What Does the Alt-Right Think of this Video?

The term “Alt-Right” has been getting so much pixel time since Hillary Clinton’s speech last week that I am avoiding its use to keep it from devolving into a blank pair of glottal syllables. Yet the term has been around since 2010, if not earlier. I’ve used it prior to hearing of Richard Spencer’s coinage.

A number of writers — friendly, hostile, and confused — have attempted to define this movement and Vox Day hits the bulls-eye with his sixteen-point “What The AltRight Is.” While he describes our movement as an essentially pro-Western, pro-White assertion of right to an identity and a future, he also extrapolates Alt-Right’s broader belief in the right of all nations to exist and where circumstances force them, to resist imperial aggression. Points five and six specifically:

5. The Alt Right is openly and avowedly nationalist. It supports all nationalisms and the right of all nations to exist, homogeneous and unadulterated by foreign invasion and immigration.

6. The Alt Right is anti-globalist. It opposes all groups who work for globalist ideals or globalist objectives.

With that in mind, what do you think of this Iranian video?

Inspiring. That is how I would describe it, in spite of the story’s cheesy inshallah deliverance. As to the dark-skinned kid: I don’t know anything about that country’s AryānāmAbid relations but the primacy they give him ironically Americanizes the message. All that aside, a nationalist understands that a human being is at home among those who love him and whom he can trust, and what those people have in common is that they come together when wolves circle.

The extent of my personal familiarity with Iran begins and ends with having worked with two Persian colleagues for a stretch of years and I’ve found them both to be decent and gentle men, to a fault. That said, individuals form collectives and sympathy for people in their own country doesn’t scale into good will for them as invader-diaspora.

As an American in spirit and witness to the current invasion my adoptive country, as well as a veteran of the United States Army who never saw honor in the trampling over another’s homeland, I approve of that video.


An unrelated addendum to the above: this next video (h/t Camlost) was recorded and later uploaded by a female SJW while riding as a passenger in a Lyft car. She harangues and threatens the driver with exposure on Gawker unless he takes the Hawaiian bobblehead doll off his dashboard. The driver was patient, he never took her rhetorical bait, and he eventually dumped her off on the side of the road. Nevertheless as described in a follow-on story, he lost his job. The story ends happily though: he was rehired and the public’s wrath landed on her.

One of the common motifs in literature about Communism in its terror phase, from the accounts of the Bolshevik revolution to the Khmer Rouge camps, is the fanatical zeal of young female cadres. They are described as sadistic and devoid of guilt, doubt, or conscience in ways that even the most evil men aren’t capable of being.

I also think that Pepe is ready for a girlfriend.



41 thoughts on “What Does the Alt-Right Think of this Video?

  1. VD’s 16-point breakdown was a great treatise, for lack of a more descriptive term, in regards to outlining the movement.

    And yes, it seems that that term is being more misused than the word “love”, but that’s to be expected.

    I always distill Alt-Right in terms of conversing one’s own borders/nation and securing a future for the younglings.

  2. — conversing one’s own borders/nation and securing a future for the younglings

    That’s pretty much how I see it. In terms of its roots, I see it as a convergence of two streams of ideas, with directional arrows like in this tentative model:

    1. 19th century Romanticism > Lindbergh’s America First > John Birch Society > purged National Review writers > Pat Buchanan

    2. Hellenic/pagan mythology > Marquis de Sade > Camille Paglia > Heartiste

    There’d be no need to even recall those esoteric pedigrees but the West has been pushing back against the juggernauts of various mutations of universalist Babelisms for over a century now, so our side ends up labelling that which is simply best understood as “normal and natural” with a brand and with the names of old philosophers.

  3. I’m gonna turn you into a WN Muzz yet, PA. There’s no contradition at all. We solve MRM and PUA with the snap of a finger. We’ll become warriors and raiders again.

    Only two cultures have opposed Americanism: Islam and Communism. That’s why I support both. WNs have a great deal in common with Persians and Palestinians.

    That’s a great propaganda video.

  4. — I’m gonna turn you into a WN Muzz yet, PA (Ryu)

    I already am a WN and I will never be Muzz because I don’t want to go to hell after I die. I agree that it was inspiring, but what did you think about the handling of race in the video?

  5. I already am a WN and I will never be Muzz because I don’t want to go to hell after I die

    There is no separate identity, territory or destiny for whites under Islam. Zero.

