100th Post

This is my 100th post here. What I enjoy most about blogging — besides the satisfaction of pressing Publish on something that I think is my better work — is the comments section. I read every comment here; you keep me sharp. There is also the elusive peak experience of forcing myself to think out of my comfort zone and doing so trigger a process analogous to a runner’s high, watching the post write itself. It’s comparable to standing over the shoulder of someone more focused than I am and seeing him type it.

Why am I blogging? One, because I want my posterity to read the things I am thinking about and better understand the time I live in. How will they relate to much of this? That is an open question. Two, we are living in an interesting historic period. Few struggles have offered its belligerents such a clear-cut choice of truth vs. lies, and with enemies that are so gimped, each in his own way. Yet to tear victory away from the hands of those who’d blend out our civilization, this era calls upon the complete suite of talents every Western man has, as well as his ripping himself away from passivity, online and off.

There is a three-way intersection consisting of things I want to write about, things that blog readers want to read, and things that I think blog readers should read — and I aim for that center. Below are excerpts from a selection of my posts, chronologically with newer ones first:

Losing Their Cool:

Globalists were winning by boiling the frog — in other words, selling their program incrementally for decades — under the guise of high-minded progress. “It’s not bestializing man for profit; it’s separation of church and state!”

Racism is a Human Right:

As empire-builders have learned by observing racial relations in the United States, black people can be weaponized as universal solvent against every rooted social structure — family, community, nation —  and deployed as such under the state’s protection wherever something needs wrecking.

The Mudshark: A Comedy Or A Tragedy?:

The man is a tree, with women as vines wrapped around him, assuming his shape. Where there is nothing upright, the vine creeps along the ground. Woman — like any human being — has agency but she needs a man’s guidance to balance her sometimes conflicting instincts, and without that guidance she flails. This is why as men, we are responsible for directing women toward decisions that do not destroy their lives and snuff out our common future in the literal crib.

Walls Go Up, Walls Come Down:

The time has come to build new walls between us and them, between the home and the wilderness, between nations so that each can live the best way it can. It is also time to tear down the walls that imprison our minds as we now more unrelentingly reach through barred windows for the severed parts of our whole selves.

What is the Road to Hell Paved With?:

Diversity demoralizes because absent commonly agreed-upon norms, the public space favors the lowest common denominator in civic behavior.

Shots of Wisdom, Part 3:

Waiting for my food, I started composing that scene in my mind and the unifying theme of this post becomes clear. Sometimes yes, dulce et decorum est indeed.

Five Men:

Jonathan comes from a line of men who live and die by the pride in their hearts and the fire in their guts. Quick to throw a punch, quicker to help a friend. His deepest desire is to serve and be needed and to see the fruits of his works. Men like him require a purpose and when they sense futility, they destroy themselves.

Is Anti-Racism A Religion?:

[A] key difference between religion and Anti-Racism: religion is adaptive for its adherents and Anti-Racism is maladaptive. Rather than sustaining its people, it devours them. That makes Anti-Racism, like Communism before, not a religion but a psychotic episode that at best mimics the outward forms of religious practice.

Songs About Neoliberalism:

Thirty years ago you told them that they are a fungible commodity. You dumped monkeys, rats and snakes into their beds. You drugged them with corn, sold them brittle plastic trinkets, blew off their legs overseas and liberated their women’s gutter impulses.

Free Speech:

[George] Zimmerman’s ordeal taught me that there is no need to worry about the blow-back on our iconoclasm when there was this perfect New Diversity Man who likely never wrote a single racisss word in his life, and yet the entire U.S. establishment threw all it had at him in an effort to put him in prison for said racism.

It Is A Very Good Year:

Have you ever fucked a girl who squirmed “maybe we shouldn’t…” but her eyes burned? Have you cold-cocked an Antifa? Are you making money? When was the last time your arms gave out on that last bench rep as a stranger spotted you?

Marriage Advice to a Millennial:

A woman follows a man with adamantine principles. Girls on Tinder crave that too.

Confession: I Like Women:

Female nature is a wild landscape with its caprices and twisted laws, flashes of sublimity and capacity for self-oblivion, without which it would be uninspiring. The woman’s nature makes passion and man’s very will to live and strive possible. If you strike her hypergamous strings the right way, she really does love you for who you are. The flip side to her infuriatingly childlike whimsy and taste for cruelty is that when you play her right, she will be yours and devoted to you to the end, no matter if you’re a poor man or a prince.

