Reflections on a Dystopia

The Western world has gone unglued in my lifetime. We all have read dystopian novels years earlier, and we are now living in one. An excerpt from Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán’s speech on March 15, 2016 defines the tyranny of our time:

This time the danger is not attacking us the way wars and natural disasters do, suddenly pulling the rug from under our feet. Mass migration is a slow stream of water persistently eroding the shores. It is masquerading as a humanitarian cause, but its true nature is the occupation of territory. And what is gaining territory for them is losing territory for us.

Let’s make a distinction between struggle and dystopia. We thrive in struggle — under a touch of chaos and when free to deal with it. But not in captivity, especially with rats in that same cage and Dobermans trained to destroy us if we stomp at any of the rats.

In this post, I am relating to a future-year reader what our time feels like. It seems fitting to start describing our dystopia with Suburban_elk’s musing because his earlier comment inspired me to finalize this post:

Interesting times is the cliché that has become overdrawn, but i like to think how much it is an opportunity for anyone to make his mark, and to become known for a contribution in describing things.

I myself am certainly interested in hearing someone describe my experience, or their experience and what we have in common; and find it VERY MUCH LACKING. No offense to my fellow readers and participants, but if there were someplace else i would be there now.

So i call on you to draw your sword and mark these days our times.

I’ll answer the call and describe our experience thusly:

It Feels Normal. It’s the end of the word as we know it and I feel fine. The sun shines, it’s not dark and wet like in a Gothic film scene.

Territorial Insecurity. The dread is real though, and that’s what they mean by war. When people say that they want peace, what they really desire is not placidity or stasis, but a feeling of inviolable public space that is a reflection of who they are. The paradoxical anxieties of diversity and the intrusive state fill us with a sense of being illegal aliens in our own lands.

The following map tracks our shrinking dominion over the past 100 years. Fittingly, the disgrace of England appears in the upper-right:


A Sense of Impermanence. Investing in anything feels futile. Architecture is fake precast columns, faux-brick facades. As reported in July 2014, a survey shows that the majority of White Americans feels pessimistic about the future.

Dear future reader, that survey was taken a year before The Trumpening. You did build a yooooge memorial to President Donald J. Trump on the National Mall, right?

Alienation. The dissident you know from your history books does not feel like a hero. He feels alone. Sometimes dissidents commit suicide. It would be worse without the internet.

Perverse Incentives. Virtue is its own reward and it wouldn’t be admirable if it were always easy. But under a dystopia, there is a systematic structure of perverse incentives. Virtue is punished, vice is rewarded. Imagine a thoughtful teenage boy wondering “why does my country tell me to be a fag-voiced slacker instead of striving for supremacy?” or a girl wonders “why do they tell me to dress like a stripper?”

The Prevalence of Antisocial Behavior. Oppression brings out the worst in us — irritability, spite, passive aggression — before it brings out the best in us.

Ugliness. The landscape is one conspicuous suppression of beauty and a reflection of lowest common standards. Somewhere, fearsome majesty unfurls its wings only to have crows descend upon it. You thirst for a pretty face in the crowd.

Arrogant Stupidity. The obedient, the complacent, and the dull strut like divas. The talented get coopted: Bruce Springsteen used to sing about working man’s trials, now he takes a stand on people who piss standing in women’s bathrooms.

Betrayal. One always somehow expects those close to him to see the obvious but they don’t, and they hate you for it.


Hope. History never stops and nationalism is rising fast in Europe. 2016 has been an amazing year, and it’s only April. Prime minister Orbán so ends his speech:

Today it is written in the book of fate that hidden, faceless world powers will eliminate everything that is unique, autonomous, age-old and national. They will blend cultures, religions and populations, until our many-faceted and proud Europe will finally become bloodless and docile. And if we resign ourselves to this outcome, our fate will be sealed, and we will be swallowed up in the enormous belly of the United States of Europe.

The task which awaits the Hungarian people, the nations of Central Europe and the other European nations which have not yet lost all common sense is to defeat, rewrite and transform the fate intended for us.

Dear future reader, you may recall that Orbán was (note to present readers: past tense from their perspective) a moderate in Hungary’s politics and a Soros Foundation scholar. Even today, most people forget that. Should contemporary moderates fail to meet their objectives through working with the system and appeals to classical virtues, tomorrow’s ultra-nationalists await with the promise of a reckoning — which is why there is a future reader.

