White Liberal, Who Are You?

Thordaddy asks a liberal:

Could anyone here articulate your first principle? State your metaphysical truth? Define your core religious belief? Identify your race with certainty?

No, no, no and no are my answers.

Those questions strip the contemporary White liberal to his core. Is it solid or hollow? To begin answering that question, it’s instructive to follow the progress of his speech over the recent decades:

1980s: [cue Mr. Van Driessen’s voice] “Reagan is a dangerous warmonger. It’s cruel to deport California’s illegal immigrants. The environment should be protected from greedy developers. Homeless people need shelters. Be more open to life’s experiences.”

1990s: “Gay people have the right to serve in the military. Her body, her choice. I never signed your mean-spirited Contract with America. Immigrants enrich us with wonderful restaurants, you ignorant loser. We’d make progress on racism if not for Jesse fucking Helms!”

2000s: “Fuck Bush Fuck Bush Fuck Bush no war no profiling Fuck Bush Fuck Bush Fuck Bush Fuck Bush Fuck Bush open borders you bigot Fuck Bush Fuck Bush Fuck Bush islamophobe Fuck Bush Fuck Bush 911 was an inside job Fuck Bush Fuck Bush Fuck Bush!”

Today: “I’m gonna get your ass fired, you fucking transphobic asshole. Drone the Bundys. Trump hates women. Racist bitches oughtta be raped. Go back to whatever rock Mike Pence crawled out from under.”

In my adult lifetime the White liberal has devolved from someone who is following a more or less coherent set of conservationist, compassionate, and risk-averse beliefs into somebody consumed with a hate that strikes whatever lightning rod draws its attention.

For his sake I hope that the liberal does have a positive identity and a coherent vision because otherwise, the amplitude of his emotion (and the fury with which he is hurling himself toward a very lonely place) is best explained by the fact that he’s become nothing more than a thrashing, wounded animal. Such a creature longs for death to bring relief from a pain whose source is beyond his ken. John Keats expressed that feeling two centuries ago:

Fade far away, dissolve, and quite forget
What thou among the leaves hast never known,
The weariness, the fever, and the fret
Here, where men sit and hear each other groan;
Where palsy shakes a few, sad, last gray hairs,
Where youth grows pale, and spectre-thin, and dies;
Where but to think is to be full of sorrow
And leaden-eyed despairs,
Where Beauty cannot keep her lustrous eyes,
Or new Love pine at them beyond to-morrow.


Darkling I listen; and, for many a time
I have been half in love with easeful Death,
Call’d him soft names in many a mused rhyme,
To take into the air my quiet breath

As someone on Twitter put it — and which in my opinion is a brutal but accurate interpretation of the speaker’s angst in “An Ode To A Nightingale” — maybe what White liberals pine for is to be shot, just like their hero Fidel Castro used to execute them:


99 thoughts on “White Liberal, Who Are You?

  1. The first principle for liberals is equality.

    In my opinion they can be taken on their word, on that.

    Equality in the sense that those less fortunate, and weaker, and different, ought to be supported and encouraged, by those more fortunate and stronger.

    They don’t take into account how the globalist upper class is using the lower classes against the middle; but otherwise they are the lower classes wanting more stuff, and the clueless middle class signalers, and self-interested uppers.

    But now more and more of the middle classes see that the system is all about milking them and they don’t like it.


    One thing that these recent politics have made clear, is that, among white males (“men”), the liberal system appeals to the weaker sort. The famous memes of on shitlib faces and non-shitlib faces, say it all.

    By way of example, there is a shitlib poster on the Kunstler board who goes by Elrond Hubbard (get it?) and has a cartoon avatar that is the classic shitlib face, a pencil neck and admonishing face.

    But the fact that anyone would choose that image as an avatar, says to me that they are allied and aligned with that their model of aspiration.

  2. Liberalism = anti-patriarchy

    Obama is a very special brand of that, he’s anti-colonialist in the he not only opposes traditionalism in the USA, but he wants to kill it with global elitist principles.

    But I think your timetable should start at 2000. As covered by Lion, check out this Bill Clinton acceptance speech from the 1990’s, it’s still quite centrist and pro-Americana in comparison to the endless parade of grievance issues you see at Democrat events today:

  3. They hate Whites, they hate Christianity, they hate the West, they hate themselves.

    This anti-White animosity is something I first noticed (but couldn’t really articulate) as a schoolboy in England in the ’80s witnessing the anti-Apartheid movement protests up close.

