We Don’t Have to Live Like This

The School. Exasperated parents are talking with Ryan’s second grade teacher. “I am completely sympathetic, Mr. and Mrs. Clark. Other parents also complained about the disruption. I wish I could do something. I tried to get those new boys moved into an ESL program but the county won’t let me. I’m sorry.” Later at home, Mrs. Clark says to her husband: “we don’t have to live this way.” They begin contacting the other parents about forming that private co-op they’ve talked about earlier.


Social Media. It was June of the previous year, the John Roberts court had just passed its three rainbow rulings. The old man thought that he had mostly normal people on his Facebook friends list but then some acquaintances, along with his daughter, did the rainbow thing on their profile pictures. He considered finally closing his Facebook account, except that stirrings of anger came. He unfriended some disgraces and thought: I’m done scurrying in the shadows, done ceding every manner of public space. I don’t have to live that way. I am here too, fuckers—and I’m gonna have some fun. And he started browsing alt-Right twitter feeds for memes to post.


An Evening’s Walk. Michael and his girlfriend are walking down London’s street when a swarthy man, walking with a friend in the opposite direction, swats at her bottom. Alertly, she dodges his hand and the two offenders laugh. Michael stops and turns to face them. The two men taunt him in their guttural accents: “What are you gonna do, White boy—you want to get cut?”

Michael’s girl tugs on his arm but he shrugs her off and takes a step forward. How long are we going to live like this, he asks himself. Hands in his coat pockets, Michael looks at the two men and tells them: “Bugger off, you monkeys.” Stunned, the smaller man fumbles for his cell phone and sputters “Fucking racist, I will report him!” The girl whispers “Michael, no…” The larger man fixes him with squinted eyes and hisses “What did you say, chirp?” He steps up to Mike, raises his arm high and—he lets out a hideous shriek as he falls to the ground, writhing and babbling, hands cupping his eye. His friend steps back uncertain as Michael walks up to him. He looks at Michael’s blood-speckled hand and runs. The fallen man is sobbing. Michael leans over him and wipes his mess-covered car key on the fellow’s shirt. Then he tells his girl: “Let’s get out of here.”


The Television. Two men on television kissed each other and the boy in the room laughed uneasily. “Enough. We’re not living like this,” his father said. He called the cable company to cancel their account and posted an ad on Craigslist for the television set. Somebody came to buy it the next day, $200 cash. The dad helped the buyer load the TV into his truck, took the money, and took his family out for a nice dinner.


The Bridge. Early evening, she walked along the bridge, tap tap tap omg lol tap tap tap texting. A creep on Tinder. Tap tap tap texting and more lol omg tapping on the glowing glass screen subliminally framed by the rhythmic impressions of rushing sidewalk panels and an even fainter view of her feet going left right left right as she tapped away swipe left. A bloody sky hung over the unreal city. She blinked and looked over the guardrail at the masses of water destined for somewhere. Like an arrow, a formation of birds streamed overhead. The sun had sunk beneath the line of distant buildings, its last ray an orange band across the sky. You don’t have to live this way said the air and the water. A bicyclist ding! ding! shot by. Buzzzz buzzzzz! the phone insisted. Eyes closed, she saw a big table with lots of children around it and she tossed the buzzing creature into the river.


The Statesman. The year is 1990, the time is 7:56 in the evening and the bustle of spring fills Budapest’s streets. A young Soros Foundation scholar thinks about his past four months in England, contemplating the new united Europe and its direction. Fast-forward to 2012. Now as prime minister, Viktor addresses a large crowd of supporters at Kossuth Square and tells them: “Hungarians won’t live according to the commands of foreign powers.”


The Pick-up. Alex sees her in the college cafeteria. He takes a deep breath, straightens his posture and walks toward her. “Hey, Kristine…” he says. She looks up and furrows her brow—”Oh, hi Alex” her eye darting back to her iPhone. He clears his throat and says “Nice phone.” “Thanks,” she says. He’s about to say something witty when from direction unknown comes a tall student with an insouciant mien who throws his book bag on Kristine’s table and tells her “Hey, I’m gonna borrow that chair” and sits in it. The stranger looks up at Alex and points to Kristine: “Is she your girlfriend?” Alex shakes his head with a dumbfounded look.

“No! -no,” Kristine chokes out the words, flustered and blushing. The interloper talks with her for a minute, then “Gotta run, I have a class,” he says. He tells her his number—”dial it now and I’ll text you later. I’m Matt,” he smiles and squeezes her hand. Now an avalanche of giggles, she taps at her phone and a moment later his rings and he gets up. “Keep her out of trouble” he pats the stunned Alex on the shoulder and leaves.

