Racism is a Human Right

But the globalist media, spiraling into clickbait irrelevance, don’t understand that. We are Scared – The Africans in India Say Racism is Constant, says the ABC News headline:

Fear and anger. Those are the emotions that shadow Odole Emmanuel Opeyemi every time the Nigerian man steps out of his New Delhi apartment. Every encounter with Indians is fraught with those feelings, whether he’s taking an autorickshaw or the Metro, buying vegetables or trying to find a spot to park his car.

The style guide: lead off with a pitiful description of a black person lamenting a trivial slight. Then somewhere in the story, insert the word “racism.” That formula’s effectiveness had been reliable since Leon Trotsky invented the word and American media spread it as a shaming tool globally. White people’s apparently innate pity for the African had made us a compliant audience to that narrative.

But the media no longer influence public opinion. “Racist!” mewls a corporate outlet. “We don’t care,” laughs the Alt-Right, humanity’s anti-globalist vanguard.

Prejudice is open in India. […] Landlords in cities including New Delhi and Mumbai deny homes to people based on race and religion.

Sounds like sweet liberty to me. One needs to step away from liberalism to appreciate the insipidness of wringing one’s hands over the fact that somewhere, anywhere, somebody is not embracing a foreigner. The counter-narrative: nobody wants to suffer Blacks’ discivic behavior. Nobody wants to hear alien whooping near his home. Nobody wants black spores inside his daughter’s womb.

As empire-builders have learned by observing racial relations in the United States, black people can be weaponized as universal solvent against every rooted social structure — family, community, nation —  and deployed as such under the state’s protection wherever something needs wrecking.

The Age of Aquarius criers were a charlatans who promised eternal peace for the small price of stripping yourself of everything that you care about. Racist Asians are not falling for the lie that to respect the human rights of two billion Africans, you have to give them your home and your future.

“When I sit down in the Metro, people sit away from me. Even old men and women will stand up as if any contact with me will give them a disease,” he said, describing the mixture of fear and revulsion with which most Indians treat Africans.

There you have it. Indians are insufficiently obsequious to somebody who doesn’t belong among them. That quote was from Opeyemi, the Nigerian in India. For a perspective that is more historically in line with Africans’ relations with other races, below is a 1964 news report showing a slave market in Saudi Arabia. Now that is what violating the human rights of an African looks like:


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  1. I was just checking heartiste’s twitter feed an hour or two ago, and he said something (I believe just in passing, because I searched in case it was “news”) about how Japan would indeed be an Anglosphere nation after all if they fell for the insanity of opening their borders– because I did search, and the only thing I saw was a Bloomberg puff item from, I believe, last year, in which that blasian “Miss Japan” (whom apparently, thankfully, the Japanese as a whole care nothing for, that pageant being apparently something peripheral over there) bitched about Japan’s “racism” and its need to be more “accepting”; and then the article chimes in with a Prof. Tessa Miller–somethingjapanese [Tessa? is that a (((Tessa)))?] to the same effect, and all the maudlin sympathy about how, by 2060 (!) Japan’s population will shink to some low-9 digit number without the blessings of immigration, and then Miss Tessa Hyphen yammers on disgustingly about how Japan needs more off-“Japanese” people so these mutts can then be modeled in the media there so then the ACTUAL Japanese can see that the “meaning” of being Japanese isn’t actually BEING JAPANESE . . . .

    –And truth be told, and irony of ironies, I’m actually drinking tonight, which I almost never do, and I am in fact drinking SAKE, and though I shouldn’t expend the effort (and, since I’m not linking or quoting verbatim, technically I suppose I’m not), reading that globo-homo-eskimo horseshit makes me so g*dd**n furious that we even have to share the same planet with f**king blacks and f**king J*ws, all always with their damned needy noses up everybody’s business, it makes me want to smack something.

    Eh, (((someone))) . . . .

  2. –Well, it HAS been a see-saw day for Yellophilia, seeing as someone at Vox Day linked to an item purporting that China had just passed an anti-miscegenation law (apparently this turned out to be false), and then my fear heartiste had read Japan was opening the borders. I assume the status quo remains intact, but what a glory if the Chinese really banned it!

    Of course, glorious Israel forbids gay marriage, gay civil unions, gay adoption, and gay surrogacy, but for some reason these refulgently wise attitudes are little held up for emulation by the ‘Western’ press . . . .

  3. LOL “Yellowphilia.” I have a bit of it, having lived a year in Korea. You could say, though, that I have (all races)philia, provided that all live in their own countries. This is why (((they))) are yesterday and the Alt-Right is tomorrow: globalization dehumanizes, even the damned Africans. We believe in nationalism for all nations. Every man should have a home. BTW, interesting comment on The Tempest in an earlier thread.

  4. You know, being of a literary mind and prone to all sorts of flights of fancy even under the most temperate of circumstances, after reading that Bloomberg piece but before your new essay, I engaged in a bit of cathartic cinematic scenebuilding in which I cast “myself” as an ESL teacher abroad, getting into a tussle with some liberal Jewess mouthing off to the hosts about how they need to diversify. I kept rescripting and mentally “take 7″ing my lines, brimming with various degrees of rage from spitting in her face to giving her the Hitler salute, all the while casting the Asian “extras” in the background suffering various expressions of silent incredulity, horror, or relief. [NB: I know, I know– so “othering” of me!]

    btw: we all know “The Camp of the Saints” by reputation, but have many of us got around actually to reading it? I had been hoping for a quality reprint to arise (I’m very poor at absorbing or even finishing anything by kindle), but I may have to take my chances on whatever sort of createspace hard copy there is.

