The Year of the Shitlord

— is here. Celebrating our ascendance, I present below the Shitlord’s anthem — in the form of old-school Pennsylvania borscht belt wisdom — the “Too Fat Polka” as performed by the living legend, Mr. Blue Velvet himself, the angel-voiced Bobby Vinton.

We Shitlords suffer no liars, we countenance no shills, we humor no saboteurs of White children’s future. And we most certainly (ahem!) stomach no fatties.

When confronted by any of the above affronts to truth & beauty, you know what to do. First, draw out a sneer and shoot an askance glare from under your bright red “Make America Great Again” baseball cap. Then, reach toward that place deep in your gut where the disgust reflex expels the toxins that threaten the integrity of your body and soul. And finally, you rhetorically slay the impudent abomination with one short sweet jab, just like in the song:

“I don’t want her, you can have her. She’s too fat for me.”

Feminism’s a bore? Dindus demand more?
— She’s too fat for me

Diversity sucks? jeb bush cucks?
— She’s too fat for me.

Obummer gives you the blues? GOP likes to lose?
— She’s too fat for me.

Hillary’s a crook? Mudsharks make you puke?
— She’s too fat for me.

The hottie’s a ho? Anti-Whites need to go?
— She’s too fat for me.


35 thoughts on “The Year of the Shitlord

  1. Hey, peterike, I live in the u.s. capitol for that dere, day, fine polka music!!

    Yeah, i’m being sorta a traitor to my town—— but this is only one small part of it.

  2. “Hey man, you want to start a white revolution?”

    “Yeah, bro…. What should we call ourselves?”

    “Man… I don’t kn….”

    “What about white Supremacists?”

    “Or, what about Shitlords?”

    “Yeah, bro– Shitlords! White Supremacist is way too vulgar and offensive!”

  3. Shitlords….

    Vile minions…










    Just don’t call me “white Supremacist.”


  4. So, how about that situation in Europe?

    Good job Merkel.

    I was reading about the sex assault riots in Germany. In Cologne on New Year’s, the orc mob was at least a thousand strong and the number of sex assaults is listed at around 200 or so.

    To point out the obvious, that is the tip of the iceberg. We all know this, but good whites might not. They like to think that that one incident can be prevented by this or that measure, and problem solved.

    The reality is that Cologne was the worst manifestation of what went on in a thousand or ten thousand cities and towns on that day: Cologne the worst and then this slightly lesser sex assault riot, and then this slightly lesser sex assault riot, and so on.

    It was coordinated with social media, of course. And what questions does that bring up. What social networks are they using, it can’t be facebitch? That is not a difficult question to get the answer to; i am not an internet pro, but it can’t be a big secret, what social media those orcs are using.

    If facebitch is being used in the commission of a crime, and at the same time they are deleting reports of that crime as their policy? – then they are complicit. The Law is beside the point, these days, but the extent that they get away with that.

    But anyways, i was reading some news on that, and you get that feeling that you just have to TELL you know, about this FUCKING PROBLEM, and then it will be solved because we are good smart white people and we all want to figure out how to manage our societies and get the most out of our lives.

  5. But they generally see it as something they would rather not worry about. Some of these people are still making plans for the grand tour, to Africa for a safari, or a cruise down the Danube. I put my head in my hands and issue a silent scream. They don’t trust my estimation of the risks (they don’t ask).

    The status signaling that goes on with those travel adventures – reading through some Christmas cards! let me tell ya. Can we just let go the Christmas card status signaling already. Can these people really be unaware of how transparent, not to say pretentious, it is? Apparently they can – because it is a competition, and everyone is getting behind in the race.

    I know a divorced woman with two kids, and she is taking them to Africa for a safari adventure. Hmm, not a good idea.

    That brings up what to me is (pretentious word alert!) an orthogonal point (pretentious because it is used in its correct but only colloquial sense). That point being that the venom that is directed at clueless liberals, is very much off-putting.

    That topic is a book length post, a meta-post about the internet culture that defines itself in opposition to stupid liberals. Liberalism is something systemic, and the people who suffer from it need to be considered as … patients perhaps, rather than culpable agents.

    At some level they are culpable agents. Certainly at the level of heads of state, for instance chancellor of Germany.

  6. Check out my new avatar. If it comes through on your computer as on mine, it is a light blue swastika design – perfecto! wordpress we LOVES you.

    I understand that those auto-avatars are generated uniquely upon the details provided in the form boxes to post a comment. But it is interesting to see that the design that it gets is a four- pointed symmetrical thing and it doesn’t look like a Christmas tree.

    Do i smell RACISM? who let in the occult. Those designs however are not occult as much as recursive patterns. Recursion used to be occult but now with computers everyone knows the secrets of the universe. Right?

  7. Americans are fat. We are the fattest people on Earth. Except for Mexicans. But considering that Americans have larger frames than Mexicans, we can be called the biggest people of all time.

    And it is a subject for condescension and mockery, but perhaps ought not it be seen in another light.

