On White Knighting

“Listen, Stan, don’t deal in death lightly, but if someone threatens your homeland, the life of your mother, sister or the life of a woman placed in your care, put a bullet in his head with no questions asked and don’t burden yourself with any remorse.”

Henryk Sienkiewicz, “In the Desert and the Wilderness” (1910)

“So I Could Look Myself in the Mirror”

A young woman sat in front of me and opened a book as the subway rolled underground in predawn hours. It was a real book, not even Kindle, much less an iPhone. At the next station, a very large and visibly intoxicated Black guy gets on the train and wobbles through the car, hazily surveying the empty seats. Then purpose flashes in the cloudy soup of his eyes; he beelines toward our end of the car and takes the seat immediately in front of me, next to that girl with a book. He wasn’t a hobo; he looked more like a construction worker coming down from an all-night drinking bender. The smell of alcohol fills the air.

If his presence next to her made her nervous, or if she stiffened her body, I couldn’t tell. She kept reading as he sat there glancing at her face, gears in his head slowly turning. Predictably as sunrise, he grins and says “hey guuurl, whatcha reading?” She answers politely, with uptalk. Meanwhile the train stops at various stations and I wonder, “Why isn’t this idiot girl getting off and waiting for the next train?” Maybe it’s her feminine instinct: it’s early, there are no people on platforms and it’s safer on the train than if he were to follow her out at a station. Or maybe it’s her obliviousness to a threat.

I take stock the situation. He is sitting right in front of me. My glasses go into my pocket. I memorize the car number printed on the end door. Then ask myself, will I do anything if he starts pawing at her? I have no interest, in the slightest, in being a hero on her account. There are those who they need me alive, to hell with some chick who probably voted for Obama and is not likely having White children soon. I have no obligation to her. But then the words “look myself in the mirror the next day” run through my mind. She seems like a nice girl. The decision is made — I will.

So on to tactical planning: number one, I’ve won serious fights as an adult but it’s clear that I’d have no chance against him on account of the sheer difference in our size and weight. Do nothing unless he touches her. If he does, I will grab his neck in a wrestling choke. No half-ass about it. Balls to the wall until he passes out or else he will overpower me. Survey the car: there is a handful of other passengers but nobody to count on for assistance. The girl, another woman, a thin older man, and a young guy who doesn’t seem likely to be of much use. On the plus side, there is nobody here who would interfere on the drunk’s behalf. There is another Black man in the car, but he is a pudgy Talented Tenth with a gentle face.

The train stops at my station. I exit and tell the station manager about a drunk passenger aggressively bothering people. I describe him and provide the car number. The station manager’s face is serious and he gets on the phone.

Casting Pearls before Swine — or Sacrificing a Good Man for a Pig

There was a news report about a young woman who attempted suicide by jumping out of a window. Standing on the street below, her boyfriend tried to catch her. Landing on him, she lived but he died. If I had the power right now, then I would — without any doubt about the rightness of what I am doing — reverse their fates so that the young man lives and she dies. The loss of a self-evidently quality man was not, in this example of personal sacrifice, duly recompensed with the prolonged life of a selfish, neurotic attention-whore.

Elaborating on the subject of wasting good men for less-than-worthy women, Matt Forney recently featured a guest post from a blogger named Kyle, titled “Men Aren’t Fighting for Women Anymore, and Why Should They?” Kyle has no illusions about the revealed dispensability of men in modern West. He knows about the contempt in which all of our institutions hold us while expecting our sacrifice. He is clear-eyed about the broken social agreement, one that obligates both sexes toward both self-restraint and self-sacrifice in the interest of the common good. Kyle writes:

I don’t want it this way, but it’s simply the harsh reality of the situation. In today’s age of shunning men, extreme female promiscuity, and generally degenerate culture (celebrity worship, obesity, rape culture, etc.), why would men rush to jump in front of a bullet for a Western woman?

As Kyle heavily qualifies in his post, it is proper to sacrifice oneself for a family member or a friend. And as I would also add, for a child and for one’s own standards of honor. Those qualifications aside, I applaud Kyle’s alert cynicism and his insight into today’s one-way arrow of duty between men and women.

Can These Castrati at Least Sing?

Here is the LINK to the story. Dutch men put on mini-skirts to support victims of sex attacks. My appeal to somebody in the Netherlands: please beat them with wet rubber hoses.


