A Vaclav Havel for Our Times

Hungary’s top economist Laszlo Bogar is speaking on a television show on January 8, 2016, addressing the Cologne attacks and the big picture behind them. No words are minced.

Update: reader Suburban_elk in the comments likes this line from the speech: “So, if you will, it’s us Hungarians who ought to be the last people to deal with the destructive consequences of all this.” Elk then makes a typically perceptive connection: “I like that line. Sort of like the hobbits. It’s never known from whom great things will come.

The Hungarian-language video is subtitled. I transcribed the English-language subtitles below.

Simply, this is about the following. Seriously summarizing the point in three sentences… So that particular “non-existent” global power whom I have sent messages to, except I’m not supposed to look at this camera. Whatever. Fine. Dear Global Power, we know precisely well that you exist, naturally.

And that your fundamental goal for everything, is the annihilation of all that is still humane, that has dignity.

And you believe that, for now, the European White man still possesses too much of this. And you want to annihilate the European White man.

The reason you are starting with the most organized and richest part — the German-speaking Europe — because you also want to prove that — and the Swedes, too, the Scandinavian countries — you want to prove that you can do whatever you want.

So, according to your desires, you can also blow up, break apart, destroy Europe’s most organized and richest countries. And in this I completely agree with you all… this global scum. This global filth.

So, that global mass of trash — they are not even sentient beings, but animals, as you said. Global mass of trash. Global filth that has, however, been pumped over here with the aid of gigantic resources. And they are doing everything they can to make this pumping continue unimpeded.

Only the idiots, only absolute idiots are incapable of comprehending that for the relatively quick pumping of millions of people across thousands of kilometers a minimum of ten billion dollars of financial backing is needed. A minimum of a few thousand strictly secret agents are required to direct, to control — like they have done so. But of course, the respected media naturally, in those cases when a light was occasionally shown on this, although the conspiracy was fundamentally perfect, then they hurried to hide it, as well.

And naturally, we need the constant and total collaboration with the global crime webs because without those tens of thousands of human smugglers and such, this couldn’t have been organized. And naturally, at the every end, we need the cheap, underhanded, filthy, unrestrained, cynical collaboration of Europe’s elite. Also that of the British prime minister who visited us here today.

He participated just as Sarkozy back then, and Monsieur Hollande, and naturally the German chancellor-woman. They participated just the same in the destruction of Syria, Libya. They created it, and then they proudly announced as well, that they are doing this in the name of Europe, of Western culture, democracy. They destroyed those fundamental conditions that, as they were at least filtered all this.

And so, the true culprit of this horror just happened [Cologne]… and something whispers to me that this is just foreplay. Just a faint prelude to something.

Truly, what will happen, is that they have already dragged Europe into a conflict roughly just as brutal as what WWI and WWII were like.

Europe, have a brain! You were dragged into the projects known as WWI and WWII by the same unspeakable global world power. And now you are idly watching, misled, letting it drag you into another identical one a third World War.

So kids, let’s not kid around. The problem is not solely with this global filth. That’s the end of the process and if we cannot choke the instigation of this process there within the global power structure. Furthermore, unfortunately, by force, we also work with — because we fundamentally worked within the EU, although, to Viktor Orban’s credit, or I should say his honor, that to all of these things, and back then the bombing of Libya, he was the ONLY European politician who at least voiced his worries and reservations about what the strategic consequences would be. But there were very, very few beside him in the European political sphere who voiced this.

So, if you will, it’s us Hungarians who ought to be the last people to deal with the destructive consequences of all this.

— [Panel member: “This is why they hate us most of all.”]

And naturally, this is why they attack us constantly. Yes. So, returning to and summarizing the point, I completely agree, we must get angry and we must stand up against this [the Cologne attacks].

But this is the end of the process. Sadly, it’s very hard to say, and it’s moreover the end of a process in which Europe is already in a perfectly beaten situation. You said it, that this can only lead to a civil war. BUT THAT IS THE GOAL. This is what it wants! This global power doesn’t want anything more than a never-ending, brutal, 30 years’ war. Just like the Thirty Years War was also the work of this global power. This is exactly what it wants. For a permanent civil war stretching for decades to develop in Europe.

— [Panel member: “Largely in agreement, I still claim that the gears at work, that we just discussed… those, we likely do not possess the power to stop them now. Especially not alone, us Hungarians. And yet, like you said, we should at least do as much on the level of the phenomena, and sooner or later every European nation must do what we did. The borders must be specifically closed. And this filth must be cleaned out of here. This is the level of the phenomena.”]

