Guilt and Atonement

I haven’t decided on whether to keep the tone serious or make this a LOL-post because my thinking on this heavy subject was spurred by this comical cuckold confession: a man persuades his reluctant wife to have sex with another man in front of him to fulfill what he thought was his cuck fantasy. He describes them starting to have sex, and continues:

It was at this moment that my stomach dropped; hot to cold in a millisecond. I very quickly realized that when I was watching cuckold porn, I wasn’t getting off on being the cuck, I was getting off on being the bull. I felt sick, but I didn’t know what to do; they were already fucking. I sat there, saying nothing. Luckily, after a few minutes, he finished. After it was all done, I rushed him out, told her to get cleaned up and I went to get some chinese food. I sat in my car crying for 20 minutes until it was ready and then went home and pretended nothing was wrong.

For the past week I have been doing my best to clench my teeth and try to forget about it, but I can’t. The way she moaned, the way she grabbed him, the way she looked at him. I cannot get it out of my head. Knowing that I actually let another man, let alone a guy who’s much more masculine and attractive than myself, fuck my wife makes me sick to my stomach. I honestly want to kill myself and it seems like the best solution right now. I genuinely can’t look at myself in the mirror without feeling disgusted. The worst part is that it’s completely my fault. I don’t know what to do. I really really need some advice. I’ve never felt this hopeless before.

Was that a real confession or a fap/troll post? No idea. But since the commenters on Reddit are treating it as a bona fide confession, I’ll let that post launch my own thoughts about what to do, should you do something that you profoundly regret.

In this case, I don’t so much mean an honest error in judgment, but rather a mistake that reveals some flaw of character you have, sabotages your life, lowers your self-regard and others’ opinion of you, and possibly hurts an innocent person. So let’s say that you really screwed up, your stomach drops and you want to die. Here is what you do:

Admit to yourself that you did wrong. Own your mistake. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you fucked up. This is not the time to spin rationalizations. If there is shared responsibility, it still took you to tango.

Get clean. Take a shower. Kneel down to pray or take a walk and meditate. I did something I regretted once, involving ugly words. In dealing with my moral hangover, I kneeled, crossed myself, said the Lord’s Prayer and asked God to forgive me. I was sincere and felt peaceful afterwards.

Do something. The worst thing you can do is curl up and marinate in your dread. You have things you’ve been putting off that need to be done. Do them. The easier ones first, then the others. Go lift some weights and your anxiety will give way to a calm sense of power. Testosterone is a truth serum that will make you steadier in facing your guilt without equivocation. I once described how a short visit to the gym got me out of a despairing mood and more so, reversed the decline of the United States.

Apologize to the innocent victims. Apologize to the good faith-party you’ve wronged. Here is an example of how to say it: “I’m sorry for my behavior last night. I was wrong to do that and I regret it. It will never happen again.” And you’d either be sure that it will never happen again, or don’t promise that.

Two years ago, a female executive of Korea Air and its parent company made news when she berated a flight attendant and ordered the flight she was on to return to the gate at JFK International Airport because she was unhappy with her macadamia nuts. Properly, she later apologized and resigned her position as executive vice president of the company. Her father, chairman of the company, also took responsibility for his daughter’s behavior:

“I apologize to the people of [South Korea] as chairman of Korea Air and as a father for the trouble caused by my daughter’s foolish conduct,” the tycoon said, according to Reuters. “Please blame me; it’s my fault,” Cho said, according to the New York Times. “I failed to raise her properly.”

A few notes on apologizing:

One: Apologize once; more than once is groveling.

Two: Don’t let a third-party opportunist hijack the occasion for his own gratification. There was a Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza took delight in learning that an acquaintance, as part of his Alcoholics Anonymous program, was preparing to apologize to various people he had wronged. Costanza looked forward to receiving a public apology for some long-ago, trivial slight and when it started becoming clear that there is no apology coming, he pressed for it. In response, the recovering alcoholic laughed and said “No.”

