“Welcome to Hell, Stray Lambs”

The are three types of political street demonstrations in the contemporary Western context, each a function of a different type relationship between the state and its citizens:

  • Type 1 Protest: A ritualistic humiliation of the state’s internal enemies.
  • Type 2 Protest: A show of solidarity between the people and the state against an external enemy.
  • Type 3 Protest: A people’s challenge to the legitimacy of the state.

Type 1 Protest — “Hey Hey, Ho Ho…”

This is the type of protest in which the participants are jubilant and cocky, visibly having a good time. Participating in this kind of a demonstration is risk-free with regards to legal consequences, especially considering how destructive those protests can wind up being. I happened upon one of those demonstrations last year while walking down 14th Street just east of the White House. The procession looked something like this:


It was about fifty #BlackLivesMatter demonstrators marching, with several police cars slowly trailing them. The chanting was a spirited call-and-response. I have to give Blacks’ this: they are good at the clappy-rhythmy thing. I couldn’t get the chants out of my head for a while. If you didn’t know any better, you would believe that marching people were righteously angry, judging by their furious voices and wild faces. But we know better: it was all self-indulgence and theater, like the histrionics of an “American Idol” hopeful channeling Aretha Franklin.

Porter over on his Kakistocracy blog nails this attitude in his inimitable style:

Blacks don’t hold a monopoly on solipsistic meanderings, though they certainly make a market. […] It’s like hearing a child lecturing to play-doh figures. The latter being mute objects whose value and morality is judged by the extent they serve the speaker’s ends. There’s only one beautiful creature owed deference by the world. And I don’t just mean TaNehisiCoates.

There is no real anger among American blacks because America is their paradise. No other group of people in history had been given so much privilege on so little merit, short of maybe old Egyptian sun-gods. Anger is a very serious and dangerous thing; frivolous demonstrations of something that resembles anger are just play-acting.

With its fake indignation, the Type 1 protest purports to oppose the system, but it is in fact aligned with that system. Even when those protests get overly exuberant and cause loss of life and destruction of property, they never threaten the system itself or even risk much of a backlash when establishment press provides public relations cover.

This is the template for a standard left wing protest in Western countries. Other versions of this melodramatic freak show are Slut Walks or college campus rallies over a triviality. A Type 1 protest can look like a celebration or a tantrum, but whatever its form and tone, it affirms the state’s rule by humiliating any active or potential opponents of the state’s ideology. The Ferguson riots were essentially American establishment’s victory dance over traditional notions of community and property rights, all under the umbrella of Obama administration’s apocalyptic enmity to White America. At its core, the Type 1 protest is a by-proxy display of the establishment’s vigilance against internal threats to the system.

Type 2 Protest — “Welcome to Hell, Stray Lambs”

In this scenario, the protestors are secure in their relationship with the state but to reference writer Anonymous Conservative, their K-selected instincts are triggered by a perceived external threat. Nationalist and anti-migrant marches in east/central European countries belong to this category.

Europe has a knife to its throat but paradoxically, it is the countries that are under less immediate peril that are raising alarms more loudly and clearly. Hungary and Poland have next to no migrant population, and yet it is there that we see the most spirited demonstrations, most notably an estimated 50,000 nationalists marching through Warsaw on November 11, 2015. But it is not paradoxical at all, once you understand that people protest more confidently when they know that their government and police are on their side.

Given the large scope of this subject, I will limit my examples here to banners at football (soccer) stadiums. The following banner says “Protect your women — not our democracy” in English. The banner was unfurled by Polish spectators at a men’s volleyball game in Berlin in response to the EU’s threat of sanctions over Poland’s new right wing government and it refers to the New Year’s Eve migrant attacks on German women in Cologne. The message here is “fuck off, Germany.”


And the banner below — the namesake for this post — says “Welcome to Hell, Stray Lambs.” Consistent with Type 2 protests, its message is aggressive rather than defensive. The message here is “expect no mercy, invaders.”