“Do you know him?!” asks Alex. “No…” she says dreamily. Alex stands silent. I don’t have to live like this—the thought shoots through his mind. He picks up his book bag and walks away, picking up his pace. Nearly running now, he sees him—same jacket, same careless waves of hair. Alex catches up with him and says “Hey, Matt.” Matt turns around and looks quizzically at Alex, who says: “Let’s go talk. I want to learn how you did that. I’m buying the drinks.”


2 Corinthians 4:16-18. For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day. For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.


Honor. A man tells his daughter: “I did the best I could to raise you right. When you were old enough I told you that there are things your mother and I will never accept. But you had made your decision. There are ways in which I will not live. Being a grandfather to a child of another race is one of them. When you leave today, leave for good.”


The Troll. Enraged over what the African refugees did to that child, a young Swedish blogger named Stefan wanted to tell the world about the way that Swedes live. He excoriated his country’s open immigration system, at points even flirting with nationalist advocacy. More posts followed, as he accused the Polismyndigheten of ignoring witnesses and criticized the criminal courts for levying barbarically lenient sentences in similar cases. His posts grew increasingly angry—and unfamiliar phone calls had started coming. He thinks that he is being watched. As a precaution, he keeps a metal baton by the door in his apartment. There is a knock on his door one Sunday morning. He looks through the peephole in disbelief, recognizing a media personality who is famous for exposing xenophobic internet users. The film crew stands behind him with cameras and microphones aimed at Stefan’s door. His gut impulse is to throw the door open and beg that it is all a misunderstanding, he is a good person and not a bigot.

But instead, he reaches for the baton. Maybe he thought about that poor child. There were shooting stars in the sky last night, one of them was so bright and then it winked and disappeared.

He unlatches the door and opens it. The cameras are rolling. The show’s host opens his mouth to say “Hello, troll!” but his face freezes in an amber-encased grin as Stefan strikes him on the head with the baton. He drops to one knee, still with that smirk. The crew stands frozen. Stefan begins raining rapid-fire blows to the screaming man’s skull. The visitor’s hands slip off his head. He collapses, his screams fading to moans. Stefan swats at a hysterical film crew woman who runs at him, breaking her forearm. He understands that there is no turning back and that he is now a folk hero. The visitor is on the floor, blood spreading over the vinyl tiles. Stefan swings once more, and this time he splits the coconut. Then, it doesn’t matter what happens. He did what he was born to do. Peace, like he had never felt before, fills his heart.


51 thoughts on “We Don’t Have to Live Like This

  1. Violence is a part of this life. There is no getting around it.

    The default mode of people in this society is passive aggression. Passive aggression is a pop psychology concept which is good and useful.

    It describes a lot of womanly behavior; which behavior males engage in too. Obnoxiousness born of never getting called out on it.

    If someone insults a man, to his face, what can that man do about it?

    In this society, he can’t really do much. It is simply ill-advised to commit an assault that can turn felonious.

  2. Stefan becomes a poster boy for right-wing extremism. Best thing to do would be to out-group the show host; deride him as a lackey for a hostile elite willing to sacrifice the happiness and security of its citizenry to the gods of liberalism.

    Good stuff, otherwise.

    Education Exit is an idea that the Alt-Right should be focused on.

  3. “Hands in his jeans pockets, Michael looks at the two men and tells them: “Bugger off, you monkeys.” Stunned, the smaller man fumbles for his cell phone and sputters “Fucking racist, I will report him!”

    Now, not living in Europe I’m not attuned to the level of civil norms; but is the above scenario real? Could some p.c. clown or foreigner really ‘call and report’ someone for something like that? To me, that’s crazy absurd. But i’ve heard that p.c. is much more prevalent and legally encoded in Europe than stateside, so i’m literally asking.

    I understand these opinions re. what’s acceptable and not are very subjective and very particular to time and place —— mine being the larger cities of the American upper Midwest.

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  5. Nikcrit…

    Yes… The scenario is really real. Jihadists and the scum who sympathize with them ABSOLUTELY understand the mind of “white” self-annihilator and what words from the liberal lexicon can trigger his collective mob mentality. The same exact situation occurs with the word “nigger.” As soon that this word is employed to clearly identify the specific threat to one white individual, any surrounding mass of “white” blob will certainly lose all its ability to make a rational assessment as to who is in the right and who is in the wrong. The word “nigger” is like a magic spell over the minds of the “white” self-annihilator.

  6. That was awesome, PA. Great writing. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

    “He did what he was born to do.”

    Exactly. I’ve had the same feeling in recent years. This is my moment to shine. It’s coming.

    I find myself these days even louder and brasher than before, and closer to wanting to beat the shit out of these scumbags and fuck the consequences.