Finally: Never apologize when you are targeted by SJWs. An apology is a personal rectification of your failing, not a political self-denunciation. People are catching on to the fact — one that I exhorted at least four years ago — that you must never apologize to your enemies for telling the truth. As countless examples show, an apology for defying the Narrative triggers your inquisitors into a feeding frenzy, while standing by your words (even if they were not your best performance) gets them to back off as though you had called their bluff.

Make restitutions. Take your earned punch. If you wrongly humiliated someone publicly, apologize publicly. If you caused someone material damage, you’ll have to compensate him. Burned through your family’s savings at a casino? Get a second job to earn back the loss. You drove while intoxicated and killed another person? You have to do your prison time. If you’re not a sociopath, you will understand. Raskolnikov couldn’t resist turning himself in for murdering a nasty old crone.


Men make mistakes. Sometimes really pathetic mistakes, such as that of our mortified cuckold who ruined his marriage and his self-respect. And your mistake — whatever it may have been — is now part of what you are. That’s something you can’t do anything about. But what you can do, is to strive to let your repair of your mistake define you, rather than the mistake itself.


If you’ve wronged a woman, there is another way to expunge your guilt. Have the video below ready, paused on 2:14. Say that you have something to tell her, then press Play — the howl of anguished penitence that pours out speaks to your own deep feelings of regret — and then you stop it on 2:27.


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  1. In the aged film My Dinner With Andre, one of the characters suggests that the society we’ve constructed can be so deadening that men could plausibly start castrating themselves — just to feel something. I suspect that’s the real spur behind this bizarre phenomenon among lesser men.

    “Blind stick blind drunk cannot see
    Mouth dry tongue tied cannot speak
    Concrete dream flesh broken shell
    Lost soul lost trace lost in hell.”

    -King Crimson, Pictures of a City

  2. The goal of every interaction with a woman SHOULD BE to wrong her. If she’s still coming back to you for more, not only are you worth a hell of a lot, but you are in dominant command of the relationship.

    I was wondering when I’d see PA’s craven side come up. *grins* Good to see my sharp instincts haven’t slipped. Also religious … I am not. Except as regards my holy self, of course.

    PA, you are never going to earn the respect of women by doing ANY of what you suggest. Don’t you understand that they want a powerful male? The second you cave in and elevate her — in any way — she will automatically dismiss you.

    Anyway, I’ve written an article on enhancing one’s appeal to the opposite sex; unlike PA’s crap, it’s actually good stuff. You can go to my website to peruse (there’s also stuff on Trump and the delicious danger he represents to the world, and a bunch of other stuff):

    I’m at:

    I got some comments on my articles, but not nearly enough to please me. I now have 1,100 visitors and 7000+ views of my 100-some articles, which is okay, I guess, for under 2 months in existence but I should have done much better, and my comments are back to null space. I must have the world-champion site for fuckin’ lurkers.

    Remember men: abuse your cunt! She’ll thank you for it!

  3. In case you’re wondering what I think of you, PA, I have no hard feelings for you. You are what you are. There’s 1 Sorcerygod for every 10 billion humans, and 1 PA for every 5000 … you represent the dominant ethos, the dominant mindset, and I have to deal with your kind.

    Would I prefer you were different? Yes, but you aren’t strong enough to support the load. Both of our mothers tortured us emotionally as infants, but I managed to hold up much better than you — you turned anal and emotionless, and I’ve redeemed my emotions and created a more holistic, humanistic life, similar to women. Yes, women! I would LOVE to have a woman’s eyes and heart in full. You have no idea how GOOD their lives are. That’s part of the reason I hurt them when I can.

    But anyway, my only advice for you PA is you consider what would make YOU happy, not HER. Rather than being a complete tool of the feminine sex, and a meek abider of the general social order (which is what you come across is), you might want to consider whether an alternative PA would make you happier.

    Anyway, that’s enough for now. I normally don’t like being critical; Fuck knows, I get enough flames from haters, myself. But I am not HATING you, merely trying to ELEVATE YOU. You have enough brains and, yes, even SPINE, that you would make a good loyal servant, provided your opportunities to betray were severely curtailed and you saw your interests aligned with a proper white male elite, rather than those you, presently serve.