Finally, HERE is a short video that features explicitly-worded anti-invader chants at Polish soccer stadiums, with English subtitles. It gets really good at the 2:10 mark.

What all of these examples have in common is an aggressive confidence of a Type 1 protest with the seriousness which those lack. The Type 2 protest is a warning, a guard dog’s growl in the interest of averting unnecessary bloodshed. It is a populist show of solidarity between the people and an acknowledgment of confidence in their authorities. Nominally, the riot police were out in Warsaw during those massive demonstrations, but there was no sense of antagonism between the protesters and the state. The show of strength is addressed to potential external threats.

Type 3 Protest — “Where Were You?!”

Type 3 protests arise under prerevolutionary conditions. They are potentially a genuine threat to the authorities because they are a symptom of the state’s loss of its legitimacy in face of people’s increasingly implacable grievances. Once the perception of legitimacy goes, all it takes is a push.

The short video below is what motivated me to write this post. It shows a small group of young German men aggressively confronting the police over their failure to keep security in Cologne on past New Year’s Eve, but instead amassing at a subsequent nationalist rally. There is a quality in this protest that is normally absent in Type 1 and Type 2 demonstrations, which you will see and hear in this 13-second clip:

It’s in the protestors’ voices and body language. Look at the man in the center-front of the crowd, his tense and jerky movements like a coiled snake that is still afraid to strike. He is overcome with emotion but restraining himself from lunging at the police. He and his fellow protestors are chanting “Wo, wo, wo wart ihr Silvesternacht!”, or “Where, where, where were you on New Year’s Eve.”

The overwhelming emotion in this protest is the rueful hurt of a man who just realized that he has been betrayed by those he trusted, similar to a man who just caught his wife in an act of infidelity. A government that wants to remain in power best take these people’s grievances seriously. Those German protesters are more dangerous to the regime, insofar as them being an indication of serious problems of legitimacy, than a blocks-long street march of confident people with banners.

Europe 2016: Where to from here?

“To say that democracy in Poland is in peril is ridiculous, to put it mildly. If anyone in Europe should be concerned for their freedom, it is the citizens in the West. If there is any place where political correctness and criminal law prohibit speech, it is not in Poland.”
-Jarosław Kaczyński, chairman of Poland’s governing Law and Justice party

When you humiliate a man, he remembers it forever. The leaders of Western European countries are doing just that. In an unprovoked act of genocide-scale aggression, these governments and institutions are imposing on their people a fight-or-flight condition with nowhere to flee. People have picked up the scent of malice.

It does not appear that the usurper elites, in their arrogance, had thought this through. They rely on state security forces to suppress a reaction but they don’t seem to have considered a scenario in which policemen remove their helmets and join the protestors like Slovak riot police did last year at an anti-immigration march.

Members of Europe’s ruling class and their servants are betting on a comfortable life among Ahmed’s sons in Tahrir Square writ-large, with Johann’s sons protecting them from savagery of the sort that Lara Logan experienced. They keep building that world, all the while running up a bill of scores for Johann’s sons to settle.


28 thoughts on ““Welcome to Hell, Stray Lambs”

  1. This protest might be a variation on Type II, or perhaps a new category:


    In this demonstration, the people (genuinely, however bizarrely) and the state (superficially through tolerance of the activism) are aligned against the rape of their women, however, the state (explicitly) promotes the act through policy design rendering the state’s support of the protest a mirage.

    This act of high subversion can create the condition for the expression of Type III rejection of the state.

  2. great post! Love your analysis of the three types of protest. As an immigration-restrictionist in the USA, I would love to participate in a type 2 or type 3 protest, but nothing like that ever happens anywhere near me, if they happen all (which doesn’t seem to be the case or I would hear about them on NRx websites). instead there are type 1 demos led by various classes of traitors and enemies. Does it take mass rape to wake people up?