Frolicking Fawns and Pink Gold:

Sort of slouched, legs relaxed. Tight jeans, her crotch is very warm. Those girls seem endearingly oblivious to the effect they have on older men because only two kinds of men live their world: hot guys their age and people dad’s age. And it’s not even a salacious effect they have on us; it’s more like a knowing and an appreciation on our part, like our ancestors’ smiling at the girls with wreaths of flowers on their heads dancing around the maypole.

Poles Apart: Nationalists and SJWs in Poland:

The Polish anti-racist should make a humbling effort to better understand the refugee influx and the state-enabled Islamic invasion of Europe. He should then extrapolate Europe’s — as well as Poland’s own — fate under the trajectory of those events. Then, as a collaborator with the Brussels-based empire, ask himself: Czy jestem dumny z tego, co robię?

We Don’t Have to Live Like This:

He understands that there is no turning back and that he is now a folk hero. The visitor is on the floor, blood spreading over the vinyl tiles. Stefan swings once more, and this time he splits the coconut. Then, it doesn’t matter what happens. He did what he was born to do. Peace, like he had never felt before, fills his heart.

Shots of Wisdom, Part 2:

Men generally enjoy meeting men from other nations and races. There is a lot that is interesting, even fraternal, in the crossing of cultures—so long as these three conditions are met: both parties are coming from positions of equal relative status, each man has a home of his own, and each man knows who he is. Even Pashtun tribesmen are famed for their hospitality toward strangers whom they do not perceive as invaders. But multiculturalism, by imposing strangers on another’s home and codifying this intrusion with the Marxist duality of oppressor and oppressed, precludes any such fraternity.


Yet right this moment, a pair of piercing blue eyes opens amidst the bustle of maternity ward’s nurses. A little wanderer cries, impatient to test his wings and to roam, maybe setting his aim on descending to the gutters of Hades or ascending the peak of Olympus—either way, forged to stand in radiance and despise chains, proof-enough that man has been created in the image of God.

The Age of Shivalry, or Goodbye jeb:

South Carolina loser jeb bush [sic] did his damned best on behalf of his nuclear family (the extended Bush family may be a complicated story here) and on behalf of every hill troll that wanted to grab a piece of your grandchildren’s birthright. Jeb bush is a good man by his lights, that awkward big galoot who wants your grandchildren to be brown, or never-born.

A Simple Advice to a Boy:

Fear God. Respect good men. Believe in yourself.

America’s Greatness:

“Liberty” means to have an undisputed dominion over your public space, keeping it in your own image to reflect who you are. “Community” means sharing that space with like-minded people.

Orwell on Leftist Media: “Once a Whore, Always a Whore”:

My message to today’s left-wing journalists: no one believes your story. […] You have placed yourself in service to lies in defiance of your code of professional ethics and common decency. But your name is on the bylines and history’s forthcoming judgment will be clear: Not only are you a whore, you are also accessory to genocide.

Is the Mulatto the New Superman?:

But then I saw three things in the real world: a young White woman one evening, she walked lightly. The streetlamp’s glow kissed her flowing hair and caressed her shoulder. A birthday party full of White children playing. Their bright faces were God’s own joy. A White man, his solid face and clear eyes, and I knew that I am looking at the only man in this world whom I can trust.

On White Knighting:

A reversal of our decline will begin when we White men affirm our responsibilities to our women and reassert our expectations of them, pulling together those scattered links of interdependence. The women of Europe are afraid and maybe Merkel’s deluge is Providence handing us an opportunity reclaim what is ours.

“Welcome to Hell, Stray Lambs”:

When you humiliate a man, he remembers it forever. The leaders of Western European countries are doing just that. In an unprovoked act of genocide-scale aggression, these governments and institutions are imposing on their people a fight-or-flight condition with nowhere to flee. People have picked up the scent of malice.

Assessing Your Place on the Hierarchy:

Which one of the following templates best describes people’s posture toward you?  Family and friends don’t count. An insouciant Gamma among lesser Gammas will strut like an Alpha but will still fold in any competitive social environment outside of his in-group.

