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  1. The cartoon characters were created by me. Thanks Walawala for the idea to caricature the evolution of women.

  2. 8 1/2? Great one. The phone clutching does in fact give the young biddies a cartoonish air.

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  4. Lots of shockingly overweight young White women. We spotted one this morning with enormous thighs and calves. (My gf, disgusted by what she was seeing, actually pointed her out to me). They simply don’t care.

  5. I like the artwork, btw. Have you thought about doing more cartoons? Maybe a strip?

  6. Thanks LBF. Not a bad idea — I am very good with pen and paper but for digital drawing I’ll have to get a pen-shaped mouse. Drawing with a standard mouse is like playing a guitar with gloves on.

    By they way, if anyone didn’t recognize the photo of the first girl: she’s from the final scene in La Dolce Vita.

  7. I have some friends who work in the fashion industry in LA and they use a new pen-like gadget available from Apple to draw clothing illustrations. Not sure what it’s called, but I’ve used it. I recently visited the local Apple store and left some Trump 2016 graffiti on the pads.

    I was daydreaming at sushi tonight and was thinking it would be funny if you did an Alt-Right Playing Cards series, with each card depicting a well-known writer or commentator at Alt-Right websites.

  8. Back then people believed in the future of their country, of this their society.

    The girls at those shorpy links are not lookers. “Capable young ladies,” they might have been called.

    The one on the right in the middle link, Drummer Girls: 1942, has a nice look: gamey, country, willing.

    The only beauty of them all is the top link, Leading Ladies: 1927: front row, second from right: 8-and-a-half. The one directly behind her is pleasant looking though very plain: would do.

    Girls and women today, for the most part, are unsatisfied. Especially those around here, which is to say a typical middling suburb. They are sexually unsatisfied. There is that nervous aggressive tension in the manner and tone and voice and especially their laughter. That scene in Scent of a Woman, where Pacino calls out his brother-in-law or whoever, for not satisfying his wife. Women get that way when they don’t get fulfilled in their vagina-zone. When their erotic fantasies don’t come true.

    That happened with a lot of American women, particularly those of who are now 50+ and it’s over.

    I don’t blame the women, or the men. With society being as easy as it has, and no one has to kill for a living, people got soft.

  9. Realistically, men cannot be men if they can’t protect their living space. That is what happened with men and masculinity, in America. How can we be men when we give up our living space.

    I am a bit cowed, in real life. Not dead yet, or all the way done, but fuck, come on, quit it with the tough talk.

    No one is doing anything. Go lift? Lifting is gay. It is. Like i said before, you lift weights when you are in prison. Metaphorically, literally, whatever. Don’t you have better uses of your time and energy?

    If you are a specialized athlete, and that is your thing, then i suppose, but otherwise, how about something else, like building something, or farming.

    I have a cousin who was a ranked bodybuilder, near the top in his weight class, and boy was that a perverted and gay narcissistic journey for him, and it cost him a lot of health. That is what he spent his life energy on, getting that perfectly sculpted body. Do you think those Aztec warriors, who withstood for an hour horsed Conquistadors, lifted any weights?

  10. I don’t necessarily agree verbatim with that previous post about not lifting, but there is a point there, that seems right.

    If i were a better man, i would be building a boat right now, and not doing pull-ups. Do you think Joshua Slocum lifted. He did not. He was 100 % engaged in his epic real world accomplishments.

    When people lose track of such real world things, they go to gym to ease their minds, to feel good and forget about how they are not building a boat to sail around the world, like their fathers would.

  11. Nothing wrong with tearing the iron up, as long as it’s not transforming life into a regimented pastiche of unoriginality. The trend is rather new territory for humanity. The Ancient Greeks, a worthy lot that would probably tear apart the Aztecs, were without question heavily into strength training in various forms including some very cutting-edge calisthenics. Real world accomplishments won’t be enjoyed to the max without real world health.

  12. re. peterike’s third photo (at the bottom of his comment); the petulant-looking girl with the thick glasses, right underneath the ‘no smoking’ sign? It looks like she’s serving refreshments, or is in some other way subordinate to proceedings designed to fete girls with higher status than her own.

    That look on her face, combined with the intimate yet servile tasks she’s been entrusted to perform? Those debs better look out; I wouldn’t sip from a cup presented to me by the glasses-wearing girl unless someone else took a gulp first! Lol!!

  13. “If i were a better man, i would be building a boat right now, and not doing pull-ups. “

    I have a traumatic memory of this movie, in which Costner plays a lovelorn ship builder; in a review that went into a national airline magazine, I included a paragraph that offers a brief synopsis of the plot —— and got a key core-detail incorrect!! The horrors!