    I surmised that they were motivated by more than just appeals to justice and equality; they were trying to bring the White man down, because. Even then my gut told me it wouldn’t stop at South Africa but would spread to the US and Europe. Which it has.

    In the end, such evil can’t be reasoned with; compromise is impossible. They’re begging to be eradicated.

  4. My hope, which I’ve expressed here and there over the years, is that we’ll be able to grant them their wish under the cover of civil war. Hunt down every last one of them and make them disappear.

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  6. “If the causal motor of Whig history is simply best described as progress, there is no reason to believe that this process should stop in the present.” – Moldbug

    Screw with liberals by reminding them that they’re on the wrong side of history. 50 years from now, if the rate of “progress” holds, their present beliefs will be far-right bigotry.

  7. — such evil can’t be reasoned with; compromise is impossible.

    I agree with this. It’s one thing to deal with an online shitlib or an SJW public figure. But when you know rabid libs personally, even in your family, that’s when it hits you how implacable they are. You try to reason with them, you think they saw the light, and then you see them at square one rabid liberalism. It’s in fact cathartic to disown such a person.

    As the saying goes, the difference between a communist and a liberal is that the former knows what he’s doing. The liberal is his goy zombie.

    — White liberals Do not reproduce.

    They rely on converting children of other people to liberalism through their present control of education and entertainment. The internet is a revolutionary game changer in this paradigm though. We’ll see which direction the indoctrination arms race takes over the next decade.

    The hook in converting someone to liberalism is to appeal to his class and moral vanity.

    As to anti-patriarchy and equality: they’re a mirage in the liberal’s mind. They don’t apply those principles consistently and they can’t be reasoned with on the basis of those premises.

  8. They rely on converting children of other people to liberalism through their present control of education and entertainment.

    Or they gain in numbers through immigration or expansion of public sphere employment.

  9. I think PA’s ‘disgust threshold’ is related to the perennial question of soul. As Vauvenargues once noted, one must have soul to have taste. Liberals’ nominal stances of radical inclusivity are, doubtless, tasteless. Very telling. Interesting photo, BTW.

  10. Liberalism, such as most understand it, is a form of suicide.

    White liberals want to die, but they do not want to die alone. They want to bring us all down. Ultimately “someone” will have to possess the conviction to put them in camps and shoot them. It’s the only solution, and it always was.

    There is nothing wrong with Socialism or Communism. Fidel was a great leader to his people, and has protected his people from Americanism for decades. Communism and Islam are the only two ideologies that work against “Westernism.”

    Eastern Europe owes a great debt to Communism and to Stalin. If it weren’t for him, they’d have feminism and multiculturalism too. Even now, it is developing there.

    …and just as Comrade Stalin had purges, the West too needs them. Is there now any question why the intellectual classes had to be liquidated?

  11. Liberalism, such as most understand it, is a form of suicide. // White liberals want to die, but they do not want to die alone. They want to bring us all down.

    Good way of putting it.

    I recall communism from childhood very fondly but EE boomer generation and people who grew up before WWII called the system “a goddamned prison.” People envied the freedom and prosperity of the West but didn’t see the termites. (Most westerners didn’t see the rot either). But maybe prison is what it took to protect the East.

    Lenin/Trotsky era communism was SJW internationalism on steoids, contemporary globalism is its soft-glove reincarnation. Castro/Che eradicated Cuba’s White middle classes. Stalin was a butcher that killed a lot of healthy tissue along with the cancer.

  12. Because white liberals do have a lower birthrate than white conservatives, they tend to be far more aggressive politically. They make up for their lower numbers that way.

  13. Equality = anti-(objective) (S)upremacy….

    The first law (principled inversion) of radical liberation:

    (s)upremacy = degeneracy…

    Such that…

    The degenerate life is “god…”


    The “white (s)upremacist” is a white degenerate.

    In a radically autonomous football game, the liberated cucks “see” victory in tackling the ten players WITHOUT the football.

    The Fathers didn’t call themselves “white (S)upremacists” because ONLY their sons are fully immersed in anti-white (S)upremacy. Yet, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

  14. The “liberal” is radically (sexually) autonomous…

    This REQUIRES a perpetual self-annihilation, nominally. It logically conclude at Final Liberation, i.e., total annihilation.

    So one “wins” in the zero-sum game of maximized autonomy when “persuading” one’s most promixate rivals to finally liberate (chimp-out, Sudden Jihad syndrome, mass-sperg-murder). In the aggregate scenario and with the emergence of cabals manifests a “default elite” WHERE a dull mass of perpetuating self-annihilators is realized.

