upon this new creation and couldn’t help but wonder if the AR has tried deconstructing this one yet:

    It stars former ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star Cheyrl Hines, onetime onscreen wife of Larry David who know, in “Son of Zorn” —– brace yourself —— is the EX-wife of a nordic, viking-like ANIMATED character who trades wisecracks with Hines and her new husband, black actor Tim Meadows.

    So, just how during studio exec meetings did they pitch this one? “Upper-middle-class yenta mudshark finds uneasy peace between her new mudshark marriage yet maintains a gentle nod toward her finely Photoshop-etched Scandinavian former husband,” etc.

    IDK; eventually, i can’t blame you guys for having the urge to just fall on your sword and some point; i mean, just wtf is next?

    Oh, did I mention that Hines and her cartoon he-man have a teenage son?

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