Anti-Christmas Messages

Christmas is a moment in the year when we put aside the ugly and the contentious, and remind ourselves of the aspirational beauty and peace. It is therefore not surprising that globalists should opportunistically attach their own messages to the celebration of Christ’s birth. The devil wraps his poison in attractive packaging. Below are two Christmas-themed commercials that sell the bestialization and emasculation of the Western man:

The Allegro Commercial

Allegro is an online buying and selling service, similar to eBay. The commercial features an old man in Poland who orders an English for Beginners book and teaches himself to speak the language. He travels to the U.K. and arrives at an upper-middle-class house, where he is greeted by his son and his black daughter-in-law. He then uses what he learned to introduce himself to his mixed-race granddaughter.

Comments on Polish-language articles about the ad are overwhelmingly woke. One heavily up-voted comment says: “couldn’t he have just gone to the zoo?” The more dialectical comments point to a myriad other moral failings of the ad, from identitarian to commonplace ones like “why was it the grandfather who had to do the traveling and why didn’t his son even pick him up at the airport?”

Mrs. Santa Delivers

In this English commercial, a boy is an incessant nuisance to his sister and ruins her favorite shoes. Overwhelmed with feelings of worthlessness (which are confirmed by his father), he writes a letter to Santa Claus to replace those shoes. The job is accomplished by the oblivious Santa’s sharp-witted wife, who secretly delivers the shoes and all is “well.”

There are limits of the extent to which shit can be concealed by its pretty veil. Despite the trappings of tradition in the above ads, unease lingers in anyone who will have watched either of them. Wherever someone’s disgust threshold lies, one can only gorge on so many Big Macs before he vomits it all up.

The Chaser

Here is something to wash away the poison:


47 thoughts on “Anti-Christmas Messages

  1. @PA the other part of that first ad that occurred to me was why isn’t the son teaching his kid Polish so she can appreciate her Polish heritage? The other question that came to my mind was whether that kid was really his son’s.

  2. There was a movie made a few years ago about the Christmas Truce. It’s astonishing the appreciation for the West it evokes. Above is the clip of the truce featuring an opera singer who was partially responsible for the entire thing.

    The whole movie can be found here:

  3. Walawala: there were lots of comments to that effect under the Onet-dot-pl article that praised the ad. Other comments: “his son will in turn have to learn Arabic.” As to casting of the actors, yeah, the kid does not look like a 50/50 result of the parents.

  4. English-language comments under the linked video are cucked. But one was funny: “I expected the old man to say ‘I’m gonna fucking kill you’ to his son!”

  5. I don’t think the Poles will be easily persuaded to change their genetics and heritage so quickly. The English seem far more willing to do that.

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  7. The English seem far more willing to do that.

    The English and others didn’t want to give up their heritage either, but anti-White narratives hit them when they had a monopoly on the means of opinion-formation. Eastern Europeans have the benefit of being hit by the propaganda in its late-decadent stage, and with internet RealTalk countering it. Eastern Europe’s existential peril is the youth-flight to the UK and other countries. Many work there seasonally but keep their home in their own country. Still, you get the resultant dysfunction like divorces and kids back at home being raised by their grandparents.

  8. That first commercial was puke-worthy… It is time to start psychologically attacking the actors who participate in this subliminally-mediated self-annihilation.

    Secondly, the marketing firms that put out this garbage should be pressured to release the analytics which financially justify this attempted social constructioning through corporate deception.

    In other words, ALLEGRO and its marketing partner are really in the business of selling white self-annihilation and the “eBay”-like “business” is just a front.

    Or… This is where all the woke evidence should lead the healthy white mind.

    In the inverted world, conclusions come first.

  9. How many black females are that happy to have kid(a) with a “white man?”

    Gramps and half Halfrican were both speechless AS reality shall dictate and the deceivers lacking all experience in authentic dialogue effectively muted at the most important point of contact.

    Both son and father living rather well, but clearly hadn’t seen each other in several years and only about a California apart.

    It also appeared that the in-law wife did not know the father.

    These clowns are trying to create a future reality that they truly have no concept of… And they cannot conceivably over do it all the same. They are trying to sell a mystery that is only mysterious to themselves.

  10. The English seem far more willing to do that.

    The English and others didn’t want to give up their heritage either, but anti-White narratives hit them when they had a monopoly on the means of opinion-formation.

    Eastern European countries are also less urban than the UK. And urban living for whites is one of the factors that causes them to catch the liberal madness at much higher rates.

    I think that the most insanely liberal countries in Europe in regards to immigration (UK, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands) have about 85-95% urban population.