The Year of the Shitlord:

We Shitlords suffer no liars, we countenance no shills, we humor no saboteurs of White children’s future. And we most certainly (ahem!) stomach no fatties.

The Year the Dam Burst:

Here is my take on the forecasting of historic events: change happens either much later — or much sooner — than expected. Rarely when expected.

Idle Thoughts on Popular Songs:

“Annie’s Song” by John Denver – It was a bright early spring day in Georgetown, Washington DC. I was walking toward the boathouse under the Key Bridge and a driver of a parked convertible car was playing the song very loudly, crystal clear from good speakers. Was it a vision, or a waking dream? Fled is that music:—Do I wake or sleep?

A Thousand Doves:

Peace in this world is what we earn when we secure the space to live as our best selves. Eternal peace is what we earn when we leave this world, having lived as men and women in Christ our Lord.

What Have We Learned?:

History never ends and as human beings, we are bound to repeat our mistakes, over and over. Satan stands behind you in the shadow, always watching. But there is Truth that blazes our path through the darkness. Not losing sight of that light is our hope for making it through just far enough to let our sons and daughters, in turn, walk yet farther onward, straight and true.


It is not strong minds, but weak stomachs that destroy leftist regimes.

How To Help Prevent Mudsharking:

Three generations ago, fathers could afford to be remote protectors and providers because robust faith, extended family, and community were there to nurture a child’s identity and sense of purpose. But we are now atomized and under cultural and demographic assault on all fronts. The modern White father can no longer be uninvolved in his daughter’s emotional and intellectual development. He is the only thing that stands between her and the malevolent, child-destroying maw of moloch America.


In no moral law is it written that asylum for refugees must become an open door to changing the national character of the host country. A good host will feed you and board you, not dispossess his son or give away his daughter for the guest’s sake.

No Allegiance:

Alexander Solzhenitsyn hated the Soviet Union but he always loved Russia.

All Saints’ Day:

[O]ur ancestors would be horrified by our problems. But our grandparents had their own problems, and they did what they could. On All Saints’ Day, we can clarify to each other that the wolf is always near. The beast takes different forms but it always seeks the same thing: our destruction, first moral and then physical. And we have to do what we can.

Be The Boss (Part I):

This post is not for those who seek to improve on their already-established effectiveness as managers. This post is for readers who struggle with the basics of being a boss.

The Cruelty Artist:

If you think you are a cruelty artist, are you the first kind (“takes two to tangle”) or are you the second kind (the gamma power trip)? With the former, the more you lay it on, the more she lights up. In the second case the more you lay it on, the more her light goes out.

Open thread.

82 thoughts on “100th Post

  1. ***…a line of men who live and die by the pride in their hearts and the fire in their guts. Quick to throw a punch, quicker to help a friend. His deepest desire is to serve and be needed and to see the fruits of his works. Men like him require a purpose and when they sense futility, they destroy themselves…***

    Applies very much to ‘The NY School’ of painters circa 1950-70. Keep it up, PA. I never thought I’d be a ‘blog reader’ until a year or so ago. There are a few worthwhile/striking in this arena after all.

  2. A hundred, already? Wow. Time flies when you’re shitposting and kicking libtard *ss.

    This is one of the more sober, thoughtful blogs, without being stuffy or pretentious. I recall reading your comments at CH’s and thinking, “This guy needs his own blog.” Glad you did it.

    I love all you guys!

  3. I think you need a more selfish reason for blogging, PA.

    Very few WN bloggers last for more than 5 years. They get tired. In the beginning, one thinks that “the truth” is what people want. If only we give people enough “truth”, THEN things will change!

    No; at least not in America. We have become so fond of lies that we often lie to ourselves too. This is a most fatal weakness. Maybe….Donald Trump will build that wall. Maybe….there will be civil war in France. Maybe….the collapse will happen in the US.

    The truth is not enough. It lacks the emotional gravity to shock men into action. Can you stand writing 1000 more posts, and nothing changes?

    We are not the first. WNs have been saying the things we say since 1960. Ask yourself where the masters of the past are today, those who are still alive, and why they are not online.

