It’s In The Eyes

Commenter jackmcg at Chateau Heartiste put together five sets of portrait photos, each set representing one of the five remaining U.S. Presidential candidates: Clinton, Cruz, Kasich, Sanders, and Trump.

Jackmcg writes:

I looked at the hashtags for each presidential candidate, and grabbed the profile pictures of 10 supporters for each. 5 women and 5 men. I took the first ten that I saw, so its as random and unbiased as I could make it.

He challenged readers to correctly identify the candidate by the physiognomy of his supporters. Several commenters, including me, took a shot at it. I guessed correctly.

Do you want to test your character-reading skills? If so, then stop scrolling down once you get to the fifth set of photos. The answer, as well as the rationale behind my guesses, is provided at the bottom of this post.


Can you match each set of faces with the candidate that they support?

The answer is below:









Kasich, Trump, Cruz, Sanders, Clinton.

The rationale behind my correct guesses: Kasich people struck me as having a wholesome but guileless look. Trump men have strong eyes; the women look strong but feminine. Cruz supporters include a conservative-looking Black man, along with the group’s overall family-oriented quality; the women have a clean but bossy-hen look about them. Sanders males have those gay daddy-baiting eyes and the women look flakey. Clinton’s supporters are liberal-looking but in a more conventional way than the previous set; there is also the racial diversity you’d expect among Hillary’s voters.


30 thoughts on “It’s In The Eyes

  1. Candidate 2 our man Trump, top row, right –

    You can’t always judge a book by its cover. Big head and a feminine face and is wearing that stupid affliction tee-shirt print design that was lame 10 years ago even then when all the tough guys were “rockin” it. His heart is in the right place. Good man.

  2. Candidate 5 Hillary the worst ugliest person of all, bottom row –

    Would bang three out of five. Oh what the hell, five out of five, but half would have to lend assistance. They would have to “try” and because they are feminists they cannot do that, so it is only two out of five. Obviously, left-to-right, second and fifth do not belong with those dykes.

  3. Candidate 5, top row, 2nd from left –

    How did nikcrit get in there? i woulda guessed he was for Sanders.

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  5. Candidate 5, last guy on right top, row is as queer as a $6 bill. He’s got that “40,000 selfies on Instragram” look about him.

  6. I will just use Cartesian-style coordinates:

    1.1.1 – Sheldon supports Kasich?
    1.1.4 – that fairly bright white kid from HS who was never 4-year college material because he wanted to get a job actually doing something too fast
    1.2.3 – small-town Ohio girl.
    2.1.5 – I guess it’s hard to stop wearing a tshirt that you paid $85 for, even 7 years after Affliction went utterly kaput
    3.1.2 – nice shirt, see you at the Amren conference
    3.1.4 – I’d guess ex-military, former squad leader or drill sergeant and now a contractor in DoD, law enforcement or Info Tech. the 5-10% of blacks that vote GOP generally have that type of profile.
    3.1.5 – I’m not a player, I just crush a lot
    3.2.3 – white grandmother and grandchildren still white means GOP voter all the way.
    3.2.4 – Glad you’re voting GOP, honey… I hope that Marcy, Al and Jefferson do too
    4.1.1 – wearing the hipster flannel that screams Sanders, plus the Brewers hat that he thinks makes him look cool, but Milwaukee sucks and I’m guessing that he probably does too 😮
    4.1.2 – that’s his Grindr photo, no mistaking that enigmatic look of hooded uncertainty. There’s soooo much more to him than meets the eye !!
    4.1.4 – bringing shame to your Vietnamese mother by not voting GOP, you Americanized b***
    4.2.3 – gives off small blip on Gaydar, but meticulously groomed facial hair is getting tricky nowadays, you can’t always assume anymore
    4.2.5 – “womens’ studies” is not impressive anywhere, especially at the lame regional college where you teach
    5.1.2 – waaaay too swarthy midnight blue-black to be Nickrit, he literally absorbs any light that passes near him like a black hole. Would lobby Sanders to pass hate crime laws to ease his suffering at the hands of other blacks poking endless fun at his complexion
    5.2.2 – Western patriarchy has failed you, but it’s not your fault. You were never meant to make any important decisions in life.
    5.2.3 – Trickin’, what is your older sister doing on here?
    5.2.5 – wearing the artsy beret that screams Clinton, who she probably attempted to support over Obama… if she’s old enough.

  7. Candidate 5, top row, 2nd from left –

    How did nikcrit get in there? i woulda guessed he was for Sanders.

    Nope, candidate 5 but bottom-row center; (drag is the new-incognito, y’know!)

  8. Camlost: please dont make o.t. comments under a new post.

    Thordaddy: “potential”? You’re harsh, man. What do they all lack?

  9. Elk and Camlost noticed something special (thpecial?) about the center male in group 4. He’s going for that “grrrr, be a tie-gah!” killer look.

  10. FWIW,
    I can’t honestly look at those groupings and say I saw a clear correlation with the resulting matchup of candidates that you provided at the end of the post. I feel comfortable saying i see a distinguishing pattern for the Trump bloc —— and along those lines, I sorta see a blue-vs-red corollary in the matchups —– but that’s about it in terms of being confident enough to state as much in advance.