We don’t need to fight a civil war. Just with a single, decisive motion, clean out this global trash pile that this particular unamenable global power poured over here. This is what needs to be said… And this is what must be done. Thank God, we have already done this. We’re waiting for the others.

[ed. note: Bogar and panel member are talking over each other in agreement in the last several sentences… it’s unclear to me which subtitled words are said by whom, as I don’t speak Hungarian.]



40 thoughts on “A Vaclav Havel for Our Times

  1. “So, if you will, it’s us Hungarians who ought to be the last people to deal with the destructive consequences of all this.”

    I like that line. Sort of like the hobbits. It’s never known from whom great things will come.

    That guy is an economist, but contra their habit in this country, he speaks in PLAIN language and with passion.

    Regarding that link above to Soros – look at that guy’s face. Eel Face. Something is wrong with his mouth. What must be in a man’s mind, over the course of a life, to end up with a face like that.

  2. That was incredible. God bless the Hungarians. I assume they have long memories. Just like with Germany, we are expected to believe that Hungarian antisemitism in the WWII era was just random evil, malice directed at powerless shopkeepers. Was it though?

    “In Hungary, there are reliable statistics about the highest class of taxpayers (known as ‘virilists’) in 1887. At that time, no fewer than 62.3 per cent of businessmen in this category (362 of 588) were Jewish, according to the research
    of Andrew C. Janos. Moreover, 12.5 per cent of the ‘virilist’ landowners in Hungary in 1857 were Jewish — 305 of 2,450. By the 1920s it was apparently the case that 54.0 per cent of the owners of commercial establishment in Hungary (66.2 per cent in Budapest) were Jews, as well as 85.0 per cent of the directors and owners of financial institutions (90.3 per cent in Budapest), and 62.1 per cent of all employees in commerce. But only 12.5 per cent of all industrialists (31.6 per cent in Budapest) were Jews, by the familiar Jewish/Gentile divide between commerce and industry. It was also claimed by Janos that ‘the members of twenty or so ‘grand [Jewish] families — the interlocking clans of Kohner, Ullman, Herzog, Deutsch, Mauthner, Goldberger, [and] Wodianer … controlled among themselves some 90 per cent of Hungary’s modern banking system and industrial plants.” [RUBINSTEIN, WD, 2000, p. 6-7]

  3. There is so much cognitive dissonance because “we” KNOW that ALL RADICAL liberationist movements (Jew, jihadist, homodyke, nigger, migger, “white” traitor) SCREAM “genocide” to maximize their autonomy to its most radical extent. And now, because “equality dogma” is so deeply embedded into the psyche of the “white race,” the “white race” IMITATES the path of all the radical liberationists before him. He screams “genocide.”


    Is that the enemy ONLY INTENDS TO ANNIHILATE THE BEST of the white race BECAUSE THE MASS of the “white race” are already in a state of self-annihilation.

    Old men can’t make the best of white men fight anymore than he can turn a mass of “white” self-annihilators into genuine white Supremacist by FEEDING THEM the false frame of mass “genocide..”

    There is a targeted annihilation of the best whites within the chaotic cover of a mass “white” self-annihilation. And with this is both diabolical collaboration and pig stupid ignorance.

  4. Think of the mindfugg that is “name the Jew” which is passive-aggressive liberal-speak for “Jewish supremacy.” So in this corner of the “right” are the “anti-Semites” WHO AUTHOR the “Jewish supremacist” narrative. The logical consequence being that at the very top of this “anti-Semite” hierarchy is a crypto-“Jewish supremacist.” It can be no other Narrative.

    BUT NAMING THE Jew qua Jew REALLY MEANS naming the archetype anti-Supremacist and “premier” perpetuating self-annihilator. And it is through this collective imposition that one Jew at a time shall be forced to abandon anti-white Supremacy.

  5. Thor,

    You crack me up. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, now please give me a 250 word exegesis why this isn’t so.

  6. Philo….

    Yes, but if you call “it” a cigarette or joint just for the purpose of not naming the cigar then what say you?

  7. The expression “name the Jew” is an appropriate example of particularity. There is no semantic legerdemain or allusion to be had. In an epic taboo violating televised rant it’s a pity the Jew wasn’t named.

    It’s like piecing a jigsaw puzzle and refusing to place the final interlocking tab. We’re left with a satisfying yet incomplete portrait.