  4. Shitposting has influence. I regularly see concepts and memes I introduced 10-15 years ago online pop up on Alt-Right websites and comments sections. It’s satisfying, in a way. But there’s more to life than blogging.

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  6. Words can have an impact. Certainly much ink was spilled before the French, American and Russian revolutions. But seeing those words become something takes a long time.

    I have a pity for WNs. It is a long process and they have to deal with alot of frustration. It can be discouraging.

    Joe Paul Franklin became a multiculturalist by his death. Time has very bad effects. It seems to suck all the devotion and faith someone has.

  7. Pouring over those excerpts, I can only say “Hey, that’s quite a ouevre you’ve deveoped there!”

    Congratulations, bracie!

    (Pssst! But that of course doesn’t mean you’re RIGHT about those subjects; so I’ll still be trying to bust your balls every other post or so.) 🙂

  8. Ryu: “Joe Paul Franklin became a multiculturalist by his death. Time has very bad effects. It seems to suck all the devotion and faith someone has.”

    There’s a connection between Franklin and his legacy and the reason certain alt-right principles don’t register with the mainstream.

  9. ***Warhol? Rothko? Reichel? Jasper Jons?***

    None of the above; Rothko was above that self-destruction for the most part, at least in terms of his canvases; the other two are really pop art – not even in the discussion. Thinking more Motherwell, Guston, and that whole (sinking) A.E. ship. I think that were aware there was a real hole in their boat though, so there’s that

  10. I watched the film ‘Wall Street’ (1987) last night for the first time since 1989. I had forgotten how good it was. It’s aged remarkably well, especially in terms of design, grooming, and dress. But I still find it funny that the Charlie Sheen character is rendered as a non-Jew. The same trick was played in the more recent movie ‘Margin Call’ (2011), one of the best recent Wall Street films imo, in which all the bad guys were non-Jews and/or Brits. ‘Wall Street’ (1987) had little to no influence on my subsequent career, although many of my peers and later colleagues cited it as an influence.

  11. …a positive influence.

    The directors meant those movies as cautionary tales. Instead, they inspired the audience to pursue greed. It’s not a bad thing necessarily; I encourage white men to be very greedy…for the right coinage.

    I watched a good financial docu. It was not American, which made it even better.

  12. Best part of WS (1987) :: Exceptional use of Talking Heads’ ‘This Must Be The Place’

  13. “Reichel I’m unacquainted with. Instrument maker?”

    Me too —– though I too was casually intrigued by the vids you came across.

    In truth, i was just going off-the-cuff and had in mind the pre-pop-art painter and graphic artist Robert Rauschenberg (not sure how ‘Reichel’ came out of that guess).

    In terms of the old gig, i was first and foremost a music critic; that’s where i’m home, rooted and solid. But often at dailies staff is streteched and asked to don many other hats; hence, me being the movie-critic backup who also did a fair share of book reviewing and even theater criticism (which was quite a stretch for this lad). But I very, VERY rarely delved into the traditional visual arts (painting, sculpting, installation), where I’m quickly out of of my depth.

  14. Talking Heads’ ‘This Must Be The Place’

    Yes, I love that song. I remember first listening to ‘Speaking in Tongues’ in 1983 and noting how oddly beautiful that song sounded compared to the rest of the songs on that album.

  15. “I watched the film ‘Wall Street’ (1987) last night for the first time since 1989. I had forgotten how good it was. It’s aged remarkably well”

    I did the same about two years ago, shortly after watching the sequel with Shia LaBeouf; the sequel was much worse a film, in part because it was contemporary and depicted a much more depressing economic period.

    The manic bubble depicted in the first one was supposedly flawed too —– b ut it was exhilirating in how it sucked up and energized the players involved and who benefitted and/or were destroyed by the mania….. Also, IMHO, the Hollywood wild-child back then, Sean Young, did an EXCELLENT job portraying the vapid and jaded trophy wife to mentor Mike Douglas Jr.’s role… The sequel was actually almost embarassing in ways; the way the story resovled itself at the end was just plain hokey.

  16. Great work PA! You should be proud of this body of strong, important work. Looking forward to the next 100 and the 100 after that.

