Assessing Your Place on the Hierarchy

“know thyself”
– Inscription on the temple of Apollo at Delphi, 4th c. B.C.

The discussion of Vox Day’s male sociosexual hierarchy continues. I find writing about this subject enjoyable for two reasons. One, it’s fun because it appeals to the analytical mind. And two, readers can find these concepts useful toward self-improvement. On that second point, I want to give the reader who is either unsatisfied with his social performance or is simply introspective a chance to take stock of his character. My aim here is similar to the one in my earlier “Be the Boss” three-part series, also a guide for men who are underperforming.

Ranking Yourself on the Vox Day Scale

Be honest with yourself in order to know yourself. The human ego is powerful force and it can get in the way of improvement if it thwarts candor in front of your mirror. So what I drafted below is a simple tool for assessing yourself based on the objective feedback you get in social interactions, instead of relying on your subjective opinion of yourself, which you might inflate.

Which one of the following templates best describes people’s posture toward you?  Family and friends don’t count. An insouciant Gamma among lesser Gammas will strut like an Alpha but will still fold in any competitive social environment outside of his in-group.

Alpha: Strong, masculine men look to you for guidance and leadership in all things. Young beautiful women always explode with uncontrollable indicators of interest in your presence regardless of your age and with minimal effort on your part. (This describes 1-3% of all men.)

Sigma: Powerful, impressive men are on guard around you until they start showing you grudging respect, even deference. All women eyeball you with fascination without you having to do anything. (1-3% of men)

Beta: Everybody at the party gravitates to you. First-tier, beautiful women will chat with you but it would take effort for you to seduce one. Average women will show obvious interest in you. (10% of men)

Delta: All kinds of men enjoy a conversation with you. When you talk, they look like they take you seriously. Cute women are friendly with you. With some effort, you can get a nice-looking regular girl. First-tier women are out of your reach. (65% of men)

There is wide variance among Deltas, since they represent such a large number of men. High Deltas do very well with above-average women, being almost Betas. Low Deltas struggle even with unattractive women.

Gamma: All kinds of men show impatience, irritation, or contempt toward you when they should be impressed with you. Women don’t appreciate you. (10% of men and sadly, growing)

Omega: Men avoid you. Women are nervous around you if they happen to notice that you exist. (Bottom 5% of men)

Lambda: You like cock. (3-5% of males)

Statistically speaking, you are probably a Delta. Congratulations, you made it through childhood and youth in an anti-male culture and yet here you are a mature, healthy man. I like how reader JumpinJackFash puts it:

I think most men vastly overestimate their rank. […] a big part of reaching adulthood is being comfortable in your own skin. I no longer feel like pleasing everybody and I am quite happy to be on my own which my work allows me to do.

An Important Aside: the Chateau Heartiste Scale

There are two different scales, and a note about Chateau Heartiste’s (CH) sexual market value ranking system is indicated. The Vox Day (VD) scale I’m using here is a measure of man’s absolute, context-independent suite of character traits; his essential socio-sexual wiring. In contrast, the Heartiste scale (also referred to as the Alpha-Beta-Omega scale) is a reading of a man’s power — by any means — to elicit sexual attraction in desirable women, itself a proxy for his masculinity.

Unlike with Vox’s sysem, Heartiste’s scale can be situational. For example, by Vox’s measure, John Lennon was a Gamma regardless of his station in life, and his inner life as well as his relations with his peers bore it out. However, by Heartiste’s scale Lennon was a super-alpha by virtue of his fame and its power over women; he had no lack of willing girls and there is still a well-attended shrine devoted to him in Central Park near West 72nd Street.

Thus, both scales correctly quantify that which they seek to appraise; however, in the example of Lennon the divergence between the two scales is an extreme case, caused by the perception-distorting effect of his fame. In fact, plenty of celebrities or otherwise powerful men in law and politics are Gammas who struck it rich, so to speak. But in ordinary cases, the two scales align as follows:

  • VD’s Alpha, Sigma, Beta = CH’s Alpha
  • VD’s Delta, Gamma = CH’s Beta
  • Both Heartiste and Vox understand the Omega similarly.
  • Lambda is irrelevant on the Heartiste scale.

There is a temptation among readers who like VD’s hierarchy for its complexity to dismiss the CH scale as simplistic or limited in scope. And yet, there is a deadly snare we can trip when we dismiss Heartiste’s scale on grounds of its face-value simplicity. The cultural institutions in our feminized society have abdicated their responsibility for guiding males toward maturity and excellence. Our schools, churches, the entertainment complex lie to boys and men in the service the feminine imperative. “Man-up and marry those sluts brave single moms!” “Women are delicate angels who must be respected!” “Piss sitting down!”

Many an otherwise solid Delta man will fall into one of a myriad traps that turn his virtue against him. Chateau Heartiste periodically features a “Beta of the Month” review of the cucks’ gallery, a voyeuristic series of cautionary tales of good men doing something idiotic by blindly following a dictate of righteousness. A classic example is the guy who travels with his adulterous wife to her former lover’s grave to lay flowers and help her “find closure.”

That is the lesson provided by Heartiste’s “Beta” wretches. Like Alexander’s sword slicing through the Gordian knot, so does Heartiste clarify the essence of a man’s ways: are you an Alpha — a man who goes through life satisfied — or are you a Beta: a laughingstock, an oblivious cuckold, a man who lets down those who need him the most?