    I mention this because the Indians are the original or “lead” villains (but of course really just avatars of the whole Global South bunch) in that book, so there is an added hilarity in the news item above.

    I paused to attempt some pun on “dindu nuffin” and “Bhagavad-Gita”, but I think I should rest for the night . . .

  5. Africans in America are a foreign imported population group and can always be eradicated or removed. Africans are not integral to the United States. Africans are superfluous.

    On a related note, I wonder how many leftoids and American Africans have actually lived in Africa?

  6. The celebration and acceptance of a multi-race living arrangement is a death wish — after all, it beats working.

    Not to be pithy, but it comes down to that. People would rather go to the diversity festival in their gay cities and celebrate with hosannas and reveries.

    Oh woe the poor African
    he only wants to live amongst and smile
    all the while he looks and leers
    and charms

    Oh woe is he!
    let him be!
    he only wants to love us
    if only he were free!

    Oh woe is he!

    Well the animals too —
    but they live in a zoo
    at least with them
    we know what to do

    “What’s in it for you”
    we might ask of the gnu
    but when it comes to gorillas —
    what with them to do?

    [That’s pretty good. Did you write that? — PA]

  7. i can’t imagine feeling erotic lust toward a East Indian woman

    I think they can be attractive, but the better looking ones who are from a high caste in India, have an arrogant attitude that is beyond words.

    Hey bitch, you mighta been somebody back in the Motherland, but here you’re just another not white girl. The choices you made; tough nuts, bitch.

    That book that was the biggest best seller 10 years ago, The Kite Runner, is a real page turner. Talk about hitting all the right notes, for the noble immigrants and their contributions. The heroes in that story are Pashtuns, who are the big white dogs in Afghanistan.

    The book deserves a thorough treatment, but what can you say. Evil nazis and good suffering Afghan immigrants. Rather too bad that it featured those Nazi cliches; otherwise a good story on the theme of the father quest. Not to get off topic, but it occurs to me now that that was the book’s appeal to its American audience. How ironic.

  8. ‘Diversity’ as actual theme of a festival or some driving force of jurisprudence already points to how mechanized/flat-lined world culture has in fact become. From vast distances, a friendly nod or some venture can occasionally be enjoyed. Penderecki and Don Cherry. Maybe Picasso and Aime Cesaire. Up close, the gulf is bridged somewhat institutionally, but never in the Soul of Souls.

    The notion of a melting pot is disgustingly lazy and is ultimately THE epitome of ‘monoculture.’

  9. All of this hysteria over Muhammad Ali as a “Muslim” are hilarious, and it’s usually ending with everyone talking about how Ali stood up to the white man and his oppression using his Muslim faith. But the reality is that Arabs are quite “racist” against black Africans – in Saudi Arabia the word for blacks is typically “abed” – literally meaning “slave”.

    Here’s a rich Saudi who recently put up a Facebook posting offering a castrated black African slave for sale:


    In Detroit the large Muslim population there has been accused of using the abed “slave” term to refer to black Americans:


    And they just made another Roots remake, and of course it featured European slavers traveling into the African interior to raid for captives.

    Which is completely absurd and wouldn’t have been economically viable – why trudge through crocodile-infested, pathless, disease-laden West Africa when you had kings and chiefs all too eager to deliver slaves directly to the coast in exchange for rum, pistols and cheap jewelry and manufactured goods. Often, it was Muslim Africans whose kingdoms were entirely founded on the slave traffic and participation in the “triangular trade” – you see this still going on in the whole Darfur debate between South Sudan and Muslim Northern Sudan.

    When the European powers ended the African slave trade, guess who complained the most and sent endless delegations to the Queen of England to ask for it to be restored? Yes, black African leaders who were now deprived of their revenue stream.

    Even today slavery is practiced quite extensively in places like Haiti, Mauritania, Yemen and others. Blacks are oppressed mercilessly in Libya and Iraq, as well.

    But of course whitey still gets the sole blame for it all, worldwide.

    It’s also thought that the biggest slaveowner of all time may have been Tippu Tip, with a confirmed 10,000+ slaves on his Eastern African clove plantations:

  10. “I disagree with the characterization of any country as “an experiment.” — PA”

    Not my phrase; often used to describe the aims of the founding fathers. Thomas Paine used it, maybe coined it; it originally was a term to contrast the aims of the constitution against the tyranny of colonial rule. I don’t necessarily like the term myself, however besides the point that is.

    The amalgamation of different European nationalities during the country’s first 50 years of existence was very radical; as much or moreso as certain transracial unions are today.

    None of this is to suggest that race mixing should be some concerted and formal social aspiration. The irony is that ethnic intermingling worldwide is the result of white-western post-enlightenment innovations in day-to-day technology, of course —— everything from modes of transportation to disease-conquering medicine, which brought about “Proximity,’ as your boy Thwack likes to point out.


    sub_elk: you’re a race-real Dr. Seuss.

  11. Africans are their own worst enemy. They treat one another with a cruelty and callousness that has to be seen to be believed.

    I find Indian, Paki, and Gypsy women singularly repellent. They’re vermin (for the most part). Persian women…that’s another story.

    As empire-builders have learned by observing racial relations in the United States, black people can be weaponized as universal solvent against every rooted social structure — family, community, nation — and deployed as such under the state’s protection wherever something needs wrecking.

    Yes, well said, you nailed it. I’ve been saying for years that the American regime uses blacks and black culture as a wrecking ball against Whites.