    PS: You’re 227 words short.

  8. Philo…

    When does “naming the Jew” become self-identifying as wS so that said Jew names himself or even better, disowns Jewish anti-wS?

  9. thordaddy needs that stuff for his own self. Who else needs it?

    He insists that others need it, but it just looks like so much nonsense.

    Anyone who is not autistic, knows that that stuff is not working. And i don’t intend autistic as an insult. Plenty of quality people are on the spectrum. That is a big long topic that has been written about quite a bit.


    Here are some alternative phrases for White people to represent their own interests, in the larger conversation with adults of various backgrounds:

    White Interests
    Ethnic autonomy
    White advocacy
    Intentional communities, and Intentional societies
    Self-selected communities and societies
    White Identity

    The problem with “White” is that there are many whites who do not want to be part of it!

    Porter at his blog – kakistocracyblog on wordpress – insists that the conflict is primarily within the white world, between those who would keep to themselves and keep their racial identity, and those who would not.

    Until that is resolved, white people are divided and easy meat.

    Plenty of white people do NOT see the value of their own white world.

    White people have failed to build a world in which its value is abundantly clear.

    That has been my argument about the ineffectiveness of “white civilization” as a cornerstone of White advocacy.

    Oh where! is the thing you call white civilization. All i see is a parking lot and a shitty mall, and cars and exhaust. A guy is supposed to go down to the art museum and look at paintings?

    White civilization failed to keep current. It failed under the conditions presented within the recent past, to provide something meaningful to the people who were supposed to inherit it!

    And even still, i see so many white commenters, who would be White advocates, arguing for white civilization as the basis of our ethnic interests.

    It is not a Marxist lie that the American lifestyle has accountability to the rest of the world. The oil and the energy and the resources, are not renewable, and we get to use them and have this heated house and then say to the rest of the World: Too bad you mud-dwelling hut pieces of shit, we eat up your cows now STFU.

    That is not a solid platform. It does not appeal me, anyways. Environmentalists are a bunch of faggots though, just a bunch of pantie-wetting tree-hugging hippies who don’t want to kill all the indians.

  10. So many white people do not see slash feel slash understand, their own selves, as White – meaning that they don’t consider their Race as part of who they are.

    They are not ‘of race’. That phrase i first heard in Imperium, but it probably goes back to the 19th century Germans, when they were all into that, before they flipped out and decided that they needed better farmland to the East, for themselves and fuck those monkey Slavs.

    But these other whites – it is not an act on their part – they don’t feel it, they are not part of it.

    As far as why that is. That question is really too deep for any one to say. It is pretentious to even speculate on it. Considering a question like that – Why are some people not ‘of race’? – … a questions such as that has to be regarded as one of those Big Questions that can only be approached and regarded and considered. It cannot be answered. There is no answer to it. Or the answer to it is not something that can be expressed with words, or with anything less than everything.

    However, that question is still something that people are curious about, and so how we do understand it. Why do some white people not really give a shit.

    I am not sure that i give a shit. My motives are not grandiose. I think that i don’t want little white girls sold to sweaty hairy Big Man for his prepubescent slave, and i don’t want to be tortured to death by a thoughtless niggers. Other people have Dreams, or did. Those dreams from many ago Current Years, and no longer.

  11. A stab at answering the question of White racial identity that you raise. Whites are a warrior/honor race, in contrast to many darker breeds, who are more the fucker/scavenger breed. As such, our impulse and ethos is to test ourselves and aspire to transcendence via struggle against other warriors, which results in intra-White warfare like Athenians vs Spartans as peers or Romans vs Germania as superior vs inferior.

    In our psyches, there is no warrior’s honor in fighting the other races. It is not ennobling to slay them except as eradicating the land of them (which we treat as a form of husbandry) or by surviving their onslaught (which is wildlife managenent). But there is no honor in Churchill’s wholesale slaughter of ululating Mahdi horsemen. It’s not combat, it’s an engineering solution.

    If war and love come from the same part of our soul, then fighting the dark-skinned alien and getting too excited about it is analogous to bestiality in sex. The sheep shagger knows that he has nothing to brag about.

    The world has changed and we’re finding ourselves in existential peril. Right now, we’re in the waning days of the latest iteration of the White vs White paradigm, this time with bioweapons (muds and their civil rights) as the stronger Whites’ means of figniting the weaker Whites. The new paradigm is going to be a moment when we put our intra-White conflict aside (by any means necessary, even if it requires lampposts) because we are all at Roarks Drift together and animal control response instinct has to kick in, if we’re to survive to fight each other another day.