And this goes out to Suburban_elk, whom I thank for this post:

Images from the Edinburgh Spartan Sprint Sunday 15th September 2013

The Coward and the Mudshark

The Coward. The angel says to the young man: “You have nothing. I can give you a chance to have something. Would you like that?” The man nods his head. The angel says: “This evening at 8:00, be at the intersection you know well. Stand there and wait. Then run into the flames. I will protect you. It will burn but you will save a life.” The man asks: “And if I don’t go?” The angel says: “You have free choice. I know that you are afraid.”

The man looks away to think. The angel is gone. The young man opens a beer, sits down. Restlessly, the hours go by. The noisy television may as well be in orbit. It is 7:50. He gets up and goes to the refrigerator for another beer.

The Mudshark. The angel says to the young woman: “The men you wanted don’t want you, so you go to those other men.” She says: “But DeShawn is fun and he can be really sweet!” The angel’s face clouds over and he says quietly: “Burying your talent is a sin.” He continues: “You can have a baby like you, except with hope. Do you want that?” She nods her head apprehensively. The angel says: “This evening at 8:00, be at the intersection you know well. Stand there and wait. You won’t see me but I will be there.” The angel disappears.

Her cell phone buzzes. Hours later at 7:50 she listens to DeShawn’s video game in the other room, she herself alone on his mattress.



What is the Road to Hell Paved With?

A slice of late-modern American life as a playground of liberal morality: a White policeman pulls over a Black motorist who was driving his three-year-old daughter without a child seat and instead of giving him a citation, buys him a child seat. That story, along with its photo-op hug between the two, is making its rounds on social media as a feel-good news item of the week.


After I relayed the story in a colorfully disapproving tone, Nikcrit asks if it would have made a difference for me if the policeman and the driver were of the same race. I replied “Yes.” Camlost adds, referring to the driver:

He’s got money for tats and tint but not a baby seat. That’s mighty black of him. And on his hilariously typical Facebook page he brags about his Air Jordans, too. The difference is that white men/fathers tend to have a sense of shame about being this needy, but black men are completely fine with it. Before 1990 the MSM wouldn’t have run an idiotic tidbit like this – these things are symptomatic of the Africanization/hyper-feminization of our society – personal responsibility being cast aside for feel-good stories about how it takes a village.

Nikcrit confirms the validity of that perspective:

Yeah, i don’t like it, either; i see the effects of kids having their selfish, conceited personal interests and me-first attitudes condoned and reinforced by the media and govt.

Lara speaks with a feminine sense for the immediate balm:

I don’t have a problem with what the police officer did, it’s not like he gave him drugs. Having to use a car seat is going to make this man work harder to take care of his daughter. Yes, he should have bought it himself, but I still see it as a good thing. Forcing lazy people to do things right is good. Especially, when they need to put in the effort.

Camlost then makes a series of observations:

It won’t be long before the lawsuits start rolling in due to haphazard enforcement of the baby seat law, somebody 5 states away will claim that they’re being singled out since this LaVonte guy didn’t get a ticket but they did.

Good point. The road to hell, as they say. He continues:

I also have a problem with it because blacks are always complaining about how their singled out for DWB. (driving while black) But this is a typical situation showing that they show a constant tendency to never have their shit together – license, insurance, registration and baby seat.

I weigh in:

Additional reason why that cop was irresponsible: ghetto Blacks’ fear of the police keeps many of them behaving with some semblance of respect for the law or for others. But if they start getting ideas into day haids that cops are teddy bears who reward your irresponsibility with buying you things… well, imagine the 80-IQ noggin processing that. ALSO: they aren’t going to respect a huggy teddy bear cop, making the inevitable future TNB front of a cop result in another Dindu Nuffin lying dead on the asphalt and another officer’s life destroyed.

Thordaddy, whose axe makes clean cuts, delivers the judgment. To decipher him is to agree with him:

There is only one way to describe the event that is this “pig purchase baby seat for nigger” and that is a false flag of the most degenerate mind. Because “we” are post-Liberation, it is the default assumption that all “feel-good” stories are in reality thoroughly infused with degeneracy. This manufactured story ACTUALLY turns a cop into a pig and a black male into a nigger. The totality of their mutual action is simply RADICAL AUTONOMY. The sum effect of this false flag is the subtle allowance of cops to be pigs and black males to be niggers and the healthy-minded white man must just stand silent in agreement. Pigs and niggers GET TO RUN A LITTLE MORE WILD TODAY and the healthy-minded white man is a little less free.