  12. When Thomas Paine or others said “experiment” he probably meant it in the political sense. He wasn’t advocating inviting all of the world’s riffaff to come here and make an ethnic swirl.

  13. As a matter of fact, during Thomas Paine’s time the European powers (and USA) still had a huge problem with the piracy and white slave-taking of both the Ottomans and the Barbary States (like Tripoli). The Barbary States were able to extract $$ tribute from European countries up until about 1810, in return for safe passage for their ships. It is estimated that Muslim slavers or raiders may have taken up to 1 million Western and Southern Europeans captive over the centuries, mainly selling them in slave markets in Instanbul or Cairo.

    The Ottomans themselves were able to mount successful invasions of central Europe even until the late 17th century. They besieged Vienna as late as 1671.

    I think that alt-right blogger “Gates of Vienna” talks a lot about this sort of stuff.

  14. People say white people don’t experience racism, but I think we just aren’t particularly sensitive to it. White people are perfectly happy being around other white people. We can live very full and interesting lives with only each other.

  15. “All of this hysteria over Muhammad Ali as a “Muslim” are hilarious, and it’s usually ending with everyone talking about how Ali stood up to the white man and his oppression using his Muslim faith.”

    Yes, it really does get quite hackneyed, to the point of being outright absurd —– all this journo-hagiographic eulogizing.

    But c’mon; however tired, the boy can still put a smile on my face. What a combination of look, charisma, character and perfect media and generational timing. He had to be about the most famous person of the 20th-century.

    BTW, PA or anyone else interested in a bit of pop-rock-journo reminiscing; i recall doing a phoner interview with this writer —— can’t recall his name at the moment —— who actually wrote (or was commissioned to start writing) an entire book about the time Ali (then Cassius Clay) did that famous press-op with the Beatles.. Fukin’ crazy, man; can you imagine two celebrated groups or individuals today generating over the next 50 years enough iconic intrigue and luster to warrant a book?

    The irony, of course, is this writer himself was bored and annoyed at the photo-op event; in no way anticipating the renown the session would someday generate; (I guess initially the Beatles were to do the photo-op with Liston, but he was a no show at his training facility, so they whisked the mop tops across town to Clay’s gym.)


  16. Nikcrit…

    Today means “we” can grant you all the fawning over Ali that you desire AND STILL KNOW he was largely media-manufactured in the service of the zeitgeist. And in that vein, he helped destroy heavyweight boxing. He paved the way for the legitimacy of political stooge first, athlete and man, last.

  17. I have only 12 minutes on this computer to make my pithy remarks to PA. I don’t have time to check if my previous comment made it, although the reliability of PA’s site makes me write here rather than try to get through to Heartiste.

    PA, the liberals are a sly, conniving lot who have, essentially, already won the “diversity” battles. They will continue to dilute the white section of North American society (I am in Canada, which has similar characteristics to the biggest U.S. society) until whites are the same minority position as the English ethnicity is in America today … which is to say, miniscule.

    The question is then, how is rollback to be achieved? How can the pro-white faction somehow shut off the liberal power pipelines and remove at least big chunks of the non-white population from the white homelands of North America and Europe?

    I would suggest that a structural modification to the society would have to be made, top-down, while simultaneously neutralizing the liberals’ mass media stranglehold. It’s obvious that over 90% of media professionals are hard-left workers, and they leverage their tenuous corporate positions to celebrate anti-white, anti-corporate jihads against their big media masters … Disney owning one of the networks, Fox being owned by Murdoch’s conglomerate, and so on. In order to shut down the liberals, you have to change the charter of big corporations to reflect conscious anti-liberal policies.

    The rollback of massive nonwhite barbarian ur-hordes will have to wait for another post. But PA: know this, it takes real power to implement these things, not minor WordPress sites such as yours and mine (mine is socerygod.wordpress.com, and I write more about my life in Toronto than white issues, though I will talk about it here and in Chateau Heartiste-land).

    Always good to have you onboard, PA. And I AM NOT A TEENAGER!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAH! (That comment HURT. Ha ha ha!!!!)

  18. I was reading the comments in the 5 minutes I have left and that Lori chick is still here with her massive 3-line posts which simply EXHAUST me to read. Didn’t I tell you to get the fuck out to feministing and Perez Hilton’s celeb site. Shit, I hardly try and I already dust that bitch with my FOUR-LINE SCREED. PA, that’s a mini-diatribe. Hate for the female, and loathing for its (five lines!!!!) stupidity. Worthless kree. PA, don’t be so desperate for readers that you accept the lower-class inferior female as a “filler” for your healthy snacks you’re serving up. You need more tomatoes and green peppers in your submarine, not female “lettuce” fillers.

    EIGHT LINES!!!!!!! I rock.

    Die, Lara. Get out.

  19. “In order to shut down the liberals, you have to change the charter of big corporations to reflect conscious anti-liberal policies.”

    Ohhhh! So that’s what we have to do. Who knew?

    In any case, I’ll get right on it and get back to you with my progress sometime next week, ok?

  20. Lara,
    I think SG, that sly fox, is trying to seduce you by ‘negging’ you with his consistently screwing up your name.

    Damn, those manosphere PUAs are so smooth and clever. A girl barely has a chance…

  21. Nikcrit,
    I think so. I respond well to gentle teasing. When a man is outright mean to me, for no reason, I usually think there is something wrong with him. SG is caring asshole game in the extreme. Someone not remembering my name actually has won me over before, but SG has no charm.

  22. I think a lot of men who first read about “game”, make the mistake of trying too hard. It’s obvious to women. Starting out slowly, and gaining some experience with women is the way to do it.