    My patience is wearing thin.

  7. PA, keep fighting the good fight; you’re part of the leading edge of us coming up from rock bottom.

    Fogey, everyone’s patience is wearing thin. Even in liberal strongholds they’re starting to stare at the floor and listen to the truth, and those who have been quiet for years are starting to speak up. If you’d asked me a year ago, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but instead of staring into darkness, there’s a pinprick of light ahead now. At some point, that pinprick will get brighter from land whale candles dangling off lamp posts.

  8. WSOH: “Stefan becomes a poster boy for right-wing extremism.” — Maybe, but who isn’t? That’s what they even called Mitt Romney at one point. When societies polarize, one side’s anti-hero is another’s hero. “Stefan” appeared in the Death Wish genre almost forty years ago and his folk hero real-life example would be Bernie Goetz.

    Those who liked the post: you make the effort worth it.

  9. Two comments, the first if off-topic.

    A good webcast was linked to from Shitlord Hub, a conversation between Kyle Hunt and shitlord intellectual Tanstaafl called Discussing the Alt-Right with Kyle Hunt. It is long but contains some good criticism of well known alt-righters such as Spencer and Ramz Paul. It basically says that they soft on jews. The two guys on that program are the hard right of the alternative right: K!ll the yenahus and forget about it. I do not endorse that position, but it is interesting to hear Tanstaafl make the case. Also i don’t mean to misrepresent anyone’s position, so make up your own mind.

    Also on that program, Tanstaafl is very much convinced that Trump is simply dog whistling to white people, who are so aggrieved and wanting for attention that they flock to anyone waiving the right colors. He compares Trump to Arnold in California and his political promises regarding the immigrants there, and how those promises all amounted to nothing after he was elected.

    Those promises amounting to nothing though, has less to do with the will and the desire of the elected politician and his supporters, than with the inevitability of Progress, and what i have termed the Unintentional Superstructure of the Entire Enchilada.

    The direction that politics and “progress” takes, is always the same, and it is the opposite direction that good people might seem to want. I see this play out on the local level, in how land gets developed by the pro-business city council, in direct opposition to the people’s expressed wishes and concerns; and it always goes. Somehow the vested interests of development (and progress) are established, and those are the tricks tracks that the energy of society gets deployed upon.

    The pro-development business model is a smaller scale version of open borders. In some ways. The economy is in charge of making decisions. The economy has taken over the PROCESS of decision making – so that THE DECISION HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE.

    The people say they don’t want this new development. So the development is put off, but then they do it next year. Or however it plays out. The decision is already made and people have to protest and resist it, everyday for the rest of their lives and into eternity?! Somehow the decision making process has been taken over by the economic imperative. That is probably the problem of “progress” in a nutshell.

  10. My second comment would be on The Pick-up, and the limits of game.

    I will broach this topic as a question.

    What are the limits of game?

  11. “The direction that politics and “progress” takes, is always the same, and it is the opposite direction that good people might seem to want. I see this play out on the local level, in how land gets developed by the pro-business city council, in direct opposition to the people’s expressed wishes and concerns; and it always goes. Somehow the vested interests of development (and progress) are established, and those are the tricks tracks that the energy of society gets deployed upon.”

    I agree (and like the way you sum it up in the above last sentence).
    I also think your point often explains certain racial realities that the alt-right often reduces to ideology wars and tactics. But what NAMs allegedly lack in cognitive comparison they make up for in their relative numbers, their sheer size —– and that, too, is a form of cultural capitol!

    In short, much of the capitulation to NAMs is because of their economic purchasing power —– they’re the consuming gruel to the global corporate elite.

  12. Elk…

    There is no real “game” where all players are of the same piece. So you get a Tanstaafl who is PROLIFIC in letting his audience know just how incredibly entrenched are the Jews in matters of power… Er, he relentlessly author tales of “Jewish supremacy.” And of course, it was revealed that he married a Jewish gal and fathered a Jewish child per Jewish matrilineal order. Ergo, he chose to perpetuate that which he calls others to annihilate now and into the future. Perpetuating self-annihilator. A “hard right” “anti-Semite” who will not call himself a “white supremacist,” although all his Jewish “enemies” claim him to be exactly such a character. What really gives? Fathering Jewish children? Is that not some serious miscegenation? Does Tanstaafl abide by the idea that he must eventually annihilate his child?

  13. I really liked all the vignettes – the last one especially. You’ve mentioned in a previous post that there is indeed a Swedish show called “Troll Hunters” so the possibility of that happening in real life isn’t too far fetched.

    I don’t know what nikcrit is talking about – the revenge fantasy is an enduring and well regarded genre. I can think of several classic and contemporary examples off the top of my head, from The Count of Monte Cristo to Kill Bill.