Peterike puts things in the context of the era:

Car seat episode. I see Indian and Arab and (((Russian))) types driving with kids not in car seats all the time. They just don’t care. More flipping the bird to the nation that let them in.

Diversity demoralizes because absent commonly agreed-upon norms, the public space favors the lowest common denominator in civic behavior.


The late Lawrence Auster analyzed the very same liberal morality that we are witnessing in the above story: Whites are immaterial spiritual beings capable of either being angels who do nice things for Blacks (and for other non-Whites) or devils who are racist. In this cosmology, Blacks are material-but-spiritless creatures bereft of moral agency whose purpose is to serve as clay for Whites on which to work out our moral struggle.

With every otherwise-sensible person who approvingly forwards such a feel-good story, you see how that mentality had glued itself to the average citizen.

The Alt-Right’s Settled Debates

Why Define a Consensus on what’s been Settled?

To move forward with our proper focus, the destiny of Western civilization. To distinguish between the legitimate revisiting of old assumptions and the distracting rehashing of old arguments.

When were those Questions Settled?

Between 2008 and 2013. The great debates on male-female dynamics, race, and the future of our nations shifted into high gear in 2008 at Chateau Heartiste and related blogs. I single out the Chateau because that’s where the passion and the new ideas churned and then fanned out to the broader culture. The July 13, 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman was a watershed moment for us and it marks the anti-White narrative’s Stalingrad collapse. That date is a fitting marker for when the big questions were internally settled.

What is the Alt-Right’s Baseline Consensus?

The points below are what all but the most eccentric among the nationalists, manosphere writers, traditionalists, and libertarian neo-reactionaries agree on. Most of these points come across as moderate relative to much of the writing out there, being that they represent an overlap in the sometimes competing visions within the Alt-Right’s big tent.

So here is the Alt-Right consensus:

Blacks. They require assistance in achieving and maintaining a level of civic and material comfort on par with that of other races. Quantity + Equality = Can’t Have Nice Things.

Christianity. It is not an internally settled matter. For some, Christian faith is a non-negotiable foundation of our identity with implications on the afterlife. Others see it as detrimental to our vitality.

Democracy. In its present form, it is the rule by those who control the formation of public opinion and whose interests are not aligned with the interests of the voters. The two-party system in the United States is real, just like pro wrestling.

Family. While the role of extended families varies by culture, the traditional patriarchal model is the only one that provides a healthy environment for raising children.

Immigration. It is harmful to Western nations at present levels, low-skill immigration in particular. Manifest incompatibility between host and guest populations belie the economic- or demography-based arguments in favor of mass immigration.

Institutions. Traditionally conservative or masculine institutions such as the Republican party, the military, large corporations, mainline churches, and professional sports have been coopted by liberalism.

Islam. Don’t let it in.

Jews. As self-identified minorities with an enduring identity, they have acquired — justly or not — a reputation for subverting their host nations. Israel is a model of practical nationalism.

Multiculturalism. Diversity is not our strength. The involuntary comingling of disparate peoples is not “enriching.”

Race. It is a fundamental element of a human being’s identity. The human biodiversity model is predictive on the macro scale.

Religion. A purely materialist philosophy is insufficient as a pillar of a culture or an ethical system. Nobody wants to die over a contract.

Russia. It is not a potential threat to any Western nation beyond her near-abroad European neighbors. An enemy-of-an-enemy is an ally, and our common adversary is U.S.-led globalism.

Sex. The female is attracted to male power, charm, and confidence. She has contempt for male weakness or supplication. The male is attracted to the female’s youth, beauty, and femininity and is repulsed by her physical or moral decay.

USA. Her foreign and domestic policy is controlled by interests whose ambitions are at odds with the welfare of her own citizens, the existential question of Western nations, and geopolitical stability.

Whites. Interracial obligations do not justify self-destructive sacrifice on the part of the White benefactor, nor are they mandated by any notion of historic debt. Charges of racism fail to explain the disparity between the achievements of Whites and others.

Women. They crave male leadership and go batshit without it. Given the power, they will destroy their world, especially from the voting booth. Don’t listen to what she says — watch what she does.

Shots of Wisdom, Part 3

#YourDailyGame. A woman with institutional authority over you such as a supervisor — or one with a psychological imprint on your psyche such as your older sister  — might get bratty in a group setting. When that happens, look at the others with a Kevin Spacey deadpan expression and say: “And they ask me why I drink.”