    For those who want a submissive, unquestioning brown girl just pick a Filipina chick.

  6. Awesome. I have a positive opinion of Persians. Went to prep school in England with a few. Very rich, very civilized. One of them, a good friend at the time, is now totally bald with a gorgeous wife and two kids, and works for Goldman Dachs. I used to know a lot of Lebanese, too. Good people. You should check out some of the Lebanese Forces videos in YouTube.

  7. Awesome. I have a positive opinion of Persians. Went to prep school in England with a few. Very rich, very civilized.

    Persians are definitely a cut above the much more numerous Arabs in quality, behavior, looks, intelligence. Some high class Persians look down on other Arabs and consider themselves the heirs to the old ancient Persian civilization of Cyrus and Xerxes (as seen in “300”) and they feel much more affinity to the West than to their own Muslim neighbors. The Shah of Iran who got desposed in 1979 was of this aristocratic ilk – he had an upopular policy of spending big $$ refurbishing old, ancient Persian archaeological sites that pre-dated the arrival of Islam.

    Nietzche’s treatise “Thus Spake Zarathustra” talks a little about the ancient, national religion they practiced before Islam.

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  9. Ryu…


    That’s why you can’t envision their seventy-two virgins.

    If “they” ever merge with “wn” it WILL BE under the mutual desire for radical sexual autonomy.

  10. The alt-rite are “racist” anti-white Supremacists.

    The alt-rite is conceptually anti-egalitarian AND YET either COERCIVELY impresses a God-ordained free will upon all or simply renders said God-ordained free will an illusion of mankind. Ergo, an egalitarian covering both bases depending on the audience.

    The alt-riter is an anti-egalitarian egalitarian.

    Vox has no argument against The Parasitic Nation… As long as “it” doesn’t go “global.”

  11. If Hillary says the alt-rite are “racists” pining for “white supremacy” and the alt-rite retorts that they are not, in fact, “white supremacists” then alt-riters are “racist” anti-white Supremacists.

    And the smartest idgets across the political “spectrum” ALL AGREE to anti-white Supremacy effectively nullifying any notion of a “political spectrum.” Such nullification of a “political spectrum” will be something equal to a “default elite.”

    The alt-rite seeks a default “elite” status. This is the nature of their anti-white Supremacy and it runs in chaotic collusion with the most radically visible liberationists.

  12. https://orthosphere.wordpress.com/2016/09/01/hurray-hurray-its-constitution-day/#comment-102561

    “Implicit to the reality of “fallen” men is the explicit will to not only stand again, but to proceed towards that which was intended from the very Beginning. The alt-rite critique of modern Christianity is DEAD ON, no pun intended. The mass of “white Christians” are “self-annihilators for salvation.” The mass of “white Christians” BELIEVE they are to stay fallen and just die as their “sacrifice.” Where the alt-rite PURPOSELY GOES WRONG is in both its diagnosis and solution to said diagnosis. Although “racist,” the alt-riter cannot “see” that “white Christian” self-annihilates BECAUSE he is pathologically deracinated. The modern “white Christian” TRULY believes he can separate his race from his religion. In a nutshell, modern “white Christian” is no such thing. Likewise, the alt-rite solution to just scrap Christianity altogether SIMPLY REFLECTS their anti-Nicene Creed. The alt-rite does not desire to get back to the “business” of doing what fallen white man are supposed to do once they’ve decided to stand again and embrace that which was intended for them from the very Beginning.

    Strive towards Supremacy.”

  13. Ryu…

    You can “see” where this leads?

    Your muzz-wn hydrid religion has the zebra horde turning out seventy-two LILY WHITE virgins for all eternity.

    Come on, man…

    Muzzlam + “wn” mathematically equal to SEXUAL DEGENERACY.

    AND SEXUAL DEGENERACY just is self-annihilation.

    What are you teaching exactly?

  14. Radical autonomy…

    When you have to drag the “smartest” “white” “men” — kicking, screaming and violently resisting — to the “promised land.”

  15. Persians are almost White. They could be assimilated into Empire, along with some Japanese and a few Uighurs. The front-man on the video capture, is he white? I would say yes, but he is no Willie Nelson.

    All can be reconciled with a consensual Eugenics as First Principle of Social Order aka What’s Your Number?

    Your number is tatted ir-erasably on your forehead; determining with whom and how many children; concomitant with sexual selection: Your Number is zero to ninety-nine.