    I could see that scenario going two ways: Stefan becomes a folk hero as you have imagined, or else he is portrayed as just another crazy, xenophobic bigot. Tears are shed on camera, candlelight vigils are held, eventually a pretentious libtard drags a piano out in front of Stefan’s apartment and plays a forlorn rendition of “Imagine.” The question is, what is the tipping point between the former and the latter? Because in the current climate, the only outcome I see for Stefan would be further vilification

  14. The people say they don’t want this new development. So the development is put off, but then they do it next year. Or however it plays out. The decision is already made and people have to protest and resist it, everyday for the rest of their lives and into eternity?!

    Yeah, well Portland got the memo on this from you, apparently. Like a lot of West Coast cities, they use regulation and high fees to deter new exurban development and the typical style of outwards cul-de-sac sprawl you see in the Sun Belt. Instead, if you want something new you’ve got to retool existing buildings, which supports denser urban experiences that dovetail with the SWPL axioms of effective transit and walkability.

    The net result is very high house pricing, a largely white urban core and very few NAM’s being priced out of living there. But they can still point point fingers and call us racists from their whitopia 3,500 miles away.

    @ Trickin – ya know, I hate to dredge this Stefan issue from earlier back out when it’s now closed…but you are a little predictable on some of your “porchpoop” criticisms when threads talk about some sort of symbolic, even literary, violence of the type that PA is using as a vehicle ^^^ above. And I know that the symbolism and allegory aren’t lost on you because you’re very well read, but you still make a comment anyway. For instance, in the past 7 years every single time I’ve mentioned that I have a full concealed license here and that I’m armed virtually 100% of the time you’ve come right back with something that approximates to “you alt-righters are sad wannabe vigilantes” as if I’m just clamoring to be the next Dylan Roof or shoot some poor Trayvon Martin for shuffling and stumbling down my street on an obvious weed high.

    Do white folks with guns scare you that much or have you been watching the those endless “A Time to Kill” reruns on TNT again?

  15. “I don’t know what nikcrit is talking about – the revenge fantasy is an enduring and well regarded genre. I can think of several classic and contemporary examples off the top of my head, from The Count of Monte Cristo to Kill Bill.”

    Yes, all duly granted. IDK if you caught earlier comments to this string, but I eventually retracted my initial critique, the one you cite, noting that I overlooked the fact that the vitriol and vengefulness wasn’t from the commenter himself, which is usually the case, but rather venality cloaked within a putative character —- a FICTIONAL character —- for the specific purpose of conveying how such sentiment was building among certain groups IRL.

    FWIW, i felt i was also a bit inconsiderate in that i was too myopic in making my point and negligent in my sense of occasion re. this particular post….. So, I stand corrected.

  16. This New York Post article might be worth checking out for the pictures.

    One teenager murdered another, up in Connecticut, for turning him down to the prom. Plaskon is white and an “acne-scarred nerd with long, slicked back hair”, while Sanchez is Hispanic and they call her a “pretty athlete” but that is stretching it.

    It is only vaguely topical in that Plaskon was lacking for game. But also for that, he told cops he was possessed by demons, which topic came up on the other thread. It is not an irrelevant way to look at what motivates people. And i don’t think that such things should be entirely viewed through the prism of psychology.

  17. Portlandia sounds like a nice place. Apparently one has not to mind unshaven armpits, but other than that.

    The street scene around here, is not much. And even in the city, if one wants to bother, is not worth it. I have given up on it. On the one hand that is a personal decision, but on the other hand, something really has changed about it, it has somehow flipped, and turned into the new scene which has all these elements and influences from all around the world! isn’t it great.

    I am reluctant to bring up the topic – simply because i can’t do it justice.

    It is such the topic. It is THE topic. What has happened to the contemporary street scene. How did it change from something that regular white people and including those no longer young, might enjoy, into something that is not comfortable.

    And again, i have to acknowledge and say up front, that i know that transition is a personal thing, and but i am taking it as a given that it is also a larger pattern. Other people complain, and i know what i see. And at the same time it is an inevitable stage-of-life transition.

    However that said. The scene in Minneapolis i would use as an example is “the Lakes”. Anyone familiar with this town knows about the Lakes. The Lakes are supposed to be the highlight of the recreational scene, they are supposed to be what makes Minneapolis the “City of the Lakes” (hey that is what they call it) and a great place, that they used to write about in all those stupid magazine pieces about livability and blah blah.

    Go down there now and tell me what it is like. I can hardly muster the focus and energy to say what i want. Something happened and it flipped. You can’t go hang out at Calhoun without being part of that scene, and now that scene is no longer local and it’s no longer friendly. The regular white people who hang down there – are most often … RUNNING. That in itself says a lot. No one in hangin around.