  4. SG,

    It’s because of people like you that I’m still a little suspect of the construction “white supremacy.” Too equalist. In the pen you’d be a bitch, and deservedly so. Blog your way out of virginity homie

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  6. Good stuff, PA. Yes we do make our share of mistakes and as men we must own up to them. You provided a solid list of examples of how to manage.

    You can never go wrong with the Lord’s Prayer. It’s my morning prayer before leaving to work.

  7. press Play — the howl of anguished penitence that pours out speaks to your own deep feelings of regret — and then you stop it on 2:27.

    Steelheart? …… God fukin’ help us! 🙂

  8. “And your mistake — whatever it may have been — is now part of what you are. That’s something you can’t do anything about. But what you can do, is to strive to let your repair of your mistake define you, rather than the mistake itself.”

    Thanks. I think that pinpoints how to go about indulging a healthy and productive penance; it’s very easy to be overwhelmed by a big mistake and believe you’ll be forevermore stymied by regret —— but it needn’t be, as you point out in how the ‘repair’ can usefully somewhat re-define the mistake itself.

    And of course you’re also right in noting just how transcending a good workout —– or any form of physical exhiliration —– can be in terms of turning around one’s melancholy or whatever unpreferred mood and getting on back on track and in the muthafucking productive grooove.

  9. SG…

    Your worldly beef is not with “woman,” but “white” female. And this linguistic reframe makes all the difference in ultimately assessing your anti-racism, ie., hatred for your father. There is a very basic cause/effect relationship in the GIVEN of more radically autonomous emerging generation. In other words, baby boomers were seeking radical autonomy and the millenials JUST HAVE more of it NOW and SG is something of what “it” looks like. A protested hatred for “woman” to mask a real cascading hatred for WHITE female and the father who rendered him ill-prepared to fight “her.”

  10. If you set yourself up as being at war with women then you make yourself a faggot. Are you now accepting of this consequence becomes the real question?

  11. @PA great post. It’s important to differentiate the difference between “guilt” and “shame”. The original post sounds like “shame”—the guy felt like a bad person instead of feeling bad about a bad deed.

    Certain cultures and religions are “shame” based an instill in people that every mistake or wrong is a reflection of who they are instead of what they did.

    I’m fighting that whole concept. Each time I get told off or someone draws something to my attention or attacks me, I still feel so overwhelmed and scared that it’s ridiculous when I take a step back and examine it.

    Seems today there is an overwhelming pressure from SJW’s and other groups to attack and try to destroy people who show even an element of weakness.

    I’ve been provoked into blowing up by people who would love to use my outburst against me. I now find it’s easier to keep silent if the provocation has no lasting consequences.

    An example, last year my crazy ex gf sent me a nasty note that normally would have provoked me to tell her off. It was a very clever provocation but ultimately just that—a provocation. If I had blown up at her, attacked her, cleverly reframed her provocation…she would have used that against me to shame me as being an over-bearing asshole.

    Shame is a difficult emotion to navigate. Telling yourself you have value and you are a good person who may have made a mistake is not as easy as it sounds.

  12. “The arrogance of youth” only stands as validation in the eyes of SG.

    What is a given is that SG just is more radically autonomous than his “elders” here. His aggressive approach in questioning the alpha substance of the blog host is basic “game” theory. The worst consequence he shall “suffer” would be a banning setting the stage for a comparison of old alpha versus young alpha and the dramatic blog content to follow. Yet, the fatal flaw is SG’s belief in the idea that alpha UNNATURALLY hurts woman when in fact such is done quite naturally. And this pretend alpha articulating his desire to hurt woman is very unnatural and obviously contrived through what can summarily be defined as a much deeper immersion into radical liberation DUE his relative youth.