    These perpetuating self-annihilators are euphemistically known as “liberals,” “progressives,” “egalitarians,” “anti-racists,” etc., but ARE IN ESSENCE radically autonomous anti-white Supremacists.

    White Supremacy, real or perceived, drives their desire for perpetuating self-annihilation.

  15. You can add “wn,” alt-rite, NS and modern “Christians” to that list of perpetuating self-annihilators.

    Anti-white Supremacy is ACROSS THE WORLD.

  16. Columbus is number one city for homodyke and second largest Somali population… Like lies on feces.

    So it is a place of very devolved “white” self-annihilation and radical sexual degeneracy.

  17. EPG…

    You inspire a desire to read hard as a mental training regiment. A true complimenting accomplishment and much appreciated.

    Who is your number one author?

  18. “Who is your number one author?”

    Goethe – everything he ever wrote. Reading him in the German has been a long drawn-out process for me. Cheers

  19. Per Mark Richardson’s work on “Liberalism as autonomy theory,” there just is “radical autonomy” theory, conceptually-speaking… A self-annihilation symbiotically digressive to a self-creation. There are, in Richardson’s work, copious examples of “liberal” self-creation via mutually-consensual abnegation. Ergo, the key to perpetuating “radical autonomy” is the continued creation and destruction of nonconsensual oppressions both real and deceived.

  20. “Fight Club” provided the perfect Hollywood rendition of rival “radical autonomy” and the psycho-of-self-annihilation in that scene where dude beats himself up and turns the yes-minions on its master using self-inflicted evidence unwitnessed by any credible authority.

  21. This high IQ “white” fag gets to the heart of the matter…

    “Beauty, love, freedom — these are illusions and concepts that aren’t possible because of how society is structured.”

    High IQ fags and defacto homodykes DENY Perfection as existing absolutely and CONCLUDE all-out nihilism all the while slimultaneously feverishly fingering all the levers of agit-prop with the most heaviest of hand jobs.

    High IQ “white” fags and defacto homodykes are formidably unreformable anti-white Supremacists AT THE PLACE of socially constructed reality.

  22. The poignancy of “Fight Club” was in its blurry of an on the ground reality particular to some and a certain {{{amorphous collective’s}}} self-fulfilling prophecy for the future of their rivals. What is dutifully and meticulously lost in the chaos of “Fight Club” is white male’s God-ordained free will. It is in this ABITRARILY GIVEN STATE of UNREALITY that all manner of Tyler Durden “addiction” is granted dark legitimacy. And underneath all the half truths that tentacle into a white viewer’s brain there is the complete backdrop indicating all manner of desire for total self-annihilation.

    “Fight Club” is premier anti-white Supremacist agit-prop dissimulated in a plethora of radically autonomous archetypes.

  23. George Herbert, in my opinion, was the last English poet whose work reflects a perfect easy acceptance of his race, nation and heritage. His work has the same tone, modesty and sense of wonder as ancient Aboriginal Australian poetry which I have studied. After Herbert the English poets saw what he saw and some desperately wanted it, but the severance had occurred and it was no longer effortlessly theirs.

    Liberals have no core identity and no core principle that aligns with reality. They truly believe in equality but because equality cannot exist they live by unprincipled exceptions, per Lawrence Auster. (PA, I’ve heard you mention him a couple times. Would love to read your thoughts on his work, if I haven’t missed them already)

    Many times I have walked an intelligent liberal right up to the edge of conservative, reactionary, alt-right conclusions and at some point there is an emotional breakdown and they snap back like a rubber band. “That’s mean, NAXALT, etc.” Tips would be appreciated from those with better results than me.

    They do not really believe that anyone can have a core identity not self-chosen. They do not believe in givens, either of the material world or of philosophy. It is impossible to live coherently with these beliefs hence the cogdis, accusations, projection, self-loathing, envy etc.

  24. Conceptually, “equality” exists as a redundant phenomenon and this redundancy makes way for stable observation, measurability and predictability. So realistically, it should be equality within scope. As it is perceived and conceived by the radicals, it is “equality” without scope. It is “universal equality.” It is The Redundant Phenomenon as “highest” reality. Ergo, no Singularity. Not even The Redundant Phenomenon is a Singularity. No singularities is social equality. No singularities is radical autonomy. Radical autonomy is invisible, unmeasurable and unpredictable… The Redundant Phenomenon.