Beer. Not all golden ages are in the past or in the future. We are now living in a golden age — of beer. My occasional indulgence is an imperial stout. More commonly, I order an east coast-style IPA to ride a buzz with my friends; Michigan’s Bell’s Two Hearted epitomizes that type of citrusy hops taste. If German-style Witbier is your thing, Maine-brewed Allagash White is the best. When slumming it, we Chesapeakians reach for Natty Boh. Old Bay seasoning on the rim if you dare.

Boycott. East Indians secure an area’s liquor store market by gaming anti-collusion laws. Bangladeshi-owned breakfast and sandwich franchises invoke an image of Ganges hands handling my food. Local roofers and electricians grab their morning coffees to banter with the gregarious manager, who mimics the working-class rapport in his sing-songy accent. The SBA greases the track for foreign ownership with incentive structures nominally envisioned for African-American urban core enterprises. South Asians ride that train with their chain immigration labor force. Up a few tiers in venue hierarchy, a faux-upscale national coffee shop chain does not welcome traditional families. We go elsewhere on all counts.

Fortune 500. Big corporations attract executive talent through the limitless opportunities and resources at a large company’s disposal, and they retain the best skilled overhead staff via the job security inherent in a bureaucratic corporate structure. However, those big companies struggle with retaining their most talented billable staff — actual consultants, project managers, designers, engineers — who are drawn to smaller companies in which they spend more time doing what they love with a greater degree of creative control, and less time spent filing TPS reports.

Infertility. A clique of thirty-something mothers meets weekly in a coffee shop or in one of their houses, indubitably humble-bragging complaining about their husbands. One of the girls in the group just had her second baby and another has been unable to conceive in almost a decade of trying, starting at a young age and even losing a lab-assisted pregnancy. As I hear it, she had cut off contact with the circle upon that new baby’s arrival. One lives righteously and yet one is denied. Babies — her own and then her grandchildren — is all a good woman gets from life. I don’t know her well but I can imagine her pleading why??

Nostalgia. This very day will give you nostalgic feelings later because it is the tangible specifics associated with a strong emotion that fill a memory. There were moments in my thirties and even my teens when I wondered if this passing moment’s exquisite satisfaction will ever be equaled. My girlfriend looking fresh in that funny checkered blouse. The joking and smoking with the guys in the parking lot after work, nobody feeling like splitting to go home quite yet.

Poolside. I was poolside. Precisely, this was a late summer afternoon last year and it was an outdoor pool at a leafy community center, which I’ll euphemistically describe as a family-friendly environment. The two lifeguards weren’t even European work-study students; they were nice-looking young Americans. The sky was crystal clear and a song I hadn’t heard in ages evoked a high school memory, an autumn trip with my parents to northern New Jersey: the leaves were crimson, my new varsity jacket was stiff and smelled of new material and I was too preoccupied with my sophomore sports team stuff to notice anything.

Signals. After getting home from the pool, I looked up the video for that song. I never cared much for the artist but I hadn’t seen the video in decades. Times change and historic artifacts reveal a previously sealed message. You can find gold in unlikely places. The faces in the video were now emphatically transmitting an encoded dispatch to us across time. I looked at the video like a radar operator catching the faded, distant signal and amplifying its instructions over waves of noise and static, decoding the scrambled directions for the struggle over death in which we’ve found ourselves unwitting and then unwilling belligerents. Like a honeybee grasping at a spoon, crawling out of a glass in which it was drowning.

Teenagers. This was yesterday. I place my order and sit at a table near a solidly-built man in an orange Orioles shirt and a little boy with him. He gives me a glance. I get it, papa bear. I’m a dad too. Up-tempo music is playing from ceiling speakers, hard to hear it over the noise of the fryers. Rockabilly or alt-country? A teenage couple approaches the pick-up counter. The girl is slim with lovely legs in her dark jeans, a bright frisky grin. The boyfriend’s face upturned a bit to keep that rock-star hair out of his eyes. He’s wearing a black tank-top. Is that look coming back? He goes over to the drink machine, the girl stays at the counter to chat with an employee who hands her their to-go order. They know each other. Probably classmates. In contrast with the boyfriend’s brooding musician look, the boy who works at the restaurant is ruddy-complexioned with a crew cut under his grill hat. I dub him “baseball player” on account of his precociously masculine hands and confident bearing, which transform his work uniform into something you’d see on a diamond. They chat as the boyfriend is pouring drinks at the fountain.