  23. @EPG,

    LOL. There you go….. I remember that guy came to my undergrad school to speak; i was there for some othr reason (this was long after my graduation) and I caught some of his rap……. I’m pretty sure some of these guys are joking; they have to be….. I mean, it’s daunting trying to be a liberal iconoclast academic. There’s simply so much competition even among those with relatively outrageous behavior that if you’re going to make any mark whatsoever you have to go completely over the top.

    You can sense an almsot self-deprecating vibe to a lot of these character…..what’s that other dude’s name, Mankiller or something? The guy from UC Boulder…..yeah, Ward Churchilll, the very guy who likened 9-11 victims to ‘little Eichmann’ sacrifices in the largere corporate cabal that was 9-11, etc…..

    I think you have to look at these types as performance artists; they’re too clever and darkly comic to believe the nonsense they pass off as academic theory; at best, that’s just legal cover or their shenanigans and ego-driven actings out.

  24. “Today means “we” can grant you all the fawning over Ali that you desire AND STILL KNOW he was largely media-manufactured in the service of the zeitgeist. And in that vein, he helped destroy heavyweight boxing. “

    IDK what you mean by qualifying your remark with “Today means ‘we’ can grant you all the fawning…”

    But my contention with the rest of your comment is that the media didn’t really start fawning over Ali until the mid 70s when he became a commercial pop-culture entity —– and like in many cases THAT marks the moment when all critical rejection is over and said ‘entity’ becomes protected material.

    I mean, even your much-dreaded nytimes.com refused to refer to Ali as Ali, several years later the name change still referring to him as ‘Clay’; and through the ’60s he was almost uniformly dissed by the daily papers and national news rags for his refusing induction and black muslim conversion (incidentally, re. one of your other recent claims, how does the NOI not qualify as as a black separatist org? How does it reject separation from the white man?).

    The rote media deification of Ali began years after even his legal vindication; he was a legal and pop-culturla outcast for years….

    It’s interesting how you say he ‘ruined’ boxing; a boxer relative of mine (on my white side) used to say the same; he and many other athletes didn’t like Ali’s self-aggrandizing,yet they often said his antics did help promote the sport; if you notice the era of absurdly high winner’s purses for title bouts didn’t commence til the mid-to-late 70s, with Ali a huge factor in making that fact.)

  25. “You can sense an almsot self-deprecating vibe to a lot of these character…”

    Most definitely. A while back I went through basically the whole oeuvre of John Zerzan. His tirades against ‘the patriarchy’ and ‘number’ in particular read as if a lone female zebra had inexplicably picked up English and went to town trying to “take down all cities.” He indeed contributed to an outlet called Species Traitor, if memory serves me right. This is supposed to pass as philosophy apparently. Read it as you’d read Mark Twain — American comedy in staggeringly clumsy form.

  26. Cassius Clay is a much cooler name than Muhammed Ali. I’ve never met a Cassius before, but there are many Muhammeds out there.

  27. “He paved the way for the legitimacy of political stooge first, athlete and man, last.”

    You’re going to put all that on Ali? Oh please; you could say the same about Babe Ruth and any other iconic athlete.

    The true parallel to what you suggest is the simultaneous coming of age of Ali alongside that of television, radio and other forms of mass communication…. He was THE colored man for that new age of color TV.

    Yours is a very self-serving take of Ali —- in service to your political read.

  28. I grew up/did sports with a brotha much like Ali in terms of oratory cadence and rather firm adherence to religious principles. He eventually fell out of line and slid too deep into the drug game. Just as fire-water was the fall of the Indians; boxing was oddly the fall of Ali. It would seem he had another personal mission, but instead got caught up in the media-sports matrix. A man must properly know himself

  29. Ali was tough and athletic, he deserves credit for that. I don’t pay too much attention to anything he said, though. You can tell there isn’t much thought behind his words. It’s obvious he is just repeating ideas he heard, and doesn’t really have strong convictions one way or another. He is not an intelligent person. As one writer said, “He doesn’t have an idea in his head, really.”

  30. I’d have to side with t-daddy on Ali basically damaging the sport. If you have a bolder world mission, jump on it. Forget the child’s play of “sports.” He also wasn’t nearly the biggest verbal instigator in the history of boxing. Arthur Cravan, who drowned literally trying to ‘brawl’ vicious storms in the Gulf of Mexico, would have fucked the man up.

  31. “I’d have to side with t-daddy on Ali basically damaging the sport.”

    Well, “damaging” is a subjective and a bit vague; I guess my point, specifically,was that Ali, with all his media focus and celebrity, ramped-up the sport of boxing exponentially in terms of its popularity, live draw, broadcast revenues and prize-fight purses.

    I would say that’s pretty inarguable; he, Don King, the whole sorta ghetto pageantry that they applied to pro-boxing and that greatly appealed to black America while greatly entertaining the rest of the public.

    As for Ali and his effect on the purity of the sport in terms of athletic skill? IDK. I’ve seen that explicated in both ways; my somewhat layman’s opinion would say that Ali was a talented boxer. He did do what his public record attests to.

    I mean, one may be amused or annoyed by his personal vibe and style—— but give credit where it’s due.

  32. Well this is interesting. 50 gays of color massacred by a jihadi. The prog coalition is collapsing before our eyes. If Trump wins Florida over this, game over for Hillary.

  33. Paul (((krugman))) you mad bro?

  34. Presented without comment:

  35. Symbiotic regression rooted in desire for radical sexual autonomy. The “show” will go on.

  36. On one side….

    Radical sexual autonomy –> total annihilation.

