Father-Son Songs


There is no stronger — and more complicated — human bond than between a father and his son. Happy Father’s Day to those of you who brought your indubitably dashing likeness into the world at this exciting time. Here are some popular songs for the occasion:

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), “When the Tigers Broke Free — Waters wrote that autobiographical song as homage to his father, Eric Fletcher Waters (1913 – 1944), who died in the battle of Anzio. The song was ultimately left off The Wall album, the bandmates’ consensus being that it was too intense:

It was dark all around
There was frost in the ground
When the Tigers broke free
And no one survived from the Royal Fusiliers Company C
They were all left behind
Most of them dead
The rest of them dying
And that’s how the high command
Took my daddy from me

Harry Chapin, “Cats and the Cradle — There is also a decent hard rock cover by early 1990s band Ugly Kid Joe.

“When you coming home, dad?” “I don’t know when
But we’ll get together then
You know we’ll have a good time then”

Cat Stevens, “Father and Son — Stevens wrote it as a father-son conversation, with the higher-note verses being the boy’s lines:

It’s not time to make a change,
Just sit down, take it slowly.
You’re still young, that’s your fault,
There’s so much you have to go through.
Find a girl, settle down,
If you want you can marry.
Look at me, I am old, but I’m happy.

Mike and the Mechanics, “The Living Years — I am not of the school of thought that talking solves things. Some things speak for themselves, you reap what you sow. Where we don’t see eye to eye, latter-life insight (I think) helps. Mike Rutherford disagrees:

Say it loud, say it clear
You can listen as well as you hear
It’s too late when we die
To admit we don’t see eye to eye

Marie Laforet, “Viens, Viens — A splash of estrogen in French, sang from the point of view of a young girl abandoned by her womanizing father. She mentions her younger brother (the linked video is subtitled):

Do you know that Jean is back to school
He already knows the alphabet, it is funny
When he pretends to smoke
He looks just like you

Dan Fogelberg, “Leader of the Band — The song reminds me of Dennis Leary once doing a comic monologue about people suing Heavy Metal bands in the ’80s over their allegedly suicide-promoting lyrics. Leary’s punchline was that he should sue Fogelberg for his wimpy songs, listening to which turned him into a pussy. But I don’t think he had this song in mind.

He earned his love through discipline, a thund’ring, velvet hand.
His gentle means of sculpting souls took me years to understand.

Johnny Cash, “A Boy Named Sue — One deadbeat dad did his job:

And he said, “Son, this world is rough
And if a man’s gonna make it, he’s gotta be tough
And I knew I wouldn’t be there to help ya along
So I give ya that name and I said goodbye
I knew you’d have to get tough or die
And it’s the name that helped to make you strong”

Faster Pussycat, “House of Pain” — The life a boy whose father disappeared in a divorce:

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153 thoughts on “Father-Son Songs

  1. Missed two great ones.

    Bruce Springsteen, “Independence Day.”

    Ian Dury, “My Old Man”

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  3. It’s the father/son axis,
    Where you’ll find the blood and guts,
    Of civilizational praxis…
    Where boys become men
    Revolting against unjust taxes,
    Where men becomes boys
    As he undoubtedly relaxes!
    Inexplicably satisfied
    With something less than
    A son dreams to action,
    So they clash then…
    A father has-been
    A son could of been
    Mutually-abortive desire
    Breaks bonds when…
    Neither side has an eye
    On the Highest Thing
    Now they’re just spectators
    On a soon-to-be derailed gravy train…

  4. This subject gets to me; I don’t like Mike and the Mechanics but the concept for that song touched my sense of patrimonial legacy; Cat’s in the Cradle really hits me, though the only other song i know by Chapin is “Taxi.”

    @PA: I have no interest in the band and i don’t recall having ever heard of their paternal song you cite here, but I have a close friend who knew and jammed with Faster Pussycat (in one of their later incarnations) and we used to stay at his house in Tarzana when we’d be in L.A. (he for hanging-out purposes; me for downtime thrills when not working junkets).

    And yes, we occasionally indulged in reveries that were befitting of a band titled “Faster Pussycat,” dude! (Ahh, Glory days….. they pass you by)

  5. Thordaddy,
    I know parents love their kin regardless —— but did you ever have curiosity or even daresay regret, that you didn’t have a son?

    I sort-of believe that every parent at some point or in some way wonders what it would be like to have a child that is the same gender as the parental she or he; that only seems natural to me though I could see how it creates conflict if that issue is acted out and privvy to the opposite-gender child.

  6. If a father and son get along too well, I usually think the father is probably too nice or not judgemental enough.

  7. How goes that quote from Cormac

    My father’s father, was born in the 19th century.

    He fought WW1, in the trenches. He was married five times. God rest his Soul.

  8. He killed people, with his right arm, and his 45. And then abused my own dad. Blew his own brains out. / shit that is true.txt

    God rest his soul!

    It all gets passed down!


  9. I stick to the Truth, in my comments — simply cuz it makes for better copy.

    My father’s father blew his brains out. What a nightmare. Bad stuff, man. He saw me, he held me.

    What can ya say.

  10. Like me, he was Alcoholic, and couldn’t stop drinking.

    He made furniture that we still use.

    Lived up in North Carolina, with a mule — no funny stuff though!

  11. Poles, other than jews and germans and diaspora Dutch South Africans, have about the highest average IQ.

    And the most alcoholic disposition.

    It’s true.

  12. “Poles, other than jews and germans and diaspora Dutch South Africans, have about the highest average IQ.”

    I’m not too obsessed with this topic but your quote above consistently contradicts what i’ve heard about European I.Q. and its pecking order.


    However, this link, while possibly disproving some of elk’s claim, offers some contradictions itself to established rhetoric re. IQ and certain nationalities —— some of the Scandinavian and Western European countries come in at a lower rank than where i’ve seen them placed in earlier listings.

  13. I don’t buy it, nikcrit.

    Do you know any Poles?

    Use your intuition, use your dick.

    According to that chart, Viet Nam is 94?

    Cyprus is 91. Bullshit bullshit bullshit. Not a chance. Don’t you know any people, in the real world?

  14. elk, i agree IQ is overrated. But im sure you too see certain corrolaries that determine its indicator validity (if not its absolution).

  15. I don’t buy it, nikcrit.

    Ok, but in the Google queue that came up when I did the search, there were other sites that offered the same or similar pecking order. again, it is what it is. But there is consensus on the general thrust of what IQ indicates, smart fraction theory, geopolitical timeliness and other mitigating factors notwithstanding.

    I find worth in the gamut of scores and their corresponding strengths and weaknesses notwithstanding. I wish I could’ve refined that comment that PA made into his “No” post a few months back. I feel I could’ve better made my claim re. said ‘relative worth’; and i do acknowledge your point re. region-vs-country. Still, the flesh-n-blood genetic implications are there; no need to dispel what we all know and posture around. I like to think it best to acknowledge biological truths and from there make my universalist claims. Call me a dreamer, but i say there’s a place for human respect and dignity while all maintaining equal respect for evident truths. Maybe sobering truth says there’s a way for humanity to ‘move forward’ even though it’s folly to say that is one and the same with ‘progress.’

  16. IQ correlates inversely with animal intelligence; IQ correlate inversely with situational awareness.

    Your dog is smarter than you, in some ways.

    It is a simple and childish observation, but iq race-real fetishists tend to downplay it.

  17. It’s a man’s world. That is the whole theme, of Cormac McCarthy. Someone is going to do it. Whatever it is — someone is going to do it.

    It is scary. Things will go to war. It will happen. Complete and total war. You would be better off as a pygmy in the jungle.

  18. Wow, check this story.


    The editorial slant at CNN there in that link is a case study in inanity.

    I could quote the whole article, it is so lame.