    Eastern and central Europe are much lower, in the 50-70% range. Thus, they hold on to their old ethnic identities longer and don’t give in to cosmopolitanism and blank-slaterism so easily.

    Did anybody see Obama’s recent complaints about how he’s regarded differently by Northern vs Southern Whites? Urbanization/density are a big part of that.

  11. “And urban living for whites is one of the factors that causes them to catch the liberal madness at much higher rates.”

    Extended chaser (with lingering kick):

    “In the midst of increasing mechanization and technological organization, propaganda is simply the means used to prevent these things from being felt as too oppressive and to persuade man to submit with good grace. When man will be fully adapted to this technological society, when he will end by obeying with enthusiasm, convinced of the excellence of what he is forced to do, the constraint of the organization will no longer be felt by him; the truth is, it will no longer be a constraint, and the police will have nothing to do. The civic and technological goodwill and the enthusiasm for the right social myths — both created by propaganda — will finally have solved the problem of man.”

    -Jacques Ellul, ‘non-conformist’ Christian

  12. Thank you so much for this add, PA.

    I’m going to buy Sainsbury now, even though I don’t think they’re that great anyway. What a wonderful commercial.

    It cleans alright, it does.

  13. I am not competing but here’s an add from the time when I could go through Christmas without thinking about shit, and just enjoy it:

    A more southwestern European take on it…

    [beautiful –PA]

  14. I’ve been seeing a much shorter but similarly themed White grandpa/mystery meat granddaughter commercial on youtube– I keep tuning it out before I can even understand what it’s “for” but something to the effect of getting up to dance with the munchkin.

    The kid in the first video is a really sullen, obviously room temperature IQ lil shit too.

  15. Lucius, you may be referring to the Gigablast commercials from Cox. There have been three of them. The latest ad features an old Hispanic man in a thick sweater sitting by the fire, whose little Hispanic granddaughter comes up to him and asks him to dance. What’s interesting about all three of the Gigablast commercials is that the actors are all non-White. The actors are clearly mestizo or mullato; the first ad had kids who (to me) looked Jewish. It’s all very odd and alien.

  16. There was a man by the name of Bern Porter instrumental the invention of television, the atomic bomb, and space travel tech. He lived the remainder his life with a sense of guilt for having participated in such projects. With a questionably pacifist mindset somewhat derivative of Duchamp, he undertook some predictably questionable artistic projects — but in order to “twist American reality back onto itself for the purpose of re-knowing what’s been happening all the while.”

    I wonder what that would look like in regard to fleeting “content” and “advertising.” Let the militant diversity machine overheat and collapse from its version of oxygen toxicity. The variegated spectacle subdued by… itself. The closest recent ‘commentary’ I’ve seen in this line is Godfrey Reggio’s “Visitors,” but it’s nowhere near sufficient. I hear he’s got a project going now for IMAX.

    But this whole dispute seems rather nitpicky, and falling into postmodern frame. Maintain frame, don’t stray from virtue, and ‘e-Timbuktu’ will collapse under the weight of its own contemptible absurdity.

    “Rien n’est vrai que le beau; rien n’est vrai sans beauté.”

  17. “But this whole dispute seems rather nitpicky, and falling into postmodern frame. Maintain frame, don’t stray from virtue, and ‘e-Timbuktu’ will collapse under the weight of its own contemptible absurdity.”

    And will be replaced by what? Some as-yetun-named retro-analog mania that will sweep over industrialized nations and replace the trillion-plus dollar I.T. industry and revamp the generation-and-a-half steeped in digital tech to the extent it’s all they’ve ever known?

    You’re sure putting a lot of faith into the redemptive force of your ‘contemptible absurdity.’ I mean, what you wish for sounds nice, quite nice —– but, given world directions being where they are, just how is all this you suggest going to happen?

  18. Ncrit – the world problem is very much entwined with the individual problem.

    Retro-analog mania? Personally I’d love some Römerwein. I.T.? There is only the light, and the darkness. Aim for the Sun of suns, and seize life by the balls. The rest will fall (back?) into place.

  19. That second commercial was more real and therefore less noticeable for its subversive content. Of course, it was riddled with cuck presumption through and through even so much as giving glimpse of cuck beginnings with the little white boy rebellion and his act of guilt-ridden contrition.

  20. I think one of my favourite Christmas memories was staying in Kenya in 1987, during my first East African tour, trying to fall asleep listening to the BBC World Service and hearing ‘Little Drummer Boy’ by Bowie and Crosby come on the wireless.

