The Anti-Racist Clown Show in Warsaw

There is no point in making an appeal to yesterday’s terrorist mass-murder in Belgium. It is like all the previous acts of terror. Like so numbingly many instances of lethal or demoralizing human friction in the past several decades in White countries, it is a product of the forced mixing of people who should — by every dictate of natural and moral law — be living separately from each other. That forced mixing is the policy of Western governments and it is propagandized by their anti-racist (anti-White) activists and useful idiots.

In the recent “Poles Apart” essay, I listed the psychological root-causes of anti-racist thinking in Eastern Europe, in Poland specifically. That post was written in a reasonable, even gentle, tone in order to reach any potential or borderline Polish SJW and compel him to reflect on his unwitting role as a collaborator with the powers that mean his country ill.

However, there are occasions when anti-racists (or “social justice warriors” / SJWs as they are derisively referred to) effectively declare themselves a belligerent party and as such, they will not be reached by appeals to reason or decency. They are an invasion-abetting and White-genocide-advocating enemy who ought to be treated as such.

Here is an example of this type of SJW. Poland’s major online news portal Onet has an article and photo gallery from a small “No to Racism” march that took place in Warsaw on March 19th. (All photos are credited to Polska Agencja Prasowa/PAP):

The orange clowns are not trying to persuade. They are trying to mock. It’s a Level 1 protest per my original analysis of the three types of political street demonstrations. Or at least they think it is if they believe that Poland has fallen to the globalists.

Is that Bernie Sanders in the blue jacket? The happy merchant’s cousin next to him? The yellow sign says “Say no to Racism.” The smaller white sign says “Open the Borders!” at the bottom. The large white sign says “Allah and Jesus, brothers be,” a blasphemy and a deliberate mockery of the 400-year-old Polish-Hungarian friendship proverb that is now used in solidarity marches involving nationalists from those two countries.

The sign above says “Say no to Racism.” You can also see the anarchist/Antifa flags, which connect the protesters to foreign subversion. The anti-racist language in the placard slogans and in the words of some of the quoted marchers is an Alinskyite counterfeit claim to moral high ground and popular support. One anti-racist participant is quoted saying:

What happened in a country … where Solidarity was founded?

I will be patient with the feigned stupidity and answer the question. Poland’s anti-Communist movement and its post-Communist order was peaceful because it occurred in an ethnically-homogeneous nation of 38 million, where there was no build-up of scores to be settled along ethnic fault-lines. Things were different in Yugoslavia.

Then he continues:

And today there are groups that want to do referendums against those whom we should accept. The border should protect us from the enemy, but to be open to all those who need our help.

But the more that an SJW speaks, the more one wonders if his stupidity is entirely feigned. Another anti-racist activist from that march is quoted:

Poland is slowly becoming a country in which every person who has a bit of a darker skin color is afraid to walk down the street.

My blood pressure just dropped a little. But then she adds this:

People who feel frustrated because they earn very little and have a difficult housing situation, and instead of looking for the enemy where he actually is, they are looking for it in some mythical refugees. We will not find solutions if people do not start to organize around the real problems.

Don’t worry, sweetheart. When Europeans finish dealing with the street-shitting, child-raping infestation that had been invited into Europe, they will indeed look for and find their real enemy.

On another upbeat note, do readers remember the truism I repeated, that people go straight to the comments-section of corporate press articles to get truth and clarity? I am happy to say that all comments under that Onet article were anti-immigration. A typical comment by a female reader (Polish past-tense verbs are gendered so the sex of the writer is known) is along the lines of her always having been non-racist until she visited or traveled to work in England, where she witnessed vibrant diversity in practice.


I do not yet understand, from the perspective on an observer of history, if the globally coordinated project of ruining of White countries will ultimately have to be resisted in non-violent ways that encourage the globalist juggernaut to self-destruct if our nations are to survive, or if the enemy will at some point have to be fought directly just like the Red Army engaged Wehrmacht soldiers at Stalingrad and overcame the invasion.

On a closing note, the Onet article does not say how many people attended the rally, but it’s a common photojournalism trick to take close-ups of a smaller group of demonstrators to create an illusion of a large crowd. Yet neither in terms of numbers nor quality was that anti-racist clown show in Warsaw speaking on behalf of  Poland — rather, it was a mockery of a thousand-year-old nation.

The real Poland is in the video below, represented by the 50,000 people marching through Warsaw at the anti-immigration rally on November 12, 2015:


19 thoughts on “The Anti-Racist Clown Show in Warsaw

  1. The coming liberation wars in Europe will have two stages, first a civil war–in which we eradicate the domestic threat from liberals, multikultists, and globalist lackeys–and then race war in which we remove or eliminate the invader populations.

  2. “Is that Bernie Sanders in the blue jacket?”

    Nah, but close enough. it’s Larry David.

    RE. the Polish protesters: Correct me if the numbers aren’t current, but if Poland is within a few decimal points of being 99% white population, who is the recipient of the racism they are protesting?