  17. All, a sincere thank you for the thumbs-up. I’m just getting started.

    — Can you stand writing 1000 more posts, and nothing changes? / We are not the first. WNs have been saying the things we say since 1960.  (Ryu)

    Things do change and they have. Blogs were ideological battlegrounds five years ago, where our position was getting clarified, and the things we wrote worked their way out to normie world. Today blogs are secured territory that provides support and direction to the new ideological battleground, which is on Twitter.

    Truth works its way out of hiding and we help it along. People are less and less saying “I’m not a racist, but…” and middle aged women fling shitlord memes on facebook. Every comment under a news article or a YouTube video reflects cutting edge WN blogging from a few years back. I even took some wisdom from you and FP at Eradica, which is reflected in my About page.

    Conditions have to help create a demand for the truth, though. Decades ago people felt rich and secure and nobody cared about what George Lincoln Rockwell was saying and patriotic Americans people dismissed Randy Weaver as a nut. Conditions have changed and the national mood is getting to a pre-revolutionary temperature.

    — But that of course doesn’t mean you’re RIGHT about those subjects (Nikcrit)

    Are you trying to say that you don’t like “Annie’s Song”?

  18. Yes, the ‘Wall Street’ sequel ‘Money Never Sleeps’ (2010) sucked!

    Shia LaBeouf is such an awful actor, and his co-star/love interest, Carey Mulligan, is so odd-looking, it was almost painful to watch. My firm’s management gave the office the day off (after market close, of course) and paid for movie tickets and cocktails afterwards. A lot of the younger guys were clearly smitten with Michael Douglas’s character, and some of them started wearing shirts with contrasting white collars and cuffs that they called “Gordon Gecko shirts.” Pikers.

    If you want to watch a series about Wall Street high finance and hedge funds, check out ‘Billions’ on Showtime. It’s excellent.

  19. Shia LaBeouf is such an awful actor,

    I try not to make sweeping judgments on anyone’s personality, especially celebs and/or people I’ve never met. But LaBeouf just exudes this twerpy Hollywood arrogant douchiness that he can scarcely hide, I think it causes his movies to suck even though producers can’t seem to perceive it. I get the exact same feeling about another prick celeb who is also in desperate need of a good ass whooping – Michael Moore.

  20. ***…watch a series about Wall Street high finance and hedge funds…***

    Speaking of television, NF had some apt docs concerning Mexican cartels. A comparatively lesser known one got them in a bit of trouble, me thinks. Not sure if it’s still available; I don’t recall the name of it. If your español isn’t too rusty, it’s worth a look. It’s not ‘Narco Cultura;’ a bit older

  21. I’m surprised that you didn’t like Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, LBF.

    The 1980s was the last truly white decade. No one can replicate the atmosphere back then in a modern movie. Everything today is inferior to that time. It was not a great movie, but there are fewer of those in general today.

    What we find now is that the past was superior. Even PUA pre-2005 was far superior. Rooshy and Roissy have degraded it and made it easier. It is the same effect as replacing whites with blacks.

    Gordon gets out of prison and needs to get back in the game. That’s plausible. Many of the players from the leveraged buy-out time still wanted in. Boesky, Milken, T Boone Pickens. I can even believe he’d want to see his grandkid.

    What offends in the new movie is the new ethic. No one today says they are greedy and just in it for themselves. Americans want to play nice now, at least in appearance.

    I connect WN of the early 1980s to the “greed is good” idea. WNs in the early 80s were FAR more radical than WNs today. Virtually all the well known action guys worked from 1977-1985. It was pure and revolutionary. We don’t see that now. The same degradation from Wall Street to Money Never Sleeps is seen in 1980s WN to 2010s WN.

    Young whites should look up to Gordon Gecko, the 1987 version. That kind of greed and desire to win at all costs is exactly what modern WN needs.

  22. Ryu, I couldn’t get past the actors.

    I loved the ’80s. It really was the “truly last white decade.”

  23. 1980s WN — Taco//Puttin’ on the Ritz
    2010s WN —

    “The future is wide open .. Under them skies of blue.”
    -Tom Petty, ‘Into the Great Wide Open’

  24. @PA–congrats on numero 100! BON! I try to make here when I can. Need to visit more often. I will agree that this blog does have a quality comment section.