  21. You want rap, why fumble around? Nobody will beat a “Hit em up” by Pac. Darks won’t beat any “Isle of the Dead” by Rachmaninoff. Wouldn’t that be a plot twist if the Tchaikovskys, the Valentin Silvestrovs became the norm in North Amer; Eminem & Co. the pilot force of the striking Russian Federation.

  22. Bernie Sanders town hall on MSNBC, talks about why Trump won:

    “I think he said he will not be politically correct,” Sanders replied. “I think he said some outrageous and painful things, but I think people are tired of the same old politically correct rhetoric, and they believe that he was speaking from his heart and willing to take on everybody.”

    Sanders’ definition of political correctness was somewhat different than its usual meaning. “It means you have a set of talking points which have been poll-tested and focus-group-tested and that’s what you say rather than what’s really going on. And often, what you are not allowed to say are things which offend very powerful people,” he said.

    Bernie is allowed to say “very powerful people” for obvious reasons.

    @ Nik – I know nothing about this media outlet in case you’re planning a follow-up on how they suck.

  23. Not to spoil the Christmas spirit, but here’s Microsoft’s insipid holiday prog agitprop (have barf bag ready):

    SO many things wrong with this ad… First of all, we are lead to believe this is just a non-specific “Season’s Greetings” with no reference to any particular religious tradition so as to not alienate the generic consumer. OK, we are all used to that bullshit by now. But no, Microsoft has to take it a step further, and represent just one religion prominently in their ad, a religion that DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A CORRESPONDING HOLIDAY DURING THIS SEASON. Then you have the montage of shopworn prog shibboleths played to the saccharine soundtrack of Macy Grey’s Beauty in the World: a dopey white cop shoots hoops with the bruvvas, an appeal to transgender rights, more Muslims not blowing things up, African migrants who can’t swim being rescued by a doughy white nu-male. Yeah it’s just a commercial for laptops, but as a “””holiday””” commercial it is symbolic of our cultural vapidness and moral confusion.

  24. “I look at another person and I don’t see myself separate from them.”

    Liberation without separation.

    Radical autonomy.


  25. I was curious about that Microsoft video as it would compare to Google’s similar year-end video last year, about which I posted HERE. (“The Year The Dam Burst” post). Not to make a trend out of two data-points, but where Google’s video was triumphalistic, MS’s video one year later felt… subdued.

    I’ll say it plainly: I HATE every single thing — every image — that is promoted or valorized in the Microsoft video. I don’t even consider what they’re doing to be propaganda — it lacks the confidence. Rather, I’d say it’s opium smoke.

    No, they are not the ones with a “vision of hope, peace and beauty,” as they claim. They are personifying ideals that must be eradicated so that hope, peace, and beauty can bloom. And we’re doing it.

  26. The dipsh*t cop subverting canvas and brush on the zombie pad w/ lil Shatoya was really too much. If they’re not careful, they’ll convince the remaining legitimate painters to quit altogether. Is *this* who all the suffering, the study, the ruthless hunger is for? At least they provide a blueprint for what to spurn in thought, dream, and deed.

  27. The Allegro commercial was a big disappointment, great until the very end. I hoped that at least the little girl would reply in Polish, but she didn’t even appear to understand English. Poland is facing a demographic crisis and perhaps the biggest piece of international media related to Poland in years (other than the film “Ida”, also terrible), is a multicultural homage, wretch.

  28. Nick…

    “Disappointment” and “wretch” indicate the cognitive dissonance of the modern “white” cuck. The late Lawrence Auster often made highlight of what can now be understood as an accelerating cuck behavior before “it” was so named “cuck” behavior where the increasing radical autonomy of the nigger TRIGGERS a cognitive dissonance of false expectation/false reaction in who “we” now know as the very “white” cucked.

    There is to be no false expectation of Allegro, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, NFL, Target, etc. such that disappointment is NOT the proper reaction. Likewise, these entities OF anti-white Supremacy SHOULD push your reaction far beyond a mere “wretch.”

    When you see a “black man” do like a nigger, you don’t call him an African-American who grew up under “white supremacy”

    When you see a Jewish ethnic do kikey-things, you don’t call him a “white” man under the oppression of “white supremacy.””

    When you see a Muslim blow-up and murder shit like a sexually-degenerate jihadist, you don’t call him a moderate Arab under the sway of a peaceful religion in a land of “white supremacy.”

    Don’t be cucked, Nick.