    On the other side…

    Mass murdering self-annihilation –> radical sexual autonomy for all eternity.

  37. The number of liberals who actually control North American mass-culture is very small, and they speak from subsidized planks. They seem much, much stronger because no dissenting voices are allowed and because they control the narrative.

    Think on your personal life. How many hardcore liberals have you ever met or really know? I would wager the answer is not that many. Most men fall in between liberal and true conservative on the political spectrum, and just want to be left alone. It is useless to try and manipulate the middle bulk to support you — you must apply elite strategies to controlling the mass bulk, similar to the liberals’ ways, but directed to opposite ends.

    In terms of the nonwhite population of North America and Europe, it would be relatively simple to “rephrase” constitutional rights in terms of Europeanness or lack thereof, so that if you were white you would have full rights, mostly white, you would have “associate member” rights as long as you supported the majority, and the rest would be stripped of their social protections that allow them to keep their assets and their residences in Western cities.

    The legal system is the primary protector of the liberal and the nonwhite, and the corporate sector is the primary enabler of the liberal’s mass mind-fuck in the first place. Both must be modified head-on in order to achieve a defeat of the liberal.

    But there is no point to fighting them if you are not able to get in the muck with them and challenge liberal equality/diversity beliefs head-on-head in the media itself. Know that the silent majority of whites agrees with me, and would like to see nonwhites somewhere else, liberals shut up or otherwise silenced. The liberals are winning despite the societal trendlines and social waves, not because of them.

  38. I don’t write much about liberal politics or seduction-game-theory on my website (sorcerygod.wordpress.god), saving my thoughts on these matters for PA and Heartiste, but I would like to add that, in the real world, it is the FEMALE, the common, everyday female, and the elite female Person (pig demoness) who controls the bulk of everyday transactions. I don’t write much about that on PA or Heartiste, but my website is full of asides, commentaries, and digressions into female control into common-day life.

    The reason I dislike Lara for coming here is because she adds nothing intellectually to the stew and because she is an interloper in a place she does not belong. As a female, she acts a tentacle extending the octupus control of vaginal orifices into male thought palaces.

    Think about men and their relationships with women. How many of them defer to their wives in real life? How many of them are unhappy with their situations? I am VERY happy, because, as I detail on sorcerygod.wordpress.com, I control matters thoroughly and my goal is to treat my female(s) like shit and make them obey me absolutely. It can range from the girl kneeling before me (non-sexually to demonstrate power relations) to the female insulting herself and other girls in a pattern that emblazons and engraves negative femininity on their thought grooves until she ends up automatically supporting what I say.

    Females will obey you, but they always try and control. It is a constant struggle to get the inferior gender to consistently act in a manner which is of befitting to you, the lord of the relationship. Be aware that females have subterranean, hidden emotional levers to pull on you, the male, which were installed in you as a baby by your own traitorous mother. You can count on women to brainlessly “cheat” their way to trying to control you, and they must be backslapped into obedience …

  39. I screwed up my website name. It is SORCERYGOD.WORDPRESS.COM. The last eight days of me being in Toronto, and my adventures in the city, which I detail on my website, have been draining me. I have had very little sleep, and my feet ache from walking miles a day. I’ve seen more passersby and pedestrians in one week than I have in the last year combined. Hundreds of thousands of them, and I’m trying to impress them all in my mind and relate them to you…

  40. I have been meaning to go back and read PA’s earlier posts. I will be honest with you PA: I am of two minds about you.

    On the one hand, I distrust you for some of your mannerisms which leak through in your posts. You appear to be sympathetic to the interests of females, and I am always on the lookout and guard for lapdog males who cuddle up to females and serve on their behalf. Perhaps you have encountered a lapdog male who smiles up at you and then tries to win points with females by stabbing you in the back, and explaining your motivations and plans to his female masters.

    On the other hand, I have a sneaking admiration for PA’s power of insight and literary artistry, and I suspect that no one of that calibre would blindly support females. For the first time, now, I am starting to talk about women on public websites. Women are dangerous. Not in and of themselves, but because they can make men jump up and kill other men. On more than one occasion, I have had men make a bee-line for me and threaten me with violence because of something offensive I have done to one particular female in public. More than once, a man has acted against his own best interest, and supported a chick like Lara, who cannot really think but who has big, emotional eyes that can plumb and strike at the heart of a man. I fuck women, but I hate and despise and distrust them. Do I fear them? No. Because I am so far above them, and because I am so good-looking, I have thus far managed to keep nine steps ahead of them.

    One of the things that worries me and bothers me about Great Heartiste is that he never mentions his power-relations with women. Does he treat them as equals? I know he laps at their filthy cunt-holes, which is revolting and peurile, but I forgive him because he knows not better. I know Heartiste is against suffrage, as am I, as is any right-thinking male, and you don’t have to be a god like me to be against female voting, but that doesn’t matter because female power extends throughout society at every level in a tendril and network of interpersonal cheats and manipulations that result in a practical Vaginocracy of Total Dominance and Sway. I can block women in my individual life, but when ever man acts as an obedient slave to females, when every man seems to put himself and his sexuality down, when every man secretly wants to worship the waddling, fat-deposited cunted creature, it makes me want to cry out with frustration and rage against those “allies” that I am saddled with.

    Perhaps someday I will meet PA and Heartiste alike, and they can learn from me, and we can work together against the Reigning Vagina, and the Personal empress of the world, who lives in Washington.