    @LBF: Wall St. is in my top ten films of all time. It has aged well and still holds up. Love it when Gekko schools him “you don’t think we’re living in a democracy, do you?” and just that greed speech kills me. There’s much truth to it. At least he’s being direct and blunt about what we at times all shy away from in a PC manner.

    I’ve been thinking of starting a blog, analyzing films from 1977–1998, as a way to get off my ass and get more writing done and to get off my ass and make that red-pill film we’re all waiting for.

  25. Bastille Day, and putrid sub-animals target the promenade des anglais. Nihilists reject a nihilist world, which they “act” upon in varying ways globally, further reinforcing the same nihilist whirlwinds/cheapening life for all. When will the Occident stop playing this veritably-Buddhistic, masochist tee-ball and revise SPORT herself?

  26. TKB. To my French bros: please start striking back. Let the Civil War of Liberation begin. +

  27. About two weeks or so ago some Trump supporter friends and I put up Trump stickers and other propaganda around town. I just checked, and they’re still there.

  28. I think a lot of has to do with how easy or hard it is to assimilate to a particular country. I can’t imagine it is easy to be French.

  29. I think a lot of has to do with how easy or hard it is to assimilate to a particular country. I can’t imagine it is easy to be French.

    France’s job market is a lot tighter and less lucrative than the USA. Even the highest paying jobs there to don’t give as much actual discretionary income there after the burden of their high taxes and social services burden.

    And France has no official affirmative action program or “disparate impact” laws to provide set aside jobs for non-native African and Muslim immigrants. Low-level public sector jobs that are shunned by whites in the USA (like the post office, TSA, etc) are held in higher esteem and valued by native French and low IQ newcomers cannot compete easily and this is why so many French terrorists fit the same profile – petty loser career criminals as youths and then radicalizing as they get older in a society where they couldn’t compete or assimilate.

    Imagine how much more violent American blacks would be if they didn’t have the benefit of 1/3 of their population working in public sector, with much of that due to set asides and affirmative action.

  30. Assimilation ultimately means intermarriage, which is why Ellis Island immigrants from Europe have more or less assimilated. Being Christian and of near-identical genetic stock to the country’s Anglo-German native stock allowed for two things: minimal cultural objection to intermarriage and a balanced direction of intermarriage in terms of male status and female attractiveness.

    The normal alternative to assimilation is to refrain from intermarrying on a significant scale and be an insular sub-nation within the larger nation. Examples in the US include Blacks, Jews, Mormons, and Amish.

    In Poland examples of micro-nations with a sense of cultural distinctness from the larger Polish society, as well as their own dialect, include the Kashubs in the Pomerania, Silesians in the southwest, and Highlanders (Gorale) in the Tatra mountains.

  31. Le Musée Matisse, was instrumental in my life. They are coming after the soul, but it’s too resilient for enraged half-insects. Their are some laws of warfare, and their casually ignoring them will catch up to them in a very big way.

  32. Various news snippets related to Nice, including the following. This kind of defiance of neoliberal narrative would not have been possible without Victor Orban, savior of Europe, standing up to Merkel and to the entire mobile capital establishment on refugees when it seemed like a quixotic impossibility:

    Poland’s interior minister is blaming the attack in Nice on the values of multiculturalism and political correctness promoted by European Union leaders like foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.

    Mariusz Blaszczak, interior minister in a right-wing government, said: “We must reject political correctness and call things by their true names. Rather than shedding tears like Mogherini and … organizing marches that solve nothing, authorities should ensure the safety of citizens.”

    In an interview on Polsat News, he said the attack in Nice is the consequence of many years of “multi-culti policies and political correctness. This is how it ends.”

    He added: “We don’t have such problems. We don’t have districts where law other than Polish law reigns. We don’t have no-go zones for police.” He also praised his party, Law and Justice, for standing firm against accepting migrants.”


  33. Maybe Polish people don’t expect non-Polish people to want to be Polish. I think many western Europeans think everyone wants to be like them.

  34. A combination of various US domestic-focused Departments (Interior, Transportation, etc), plus passport and visa-handling functions of State Dept., FBI, DMV, and public records administration.

  35. p.s.—

    RE: “Are you trying to say that you don’t like “Annie’s Song”?”

    OK, I know i’m going to end up looking like a nitwit, but I have no idea what you’re getting at in the above quote; if it’s some sort of joke, I do not get it.