  14. The problem with “lifting” as it regards the general public is that the collective effort possesses no underlying edifying motivation. If the general trend to “lift” was motivated by an aesthetic glorifying of God and/or an urgent understanding of an existential crisis then those apt to degrade the general phenomenon can be seen for the misanthropes that they just must be…

    As it stands, the GENERAL trend of “lifting” is entirely an individual whim lacking any higher collective purpose.

    So it is not “lifting” as good or bad… But “lifting” or not lifting dependent upon the personal motivation.

    Clearly Elk, your talents could include a daily regiment of aesthetic refinement, existential challenge AND boat-making…

    With still time to write.

  15. The meta-effect of the Trumpening has been the switched focus of the “angry white male” from the unpredictably savage nigger-on-white violence to a percolating war with immigrants and “women.” Underneath this refocus is economic alliance between low/middle class black/white males at the making of the “jewhite” cabal. It’s dubious. It’s bait-n-switch integrationism…

    The reality of the this election is on one side a hard-core duo of socialists, one national and one global Marxist… (A liberal Nazi and a liberal Communist). And on the “other” side is a “rogue” liberationist falsely playing the part of “white supremacist” for all conflicting parties.

  16. “Underneath this refocus is economic alliance between low/middle class black/white males at the making of the “jewhite” cabal. It’s dubious. It’s bait-n-switch integrationism…”

    Please explain this in more detail, preferably absent the words “radical,” “autonomy,” “liberation” and “supremacism.”

    Help us less perceptive acolytes.

  17. Lifting saves lives.


    Unless you’re in a physical-lifting line of work, lift at minimum 3x week.

  18. Is eating healthy or thinking a real-word accomplishment?

    Ironically, one of my first comments at CH back in 2007 was an off-hand remark that I once tried lifting and found it boring. But intrigued by other commenters’ stories, I signed up at a gym, met with a trainer, and haven’t looked back. This afternoon, I just did three low-rep / hi-weight sets on the chest press machine. In and out in ten minutes. Lifting makes me think more clearly. Three or so years ago I got into a fight with a younger, larger Black, which I described at GLP. I lifted him up by his waist and slammed him down, knocking the air out of him.

  19. I usually do what Nikcrit once described as medium-intensity maintenance. On occasion I like to spend 20 minutes with a heavy bag. If you work it with no slacking, you come out of the session with the combined effect of windsprints and shoulder work. If you do it right, you keep your arms up at your head the entire time, don’t lower them as you get tired. Note: your punches — jabs — should be at no more than 30% of your full strength. Focus on form, and on bursts of speed — and keeping your arms up the entire time.

  20. as medium-intensity maintenance

    Low-medium weight / hi-rep is my lifting staple. Twenty low-weight reps, then twenty medium weight, then 20+ to muscle failure at same weight.

  21. Is eating healthy or thinking a real-word accomplishment?

    That is a good retort.


    I burn 3 or 4 thousand calories a day, working and doing what is necessary.

    I lifted for a few years, about 5 years ago. I have neither the time the energy, nor the inclination, to go there now.

    Someone who spends his time lazin on the beach, might have the energy to spare. I used to live like that, when i was younger.

  22. I got some thousands of plants to tend, three houses to care for, not to mention the denizens of same.

    Anyone who has time (and energy) for the gym, to recreate and exercise, can consider himself FORTUNATE, and not to mention in an historically unusual position. Like i said in regard to Baby Boomer retirement on the other thread — it is a historical aberration. Life per usual in the animal kingdom including people, does not have the energy to spare.

    I grow a good percentage of my own food, in my suburban backyard. Last year i pulled out some hundreds of pounds of potatoes, and that was less than a third of my dug-up square footage. Between the tending and the processing, it is full time, and then making money on top of that, and caring for people who need help. Exercising is a luxury, or a frivolity, … or an exercise in gay.

    Anyone advising that as a lifestyle, has a lot of time on their hands. And anyone in THAT situation, who doesn’t realize their own fortunate position, is missing a reality check.

  23. “And anyone in THAT situation, who doesn’t realize their own fortunate position, is missing a reality check.”

    And that’s where internet blowhards really shine.

  24. “Exercising is a luxury, or a frivolity, … or an exercise in gay.”

    Now i am just being stubborn, and driving home my argumentative point.

    But get real. If you have time, to devote to the gym, you are in a privileged position. Privileged is a messed up word, but it works here.

    What’s “queer” is having that time. When i was younger, before life included the constraints and responsibilities that it does now.

    I guess congrats, for living high enough on this sick ass hog, that got you got the time and money to spare.