  13. The act in the aforementioned post falls under the umbrella of radical sexual autonomy. The desire and its deleterious effect were rather sudden in this particular case. The extent to which this “husband” self-inflicted a degree of his own annihilation (he admitted to thought of suicide) CAN NEVER BE taken back. What this “husband” felt in that instant was a real death of his Self. Yes, it was not fatal and he must continue to live, but only when he rejects radical (sexual) autonomy does he avoid this perpetuating self-annihilation that will inevitably lead to a sudden finality.

  14. — It’s important to differentiate the difference between “guilt” and “shame”. (Walawala)

    Yes. There is also a third emotion involved in apologies: fear. That one is central to the “apologies” people make when attacked by SJWs. Fear of losing their job, fear of being ostracized.

    — Steelheart? …… God fukin’ help us! (Nikcrit)

    Did you actually play the 2:14 thru 2:27 clip in isolation? It’s a great, playful, and effective way to “apologize” to a wife or girlfriend. Trust me. The frame is obviously not supplication to her anger, but a diffusing of her tension.

    Steelheart had a couple of very good songs. The circa-1990 hair metal bands are an undervalued genre of rock. Skid Row, Warrant, Winger, Damn Yankees, Hardline, White Lion, others. Many had first-rate vocalists (Sebastian Bach of Skid Row; Miljenko Matijevic of Steelheart had the falsetto of Michael Jackson and lung power of Pavarotti.) Guitarist who played since the age of 4, energy, great band camaraderie dynamic.

    Guns N Roses and Poison were the most successful of the genre and era (with GNR transcending the genre) but the above-listed bands also had excellent songs.

    — Yet, the fatal flaw is SG’s belief in the idea that alpha UNNATURALLY hurts woman when in fact such is done quite naturally. (Thordaddy)

    My off-the-cuff take on men’s default attitudes toward women, on the Voxian scale:

    -Alpha and Sigma: satisfied contempt
    -Beta: benevolence toward, but without any illusions
    -Delta: romantic illusions (and anger when those illusions are shattered)
    -Gamma: pedestalizing
    -Omega: hatred

    My attitude has always been closest to the Beta above.

  15. “The circa-1990 hair metal bands are an undervalued genre of rock. Skid Row, Warrant, Winger, Damn Yankees, Hardline, White Lion, others.”

    Never a big follower of hair bands, but they definitely have some great songs (I don’t really know them beyond the hits). Hair bands are one of those things that the media in general loves to hate and treats with contempt, like the Boy Scouts, and for the same reasons: it’s too white, too prole, not gay enough.

    Speaking of gay, pretty amazing how hair band dudes could wear makeup and spandex yet not give off a gay vibe at all. But then, they were the last generation that wasn’t totally gayed out or (possibly) had their testosterone depleted by environmental factors. The fact that they were obviously and giddily banging scores of groupies didn’t hurt either.

  16. Those hair bands donned a reined-in glam veneer, visually and musically, that never I could never really appreciate. More fashion than emotion. Those proto-goth groups like Bauhaus paved the road for that glittery Harley, I’d say; The Stones forged that brief window in which makeup/etc. could be pulled off without such elicit faggotry

  17. “The circa-1990 hair metal bands are an undervalued genre of rock. Skid Row, Warrant, Winger, Damn Yankees, Hardline, White Lion, others. “

    By my lights, all I can say to that is “Yikes!”

    But FWIW, you probably would’ve loved to be along for my L.A. work junkets in the mid 90s, as a good friend of mine who grew up and went to college in my town and whose family was rich, moved to L.A. in the late 80s. My buddy was an aspiring musician; back home he was in mainly punk and wave bands, but his heart was in trashy cock-rock metal and those were the kinds of acts he formed in L.A., specifically in ‘The Valley’, where he lived in the tonier valley-burb Woodland Hills.

    Anyhow, he never quite made it, proper; though he did have a nice run becoming members of 90s cock-rock bands in their later iterations; e.g., Cinderella, (and, yes) Poison, L.A. Guns, Warrant and a shiteload of others. I loved this guy since i was a kid back in the Rustbelt, but i was perpetually amazed that a guy that educated and well-off could maintain such fealty and devotion to such shit-ass bands.