    This ^^^ is the psychosis that is anti-(white) Supremacy.

  25. Mr. Auster stalled at “liberalism as nondiscrimination.” He conceded late in his work that “liberals” were actually very discriminating and his “unprincipled exception” was a presage to this conclusion.

    In fact, the “white” anti-(white) Supremacist proper is incredibly INDISCRIMINATE. So much so that an all-accepting indiscriminancy (tolerance + nondiscrimination) is certainly the surest path to self-annihilation AND the self-actualizing delegitimization of white Supremacy… A literal physical sacrifice to anti-Supremacist ideology.

  26. — George Herbert, in my opinion, was the last English poet whose work reflects a perfect easy acceptance of his race, nation and heritage. (Nozdryov)

    I’ll re-read him. Still have my English Metaphysical Poets volume from college. His distant relative, Zbigniew Herbert (1924-1998) was a nationalist and Armia Krajowa veteran, so the apple must not fall far from the tree even three centuries later. ZH was even held in high regard by Cz. Milosz, who despised Polish nationalism and the AK. I’ve posted several translations of Herbert’s short poems here in the past, if you haven’t checked them out.

    As to Lawrence Auster, his passing was a loss. He’s been mentioned often in the comments by me, Thordaddy, and by several infrequent commenters. In a main post once, I did my own sketch of an idea for dramatizing his work: SHOTS OF WISDOM Pt. 2. Good follow-on discussion in the comments there as well.

    — Many times I have walked an intelligent liberal right up to the edge of conservative, reactionary, alt-right conclusions and at some point there is an emotional breakdown and they snap back like a rubber band.

    I stopped doing that. It’s a waste of my time.

    But yes, been there. I’ve also thought that I made a breakthrough, only to see the person post something abominable on facebook a week later. We all have friends who are apolitical but who quietly voted for Hillary because “Trump sets a bad example for his daughter” or some such ridiculous reason. If they avoid politics and otherwise are of good character, so be it. Many will come around.

    Red Pilling such a person requires that you let them do most of the work on their own. Give them too much dialectic and they’ll forget all of it. Give them more than one apt rhetorical quip per conversation, and they’ll block you off for fear that they’re being conned.

    But other than the occasional otherwise-decent apolitical default liberal, they’re dead to me and I am not responsible for them. They have no excuse of ignorance any more, given the reality of liberalism around us and the abundance of available red pill information. Some of the members of the Jim Jones cult willingly drank the kool aid along with their children, a few saw the light too late and were shot by the camp cadre.

    As Ryu put it, they want to die but not alone. They want to take us down with them.

    I wonder how much we can read into Keats’s nightingale as symbol of seeing the light and awakening from liberalism.

  27. Thanks PA, was not aware of the George-Zbigniew connection. I will have to give Z. Herbert a more thorough hearing. John Drury’s biography of G. Herbert, Music at Midnight, is worth it if you have the time/inclination. I should revise what I said a little. Herbert was a tormented man but his wrestle was with God and he accepted his racial, material and language givens to the point that he barely thinks or writes about them. He was a naturalistic Englishman in the sense a bushman is a bushman and believes he can throw the coke bottle off the end of the earth. For someone today to arrive where Herbert began they would have to start out very self-consciously and forget much of what they learned. I, and I assume many of us here, are former liberals because it was the air we breathed. I think that deliberately forgetting, to the extent that is possible, will be more useful to me/us in the long-run than new knowledge. Hope that makes sense.

    “I stopped doing that. It’s a waste of my time.”

    Agreed, but exasperation overpowers me from time to time especially after a couple of drinks. And they seem so intelligent, I am so sure that they will get it! You posted a while back that our job is to make ONE redpill idea stick at each encounter then back off and talk about the harvest. That was good advice that I need to follow. When the wind shifts they will also shift or get shot by the camp cadre.

    Your Auster play is a great idea. I wonder actually if it might work best as an old-fashioned radio play with the news reports and the difficulty of staging God/divine characters and interior monologue on stage.

    Do liberals really, really hate themselves? I often wonder about this. How can someone hate themselves and still live? Its clear that the outspoken SJW types hate everything, especially themselves. A chick I know was recently afraid to walk 200m by herself from car to restaurant in the African shopping district in our city because there were men smoking hookah on the sidewalk. I had to fetch her. Every other facebook post of hers is about welcoming refugees, white privilege etc. There were many brief, but meaningful silences among the group that night. Ryu is right, they do want to bring as many people down as possible with them, which leads me to believe that they hate us more than they hate themselves, but at this point, to quote a dodged bullet, what difference does it make?