  41. My guess is you are still a virgin. I don’t know you and have nothing to do with your problems, so back off.

  42. Men like you are usually a product of being babied and spoiled by a mother, rather than mistreated.

  43. SG- this life is an architectural balance of power and form; you’re plainly a foreigner to each factor. Really, a caricatured Canadian ego is simply a sour drop of the “Vaginocracy’s” shamelessly-exposed menstruations. Come off it, young’un

  44. t-daddy, can you clarify ‘radical sexual autonomy’?

    Rome had its infamous thermae, sodomy preceded Atlantis, etc. The media complex seems to inflate it exponentially, perception wise, to grease the wheels of tech’s pervasiveness. Is that what you mean? Genuine question…

  45. It’s interesting to see EPG, a relatively new commenter, ask T-daddy for clariication on some of Thor’s core frequent terms.

    Little does EPG know what kind of rabbit hole he’s stepping into…..lol!

  46. “I’d have to side with t-daddy on Ali basically damaging the sport.”

    My late grandfather was a ranked boxer in the Navy for a while and he didn’t care for Ali the person, but told me that all of the credit Ali got for the fast hands and fast feet was very well deserved. He said he’d never seen any fighter himself who was in Ali’s class.

  47. Even though he later denied it, Muhammad Ali had been negotiating with the Army until the very last minute regarding his induction into the military. There was some talk that he could serve in a non-combat, gentlemanly capacity in the same way that Joe Louis had served in the Special Services far away from the front lines while pumping up troops with rah-rah entertainment.

    Prior to 1966 Ali couldn’t have been drafted anyway, since he scored less than 15% percentile on battery testing. He was dumb as a brick by virtually any standard.

    He only became draft eligible when standards were lowered. His status was changed to combat ready when no deal could be worked out and when the army rejected his application for conscientious objector status. The Army claims that have changed their mind when they realized Ali couldn’t shut up and wouldn’t exude Patriotism in the way they wanted (like Joe Louis).

  48. It’s interesting to see EPG, a relatively new commenter, ask T-daddy for clariication on some of Thor’s core frequent terms.

    Little does EPG know what kind of rabbit hole he’s stepping into…..lol!

    I’ll say. Every time I pose a simple, concise terminology question to Thordaddy he gives a pointed, quick and helpful answer. But (unfailingly) guess who comes along after me every single time and engages him in a massive 600-response “duologue” that not only threatens to bring down the servers at WordPress but actually undoes all the clarity we just got him to provide?

  49. “Prior to 1966 Ali couldn’t have been drafted anyway, since he scored less than 15% percentile on battery testing. He was dumb as a brick by virtually any standard.”

    I’ve read that and other metrics before disparaging of Ali’s intelligence. But I have a bit of a hard time believing he’s that low a IQ, which has been reported at 80. He seems fairly nimble verbally, and while he’s not a very original thinker conceptually or even in terms of slightly more than simple ideas, he doesn’t seem like a near-cognitive handicap, which his numbers would seem to indicate. IDK, but some of that stuff Cam cites re. ‘negotiations with the Army’ behind closed doors while a us-vs-them narrative builds up in the press, i say: A) that’s often the case with cause-celebre mediated narrative, (i.e., everyone from Ali-vs-the-US-Army to Rosie-vs.-Trump, back in the late 90s or whenever that was, etc.

    Bottom line; trust that there’s often more than meets the eye when it comes to monetary influenced media stories involving celebrties….. it’s often very hard for someone, even those vested professionally or monetarily, to have sole possession of ‘the truth.’

  50. “But (unfailingly) guess who comes along after me every single time and engages him in a massive 600-response “duologue”

    Lol! Oh! I see. it’s ME who’s who’s fouling TD’s sweet and prudent prose of reason, eh?

    Well, ok, I’ll step back; i’m just about finished trying to get a consistent read on his method anyhow; i’ll just settle for those rare sweet nuggets of description in which he rarely but solidly nails a topic perfectly, however few and far between.

    But I may check bakc with you from time to time to see how that’s working out for ya! lol!

  51. Didn’t know Ali was that dumb. Of course dumb men have still seized more valiant paths. Street smarts go an incredibly long way. The smartest men I’ve known would never even get near an ‘IQ test’. These are gents that are much more engaging, too, as a general rule

  52. Didn’t know Ali was that dumb. Of course dumb men have still seized more valiant paths. Street smarts go an incredibly long way. The smartest men I’ve known would never even get near an ‘IQ test’. These are gents that are much more engaging, too, as a general rule

    Well, I’d call the US military both effective and valiant and they rely heavily on aptitude testing, with great success.

  53. I find it interesting that women — who are so irritating that they should be getting bashed around at the slightest opening of their ever-gaping mouths — at the provocations they unleash — at their nagging and complaining and assaults — ARE NEVER TOUCHED.

    How can this frail creature stride around in confidence, when it is doing everything in its cuntish power to make life hell for men?

    Anyway, I have been writing some thought-provoking articles at my website. Feel free to browse them. I’m sure you’ll find them at least a little disturbing, strangely.


  54. EPG…

    In the context of Muslim jihadist “versus” secular “Western” liberal, radical sexual autonomy is seventy-two virgins for eternal smashings UPON executIon of a self-annihilating massacre “versus” this worldly homo-sexuality RATIONALIZED by total annihilation at physical death.

    In the academic spirit, the “purest” act of radical sexual AUTONOMY is the homosexual act WHERE homo=same=EXACT SAME=self… Sexual attraction to the self… A self-annihilating sexual narcissism.

  55. SG…

    When you use “female” and “woman” interchangeably, you signal submission to the zeitgeist.