  36. “I think many western Europeans think everyone wants to be like them.”

    I think it’s that and a bit of the opposite from the elites in the position to create policy: FFor instance, take Merkel: I think there’s some self-loathing at play, and i bet she truly believes that it’s a good thing to load up Germany with muslim immigrants; I think it’s a post-WWII thing that runs very, very deep among German elites and politicos; you see those recent speeches by Merkel where she’s going on about ‘the numbers’ needed for labor ‘replacement,’ implying that German bodies are perfectly interchangeable with immigrant bodies and I think she believes it—– it’s like her rap is some sort-of personal absolution ritual……. I think the Western Euro nationalism is a good thing; i really do believe in my Euro-is-the-template-for-humanity riffs that PA made sport of in his “No” post.

    The white genocidists are primarily white Europeans in my estimation; based on my ‘theory,’ I think it’s disingenuous to believe that blacks, Asians and Arabs and Hispanics truly hate whites and want to see the population cleansed; they’re the idealized norm of humanity writ large and humanity is reduced to rubble without their balance and steady history.

    No, it’s the Merkel’s —— ennui of the white elites that are trying to vanquish their own legacy and mantle.

  37. Only a sucker “obeys the law” when he’s being screwed over by the laws.

    The white man finds himself trapped between a hostile government and hostile minos. What do you do then? Either way you get killed or robbed.

    These ” tragic massacres” bore me. I’ve seen them all a thousand times in games and movies.

    There’s an awesome videogame for white kids: Ethnic Cleansing. The sound effects are fantasic.

  38. Ha. That would not make a bit of different, Pond.

    Muzz could walk into a convent, rape the nuns, post videos, disembowel them, shit on them, and it STILL would not make a difference in the reaction.

    WNs will never be satisfied by the “legal” system reaction. That’s because the system is pro-mino. The only way whites will get justice is to work outside of the system.

    That’s alot harder than it sounds. I can say here and now that only “criminals” and “turrists” have anything to teach WN. I’m waiting for the day WNs recognize that the world’s biggest and most well funded turrist group is the US government. That’s a war on turr I support.

    The French president was right in what he said: he will be fighting the terrorists harder than ever. Not the Muzz terrorists though…..us.

  39. Do they, PA? Do they understand that fully? I don’t see that yet.

    A “terrrorist” is someone who disagrees with me. Hitler fought a War on Terror – there jews were the terrorists. He had his own Guantanimo Bays and DHS.

    The US government calls Osama bin Laden a terrorist. But I’d say the world center of terror is Washington DC and Manhattan. That makes Osama the greatest counter-terrorist in history, while his name is defiled.

    No one writes it with purity. I can though:

    The United State of America is a terrorist group. Those wanting to fight terror should start there. Then work on out.

    France terrorizes the Middle East too. The Muslims are just avenging their own. It’s payback. The French deserve it after what they’ve done to the men of Islam. Do the French think they can declare war against a people, and then the people can’t declare war back on them?

  40. Apollinaire, never flinched.

    “To study in Paris is to be BORN in Paris!”
    –Victor Hugo

  41. Ryu: in your latest comment you elaborate on what I already told you we here already know. Your last two sentences are weak. At some point you’re gonna have to choose a side.

  42. Ryu…

    If your metric is radical autonomy then your animus for UncleBeast is mere sour grapes. And if your metric is wS then the Muzz-Mino-Homo desire for radical sexual autonomy makes certain enemy of all of them.

  43. Come on dude, it’s not that deep. Read the entire o.p., re-read your joking objection to it that I quote, and it will make sense.

  44. … I implied that my high regard for Denver’s song is the only thing you think I am “not right about.”

  45. The reason that the Americans are losing the war on terror and the war on drugs is because they do not understand why terrorists terrorize, and why the average Murkan needs to use drugs.

    I can sympathize with BLM, radical Muzz, feminists, even Israel. Of course, I sympathize with WN more, because I am white.

    You have to be able to put yourself in the enemy’s head. Many cannot do that. This is also why the USG hasn’t completely eliminated WN. They really don’t understand us. It limits how much damage they can do to us.