    Where once such bigotry was the domain of a few isolated figures on the far right, it no longer is. The likes of Geert Wilders, for example, are not sequestered to the sidelines — they are embedded in Dutch politics, openly expressing bigotry about Muslim communities in particular in ways that can only be described as hate speech. It goes further than Wilders, too — this has become, over time, and quite openly, a vividly European reality.

    The examples of such nationalistic chauvinism are not only plentiful — they are held at senior levels of European political establishment. In a matter of weeks, the European Union will be led by Slovakia, whose leader has declared “Islam has no place” in Slovakia. Czech President Milos Zeman insists the refugee crisis is an “organized invasion,” and that it is “practically impossible” to integrate Muslims. Hungarian Prime Minister Vicktor Orban does away with centuries of European history in asserting that Islam has never been a part of Europe. Only weeks ago, the far-right candidate only barely lost the vote for the Austrian presidency, while in France, Marine le Pen’s far-right party seems likely to make huge electoral gains. Bigotry and extremism is not confined to a marginal sliver on the far right; it has been mainstreamed. That’s something very concerning for all Europeans to consider.

    Well jeez, maybe the concerns of those Austrians might be worth taking note of?

    How insane are these politicians?! They are asking us to roll over and give it all up. The essence of life, is living space and territory. Living space and territory comes before women, even!

    And they ask us to relinquish it, as a given, as an imperative. They ask us — they EXPECT of us — to roll over and die.

    They think they can just call it bigotry and chauvinism and win the argument.

    Well it turns out we have to fight. We have to be animals and fight for our space. Our transcendent humanity? is a liability and a mistake and a death-wish.

  19. And don’t ya just love the scare quotes.

    How is it that those quotes are scare quotes, instead of proper quotations marks, which just indicate what was said?

    It is because the scare quote tactic is an overused cliche. They cannot do a better job of mocking themselves. Who is the author of that CNN piece? and think, that author is a respectable member of society — but i, simple man of the suburbs, have no such rank and standing in the international community.

    We have to fight. We have to be as animals, as lions.

    Courage for Our Friends, Merry

    Forth, and Fear no Darkness

  20. I meant to put that in the open thread, but i guess it is there now.

    Somehow the best white people don’t organize into politics.

    The best white people are athletes — which does not include body building! The second-best are farmers; and a distant third is gardeners. I made the medal with that last. I got row-16 feet of tender greens that i grew from seeds i collected off of a commercial crop a couple years ago. Lettuce greens are pretty easy, on the gardening scale.

    Basically you want your soil even and friable, and light, so that the stalks of the plants are strong and not crooked. And the other advice, is that the plants do better, the more often they are harvested. They are less sweet, as the season wears on.

  21. Of course rabbits will eat your lettuce.

    I designed and built a modular rabbit fence, with some old fence board ripped to width. The panels are six-feet in length and grooved on the ends, so they adjoin and stand on their own. (I don’t know the proper technical description for such a woodwork joint … frustrating to not know the right words.)

    It sure as hell beats uncoiling and staking up a fence.

    So the standard rabbit fencing is framed in wood, in 6-foot rectangular panels.

  22. I could put pictures of this garden on the cover of a gay magazine.

    It is that good.

    Every year it is a struggle, with failure and success. About 70 or 80 per cent of my crops usually do well. Like i bragged before. I have not had any luck with carrots. Beetroot and turnips however.

    I got pole beans 8 feet in the air, which seeds i harvested — technically and legally, stole — from a community exhibit, which was expressly posted that harvesting is prohibited. Fucking gay lame ass city council regulations. This society is over regulated, would you agree?

    You can’t even ride a bike, on half the trails — they will ticket you. They can’t just leave it to the judgment of an adult, to ride safe and not run down the kids. Which might be fun, come to think of it … joking; that is my sick side.

  23. Gardening literally saved my life. It is the only reason i can look men, such as my father, in the eye.

    It is be a mistake to talk about; but suffice it to say he is more old school.

    It is the same problem so many of my peers, have had. Too sheltered. He builds and fixes everything. Cars houses boats.

    Interestingly enough, his operational skills, on those same cars and boats, is not in the realm of exceptionally gifted.

    Whereas mine is. My eyes are no longer too good. But i have noticed that there is a split, a division, between operators and mechanics. That was referenced by gay Tom Cruise, in that gay movie, Days of Thunder. All he could do was drive. He didn’t have the vocabulary to describe his car and its problems.

  24. I know, you are not supposed to talk about yourself, or your old man. It is a mistake.

    On the other hand, he was sort of a picture. Still is. Failing health though.

    Life was simpler back before we grew old, back when we died young hunting mammoths and giant elks. Life was more painful, physically painful. Something as simple as a broken leg might have meant a lifetime of excruciating agony. But now it gets fixed.

    Now we have existential agony, in our heads. Anxiety fear trepidation. Didn’t Dostoyevsky have something to say, along those lines? What was the word he used, trevoga? Is that the same root, as trepidation. Perhaps, maybe?

  25. Doesn’t Neil Young deserve a place, on this thread?

    His politics though — are the worst kind of liberal. That someone of his stature, can’t come down on the Side of Right?

    Of course the song following is famously NOT about his father; rather it is about a ranch hand. Kinda weird, that.

    How delicate and sensitive, look to be Neil’s hands.

    (Enough gay for today, eh?)

  26. “Every year it is a struggle, with failure and success”

    quick aside to greenthumb elk: every year, I put a few basil seeds in a corner of my mom’s suburban-home garden, which yield a nice batch for the several months.

    But i’m curious: while i put the same planting side-by-side, invariably, two or three of the plants take root and rise and then are harvested —– yet several plantings, while just the same as the others, never pop through and are lost.

    I can’t think of one mitigating factor that make those plants different from the other, successful ones.

    What might be the cause?

  27. You plant seeds
    And won’t drop seed
    In silent mind
    To do no deed
    That cultivates a son
    See him turn over
    The new leaf
    You write grief
    You project beneath
    A mass perception
    That won’t escape my teeth
    Eat it up, spit it out
    That foliage
    Bereft of a Father-n-Son’s
    Life-sustaining beef…

  28. nikcrit, basil is tender greens, comparable to lettuce. The seeds are bigger though, and easier to handle!

    Selecting thinning and harvesting, is a skill. Never break a leaf, never hurt your plant. The more you harvest, the better your plants do. Basil wants 10 or 12 inches per plant. So the seeds are approximately 3 or 4 times dense than that, and then selected and thinned out for strength.

    Basil is the only plant that i pot … but it does great in the ground too.

    Basil wants heat, man … like a tomato. It gets tough and woody by6 the end of the year.

    I have grown basil from seed, for five or eight years.

    Pesto freezes easily — but ya don’t add the parm until it is out of the freeze.

  29. It hurts, to be that accomplished a gardener, and to get no love.

    I like at those porn people, on the internet; and they are dildos!

    Why do lesser men, get more sex?

    Answer that question, oh wiser men.

    I have enjoyed that VERY CHALLENGING, VERY DIFFICULT book, The Culture of Narcissism.

    Its underlyiing premise is framed in wisdom; that we suffer from want and loneliness and longing. The human condition; it’s not a porn flick and you don’t get to have pussy for dinner every night.

  30. Sorry to complain, guys.

    It’s not becoming.

    I have said it before. You are better men. I am driven to succeed and accomplish; but for the time being, you are better men.

  31. Biking around today i saw three or four green and white yard signs, in the name of inclusion and diversity, with an homage to Ramadan. How did it read? oh here it is,

    To our Muslim neighbors: Blessed Ramadan

    These signs are in the front yards of urban white people; it is a campaign promoted by some civic council of churches, to outreach the local Muslims.

    So in between their going back to Somalia to train with Isis, we welcome them with yard signs, in our front lawns.

    I admire the Somalis, like i have said before; but do we have to put up signs in our front lawns, celebrating their holiday. Oh my rabbits, my rabbits, my rabbits.