  56. Nikcrit…

    “We” have Ali raw and with 20/20 hindsight. His truest colors showed in the Joe Louis affair. He knew deep down inside that Joe Louis was the baddest nigger between the two and only the blunt force of a media-manufactured mob of fan-addicts made it seem otherwise. Ali KNEW, despite his bouts of race-realism and conscientious objection, that his celebrity status and understood role was to be he who falsified wS. The reality is that Ali was a superb athlete and great boxer. But his elevation to GOAT is/was deeply rooted in the MEDIA-MANUFACTURED perception that he really did knock white man to his knees. And in the final analysis, nothing could be further from the truth.

  57. “His truest colors showed in the Joe Louis affair. He knew deep down inside that Joe Louis was the baddest nigger between the two and only the blunt force of a media-manufactured mob of fan-addicts made it seem otherwise.”

    I’m sorry. But I do not understand your point here —— though i promise to keep it at that.

  58. SG,
    Considering the mouth you have on you, I suspect other men have wanted to hit you, but have shown restraint.

  59. Would Ali have taken on John ‘Old Smoke’ Morrissey? Bare-knuckle fighting would favor the Irish gangster, I’d say. Gloves pack a harder punch at times, but coax the true white heat back into the real ring of trade, expedition and conquest.

  60. Dear Lara! You can address me by my full name, SORCERYGOD.

    Yes, it is true, men serving women have surged toward me when I have disrespected women, even something as simple as staring disrespectfully at them or insulting them continuously in public for my own amusement. But since I am 6’1″ and strong, it has never been a problem to get these apes you chicks control to back down.

    But I do wonder how you girls do it. Tell me, LARA, how do you flick your eyes and make a baboon-male jump up and down and defend your honor for you? I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to know. Tell me, and I might give you a kiss …

  61. And then you can get the fuck off the website and never come back, unless you plan on serving me sexually and non-sexually on your knees, the way others have before you and will after you are dispensed with.

  62. I’m very good-looking Lara. I have been called hot, gorgeous, cute, sexy … too many monikers to name, really. Whereas you just have a fat ass and mousy hair. Wouldn’t you like to be in the harem I am forming in Toronto currently? (To read all about my actual harem, which will be established within 2-4 weeks, check out my true-life website at:


    Not you Lara. Stop flicking the bean.

  63. I don’t understand your criticism of me, Thordaddy. Bipeds with slits between their legs and clitorises I normally call KREES. Check out my website for the correct definition of the opposite, harmful, unhelping sex.

  64. SG, here in America your specific kind of digital bravado generally signifies a spurned omega on the verge of a school shooting or something. If your harem is real, take them ice fishing and initiate your Canadian bloodstream a bit to some good vodka. Either way, at least maintain your distance from U.S. soil

  65. SG…

    My criticism above was quite clear. If you use “female” and “woman” interchangeably then you are attempting to collapse Reality in your “listeners.” And because your stated aim was to rival Heartiste and ROK in “followers” THEN the base assumption is that you are seeking out those with collapsed realities… Those who cannot make distinction between female and girl and woman and lady and sister and mother and daughter.

    So I suggested that you really aim to target radical male liberationists not many of which comment here.

  66. SG…

    Your EFFORT in demonizing Lara here makes no sense. In other words, you are actually provoking Lara into “nagging” while she steadfastly refuses, promptly invalidating your dubious critique. Why draw attention to her at all believing what you believe?

  67. Nikcrit…

    Joe Louis was the better man and tougher fighter and Ali knew that he was the boxing champ instead of Joe Louis because he, Ali, was the liberal media-manufactured people’s champ.

    Again, “we” can grant Ali’s athleticism, great boxing skill, charisma and wit AND STILL RECOGNIZE him as a media-created “force” for anti-wS.

    And Ali knew he was such a “force,” but over time never really played into it. He mostly let the fan-addicts and the media aggrandize and exaggerate his “force.”

  68. When you see my videos, that chick who doesn’t belong on this website will be excitedly bustling about to fly on a plane to come see me. Ger-awn-teed. By the way, what is it with you and a lack of optimistic interest in something? Am I not different? Shit, it’s like you never saw an eclipse in your life, or a killer whale eating a dog. Did I mention I hate dogs? I do.

  69. I find it fascinating that Thordaddy has this level of analysis into something I know nothing about and wouldn’t be able to add a line to to save my life. Looks like me and that bitch who doesn’t belong here are sharing an emotion simultaneously. (She’s probably orgasming at the similarity in our projections/arcs/tangents.)

  70. Lara, how big are your tits? Can you hold them up to your mouth and suckle on them like baby wombats? Inquiring minds want to know.


  71. SG…

    My take is that as a high IQ “white” male you should put your mind on white Supremacy. Anything less is uncivilized.

  72. SG…

    You are not just referencing Lara though… You are encompassing my daughters with your vitriol. So you are, like the anti-racists zealots of the zeitgeist, in an unspoken war with the fathers through the proxy of their daughters.

    You weren’t aware of this until now. And it could save your life.

  73. Well, everyone’s a racist in the end.
    Wherever you go even in indigenous islands people will look down on you for being different and “white and wimpy”. Its human nature and a proper defense mechanism against killer foreign tribes of the old (they still are most of the time so in the end racism is still applicable)

    But one thing that will hinder the natural tendency to racism is knowing the foreign language by heart and speaking it fluently around natives. Before long they will forget that you’re foreign and start to feel more comfortable with you. You might even end up adapting the same skin (almost) color because of the climate which is a good thing and most will not notice that you are foreign maybe just a good looking guy or someone who has a foreign blood which most people look high upon.