  25. “What’s queer is having that time. When i was younger, before life included the constraints and responsibilities that it does now.”

    That is the reason why i make that joke, of calling bodybuilding and working out, gay — because it is not natural to have that much time and extra energy.

    And that surplus of time and energy correlates with all this modern nonsense.

    The joke stands.

  26. Get up at 4 each morning w/ the birds, even if you went to bed a couple hours before. Do intense hills or lift for a while. Take cold showers. Your blood thickens — time and ‘lifestyle’ are your compliant servants.

  27. “I usually do what Nikcrit once described as medium-intensity maintenance.”

    Funny this topic arises at this time. I’ve been having some problems with weight maintenance. several years ago, i went paleo-minded but lately have been slipping in both apptetite will and workout intensity, steadily maintaining a 10-15lb. increase.

    Week after next, i plan to make that a focus with a revised workout committement and more vigilant diet, as i’ll have a good six weeks off work to focus.

    Watch out my blogmates; once you hit that wiser half of your 40s, those extra brews and forkfulls stick!

  28. Without meaning to be disagreeable, my criticism is that gym culture is treating is symptoms of a modern lifestyle removed from physical activity.

    Better advice than “hit the gym” is to have a lifestyle that doesn’t require such a treatment.

    In my estimation, that is the more challenging course that appeals to better men.

  29. “my criticism is that gym culture is treating is symptoms of a modern lifestyle removed from physical activity.”

    You’re right. But the problem is I have a job that requires mainly sitting, crouching and typing, then driving from place-to-place around the city and doing more of the same. I try my best to do what you advise during summer and that usually works out fine. But my personal summer vacation is only about six weeks per year.

    that’s the one thing i don’t like about living in this part of the country: in winter, it’s very hard for us upper midwesterners to maintain a healthily active schedule; personal fitness should include a certain amount of year-round outdoor activity —- but that of course can be unattainable for a month or two each year in our part of the country.

  30. elk, you sound like one of my grandpas. He always laughed at his sons and grandsons for hitting the weights and concerning ourselves with athletics alongside the nogs. He’s spent his life sailing the globe, building bridges drunk on whiskey/fiercely commanding enormous crews of men as if they were toddlers w/ down syndrome. I would call him the ultimate shitlord. Thing is, he never weighed more than a buck thirty-five.

    He still looks at men who exercise more or less ‘recreationally’ and says if he ever does the like, we have an urgent responsibility to shoot him dead. I get where you’re coming from. Thing is, if he would have just hit the weights, or even some no-bullshit calisthenics outdoors, I doubt he’d let his diet of whiskey, tobacco, and spiked coffee do the harm it did and continues to do to his relationships (whether affairs, friendships, business, you name it). He’d probably still have his teeth. The weights will keep you on track, you’ve just got to approach them like an adventurer, not a modernized fop.

  31. I think weightlifting is hard to stick to because it does seem pointless. However, if you stick to It you do definitely look and feel better.

  32. Being stronger definitely helps make everyday tasks easier. I think most women would prefer a man who was strong and fit rather than just looked good. There is definitely a correlation between the two, though. Men who look strong, fit and energetic usually are.

  33. It feels pointless if you go into a gym and don’t know what you’re doing. That’s what reading or a meeting with a trainer is for. For general fitness, a newb should spend the first year doing full-body machine stations to adapt his body to the loads and master the correct form. Even if the muscles can handle the work, the ligaments, joints, or other tissue might get injured otherwise. After a year, you’re ready to move on to free weights if you know what you’re doing and what your goals are.

  34. I was reading the ‘Anonymous Conservative’ website recently, and noted this in response to the recent terrorist attacks on Trump supporters in San Jose:

    “…As the left continues to regress into childish tantrums, and it imports ever more violent savages form third world hell holes, we as a nation are regressing into a childish, violent state. Schoolyard fights are now for adults, probably soon to be followed by balkanized civil wars.

    I took a long time off from training, partly because I wanted to devote all of my energy to being good at other things, and partly because it seemed unlikely I’d ever have another street fight, so the effort seemed wasted and silly. Obviously, given what we are seeing today, there is now no excuse for not actively maintaining at least some level of proficiency at hand to hand, and the physical fitness required to engage in it effectively.

    If you’ve never lifted weights, now is the time to increase your protein and begin pumping iron to gain mass. If you’ve never hit a heavy bag, now is the time to do it, feel how weak your wrists are, and start building up those wrists and hardening your hands to support the blows. If you’ve never grappled, now is the time to learn, and develop the unique form of muscular and neurological fitness needed to engage in it. If you don’t have a CCW, now is the time to get one.