Heartiste’s writing about the ways of Alpha and Beta men is available in the magnum opus of his archives.

Where There is No Room to Improve

Returning to Vox Day’s hierarchy: the ranks in Vox Day’s hierarchy are largely fixed, and the best that most men can hope for is to raise their position within their Platonic caste. This is my opinion, and I am to a degree amenable to being persuaded otherwise. But those ranks are not arbitrary designations on a sliding continuum, but distinct psychosexual profiles and as such, their boundaries are not permeable. If you are not an Alpha, you will never become one. Donald Trump was born, not made.

So can’t a Delta graduate to Beta? The example of Paul McCartney says “no.” Despite his superhuman fame and wealth, he was always a Delta. Respected by his industry peers, well liked by fans worldwide and across generations, but he never broke through to the Beta rank, much less to Alpha. His relationships with women illustrate the Delta’s limitations.

Linda Eastman, the first woman he married, was third-tier in the merciless eye of the sexual marketplace, given his stature as a Beatle: not an extraordinary beauty, and a single mother to boot. I am not saying this to detract from McCartney or the late Eastman but to show that a man’s water finds its level based on his immutable psychosexual profile regardless of his fame, and given the couple’s apparent happiness over the decades, he did choose a compatible woman of high marriage value. While McCartney had no shortage of first-rate girlfriends and flings owing to his stardom, he did well by resisting any likely temptation to marry a woman above of his socio-sexual rank.

With Linda’s passing, McCartney overshot his Delta rank when he married Heather Mills, a woman who despite being an amputee, may have nonetheless been out of his league. By marrying out of his station, the Delta is blinded by his inner sex-starved teenager. He misjudges the woman’s character and fails to control the dynamic of the relationship. As consequence, Mills dragged McCartney through a humiliating and nearly-ruinous divorce.

Where There Is Room to Improve

The best anyone can do is grow within his station. Rise from lower Delta to high Delta, for example. Really, in the many testimonials of self-improvement I’ve read and seen in person, that’s where the action is. But — there is one boundary that I did not yet mention, which can sometimes be crossed: the dividing line between the healthy and the defective man. That line separates the Gamma and the Omega from the domain of normal manhood, Delta. (Or in rare cases, the Omega-to-Sigma bypass.)

For a Gamma or an Omega, achieving Delta is deliverance. Suddenly, women like him (though he still needs to work on the attraction part) and men — even Alphas — respect him. But it takes herculean effort for the despised Gamma to become a Delta and once he gets there, analogous to the recovering alcoholic, the pull of Gamma backslide forever follows him like a ghost.

Here are the basic formulas for breaking the chains of Omega and Gamma:

Overcoming Omega: To graduate from Omega to Delta — or in rare cases to Sigma, given their shared social outcome-independence — the Omega male has to make himself less weird or repellent. A few Omegas can do it. Others are mentally ill and blissfully oblivious to social reality, or in happier instances they are genuinely content as outcasts and they don’t have any desire to improve their social status in the first place.

Overcoming Gamma: But while an Omega may be satisfied with his life, the Gamma lives in a simmering hell of one frustrated ambition, one minor humiliation after another. He is the secret, unacknowledged prince suffering the impertinence of the sheeple. But he may eventually find a moment of clarity in fearless introspection and undertake to improve his life. Reconstructing oneself from Gamma to Delta requires painfully acquired humility to immolate his delusion of unmerited specialness.


In a recent discussion, reader Suburban_elk drives a point home:

A man – or a male – finding his place in the hierarchy. This theme is at the very center of social organization and the role of culture in its development. [… ]  it is only the first step on another journey. It is only when a man knows where he stands, that he begins to appreciate other things.

And begins to live as his finest self.

Epic days are here and we need you at your best.

49 thoughts on “Assessing Your Place on the Hierarchy

  1. I’ve found it difficult to place myself properly on any of the scales; by the VD scale above, I’m a Delta. By a strict interpretation of the CH scale, I’m Beta. But the CH scale recognizes the number of hot women a man has had sex with and bumps him up accordingly, and the VD scale recognizes male interaction, something which can change drastically in me depending on what time of day it is and whether or not I’ve had a cup of coffee. Most of the attractive women I’ve been with have approached me; my seduction skills in the past were certainly not something I understood but regardless I couldn’t be called a Beta if hot chicks come to me for sex. And my social placement can find me wherever I feel like being, but certainly never at the very top, as I take no pleasure in leading people. In the past, I’d refer to myself as a group’s default-leader, as I’d step up if no one else did. But only if no one else did, and I’d follow the leader-who-did only if he was making decisions that suited me. So, by strict definitions I’m Delta/Beta, but by situational placement I’m somewhere between Delta and Sigma depending on the day and what mood I’m in, and between Beta and lesser Alpha again depending on the day and my mood. I’ve grudgingly accepted that I’m a Natural based simply on my notch count and my total-lack of game awareness combined with my Blue Pill relationship failures…. A man can’t fuck hot women while ascribing to Feminism-in-Practice: no tingles. But a guy who’s attractive and doesn’t know it, and who thinks women don’t like him that-way and consequently doesn’t openly-flirt can arouse tingles that are generated by women’s mistaken assumptions and subsequent rationalizations. I got laid a lot because I didn’t come-on to women, and they reacted by coming-on to me. The trouble was, I didn’t understand why I was getting laid, so I didn’t know how to improve on what I was doing.