    Some of these acts in their later incarnations featured only one or two original members; also, for a bit of sleazy detail, the old-school porn star Lois Ayres was one of the regulars at my bud’s house, as she apparently was going out with one of the members of L.A. Guns….Tons of funny-ass anecdotes from that time; i’ll spit ’em out from time-to-time, per your occasional request, but i’ll be sure to be resourceful in parsing out such youthful jizz follies. Lol!

    FWIW, I think that pop era is a joke; i can’t stand even that genre’s supposedly premier act, GNR; I recall you sometime recently praising their covere of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” and I wretched—- but some of the guys in that group were ok solo, like Gilby Clarke (who i hung out with a bit).

    Also: one of my last pop pieces, about ten years back, was a interview/advance with current GNR member Tommy Stinson, who I also know but quite well. You may or may not know that his main pedigree comes from having been the guitarist in the great pop-punk 80s and 90s band, The Replacements. The show i advanced was for his solo project, whose name i can’t recall this second, but not for either Guns or the ‘Mats.

    Ok, my blog host; you occasionally ask for this stuff —– so don’t let any of your followers flame me for occasionally pulling my cheesy rock-press rank, lol!

  18. peterike: “The fact that they were obviously and giddily banging scores of groupies didn’t hurt either.”

    That, they were, my brother. No doubt about it.

  19. I have a good friend here in OC who hung out with a lot of the hair bands in LA in the late ’80s-’90s. Got a lot of pussy. Also, has a lot of stories involving drugs and HIV in that crowd. Not fun.

    The Replacements > GNR

  20. Don Henley is the only rock star I can name-drop. Plus I got to first base with Sinnead O’Connor in 1990. (Sort of… her top slipped off at the concert, exposing her breast for a few seconds.)

  21. “dropping names like Johnny Appleseed scatters the pips!”

    Not sure what you’re suggesting here. Pips?
    But: there’s some backstory and context here; I did that gig for 12 years and have lots of fun memories that are now quite-depleted for me but that many a stranger find fleetingly amusing, including our host. So, with that and tasteful restraint in mind, i occasionally regale with examples like my comment above.

    I realize now that I was vocationally at the end of the ‘One to Many” media era; now, in our “Many-to-Many” perpetual starfuck, meme overload and other forms of glut have squeezed nearly all the charm of such anecdotes, anyhow —– at least IMO.

    But a lot of people are curious about that stuff and who am I to deny a quick and harmless amusement?

  22. Grew up with a few rappers down south; met Blues Traveler/Jonny Lang as a kid. Other than that, the ‘perpetual starfuck’ has stayed on cruise control

  23. — It’s because of people like you that I’m still a little suspect of the construction “white supremacy.” Too equalist. (Each Pond Gone)

    Droll. I will use that.

    SG isn’t too popular over at Heartiste’s either. Commenter Reb said a funny: “Which drugs are you into?”

  24. Certain actions I committed when I was much younger, and certain things I said, used to gnaw at me a bit. No more. My most recent Confession was at Brompton Oratory in London in about 1998 or 1999. The priest looked a little shocked, and I’m surprised I wasn’t arrested. But it seemed to do the trick. Cutting ties with the individuals and situations that provoked my violence in the first place also helped. No regrets, no remorse. Just move on.

  25. This man should take concrete steps to become more masculine himself. This has nothing to do with his wife. I wouldn’t even tell her my plan, I’d just act.

  26. Lately i have tried to made apologies pronto, if they are necessary. As in on the spot.

    Some will advise a (wannabe) player to “never apologize and never explain.”

    The trick would be to never make any mistakes, vis a vis your own life and other people; to be a man of perfect intentions and perfect integrity. Failing that, occasionally apologies are necessary.

  27. The circa-1990 hair metal bands are an undervalued genre of rock.

    Not to those of us who grew up on it! Man oh man the times I have marveled that they just don’t make music like that anymore. I still listen to Skid Row, Def Leppard, et al. at the gym.

    Regarding “SorceryGod”: I wouldn’t pay him much attention. In case you don’t realize, he exhibits classic features of mania and I would be surprised if he is not bipolar.