    The nation is now violent, and if you want to show up, you’d better be able to dish it out. God forbid you have the legal opportunity to eliminate one of these little pricks from the face of the planet, and let it slip away.

    Apart from weighlifting, are you goys doing anything to develop your street-fighting capabilities? Seriously considering getting back into the boxing gym here.

  35. Nikcrit…

    The heart and mind of the alt-rite has no principled objection to “radical autonomy…” No principled objection to the free movement of individuals across the global paradigm and its makeshift borders. At the same time, the alt-rite is, nominally, against the “radical autonomy” of the “black” man. But, it is the “radical autonomy” of the nigger that is the juice in his jive and the metric by which everyday white male measures his freedom or lack thereof. So where the nigger runs free, the white male is imprisoned. The trends are clear.

    Attempting to mend economic fences between lower/middle class white and black males IS THE PURPOSE of the Trumpening and it simply comes at the expense of the migger and the “women” courtesy of a redirected focus within the “angry white male.”

  36. Nikcrit…

    Remember, “we” always operate under the illiberal assumption that the solution to an irreparably dysfunctional “relationship” is clean separation…

    And such irreparably dysfunctional “relationship” exists between the “black” and “white” races both at the collective and individual level.

    It is also a basic assumption that the “black man” JUST IS anti-white Supremacy… Just is against the white man striving towards Supremacy. This, in turn, serves to solidify the belief in an irreparably dysfunctional “relationship” with said “black man.”

    Mending economic fences DOES NOT EQUAL separation.

  37. Elk is being provocative, but essentially correct in regard to “lifting.” Yet, his consistent use of “gay” takes all the real violence out of this “leisurely” pursuit.

    Have you ever seen some of these roided-up faggots? They want to violently rape *you*. Calling these types “gay” is a grave disservice in the same manner as not naming the nigger.

  38. @Thordaddy,

    Who exactly is the “we” you refer to in your 1:44 p.m. comment? Whites writ large?

    BTW: check it out; the msm really is unnerved by The Don; meanwhile, i’m sure many here are keepign their fingers crossed… 🙂

    it’s really pretty amazing that mainstream publications are openly comparing Trump to “that “H” guy.”

  39. Good stuff, PA. Get yourself a stylus and have at it! Fogey’s got a good idea with the comic strip or some such.

    With regards to exercising, I’d say there’s two colloquial phrases that seem to stand out:

    -going to the gym


    The former has the connotation, and rightly so, of being a place just to show up. Or rather, based on what I hear from people at working during the watercooler talk: they have a gym membership just to use the phrase “I was going to go to the gym but…”

    And if they do go to the gym, it’s just to show, just to say that they did, but probably looked at their phone more than anything.

    The latter, lifting, is the old-school, hardware status of just a barbell, some dumbbells, a bench, and a desire to get stronger with each session. It’s about testing your limits, testing your mettle and building up the mental toughness to push through.

    It’s for guys that eat lightning and crap thunder.

    LBF, I’m looking into fight training and see what I can do. I took some Krav Maga a few years back but injured myself lifting–just using bad form and not tending to wounds beforehand. I like what I took and still remember some lessons.

  40. Nikcrit…

    “We” is anyone possessing an illiberal assumption as it concerns the “black” collective.

  41. Mendo: thanks. I am giving a comic strip serious thought.

    LBF: “doing anything to develop your street-fighting capabilities?”

    I work a heavybag. Two important points I should add to “keep your hands up” when working the heavybag: keep moving and keep breathing.

    Also: 98% of street fighting is deterance. Don’t look like a mark. Look serious, with focused eyes. Inner game: be fearless. Don’t be afraid of getting hit, don’t be afraid of smashing someone’s face, don’t be afraid to die today. It’s a peaceful, rather than a belligerent attitude once you internalize it. Others pick up on it. Faith helps: if you’re afraid of God (specifically, afraid of the wages of sin), you’re not afraid of anything else.

  42. PA ~ Thanks, bro. I think I have the Look down. Others have remarked upon it. “Swagger”. I certainly have the height and size.

    Mendo ~ I start my first boxing session later this week.

  43. PA,

    “Faith helps: if you’re afraid of God (specifically, afraid of the wages of sin), you’re not afraid of anything else.”

    Great reminder! That’s a solid way of thinking about it.

    And good tips on comportment altogether. I view it as being the stout leader everyone deep down wants to follow. In other words, be THAT guy!

    I know my blood boils at all the stuff happening and what’s worse, the masses are blind to all of it. Either willfully ignorant or ignorant with rage, not knowing they’re being used.

    LBF: good stuff! Have at it.

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