  29. — Poland is facing a demographic crisis (Nick)

    I guess that’s what the numbers say about all Western countries, each with its own circumstances, and numbers are what they are, but I saw a lot of signs of life on my visit to PL this past June. During the week I traveled heavily across the country, we’d drive through small towns and everywhere you looked there was a young family or a woman with one or two kids plus a stroller. In one town, road construction has us detour through a communist-era blocks neighborhood and I was just stunned at how many young people there were. It was nothing abnormal for anyone who remembers 1970s Poland, and certainly not at that level of robustness, and I know that perception is subjective, yet still…

    Birth rates naturally fluctuate, it’s like the inhale-exhale breathing pattern. So long as immigration is barred, there is a good outlook. Poland’s demographic hazard, I think, lies in youth/talent flight abroad.

  30. You have no skin in the game, your profile is anonymous, get out of here with calling me a cuck. Be a big man and show your face, shoot your mouth of like an idiot and see how far it gets you past a comment board.

    PA… Yes I think there are signs of life, I see them too, but it’s anecdotal, the numbers are troubling. Poland has it’s own version of white flight, except they’re fleeing economic malaise. I’m hopeful that Brexit motivates a lot of Poles to return, but as they’ve been exposed to a much more competent system they’ll probably just move elsewhere in western Europe if they’re forced to. So far neither PO or PiS have done much to encourage their return.

    Unfortunately many Poles have gotten really soft as far as enjoying western creature comforts. Even if they’re able to they choose one child instead of two or more, or even worse, a dog. There’s also a huge deficit of masculinity in Poland. Modern feminism doesn’t help, but there’s also been an independent, domineering streak in Polish women that goes back a long way. I’ve had multiple friends describe Polish society as a matriarchy. Years of revolts, invasions, occupations, mass killings and communist brainwashing are very hard to overcome. Poland still doesn’t have competent elites, but there are organizations trying to rectify that. It’s expensive and time-consuming, but worth doing.

  31. — Modern feminism doesn’t help

    There was a television show that impressed me on one of my visits, “Ranczo.” Compelling characters, great humor. The storyline: a young American woman discovers that she’s an heiress to a dilapidated country estate in Poland and newly divorced, moves there on a whim. It becomes clear to the viewer that the broad cast of characters — local townsfolk — are allegorical for various tropes and currents in Poland’s history, good bad and ugly.

    Fantastic stuff, loved the episode I watched, and got several seasons of it on DVD.

    And marathon-watching the episodes, it became apparent that its feminist and sneaky multikult promotion is the real message.

  32. Some of the liberal propaganda in Ranczo was ridiculously blatant. Other stuff can be read as multilayered in meaning. For example, one episode featured a big to-do with an EU delegation visiting the village. They arrive… and the “European” delegation consists of a ball-busting Asian woman in charge of the group, a grinning African who flirts with a pretty female character, and an Arab male.

    At face value, the episode was offered as aspirational of the West’s modernity and an appeal to the discarding of our ‘stubborn backwardness’, a recurring theme in the series. That motive would be consistent with appeals to EEs’ lingering communist-era inferiority complexes. But I wonder whether that episode (and similar ones) either intentionally or via the producers’ arrogance, in effect tripped most viewers’ disgust threshold and vigilance.

  33. Slavic women aren’t spoiled and therefore grow up being independent and competent. In some of the Slavic families I know, the women seem to be the ones keeping the family together. I don’t consider Slavic societies the best example of patriarchy, even if the men are masculine in some ways. Slavic men also die young.

  34. Obama talks with NPR and gives his take on why the Democrats lost:

    Obama said Democrats hadn’t made enough of an attempt to sway voters outside the nation’s population centers. Persistent losses in statewide and local races only illustrate the party’s structural conundrum, he said.
    “There are clearly failures on our part to give people in rural areas or in exurban areas a sense day-to-day that we’re fighting for them or connected to them,”

    You mean rural Americans weren’t inspired by the Hillary campaign’s endless finger-wagging over tranny bathroom rights and Islamophobia?

  35. “Eastern Europe’s existential peril is the youth-flight to the UK and other countries.”

    Would you say that is so for mainly cultural reasons? Or economic reasons? Or for both?

  36. The European ethnics’ genetic savoring of anti-Capitalism makes inevitable a vortex of radical autonomy. Ergo, a Polish people genetically predisposed to fanatical socialism will self-annihilate in both space and time given enough sufficiently relentless environmental triggers. Step in Mess Madia and a “cuck” mind to make it all seem so disappointing and wretch worthy.

  37. Eighty years hence, and the “white” Rest still thinks a nation of socialists is the answer to global communism.

    All anti-wS shall heed regardless of race, sex, religion, color, nation or creed.

  38. “We” are on very unstable ground where both Islamic Jihad and the Western Left are slimultaneously at each other’s throats as rival sexually degenerate self-annihilators AND colluding against white regeneracy, i.e., white Supremacy, AS rival sexually degenerate self-annihilators.

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