  28. Can anyone substantiate the connection of SG to “white supremacy” and the usual discrediting thereof?

    The pattern is most clear, now that, collectively, “we” are so near Final Liberation, ie., total annihilation.

    So if you are an 8, 9-10 on the informal Nordic Scale, your distance to total annihilation is in the extremely endangered species zone. Meaning, THE BEST AMONGST the 8, 9-10’s is near extinct.

    In terms of anti-wS, recruiting a ten on the Notdic scale to become a symbol of anti-wS is the coup d’etat of high-brow intellectual “game.”

    In the mainstream, this MERELY MEANS getting cuckservative “white” Christians to PUBLICY renounce “white supremacy” as something self-evidently disreputable. But these conceptually stunted nitwits can no longer hold the Narrative together. Theirs is self-annihilating AS TO BE EXPECTED of any and all anti-wS! They are Christians publicly deconverting to Liberalism.

    And from the alt-rite is the ultimate in radical liberation…. “Racist white” anti-white Supremacists. High IQ “white” males of the most radically autonomous kind.

  29. It would be better to envision SG as one who has taken “game” lesson number one… Be indifferent to rejection… To absolute heart.

    He has thrown out several invitations which ostensibly makes all fronts harder to fake.

    He seems rather ambitious… But with its subliminal faggot zeal, it is, ultimately, in the pursuit of pleasurable self-annihilation.

    It’s why he won’t draw from HERE.

  30. One of my favorite quotes:

    “In 1989, Musician magazine (then a fairly important tastemaker) declared the Replacements “the last, best band of the 80s.” (Color them impressed.) That cover piece reportedly prompted Jon Bon Jovi to write the publication in protest: ‘How can the Replacements be the best band of the 80s when I’ve never even heard of them?'”

    Hüsker Dü and the ‘Mats were two of the best bands of the 80s, and they were both from the Twin Cities. I wonder what that scene was like in comparison to the Sunset Strip scene?

  31. I feel I should offer something more substantial.

    It’s not just, as our host has pointed out, that many of the “hair” musicians really were exquisitely talented. It’s about the attitude and self-confidence of a people.

    The “hair”-metal era was the last time that White teenagers – White young men in particular – held any sincere and unabashed self-confidence. As a former teenage Gn’R worshiper, I can admit, as an adult, that Smells Like Teen Spirit was a good song. But the attitude associated with it? Atrocious.

    Culturally (musically), in the wake of 80s metal, we had music designed for depressed losers (grunge), music designed for negro-worship (rap), and then finally the gay-lame kind of electro-boy-band pop that has dominated ever since.

    I had previously made the connection between the decline of metal and the decline of masculinity in general, but not till now did I appreciate the racial-confidence aspect as well.

  32. I remember reading, a couple of years ago, about some band styling themselves the “new Gn’R”. But the writer dismissed them from having any realistic chance in today’s world because they were “just a bunch of Anglos”. Very telling, right there.

  33. Haha. I dunno, as a Christian I take the “atonement” stuff for granted.

    If you want something more, here it is: earlier there was discussion about guilt vs. shame cultures. Although it would likely engender surprise, and disagreement, among most Western readers, I argue that shame cultures are superior, and in fact are far more stable and less likely to deteriorate into many of our current pathologies which are caused by individualism gone awry.

  34. With the operative default being automatic reframe and a dash of 20/20 hindsight, the eighties’ “hair band” was stealth transgenderism before its time… And the radical equation of alpha qua “transgendered” rocker was impressed upon a generation.

    The key failure is in conceptualizing a prolifically heterosexual rocker as unable to bond with EVEN A SINGLE female thus signifying a homo-sexual “nature.”

  35. “Life is too short to spend it wandering in the barren Saharas of musical trash.” -Rachmaninoff

  36. Back to heavy metal: don’t forget GnR’s notorious One In A Million. Even in 1989 it was pilloried by the media, but it captures the better sort of angst.