  3. Philomathean, that’s similar to those insipid unity rallies like in Paris after the terror attacks. It’s a weird case of a Type I state-sanctioned demonstration of affirming the governing ideology, deflecting attention from the real problem, and fooling some of the participants into thinking they’re doing a Type II or even Type III protest. Like you say, it’s subversion.

    Gadsden Flag: thank you!

  4. Regarding the video, “Where were You?!” – i did not know that was what they were saying – it is very to the point.

    I had seen that video before and also noted about the body language – it is very, very angry. I like the guy in the bright red cap who comes to the front at the end of it. They are all like that though, coiled.

    Those are medium sized guys – i am sure that under almost all normal circumstances they come across as mild as can be, and here they look to be about to attack the police.

    Regarding the BLM-type protests, wherein the protesters have the support of the authorities. A couple questions and or comments.

    First – the support of the authorities (the state and its politics) – how explicit is that support. It is sort of explicit but they can’t come all the way out and say it though. Yet another elaboration of the pretense theatre. The BLM protesters have to think that they ARE protesting a power structure that works against them. The BLM protesters themselves BELIEVE that they are. / yes they do!

    Somehow the power structure convinces them that they are being oppressed, but supports and encourages them at the same time.

    There is no real anger among American blacks because America is their paradise.

    This statement might be put to discussion to a larger audience. I would guess that most black Americans will disagree with it. I disagree with it. Black Americans are angry. They have grievances. Their ancestors were slaves.

    There is no real forgetting that. Were it the reverse, i would not forget it.

    Overall it is interesting way to consider protests. There are those that are in line with the interests of the power structure, and there are those that are opposed to it. It is a useful elaboration because, conventionally, protests are understood to be more or less exclusively OPPOSED to the power structure. But that is not the case, as the examples demonstrate.

    BLM protesters are encouraged by the media and the damned president himself. They cannot be appeased, and those protests make that clear. Or rather, the appeasement is an endless process.

  5. — “The BLM protesters have to think that they ARE protesting a power structure that works against them. The BLM protesters themselves BELIEVE that they are.

    If they were afraid of the system, they would not be protesting in such a loud, confident, and ostentatious in-your-face way.

    — “Black Americans are angry. They have grievances. Their ancestors were slaves.”

    The late Lawrence Auster once drilled deep on Black anger. The thoughts at which he was arriving was that Blacks are angry, but not about slavery. They are angry at being abandoned by formerly paternalistic Whites, that anger fueled by the disparity between what liberal society tells them (“you are equal”) and their lying eyes, which do not show anything even vaguely resembling equal.

  6. Howdy,
    Came over here from Daily Time Waster. Gonna have to take some time and digest your writings. Very deep.
    The different levels of protest: are they your own construct or did you get the idea from somebody else?

  7. It is an interesting topic – black anger, and its source.

    Auster’s insights are good. Still though, slavery cannot be written off as a source. What a bitter pill that must be, to be reminded every time a white face pops up.

    However, whether or not slavery is a source of grievance, begs the question of Historical Memory. That is a big topic, and one that to address wants circumspection and care – but off the cuff it might seem reasonable to speculate that blacks with their present-time perspective, are less inclined toward historical memory, than are other Races. / speculation

    On the flip, it is exactly the LACK of Historical Memory that American Whites, and to a lesser extent Western Euros, are suffering from. And whereas blacks with their closely lived-in communities are in touch with at least the near-term past.

    However, the LARGER point, is that the whole topic is an indulgence, because who gives a shit on their grievances. Giving one ounce of a shit on their grievances, is pandering.

    And as we know, their grievances grow in proportion to the pandering. If we ask Why are you angry? we get a faceful.

    Even asking that question is a liberal dead-end. The proper stance for the emerging White Interest, is STFU because we don’t care. / we don’t care STFU

  8. “The different levels of protest: are they your own construct or did you get the idea from somebody else?”