I wonder if I’m witnessing a playing out of Game in the wild, with the girleen leaning on the counter, twisting her legs, rocking her hips, pivoting on her heel and laughing with the athlete, who fixes her with the familiar smile of a natural player. The rocker comes back with the sodas. Sulky mate-guarding next? But oh me of little faith. The rocker says something to the baseball player, the three of them laugh and then the couple walks out, she leaning on him, her arm around his waist and looking up at him as though the key to the puzzle is under the locks of hair over his face.

Waiting for my food, I started composing that scene in my mind and the unifying theme of this post becomes clear. Sometimes yes, dulce et decorum est indeed.


Shots of Wisdom, Part 2 spied on angels and devils from a cautious distance.

Good News of the Week: Exposed and Soft

The common theme to the following stories is the complacency and enervation of our enemy. Globalists are becoming ovine as nationalists turn lupine.

1. The SJW List

The top of the good news rundown for this week is the new SJW List created and compiled by Vox Day, crowd-sourced, and administrator-controlled. As explained on its main page:

This site is a complete catalog of Social Justice Warriors. The purpose of the catalog is to help SJW-converged organizations locate and identify Social Justice Warriors they wish to hire or otherwise support.

The list catalogues the names of people, along with supporting documentation, who have promoted the disemployment or un-platforming of individuals who do not conform to the social justice narrative. The list is already long, and growing.

SJWs are an element of an opportunistic infection that flourishes where there are no antibodies to check its spread. Their decades of easy takeovers of cultural institutions have made them unadapted to counterattacks. Arrogant and sloppy, they operate openly and now they find themselves on a registry that helps employers screen applicants for propensity to bring harmful activism to the company.

2. Who Wants to be Friends with an anti-Racist Bore?

A woman is shocked and hurt because an old friend cut off contact with her over her anti-racist boorishness. She writes:

I put a mirror up to my friend’s racism, so she dumped me.

I once told a friend that his taste in music sucks.

I talk about racism on Facebook. I do my best to educate, talking about how my lived experiences coincide with the data. Systemic inequality is a mean phrase, and it is even meaner for those who live through it.

We all gravitate to people who try to educate us on subjects in which we didn’t seek their counsel.

I subsequently got a text from my old friend, whom I passed notes with in chemistry and giggled with through Spanish, telling me that my posts about white supremacy and racism “got to be too much.” She later admitted she found them “annoying,” even though she cares “deeply” about the subject.

By necessity, we Alt-Righters have developed wolf-like cunning for concealing our beliefs in public. For example, I once had lunch with a group of senior leaders of my organization. At one point a smart and remarkably charming older woman told me “you’d love San Francisco because it’s so liberal.” While I never affirm anything I disagree with (integrity of character is paramount), I do calibrate my communication to the environment and in that particular case I just smiled and said nothing.

The SJW who lost a friend over her obtuse buttonholing is a clumsy naïf. Most of them are, softened by a lifetime of political correctness flourishing unchallenged. Like, didn’t everybody vote for McGovern? Understandably, there is a measure of solipsism in any female — but aren’t women also supposed to have finer social acumen? This good-news story illustrates the SJW’s condition of subjectivity that has become so acute, their worldview strains its connections to reality. They lack psychological defenses against mere disapproval, much less the might of the ideological pendulum that’s about to careen at them.

3. The Sea

The story: Newsweek reports that with the Greek government’s deportations of migrants to Turkey under an EU-Ankara deal, the invaders are now attempting to reach Europe by making the dangerous crossing from Libya to Italy. The bigger story: entry points into Europe are closing.

EU officials are beginning to worry that the Libya-to-Italy crossing is once again becoming the preferred path to Europe for refugees and migrants. The main cause for concern: The journey is exceptionally dangerous. The route claims the lives of one in every 92 asylum seekers who try to cross, according to data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM). And there are other hazards. Before refugees set sail, many will have fallen victim to smugglers who routinely rape, torture, kidnap or enslave their clients. Despite the risks, refugees in Libya—almost all from African countries—seem to be increasingly determined to reach Europe.

As has been said by others, had the Italian or Greek coast guards sunk one or two refugee boats last spring, countless European and migrant lives would have since been spared. The good news is the piling on of evidence that our ruling classes no longer have a coherent or affirmative vision of destroying us. They are in the mode of responding to the problems they have created with stop-gap measures and there is little indication that they have a strategy beyond short-term opportunism.