  12. Suburban Elk….

    The wonderful thing about this medium is the blunted peer pressure to perform…

    That avatar, four children and twenty years of bouncing in SoCal is all that most high IQs would need to discount an “autistic” personality. Now, I realize that you were not calling myself autistic (biological-induced radical autonomy), rather, you were characterizing my tact in manner that absolved you of wS AND THUS ALLOWS you to stay comfortably mired in your radical autonomy (that state of being MAGICALLY MANDATING use of one’s “any means necessary” ethos). In secular “game” theory, EXECUTING ALL THE RIGHT MOVES is the surest path to victory (conceptually-speaking, it is called “being perfect). So in this jumbled paradigm, low IQ whites look to high IQ whites to “bridge the gap” between an ethos that executes all the right moves (being perfect) versus that ethos that mandates “any means necessary” (being radically autonomous). Next, the nature of “equality dogma” is to collapse these antithetical ethos into an indecipherably, jumbled mental quagmire. I do my duty for the young white boy who cannot yet “see” this quagmire soon to swallow him whole.

  13. Suburban Elk….

    Much like Philo, you have yet to concede that your denial of “white supremacist” IS THE MOST POSITIVE PROOF of your pathological deracination.

    In the very same vain, the “white Christian” who denies his white Supremacy is attesting to his radical liberalism and his pathological deracination. He publicly taps out to the zeitgeist when denying the person of genuine white Supremacist.

    The “bridge” between these two dominant “white” collectives of the alt-rite and tradcons (along with their crazy, leftist cousins) is a truly vulgar racism that is rooted in hatred of their father all the way through and up to the God-father… Hatred of a father due a natural reaction to a newly discovered existential crisis.

  14. Philo…

    If you name the Jew then you are “white supremacist.” The reaction to deny this is then turned into fear of naming the Jew.

    I name the Jewish COLLECTIVE… Archetype anti-Supremacists… Mob imposition of “universal equality” by any means necessary…. Radically autonomous… “Premier” self-annihilators…. Killer of THEIR OWN perfect son AND author of His two thousand year desecration (deconstruction of Perfection)… Destroyers of He who falsified “universal equality” and undermines their “by any means necessary” ethos… Haters of Perfection, ie., objective Supremacy… Natural-born anti-white Supremacists…

    The objective of which is to force a fleeing of modern Jews from this mad collective of perpetuating self-annihilation… This state of being that puts everyday Jew ALWAYS on the brink of total annihilation and makes global cannonfodder of his very being.

  15. If the understanding is a Hungarian steeped in the ways of the historic Jew then not naming the Jewish collective is even more suspect (it is easier than identifying particular Jews)… And so instead of naming particular Jews, what is lost is naming the Jewish collective (as anti-(white) Supremacy) which a Hungarian centenarian should know… And instead The Narrative maintains the myth of invisible “Jewish Supremacy.” Neither naming individual “Jewish Supremacists” (so they CAN DENY) nor giving life to the anti-white Supremacist collective of which their mob power derives. But ultimately, there is no Supremacy at the “top” of the decrepit turd pile. There is no “Jewish Supremacist” that is not an ethnic Jew convert to white Supremacy.

    “Our” side wants to name the individual Jew granting “Supremacy” to its mob collective, deny he is in fact a white Supremacist himself and then DENY the truth that the “Jewish Supremacist” must either be an ethnic Jew convert to white Supremacy or a crypto-Jew anti-white Supremacist, ie., an anti-Supremacist DAFTLY CLOAKED in Supremacy by an “enemy” desirous of being under his boot). Ignorance or collaborator? When you are high IQ, the question answers itself.

  16. our impulse and ethos is to test ourselves and aspire to transcendence

    PA, what do you think about the comment I left in response nikcrit in the “Disgust” thread?


    I can acknowledge and respect other races contributions to humanity as worthwhile, however paltry they may be. But I think most people can plainly see that white people are still the race of people who are launching rockets into space, exploring the depths of the oceans, creating the most magnificent art, and in general, the ones who have consistently advanced humanity out of its chthonic origins. As Camille Paglia might reckon, West Caucasians are Apollonian in orientation while the NAM races have a Dionysian mindset – although Paglia conceived of this dichotomy as a male vs female psychology, I think the analogy could easily extend to race.