    I fished down there, ages ago. Now it’s Asians and old-school negroes who do that. I guess you bring a boat, but in that case might as well go elsewhere.

    The pace of the modern world. The traffic lanes are crowded and set too close to the trails, the greenspace gets taken over by the mixed urban crowd and though there are young white people they look to be into Ultimate Fighting and tattoos and otherwise not Americans that i know. They look like they might be from Las Vegas. From nowhere.

    Around here, no one is from anywhere. Hey that is my new tagline.

    It is really not even true though, because around here some of the local girls are from small towns, but they are leaving that behind. And those that go to Minneapolis are leaving it behind moreso.

    And what do they get, in exchange for leaving it behind?

  18. Here is my post too far, but hey that’s entertainment!

    Remember kids, it’s all 100 per cent plausibly deniable. It’s a fictional voice, the oldest trick in the book.


    But anyways, life in the suburbs. Fuckin hell.

    I take the dog for a long walk, and just being out on the streets is unnatural in how exposed and VULNERABLE a person is, in a pedestrian state.

    Now of course we are all supposed to be confident and tough, and i do my best but fuck. The simple reality is, that walking say three or four miles, 50 or 60 cars pass by me, and everyone one of them gets a look at me, and but i don’t get a look at them. Every one of them has a tactical advantage in that they are in two tons of weaponized metal and i am not.

    Sounds paranoid but them is the facts. It is unnatural and STRESSFUL to be a pedestrian on these streets. Why is it that people in cars outnumber the people not in cars, by a ratio of 100 to 1. And then the balance of that ratio itself becomes a fact.

    Not to talk about myself, but i have issues. A lot of people do. That’s the point. I am kind of a scary guy, but part of being a (semi) tough guy is knowing how many other people can kick your ass.

    Talk about revenge fantasies. I am trying to quit that. Here in this town, you can’t get a CCW without an interview with the local PD.

  19. My grief with other people is not particular to blacks. At all.

    These living conditions are difficult and stressful.

    The multirace living arrangement is part of it, but that is just one piece of the puzzle.

    In reality, in everyday lived experiences, black people that i run into are LESS passive aggressive and LESS likely to cause problems. They know better than to cause problems when it is not necessary.

    However that statement does NOT apply to kids and teenagers, who still haven’t learned about shit. And kids and teenagers are essentially the force of life. Their actions ARE what matters, in a lot of ways. One can’t say that everything is fine except for the kids, as if to minimize the problems.

  20. Hey Elk, can you tell me which of my vignettes was the best-written (excepting the Corinthians one) and which one(s), if any, failed?

  21. Around here, no one is from anywhere. Hey that is my new tagline.

    Some of the best times in my life took place in the Twin Cities; can’t think of a better place to live, really… are you saying there’s been development by the lakes? Harriet? Calhoun? Minnetonka?

    You ever been to my state, neighbor?

  22. PA, your scenes are, for the most part, direct and realistic descriptions of what might transpire to motivate people to make some changes in their lives, and i thought most of them were good selections and plausible.

    The Bridge is an impulsive female doing something funny. An Evening’s Walk worked. A lot of those aggressive browns are paper tigers and will fold.

    I did not like The Pick-up. Though Matt’s over-the-top behavior is effective with silly girls (no arguing about that), Alex’s reaction doesn’t seem realistic. Alex would be more likely to either sulk off and resent, or perhaps to go after Matt and antagonize him.

    As for The Troll. It is over the top – but that is kind of the point. People do snap. There was that case in Sweden or Norway recently in a high school there just recently, some native teenager with a sword i think.

  23. I never been to Milwaukee nikcrit. Maybe once or twice on the outskirts. I have heard that a lot of it is pretty ghetto.

    Once you get past Milwaukee and down toward Chicago it is a different regional scene, and one which i am not familiar with.

    It seems to me that people from Chicago have access to a culture that i don’t get. They are more sophisticated, but on the other hand they have to live there and put up with themselves.

  24. The people say they don’t want this new development. So the development is put off, but then they do it next year. Or however it plays out. The decision is already made and people have to protest and resist it, everyday for the rest of their lives and into eternity?!

    Had a first hand experience with this exact scenario this summer. Bought my first home in an inner ring suburb of a rust belt city. Right after I moved in I was informed that literally across the street from me, the adjacent suburb had planned to convert a school into a public housing project using some kind of tax credit scheme… long story short I went to the community meeting that turned out to be a complete dog and pony show. The longtime residents who would be affected by the development were righteously pissed … but eventually resigned themselves to the fact that the public housing project was pre-ordained and there was nothing they could do about it.