    Hi Steve, they’re my construct. Unless it’s an established or common-knowledge concept, I always credit the authors whose ideas I use. For example, I credit Vox Day as the author of the male socio-sexual hierarchy I also write about at the beginning of each post on that subject.

  9. @PA in one of your photos there’s also a reference to 1683 and Jan III Sobieski. It’s worth noting the Polish king lead an army to repel the invading Turks who were laying siege to Vienna. They destroyed the invaders and the various spoils of war are still on display: swords, Turkish tents, various arms–interesting to note the use of Arabic script on those tents. Turkey didn’t start using the Latin alphabet to write until much later. Perhaps more than anyone, Poland knows too well what that threat represents.

  10. Anyone remember this? And now there’s a surprise at the mess in Europe…if it happens on home turf, what would you expect when they all pick up and go elsewhere?

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  12. “Black” pathology.is easily explained BY “BLACKS” THEMSELVES in their psychotic hatred for genuine white Supremacy. And the reason that there is not media exposure of this is BECAUSE the high IQ “jewhite” faggots in the media ARE EVEN MORE PSYCHOTICALLY anti-white Supremacy than even the “blacks” by diabolical magnitudes.

  13. The body language of the front and centre policeman in the German video is also revealing. He can barely look at the guy confronting him. He turns away, hesitates, seems to me to be ashamed. There was once a protest in my home town of a G-20 summit and there were the usual SJW crowd. Blocking their advance up the street was a phalanx of riot cops. I was trying to get home, became interested in the dynamic, and walked through the protesters and up to the cops’ shield wall. It was an unbroken, unwavering block of visored anonymous club-wielding shield-bearing hoplites (or more similarly) legionaries. If the German cops keep reacting like that to that perfectly expressed challenge, we may be closer to Bastille Day in Germany than I have thought. I am beginning to feel the faint stirrings of hope. Gosh, who’d have thought it? Me…hoping!

  14. And imagine if “WHERE WERE YOU?” becomes the anthem of young German men marching everywhere, and when confronted, stand together and chant over and over, WHERE WERE YOU? It would be like the Cannonade of Valmy. And then–O Blessed Day!–the world will change.

  15. Dropping in for a quick off the cuff comment here. When I get a chance I will go back to some earlier posts and provide some updates and other thoughts in a more organized manner.

    very useful to understand these mechanisms of protest .. As I’ve said earlier (and in keeping with the spirit of the “about” section in your blog”) I believe it’s time to start moving from online bitching into praxis… The guys (and girls) at Radix and the National Policy Institute are an inspiration here. You should check them out if you get a chance. I’ve been slowly dropping red pill truths on my parents, both typical baby boomer cuckservatives, and to my surprise, both are coming around slowly.

    Just curious:
    How would you classify protest / activism such as this?


    Not exactly a street protest, but perhaps more effective form of leftist psy-ops .. the perpetually aggrieved, put upon black activist, smugly lecturing whitey about his “privilege” or teaching him how to “deconstruct” or “unpack” his whiteness, ect. . . To me it resembles Maoist struggle sessions.

    I thought of this when I got my college quarterly newsletter in the mail today. Featured prominently on the front is the new president – an obese black woman – frolicking on the quad with the usual menagerie of diverse campus fauna … The school is evidently very proud of it’s acquisition of it’s very own Oprah as evidenced by the fawning feature article praising her for her ability “heal divides” and so on with the nauseating diversitopia boilerplate you see devoted to these type of things.

    As far as I can tell, this lady would be under qualified for any corporate executive job, yet she is likely pulling down at least a quarter mil as a leftist apparatchik, just for sitting on her fat black ass and spouting leftist slogans. The newsletter of course was accompanied by a plea for donations, because of course, they need more money to pay for “diversity seminars” and “multicultural student centers”… Ugh the whole enterprise has become so stale and corrupt, it’s time to start finding chinks in it’s armor and bringing it down one piece at a time.