    I think these scales are good for grounding. Where am I most of the time, and how can I improve?

  2. By Vox’s scale I’m a stone cold Sigma, by CH’s I would think a greater beta, but these things definitely exist on a continuum, which is something that confused me when I first discovered the château.

    With respect to Sigma: My last boss, an ex-NFL football player, would routinely preface any criticism of my work with a half joking plea not to beat him up or kill him in a hail storm of bullets. In the back of his mind a part of his psyche believed I was capable of it because of the way I carried myself: quiet yet self-possessed, standoffish yet accessible, respectful but unfriendly. To be sure, I was constantly on guard because I was one of a handful of White people who worked at this establishment. I had neither the desire or inclination to befriend anyone in that environment, most of all because there was no one I could respect.

    With respect to greater beta: I lost my virginity ~21 years ago. An honest numerical estimation of the women I’ve had sex with would be between 90-110, the vast majority being one or two night stands. The exact number I’ll never know. Those aren’t rock star numbers but my penis has seen more vagina than the average. Such poon quantity indicates Alpha realization according to the CH scale, but I do not view myself that way. I have strong beta tendencies when I get to know a woman with whom I’m having sex. I suppose CH’s teachings have benefited me most by improving the quality of my relationships with women in that I can recognize and contain my most egregious beta impulses. But what can say. I love loving women and showing affection as payment for the joy they’re capable of bringing into my life.

  3. Philo…

    In a nutshell (no pun intended), you are a radical sexual autonomist… This means many things beyond these scales as it relates to your penchant for awS.

  4. Philo, in HBD analysis, you are well beyond bonding ability due your EXCEPTIONALLY high notch count… Ergo, you are trended towards radical autonomy and self-annihilation. In cold HBD calculation, 90-110 notch count with no children equals impotent. This is NOT a personal slight, but a clinical assertion IN LIGHT OF the existential crisis OF YOUR KIND*. Luckily, and contra HBD, you possess God-ordained free will.

    *I am also SIGMA and former radical sexual autonomist turned wS.

  5. An addendum about Sigmas, since the new reader might think it’s just “a different kind of Alpha.”

    Alphas and Sigmas are categorically different. An Alpha is in the hierarchy, on top. He can lead men, feels responsible for them, and can handle power — including subordinating himself to a higher Alpha once their respective rank is sorted out.

    A Sigma is a loner who’d hate being put in charge of something and would likely perform badly in a leadership role. What makes a Sigma different from an Omega or just any anti-social guy in this regard is his personal magnetism: he gets first-tier women like an Alpha.

  6. Generally, Sigmas wouldn’t hate being put in leadership roles, but they’d prefer to avoid the burden of leadership if at all possible. Again, Sigma exists on a continuum: some might be uncomfortable leading, some might actually hate the thought, some might prefer to avoid the task until absolutely necessary, but on the whole Sigmas can assume leadership when circumstance requires it.

  7. Thor,

    “My penchant for “”awS””.” Dude, set up a WordPress and write a glossary. Link it to your handle so people can easily access it. Obscurity is not a synonym for truth, it only succeeds in betraying the pursuit of it.

    If you want to engage in dialect show a courtesy to your interlocutor by defining your terms (Thordaddyisms?).

    With respect to attachment: I suffer no handicap because my notch count. I can form a normal bond with a single woman and in fact prefer it over multiple superficial relationships, more so now that I’m older and I’m looking for a quality woman with which to have a son.

  8. For the younger gents who may be reading this, keep in mind there is a maturation process. I was a pretty solid Gamma in my youth (up through early 20s probably). But as I entered the working world, and left the hot house of academia (even back then), reality forged me into something better, and I moved into the Delta world which is where I remain. Probably about mid-tier Delta because I’m very good at what I do for a living and that does command respect when other men see it in action. But I’m no leader and I have no desire to be one.

    I would have liked to pull more tail over the years, but I’ve had a few good looking broads in my day, and at the moment am committed to a woman 10 years my junior with a buxom body (not fat, think slightly saggy Vargas girl), who worships me and gives me whatever I demand in the sack. I learned late in life from her that demanding usually leads to getting, and it absolutely leads to tingles and desire on her part.

    I was a pure pedastalizer for most of my life, thinking that gooey sweet wooing was the way to a woman’s heart because EVERYTHING gave you that message. It wasn’t until my later years, and the insight of Heartiste, that I ever even considered that sappy pedastalizing wasn’t the right approach. It might have saved my marriage had I known it, but I was a pushover back then and my then wife (rightfully) viewed me with contempt.

    I could have scored quite a bit more too. I had a few women over the years — a few knockouts and one stone cold 9 — that drew me close but never let me bed them. They really enjoyed my brains and my wit, but it was something like “intense friend zone.” If I knew then what I know now, I bet I could have nailed a few of them. In retrospect, one of them (solid 8) was just putting it in front of me and asking me to take it, dammit, just take it. DEMAND it. She WANTED me to step up, but I didn’t know that, and I didn’t know how, and instead I twisted on the point of the knife for a year. There are few agonies as intense as those that a woman can put you through. But if she’s doing that, she probably wants you to do what you’re supposed to do.

    Learn, young men, learn. You have advantages I never could have conceived.