    Calling death by soft names sums up liberalism well. I think your speculation is accurate though Keats might not have put it that way. The closer we are to death the harder it is to lie to oneself about oneself, I would assume, though doubtless many prevail in error to the end.

  28. “Some of the members of the Jim Jones cult willingly drank the kool aid along with their children, a few saw the light too late and were shot by the camp cadre.”

    Y’know, considering neo-rightist/race-realist/etc. have been fomenting populist appeal for nearly 20 years, I’m surprised you don’t hear much more of the Jones cult in the form of cautionary tale.

    I mean, even in this internet info-overload era, his legacy and deeds are barely more than cult-wisp nostalgia; you just don’t hear much about it —- and considering the unparalleled horrors it wrought solely from political ideology, it’s unbelievable how little that is utilized and propagandaized by rightist or other movements oppositional to the classic leftist-turned-Kurtzian-hell exemplar that Jones left the world.

    To this day, that absence of exploitation blows me away.

  29. That is where the original kool aid metaphor came from, then

    Remember those kook-aid commercials from back in the day, with the guy in a kool-aid suit who would bust into kids parties and bring the action

    That has to be good for a contemporary meme or two. Bring back the kook-aid suit, but don’t drink the kool-aid … or do drink the drink but don’t wear a goofy suit?

  30. AR blogs have written about the Jim Jones cult many times. It is no secret that it is a good example of diversity utopia gone bad.

    So the take-away then, is the limited influence of the race-real right. The media complex has been such that it shuts out these counter-examples very effectively.

  31. So what’s going on in Ohio. As the readers here likely know, the Somali berserker was — incredibly — written up some months earlier in the school newspaper, about how he was having a difficult time figuring out how to pray there on campus, and being misunderstood.

  32. Shiva Naipaul was one of the first journalists on the scene at Jonestown and wrote a great book called Journey to Nowhere that really convincingly tied the craziness and nihilism of Jonestown back to the New Age movement in SF. One thing that sticks in my memory is at a New Age conference Naipaul is solicited to sign-up for a group that eschews monogamy but instead form exclusive unto death 12-person sex groups called “Best Friend Identity Clusters.” If you can believe in that the kool-aid can’t be too far away..

  33. Another good example of diversity utopia gone bad is Ohio, and yet that is just the cost of doing business?

    It becomes frustrating, for regular people, not knowing what can be done, on a practical level.

    We voted for Trump in the hopes that he can limit the invasion by “immigrants”.

    All these Somalis already here, what are we going to do about them. I said in another post that there were 100 thousand of them in Minnesota, but a quick internet search says 25 thousand, so i was way off. However it would not be unlikely that the official estimate is half the reality, and that there are 50 thousand of them, in this state alone.

  34. At least 10,000 Somalis have been settled here in Atlanta since 2000 but they’re pretty deep down in the jungle. Some of the brighter ones seem to dominate the market for staffing parking decks and valet parking on the black side of town.

    Two highly intelligent Somali “youts” start popping off rounds in a very crowded gas station parking lot last year and got collared within 6 hours:

  35. @ PA – do we have any way to know why Twitter labeled the photo as “sensitive content” ? Is it because of the person who posted it or because of the actual photo?

  36. If Twitter has labeled a video as “sensitive”, you may be assured it does not fit the liberal agenda. Just look at them the same you would as the NY Times, PA, Google and so on.

    PA, have you ever written upon your experiences in a Communist country?

  37. Funny thing about labeling something as Sensitive is that it makes people want to see it more. And then if it’s an innocent image, the censor’s credibility suffers.

    Ryu, I haven’t much. The post titled “Freedom” (you can find it under the Menu/Top Posts tab at the top of the screen) goes into my experience with communism in some depth.

    Also, “Through a Prison Window” (under the All Posts tab) does to some extent as well.

  38. That’s something that WN might take better advantage of: by outlawing something, it becomes more attractive.

    Today the liberals are “the establishment.” We are now the social critics. Look at their institutional racism, via affirmative action! We’re coming out of the closet and are speaking out.

    Too many WNs are “principled convervatives.” Rightist WNs are weaker than leftist WNs because they are less power-hungry.

    We can accept their world-view and turn it to our advantage. Yes, we are white supremacists who enslaved the niggers, put our women into the kitchen, and threw the spics over the wall. It’s our greatest virtue.