    I swear.. this country from my perspective has truly turned into “high and low vs. the middle.”

  25. Once you get past Milwaukee and down toward Chicago it is a different regional scene,

    The one thing, besides the cold, that i don’t like about the twin cities is its geographical isolation; what’s the closest ‘big’ town? Fargo? It’s nice to be a hour-and-fifteen-minutes from downtown Chicago.

    back on topic: re. PA’s vignettes; something that’s been mentioned in blog’s past between us, but really blows me away, is the fact that he writes what he does and its his second-or-third-learned language? Goddamn! I’ve cribbed phrases from dude over the years …. i’ve never investigated it, but i really wonder how ESL folk pick up on sarcasm, genre, irony and other secondary and/or ‘higher’ literary skills, techniques and tendencies?

  26. how ESL folk pick up on sarcasm, genre, irony and other secondary and/or ‘higher’ literary skills, techniques and tendencies

    Certainly picking up on that stuff indicates effectively being part of the culture in question.

    Irony and sarcasm in particular are overused. Obviously. This has been commented on for awhile. And without getting into some big meta-point about what that means … what it means is that people don’t have much to say.

    The whole irony thing is about framing whatever is being said, under a big umbrella of As If.

    Which come to think of it, is a useful idea, which is why we use it, … but at the same time, becoming too lost in As If is a mistake.

    Confine hypothetical projections to what is practically conceivable, and irony is not so necessary.

    But this is clown world, so irony IS necessary to comprehend it!

    We are ironic about this world because we can’t take it seriously. Everything is ironic because how else can this world be taken seriously.

    As If to take seriously the Gay Nigger in Charge. As if to take seriously the city council and the stupidlooking mayor and who get to decide how to spend the tax money they get their hands on.

    As If the teachers at school in charge of the children’s days and half of their lives are worth that much responsibility and respect.

    As if as if as if. As if God isn’t playing a joke.

    Otherwise known as Big Dog in the Sky, which it might as well be.

  27. scenes are, for the most part, direct and realistic descriptions of what might transpire to motivate people to make some changes in their lives

    Yes, that is the common thread. I could have also added William Blake’s poem with the “mind forg’d manacles” but more than one literary citation (I already had the Corinthians) and it gets too academic.

    The Bridge was probably my favorite in that it’s more of an expressionistic painting than a story. The Pickup was certainly an aspirational tale. Exactly as you say, in a real life such scenario Alex would just sulk, but think of a thirteen-year-old reading it. Or a 28-year-old, and his attitude embraces the kind of humility that a Gamma (or a CH beta) badly needs — accept that your way is a proven failure, therefore try to learn from those who succeed.

    The Troll is a culmination of the individual vs the system conflict, with an element of self-sacrifice. It is also, as Camlost noted, an allegory. Specifically, an allegory of Good destroying Evil, as triggered by an outrage a bridge too far (the off-screen killing of a Swedish child, a fictional version of the same kinds of crimes the Swedish government enables). Stefan is an instrument of vengance.

    We talked about the demonic lately here. Conversely, in The Troll and in The Bridge, I hint at divine intervention.

  28. Curious if anyone got the significance of the time of day in The Statesman. That story is the only one about change on the larger-than-individual level.

  29. I have a lengthy rambling post, since no one else is bothering.

    On the bus today there was these two young people sitting in the back and talking loudly. One black and one white. The black guy was somewhat large and low-iq looking, with the type of bone structure in his face that would need a baseball bat to make a difference on, and the white guy was trailer park whiggery, but not ugly for that. He said that he was special forces, specifically a green beret.

    Very unlikely that he wasn’t totally full of shit. But they (both) were full of braggadocio and had everyone listening to them, warily, because what else can you do? But they were saying how if Trump was elected they were going to leave the country.

    It just is odd that they, those two low-income low-education types, had picked up and adopted that meme. I thought that meme was for the Acela types out East. Maybe these two were more pretentious than i would have guessed. It was a little “weird”. But then the semi-retarded black guy, as he gets up to leave, says that he is looking for someone to fight. He says he doesn’t want to start a fight, but he is looking for someone to fight. Typical bullshit, same old whatever. He was drunk or just nuts, and he staggered by me and his arm brushed against me, and he apologized earnestly and i gestured something to the effect of “forget it”. Everyone was glad to see him leave. I felt a little sorry for him because he looked retarded. But halfway retarded.

    Among people who know about mental retardation, there are two types. One is associated with developmental disorders and various conditions, and the other is just dumb. If someone wants to clarify on that point, that would be helpful. A lot of black people are just dumb but not retarded. But a 70 iq white person is more likely suffering from a developmental disorder.