    But in the end, when the wild oats have been sown, find a good woman and be true to her. Do right by your people.

  9. With archetype and continuum…. Scale and weight of consciousness… Is the manifest industry of social engineering. And inherent to the endeavor is one aim over the other. In our case, it is anti-white Supremacy, ie., the anti-racism in passive CUCK-speak, over white Supremacy, ie., racism in passive LIBERAL-speak.

    Now, ALL the high IQ “white” males KNOW “white supremacy” EVEN IF they only know “it” as LIBERALLY CONCEIVED… Ergo, they are well aware of the social engineering of the anti-white Supremacist. There is no benefit of ignorance. The enemy of the white race seeks to annihilate its “best,” but neither the archetypic scale nor the fluctuating continuum of consciousness can quite capture who that is…. We know it cannot be a proliferating sheep oblivious to its systemic slaughter… But it also cannot be that lone wolf who is crazy like a fox, but nonetheless, lacks motivation to perpetuate this dynamic psyche forward.

  10. Philo…

    I stated that, “in HBD analysis, you are well beyond bonding ability due your EXCEPTIONALLY high notch count…. Luckily, and contra HBD, you possess God-ordained free will.”

    Which is to say that you can either have your HBD and eat it too (HBD is fundamentally EGALITARIAN and HBDers should pay the price) or you are accountable for your anti-white Supremacy? And thankfully, this only entails conversion to white Supremacy.

  11. Since the unspoken understanding is an archetypic categorizing of all white males then a further particularizing is necessary… An awS “Alpha” male is not really equal to a wS Alpha man. Nor is the lambda tolerantly suppressed by wS equal to the lambda fervent in his awS. A beta that does his “job” with wS in mind is not equal to the beta that stews with awS at his “job.” Furthermore, without this over frame, one unecessarily INCLUDES that which perverts the analysis. So for instance, a “black Alpha” professional athlete SUFFERS NO PENALTY for being a political stooge (are there any black Supremacists in professional sport or are all anti-(white) Supremacists)…. He suffers no penalty for being an anti-racist punk… No penalty for being a purveyor of vulgar racism, ie., hatred of the father… An anti-(white) Supremacist GRANTED a supreme athletic status that he must then deny because he is, in fact, the best of athletic political stooge… And his Alpha-ness suffers none. That means something is broke or stunted or incomplete. The solution is that one cannot be Alpha/Sigma AND BE an anti-(white) Supremacist. Period. An anti-(white) Supremacist of any race cannot be an Alpha or Sigma. Impossible.

    So in reality, true Alphas/Sigmas are less than 1% since the super-majority, > 97% are anti-white Supremacy.

  12. Thordaddy, I am now asking you (just you) to limit yourself to two comments per post plus your response to something another commenter asks you directly.

    There is value in your worldview but I don’t want your dialectic taking over my comments section.

  13. The difficulties in knowing yourself are legion.

    Which is why they had to make an inscription no less than in stone and incant it still.

    The flip side is that eventually you do, and like it or not.

  14. I think this scale is missing a category.

    There is a category after Delta, that is not Omega. Nor is it Gamma (and Lambda is of course a separate case).

    What i am thinking of would probably just be the low low low low Delta, or the failing Delta – he hasn’t made it, but he should be a Delta, he is a regular guy with a regular range of abilities, and a regular heart who wants to have friends and talk to people – but he is is inclined to failure, and he is floundering and almost given up, but no.

    He is not a loser, he is not an Omega.

    So i propose a new category: Epsilon.

    On the question of how fluid are these categories. I suggest that there is fluidity, along two lines.

    The first is the standard man, from lesser to greater: Epsilon / Delta / Beta.

    And the alternate track is for the renegade man whose talent and ability and value will not be denied: Gamma and then Sigma.

    Alphas and Lambdas and Omegas are not on those tracks. Alpha and Omega perhaps might be considered as flip sides and within the same domain. Lambdas could be elaborated. They might need a footnote with a sub-Rank, to account for those who have value.

  15. Epsilon is simply a low Delta. Deltas are about 75% of all men so there is a lot of variance among them. But what they all have in common socially and sexually is that they are functional on both counts but not gifted with natural leadership or seduction skills.

    A high Delta will be popular and confident in all social situations and can get laid a lot but will be anxious when put in charge of men (except in situations where his leadership is strongly dependent on his superior technical knowledge, for example) and tongue-tied when talking to a beautiful woman. Remove the anxiety with leading men, add composure around hotties, and he’s a Beta.

    A low Delta will fail socially and with women but he will not trigger hostility with his personality, and will be realistic about his options.

    An important line in my original post is buried, but in some ways it’s key to the whole theory:

    “The best anyone can do is grow within his station. Rise from lower Delta to high Delta, for example. Really, in the many testimonials of self-improvement I’ve read and seen in person, that’s where the action is.”

    The 2-D structure of VD’s hierarchy works out this way as I see it:

    – Hierarchical/Social (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma) vs Non Hierarchical/Asocial (Sigma, Omega). The Gamma is a wildcard on the hierarchy, “alpha ambition without the alpha goods” who is more likely to claw his way to success than a lower Delta, and become a smarmy prick lawyer whom everyone hates. Or pajama boy.

    -Healthy (Alpha, Sigma, Beta, Delta) vs Defective (Gamma, Omega, Lambda).