  17. MGE, you countered Nikcrit’s speculation that there is an ennui over Whites and I agree with you. We are a race of dreamers who work to realize their loftiest visions. I though wonder if in focusing on the Apollonian, you are going into the place that Elk has looked at critically: are we defined by our suburbs, malls, by our traffic fumes? Are space travel and engineering triumphs as such only different in degree from bubble gum malls?

    I think that the answer to “who are we” — and why we must continue to be — is elusive, outside of the obvious genetic and phenotypical definition of White. Do we exist to create and produce something that others can’t, and is that all there is to it?

    There is a scene in Kieslowski’s “Red,” in which Irene Jacob’s character confesses to the judge that her younger brother is a heroin addict and she wants to help. His advice to her: “Être.” Just be. She’s confused by his answer, so he repeats “Être.”

    I don’t have an aswer, but I think that “just be” gets at the essence. The 14 Words do too (both versions). This discussion is not over.

  18. So I’m soliciting some advice from the host of this blog and it’s commenters.

    Tim Wise will be stopping by near my town soon on his speaking tour. I will be taking this as an opportunity to drop some red pill truth bombs, as I believe it’s time for us all to take our message out of the virtual world and into the public sphere. Hopefully he will have some type of Q&A session.

    The audience will likely consist entirely of self flagellating white shitlibs who already agree with him, so I will have to tailor my message carefully. If I go full shitlord I will instantly be dismissed as a neonazi.

    Any suggestions?

    Here is a Tim Wise quote directly from his blog written in 2010 that betrays his humanitarian interest in anti-racism. Isn’t it funny when the mask slips and the genocidal intent is revealed?

    For all y’all rich folks, enjoy that champagne, or whatever fancy ass Scotch you drink.
    And for y’all a bit lower on the economic scale, enjoy your Pabst Blue Ribbon, …
    Whatever the case, and whatever your economic station, know this . . .
    You need to drink up.
    And quickly.
    And heavily.
    Because your time is limited.
    Real damned limited.
    So party while you can, but mind the increasingly loud clock ticking away in the corners of your consciousness.
    The clock that reminds you how little time you and yours have left.
    Not much more now.
    Tick, tock.
    Tick, tock.
    Tock. …
    Put it on your Facebook wall and leave it there so you’ll remember that I told you so.
    It is coming, and soon.
    This isn’t hubris. It isn’t ideology. It is not wishful thinking.
    It is math.
    Not even advanced math. Just simple, basic, like 3rd grade math.
    The kind of math that proves how your kind—mostly older white folks beholden to an absurd, inaccurate, nostalgic fantasy of what America used to be like—are dying. …
    And in the pantheon of American history, old white people have pretty much always been the bad guys, the keepers of the hegemonic and reactionary flame, the folks unwilling to share the category of American with others on equal terms.
    Fine, keep it up. It doesn’t matter.
    Because you’re on the endangered list.
    And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving. …
    By then, half the country will be black or brown. And there is nothing you can do about it.

    Nothing, Senõr Tancredo.
    Nothing, Senõra Angle, or Senõra Brewer, or Senõr Beck.
    Loy tiene muy mal, hijo de Puta. …
    We just have to be patient.
    And wait for your hearts to stop beating.

    And stop they will.
    And for some of you, real damned soon, truth be told.
    Do you hear it?
    The sound of your empire dying? Your nation, as you knew it, ending, permanently?
    Because I do, and the sound of its demise is beautiful.
    So know this.
    If you thought this election was payback for 2008, remember . . .
    Payback, thy name is . . .

  19. “We are a race of dreamers who work to realize their loftiest visions.” — PA

    In other words, white man strives towards Supremacy as Natural Law demands… Or, he is in descent (believes Supremacy = degeneracy)… He does not float (remain “indifferent”) contra alt-rite fantasia.

  20. PA…

    The whole idea of the alt-rite is that there exists a “sphere” between white Supremacy (racism) and anti-white Supremacy (vulgar racism/anti-racism) in which they may “loftily” operate. It is a place where they can be “racist” anti-white Supremacists… But it nonetheless devolves into a place of indifference… A place where resignation has set in and must be cloaked as a place where intelligent white man can dream again… Float again… It does not exist. As white male, you are going to convert to wS or self-annihilate in the chaotic milieu of awS.