4. “Invaders in Solidarity with Nationalists, Help Torch Asylum Housing”

That’s the headline I’d have written if I worked for the Washington Post. A Syrian migrant in Germany had set his house on fire because he was frustrated with the cramped accommodations. Just laugh.

5. The Protocols of the Uncultured Juniors of Zion

A LARPing Chekist eschews the anti-Whites’ usual pretense to moral high-ground for fantasies of genocide. To his credit, he’s exposing their flubbing of the entire project through impatience and hubris:


As a nationalist, I am sympathetic of any nation having a state of their own and agnostic on the subject of Israel’s malign hand in global affairs beyond ordinary foreign policy Machiavellianism. That said, well-positioned elements of Jewish banker-intellectual diaspora have played a leading role in subverting Western nations. They pulled it off in large part because we bought into their high-minded language. No need to tell this wanna-be Yagoda doofus that his social media rant is blowing the happy merchant’s cover.

The Treachery and Self-Deception Behind the Rhetoric of Compassion

From the Daily Caller:

Leftist Norway politican Karsten Nordal Hauken was brutally sodomized by a Somali and felt so incredibly guilty in the aftermath he subsequently begged authorities not to deport the man.

The Treachery 

Anonymous Conservative offers his r/K selection-based interpretation of Hauken’s behavior:

Notice how this character is more fit, in a Darwinian sense, than you are, when it comes to surviving a brutal occupation. Notice how his type seeks to engender a brutal occupation, that they will survive better than you would because of the subconscious instincts they have to bow down before evil.

Nature programmed the r-strategist this way. He could never out-compete you, one on one, in a free society. In such an environment, his type is destroyed. But that isn’t his game. Unable to compete directly, he has evolved into a machine, designed to import a brutal occupation, and then survive it, as you are killed trying to fight it because of your K-strategist urges.

[…] They are trying to get outsiders to genocide our K-strategist model of human for them.

A reverse scenario would involve K-selected people welcoming a harsh winter, a condition under which they thrive but the r-selected interlopers are culled. Reader Camlost adds:

Also, collaborators are often motivated by the same sorts of weakness – the inability to compete in the current hierarchy and the holding of petty grudges are often cited as motivating factors for collaborators who are later caught and questioned. Their twisted reasoning is they they’re willing to bring in an outsider to smash the current order if it somehow improves their standing or gives them revenge/power over others that they couldn’t normally achieve on their own.

The Self-Deception 

Anonymous Conservative also writes that those treacherous motivations are subconscious and someone like Hauken would vehemently deny that this is what he’s doing, instead ascribing his motives either to compassion on account of the immigrant’s plight or to justice as necessitated by the K-selected Norwegian’s alleged perfidy such as racism.

The self-deception with which a person rationalizes away his low impulses reminds me of a point that was made in Vaclav Havel’s 1979 essay “The Power of the Powerless.” The anti-Communist classic features Havel’s parable of the greengrocer’s sign. The parable shows how a merchant’s act of displaying a sign bearing a propaganda slogan is his gesture of submission to the regime, yet one that veils the underlying real message of his abasement behind the slogan’s pretty lie:

if the greengrocer had been instructed to display the slogan “I am afraid and therefore unquestioningly obedient;’ he would not be nearly as indifferent to its semantics, even though the statement would reflect the truth. The greengrocer would be embarrassed and ashamed to put such an unequivocal statement of his own degradation in the shop window, and quite naturally so, for he is a human being and thus has a sense of his own dignity. To overcome this complication, his expression of loyalty must take the form of a sign which, at least on its textual surface, indicates a level of disinterested conviction. It must allow the greengrocer to say, “What’s wrong with the workers of the world uniting?” Thus the sign helps the greengrocer to conceal from himself the low foundations of his obedience…

Similarly, r-selected appeasers don’t say “I want Somalian rapists to eradicate masculine Norwegians and their children yet spare me on account of my willingness to tolerate forced sodomy.” Instead, the rabbit displays his own greengrocer’s sign. At least the proverbial woman who gives herself to the conqueror collaborates after the conquest, not before or during the siege.


Here is Havel’s original 1979 essay. Here is my 2016 version, in which I replaced a total of about 20 words: the proletariat-related keywords with diversity-related ones, and greengrocer-related words with office manager-related ones. To uncanny effect, I replaced no words in the final paragraph.