  16. With respect to Lennon, he was damaged goods and so intrinsically Gamma. His versicle: “It wasn’t long before old Dad was cumbersome, a drag. He seemed to get the message and began to pack his bags.” He was a broken Beta perhaps, or Delta, but being broken, he inevitably became Gamma. However, a bizarre coincidence of culture, technology and genuine talent propelled him into a position identified by *others* as Alpha, indeed the very pinnacle of Alpha. But he was never an Alpha. And he knew it. His later career can be seen as his inner (true) Gamma nature sabotaging his apparent media-granted Prince of the World status. Except it wasn’t sabotage. It was his nature (and nurture) asserting itself. We live in a world where certain talents and dispositions can be used by powerful people and consumed by powerless people in a way and at a quantity that no tribal society or polis could or would allow. Lennon was not a conflicted Alpha/Gamma. He was a Gamma who hated his phony pseudo-Alpha status and knew it was a commercial and publicist lie. I’m old enough to remember that in the latter years of the true John Lennon he was an object of contempt, derision or indifference. His death restored his reputation, but not as an Alpha.

  17. @PatrickH

    Indeed, Lennon wrote a song that could more or less have been titled, “Ain’t Gonna Play That Alpha No More.”

    People say I’m crazy, doing what I’m doing.
    Well they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin.
    When I say that I’m o.k. they look at me kind of strange,
    Surely your not happy now you no longer play the game.

    People say I’m lazy, dreaming my life away.
    Well they give me all kinds of advice designed to enlighten me.
    When I tell that I’m doing Fine watching shadows on the wall,
    Don’t you miss the big time boy, you’re no longer on the ball?

    I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round,
    I really love to watch them roll,
    No longer riding on the merry-go-round,
    I just had to let it go.

  18. Thanks for the shoutout PA, I appreciate that recognition. Instead of shitposting my various opinions, I will give the stage to the great and eloquent…Rudyard Kipling:

    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:
    If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:
    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’
    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

    Sorry for taking up so much space in the comments, but these are words to live by and deserve to be read and lived by every one of us. Timeless wisdom.

  19. I like this, mostly. After some years of learning and practicing Game, I nearly convinced myself I had become an Alpha (or at least a Beta on Vox’s scale), when the truth is I’m probably Delta. It’s just that, by contrast to where I started, having women converse enjoyably with me was so novel and intoxicating that it made me think I had vaulted higher than I actually had.

    With respect to “assessing one’s place”, however, there’s something missing from the post, which is that sometimes a true assessment can’t be done. The problem and frustration, as a married Christian man, with trying to assess one’s own rank, is that there’s no way to *really* prove it without sleeping with strange women, and I don’t do that. You can suspect and infer where you rank, but can’t really prove it, and even then it’s damnably hard to interpret female signals if you haven’t had much experience.

  20. I disagree that one is entirely fixed within one’s Rank. Most people are allowed to move up and down, but upon two separate tracks, as i described above, but which tracks i would modify.

    The standard track, with or without my additional category of Epsilon, should include Omega at the bottom, and so it goes,

    Omega < Epsilon < Delta < Beta

    It does not include Alpha. Alphas need a certain amount of gifts and spirit that excludes almost everyone.

    Put aside the Ranger, and become who you were meant to be. – Elrond

    (But even as a Ranger, Strider was Alpha.)

    The other track i am calling the renegade track, and it also should include Omega, for those who don’t get off the ground on this one either. It goes,

    Omega < Gamma < Sigma

    And (to repeat), Lambdas are defects and are not on these tracks. But some homosexuals, such as for instance Elton John, have to get another Rank. But without getting sidetracked into that can of worms.

    I don’t see that this contradicts PA’s clarification above, which he called two-dimensional. As described in this post, it is in two dimensions AND it includes a flip switch.

    Both of these tracks allow for the critical factor of Life, which is sickness and health.

    On the first track, sickness and degeneration fall into Omega and Epsilon and parts of Delta, but depending on where one starts, maybe more than that.

    On the second track, sickness is Omega and about half of Gamma.

    Lennon for example. Was Lennon ‘broken’? The concept of a broken man is a concept that gets thrown around a lot, but it is not so clear.

    I might say that Lennon WAS broken but he was restoring with and by his genius and his art. In any case if Lennon was broken, he achieved more in Life than any of the blowhards on the blogosphere? I don’t know how much his sort of artistic output counts for anything. What counts for anything, in the long run. There is a case to be made that accomplishments in the luminous fields of art and science and that other thing of matters of spirit, counts for more than children.

    Lennon is controversial among Reactionaries because a lot of them think he is a gay hippy. But he seems now to be getting a lot of credit.

    But as far as the Ranks go – i am absolutely of the opinion that there is that divide between those two separate tracks. It just makes sense. And that Gammas want to be Sigmas.

    That goes against PA’s definition of Gamma, which is Alpha without the goods.

    These things are not hard and fast categories, they are amalgamations of the characteristics and behaviors that make up Life Strategies.

    Also, the whole hierarchy exists within a particular social culture. What was Alpha then is not necessarily so now.

  21. The original post is about assessing one’s Rank.

    It is possible to assess one’s Rank once one has a certain amount of years, and at least a little bit of honesty and some wisdom.