  21. MGE, you are going up against a pro. He looks like a glib fast-talking piece of shit. He will have the audience on his side and can shout you down or zing you, leaving you with a blank skull. You will be nervous and that can cause paralysis.

    Study the tapes. Scour YouTube clips of his speeches and study his m.o. in hostile exchanges. What is his weak spot? How does he dispatch a heckler?

    Be prepared with your talking points. I would suggest the following strategy: start out like you’re a friendly. Like Jonathan Swift pulling you along as he’s pretending to be promoting cannibalism in “A Modest Proposal.” Don’t throw accusations. Don’t feed into the audience’s expectations of an angry loser racist.

    Rather, say something like “There have been a lot of right wingers who pointed to your deleted blog post in which you celebrated the demise of White people.” (make it more subtle if you can). “I hear from those loudmouths sometimes. How can I explain to them that you are not, in fact, promoting the genocide of European-descent people in America?”

    Have his old post printed (not hand-written — too messy) on paper so you can read it back to him if needed.

    After that, you can hit him directly with prepared follow-ups. A debate tactic you always see in presidential debates: avoid his frame after he responds. Ignore any questions he thrws back at you. Or rather acknowledge it with “Yes, that is interesting / good question.” etc., and then plough on with your talking points or accusations/questions.

    As you prepare your question, anticipate any and all possible responses, many of which will likely be snarky or dismissive. Practice the exchange with one or more friends who can play Wise’s role and call you an idiot etc. In fact have a friend call you all kinds of shitty names as fire simulation. Prepare and practice. And more practice. And you will then feel ready because you are ready.

    When you are there, be well dressed. Conservatively, with an element of peacock (shoes or tie) in something that gives you confidence. Expensive. Girls can tell.

    Leave the bulky wallet at home. Just have your driver’s license and a credit card on you. Leave the jangling keychain hidden in your car. Just have one car key in your pocket.

    Let us know how your prep is coming along and then how you pulled off your raid.

  22. MGE…

    Ask him how it is that he is both part of the “intellectual elite” AND an anti-white Supremacist?

  23. Tim Wise is a high IQ “jewhite” awS… He LITERALLY REJECTS the perfect man as empirical fact (to a multitude of consequences avoided in the short term so as to pay real hard in the long term) and thus possesses no true measure of intelligence. Instinctively-speaking, the perfect man is the most intelligent man for he defies any and all “universal equality” due his very being thus giving substance to “intelligence.” Tim Wise, thoroughly HBDed (he agrees with the alt-rite that white man has no God-ordained free will), understands there exists a genetic profile fit to be “triggered” with fervent faithfulness to this end… This aim at perfect being (true ascension, progression, theosis, racial dignity). He understands this genetically-cloistered aim resides within the white race, but more specifically, this inspired aim is inherent to a German-Anglo hydrid diasporicaly scattered about the globe.

  24. “We” understand that our “default elite” defy “universal equality” at the very same time that they “preach” a “universal equality” as anti-racists (passive liberal-speak for awS) to a willing mass so as to solidify their “default elite” status.

    So they are anti-(white) Supremacists in the “supreme” position in the same manner that they are anti-Capitalists with nearly all the capital wealth in the same manner they are Integrationists living segregated personal lives in the same manner they decry separatism from the balconies of their exclusive cocktails parties in the same manner they seek to “perfect man” while mocking and demonizing objective Supremacy as the delusion of irrational, mad white men.

  25. At Eradica the prescription is eradication of the “liberal nazis,” ie., the diversified “national socialists.” But the deeper understanding realizes a human-like “parasite” lacking God-ordained free will, ie., human agency, and he is “ours” to a large extent. Such an entity DEMANDS annihilation, but when he looks like “us” then ours is a self-annihilation. So there is a fine line between a ravenous suboptimal AI AND those who socially engineer this deleterious suboptimization for the purpose of propheteering off the insatiable appetite of a geneticially-modernized human-like “parasite.”‘ Many whom, in true proximity to ourselves, are mostly our family and friends, first snd foremost. It’s called a pickle. You know my solution.

  26. The Jewish pathology is a hatred for an imperfect father projected onto the perfect son. In reality, The Perfect Son is a revelation of The Perfect Father and testament to a regenerate relationship where a father seeks to see his son fly higher and a son flies for forever humble no matter his loftier ascension. The Father gave you
    wings, after all.