My appeal to these misguided boys in miniskirts: you were born and raised during Europe’s outburst of effeminate madness. Your Northern soul seeks the truth and strives for righteousness, but everything you believe is a lie. The truth is that your undignified unmanning fails to protect even one Dutch woman. In fact, it has the exact opposite effect, in that your self-inflicted beclowning emboldens the savages that have been pumped into your country. Furthermore, when a Dutch girl sees you parading about like this, her disgust with an Arab’s grope becomes milder than her revulsion at the thought of your caress.

The Hero of Cologne

Via the UK Daily Mail, Ivan Jurcevic is a 44-year-old Croat and a former kickboxing champion. He was working in Cologne as a hotel doorman and on New Year’s Eve 2015 he saved two German women from a mob of “rapefugees.” He said:

‘There were four of them, young men in their 20s, speaking Arabic. They told me not to interfere, that the girls were “theirs”.

‘The girls looked like they worked in a bank, they were wearing jeans and coats, nothing provocative, they were really frightened. I told them to stand behind me.’

‘Then the loudest member of the gang came at me with a bottle so I kicked him in the chest and sent him flying. Another came at me so I slapped him across the face and he went over as well.

‘The leader drew his finger across his throat and told me he would be back to kill me. I stood my ground and they went on their way.’


Ivan Jurcevic

Men have biographies, women have grandchildren. You will look back at your one shot at life and you will ask yourself: did I earn the right to stand next to Jurcevic? Most of us are not seven-foot-tall martial artists, but we all make decisions that reflect on our quality as men. Do you know what you believe in and do you stand up for it?

Valor for Virtue: “Jeans and Coats, Nothing Provocative”

White knighting is a derivative of a social contract wherein men’s valor is exchanged for women’s virtue. Chivalry was never a one-way street; that would have been called “cuckoldry.” A chivalrous knight defended the lady — but he also scorned the whore and had his adulterous wife beheaded.

Jurcevic’s account from Cologne, which I quote above, reveals the traditionalist mindset: “the girls looked like they worked in a bank, they were wearing jeans and coats, nothing provocative.” He not only just triggered a thousand Slut Marches, he drew the difference between girls who merit masculine protection, and ones who do not. And recalling the Sienkiewicz quote at the top of this post, a recent comment by reader Peterike comes to mind:

It was all about the homeland and the women. I guess a threat to one’s self doesn’t need explaining, but it needs more consideration to kill in that case. But threaten my nation or the women and it’s over for you. Such healthy attitudes! Today, as immigrant hordes threaten our nation and quite actively assault our women, we sit supine.

Men secure the present through our provision and protection. Women secure the future through the children they bear us. For the equation of mutual duty to work, men are expected to be valorous and women virtuous. That’s the two-way arrow of obligation that gave women priority for lifeboats on the Titanic.

A reversal of our decline will begin when we White men affirm our responsibilities to our women and reassert our expectations of them, pulling together those scattered links of interdependence. The women of Europe are afraid and maybe Merkel’s deluge is Providence handing us an opportunity reclaim what is ours.

28 thoughts on “On White Knighting

  1. What a good post. These sentences in regard to the Dutch boys in mini skirts,

    The truth is that your undignified unmabinning fails to protect even one Dutch woman. In fact, it has the exact opposite effect, in that your self-inflicted beclowning emboldens the savages that have been pumped into your country. Furthermore, when a Dutch girl sees you parading about like this, her disgust with an Arab’s grope becomes milder than her revulsion at the thought of your caress.

    The picture says a lot. Those guys are very convincing in their feminine affect. It is supposed to be a joke, but they take to that feminine affect so readily and well.

    The public transit stories are a good source of material. Public transit makes up a large amount of what constitutes public space and mutual interaction amongst a halfway random sampling of people.

    The behavior of the girl in the story is very rabbit like. And a big drunk black guy behaving like that is certainly out of bounds. If it were a big drunk white guy, would the same standards apply, or not?

  2. Standing on the street below, her boyfriend tried to catch her. Landing on him, she lived but he died.

    Yeah but how big was she?

  3. I can certainly sympathize with the urge to protect them, although in my own case I’ve had to fight it and suppress it over the years. They’re just not worth it. The contract has been broken. Their expectations of us remain, however, which you can observe for yourself. It’s pretty funny.

    The crisis in Germany presents us with an opportunity not to defend ungrateful women–many of whom have welcomed the migrant-invaders with open arms, homes, and legs–but to defend Germany and Europa. We fight not for girls, but for honor, glory, renown, reputation. We fight to test ourselves, to push ourselves to our limits, to see what we’re capable of. Sure, treasure and pussy are also rewards, but I would argue they are of secondary importance. We must not make women our mission.