  74. Racism is a human right till there is race.
    Before they turned completely mindless, anti-racist leftists were sincere, I believe; you could see that from the fact that they wanted to deny race too.

    A lot of this people, about the half of the 20th century, had the best intentions and were sincere, I think. The childishness induced by the comfortable, trouble-less life they were the first generation to be enjoying originated their mental attitude and daydreaming.

    Today it’s absolutely different: today we see the partially good-faithed feeble-minded, masochist, and the criminal fake progressive who, following the triumph of financial globalism, realized they could keep their privileged life and tenures converting to the winning ideology.
    Which they did and do smartly, not taking off the humanitarian-progressive cloak.
    Can there be good faith in the WaPo HuffPo NYT BGlob (and so on and so on) crew of actors playing journalists, and their academic colleagues, after we have seen the outcomes of these policies for many a decade?
    I’d say no. But they’ll all keep doing what they know will destroy the general Western population, just as it benefits them personally.

    Why do they try to impose their purported views on India, Japan, etc.? Do they want a juster world?

    Well, no. It’s still imperialism, and play-acting. It can be easily be noticed how their complaints to the foreign “racists” are highly selective.
    Or have you heard a word by them on, say, racism in Saudi Arabia? Racism in Thailand (where “by law, the Burmese can own nothing”!)?
    It’s war for power, thus there are allies, enemies, strategic targets.

    I still believe some of them, even the very smart ones, were in good faith decades ago.

  75. (integration to previous comment)

    Today if you say “Race does not exist” you get yourself in trouble in many a campus.

    What kind of thing is an anti-racism that postulates race? It’s racism directed at a particular race, just wise enough to name itself by the converse of what it is (like authoritarianism uses to name itself “freedom” and “democracy”: and we see this in today’s USA too, especially, but not limited to, when they talk of their policies in the Middle East).

  76. Everyone in the world hates blacks, they are barely smart enough to realize that its a bad ideal living near other blacks. When I hear someone call them African Americans I like to say “no wonder everyone hates America after seeing videos of revolting blacks in London & Paris”.
    The worst things I have ever heard said in the workplace about blacks came from a gay Hispanic RN.

    If we are talking about good fighters, don’t forget ((()))) purposely kept out Russian and eastern European fighters, which are the best in the world, so that they could have there steroided black athlete myth. Leftists hate that the internet allows people to notice reality that their control of big media obscures, like when Steve Sailor proved most of the illegal alien valedictorians from last year were not the valedictorians from their schools. Such proof would have been difficult to get and even harder to broadcast before. Those actual illegal valedictorians were simply the smartest people in schools with no Asians or Whites.

  77. This post’s headline keeps coming back to me in response to various current events as a member of a set belonging to the only fundamental opposing principle that stands any chance of serving as a bulwark against metastatic progressivism and the vicious cycle of ever-escalating dogma of insane, radically absolutist egalitarianism. Without such a principle to which the naturally fissiparous alliance of the opposition remains committed no matter what, there is no way to stop the death march of their corrupted pieties, as per Winnifred Sullivan’s The Impossibility of Religious Freedom

    I am reminded of Rod Dreher’s inability (unlike Auster) to recognize the abstract generality of his common cause with those who were purged prior to the broad assault on the remnant of traditionalist Christians. He always, always – and even having been burned by their hate frauds many times – feels completely obligated to stand in solidarity with the progressives condemning the latest manufactured and exaggerated ‘viral outrage’ of something or other. “Pray for justice and peace!” In this of course he is being utterly typical of the American Conservative who has no friends to the right of the edge of the Overton window, even if they are barely staying within in.

    Well, ok, that is understandable. One cannot afford to have them as friends these days; and maybe one genuinely dislikes them and their opinions. Fine, but at least stay silent and abstain from participation in the dark chorus, for you are next. Even better, stand on principle, and defend the opposing principle. Unfortunately today the progressives – at the pinnacle of their power – all but require the constant profession of humiliating oaths to their sick vision of social justice, as a test of loyalty. Notice how all the corporations understand this perfectly well now, and race to be first to hashtag along with the latest jihad.

    Dreher imagines some kind of clear distinction between “religious liberty” – owed special solicitude and exemptions in his view – and the ‘loathsome’ ideas defenestrated beyond the bounds of respectability, as recently as yesterday. Even as he recognizes and admits that his progressive enemies recognize no such distinction and respect no such borders! They see an open field to march across from end to end, from sea to shining sea, while the residents of each line of longitude think themselves somehow special and unique. All the Indian Tribes on the continent should have unified in 1620 and, even then, it would have probably just slowed things down. But instead they remained divided, needed nearly no coaxing to slit each others throats, and thus practically guaranteed their own conquest, one tribe at a time.

    Dreher needs a new Niemoller. “First they came for the segregationist racists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a racist. Then they came for the sexist patriarchy, and I did not speak out, for I was not a patriarch. Then they came for the Christians and traditional sexual morality – and there was no one left to speak for us.”

    The most abstract principle is one of meaningful freedom of conscience, but in particular, this opposing principle is that Peaceful Separation and Exclusion is a Human Right. Selection is a Human Right. Discrimination, Inequality, Segregation, Sexism, Racism, Bigotry are all Human Rights. Instead of ‘error has no rights’, Error is a Human Right. Ne plus ultra: “Hate is a Human Right.”

    Because without such a principle, everything the progressives oppose is always conflated with error and hate, and their social justice requires the extirpation of sin and hate, and error has no rights.

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