    The question gets complicated because people have different Values. Yeah pussy, hmmm, tasty. Give me young pussy for breakfast. Blonde brown yellow red – the HAIR, that is! – it’s all good. I love to eat pussy. I have suggested that that is a genetic ‘beta’ tell (beta on CH scale), but that is just a blowhard speculation. Does Donald Trump like to give oral pleasure. How about Aragorn, or Genghis Khan – did those guys ever go down, back then before bathing became part of the regular things that people do.

    Napolean apparently had some choice feelings on the matter.

    But the point being, how much value do we place on that set of skills – which boils down to interpersonal confidence and charm.

    That is enough on that. I would like to get back to complaining about other people, because that is what the internet if for. The popular CH series on ‘shitlib faces’ is based on the MPC thread, and that whole forum is based on shitlibs. Based on hating shitlibs. I only bring that up, because what else is going on.

    I hate shitlibs as much as the next guy – but in the real world it is hard to hate all those people.

  22. it’s damnably hard to interpret female signals if you haven’t had much experience

    Steve Martin (of all people), suggested that “attraction is mutual.”

    So that if you are turned on, that in itself is sign. If you are turned on she is turned on.

    I was at the Library and some 20-year-old 7 was just begging for it. Sat down in the stacks on the floor 15 feet away in direct sight-line and proceeded to flip her hair at me and read. I started to swell, just moderately.

    Obviously Creepsville is always just one stop away. It can be a fine line, between hot sex and rape. I think this topic has been discussed before.

  23. I had a teenage girl flash me her pantyless spread, this last summer. Yeah she wasn’t even 17. Again with the swelling. Evil evil women. I turned and walked away, after a look.

    It is a shame to be alone. It hurts to be alone.

    “The best years of my life go by, i live alone and blue.”

  24. Gamma is passive-aggressive but i don’t think that they want to be Alphas, they want to be Sigmas.

    Very few people want to be alphas. And of course those who do are uniquely unsuited for it.

    Does Trump want to be Alpha. I don’t think that he does. He had no choice but to be who he is. Anyone who wants to be Alpha cannot be it.

    Sigma is a different story. All sorts of people want to be Sigmas, but who can pull it off. It requires a lot of confidence to excel in social situations all the while having to overcome other people’s expectations and mis-characterizations.

    Everyone is always wanting to put someone down, if possible – so that they are better off (in Rank).

    That state of affairs is not a healthy balance, it is not a healthy collective behavior – however in this rootless atomized society with little in the way of real community – most people (with the exception of those who are wise) do NOT know where they stand, so they are always looking to put someone else beneath them.

    That set circumstances is driving a lot of people up the wall. (This is a man thing – it applies to men. How does the hierarchy apply to women – it doesn’t at all, does it.) But it drives a lot of people crazy. Literally.

    I notice that in certain environments, uncompetitive ones, say not out on the oil fields or in some Coast Guard cutter, and not on Wall Street – say in a mid-level lame-o suburb – so many people, especially Millenniels, are content to be nobodies. That is their solution to the lack of a hierarchy.

    People of all generations are dropping out of the game. That is kind of the default position of white America. And again – obviously that does not apply to those people who make something of themselves and go to sea or fight it out for money. Realistically though, what percentage of white Americans is that, who make something of themselves.

    The Will to Power. That is what is … missing, from this our country (from this our culture).

    On the meta, of course i know that any observation made can be used against the observer as evidence of (his) selection bias – but on the other hand, to be thuswise constrained is categorically constrictive.

    It has to be said, what is out there. I have often lamented my own inability to put it down in more detail. I don’t think that the novel as a form, should be dead at all. We are perfectly set for a return to realistic narrative fiction. Where is Tolstoy when you need him? I saw that book in the library, War and Peace.

    Contemporary fiction veered off course because people (around here) didn’t have much to say about their own lives. I think now though that people (my age) are looking back and saying Huh? what the fuck was that about, how did we get HERE?

    We get stupid movies and dumb-ass sitcoms with Bill Cosby. The only movie in the last 20 years that really rang the bell was Dumb and Dumber. / funny because it’s true

  25. A quick reply to everyone in this thread:

    Greginaurora: your question at the end was rhetorical but it’s an essential one. How does one improve. Merits own post and/or comments.

    Thordaddy: I hope you didn’t take my request to limit your comments as a “fuck off.” It wasn’t my intent. Your ideas are original and I’ve given them thought. Bring them up here, within the limits I asked. The reason for the limit I imposed is that too many, and the thread becomes too esoteric for me and other commenters. Feel free to come back on this thread. Maximum twice 😉

    Philomathean: your clarification on Sigmas and leadership is noted.

    Peterike: really good comment, man. I pedestalized in my teens/twenties by treating nice girls from good homes as delicate angels and making up for it with girls who didn’t strike me as very classy.

    PatrickH: good additional insight on Lennon. You see his better side, in light of the Gamma detractions, in his Central Park stroll video for Mind Games. Seems like a nice guy, just happy to make kids smile. I always liked his late solo work. BTW, didn’t Nikcrit post that link here a while back?

    JumpinJackFash: back in late 80s, my female AP English teacher taught us that bad poetry usually falls into one of three categories: sentimental, strained form (such as forced rhymes), and didactic. She offered “If” as an example of the third kind. Tone-deaf female obtuseness. Poz, the early years.