  4. Camlost: I am still astounded by the sheer obliviousness of slight-framed, zero-T SWPLs of various ages buried in their smartphones and headphones on the Metro.

    LBF: “We must not make women our mission” Hmmm, there is some foundational text that says exactly this… can’t remember which one…

  5. LGF; I like your comment, fight for honor, not women. Our women’s behavior is meant to destroy our pride and confidence, but we can change what we focus our selfworth on, and ironically, the women will follow.

  6. PA, I agree with your thoughts entirely. I understand the internal conflict a lot of Western men must now be suffering. Why protect women who do not deserve protection, and more so, have invited the problem into our lands in the first place? But without European women, Europe dies.

    Many of the MGTOW crowd would seem to prefer to stay poolside and do nothing, acting if and only if women confess their sins and beg for help. To only then gallop in and rescue them is textbook white knight faggotry. These men would still be supplicating to women and their desires.

    The answer is to act like men and conquerors. Conquerors remove the problem and then demand obedience from the survivors. The permission or approval of European women is not sought for or even considered.

  7. Camlost: I am still astounded by the sheer obliviousness of slight-framed, zero-T SWPLs of various ages buried in their smartphones and headphones on the Metro.

    The thought of carrying something to protect themselves is also completely foreign. I’m a pretty big guy at 6’2 225 or so and I still try and carry a knife everywhere just in case the shit hits the fan (I need to get my concealed carry permit…). These tiny girls and guys with nothing except their YMCA self defense class who think they’re indestructible baffles me.

  8. Somewhat on-topic…Would anyone here be interested in meeting up in Germany in the next couple of months to observe the migrant-invasion crisis first-hand and possibly participate in direct action against invaders? If so, let’s talk.

  9. PA: did you see the story from San Fran a few years ago where device-absorbed train riders didn’t notice a deranged SE Asian kid waving a pistol for several minutes?:


    There’s images of him smiling, showing off the pistol in admiration, putting it back in his jacket pocket, etc for several minutes with no one being aware. Then as they approached the next stop he shot someone randomly.

    Also, with the case of that LGBT activist killed on the DC Metro, the craziest part is that the perp (Jasper Spires) was a whopping 5-5 and 125 pounds and had already robbed several different people on the same train in between stops. The effete beltway whites just sat there complying with everything he asked and hoping they wouldn’t be next.

  10. SimonWolfe: the hardline MGTOWs also severely overstate regular women’s feminism or xenophilia.

    Camlost: the only young masculine men you will see on the DC Metro is the escalator repairmen who drive in from rural southern Maryland.

  11. I agree to some extent and I can see where you’re coming from. However, game teaches that women are essentially overgrown children looking for an alpha male to lead them. Women’s behavior, feminism included, is really a case of male failure to man up.

    Besides, when you have DEMOGRAPHIC EUTHANASIA staring at you in the face, writing off white women should be the last of your concerns.

  12. Thanks for the shout-out PA! Commenting has been scarce of late as I’ve been very busy, but always here reading.

  13. More or less off topic, but on the general themes of politics and how much joy it brings.

    Three paragraphs are quoted below, from JH Kunstler’s weekly screed, which this week is yet another tedious condemnation of Trump and now an endorsement of Bloomberg’s bid.

    Kunstler desribes Trump’s style and presentation, his speech – as “angry”. I find that a particularly telling misinterpretation. First and foremost, Trump is not angry, and he does not come across as angry. In fact it is remarkably the opposite. Trump comes across as an outstandingly happy person, he smiles he laughs he jokes – and THAT is his presentation.

    So basically Kunstler, who has been circling around the shark tank from some time, has jumped it. Or actually he hasn’t, he just reveals his severe limitations. His reaction against Trump is so VISCERAL, it is so clear that it is not a calculated or feigned antipathy.

    As a long-time reader and fan (of JHK), i am frankly disappointed, and have thought about registering for his forum to simply ask him, what the fuck?

    Those jews cannot stop worrying about the reaction (that’s coming). They would be advised, at least the good ones, to be more sympathetic.

    But i wanted to bring this up here, off topic and all, to see if anyone wanted to weigh in on JHK’s analysis of Bloomberg, whom he calls “an honorable man” and apparently admires quite a bit. Is it just a case of near-sighted yenahu stupidity, or is Bloomberg as effective as all that, in his capacity as mayor of Gotham?