Five Men

The video for Alanis Morissette’s minor hit “Unsent” has good material for this weekend’s look at life’s themes. It shows a young woman in five vignettes with the men from her past, each a character-study. Sex girds every scene and each man delivers a different balance of attraction and comfort. The beat gets heavy with her recollections of Jonathan and Marcus, the two for whom her flame burned hottest.

The men, in order of appearance:

Matthew lives by his code. A woman who wants to keep him must first submit herself to his ways, even if they make no sense to her. He trusts his vision even as he does not entirely understand it. His lean frame and gentle manner are the outward representation of his ascetic temperament and his readiness to sacrifice all in the name of his faith.

Jonathan comes from a line of men who live and die by the pride in their hearts and the fire in their guts. Quick to throw a punch, quicker to help a friend. His deepest desire is to serve and be needed and to see the fruits of his works. Men like him require a purpose and when they sense futility, they destroy themselves.

Terrance is a builder. Like his father and grandfathers before, he saw a vast nothing and turned it into something. His house is warm during the long winter nights. After the flood, his sons will have made it to the other side and they will found a new nation.

Marcus knows when to pull and when to push so when he’s with you, all kinds of doors open. More than that, he brings magic to the commonplace. Deft of touch, the silver-tongued whisperer makes you live the moment in the here-and-now. In a way, what else is real?

Lou is a blank slate, the least developed character of the five. Seen in a distance through glass, face like a child’s without contours, he represents the unknown depth in you. Some unrevealed experience binds him and the girl, maybe forever and against their wills. An abortion? A miscarriage? The things we do tie our lives to the people who walk with us.


In every scene, sadness drops a shadow on the memory, as though each of the men is pushing her away. Why is that?


Is Anti-Racism A Religion?

Peterike forwards a post from Those Who Can See blog titled “When Progressives Get Religion,” which shows the parallels between religion and Anti-Racism (here capitalized). Specifically, the linked post addresses Anti-Racism’s similarity to Communism, which the blog’s author M.G. calls a nontheistic religion:

Communism, has been intriguing scholars for the last 100 years for its likeness to spiritual belief. The millions of pages written on the subject have taught us this if nothing else: The leftist, in his own way, seems just as prone to religious thinking as the rightist.

M.G. compares the tenets of Anti-Racism to traditional religion with generous use of visuals in a historical sweep from the Bolshevik era through Rotherham:

  1. Living our Faith (with subsets zeal and confession, sacrifice, and acts of piety)
  2. Dogma (subsets being doctrine, indoctrination, and utopianism)
  3. Fighting Heresy (with science denialism, ethnic denialism, and purging of heretics)

There is, however — and this is my contention — a key difference between religion and Anti-Racism: religion is adaptive for its adherents and Anti-Racism is maladaptive. Rather than sustaining its people, it devours them. That makes Anti-Racism, like Communism before, not a religion but a psychotic episode that at best mimics the outward forms of religious practice. The victims of both systems are the masses of people who had never consented to this new faith, yet they carry all of its burdens with none of its benefits. And that makes Anti-Racism not a religion, but a Jim Jones cult with partly-indoctrinated hostages.

A distinction without a difference? Not entirely. Genuine religions last millennia while left-wing zealotry burns itself out once it consumes the human fuel it feeds on. Revolutionary Marxism-Leninism died in Stalin’s purges in the mid-late 1930s and with his hit on Trotsky. Yet Communism’s destructiveness during its terror phase was unprecedented on the historic scale, the Ukrainian genocide being a better-known example. Wikipedia’s entry on the Holodomor’s death toll:

A 2002 study by Vallin et al.[…] estimates the amount of direct deaths for 1933 as 2.582 million. This number of deaths does not reflect the total demographic loss for Ukraine from these events as the fall of the birth rate during crisis and the out-migration contribute to the latter as well. The total population shortfall from the expected value between 1926 and 1939 estimated by Vallin amounted to 4.566 million. Of this number, 1.057 million is attributed to birth deficit

Birth deficit. That’s a statistic that the raw numbers of murdered don’t show. See the faces of Holodomor behind the numbers:



And now, the faces of the victims of Anti-Racism:


Radiance inside a ring of shit. That’s what I dub that collage from M.G.’s post. No, it is not dismissible as a sad compilation of people struck by a bad-luck event such as leukemia or a traffic accident; those things are not preventable in the aggregate, which would make the collage a meaningless invocation to futility. It is also not a representation of a free society’s rough edges because a free society provides its law-abiding citizens with avenues of recourse and deterrence against their victimization, and ours made lynching illegal. What the collage does, is it gives a human scale to liberal America’s animus against Whites. By using weaponized Blacks — and now the terror attacks in European cities and child rapes — our governments enable those outrages in order to demoralize and pacify us. What is the White birth deficit in desegregated America?