    But the other thing is, sometimes loneliness as regards to women wears thin. Most of the time i accept it, and buck up, but sometimes it really bothers. Like this afternoon. But these two or three approximately 20-year white girls get on the bus, just good-looking in the way that works for me which is to say bright and bushy. I am pretty forgiving for the most part. In any case twenty years-old is plus-five magical vagina. But i am looking my best, as i often do, and they are totally friendly in a local way that is refreshing and almost hard to believe. Springtime. Life.

    But the unfunny part is that the only seats that they can get are right next close to this immigrant fresh off the boat African, and these girls are bursting with their sexiness and they have that high school casual posture that is often inappropriate, where they might sit with their logs and crotch forward and exposed, not literally but so to speak. So not modest, and in Africa it would get them beat down by their uncles and patriarchy. But the look on the African’s face was comic incredulity, he could not believe it. These girls are on the bus and unchaperoned.

    Those are good girls. Twenty years old and healthy. Who is going to bang them and what is going to happen. Every childless bang they get diminishes their value as a mate and a mom. Is that a actually a true statement though, or is it just cynical?

  30. WARNING: The following is a Level 1 Bro Code Violation

    In the spirit of this series of comments, allow me add this bitter twist.

    I cannot love those girls, as much, with a mutilated penis.

    The penis is an instrument of love, and when it has been reduced and compromised, it is less effective in its expression.

    It is a taboo topic, even here and now.

    The fact that the integrity of infant male penises, in America and wherever, is NOT a public health concern, says a lot.

    The trend is away from the surgery, but it is all on the quiet.

    I am very angry and bitter about that. I would like to kill some people, but the people responsible are the ones that i love the most.

    That is why the practice has to be understood in terms of ethnic and cultural warfare.

    A skinned dick is the mark of a slave.

  31. I know that these comments can be awkward. I am not entirely at ease with them.

    But on the level of the real and personal – we are not going to be around forever, and this is THE opportunity to say something relevant to our time and place, and what has happened to us, what we have become, and who we are.

    The mass mutilation of the penises of my peer group, has to go into the books.

    Just that phrase, “the mass mutilation of the penises of my peer group” – is not meant to be comical and awkward. It is the most succinct and descriptive phrase that i can use.

    And think, how often have you heard it said? Not often if ever, which is my point.

    I request that our host allows for this as topical. We don’t have to live like this. Respect your children and their god-given rights to bodily integrity.

  32. Edit – the subjunctive tense would have been better,

    I request that our host allows allow for this as topical.

  33. “But they were saying how if Trump was elected they were going to leave the country.”

    My anecdotal encounters with prole-ish black kids and the election is that they like Trump; he’s about the only one they have much thouht about, period.

    It’s not serious though; it’s silly in that he’s the only one as a pop figure they’ve heard of. Man. y rap/r&b figures cite Trump in their songs…..’he be rich’ kind-of thing…. it’s actually sorta funny-frightening just how incredibly ignorant kids are on the election —- and not just city NAMs; kids in the ‘burbs are damn-near as ignorant.

    It’s just like it shows on the late-night talkshow segments in which Kimmel or whomever goes out on the town and asks basic western-civ questions to passersby and the cues up the laughs with their oblivious replies.

  34. actually sorta funny-frightening just how incredibly ignorant kids are on the election —- and not just city NAMs; kids in the ‘burbs are damn-near as ignorant

    Then you should really hear the Beltway-pig trough middle-aged, upper middle class women’s blather that I do my best to ignore on a near-daily basis. There was one I even thought of as “sensible” earlier, but nah.

  35. PA:
    Alex: “Let’s go talk. I want to learn how you did that. I’m buying the drinks.”
    Matt “What the hell? Did you actually follow me you fucking creep? I don’t drink with losers, take a hike.”

    Sorry PA. But I don’t see that vignette as believable. Chicks fuck assholes because they’re assholes. Female approval is a faulty yardstick to measure your value as a man by; why Gammas like me intuitively understand that humility is the wrong response, that anger is the morally correct response even if it’s not pragmatic. That the problem is in fact female sexual choices devolving to the level of lower primates, rather than our insistence on continuing to act like civilized humans in spite of this.

    ‘Just that phrase, “the mass mutilation of the penises of my peer group” – is not meant to be comical and awkward. It is the most succinct and descriptive phrase that i can use.’
    Thank you for this.

    I’ve always been just a little annoyed at the injustice of the mutilation of my penis. But had no idea that the foreskin was by far the most sensitive part of the penis until I started reading MRA stuff just about a year ago. That I had a world of joy that I can never know taken from me as if I was less than human out of sheer cruelty and cultural hatred towards male sexuality. That anatomically, what happened to us is similar to having our lips cut off and then to try and enjoy eating. I have no words for this fucking bullshit. Female Supremacists (feminists) are enjoying being able to capitalize on the fact that this outrageous savagery is awkward and shameful for us to talk about, and that male sexuality is so criminalized we have no platform to assert our humanity.
    Again, it’s on digital.

  36. “A skinned dick is the mark of a slave.”

    Let’s all of us circumcised guys just kill ourselves then cause some dude on the internet says it’s slavish.

  37. That last bit was great. White men gotta start chimping out on cunts for shit to change. If something in you doesn’t stir when you read that, you’re dead inside. PA, I’d expand that into a novel — build up through some character development, chronicle the daily outrage and his growing frustration, hit that note, then either have him go on the run up in Norway or make it about his trial and the incident sparking revolt among other Swedish comrades.

  38. If something in you doesn’t stir when you read that, you’re dead inside

    Thanks man, I sincerely appreciate that.

  39. uh:
    If something in you doesn’t stir when you read that, you’re dead inside. PA, I’d expand that into a novel —”
    You’d like Covington’s novels. They are actually really good.

    There are two orders in which HE recommends to read the books. Either in order of chronological start:
    1) The Brigade 2) A Distant Thunder 3) A Mighty Fortress 4) Freedom’s Sons 5) The Hill of the Ravens.

    Or the order in which they were written;
    1) Hill of the Ravens, 2) A Distant Thunder 3) A Mighty Fortress 4) The Brigade 5) Freedom’s Sons

    I recommend:

    1) Hill of the Ravens 2) The Brigade 3) A Distant Thunders 4) A Mighty Fortress 5) Freedom’s Sons

    I recommend “Hill of the Ravens” first (it’s a kind of sci-fi-ish mystery set a few generations in the future), because it really wets your appetite for the better meat and potatoes novels written later. It was first written to be a standalone, and the other novels were created out of the demand this book caused. “Hill of the Ravens” is good but it isn’t that great when you’ve already read those other novels though, because it takes a the mystery and wonder out of the historical context. I read it last and I wished I had read it first; the other novels kind of spoiled it. But it makes you NEED to read the other ones.

    “Distant Thunder” and “Mighty Fortress” go back to back. They just do. “The Brigade” is the longest novel and starts before and ends after “A Distant Thunder”. “The Brigade” is mostly in Oregon and I think one should read it first of those three because the other two should go together and “A Mighty Fortress” should come after both.

    Covington thinks “The Brigade” is the best. It is excellent but I think it was written after he’d already used his best ideas. I read that one first of those three and recommend the same. “A Distant Thunder” is my favorite and takes place mostly in Washington state during the timespan of “The Brigade”.

    “Freedom’s Sons” comes after those three. Harold wrote it to be his last novel and he wrapped it up nicely.

    Covington’s novels are FAR better than Pierce’s (“The Turner Diaries” and “Hunter”). They’re better than the vast majority of novels in your local bookstore too. I’m kind of “meh” on novels in general but those are worth your time and money.

  40. I’ll check ’em out. I’d read he wrote novels before, but never followed up. Thanks for the link. I just reread First Blood for the first time in years and love rogue white male stories. We all feel like that just beneath the surface.

  41. First Blood huh?
    Hah I never saw any “Rambo” movies.

    But you’ll damn sure like The Brigade and A Distant Thunder.

  42. Yea man, it was a book first, and is very different — no sobbing at the end, that’s for sure. Quick read because you won’t put it down.

    So I checked out ‘The Brigade’ on Amazon, and the one one-star review goes:

    “Absolute piece of s##t. The writing was actually good. Character development was also good but that was the end of it. I’m sick of people needing someone to blame for their failures. In this case it was blame the Jews, blame the blacks, blame the Mexicans instead of blaming ourselves for letting our country fall apart.”

    They admit the writing was good, heh. I found a good PDF so I can read it here & there. https://theendofzion.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/TheBrigade.pdf

  43. This post is a very, very important development in persuasion. The human mind responds to stories and is turned off by polemic. Convert your ideology into art and you will convince the world.

    Roissy’s best ever post was a short story (like your “The Pick Up” supra) about a beta male finding his cojones and throwing all of his cheating girlfriend’s possessions onto the lawn after being counseled to do just that by — the alpha who was screwing his girlfriend.

    Your stories are a promising start, but you don’t conceal ideology enough; they are too on-the-nose. Trusting your subtleties to speak for you is difficult in such a short space, granted, but it can be done. Making the reader do the work is a sign of artistry.

    I’m glad you have opened this site. Roissy’s anti-spam totalitarianism has destroyed the nascent bonhomie he once cultivated over there.


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