    LB: No need to commit adultery to test yourself. Chat with a pretty cashier, make eye contact and smile to girls on the street to see their response. Mingle at industry events if your work gives you opportunities. If you get bright eyes, shoulder-punches, hair tosses from attractive women, you’ve got your answer.

    Suburban_elk: I like these two things you wrote:

    – “Alphas need a certain amount of gifts and spirit”

    – “I might say that Lennon WAS broken but he was restoring with and by his genius and his art.”

    No shit. I am listening to “Number 9 Dream” right now.

    PS: his rejection of his first son Julian is why I don’t pity him in his full Gamma splendor. Sean gets “Beautiful Boy,” Julian gets a “go to hell,” until McCartney took Julian under his wing and wrote “Hey Jude” for him.

  26. bright eyes, shoulder-punches, hair tosses from attractive women

    PA and Suburban_elk, I’m afraid I believe you’re making my point for me. I consider these sorts of “signs” about as useful as divination. On the one hand, they’re often unnoticeable. On the other, inexperienced interpretation of them leads to grade inflation of the sort that I mentioned before – “Hey, I’m pretty sure she was flirting! I must be an Alpha!”

    Furthermore, if female flirtations are hard to read at the best of times, they’re an order of magnitude more subtle when they know you’re married (this is in contrast to what one reads about “wedding ring game”, a concept I’ve never found to have any validity).

    As Jean Chretien said, “What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven.” Ah, well.

  27. “What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven.”

    Sounds epistemological.

    The basis of a lot of things is our faith in them.

    Confidence in the intersex interpersonals is one of those things. “You can do it!”

    I don’t say this to anyone in particular, but don’t worry if your soldier doesn’t want to salute right away, right off the bat. Sometimes he has to be coaxed into cooperating. / sorry a little morning porn just because

    But confidence in the the intersex interpersonals is not Entirely faith based – not at all. It is learned behavior and past patterns that are hard to reconfigure.

    But consider the interplay of faith and confidence. What comes across as confidence can be interpreted as faith based, but then where does that faith come from?

    That faith can not be entirely merited by one’s own individual experience – it has to have a social and a cultural background. See for example the jews. They are well known for their outrageous confidence, in spite of their obvious physical defects.

    Why are the jews so damn confident, in their interpersonals. Look at the face of Pajama Boy.

    It is because of their cultural support structure, it forms their behavior and lends them confidence in their lives in a self-perpetuating cycle that lasts through the ages.

    What do white men have, pedophile priests?

    I don’t mean to negative stereotype – the jews are the best sexual abusers but somehow it doesn’t get them down.

    The Jews have been selected to thrive on sexual abuse. / truth

    That is the whole thing with the bris and the mohel and his oral send-off.

  28. The point i am trying to get at, is not an easy one.

    But it is about Confidence in oneself and where that comes from.

    White people are having a Crisis of Confidence. It plays out in individual lives, but those are reflections of the larger pattern.

    The observation i have made a dozen times before – is that an individual can only speak from his own experience – and that individual experience can be devalued and marginalized (yeah baby, pop psychology) – as the experience of failure and a loser. Bootstrap problem, catch-22.

    Where is the faith now that i need it most. Jesus said something about that, famously enough. But he was on the cross, and so really put to the test. Is this a test? / signal signal signal signal strong beep beep beep beep

    Confidence in the way that one’s life is playing out. One’s life is NOT an individual experience. The idea that it is, is a fraudulent bill of goods.

    We need to join hands and create a Circle of Love a Circle of Life.

    Yes, and so it was and yet may be again!

  29. As long as this is a feelgood trip …

    Ladies and Gentleman! Paul McCartney, King of the Deltas! and

    / the good part starts at 4:20

    [Nice live performance. No need to break up the url. A single youtube link won’t mod the comment. -PA]

  30. I know this shit gets sappy, and so to counter that:a passage from Blood Meridian, on the experience of the death of hard and dangerous men at the hands of their indian quarry turned captors.

    They found the lost scouts hanging head downward from the limbs of a fireblacked paloverde tree. They were skewered through the cords of their heels with sharpened shuttles of green wood and they hung gray and naked above the dead ashes of the coals where they’d been roasted until their heads had charred and the brains bubbled in their skulls and steam sang from their noseholes. Their tongues were drawn out and sharpened sticks thrust through them and they had been docked of their ears and their torsos sliced open with flints […] Among their barbarous hosts they had met with neither favor nor discrimination but had suffered and died naturally.

  31. It is a correct contention, that anyone ‘worried’ about their status, is suffering from … wanting more of it.

    But the reality is, everyone except autists and retards and other Lambda weirdos – DWELLS in and on their status – ALL THE TIME.

    If one is ‘worried’ about his status, that is a weak position. Everyone is Concerned about it, everyone Dwells on it, all the time. Anyone denying this is a sperg or otherwise lacks the self-awareness necessary for worthwhile reflective comments on human affairs.

    There is a factoid that floats around, about what percentage of our brain activity is relegated to the Status Wars, and it is a high percentage. Being of necessity social animals, we have to be in a stable hierarchy to function well and effectively together in a common purpose.

    The model for a stable effective hierarchy has broken down, and good people wonder where they stand.

    The famous line from that prophet from Ireland, Yeats, how does that go,

    The best lack all conviction, and the worst are full of passionate intensity

    In this broken society, this dysgenic society – so many of those secure in their place and status – are the worst. Bill Gates is high status, and so is Obama, to pick two of ten million examples.