  39. Do liberals really, really hate themselves?

    Few things to say:

    1. Liberalism is fine if you have the right demographics. None of us are complaining about the “liberal policies” you see in places like Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Japan, Singapore because these places are orderly and homogeneous. (although Denmark is bowing to some EU pressure on immigration).

    Liberal policies have benefited whites greatly in the past – unions, student loans, welfare for widows, etc. But these things also caused the US standard of living to rise quickly and support a big academic class of Ivory tower liberals.

    2. Liberals of today are just pussywillow “campus leftists” who fully arrived with Obama’s ascendance. They’re not the tough-as-nails, nationalist type of Democrat that best describes Truman or LBJ.

    3. Modern white liberals don’t hate themselves, they’re narcissists who think that people are fungible and that everyone can (and should be) like them. They lack perspective, vision and real “diversity experience” outside of their safe, high income lives.

  40. Observe liberal protest behavior.

    They lie down in the middle of roads, daring cars to hit them. They chain themselves to trees, as the chainsaw approaches. They go to mass marches, where they will certainly be arrested, beaten up, or gassed.

    They know what we know about TNB. Yet, they continually make trips to the Carribean, Africa, Central America even though they are raped or robbed.

    They know. Many are closet WNs. We are an unpleasant look in the mirror to them. A liberal white is really a fascist in costume.

  41. “A liberal white is really a fascist in costume.”

    Avoid talking shop with them and women in general. But this has some truth in it.

  42. You can only see a “white liberal” during his acts of self-creation or self-annihilation. In between is a staticness that has him appear like “us.” So “we” all readily recognize the “self-creation” aspect of the “white liberal” trying on many different selves overtime. “We” are also aware of the “white liberal” dancing with death putting every particular self-creation on the precipice of total destruction.

    This process in its totality is the attempt at “radical autonomy” and its logical conclusion is a “white” self-annihilator plum out of innovative new self-creations.

  43. Those within the “default elite” understand this liberationist process and teach and preach such process to the masses IN ORDER TO maintain their “default elite” status.

    A mass of perpetuating self-annihilators = default elite.

    The alt-rite only seeks to “dethrone” the “default elite” not because alt-rite rejects “white” self-annihilation (they hardly notice it and only when they do it must be no more than REALITY itself), but to logically and intelligently occupy the position of “default elite.”

    Yet, having no inkling for genuine white Supremacy, “we” shall get nothing, actually, in the ascendancy of alt-rite.

  44. They lie down in the middle of roads, daring cars to hit them. They chain themselves to trees, as the chainsaw approaches. They go to mass marches, where they will certainly be arrested, beaten up, or gassed.

    LOL, they’re about the most coddled group around. The government protects them like babies. This is not 1966 with water cannons and Bull Connor training pit bulls on them.

    If they had that much physical courage and conviction they’d actually have a future.

  45. Speaking of the mania of white liberals:

  46. It seems extremely difficult for the regenerate mind to acknowledge a degenerate mind desirous of self-annihilation. What modern communications technology has made possible is the staging of “political events” for the purpose of attracting self-annihilators into a visible collective. As this manufacturing of reality is amplified, it then gives the appearance of one being immersed in a mass of self-annihilators. So it is somewhat like a hot, summer night in Ohio with the bugs abuzzin’ all around you and then you turn on the first zapper.

    Zap… zap, zap. Zap-zap-zap-zap.

    So you turn on another zapper.


    Zap-zap-Zap-zap… Zap.

    And then flip on.another and another…

    The mind goes zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  47. –Could anyone here articulate your first principle?

    StrIve towards Supremacy as a white man.

    –State your metaphysical truth?

    Perfection as highest reality.

    –Define your core religious belief?

    No true obstacles unto a will to Perfection.

    –Identify your race with certainty?

    My father(s).

  48. First principle: 14 Words
    Metaphysical truth: Lord’s Prayer
    Define your core religious belief: Nicene Creed
    Identify your race: White by evolution, Polish by blood, American by design

  49. First principle is to try and make something of this life.

    As for religious beliefs. Religious beliefs are a social structure, and the social structure of this person’s life was effected [no sic] by and with the ritual of circumcision; and the people who make up this society and country, and what they are good for, are evaluated in light of that blood.

    As for metaphysical resolutions, … booze worked until it didn’t.

