Orban Calls for the End of the Liberal Era

And proposes a new, democratic era. As Hungary’s prime minister makes it clear in his speech, the prevailing liberal order is globalization with a patina of Enlightenment universalism masking its authoritarian impulses. The democratic era, as Orban envisions it in the European context, would be guided by the Christian spirit and national identity of sovereign nations.

Reader Ensuite forwarded the 31-minute video at the bottom of this post. It is an abridged version of Viktor Orbán’s nearly 60-minute long speech at the Fidesz party convention in December 2015. The video is subtitled in English and in this post I’m citing its select parts. The following passage is Orban’s call to the leaders of the European Union:

We suggest a return to democratic Europe. Instead of today’s Europe of weak leaders, to a Europe of strong people. The next European era will either be an era of democracy, or it will cease to exist. The time has come. We are living in a different world. Twenty eight nations cannot work according to the same rules that six countries were able to work with.

Ethnically homogeneous states are more likely to work on behalf of their people because they do not preside over a mix of ethnic groups with irreconcilable conflicts of interest. Viktor Orban touches on the difference between having a national government, versus living under an imperial arrangement as either a lord or a vassal nation:

We do not want to be the ruler nor the subject, nor the caretaker nor the dependent, of other peoples.

Imagine, having a country of your own. Hungarians don’t have to imagine, they already have a country. One key condition for having one’s own country is a government that in word and deed strives to secure a future for its people:

Just think about the immigration issue…. Our politics are exclusively Hungary- friendly politics. Our major goal is the support of Hungarian families… For us, families and to-be-born children mean the future of Hungary and Europe.

He then connects Hungary’s fate to Europe’s:

We cannot effectively speak of our homeland’s situation without speaking of Europe’s situation… Europe is under an invasion. In the depths, a parallel world is being built, which slowly but surely, step by step, according to the laws of nature, will push back and squeeze our world into a minority, and together with that ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren too. If this continues, we will lose Europe… what is happening is not an accident. It is not an unintended chain of events, but a planned and controlled process.

Although I am not including that particular line, he calls out George Soros in all ways but by name in the above passage. He then closes in on the attribute of Europe’s malaise:

The true, fatal disease endangering Europe is … of a spiritual nature… Europe does not acknowledge itself.

The European spirit, and her people believe in superficial and secondary things. Human rights, progress, openness, new sorts of families, tolerance. Those are nice things, but in reality they are secondary because they are only derivatives. Yes, today Europe believes in secondary things, but it does not believe in the things from which these originate. It does not believe in Christianity. It does not believe in common sense. It does not believe in military strength. And it does not believe in national pride. It does not believe in what created it, and what it once was. It does not believe in it, it won’t stand up for itself, it won’t debate, it won’t fight, and it ultimately won’t make sacrifices for it.

It does not want to think or speak about who it really is. And after not acknowledging itself, it does not acknowledge any differentiation, either. And by not differentiating itself from others, it will consequentially lose itself. But it’s clearer than the sun that Europe is ancient Hellas, not Persia. Rome, not Carthage. Christianity, not the Caliphate.

And finally, the speech builds toward its coup de grâce, Orban’s call to close the era of liberalism; I only provide short excerpts below. Be sure to listen the whole speech and note the large soul and the generous spirit in which Orban makes his proposal:

The past 25 years of our lives was a major liberal era in Europe. It had nice periods, good results. It had major moments, and momentous figures. We can rejoice to have personally known them. Today, however liberal politics has lost its power of attraction. It piles failures upon failures. It has tired out and become exhausted. … it’s unable to protect people from external and internal dangers. Not from immigration, terrorism, nor crime.

It has stiffened and become monomaniacal. It senses enemies everywhere. It’s angry if its belief system is questioned. It’s exasperated when it hears new ideas, and it’s aggressive when one references the will of the people against it. It has lost its connection with reality. Instead of debates, it wants to censor public speech. And so it has developed the stop signs and regulations of political correctness.

All I am saying is that we have reached a point where today politics has turned against freedom. It has turned against freedom of thought, speech, and media. Consequently, it has turned against people and democracy…

I belong to those who want to live the next 1,000 years as Hungarians in a Christian Europe. In the interest of this — no matter how painful it is to certain politicians in Brussels — we must close down this era! In a political and in a spiritual sense as well. I believe that we, all of us, think that our lives are only meaningful, only have weight when we serve something greater and more important than our own lives. For example, our family, our homeland, or perhaps God’s country. Maybe all three at once.


15 thoughts on “Orban Calls for the End of the Liberal Era

  1. “We do not want to be the ruler nor the subject, nor the caretaker nor the dependent, of other peoples.”

    This a thousand times, especially right in the faces of those who accuse us of being “white supremacists”. We don’t want to be supreme over anyone, we just want our own countries.

  2. Toddy cat…

    If they accuse you of being a “white supremacist” IT IS BECAUSE “they” DO NOT WANT YOU to be a white Supremacist. The only stumbling block at this stage is your unwillingness to “flip the script” and reverse frame and then maintain.