  16. MGE…

    Fat, smug, “black” female striding a university campus in positron of executive authority = falsification of wS = anti-white Supremacy campus wide = high IQ “white” male in hiding and fearful of being labeled wS…

    IF YOUR MIND IS NOT RIGHT THEN you cannot take the right action EVER outside of mere happenstance.

    To FALSIFY “universal equality,” one must seek to become truly singular, ie., not redundant. “We” despise the fat, smug “black” ANYTHING because “it” is now so proliferate… Redundant… No longer unique in any way, shape or form… A KNOWN alien mindset… An X factor revealed… Anti-Supremacy in thought and action… Primitive in principle… As ease with descent and at war with real ascension. What is not to revile other than OUR OWN SELF-CONCEIVED ideation of the anti-white Supremacist’s nearly fully buried “humanity?”

    You have to put your mind on wS or you are just foolishly dancing to the enemy’s tune.

  17. PA, if they back down and refuse to shoot their people, the way the Shah’s guys did in Iran before the revolution there, the downfall of the Enemy Within will be the same. I devoutly do not wish that outcome. As Vox Day keeps saying, don’t let this go on, because if you do, when the inevitable reaction happens, it will be horrendous. Viktor Orban: “Police! Take off your helmets!”

  18. This is hot topic at Eradica and it is naive to assume “white” cops and “white” soldiers siding with the “white” masses when no real collective “white” identity actually exists… In fact, at this late stage of total degeneration, being a cop or soldier is to be in with the zeitgeist. This is the correct frame and the only one that “we” could possibly revolt against as ours is a Profiling State… A police state/nanny state hybrid… Cops and soldiers are a critical aspect of this control mechanism…. They shall either operate in radically autonomous fashion or they operate as wS… Enemy or brother.

  19. O.T. question to PA and other commenters here re. the upcoming elections and the forcdes of ethno-political affiliations: what do you guys think of Nikki Haley and in the larger sense of my quesion ‘Nikki Haley types?”

    She’s of Indian ethnicity, but she seems to be of a more-favored caste and, while being of

  20. cont:…. Indian descent seems to be of a favored caste that allows her physicality to impart a sort-of white, American pioneering look, folklore and comportment that is naturally more convincing than, say, that of Bobby Jindal and other NAM politicians who have both the dialect and stated poltiical beliefs of white, conservative politicians but who are perhaps saddled in their effect by a more swarthy, ethnic look.

    To the extent you’ve thought about it, or have a principled acceptance or not, are they part of the tribe? Do they get to carry the torch for ‘white identity’ and ‘white interests?” Or are they consigned to pseudo-conservative status based on ethnicity alone.

    I’m curious about this because I’m thinking the ethnic look alone is decisive, with the closest significant arbitrating factor being ethno-racial dialect, which, apropos of my stated belief above, somewhat allows types like Jindal to transcend but not as much as would a ‘Haley type’ of NAM politician.

    My apologies if this is too much of a tangent from the thread.

  21. MGE — that was just sick, but nothing new. I don’t know if Colbert was being a masochist in giving this BLM spokesman an opportunity to dress him down from his own seat, or if he was a sadist playing the “patronize the loud Negro” game. Either way, it’s a reaffirmation ritual for the liberal/criminal alliance.

    Nikcrit — “Nikki” Haley took down the Confederate flag and just gave a “Moar immigration!” speech last week, which makes her loyalties very clear. America is a multiethnic empire, so alliances are possible. But Haley is not an ally.

    Your question reminded me of the very intriguing comparison Thordaddy made between you and, of all people, Lawrence Auster.

  22. Getting elected in SC as a Republican is not that difficult, hence it makes sense for her to just choose vanilla, off-shelf, standard GOP ideas. She’s got very little incentive to break free from conventional norms the way that Trump has with immigration or willingness to play dirty politics.

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  26. They didn’t think it through, because the governments are puppets for the (((Corporations))). That’s my conspiracy theory of it all.

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