  50. FP: “Tyger! Tyger! burning bright / in the forests of the night,
    What immortal hand or eye / Could frame thy fearful symmetry?” (Blake)
    MT: ‘The soul, by the divine creative power inherent in it, makes the metaphysical assertion/posits the distinctions between metaphysical entities.’
    CRB: The Universe is eternal.
    Race: White via antiquated Texian-Germanic fireworks

    Nice Qs, t-daddy. Many would benefit from simply going through those once or twice a year.

  51. Re. ” no idea how Twitter works ”

    IDK much about it either. But it’s quite simple, according to everyone who tells me about it. And I’m sure you would be able to use it in the most facile of ways in no time.

  52. Yet more evidence that we’re at a new junction in terms of public sentiment and realpolitik; note the accepting tone and breakthrough-accepting conclusion to this piece about a subject that was once considered beyond-the-pale in terms of western ethics and morality.


    “Newsweek had a “Madam President” issue ready in case Hillary won. “

    I recall seeing ‘wrappers’ at the newspaper that would have both ‘win’ or ‘loss’ stories ready to go for that night’s Game-7 or NFL-round playoff game or whatever; in that vintage one-to-many print journalism world, you don’t have enough time to produce your product overnight sometimes. That can get hairy and make for embarrassing episodes in many ways…..off course, some of the commenters at sites like “newsbusters’ and others; those brave and bold new-con-screed watchdogs with their oh-so alarmist warnings about ‘da liberal media,’ they can’t even spell let along lampoon the subjects of their criticism; i love the way these half-ass sites self-righteously proclaim themselves to be the moral avengers of the corrupt mainstream media, while they don’t even aspire to the pretense of objectivity; rather, they’re gatheribg cry is “empiricism need not apply!”

  53. Camlost has found his 2017 Kijera award winner, let’s see how long it takes you to find the irony in this story

    She grew up in a Peter Biehl Award-winning home. Her father reportedly took up a collection for refugees at her funeral.

    And of course, comments are closed. Journalism is going the way of videotape rental stores.

  54. The first sentence of the linked article,

    “Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of a high-ranking EU official, was returning from a party in the university city of Freiburg in Germany when she was assaulted on a cycle path.”

    It is a violent and despicable crime is rape, but then to murder her afterwards is worse.

    “Following his arrest the suspect, aged 17, pleaded guilty to the attack and will be sentenced next year.”

    Aged 17 is unlikely, and it is, to put it mildly, irresponsible of that media organ The Express UK not to point out how that designation of minor status is abused by the immigrant invaders for the benefits it confers. There is no picture of the confessed Afghan killer. Why not, because he is 17?

    That is ironic in that the Afghan’s minor status is conferred upon him to protect him — but who was it who need protecting on that night?

    If he is tried as a minor, that will be a double-irony on the scales of injustice. First off, he is not a immigrant and secondly he is not a minor, and yet his trial will possibly lend him leniency for both those reasons.

  55. The article’s treatment says everything about how the trickledown media is an arm of the oppressive establishment.

    Comments are closed; no picture of the perp; and total acceptance and promulgation of false concepts that are central to the events: calling them “migrants”.

    (It may be that the article does not include a picture of the perp because it has not yet been released.)

    Also there is some ambiguity about what they say happened,

    “”The 19-year-old student had been at a party. By 2.37am, she left the party. Maria then cycled home, as usual. The young woman had been the victim of a sexual offence and a violent crime.”

    That says that she had already been a victim. At the party, or otherwise before she was assaulted again? Though that is probably just sloppy journalism, and not the intended meaning.

    “But Dieter Salomon, the mayor of Freiburg warned people not to ‘apply perpetrator background for sweeping judgements, but to view it as an isolated incident’.”

    This statement by the mayor is an example of politicians thinking they occupy a more important and venerated role in the community, than they do. Who the hell is he to say what conclusions people should draw? The mayor takes it as a given, that it is his role to tell people what to think about things.

    Somehow are thought leaders, our ‘intellectuals’, have disappeared and let us down, and now halfwit small-dicked local politicians think they get to play the role of community leaders?

  56. Nikcrit,
    These obscure websites never claim to be objective or to follow the standards of professional journalism,. Newsweek does. That is the difference.

  57. These obscure websites never claim to be objective or to follow the standards of professional journalism,. Newsweek does. That is the difference.

    And I wasn’t really relying on the actual “journalism” of that admittedly half-as* site. I was just referring to the screen shots taking from the “Madam President” issue, those speak for themselves without commentary.

    I hope at some point some publishes that full “Madam President” issue.

  58. “Journalism is going the way of videotape rental stores.”