  3. This is irritating. I love Polish folks, they are so kind and well-behaved, not to mention good looking. I hope they don’t become like us.

  4. What percentage of such revolts in Poland are perpetrated by females, versus the female participation rate in these actions in Western Europe? I would be interested.

  5. If you mean SJW rallies, ones I’ve seen on YouTube have females but they tend toward being middle-aged harpies who are doing all the yapping into the megaphone. The pretty girls follow the nationalists.

  6. Nikcrit — “who is the recipient of the racism they are protesting?”

    You’ll see non-Whites in larger cities. Some are legitimate (businessmen, embassy staff, tourists) and there are some legal and illegal immigrants. Also foreign students, etc. But what anti-racists are really protesting is the government’s refusal to give in to EU’s and US pressure to start taking in “refugees.”

    “Larry David” yeah, LOL.

  7. The orange clowns are the anti-racists, and their weird costumes goes to their messed up mentalities. They think that acting and looking the part of stupid clowns is effective. They are not serious people, they are retarded.

    Here is a video that shows some leftist anti-Trump protesters in America who are cut from the same cloth. Check out their faces at exactly 9:16.

  8. Also there is something to be said about them, those gay antiracists, missing the meaning of what a clown really is.

    As an archetype, the clown is sad and sympathetic, he is not spiteful and flailing about and being stupid. Those antiracists are not up for being clowns.

    And that reveals their lack of emotional depth, that they don’t get that a clown is not about being stupid. A clown is a sophisticated creature. But they don’t see that, at all. They are unable to get to the point (in their own lives, their own heads), where you have to make the best of things, and sometimes being a clown in part of that.

    But their clowns are not about the best of things, their clowns are hateful. Their clowns are sad, but not in the way that they should be.

    In the video i linked in the previous post, it is so clear how unreconcilable are the two camps in America today. Watching them argue (in that video), all i can think of, is the point that was going around awhile ago, that the best argument is in the Form of Identity.

    Those two parties cannot get along and they just shout at other and get nowhere. It would seem obvious that they need to stop fighting each other and go their separate ways. But somehow it is not possible to separate.

  9. But I still don’t get the context of the clown getups. What are they specifically trying to say? That “racists are clowns?” I don’t get it.

    “Here is a video that shows some leftist anti-Trump protesters in America who are cut from the same cloth. Check out their faces at exactly 9:16”

    Oh, yes. “AIDS Skrillex” and “Carl the Cuck”. Our team has already been hard at work making memes out of those two. Check it out: a new genre of Dubsep: “Cuckstep!”

    This sort of thing is why I have faith team White is gonna get up soon after multiple generations of miserable failure. The attitude now is different.

    Shitlibs really are clowns. Game over.

  10. I don’t know if the clowns have a context. For comparison I walked down to see two different public events in DC when I worked in the area and saw small groups of similar-looking “protesters.” They weren’t dressed up literally as clowns but they looked like freaks in other ways. The irrational/absurdist look is part of the left/Antifa m.o. The impulse is to desecrate and just fuck with people’s sense of normalcy.

  11. I “see” is as a mash-up between this somewhat new “Evil Clown” genre and the anarchy of a “Clockwork Orange.” As “we” draw closer to Final Liberation, those whose “ways” are most degenerately demanding of eradication WILL SIMPLY SHOW their faces with unabashed zeal. This is what I “see” in those get-ups. Those “clowns” are saying, in effect, “Either annihilate us or we annihilate you.” Separation is simply not an option.

  12. A clown WAS a thing that only children could truly enjoy. To all others, the clown’s antics were just too childishly silly. All the more reason that the most degenerate amongst “us” would, in their inherent desire to destroy society, use a “face” and pervert its traditional perception in the minds of the masses… SO THAT NOW, “clowns” don’t make the children laugh. “Clowns” make the children cry and scream in terror and fear. So these “clowns” DEMAND ERADICATION. They WANT Final Liberation.

  13. And of course, these “clowns,” being the unprincipled parasites that they are, clown up to shove their “identity” your face WHILE simultaneously hiding their true identity under the “clown” face. This is radical autonomy. And the very nature of the human parasite. “It” DEMANDS eradication. “It” lacks God-ordained free will. “It” desires a state of unsatiability so as to remain in an altered state of carnivory.

  14. Some fresh punditry from your favorite pundit:

    Hey, I loved TCQ back in college. They actually came to campus in around 1993 and did the huge outdoor spring lawn party for all of the white fraternities one year, bands like the Connells, Dillon Fence or Hootie and the Blowfish (before they took off) filled the same role in subsequent years. I think I’ve played the Low End Theory about 10 times since hearing the news this week. But anything worthy about rap completely died when hip hop left New York.

  15. Speaking of clowns, I hear they’re doing a remake of Steven King’s “IT” but without Tim Curry (who is in bad health after a stroke). That’s gonna suck worse than this Ghostbusters fat chix remake.

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