  27. Another idea is relentlessness and how its essence has been pathologized in regards to the white man by way of sleight of liberal tongue… Words like obsession, monomaniacal and autistic come to mind when talking white tenacity and what is lost is that in the enemy’s relentless memetic instruction is an autistic-like monomaniacal obsession with anti-white Supremacy… A truly murderous programmatic fear and loathing of the greatest of white spiritual warriors leading our civilization.

  28. “Thordaddy, please don’t use my blog for stream of consciesness rambling.”

    The funny part is, that was one of the relatively rare Thor proverbs that I was able to wrap my head around —– sort of.

  29. PA….

    I’m not guilty of the charge. But you may be guilty of pathologizing the relentless white ones amongst you?

  30. PA…

    A true parasite is not held accountable. He is tolerated his insatiably ravenous appetite or he is eradicated….

    The third option is BEAT IN TO HIM a God-ordained free will so as to rationally justify all potential plans of near future eradication.. The critique of KM was poignantly laid out by Mr. Auster…. If a Jew cannot change his stripes then a Jew cannot change his stripes…. Ergo, Jew has no God-ordained free will…. Double ergo, Jew cannot really be held accountable…. He must be, by a healthy people who see it this way, eradicated. So now the dilemma is manifold… Jew cannot be held accountable, we MUST eradicate him AND OUR OWN POSSESSION OF God-ordained free will IS NOW SUSPECT!!! For true parasites are not evil unless we hold steadfast to a perverted conception of evil. Ravenous, insatiable, programmatic and self-annihilating… Yes, all characteristics of a true parasite… Evil is the stuff of men WITH God-ordained free will AND CAN BE HELD ACCOUJTABLE TO OUR HIGHEST STANDARDS. “We” must beat this into them before we are staunchly confident in a mass eradication in the face of prolific parasitic annihilation..

  31. MGE, in regard to confronting (heckling?) Tim Wise, i would advise caution.

    Only you know how confident a public speaker you might be in that situation – or DO you know how confident you will be in that situation? (Which question gets back to knowing yourself.)

    If you are unsure of yourself – you will get hammered. As was said, Tim Wise is a pro – this is what he does. Yeah he is an idiot but he can talk fast and off the top of his head, and all he does is talk and write about the topic (of how white people suck).

    Incidentally, the value of these blogs, in my opinion, is that real people can practice and get fluent with rhetoric that suits them and Their case.

    So, how practiced are you, in speaking, from a script and off the cuff, about White Interests?

    Personally i am pretty good – but with a Friendly audience.

    In a hostile crowd, does that suit your personality or not. Some people thrive on that antagonism.

    Do not underestimate the antagonism. And evaluate your own presentation skills, in advance. If you are green at that stuff, you will lose.

    If i were given the floor at a Tim Wise speech, i would go short and sweet,

    There are White people who want to do their own thing and don’t want to be part of the multi-race multi-cult experiment.

    These White people feel that the multi-race mult-cult living arrangement is not working out: it is at their expense and to their disadvantage.

    These White people will not be made martyrs for a social experiment for which they did not sign up!

    However, Mr Wise is welcome to commit himself and his family, to the multi-race multi-cult living arrangement social experiment – and its results. By all means please do, Mr Wise.

    Let us live in communities that suit us each and every one, and be the better for it.

    The objections to that argument will likely be along the lines of: This society is comprised of everyone, and there is nothing that can be done about it, that “we are all in this together.”

    That will most likely be the counter-attack.

    If we are all in this together, then who decides what is Best?

    Mr Wise has an opinion, – good for him, way to go, Mr Wise!

    There are other opinions! there are those who WOULD NOT BE PART of the multi-race multi-cult living arrangement and social experiment, and you will not silence them!

    So i say please, Mr Wise, go your own way! and take with you whomever you might.

    (We will be here.)

    Good evening to you all.

    Speak to the Crowd. Regard Mr Wise as your lesser. That approach – those two things – are CRITICAL critical critical critical critical. Speak to the crowd, and bear in mind that Wise is a joke. One has to actually Feel that though.

  32. I would edit the conclusion to that speech above, into this:

    “There are other opinions, and other People – those who will NOT be part of the multi-race multi-cult living arrangement and social experiment, and you will not silence them! and they will not be run down covered up made to be quiet, silenced or disappeared!”

    Which edit goes to the point – it is not Mr Wise being spoken to, it is the Crowd, it is everyone else. Mr Wise is just there, he is incidental, he is NOT the focus. Critical critical critical.

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