    Immigrants and faggots, they make no sense to me…

  37. “So if you are an 8, 9-10 on the informal Nordic Scale, your distance to total annihilation is in the extremely endangered species zone. Meaning, THE BEST AMONGST the 8, 9-10’s is near extinct.”

    Thor, if you step back for a moment “and consider the aggregate public, in many different configurations, etc., can you not appreciate just how bizarrely idiosyncratic your above quote appears?

    That is a very particular observation you proffer. I take it several ways and that’s with the benefit of having some context with you and your screeds, evne though I still remain largely confused by your thoughts.

    To me, you’re saying a certain aesthetic ‘type’ — “Nordics’ —- are collectively out of vogue in the current zeitgeist; no less than approaching ‘final liberation,’ e.g., ‘extinction’…….. all because of a ‘anti-white supremacist’ creed that his took root and has reigned since the ’60s?

    Is that close? And are things really that awry from events that have gone down in that relatively short period of history?

    I think you’re observations are interesting and in fact revealdo cultural indicators and reactions that are largely overlooked or are ignored —- and that in factcertain may be so because of contemporary taboos and other strong memes and pieties.

    But you attribute too much power and effect to your observations; the results are not that acute.

    I don’t mean to sound dismissive or condescending. But I think you’re conflating the taboo and suppression in society to some of your convictions with the actual societal effectsof those convictions, i.e., radical autonomy, all the way down until ‘final liberation.’

  38. “As a former teenage Gn’R worshiper, I can admit, as an adult, that Smells Like Teen Spirit was a good song. But the attitude associated with it? Atrocious.”

    Though I would frame it differently, I agree with the thrust of the above qquote and what it says about the general impulse behind a lot of the grunge music that emerged in the early 90s.

    So for me it’s seems sort of ironic when our blog host (and many-upon-many in the alt-right) speak so reverently of the meta-whiteness of grunge, as i see it as sort-of a ‘pop failed apotheosis’ of earlier pop styles and directions —- sort of a ‘giving up’ of white-rock authority and direction. The actual artistry to grunge was inseparable of its bowing out of the cultural influence game.

  39. The only consistently uncompromising white supremacists I’ve met have been, without a doubt, Italian. One sculptor working w/ astral motifs, one new-age witch.

  40. When GnR came on the scene they were something different. A high school chum called it innovative heavy metal. He probably heard someone else say that.

    Axl Rose was from Indiana, and as such some more, or perhaps rather some of the last, quality cut American.

    Like was said, he sung with confidence, and balls. And then the cliche addiction to heroin. How did that ever play out, with him. Is he even alive today?

    Interesting how people such as he disappear from the stage. The era of lifetime achievements is a thing of the past, now, it would seem.

    As far as Nirvana goes, that has been talked about. The netflix sockumentary “She Killed Him” is worth checking out. What a crazy psycho bitch … and she got away with it?

  41. ***… and she got away with it?***

    With emphatic numbers such as “Rape Me,” KC was asking for the full ‘rubescent’ treatment.

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  43. Nikcrit…

    One of the most poignant observations of the late Lawrence Auster was in the idea of Liberalism as destroying all “particular” things. One such particular thing is the reality of the living giving voice to the dead or dying. Think of autism as, metaphysically, brothers giving “voice” to their aborted siblings? If the 8, 9-10 Nordic is near extinction per biological FACT then who shall give voice to the dying and what shall he say?

  44. The hidden history is of a Nordic aristocracy as leadership to all the ancient empires… And through a multi-millenial submission to miscegnating with their inferiors, the end is near. The death of “white supremacy” as understood through the claimed Northern European leadership of all the ancient empires.

  45. It would seem that normal human instinct to an impending extinction would be guilt then atonement. Liberalism smashes all that sensitivity.

  46. What’s the guilt?

    Not attesting to “white supremacy” when your ancestors were rulers of ALL the ancient empires… And still to this day offer a standard of worldly material living second to none in the place they call “home.”

    What’s the “atonement?”

    This can only be answered in the context of the god(s) such a person worships now versus the god(s) his ancient ancestors worshipped then?