    An ugly jew is zero; a nigger is zero.

    99? well let’s not start. If Jesse Ventura weren’t such a fuckin dickfuck? he is a phenotype.

  16. More proof women should not be allowed to vote. And the Jew has taught our women to absolutely HATE “white men.”

    War soon.

  17. The first step in deprogrammimg the “white woman” from hating “white men” is to recognize the absurdity in the LIBERATED construct itself.

    “White woman” hates “white man” as a general assertion is so nonsensical as to suggest the meaninglessness of the terms involved. And this is exactly where “we” are…. The reaction to the “collapse” per enforced “equality” across the board has “us” speak by their meaningless terms such that a reality of “white woman hating white man” IS THE DEFINING FEATURE of the white woman. This diabolically fatalistic mindset is all gleaned by the language used.

    “White” dyke hates white man.

    White woman and white man are inextricably intertwined for all time.

  18. Portlander, in a comment last night, suggested a post with psych-up music for us. Something I’m giving thought to, and open to suggestions (please avoid YouTube videos in comments, as too many of them slow down the page download; naming the title and artist will work.)

  19. What “resistance” is there to striving towards Supremacy?

    Why does white man need an existential crisis to provoke his will to Supremacy?

    The pull of radical sexual autonomy is so strong amongst the “elite” OF EVERY SINGLE NATION ON EARTH that it is the defining essence of “globalism.”

    This ^^^ is the place of RESISTANCE and it is down to the last man and the fate of his progeny. His national border is irrelevant to this plague. It is as porous as the base morality of his fellow citizen. Old America was the last bastion of white sexual regeneracy in the entire white world. The final assault is near completion.

  20. @Thordaddy If only. White women are the source of all our troubles. They vote opem borders, buy the magic negro BS and are killing all civilization with their extreme idiocy ain swallowing THE NARRATIVE KOOL AID.

  21. “…psych-up music…”

    Some off the top of my head:

    Can – ‘Soul Desert’
    Lugubrum – Face Lion Face Oignon (album)
    Dvořák – ‘The Water Goblin’
    C. Nancarrow – ‘Study No. 21’
    Michael A. Levine – ‘Divination by Mirrors’

  22. “…psych-up music…”

    The approach to this, is all wrong.

    What we are looking for, is something REAL, something ORGANIC.

    What we are looking for, is a War Dance, that we do, as a People.

    It can’t be pointed to and it can’t be listed.


    Back before i became a suburban recluse, down at Lake Calhoun was an old boy, one of those Characters always around. Everytime you go down there — you see him. Not four out of five times, not nine out of ten.

    He had the surfer dude look with long sun-bleached hair and shirtless. But the thing about him — he circumferences the Lake, always, with the Papuan War Dance.

    Can you do the Papuan War Dance?

    For a stressed-out person it helps.

  23. “Cart before the horse,” you’re saying Elk — music has to project from the healthy inside rather than need to be pumped into us?

  24. Back on the original topic — she is awful.

    She is what, mixed Pacific Islander, and has the look that some of them do, of being hard and graceless.

    Her tits were worth fucking, for awhile, and now she has a hard face.

  25. I have a feeling this unprecedented mania of recorded music will flip around and lead to equally uncharted live elements. If Dvořák had written actual War Dances while living here in the U.S. he would have secured his status as legend.

  26. Yes PA, some have said Islam is a form of multiculturalism. I saw the nigger boy in the vic.

    Of course, I can also say Christianity is multicultural. The common strain of xtianity doesn’t give the white race any special status. Only Christian Identity is different.

    People can believe anything they want. Certainly a creative WN can make a Islam that elevates whites.

  27. Ryu…

    This is about embracing the absolute Truth so as to avoid a total annihilation, ie., Hell. All this other stuff, Islam and wn and the like, is mere peanuts.

    Detaching race from religion and religion from race IS THE PATHOLOGICAL DESTRUCTION of both race and religion proper.

    The religion of the white man is PERFECTION… Objective Supremacy.

    This was establish seventeen hundred years ago with Nicene Creed.

    And it has taken this long to deconstruct this meta-physical reality SO AS TO GIVE US a GLOBE of anti-white Supremacists to which the jihadists represent a most sadistically degenerate kind.

  28. * I don’t think, that i want to match wits, with Camlost.

    If there is one mother-fucker, i am reluctant to go horns with? it’s him.


    But all the same, pal — you ought to listen to me.

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