  46. Ryu…

    But what you really need to do is understand that where you imitate the ways and manners of the “enemy” because you have gone into “his head,” you are not, in fact, employing and executing the ways and manners of the genuine white Supremacist. Your sympathy is utter redundancy and no more informative than “equality” to which ALL THE ENEMIES pine for. Your major conceit and it is the major conceit of the alt-rite, is that physical annihilation l equals “game over” when it is, minus the secular conceit, just the beginning of the longest time in your new after life and a “mind game” too extreme to assimilate.

  47. “White” males get into the mind of the Muzz-Mino-Homo EVERYDAY with on-hand porn, cRap music and Follywood.

    When will they get into the mind of a genuine white Supremacist?

  48. Did Jim Morrison live life to its fullest or simply could not stand to live life to its fullest?

  49. Ryu, secular liberals like Obama don’t understand jihadism because they don’t understand religion. They project their materialist, postmodern mindset onto Muslims and therefore assume that their root motives are political or economic. It’s the naïveté informing his recent speech regarding the Nice attack in which he again stubbornly refuses to implicate the doctrine of Islam and blathers on about diplomacy (lol) and creating opportunities or whatever effete nonsense that progs get off on. It’s lunacy. These people sincerely believe that an act of jihad against the infidel will erase a lifetime of sin and transport them to paradise. Secular liberals can’t seem to wrap their heads around that. Listen to the podcast I posted up thread and get your head on straight.

  50. If one is mathematically inclined, redundancy is the ultimate enemy. The Redundant Phenomenon is the terminal end of mathematics. “Universal equality” is the psychological imposition of The Redundant Phenomenon and the destruction of all (s)ingularities, ie., one-time universe-wide material configurations. Thus, mathematics is, inherently, the symbolic mapping of singularities against a conceptually-crafted blank canvas of whited redundancy.

    So where are our high IQ mathematicians raging against redundancy and “universal equality” in our world of HIGH mathematics?

  51. The sexual degenerates of the West UNDERSTAND WELL the sexual degeneracy INHERENT to seventy-two virgins for eternal smashings. One’s own propensity for self-annihilation often them to the symbiotic regression above.

  52. edit…

    One’s own propensity for self-annihilation often [BLINDS] them to the symbiotic regression above.

  53. There is no schism in Islam where the issue of seventy-two virgins for eternal smashing at the “price” of a self-annihilating mass murder in the name of “God” is concerned.


    As there is no schism in Christianity where the issue of the existence of The Perfect Man and the falsification of “universal equality” is concerned.

    How desperately the former desire to spring from the latter and failed so miserably.

  54. Thordaddy I understand that dynamic because I have formally studied religion for the first 12 years of my education.

  55. Thordaddy you are morally confused and clearly just do not understand anything about Christianity. Nietzsche’s ubermensch is the antithesis of Christianity.

    I’m being relatively nice to you… But I will say that your comments are a big reason I just don’t comment on this blog very much anymore. I can ignore your insanity for a comment or two but when I encounter your logorrheic strings of comments I close the tab and move on. It’s a distraction.

  56. Although I will say that it is very important for those on the alt right to be as kind and generous to all commenters no matter how eccentric they may appear so as to avoid a potential catastrophe down the road. Another reason I am increasingly wary of what I am posting. We are living in volatile times. So I’m sorry thordaddy post away, vent all frustrations and I will listen as the sexual degenerate faggot I am 🙂

  57. We all battle self-annihilation. Some less fervently than others. Which is wholly distinct from striving towards objective Supremacy. And to my knowledge Nietzche never explicitly stated whether his “God is dead” was a conceptual generalization or real confession? So to know Nietzche is to know radical autonomy contra the CLAIM OF Christianity and the existence of The Perfect Man. Ergo, if you KNOW The Perfect Man exists then you are ipso facto a Chrisitian… A Supremacist… An anti-egalitarian. Enemy of equality.

    And if you are white…

    Well then…

  58. OT:

    Thor earlier this month: The infomal Nordic Scale was very straight forward.

    How close is one to the legendary aristocracy of ALL the known ancient regimes? The aristocracy studied and lauded by Hitler and his circle? The aristocracy hidden in plain sight by the noise of mass media? The aristocracy most empirically equivalent to the idea of “white supremacy?”

    Thor, when you have a sec, pls post a link to something that explains the above in more detail.

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