  47. Profiling LBF and Elk, at first, one “sees” a self-evident “dispute.” But in the context of guilt and atonement of the true Nordics, this “dispute” collapses into the predictable reactions of the modern Nordic (an 8, 9-10 on the Nordic scale) to a visceral existential perception. Neither LBF nor Elk have come to grips with the idea that their kind are the historical aristocracy… Their kind are the empirical remnants of “white supremacy.” Symbolically, guys like LBF, Elk and Brock Lesnar are the “ghosts of white supremacy…” And are the very remaining remnants in need of total annihilation IF liberation from “white supremacy” is to be fully realized. That a dull mass cannot perceive this particular observation too thinly sublimated into reality for their palpable consumption DOES NOT mean that amongst “intelligent” anti-wS is not such an acute perception. The money is on my perception, Nikcrit, because you aren’t actually declaring anything.

  48. I’m probably the most Nordic man in the Alt-Right.

    On a related note, I’ve just been told I look like a biker and that I scare people. Moi? WTF?!

  49. How a sovereign deals with cuckoldry:

    “- … She was 25, talented and beautiful and they married in 1586.
    – They were happily married for the first couple of years and produced a son Emanuele.
    – Carlo then apparently lost interest and spent more time pursuing his musical interests and friends.
    – Maria began an affair with the handsome Fabrizio Carafa, Duke of Andria, who was already married.
    – The affair went on in secret for over two years with the knowledge and help of some of the servants.
    – Carlo’s uncle Don Giulio also fancied Maria but she would have nothing to do with him. He eventually found out about her affair with Fabrizio and decided to tell Carlo.
    – Carlo decided to set a trap by telling his wife that he was going on an all night hunting trip, then instead caught them ‘in flagrante delicto’ and promptly killed them both and ordered that their naked bodies be put on public view.
    – Carlo was never taken to court for the murders because of his noble rank and it was considered an honor killing …”

  50. “I’m probably the most Nordic man in the Alt-R.” — LBF

    Yes… But because you fail to recognize the core of the alt-rite as deeply anti-wS then you know not the full ramification of your Nordicism within the alt-rite.

  51. Simply recognizing one’s proximity to extinction both individually and in collective should naturally motivate desires for regeneration in both regards. But without a positive agenda, one then starts with faithfully rejecting all acts of self-annihilation. In this faithful rejection one then perceives a convergence between the most obvious acts of self-annihilation, e.g., abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, miscegenation, transsexualizing, etc. and dominate Liberalism. The conceptual stunting is in acknowledging that Liberalism is self-annihilation, but possessing no concrete ideas about healthy regeneration contra Liberalism.

  52. Carlo reads like a punk-azz who destroyed the Nobility from within. You punk your wife and mother of your son after a couple years for “music.” You don’t punk your Uncle for his own punk-azz move on wife who PROPERLY rejected him. And then, NOT REALLY HAVING BEEN BETRAYED (read: if there is a clause in a marriage that grants a right to kill your wife for rejecting her in the first place then ipso facto all marriages are to ignorant females) because you let a dumb female loose, you kill your son’s mother who you had lost interest in many years before and publicly display her naked body like some perverted psycho-pagan extremist.

    Please present the nobility in any of this?

  53. The question for the 8, 9-10 Nordics is whether *you* feel guilt for your near extinction and whether this potential sense of guilt necessarily provokes a desire for atonement? But then, in matters of atonement, does one conceive a supreme regeneration or a total annihilation of the self?

  54. ***Please present the nobility in any of this?***

    The music speaks for itself. He used the incident as a sort of domestic ‘acorn containing innumerable forests.’ Revisited the scenario to emotionally and otherwise throughout his life. Carlo was the last of the ancients, and could take a Mozart, a Brahms to school even while taking an afternoon nap in one of his castles. The murder was condoned, even encouraged, by fate. His madrigals are the choiceless brutality of a hurricane ripping apart a sea full of sinking Titanics. Here justice is concealed within a labyrinthine chromaticism

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