    This is Sociology of Contemporary Discourse 101, and any who do not get this BASIC point, have no place in the conversation. (Though by all memes stick around, troll, and let us see how it goes.)

  32. I love trolls, because how they evince so obviously in their output their position inferior.

    Troll, listen. This media format requires you to be clever, it requires you to write well. If you cannot do that, you lose.

    Cheap lines from the 80s? Jimminy Christmas. / paging George Castanza, your missing half-wit younger brother is on the loose and needs to be corralled

    Though partly i will concede, there was a time when that line cut and was clever. 1985, and a popular GIRL might have zinged with it once or twice.

    The manifest stairway wit, L’esprit de l’escalier, is a little mean-spirited and so not quite winning,

    How about instead i take yours?

    but can you beat it?

  33. I absolutely loved this line:

    Epic days are here and we need you at your best.


    We should feel honored that we have been chosen for these times.

  34. Suburban_elk – Ladies and Gentleman! Paul McCartney, King of the Deltas!

    …the good part starts at 4:20

    For McCartney, doesn’t the good part always start at 4:20?

    (rim shot)

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  37. Interesting breakdown. I think the betas would make the best husbands. You would get many of the qualities of the alpha, without the extreme selfishness. Of course, if they are in the top %15 of men they aren’t going be easy to get. Most women will end up with deltas.

  38. “I think the betas would make the best husbands…. Of course, if they are in the top %15 of men they aren’t going be easy to get. “

    And, preselection is so basic it comes automatically without question. A man’s actual value as a piece of livestock can be determined by the hierarchy, which is almost entirely what other women think about him, without knowing anything about him. Because they are such unbiased judges of character, of course.

    And naturally, the operative word here is “husband” (similar do “dog” or “pony”) which is different from “lover”. Naturally, it would be great to have a high value man, (but not too high) on a leash who is obligated to give you all his money that you don’t have to have sex with, while frolicking with the Alpha behind his back. Of course one doesn’t want to have sex with any man that can be controlled more than necessary. It’s just too bad that 100% of women can’t do this, is all. Boo.

    That was a Gamma comment.

  39. It’s mostly deltas who get cheated on. Based on this scale, betas are high status men with attractive wives and girlfriends. As long as they don’t pursue the absolute tier women, they probably have successful relationships.

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  41. Excellent overview and breakdown of the 2 ranking systems. I do prefer Vox’s for greater range though I hadn’t previously considered the overlap/compatibility of the 2.

    I’m natural Delta but spent my whole life bouncing between that and Beta (was a popular ‘funny guy’ in school and college and punched above weight with women) and Gamma (a permanent feature of my personality).

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  43. Interesting and insightful.
    I had always thought that the ranks are pre fixed and this article supports this very idea.
    All ranks except omegas are fixed. Some Omegas are unformed men.
    An Omega can be a Sigma or Alpha if he is intelligent and continues on self development. This applies to maybe only 5 – 6% of omegas. The insight to ignore society will develop after scrutinizing the society with intellectual power. It wont be an easy on, but, a lengthy process.
    When an omega wants to improve his status, he wants to become a high- delta or beta. He is not aware of the impossibility of the plan. Any attempts to enter these 2 ranks are met with hostility as if the people can see his omega soul. There is an outcast tag.Only when continuous insults or ignoring make him strong, he fights back and in this process, becomes a sigma or alpha.
    You cannot become a Sigma before late twenties.
    Once you become a sigma, your rank is fixed. It is an alpha rank only. An attained alpha rank. A normal alpha is born. A person who attained alpha status, is a sigma.
    All other ranks, gamma, beta and delta are fixed. They are dead ends. Alpha and sigma are dead ends because there is nowhere to go.

  44. PA, why do you say as if this regarded humans only?
    It applies to rats too… (do you think humans’d be annoyed by knowing how alike they are? I guess so).

    Barnett’s (1958, 1975) designation of social status fits the four resident males quite well. Male 2 was clearly an alpha male, as suggested by his patrolling, by his unhesitating style of initiating social encounters, and by his prowess in fighting. Males 5 and 9 fit the description of beta males; they lost all contests with Male 2 but remained generally and socially active. Male 4 was an omega male. He was less active, was attacked more viciously, and was the most hesitant of all males in making social approaches. He was also unique in losing weight (360 g to 295) and in acquiring scarmarkings, a highly predictive index of subordinate status (Boice, 1971). Male 4 died at the end of Phase 2. Females persisted in nearly nonexistent rates of interaction with each other during this period. But when three new female colonizers were introduced into the colony in March, one original rat, Female 8, attacked the strange rats persistently for several days. The other two original females displayed no aggression toward the new females. Phase 3, April 1980-June 1980 The third phase began only 5 wk after the onset of the second. Male 2, which had been clearly dominant, became ill and did not appear above ground in a full week of observations. In his absence, the two beta males began to confront each other. Male 5, the heavier of the two (395 g vs. 380 g), usually initiated contests and often pinned Male 9. Male 9, however, displayed the aggressive side posture which effected a retreat in Male 5. Once Male 9 added biting to his displays, he became clearly dominant, although Male 5 continued to approach him with provocative moves such as placing a paw on his snout. When Male 2 finally emerged from the burrows, he was severely attacked by Male 9 and died the next day.

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