While left wing ideology, be it Communism or Anti-Racism, is not a religion in my opinion, the utopian faith among its true believers is real. That utopianism was dramatized in Arthur Koestler’s 1944 novel “Darkness at Noon.” The dialogue below is between two characters in the story, both being Bolshevik revolution veterans during Stalin’s purges of the old guard. The prisoner Rubashov, who at this point comes to doubt his earlier revolutionary convictions, is interrogated by his former comrade Ivanov, a Party member still in good standing:

Rubashov rubbed his pince-nez on his sleeve, and looked at him short-sightedly.  “What a mess,” he said, “what a mess we have made of our golden age. […] in the interests of a just distribution of land we deliberately let die of starvation about five million farmers and their families in one year. […] We have built up the most gigantic police apparatus, with informers made a national Institution, and with the most refined scientific system of physical and mental torture. We whip the groaning masses of the country towards a theoretical future happiness, which only we can see. […] To me it sometimes seems as though the experimenters had torn the skin off the victim and left it standing with bared tissues, muscles and nerves …”

“Well, and what of it?” said Ivanov happily. “Don’t you find it wonderful? Has anything more wonderful ever happened in history? We are tearing the old skin off mankind and giving it a new one. That is not an occupation for people with weak nerves; but there was once a time when it filled you with enthusiasm. What has so changed you that you are now as pernickety as an old maid?” Rubashov wanted to answer: “Since then I have heard Bogrov call out my name.” But he knew that this answer did not make sense. So he answered instead:

“To continue with the same metaphor: I see the flayed body of this generation: but I see no trace of the new skin. We all thought one could treat history like one experiments in physics. The difference is that in physics one can repeat the experiment a thousand times, but in history only once […]

“For a man with your past,” Ivanov [said], “this sudden revulsion against experimenting is rather naive. Every year several million people are killed quite pointlessly by epidemics and other natural catastrophes. And we should shrink from sacrificing a few hundred thousand for the most promising experiment in history?

In his “Rivers of Blood” anti-immigration speech in 1968, Enoch Powell said that the supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils. He was describing something that is the opposite of utopian ambitions.

Utopianism is hubris at its highest amplification. It is not religion, as those always counsel humility. But if one were to search for supernatural origins of both Bolshevism and Anti-Racism, he would discover that their animating flame comes not from the Divine, but from that other place.


Trickdaddy writes:

I’ve got a rather confrontational opinion on this subject that i’ve stated earlier: I contend that, in terms of there existing a universal humanity inter-dependence, pro-or-con on an individual level, that caucasians are sort-of an idealized ‘super-middlemost’ hybrid of humanity writ large and, to cut to the chase, are ultimately driven by a compulsion but ultimately by a ‘fate’ to create idealized norm; e.g., in other words, I’m afraid that the 20th-century proverbial ‘white Man’s Burden” is sublime and is a existential duty that is inescapable; there would be insufferable penalties if you neglected it—– yet certain and inevitable frustrations when you do take on such a task, with history attesting to that fact as well. Highest-end Ashkenazim and NE Asian I.Q. is valuable but to ethereal and ether-based, while African and Hispanic-core primitivism is unorganized but teeming with desirable human vitality and passion; the gamut of such homo-sapien ingredients are all needed but only the caucasian maintains the aggregate ideal amount;

summation: we drive each other crazy but ultimately ‘need’ each other; any other interpretation is sloppily presumptive on how much our self-definitions are reliant upon ‘the other.’

I suspect Trickin knows that the above is nonsense and he was just invoking his long-time commenter privilege to drop that bit of self-indulgence toward sparking a discussion. My response is the title of this post.

To entertain any talk of cross-racial contact that doesn’t end up corrupting both parties, we must accept the limitations of man’s desire and capacity for such contact. I offered my own thesis on that subject in the Shots of Wisdom, Part II post, under the heading “Identity.”

White man’s burden as envisioned by Kipling: a White Rhodesian farmer driving a pickup, his dog riding shotgun and six African laborers in the back. White man’s burden today is to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. We tried the “needing each other” thing. Behold the astral planes at the end of that journey: