The Age of Shivalry, or Goodbye jeb

Sometimes it’s hard to resist feeling pity for a pathetic adversary, until you remind yourself of how hard he’s been working at creating a future without you in it. The underwhelming yet spectacular and now failed candidacy of presidential hopeful jeb bush (sic) is what I am talking about here.

I wrote this at Chateau Heartiste last night, with minor revisions here, in the wake of jeb’s dropping out of the race:

The Hannah Arendt coinage “banality of evil” fits well with jeb bush, in the unfolding great morality tale of our time. He’s a beta, goofy and endearing, a dad who’s trying to do the right thing by his family. Calls his homely wife his “best friend.” He’s not the first or the last man to do that, and we normally wish those fellows well.

He wrote about the dispossession of all of our children and grandchildren in their own lands as “an act of love.” There already is a Mexico, a Guatemala, a Somalia. There is no second America, though, and American kids, I guess, just have to step aside. But does a nullity (your grandchild) even need to step aside? No, a nullity does not figure into the equation.

South Carolina loser jeb bush did his damned best on behalf of his nuclear family (the extended Bush family may be a complicated story here) and on behalf of every hill troll that wanted to grab a piece of your grandchildren’s birthright. Jeb bush is a good man by his lights, that awkward big galoot who wants your grandchildren to be brown, or never-born.

You will burn in hell one day, traitor, but first twist in agony at the mental replay of every campaign humiliation your introspective mind torments you with, as Columba pushes you away in bed tonight.

Commenter Greg Eliot over at the Chateau writes: “PA ushers in a New Age, a True Age of Shivalry. Well done.”

A fine pun it is, sir, and I thank you.


33 thoughts on “The Age of Shivalry, or Goodbye jeb

  1. It’s a funny thing because one can just look at Jebush’s face and “see” a contempt and hatred for genuine white Supremacy and yet none who revile Jebush would even fashion themselves as such. So *you* hate Jebush and Jebush hates something *you* value, but that hatred never really comes together to create some real explosion.

  2. Don’t you even know how to spell chivalry? I guess not.

    [Did you read to the end of the post? I guess not. -PA]

  3. OldSteve…. Or is that old_Steve? You do understand that our language has been entirely liberated? That *we* can, IN FACT, create new words and change the meaning of “old” ones?

    The idea is that jebush stabs “us” in the back BECAUSE we are lowly white. And “we” stab jebush in the back because he stabs “us” in the back because we are lowly white. Reactionary.


    jebush JUST IS anti-white Supremacy… Just is against the greatest spiritual white warriors leading the charge… So jebush JUST IS EQUAL TO the alt-rite.

    And so the mutual “hatred” is an actual ruse put upon the minds of young, white boys who just cannot “see” all sides are hiding and obscuring their mutual anti-wS.

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  5. Even if Trump never wins another election (or even another primary) he’s done much for the alt-right by single-handedly massacring the last of the mainline, globo-cuck dynasties (the Bushes).

    He’s caused core America to wake up and realize that they are still strong, and still matter. And too many of their leaders of the last 30 years have poisoned their mind with silly platitudes and ideologies that only weaken them. Hopefully his audacious rise is the drop of the first tiny pebble that causes a great avalanche in the mountains.

    [Well said. Agreed. -PA]

  6. The Bush nobility needs to be wax’d from the crab-infested crotch of U.S. politics for good.

    What a glorious night. And what an awkward speech by Yeb.

  7. The Mer de Noms bit with Jeb is funny; was that you or Eliot? (that guy got on my nerves a few times at CH, but a good bit is a good bit regardless of source)

  8. Very nice post mortem.

    There’s so many layers of wrongness to Jeb Bush, from betaism to dynastic entitlement, that it’s easy to gloss over his core anti-whiteness. This one thing made him a fundamental threat and enemy no matter how goofy.

    @thordaddy “jebush JUST IS anti-white Supremacy”

    Wouldn’t that make him a White Inferiorist?

  9. Nxx…

    More like a “white” self-annihilator… His sexual proclivity just is assimilationist and not imperialist. But ultimately, he merely suffered a greater degree of deracination than his brother or father.

  10. “So this is where the Guy White / glpiggy crew is.”

    Is this the ‘Harold” from New Zealand? It’s been a while; not too many people cite ‘Guy White’ at this late date. But I guess you’re right; there are several here that used to regularly mix it up at that site: nikcrit, Camlost, ‘Chad’ aka “MGE” and now you.

    Time to rent a hall and put on a reunion, eh? lol..

    p.s.—– @elk: did you first start commenting with us at gl piggy? or was it a bit earlier at OneSTDV? just curious.

  11. I think that running those dozens of Taylor Swift fan sites is keeping OneSTDV too busy to blog anymore. 🙂

  12. “running those dozens of Taylor Swift fan sites is keeping OneSTDV too busy to blog”

    Lol!! Yeah, I find myself biting my tongue at a lot of the pop chit-chat in the man-o-sphere; but the last thing anyone here needs to hear is the ranting of a pop snob, and going on about how his Brad Mehldau tunes are the real bomb~!

  13. Is Taylor Swift still the hottest ticket in town, or is she already “so two years ago” or however the cool kids might say it.

    She has some classic good old American looks. Reminds of Kansas or Texas. Very blonde, German style nordic. To think that her type used to be run-of-the-mill. Still is in a way, just that now they are trending big-boned and chunky. Big-boned and chunky, but they can straddleback straight up and ride!

    She is actually not quite a 9, even five years ago when was only 18.

    Remember how she got slighted onstage of the MTV or whatever awards by was it Kanye West. What a dick he was to her, and what was interesting about that, to me anyways and how it serves my racist agenda, is that Kanye didn’t even seem to be aware of how he was ‘presenting’ and what that said about him.

    Celebrities are often narcissists, i guess it goes with the territory – but the good ones know that they have to at least pretend not to be. But in the case of Kanye he doesn’t even get that.

    I googled that incident and it was 2009. Wow, seven years ago. So Taylor is definitely past her prime. And how many kids does she have. Sold her soul for rock-n-roll and what does she get out of the deal. It was always a bad deal and now it’s even worse.

  14. I googled that incident and it was 2009. Wow, seven years ago. So Taylor is definitely past her prime. And how many kids does she have.

    I made that Taylor Swift joke because the OneSTDV blogger (we all use to comment there) absolutely pedestalized her in every way. He’d mention it 2-3 times a month… then he flat out disappeared off the face of the man-o-sphere. PlanetGrok was good and also vanished.

    She doesn’t have any kids, and still skinny as a rail. Looks pretty hot to me physically, nice and skinny the way I like ’em. Trickin’s not as much of a fan because you know the brothers like them thick, with some serious rump. 🙂

    I don’t pay much attention to her music much (or any other pop stars). At least she can actually play the guitar, though. She’s dating Calvin Harris now, somewhat of a strange pairing to me. Every time I read news Websites those stupid clickbait links at the bottom are mentioned some further incident in the feud with Kanye West.

  15. That Jeb video is just bizarre. The contrast with the background music, Hurt by Cash the Man in Black, is subtle and stark. Sad, even.

    Jeb was a pawn in his family, and it’s great to see the Bushes fail, but how it all comes down on Jeb, the one person in that damned family who might have a heart. He takes the fall, and the public disgrace.

    Talk about not being cut out for job. Crazy stuff, crazy times.

  16. Part of the jeb package is his entitlement-borne guilelessness, which came out in his childlike honesty about his feelings about American people (that they need to be replaced for both economic and moral reasons). It’s a truly sinister way to think, regarding the totality of your country’s population as a nullity, whose preservation doesn’t so much as merit a thought and on whom your designs don’t even merit a concealment of intentions. Truly, like a boy stomping an ant colony.

  17. It’s just evolution at work, Trump’s common-sense politics is causing a mass extinction event at a time where conservative America was just slogging along blindly behind the cowardly, destructive and unsustainable ideas of deluded leaders like the Bushes. Many other dinosaur GOP stalwarts will prove unadaptable for survival in the new political climate, as well.

  18. I wonder if the Bushes ever helped any of Columba’s family with chain migration? The MSM certainly wouldn’t motivated to report on that, because criticizing Jeb for it would be “racism” while praising him for it would be giving positive press to Republicans.

  19. And I can’t reconcile this Jeb-Columba photo with the more typical, darker Indio Mestizo look she has now:

    Back then she looked like she could’ve been the child of Carlos Slim or one of those obviously 100% Spanish-blooded Mexican news anchors on Univision. Now she’s short, squat and dark like George Zimmerman’s mother.

  20. “those stupid clickbait links at the bottom are mentioned some further incident in the feud with Kanye West.”

    You guys DO realize that it is very, very likely that the Kanye-Taylor Grammy Awards incident was, if not outright staged in advance, immediately manipulated by the PR teams for both parties from that day onward, don’t you?

    I think the general public know that celebrity shenanigans are pretty much the norm. But since they have no practical day-to-day reason to rue in earnest over these things, they understandably lapse at times, and go on to make moral assessments and criticisms that are totally blind to the calculation and self-interest involved and tended to.

    It’s in that sense that I say it’s ‘naive’ to think Taylor wasn’t in on things and that Kanye is just a gauche negro who has no idea how rude and vulgar was his onstage interruption. I mean, he even got President Obama to take the bait and call him an ‘ass’ before the nation; how do you F-ing but publicity like that?

  21. I don’t think either Kanye or Taylor are smart enough to pre-plan that first incident… and it didn’t seemed rehearsed – the awkwardness was quite real. And Kanye is quite an arrogant jerk, what he did wasn’t out of character at all.

    Have they both kept it going when they realized that twitter feuds = major publicity? Yes.

    At some point they talked about making a song together. But Kanye said a bunch more stuff about her the other day, I didn’t take the clickbait and read the article but apparently that saga continues. Kanye pretty much feuds with everyone, he was also going back and forth with another rapper, criticizing him for marrying a former stripper. (because his own lady was pristine when he found her)

  22. Regarding that celebrity feud and its staging, nikcrit’s point is well made, and i am inclined to agree BUT it is subsumed is the following larger point.

    It doesn’t matter, that it’s staged (because the medium is the message). Because the whole “staged” act plays on their personalities, and they agree to it, and they are their stage personas. nikcrit says in another thread that these celebs, in direct proportion to their stardom, are not their stage personas, … but again, what does that distinction matter?

    The act on stage HAS to be taken at FACE value – otherwise it has no meaning.

    If they are not taken at face value, they have no meaning. And that is an axiom, in my philosophy which i am creating right now. All this drama has no meaning to the extent that it is not taken at face value. And it is taken seriously. It is not just we talking about it. The caveat that “it is an act” is an excuse, somehow, to avoid the apparent meaning and its implications.

    Summary version. So what if the disagreement was staged. It still looked that Taylor got her cute little face feelings hurt and Kanye comes off as a narcissistic and arrogant asshole, and so that parable of a drama is played out on the national stage and reinforced in all its goodness for the world to see.

    Someone will have to make the case for how it being staged, makes any difference.

  23. “The act on stage HAS to be taken at FACE value – otherwise it has no meaning.”

    Yeah, i agree with that perspective and think it prevails; however, I do think in moments people ‘re-figure’ the context for their own purposes, e.g. those understandable moments in which they “moralize’ about the act —– which, i thought was important to point out, happens more out of absent-minded indifference than it does because of gullibility, which is the way it’s often portrayed.

    But you’re right: in the long-run aftermath, the act itself is the assessed ‘thing’, so in that regard it is ‘really real,’ etc.

  24. That is a great picture of Jeb and his bridezilla-to-be. It is hard to believe that she isn’t lightened in that image somehow.

    It is probably a combination of things. First she was younger, and a lot of people, maybe most of them and everyone for that matter, gets darker with age. Some of that is due to exposure and the sun, but it can also something else. For instance blond hair becomes brown, and blue eyes become not so blue. That same trend applies to all people who are white and or partially white. I don’t know if it applies to Asians and Africans.

    And then also she would have been made-up, and then the picture is probably lightened as well, if not an outright photoshop job.

    In any case it is another dorky picture of Jeb Bush – and what are the odds of that. As in the picture of him at CH that was made fun, in this one too he is wearing a grey suit, rather than black or dark blue, and his hair is wavy and medium length (very nice looking hair, if he didn’t have his other problem of being Jeb Bush). But both the hair and the suit are the 70s version of the hipster or whatever-the-fuck it would have been called them. Like the son-in-law of Archie Bunker who had that same look. They couldn’t go full hippy but they wanted it known that they were hip – or at least not square!

    And again, i have to say that, in that picture, they seem sympathetic. The bride is not yet become a hill troll, and Jeb looks like a nice guy about whom people are deducing he has a very small penis. Actually however i doubt that is the case. He has white genes and is very tall, so his problems are probably otherwise.

    What life must be like growing up Bush. GW seemed to do very well with it, to enjoy and thrive on it – he seems very happy and healthy, per appearances.

    I am not excusing them for their politics, which are hostile to core Americans.

  25. I composed a rant about middle-aged women who are out of the sexual market place and are hostile and resentful and quite happy to project those feelings onto the face of a sensitive man, but scratch that rant. I will save it for a more topical thread.

    The age of shivalry is topical though, so here it is. It is very personal, and so can be disregarded as such.

    I have come to hate middle-aged women. Those women who are no longer eligible for the attention of good men, and are looking for someone on whom to project. If you hear of a killing spree around these parts, … it wasn’t me. Seriously, it wasn’t me, i am too mentally stable for that.

    But the way they act, is maddeningly uncivil. Literally laughing in your face. It is impossible to ignore – that is the point of it: their behavior will stretch and proceed until it is impossible to ignore; and then difficult to transcend.

    This interpersonal dynamic is not a happy one, and i don’t know that there is much to be gained from complaining. But frankly, these out-of-date women resent men, and any sensitive face will do. I confront them often enough: “can i help you with something? would you mind not staring? you never seen leather shoes, were you raised in a village?” but it is not fun, and the antagonism wears one down.

    But women’s behavior has to be constrained. And once they are out of the sexual market, and they can’t be physically countered? well then what.

    That is my unhappy rant. Life is hard. A long lonely road, “sorrow is everywhere you turn,” and a man is his own company most of the way. It would be easier for me if women were not tripping over themselves to get my attention, and if i had learned to love them but alas! such was not.

  26. same trend applies to all people who are white and or partially white. I don’t know if it applies to Asians and Africans.

    Melanin concentration diminishes and fades with age; this is very apparent when you casually loook at many elderly blacks —– though there is a condition in which the opposite is true: melasma, i believe it’s called, which gives that ‘racoon eyes’ effect in which the pigmentation is much darker surrounding the eyes.

  27. Yeah i know, too much complaining.

    The reality is, sometimes the despair is overwhelming. I do my best, every day, and for what. And life slips away, day by day. What is the point.

    There is no fun to be had around here. There is no place to go to dance, there is not a place to go listen to music and sing and dance. Or the simple reality is that i can’t do it, but i no longer see that in terms of my personal limitations.

    It is more that other people are not interested in it.

    You can’t go down the park and start a dance. Sounds like a goofy weird ass joke or social experiment – i mean, what kind of weirdo wants to go down the park and dance?!

    This kind of weirdo. What are you doing this evening, i can’t imagine it’s anything more fun than that … would be – if OTHER PEOPLE were willing to get involved and all.

    And i know, there is the community center – but that is for old people. Trust me on that, i been there done that. The bar scene? are you kidding, no thanks not me never again, and not just because the booze factor. The bar scene around here, suburban Middle America, Minnesota, has to be seen to be believed. Maybe you can relate. It could not be any more of a worse joke, it meets every negative stereotype that can be conceived, and then some.

    If a woman walks into Applebee’s over on Lyndale, and she is a solid HB 4, she will have five guys, and i been one of them, and that is the best case scenario.

    So the other option – as if it needs to be said! – is the high school dance scene. Oh yeah baby, as if that’s not the place to go. I mean, like, right?

    See that’s a joke. It’s not even funny. It’s a loss all around. I like how the indians do it. It’s not about having fun. Well actually it is, or then again what would i know it has been a long while.

    There is a reason that the Ghost Dance will not die. What is that reason, do you think?

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