    The Trump phenomenon is pretty well-understood: a politically paralyzed nation hostage to malign forces, mired in racketeering, captive to PC witch-hunters, and pitching into bankruptcy, turns to a TV clown with no filter on his angry brain and he acts out all the discontents of our time. Does anybody doubt that the perfidies of the day beg to be opposed? But those shadowy figures in Bloomberg’s drawing room must be saying, “is this the best we can do?” And so an honorable man steps forward. Someone had to.

    Couple of gigantic problems. First, what about Bloomberg being Wall Street’s pet politician? To many, I suppose, Bloomberg is exactly that. I’m not so sure. While he made his multi-billion dollar fortune building a computerized information service for Wall Street, with a news service and some other apps pinned on, he was not a bankster. He consorted with them all the livelong day, day in and day out, for decades. Maybe that was bad enough. Maybe it also puts him at a very special advantage, since other public figures can only pretend to understand the esoteric rackets lately engineered in lower Manhattan.

    For instance, Bloomberg must know what a CDO is, and how outfits like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs used them to swindle the taxpayers. I’m not convinced that Donald Trump could explain that to an audience if given an hour of airtime. He rarely speaks in two consecutive coherent sentences, for all his entertainment value. The next president will be on duty during the gravest and most powerful financial unwind in history, and it might be a good thing if he understood how it worked. He will probably be blamed for it in any case, but at least he will be a true mariner in a storm, not just a bigmouth passenger on the ship. Anyway, the salient question is whether the voters could ever accept him as something besides a tool of the banks?

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  15. @Suburban_elk
    Nicely written, but I think you’re overanalyzing it. “Angry” = goy showing signs of independence. Instinct = say bad things about said goy, try to pump up a fellow chosenite. It really is that simple.

  16. I’m late to this, but great post — it explicitly lays out the philosophy that I’ve followed when it comes to trying to determine whether to intervene in similar circumstances on public transit over the years.

    It also gets at the heart of why I had to tell my sweet wife that, no, I was not going to stop carrying my firearm around the house (safely secured in a holster, of course) just because we have children; that, in fact, having children in the house made it all the more important for me to be able to immediately deal out death to anyone who tried to harm my family. It took gentle but firm explaining, but at the end of the discussion she gave me a hug and thanked me for always thinking about stuff like that and protecting them.

  17. It also gets at the heart of why I had to tell my sweet wife that, no, I was not going to stop carrying my firearm around the house (safely secured in a holster, of course) just because we have children;

    I’m always armed, as well, but not on my actual person. That’s pretty hardcore. I’ve got dogs as my early warning system.

  18. I need to add one or two dogs into my security mix, but it’s just not feasible at the moment. That is definitely a great early warning system.

    I found home-carry to be pretty easy with the right firearm; I finally landed on a Ruger LCR (38 special). I mix it up between pocket carry (with a holster) and IWB.

  19. I found home-carry to be pretty easy with the right firearm; I finally landed on a Ruger LCR (38 special). I mix it up between pocket carry (with a holster) and IWB.

    I drive around with my Ruger sp101 (hammerless). For ammo I keep Cor’Bon Powerballs in there, not great for actual performance but the earth-shattering sound’ll clear the area fast:

    Here in Georgia I can go anywhere with my firearm, except for federal buildings, churches and public transportation. Private businesses can put up “no firearm” signs all they want but I can only be asked to leave and not prosecuted for still having it there (as long as I’m not making a scene, of course)

    I just leave a couple of 9mm and a shotgun around in various spots in the house, I’m single with no kids so it’s no big deal. My dad and brother-in-law have Barretts, AR’s, tons of long rifles, you name it. I don’t feel comfortable keeping all of that stuff here since I’m gone a lot and live in a somewhat urban area, rather than out in the sticks like them.

  20. That’s a nice revolver, Camlost. The LCR 38 Special is also hammer less.

    I have never shot an SP101, but I do also have a GP100. In my experience, Rugers have something in common with potato chips . . . it’s hard to stop after just one.

    I am planning to get the wife into shooting once she stops being pregnant / nursing all the time (heh) so using that excuse I just ordered another GP100 this time in 22LR. Figure I will use it for plinking and also it will be a good basic 22 to start her with practicing. Even if she refuses to shoot anything other than that, 10 rounds of 22LR is better than a stick.

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