    I gotta admit; Trump has pushed this thing much farther than i ever would’ve guessed; i just couldn’t —- still can’t, in fact —– see the GOP PTB letting this thing go as far as it has without pulling out all and any financial power plays.

    But they haven’t so far, so wtf knows?

    Cam, i may be eating crow on this one.

  11. Looks metro… Definitely down with radical sexual autonomy. Trust factor from one to ten: three. Absolutely not wS.

  12. Maybe Thordaddy was too sweeping with his judgment — 2.1.4 looks solid.

    NIkcrit, see my rationale paragraph for how those groups are differentiated.

    Something I noticed about liberal portrait photos is that their innate vanity goes toward being seen as intelligent, therefore they often pose with their hand on their chin or otherwise touching their face with that “thoughtful” look. One of the Sanders supporters (group 4) does that. Three other males in that group are going for the “tie-gah” look like I joked above — head down like he’s about to pounce, eyes gazing with that funny judgmental/seductive look. Only Group 4 males do that. Group 2 (Trump) men are artless and forthright, but without the nice-guy look of Group 1 or the patriot/religious/military/rah-rah look of men in group 3 (Cruz).

    Good call on 1.1.4. At first impression he struck me as a lost kid but now I see a “don’t count me out” quality to the guy. He’s young, he’s not hung up on having a tough-guy or a playah photo, and he’s going after whatever it is that he wants.

  13. 2.1.4 comes off as a George Carlin-type… Caustic and mean snark… Temporary air of wisdom… Race real atheist… So probably not spiritually grounded.

  14. Which man would you pick as most likely to have WS potential? Maybe someone unlikely at first glance such as 1.1.4?

  15. “2.1.4 comes off as a George Carlin-type… Caustic and mean snark… Temporary air of wisdom… Race real atheist… So probably not spiritually grounded.”

    Temporary air of wisdom? Please explain…..

    btw thor: i sent you a question and corresponding link near the bottom of the comment list in the recent ‘Future so Bright’ post a week or so back; please take a look and reply when you have a moment.

  16. I see neither conviction nor loyalty in the eyes of 1.1.4. I “see” a high IQ “white” male who would argue his “mother’s” “right” to kill him in utero.

  17. I “see” a high IQ “white” male who would argue his “mother’s” “right” to kill him in utero”

    You’re seeing quite a bit in a single, small headshot, wouldn’t you say?

    Me thinks this “it’s all in the eyes” could become “the new phrenology” if one’s not careful, no?

  18. Nikcrit….

    “We” are in s time when judging a book by its cover is a white child’s most valuable life lesson.

  19. The eyes are a window to the soul, Nikcrit. This was understood as far back as ancient Mesopotamia, with their terra-cota figurines. Phrenology is irrelevant because it is an attempt at science through study of the skull. Physiognomy is something entirely different though as it’s just another word for “gut feeling.” It makes no pretense to caliper-science, it just tells you to trust your instincts.

    After all, I matched all five sets of supporters to their candidate correctly. Other commenters at CH came close, so there is a pattern of face-to-character matching that proves itself true.

    That said, it’s intuition, not science.

  20. I agree but think it’s a bit beyond intuitive and then deterministic when we extend the conjecture to positions on abortion and so forth. (all the while, i’m not being terribly determined and opinionated on this particular topic).

    I’ve seen ‘the eyes’ approach work both ways, anecdotally speaking; meaning, at times, particularly soulful eyes going hand-in-hand with a particularly graceful statement or act from that particular person makes such a connection resonate, etc.; but i’ve also seen charismatic and articulate thought and verbal eloquence come from one with dull and askew eyes that reveal nothing but the basics. … Such contrast also makes a striking impression.

  21. I see neither conviction nor loyalty in the eyes of 1.1.4. I “see” a high IQ “white” male who would argue his “mother’s” “right” to kill him in utero.

    Really? You mean group 1, row 1, photo 4? 1.1.4 looks like an EMT to me. I think we’d find the more irrational abortion-supporting white males in the Sanders crew – group 4, row 1.

    I remember about 3 different white guys from high school who became EMT’s – very bright, somewhat technical guys who wanted to jump into a career right away. They’re the type of white guys that will gladly “talk shop” with you 24 hours a day, and I wouldn’t describe any of them as being the weak-kneed liberal type.

    “We” are in s time when judging a book by its cover is a white child’s most valuable life lesson.

    Yes, well said. Being a good judge of people is invaluable, especially for young women who lack a sense of danger. And stereotypes are still very important because they’re still always true. And we’ve got to overcome television and media imbuing children with crazy ideas.

    Cam, i may be eating crow on this one.

    Yes, but Trump may still lose the main election even if he gets the nomination. But the important thing is that he’s awakened what I would call Sailer’s “core America.” Remember – he’s more Johnny Appleseed than George Washington… and his importance doesn’t rest on the particulars of his management style or his somewhat abrasive personality, either.

  22. Camlost…

    He may have an EMT jacket on and have “medic rescue” in the background, but that expression says, “someone, please SAVE ME!”

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