  32. These are yard signs, in the style of a political campaign, that celebrate Ramadan and diversity — and they are 100 per cent in the lawns of white people.

    How weak do we have to appear to be? to appease that aggressive culture. Just roll over, there, dog. Let em rub your belly!

    You can look up youtube videos of Somalis doing random attacks on white bike-riders, in these very same neighborhoods — but hey don’t mind that, that would be hate! My Remington 12 chambers 5 shells, but that would be too much heavy gauge for rabbits! kidding kidding kidding

  33. Minneapolis urban dwellers are the most liberal people on the face of the Earth. But it is weird, because you can go into a bar, and these people are manly and good-looking, and the women kill you with their looks.

    Somehow the political culture EXPRESSES in REVERSE. That the trick of it all, that is the onion. When ya figure that out, let me know.

    Truly — figure that out. Our political culture expresses in reverse. Our political culture is opposed to the people. That is what the political culture is, is a harness and a modification of the very healthy good-looking people, who still habitate this place.

    Politics is a modification of “Who we are.” If i gotta read that quote, one more time, from some gay Jon Favreau speech by Obama. It is interesting though, how often that phrase is used. They know — those yenahu speech writers and their political lapdogs — they know how crucial is that concept.

    They want to tell US, who we are.


    I crossed paths with a teenage girl and did a literal jaw drop exclamation, something like, Wow omg! i am sorry! and she replied, oh it’s ok.

    I get away with that sad tragicomic bs, for awhile yet. Oh let me be your uncle, darlin, i just want to keep you company, can you drive yet? I know, you’re only 15.

  34. “Biking around today i saw three or four green and white yard signs, in the name of inclusion and diversity, with an homage to Ramadan.”

    Think of how frequent that is, and then also think of how utterly bizarre, is that behavior. To go to the trouble of obtaining a sign that celebrates Ramadan.

    Self-annihilating behavior, for all to see, in your front yard and on display. Hey look, neighbors — i am aware that it is Ramadan and i welcome that cultural tradition! I don’t even know what it means, besides something about a Fast!

  35. Spent the last several days training, networking, and partying in AZ. It was 122 degrees F. at our Palm Springs villa yesterday. Until the rains come, it’s poolside for me.

  36. It’s MORE THAN just self-annihilation… It’s literally Nordicism aka “white supremacy” versus Straight Out of Africa and the Descent.

    And the essence of the story is father to son.


    “We” are merely witnessing the last and most particular “form” of perpetuating self-annihilation for those red/blond and blue-eyed peoples as “they” invite their very spiritual, intellectual and physical antithesis, i.e., the Somali, into their “homes.”

  37. I’m a big fan of Living Years and Leader of the Band.

    RE: The Living Years. It’s not that talking solves things, that is, offers up a cinematic reveal of “oh wow” but rather provides clarity and in some ways, confirmation of a point of view or at least a point of view that is spoken to provide clarity. Once that person is dead, there’s no longer that opportunity to “get to the point”, to be honest and say, Hey, I fucked up or that’s not what I was trying to do.

    I had a talk like this with my pops just last year. Needless to say there were some things I had to get of my chest–clearing out the gunny sack as we like to joke–and in doing so, he even asked if there was anything else I needed to say/ask.

    It was a dark moment for me, just how things had unfolded for how that talk came to be, but a weight was lifted and in many ways, it was the last hurdle to overcome towards my personal growth. If I never did have that talk with my father, then I know, given the type of person I am, I would have filled in the answer with my own projections about what he was trying to do rather than to get it straight from him.

    Rather than solving things, it resolves open ended issues. And brings up the point to resolve loose ends before they get too tattered–letting time unravel the strains further and further.

    Leader of the Band is just a beautiful song. I often take a Biblical point of view with it due to the lyrics–maybe taking them too literally. Reminds me of David, Jesus and Paul.

  38. Less lion, more leopard. And hippo.

    If you’ve lived in Africa, you’ll know what I mean.

  39. Cam, re. your map: Malaysia?? Me no get….. I’d say Poland us more than Michigan…..

    Thor: u confirmed what i suspected. Genetic determinism all the way, dude! Where’s the free will in that?

  40. That U.S. GDP’d map is like suddenly seeing your gramps covered in tats head to toe. That explicit sort of dream within a dream

  41. Nikcrit…

    I don’t believe in “genetic determinism,” but those who do seem to certainly suffer its consequences. As I’ve said before, this world is divided between those who believe they possess God-ordained free will and those who reject any and all notion of such a thing. And so when it comes to the Somali and his blond-haired, blue eyed “host,” it’s a total lack of God-ordained free will all around. The mad “white Nordic” liberal (the whitest of the whites) demands and deserves the criminal-minded “black” Somali in what amounts to a mutually-assured destruction.

  42. No one ever asks, “what if a host indulges its parasites?”

    What to make of this Elk?

    Is this all that is left for the “whitest of whites” to prove they are supreme to all other whites? To mankind itself?

    Once these “Nordics” ruled ancient empires and now they’ve adopted their parasites as their own NECESSARILY famishing that which should redound to the “host” tomorrow and beyond.

  43. Look at Brock Lesnar…

    He does nothing in the name of white Supremacy…

    So in the existential crisis, he is nobody… Leading a million lesser Brock Lesnars nowhere nearer to smashing that Somali element and submitted the mad “white Nordic” liberals so as to send that PSA to FIRST PROPERLY nourish your own sons and soil.

  44. Good comments, thordaddy, at 2:45 and 2:50 am. What to make of it.

    You call it symbiotic regression and self-annihilation; i call it a symptom of easy energy.

    Your description sounds more complex, but maybe mine is closer to the mark.

    Because we don’t have to struggle and fight to survive, we adopt these Somalis as status-symbols and pets; and never mind how some whites pay the price.


    By the way, make your future comments more like those last and you will be more read.

    Brock Lesnar is a favorite white guy, for me. I look at those fighters to remind myself of how hard people can hit, and so to stay out of trouble!

    There is magazine devoted to white guys shooting rifles from mounted horses. As if one ultimate masculine hobby at a time, isn’t enough, they do two at a time! Those guys live mainly in Wyoming and Montana, and some of them in Dakota and maybe SW Minnesota. They wear cowboy shirts and Wrangler jeans.

    I almost got in a fight with one of them, recently. It would have been a mistake, on my part, and his. His wrists were twice as thick as mine, but i got the guns stashed — after all, this is my hometown!

    White people fight each other, and not Somalis. What is that about. Can someone elaborate on that question. I don’t know that i have insight, into that question. I engage in the same behavior. It is sorta like you know what to expect; whereas with those foreign enemies you don’t.

  45. In a fair fight, it mostly comes down to size and strength of which the primary marker, is how thick are your wrists.

    But in the real world, it is about willingness to win. Another Elk epigram: Willingness to Win.

    Are you willing to win? A lot of that willingness is subserving your face, and smiling and lying. Which can be difficult, for Williams Syndrome whites who are accustomed to a status dance that requires a different mode of behavior.

  46. I appreciate the advice, of better men, which is shut the fuck up. But on the other hand; until the fighting starts, what else is there to do.

    I am waiting for Camlost, to get back to me, with the best insults he can come up with.

    The thing is, Camlost, if all you got, is “you are housebound” — you are wrong and you lose this one.

    Yesterday on my bike i adjusted the brakes and trued the rear wheel. A few days before had a new chain put on. The local bike shop is (surprisingly enough) recommended. Once or twice i have had to go back and insist on the right thing, and they obliged.

    A lot of that “mechanical” stuff has not come naturally (to me). Simple stuff like brake adjustments; your bike is built with that in mind. Use that smallest hex and get it right. A spoke wrench, however, works in reverse: right is loose and left is tight; why is it designed that way.

  47. The thing is, Camlost — you took a shot, and you missed. You guys in truck? do you even work on your own truck.

    You expect that Toyota to run for you; you don’t even work on it. At least i do (most of the) work on my bike, and can walk home when it doesn’t run.

    De-scale your own life; otherwise you are dependent on technology and tools you don’t know how to use. How gay is that.

    It is pretty gay. You are dependent on tech that you don’t know know to use. Lame lame lame lame lame lame. Did i say lame.

    Or maybe i am wrong and you are the outlier who can work on his truck. If that is the case you are one in a thousand, and my bad — but i am guessing not.

  48. The thing is, Camlost — you took a shot, and you missed. You guys in truck? do you even work on your own truck.

    You expect that Toyota to run for you; you don’t even work on it. At least i do (most of the) work on my bike, and can walk home when it doesn’t run.

    Elk well thanks soooo much for asking about my beloved truck, yes I do work on it. But it’s a relatively new Toyota so it doesn’t need much, it’s not like it’s a POS Wrangler or Explorer or something that requires frequent repairs. Somehow the plastic tube line to my windshield washer has snapped, I’ve got to replace that. I found a great Youtube video that shows how to replace those without going to the dealer and getting charged $375 for 20 seconds or work to put in the $12 part.

    But the unstated goal of every auto manufacturer is to make their vehicles less friendly to DIY repairs, so that they can get you back to the dealership for service and make $$ money off you. Not to mention the rapid computerization of a lot of parts that don’t need it – they say volkswagen is reallly bad about making almost every electric/electronic function slaved to a separate chip which can fail and only be replaced by the dealer.

    My AC went down last week so I fixed the run capacitor in my central air this past weekend for the cost of one $60 part instead of the $500 it would’ve costed me to have an HVAC company come out and fix it.

    A lot of that “mechanical” stuff has not come naturally (to me). Simple stuff like brake adjustments; your bike is built with that in mind. Use that smallest hex and get it right. A spoke wrench, however, works in reverse: right is loose and left is tight; why is it designed that way.

    My dad always tinkered with small engines and bikes during my childhood. If there’s anything I regret it’s not learning more from him about fixing both bikes and lawnmowers, he’d normally repair everything so fast while I was still at school. I want to get an old-style beach cruiser bike and fix it up nicely – the kind with the wide tires that you ride right on the water line. He’s into reloading ammo now so I’m trying to get him to teach me that too.

  49. “It was all so long ago and Stalin doesn’t matter any more. Stalin lost his chic before you were born. Sex is always chic.” -Hilton Kramer

  50. Two people shot during Craiglist robbery, guess which two of these folks took a bullet, and guess which likely Williams syndrome sufferer was dumb enough to meet with 2 Obama supporters by himself after posting an ad to sell a playstation on Craiglist. (one of the incompetent crooks shot their accomplice in the hand while aiming at the robbery target, with their 16-month child sitting in the car a few feet away)


  51. From the link,

    K.L. Smith, Zeitz’s online teammate and friend who helped start the fundraiser, told The Huffington Post that their team members may have been the last to speak to the victim.

    “Shortly before the shooting he was playing with his other teammates and said, ‘Hey guys, I’ll be right back,’” Smith said Tuesday morning. “I guess that’s when he went outside to do this Craigslist deal and got shot.”

    “I guess that’s when he went outside” … aw shucks, then.

    No one is going to do anything, because that would involve moving away from the game console.

    Check out that face of the shooter, the female in the third picture. Talk about some dimwits. Her face is all like, Yeah, 10 years, that be easy as puddin.

    What is the charge, then, 2nd degree? I bet she is out in ten.

    You all got a separate breed (of blacks), down there.

  52. But before you feel too sorry for the guy, I must also post this photo which shows why his spidey sense of danger did not warn him:

    Yes, one of those nerdy “anti-racist” gamers that ends up with a black chick. I’ve seen a few of them. They had a child together.

  53. Things are slowing down in Toronto (I have reduced posting to my website at sorcerygod.wordpress.com) so I will begin commenting more at PA’s site.

    Now that I have time to think and ponder, I’ve been reading the comments from the last few postings, and it seems that maybe seven or eight individuals are the main contributors to the comments section. If you average out the quality of their comments, it exceeds heartiste.wordpress.com, which is the other main blog I read. I have to find more blogs and news sites to read. I really like the esoteric, alternative format of personal websites (on my own, I venture in topics from war to sex without a beat in-between); but they’re also the hardest to write.

    Just as rhyming poetry frees you more than it constricts you, writing a website based on strictly narrow parameters such as CH is in a way easier than having all topics available to you as PA and I have.

    It does seem to me, though, that the best way to get readers to your site is to write fiction, if you can write it. I have written a number of short stories on my site, and they’re good, but I’m loath to provide something for free which the marketplace would assign a value to. For example, if I can actually write stories, it is really insane to just give them away for free, unless I was loaded down with moneybags in the first place, which I am not.

    I know vaguely that PA has tried his hand at fiction, but I think his tends to be ideologically related (on, e.g., mudsharking) rather than what I do, which is entertainment-derived “secret meanings” fiction, in which I have a broader message embedded like a stand-out seam of info in a broader palette of narrative.

    What excites and interests me is making what I call Pictorial Stories, in which you have text and pictures from Google Images alternating. I have tried this, and they look and read really well. If you do go to my site (I guess you can click on my name in green to go there) you can scroll down and find “Desert Idlers” and tell me what you think.

    I am learning from PA some of the possibilities of the free-form website; in my case I wouldn’t use song lyrics as a point of departure for analysis, but I can see how it would work. I tend to use music in my postings as a background mood influencer more than anything else.

  54. I have been thinking about PA in my personal time in Toronto, sometimes, as I walk the streets in the downtown core from Bathurst to Jarvis, and from Front to Bloor. I will be frank with you — something about PA rubs me the wrong way. He has quoted me in his main article header, as has Heartiste, and I like being quoted by anyone, but when PA does it I almost get the feeling that I am being judged, whereas Heartiste seems to just gleefully pick and choose apples and strawberries of meaning from other sites without regard for those who planted them first.

    So PA is … I don’t know. He’s a really special writer, as are some of his commentators down here, whom I encourage to start their own websites and tell us about them, and yet is it necessarily the case that talent runs with integrity?

    I want PA to have integrity, by which I mean not morality or ethics, but loyalty to a primal group. I trust my instincts, and my instincts say PA would value and defend secretly other groups over whatever group he was in. If for example there was a female or females telling him secretly to white-knight for them, I can easily see PA betraying his white male elite group of thinkers in order to cozy up to the Vag cunts.

    Perhaps to someone else, a website is just a meaningless stream of text and images, but to me it is of great important, a direct window into someone’s mind. When you go to my site (sorcerygod.wordpress.com) you get a VERY clear, unblemished, no-bullshitty view of how I actually think (and feel, something I have criticized PA about in the past). I would like to see many more “blogs” (hate the name; connotates amateurism) done by others, so that I can freely chose my favorite windows into minds, perhaps form a community (??!!) and even meet in the flesh someday. What do you think?

  55. PA, let me ask you a question, and I’d like to see how you answer it.

    Are you trustworthy to those who rely on you to have their backs?

  56. It’s not at all weird that SorceryGod comes here and immediately attempts to chase off all the women and then suggests meeting up to form an “in the flesh” community with the guys.

  57. SG, you’re not just shut down at the doors. You don’t even get within field-view of any Velvet Rope. Whether in life, in death, or any other flux

  58. To put it another way; you will not fool anyone.

    I took a quick look at your blog, but more rather simply used others’ reviews, as presented here — and they were not favorable.


    I like women, as people. Get that through your skull. You don’t make any friends, insulting them. You have to stick your dicks in em; but come to terms with that, as a human being, and don’t model yourself as a degenerate porn star. Your mileage may vary.

    Are you jewish, or just crazy?

    The two most prolific commenters here are half black and the other half jap. So we need a jew; don’t be awkward. There is even a self-confessed gay, and not to mention an alcoholic.

  59. Camlost. That is why my humor quotient is in the 20s; whereas yours is merely (a very respectable) 18.

    Your knowledge of practical affairs though? and the business behind it? — is insane. I tip my hat. But on “the white thing” … you got to listen, kid.

    That essence of soul, this sorry state of suffering. Whatever; be glad for who you are. I often feel like a missing piece, a square peg. (We are not to talk about this, i know i know i know, and LBF will mock me for the ages.)

  60. Sorcerygod is what you get when all your “authority figures” are died-in-the-wool anti-white Supremacists.

    He readily concedes that PA writes for a more refined audience… White men versus “white” male liberationists per Heartiste. But inexplicably, he takes this refined audience as evidence of a questionable loyalty in its Host. So he speak to a broad “loyalty” of male liberationist over a deep loyalty shared by white men not cognizant of the fact that one may oscillate back and forth between “loyalties” due his paticular degree of refinement or lack thereof. But worse is even speaking of “loyalty” without any notable reference to truly worthy things. Because it is in the truly worthy things that TRUE LOYALTY must reside and if one does not possess the discernment of truly worthy things from truly unworthy things then the questioning of another’s loyalty is a preposterous thing indeed. Ergo, one cannot be truly loyal to that which is preposterous. So cease the pursuit of refining your message when the objective should be to refine one’s Self so as to gain the ability to know that which is worthy of loyalty.

    And right now, Sorcerygod, you cannot answer this question with any certainty and so questioning another’s loyalty even as you acknowledge his refinement is classic projection.

    Refine your Self.

    Put your mind and effort on objective Supremacy. Anything less is uncivilized.

  61. On the unofficial scale of “Nordicism” with zero equaling non-Nordic as can be and ten equaling as Nordic as one can be, Elk scores in my profiling estimation an 8-9 right there with LBF at an 8-9 where thordaddy would be a 7 and all others at or below. Brock Lesnar would also be at the 8-9 spot on the “Nordicism” scale which just goes to his whole public persona WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY DEVOID of any racial acknowledgment (read: he is publicly deracinated). He feigns obliviousness to the reality that he represents a once dominate and now defeated “white supremacy.” Which can only lead many of “us” moderately intelligent lesser “Nordics” (the 5s, 6s and 7s) left scratching our colllective heads at what seems to be a very perverse reality. A reality to which the degree in which one is more “Nordic” and thus closer to a truly existential crisis (read: the whitest of whites are closest to total annihilation) is the best and most reliable indicator of one’s private zeal for final annihilation. So it’s not just an existential crisis of various degrees of urgency with those on the scale at the ten position in the most dire of existential crisis, but those at the ten position MOST ZEALOUSLY in favor of being a real zero.

    If Brock Lesnar won’t utter peep then certainly will not his flock of sheep.

  62. “The two most prolific commenters here are half black and the other half jap. “

    I think you just came up with a name for my and Cam’s new rap duo: Halfrican Japrican.

  63. I like that concept of “easy energy.” Brock Lesnar though… He’s uneasy energy. He should be smashing real fools (read: professional anti-Nordics) in the name of white Supremacy as a father immersed in a land of Nordic self-annihilation. If a 8-9 Nordic like Brock Lesnar can not or will not do just such a thing knowing all HE SHOULD KNOW then there Just ishouidn’t be any expectations of others doing just that ESPECIALLY as they dip down on the scale of “Nordicism.” The existential crisis is most profound for the 8-9-10s and only LBF seems passionately troubled by the commensurate lack of accountability amongst this 8-9-10 Nordic collective.

  64. I like that concept of “easy energy.” Brock Lesnar though… He’s uneasy energy. He should be smashing real fools (read: professional anti-Nordics) in the name of white Supremacy as a father immersed in a land of Nordic self-annihilation.

    You mean he should be beating up the opponents of WS in public? I don’t understand how one man can make a difference in that kind of regard.

    Little known fact is that Brock Lesnar had a tryout with the Minnesota Vikings for summer training camp, they wanted to develop him into a defensive end, but they say he wouldn’t listen to coaching instructions and kept hitting people after the whistle. So they cut him.

    Also he’s fairly closed off about his private life but I think he pretty much spends his time on some ranches he owns in the Dakotas and/or Minnesota where he hunts, fishes and so forth. I think he’d be privately amenable to what you’re saying.

    Your knowledge of practical affairs though? and the business behind it? — is insane. I tip my hat. But on “the white thing” … you got to listen, kid.

    Sure thing, Elk. I will listen intently. I do learn a lot from you. Gotta do something to get my lowly humor quotient out of the basement and up to a more respectable level.

  65. *glittering from the dark*

    Well. My website is really starting to sizzle. The last 10 postings are particularly kickass-fucking-awesome.

    Anyway, if you want to check it out, you can go to:


    Bookmark that name in memory.

    In reply to those who have replied to me:

    YES, of course I would like to meet in person with the complete collection of Internet entities, males who I enjoy and respect. Everyone from Delicious Tacos (www.delicioustacos) to Davis Aurini (www.staresattheworld.com) to the PUAs to the politician-rabblerousers, I would like to come together with them all. Anyone who considers this strange is a weakling loser who sits alone in his basement.

    Secondly, it is legitimate to probe PA’s character and check for weaknesses. I don’t particularly give much credence to those who would support him, because you are known by the company you keep. It would be just like a backstabber to assert the truthworthiness of a fellow backstabber. There are those who cannot create, but only destroy, and support the nihilism of their fellows.

    Thirdly, I still would like to see more of the Natural Elite creating their own websites. I am very broad-minded, and even someone like “thordaddy” who is completely alien to me in every pore of his mind and body I would probably read for his views and insights. Anyone who writes poetry to a commentariat’s audience can’t be all bad.

    Reread this posting of mine to the following video, which is my theme song, song to my by a girl in my thrall:

    As time goes by, I’m sure more of you will grow to worship and idolize me, and my proper homage and due will be paid … and not just by girls who find me, naturally, a very sexy male.

  66. Camlost…

    What I’m saying is that Brock Lesnar can no longer play PUBLICLY oblivious the existential crisis nor can he just retire to privacy unless he’s just quietly submitted to the self-annihilating Nordic inertia? Furthermore, Brock Lesnar cannot play ignorant as to his very lucrative entertainment role in this meta-morality tale of wS versus anti-wS AND WHO WERE AND ARE his core fans (read: don’t think Somali). And to the collective mind, all his hard work doesn’t mean thing and that is just the way it is. And so, if Brock Lesnar will not now stick his neck out for the cause of Nordic regeneracy then who will and who could anyone possibly expect to do such a thing?

  67. All due respect, it seems a bit, umm, ‘unseemly’ (if not outright ‘nutty’) to be filtering so much socio-ethnic analysis through the physical-symbol that is a pro wrestler…… I take it you guys are reflecting about the symbolism of him beating or losing to an opponent of a differing race? If that’s the case, isn’t that a symbiotic bit of derring-do that has its own cycle (a la decades past ‘the Great White Hope”-vs.-the Black Liberator, eventually resolved via some symbolic ethnic hybrid nowadays, who seem to be all the rage in the UFC and other new-millenium fight formats? (To wit: the pale, redheaded “Mexican” straight-boxing champ, Canelo?)

  68. All due respect, it seems a bit, umm, ‘unseemly’ (if not outright ‘nutty’) to be filtering so much socio-ethnic analysis through the physical-symbol that is a pro wrestler

    It’s crazy to expect anyone in entertainment to be amenable to WS.

    Entertainment, music biz, Hollywood etc. are inherently liberalizing and gradually convert anyone in that business to blank-slaterism. And those who do well financially in the entertainment biz are those most insulated from the effects of the demographic change in the US, and actually have a financial stake in immigration to increase the amount of media consumers here (i.e. lots of Mexican immigrants watch wrestling and that’s just additional advertising dollars through Nielsen ratings.) And of course anyone in entertainment has got to play the PC political game and support blank-slaterism in order to get through the day and keep getting work.

    If you ask me, the outsized impact of mass entertainment is a far bigger block to WS than anything one particular wrestler chooses to do with his time. Core Americans have too much free time, too much luxury, too much safety, too much disposable income, too much idleness.

  69. Hi there, good to see you, Sorcerygod here again. Just waiting for PA to provide us with some renewed inspiration in the form of a new posting.

    In the meantime, I have been overhauling my website. I need to tweak the comments section below my postings. As a DEEP PERSONAL FAVOR TO ME, could you go to my website, which is vaguely similar to PA’s but uniquely mine, and read the top 2 postings written by me. At the bottom of each posting is the comments section. I need YOU to fill in your personal thoughts on whatever I’ve written. I’ll edit around the comments and add my own thoughts. Comments are fun to do and my place offers a forum for you to add your own comments.

    You can click on my name Sorcerygod to go to my website. Or, if you like it and want to return time and again, go to


    Much appreciation, my friends!

  70. @cam: Agreed.

    @PA: I posted a pair of comments in the “About” post on the header of your blog, but they didn’t show up in the comment queue on the right side of your face page. Moderation?

  71. ***It’s crazy to expect anyone in entertainment to be amenable to WS.***

    That’s a strong pro, not a con in this present world

  72. Camlost and Nikcrit…

    You are both missing the point entirely. “We” already know that the entertainment industry is dogmatically anti-wS, ie., radically liberated. And instinctively, “we” know that professional athletics JUST MUST BE the undisputed venue for the display of SUPREME ATHLETES. Of course, what this means is that the professional athlete NECESSARILY strives for objective athletic Supremacy. Now, the total fusion between entertainment and athletics was a place where someone very unique like Brock Lesnar was able to specialize. He wasn’t just a WWE wrestling. He IS ALSO a phenomenal athlete gearing up for another MMA showndown. Ergo, Brock Lesnar strives for objective athletic Supremacy.

    And now you put it all together. You take the zeitgeist’s relentless propagation of anti-wS in ALL REALMS…. Of course, Hollywood. But clearly now, all professional athletics, too, are infected with anti-wS. And then you add Brock Lesnar. IF HE IS IN THE athletic entertainment industry AND successful, IT IS ONLY BECAUSE he played passive with its inherent anti-wS, according to Camlost. So Brock Lesnar, THE MAN AND FATHER, is at odds within himself… The existential crisis is most urgent for his kind of white man… The self-generated animus is most vitriolic for his legendary phenotype… He knows deep down inside that he strives for objective Supremacy… He does this as a white man. He is a white Supremacist right in the thick of anti-wS whether it is WWE or the UFC and he MUST KNOW THIS by now.

  73. The reason one defines the white Supremacist as a white man who strives towards objective Supremacy, ie., Perfection, IS FOR THE VERY PURPOSE of exposing the radical liberal as he learnedly attempts to deconstruct “white man” and “Perfection” out of existence. And this is exactly what anti-wS aims to do… Absolutely destroy any and all notion of the perfect white man.

    Furthermore, when one really assimilates himself to the absolute conception of white Supremacist then the sheer absurdity of it relativistic liberal conception becomes self-evident.

    What is the actual relationship between a white man who strives towards Supremacy and the “black man?”


    But the joke is on white man.

  74. t-daddy,

    I extract a unique, seasoned value from your various jottings. Like Escher’s Waterfalls, the stark intention eludes one at first approach — but will inevitably present itself via a kind of slanted osmosis. Good stuff

  75. Well, I got some commentators at my website


    or you can just click on my name

    ……. but I don’t see the best commentators here — each pond gone, nikcrit, and others.
    I value your input and want to see you by my ringside.


    Everyone knows for every published commentator there are 200 to 400 lurkers who write nothing. I urge you to click on my name and practice writing. Today’s posting is about my musical and corporate futures and how I plan on kicking ass. You know, when I get flamed on another website, it isn’t very satisfying, but I would enjoy jousting with such fire on my own.

    P.S. You can suck it, haters.

    P.P.S. Where the fuck is PA with his declaration of his integrity and fundamental trustworthiness? Because I still get a bad vibe from you. You seem ….. susceptible to malign influence

  76. I passed the 1000 visitor mark on my website yesterday — garnered in 1.5 months.

    Even better is 5-6000 views of my postings, meaning they’re getting multiple hits once they get to my site.;

  77. RE: the subject of…. “I extract a unique, seasoned value from your various jottings. Like Escher’s Waterfalls, the stark intention eludes one at first approach — but will inevitably present itself via a kind of slanted osmosis. Good stuff”

    He can be a frustrating SOB, eh? But when i want to publicly praise him, i find myself hesitant and looking over my shoulder —— something about him and his rap makes you feel like you’re about to be a victim, a la the MTV show, “Punk’D.”…. Lol!

  78. I extract a unique, seasoned value from your various jottings. Like Escher’s Waterfalls, the stark intention eludes one at first approach — but will inevitably present itself via a kind of slanted osmosis.

    That’s true of any sufficiently arcane text. It only seems profound because it is cryptic. You read it over and over to try and extract some nugget of meaning and eventually you rationalize some meaning to it. At best, thordaddy’s scribblings will contain some mundane observation that can be stated in clear, simple language. At worst, it is incoherent nonsense.

  79. Accusations of “cryptic” and “arcane” writing on my behalf are really just defense mechanisms for those desirous of radical (sexual) autonomy. The Jewish and black hatred for “white supremacy” IS THE STUFF OF legends. The “dominance” of Jews and blacks in entertainment and sport, respectively, is undeniable. Only those thoroughly submissive to the zeitgeist will not press its obvious convergence into an all-encompassing anti-wS and then draw the simple CONCLUSION that one MUST BE a wS in reaction.

    But I digress… ONLY hatred for the Jew and the black is really “white supremacy.” And so color me stuntedly stupid for believing “it” must be so much more than the above given the reality of the zeitgeist’s anti-wS and, in particular, the Jewman’s and Blackman’s WHOLEHEARTED CONVICTION for anti-wS.

  80. MGE…

    One of the most successful marketing gimmicks of the emergent alt-RITE was in the idea of the “reframe.” It was the idea of no longer looking through the eyes of the radical liberal in order to see and explain the world. That one should ALSO see and perceive the world through the alt-rite frame. And so there is this constant zeal to “reframe” absolutely everywhere EXCEPT on the issue of “white supremacy.” On this issue, the alt-rite STAYS IN radical liberal frame and now stands as the most legitimate voice to not step out and reframe.

    “We” call this the “enemy within.” Philosophically, the “enemy within” is “us.” And so what this refusal to reframe on the issue of “white supremacy” amongst the alt-rite really means…

    Self-annihilation… Amongst a cabal of high IQ “white” males.

  81. When you find yourself confronting an absolute absurdity, ie., a “white” race-realist ignorant to the absolute conception of white Supremacy, what shall you do?

    If this is a strictly material world then there is a “top” to race-realism? What is “it?” What DOES IT CLAIM? The radical liberal INSISTS that “race” doesn’t even exist and the chaos of this world is the result of those who insist that “it” does… TO THE EXTENT of conceptializing a Master Race.

    Conceptually, a Master Race is that “race” that strive towards objective Supremacy possessing the most faithful fervency. This is neither cryptic nor arcane. It is a self-evident truth to the highly intelligent. But then some highly intelligent are perhaps near Saint-like while the rest are diabolical self-annihilators. High IQ parasites, each with an insatiable appetite that will always subordinate any and all ideas of “race.”

  82. SG…

    If you have no concept of genuine white Supremacy then think how much this will retard you in your “exploits” with the female? Females absolutely despise egalitarianism in their man.


    If you possess no concrete ideas of what actually is anti-egalitarianism…. What are you really doing?

    A high IQ just does equal an absolute concept of objective Supremacy.

    No concept of Perfection = {{{dummy}}}

  83. “Conceptually, a Master Race is that “race” that strive towards objective Supremacy possessing the most faithful fervency. This is neither cryptic nor arcane. It is a self-evident truth to the highly intelligent.”

    You over-presume consensus on such a thought (and a rather obscure and cryptic one at that). What makes you think that such a formulation is a ‘evident truth’ to the point of it being mere common sense? That is weird, man; try to empathize with someone who genuinely doesn’t know what you’re talking about but is being inquisitive and extending the benefit of doubt. It’s really not too noble to just assume such folk are being disingenuous or worse, no?

  84. Btw, i should add that a presupposition such as Thor presumes is hardly the sole provenance of the “highly intelligent.” it’s obscure across the board. ….. Be real & talk straight up man

  85. Nikcrit…

    If there be any assumptive pretension…
    Then it shall be to get your attention…
    To fact that I write amongst those…
    With race-real intuition.

    Define Master Race if you will?

    I predict that you shall bumble and stumble and smoothly divert. And then somehow brings “us” back to MERE survival.

    Is a “race” that constantly survives on the brink of annihilation a Master Race?” Or a “master race” of con “men?”

  86. Well, I’m not sure what Thordaddy is saying, but I invite him, once again, to my website to plaster it with his comments like a worker sticking on bills advertising rock bands below construction sites.

    My site is http://www.sorcerygod.wordpress.com

    See you there.

    PS — Got more commentators but they were fucking HARD to wrangle. I have far more lurkers to commentators, as a ratio, than, say, PA does. Heartiste’s site is glitching up, rejecting all kinds of commentators, who have largely given up, leaving the field to the hardcore commentator. But my website is UNMODERATED and my Stats board tells me I’m getting lots of visitors, but NO ONE IS FUCKING COMMENTING.

    Are you cowards? Put your thoughts down on my board.

  87. The difficult topic of the original post is father son songs, and more broadly that … whole thing.

    I was thinking that that is truly the eternal struggle. That relationship. And that its missingness, its problems its pain, and its incomplete aspect — is the very same as for what is missing in life.

    That is more of one of those things better unsaid, or only expressed in art or in life; rather than in some gay post! and if this miserable series has taught me anything it is that.

    I am not getting across my point. But this idea that a complete father son relationship is achievable, is a myth. There was a Simpsons episode about that, the one with Hank Scorpio, the awesome exec out in California who brought in Homer after Homer’s triumphant save on the nuclear power plant.

    Scorpio was modeled after those unreal types who pass for people like Jack Welch comes to mind, or those A+ go getters who not only have that striving achieving personality, but also the worldly accomplishments that most people cannot relate to.

    Donald Trump has said that he hasn’t cried since he was child. Is that a good thing? I believe the guy is a straight shooter, for that — but even so that is an unusual personality profile, to say the least — and one that can exist only at the expense of a lot of other people.

    But speaking of the Simpsons and half-hour comedy shows, a netflix original series called The Ranch is on exactly the father son theme. It was rated two-and-a-half stars, but the first two episodes were worth my time. It has for the leads Sam Elliott as the father, and Ashton Kutcher as the son.

    The writing is sharp and so is the acting. And the music is good too. And most remarkably it is told with respect for the characters, who are white prototypes with big dicks. It is almost as if the yenahus were only involved peripherally; which is hard to believe, but it would seem to have to be the case, for the American Westerners but to treated with the respect that they are, in that show. Or perhaps were just trying to make some money?

    But the weird thing about the show — and in my estimate, its MISS in its popular appeal, and the explanation for the low-star rating — is that they did it in that 70s show made for tv comedy style, complete with an over the top laughtrack. No doubt they did that ironically and with an aim for ironic vintage kicks, but at first gulp it rubs the wrong way.

    The writing and the acting is so sharp, and topical, that that goofy (stupid) style and its failed vintage appeal, slips into the un-noticed background.

    However another part of that style of sitcom comedy that remains TOO noticeable, is the show’s pacing. The too fast dialogue and the too many jokes. Its other detraction, in its appeal to Millennials, its humor is on the raunchy side.

    So they missed by having some good writers and good actor, but by being a little too fast paced irreverent double-triple-plus pomo. On the other hand it’s actually a little bit touching, and i think that Kutcher deserves credit for his performance.

    I will watch two more episodes and expect to be disappointed. Sam Elliott is perfect for the old school hardass rancher. The third star is the older brother, who plays the foil to them both, with his wit brilliant and undeniable, but out of place there in that milieu.

    The other mismatch is how that actual geographical of the High Plains, Colorado (i think) is too much in contrast to the gay the sitcom studio.

    But the writing fully avails itself to alpha dogs and underlings. And there are bombshell blondes.

  88. It is not too late to give the potatoes another good hillin. Today would be the day. When they are flowering the are forming their edible roots, which will expand into well protected mounds of dirt. They are hard to work around, at this point, and more or less impossible any later, at least without abundant spacing.

    That is not like a metaphor, or anything — a GAY metaphor, for life and healthy roots and protecting them from this mean old world. I didn’t mean it like it that. Truly, just about the fucking potatoes.

  89. The fucking potatoes. A title for my next post is The Joyless Garden.

    Apparently there is a somewhat trendy book called All Joy and No Fun: Your Life with Kids. That is a guess at the title, but the theme being obvious.

    The good things in life for a mature responsible adult are all work and no fun. So there’s today’s Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy, except without the NY irony and its place real people. Hey there is an idea. We could nuke NY (no offense peterike) and replace it with something else, like a giant exhibit on what happens when you let yourself go.

  90. Big goings-on though, out in the World. Fuck. Can’t even begin, with those. I liked the link from MGE, that speaker what’s-his-name, on Islam.

    As a criticism that speaker seems opposed to The Patriarchy, and its place wants more of a Gaytriarchy.

    Put he had BRILLIANT point, that i am not up to recapitulating, on how if we have to regard Islam with kid gloves, and express our fear of it in special terms such Islamophobia and radical Islam — that in itself is a sign of a more underlying problem that Islam presents.

    That guys is a top-notch presenter of his ideas though. Very clear style of presentation.

  91. Elk…

    The kid glove treatment of Islam by “Western” faggots is incredibly predictable at this stage of descent. Seventy-two virgins for eternal smashings seems outrageously ridiculous to the everyday fag of the West…


    In relation to the pleasurable self-annihilation of the modern “white” queer, it is THE reward of an Islamic life given MEANINGFUL EXISTENCE. In other words, kill a decadent “white” faggot and be rewarded an eternity of decadence.

    On the other side, the maiming and murder of a swath of “white” homosexuals MEANS a life ONLY made tolerable by the relentless maximization of one’s personal pleasure BEFORE his total annihilation.

    Symbiotic regression.

  92. SC…

    This is a place of race-realism which is a place much more defined than the place you inhabit.

    So if you do not know or cannot write on the topics of wS and anti-wS then you just are not race real and come to “us” in a very stunted state with no apparent willingness to be enlightened..

  93. Hey Fellows, I’m back in the USSA and I feel better than fine. This and the previous post were written ahead of my trip and auto-published on a timer. I’ll post my travel observations tomorrow or the following day. Lots of impressions and thoughts that I think will come off best in a stream-of-consciousness form. I had occasional internet access and kept up with the comments here. I especially valued your comments on the subject of father-son relationship and additional song suggestions.

  94. Nikcrit may be the only other person here who listens to jazz, but this post reminded me of Horace Silver’s “Song for My Father,” a bossa nova-inflected hard bop number from the mid 60s. Like nikcrit, Silver was mixed race, and the cover of the album features a portrait of his father, who was from the former Portuguese colony of Cape Verde. I have the original vinyl record, which I discovered many years ago in my own father’s record collection, nestled amongst his Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Randy Newman albums.

    Ten years later Steely Dan “borrowed” the piano intro from “Song for My Father”for “Rikki Dont Lose That Number,” which turned out to be their most successful single.

  95. “I’ll post my travel observations tomorrow or the following day.”

    [It may take longer than that… very busy — PA]

    Welcome back, and looking forward to the posts. Speaking of travel, I was recently in Disneyland — the California one — and the crowds must have been 50% Mexican/Hispanic. They are simply everywhere. Interestingly, very few blacks there, so there’s no feeling of threat. But oh boy is there a feeling of the shabby third-world. And these are the prosperous ones, because Disney ain’t cheap.

    So it’s no surprise that Disney would be 100% open borders if you figure that half their audience is border busters.

    PS – In the stage version of “Frozen,” that cartoon that is full of Nordic/Germanic aesthetics and features two very white Disney princesses, the love interest was played by — ohh, can you guess?? — a black guy.

  96. What was Walt Disney’s favorite brand of cigar/whiskey? I suspect he at least had some quite laudable taste in this direction. Sort of a safeguard against true awareness of what his ventures would inescapably promulgate transcontinentally. My stance on this flamboyant villain :: Utterly Neutral.

  97. “Welcome back, and looking forward to the posts. Speaking of travel, I was recently in Disneyland — the California one — and the crowds must have been 50% Mexican/Hispanic. They are simply everywhere. Interestingly, very few blacks there…”

    I don’t know specifics about So.Cal demographics but I have been there frequently over the last 20-plus years for work in the ‘West-L.A.’ area (which is the area that most people are casually referencing when they say they’re in ‘L.A.’) and it’s my strong yet still casual assumption that the ‘whitest’ part of L.A. (beyond, of course, the very affluent enclaves like Beverly Hills and Bel Air) is Orange County and the other middle-class areas south of LAX, while “The Valley” and areas downtown and north of there are more a mix of whites, blacks and Hispanics… When i first started traveling regularly to L.A. in the earlier half of the ’90s, I frequently stayed in the area a bit south of Hollywood that was known as ‘Wilshire District,’ off Fairfax and the Farmer’s Market areas a bit west of Wilshire, I believe; and what was notable to my novice eyes and perspective was how the area was quite white but was clearly changing to brown in demographics, though it was still quite professionally middle-class overall. ….. IDK, maybe it’s just my humble Midwestern preferences, but you talk about gentrification and community? I’ve never seen a city more in perpetual gentrifcation and ‘change’ than L.A.; I’m sure many of the areas there i first stayed in upon first going to L.A. must today seem like they’re from another galaxy compared to what they were like when i first ventured there.

    To me, the entirety of So-Cal, period, is a sort-of ‘Disneyland.”

  98. Lothar,
    Thanks for mentioning Silver’s “For My Father,” which, as you say, is quite appropriate for this post….. I had the privilege of meeting Silver and fellow jazz-pigano great McCoy Tyner back in the mid 90s to advance a show the two were co-performing. Great Latin-jazz improvisers IMHO.

  99. ***To me, the entirety of So-Cal, period, is a sort-of ‘Disneyland.”***

    Very nicely stated. If this spreads to Mexico, you can count on a few very pissed off beaners — yet some intriguing options for traffickers of la cocaína.

  100. “What was Walt Disney’s favorite brand of cigar/whiskey?”

    To this day, you can’t buy alcohol in Disneyland (though you can in the Disney California Adventure park). Walt really had a vision of good, clean, family fun. Of course, then Jews bought his company and turned it into a machine for turning cute little Goy girls into skanks and ho’s (e.g. Miley Cyrus) so they could make money off of them.

    Still, the Disney parks have maintained a decent level of quality and haven’t been too terribly pozzed. Though you can’t say the same for the Disneyland website, which hits you right in the face with a white girl and black guy sharing the fun. Oh my! And then it shows you a chink family.

    The Disneyworld website is Latinos all the way down.

  101. Interestingly, very few blacks there, so there’s no feeling of threat.

    When blacks want to go the Park, the go to the … park.

    Which really is to their credit.

  102. “Still, the Disney parks have maintained a decent level of quality and haven’t been too terribly pozzed. “

    OK, I tried to hold out and hide my green naivete, and tried to just figure out via conversational context what “pozzed” meant. But nothing clear conveyed itself to me, so i looked it up and the most consistent def says it’s short for ‘contracting viral disease such as HIV,’ which doesn’t clearly lend itself to the context i see it used on blogs like this.

    So what’s up? Does the term here mean ‘infected,’ as if it were a disease —— but metaphorically here said ‘disease’ coming in the form of liberal ideology or something?

    What does “pozzed” mean specifically when used as complaint or description in an alt-right context?

  103. Does the term here mean ‘infected,’ as if it were a disease —— but metaphorically here said ‘disease’ coming in the form of liberal ideology or something?

  104. “Pozzed” refers to something that is infected with modern degenerate liberalism. The term came from bug-chaser forums in which commenters described the thrill of contracting AIDS. I first saw that word on SOBL, and asked him if that’s a typo.

  105. nikcrit is become derelict in his alt-right stewardship.

    Vids such as these is where the action,

    It is difficult to keep current.

    This particular piece, by the Daily Shoah, maintains that Orlando was a false flag.

    Check it, if only for intro music. Hi-lahr-ious.

  106. Sorry for the image, but it is all of piece. That sort of content creation, for the “internet” … those crazy kids, they are out-doing the jews. Truly they are better at it than the jews, and they know it. The best the jews got is netflix originals like The Ranch; but that stuff is for geysers. The kids watch videos on their phones (so they say).

    But on the question of Orlando being a false flag. The whole false flag thing.

    A lot of those terrorist events are, but not all of them. That ambivalence is one of the reasons why they are so … compelling and synergistic. Who did it, who knows, does it matter?

  107. Correction: re. my 11:56 a.m. in which I offer a detailed breakdown of Los Angeles’ demographics: I neglected to state the initial point in that Disneyland is in Orange County, Anaheim I believe —— and it was from there how I went on to point out how, IMO, that is the most white ‘middle-class’ part of that humongous montrosity of a city…… I recall knowing people in that city in the communities of Tarzana (in the Valley) and Mission Viejo (in the southern end of O.C., I believe) and I thought it was ridiculous for local news broadcasts to include those two places in their chummy ‘our community’-type broadcasts, which they umbrella-ed under the term ‘The Southland,’ given that those two places were like 50-plus miles apart!

    Only in L.A.!

  108. PA, glad your back; awaiting to hear of your travels. Thanks for the comment kudos. This was a good post entry you wrote.

    I’m in SoCal, the valley area. It’s funny because I was first out here for school in 1996 and it wasn’t too overrun with illegals. I had to leave in 1997 and came back two years later and I could sense a shift, thought couldn’t quite put my finger to it. I knew something was amiss.

    Funny thing is, I never really liked living out here. I had some plans that, well, as I grew up, weren’t really sound and I was hoping for some cinematic miracle to occur, all the well knowing it was a pipe dream.

    SInce taking the redpill a couple of years ago I finally realized how silly it all was, while realizing that I had more control over my life than I previously thought. The Biblical lesson of “where once I was blind, now I can see” was most apropos for me.

  109. Big goings-on though, out in the World. Fuck. Can’t even begin, with those. I liked the link from MGE, that speaker what’s-his-name, on Islam.

    Listen to Sam Harris. This man speaks the truth:

  110. A late submission to the father-song paens in this thread: No less than one Rick Springfield’s “My Father’s Chair.”

    Springfield’s not a songwriter much on my radar; but hey, credit where’s credit due: Good song, relevant and piercing lyrics on patrimony and acknowledgement that he didn’t have to put it out there when there was a big fluff zeitgeist out there waiting for more of his more typical pop fare. Instead the pop flambeau serves up a nice, tidy paen to patriomonial regret and memorial servitude. More power to him.
    So kudos to Ricky boy!!

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