  3. Is there any way that Americans can donate money to these conservative parties/politicians doing such great work in Eastern Europe? I honestly have no idea.

  4. Camlost: probably best to either look through an English-language web page of their political party (Fidesz for Viktor Orban, Prawo i Sprawiedliwość for Poland’s ruling party) if they have one or contacting that country’s embassy or consulate in the US, since they’d know their country’s laws regarding foreign donations. BTW, good to see you here.

  5. Hey Nikcrit, my kind of winter.

    PS: my “Stray Lambs” post was picked up by a conservative site I wasn’t familiar with and daily reader visits + views have quadrupled. It also went wild on Facebook.

  6. PA, Love the insightful writing. The post on riot types was superb.

    Hoping you could help me find something, if you don’t mind. I think it’s relevant to this post.

    I remember reading an article discussing a speech that appeared on youtube by one of Orban’s cabinet. Essentially, he was saying that the migrant crisis is engineered to sew chaos or civil war in Europe. He justifies his reasoning by discussing the amount of resources, cooperation with human traffickers, and logistics required for transporting millions of people thousands of miles.

    It was something that I would have expected to appear here or on 28Sherman, but I haven’t had any luck. Does any of that sounds familiar?

  7. Guy, thank you for the compliment. You are thinking of the video I featured on 1/10 in a post titled “A Vaclav Havel for Our Times.”

  8. Here in Atlanta every business is sending people home early and not a single snowflake has fallen yet. Any time it gets anywhere close to 32 degrees and there’s precipitation it’s instant panic.

  9. Great post!
    I like the way orban explicitly calls for a revival a Christian ethos, directly link in the European identity with Christianty. He is correct to do this. secular liberals, who have little religious education (how quaint!), let alone religious training, reflexively couch religion in contemporary identity politics, rather than understanding it in its deepest philosophical or spiritual sense. Therefore, they are unable to fully reckon with the deep irreconcilable divides between Christianity and Islam.

  10. Nikcrit you will have to credit me with the term “rust belt.” I used it first and you seem to have taken a liking to it!

    Few people outside the Midwest understand that the Midwest is not some homogenous flyover land. the post industrial rust belt has heavy southern influences from the migration of whites and blacks from south to the auto factories and steel mills. I’ve spent a lot of time in the more agrarian portions of the Midwest which has a different character altogether. I thought at one point in my life that I’d make my way to a more glamorous coastal city, but in my travels to these places, I’ve always missed the grit and flintiness of the people I’m used to being around in the “rust belt” lol.

  11. MGE…

    But then “see” what you cling to…

    Secular liberals are anti-white Christian AND anti-white Supremacist BECAUSE these entities are SYNONYMOUS…

    Both the Christian and the Supremacist BELIEVE in objective Supremacy, ie., Perfection… As operating paradigm.

    And the white Christian and white Supremacist are entities MORE PARTICULARLY REAL than JUST A Christian and a Supremacist SO MUCH SO that any attempts at deracinating these entities results in pathology. The entity becomes anti-entity.

  12. MGE,
    Sorry, but i’ve used ‘rustbelt’ for years on blogs, going back to Guy White.’; i also used the term at onestdv.com and glpiggy.com fairly often. The POV applied to it is a big part of my social philosophy; in fact, i consider some of what i consider compatibility with your point-of-view to relate to our fellow upper-midwestern pov, going back to gl piggy and some of our exchanges; e.g., recalling the surrealness of seeing muhammad ali at a Benton Harbor surplus store, etc.
    to wit, here’s a comment of mine that i pulled from the vintage guy white blog in 2009: “Detroit:I look at Detroit and Minneapolis as the axis of the midwest; if things get better, it’ll look more like the Twin Cities; if things get more polarized and the economy continues to plummet downward, then Detroit becomes the new paradigm of the Rustbelt.

    FWIW, i’ ve been feeling and have been made apparent of the limitations of my halfrican hyper-contributions to these alt-right blog comment strings; i’m thinking i’ ve perhaps made my point to the extent that it can be made. Eventually, there’s a threshold that can’t be crossed in terms of the commenters’ raison de tre and any dissenting perspective i can or cannot add. My goal is/was to add some human detail to racial antipathy, which i fully undertand is forevermore. I contend that we all suffer is we reduce even or enemies to strawmen and caricatures and that we remain more vital by honing and better-defining both our fellow-human allegiances and enemies. To that end, i feel i’ve contributed in my several years of commenting on alt-right blogs; yet it takes a maturation of spirit to understand that such a mission has both a purpose and an endpoint.

  13. My goal is/was to add some human detail to racial antipathy, which i fully undertand is forevermore.

    Nikcrit, I just finished putting the final touches on a post about, as you call it, your “halfrican” identity. Will publish it tomorrow morning. I wrote it in sympathetic tone, with some levity, and hopefully with insight.

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