    And are we to celebrate that development? Transparency? Objectivity? Empiricism?
    Are they in the mix for bold and brave new media?

    Or are they just fuddy-duddy remnants of that old one-to-many monopoloy media?

  59. I am not happy about the decline of traditional journalism, because I suspect whatever replaces it will not be an improvement. At least they seem to still care about their reputations. They have lost some credibility with me, but as long there are alternative news sources, they are going to have to be on their toes. Also, as long as something is presented as an opinion, I am fine with that. I enjoy hearing intelligent people’s opinions on topics they are familiar with. The local news is still pretty good about just reporting the news and not adding much spin.

  60. “Alec Baldwin’s impression is terrible.”

    Well, he is Alec Baldwin, after all —— but he does have the Trump look and expressions down though.

  61. “Great news….”

    Yeah, true enough. But too bad you can’t say ‘great newspaper’ in this case, as you tend to cite rather salacious sources in documenting your particular media authorities… Isn’t the Sun one of the entities in Murdoch’s ownership portfolio that even he is bashful about claiming as his own?

  62. as you tend to cite rather salacious sources in documenting your particular media authorities… Isn’t the Sun one of the entities in Murdoch’s ownership portfolio that even he is bashful about claiming as his own?

    I don’t know much about journalism at all, to be honest. I didn’t realize that particular news outlet was not too prestigious, but that Merkel quote is being reported in multiple places.

    Lately, I’ve been going through the NYT’s chronicle, which has all of their articles fully searchable by keyword. Put it any liberal buzzword you can think of (like “sexism”) and see how its appearance in the NYT has absolutely skyrocketed in 2010:


  63. Diversity
    Is Multi-Cult jizzim
    Mass sexual assault
    An open-aired prison
    And Lily White
    The most submissive
    Here come the “do-gooders”
    To guard the dismissive
    Whose vision of derision
    Is the price of admission
    Save one white flower
    Is the mIssion…
    Castrate an evil ingrate
    With no one’s permission…

  64. This just appeared in CH, with this comment:

    You laugh, but I guarantee Tom gets more pussy, and higher quality pussy, with this profile than your average beta male straining to showcase his career accomplishments, male feminist bona fides, and sky diving adventure over the Steppe of Pussboy Servility.

    I simply do not understand how people could think that this sort of thing would yield you a response from even one chick worth fu*cking. When this type of stuff appears in CH is it serious? Is there some joke I’m missing?

  65. Faux-mos are a type of sexually degenerate “white” male millennial whose caustic distaste for white female puts him on the verge of full on homo-sexuality.

  66. I doubt Tom is getting any great responses to his profile. It likely comes across as weird to girls. They might not even understand it.

  67. Looks like Tom’s been smugly reading Fratire anecdotes between his sustained Tinder sessions. He needs a fully-equipped weight room and to find his life purpose, pronto. Mass-mechanization hasn’t been a good thing for men at large. It’s incarcerating the soul, and diluting the senses.

  68. I simply do not understand how people could think that this sort of thing would yield you a response from even one chick worth fu*cking. When this type of stuff appears in CH is it serious? Is there some joke I’m missing?

    At least in part, the joke is internet culture.

    Is that an actual screenshot of Tom or is it a parody and a meme? (what’s the difference)

    And the analysis of it, including at PUA blogs and this comment, becomes a continuation of the irony.

    No one is serious, buy hey, Tom still wants his dick sucked.

    How is that new band anywaze Anal Cunt?

    In the same way that Canada’s hottest new network news anchor is rockin a (bright red) hijab, the internet is dancing electrons and inevitably choreographed gaping assholes. And the only question remaining is whose.

  69. Speaking of hot new internet memes, in the comments to the latest Daily Shoah, James Bowery offered to go onto their show.

    Hey Death Panel — in my humble estimation that would make for a good segment.

  70. Tom’s profile came up as an example of what you should do in an absurdly choosy-female dating market. The Game principle is “disqualification” — presenting oneself as the choosy man in contrast with the mass of supplicating men. I like his comment. Real or fake, it comes off as sophisticated and in-the-know for a 21-year-old, but he might be reading the same PUA blogs the rest of us are reading. Is it effective? dunno — the dumber girl might dismiss it as butthurt but the smarter one might be intrigued.

    As to Thordddy’s point, he is expressing dismissiveness with the pool of females on Tinder, not necessary with women in general. For my part in terms of social commentary, I know the 35-and-up culture well, as well as the pre-teen culture by the fact of being a father. But teen-thru-35 is my terra incognita.

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