    They were happy once, and they liked to eat. But they ate too much. There was a big bad wolf in the woods. They had forgot about it, lurking out there. All the while inside their houses, looking out, down in the marsh were the wild things. They were still there, incredibly, surviving, waiting, watching, wanting.

    Oh what will you do?

  8. Elk, as you’re demonstrating, it’s hard to get one’s head around the situation. The known facts themselves tell a simple story: population replacement, or at least a partial degrading of aggregate stock — for a short list of ostensible reasons.

    But then, there is the sheer unreality and unnaturalness to the whole project. It’s like being in a surreal story, and history doesn’t do surreal.

    PS: “Facebitch” — I’m gonna start using that.

  9. Thordaddy,

    Indeed, “Shitlords” is hardly what one would want. But we live in a degenerate age, and in some respects you have to fight degeneracy with degeneracy. There needs to be some shock value to get through the noise, and the noise of The Narrative is deafening and ubiquitous and on full-blare mode 24×7. And by calling ourselves shitlords we throw it back in the Progs faces: yeah, you want to call me a racist, evil white man? Fine. I’m going to embrace that proudly and call myself a Shitlord. In a way, it’s a funhouse mirror image of how the Progs see us, but one designed to push back the humiliation they try to foist on us constantly. And since they have the full power of the news media, entertainment media, major corporations, major religions, academia, education and government on their side, you have to revert to guerrilla tactics.

    Had a white supremacist movement started up early — even as recently as the 1990s — other tactics may have worked. But the past decade has seen the anti-white attitude ramp up so incredibly — indeed, it clicks up a notch literally every day — that terms like Shitlords are the tactic of the moment.

  10. As I understand it, Shitlord is what feminists started calling brash right wingers on Twitter. The word had an impudent insousiance about it and was instantly appropriated by our side. It’s the rhetorical version of Viet Cong using discarded GI hardware to construct ambush weapons.

    And per Heartiste: agree & amplify

  11. PA….

    This is exactly THE WRONG tact…

    “Feminism” IS DYKE “nature” and so “shitlord” IS EXACTLY dyke’s ethos in one word. Dyke “believes” in the shitty “Lord…” A Lord that “made” dyke into a perpetuating self-annihilator, ie., DEVOUT dyke.

    So by “owning” the label, YOU VALIDATE dyke “nature.”

    On the other hand, in parallel fashion, and going back far longer in time is the devout dyke’s (what you still inexplicably call “feminism”) accusation of “white supremacist.” Again, another manifestation of devout dyke ethos, BUT instead of validating dyke “nature,” you invalidate your own existence with a fervent, LIBERALLY JUSTIFIED denial…. You WILL NOT OWN the genuine white Supremacist label so as to invalidate the self-annihilating “nature” of the devout dyke.

  12. Thordaddy, when we regain the authority to decapitate a mouthy feminist with a swing of a sword, or at least drive her out of our shire, we’ll eschew the rhetorical games. But we’re not there yet.

  13. So here’s the problem now… Vox is one of those >140 IQ “white” males whom I speak about….

    He should “see” the truth of the above because he has a superior IQ to mine. In other words, I gleaned this truth from all my observations, this truth cannot be absolutely refuted and Vox, having a superior IQ, should be able to REFUTE it. But just as he conceded to be a Supremacist, ie., against “universal equality,” he nonetheless held steadfast to the notion that devout dyke’s accusation of him as “white supremacist” was absolutely false (holding to the argument that he is actually Hispanic, etc… Just not white). So now “we” are forced to say, “Hmmmmmm,” on two fronts. Vox as denying his “white supremacy” and Vox perpetuating the meme THAT THE SIDE OF genuine white Supremacy are a gaggle of Shitlords.


  14. PA….

    OUR mass of “white” males DO NOT BELIEVE in their right to existence….


    From high IQ “white” self-annihilators.

    You MUST DESTROY this paradigm FIRST before you can even contemplate submitting dyke “nature” LET ALONE “annihilating” it*.

    *Because dyke “nature” IS perpetually self-annihilating, a people cannot annihilate dyke “nature.” A people can only reject it and submit it wherever it springs forth and rears it man/wife/child-hating “head.”

  15. Peterike…

    To claim to need degeneracy to beat down degeneracy is akin to believe that one beats radical autonomy with radical autonomy.

    No man…. You beat degeneracy with genuine white Supremacy.

    You HAVE NEVER EVEN TRIED genuine white Supremacy…. That’s what is even crazier.. None have. There is nothing degenerate about slaying evil in humanely clinical fashion. In fact, one could hardly contemate a finer dark art.

  16. PA…

    When you own “shitlord” and disown “white supremacist,” THE MASS OF 85-100 IQ white males BELIEVE YOU…. They believe you to be a “shitlord” and not a “white supremacist.”


    “We” need the mass of white males to “see” high IQ white men who are white Supremacist AND NOT shitty Lords AT ALL!!!

    To then come back and think being cute by half and saying to the white masses, “Oh, we really are white Supremacists and not shitlords, but we have to copy the ways of our enemies and play along with their Narrative in order to eventually overthrow them.”

    Nah man…. That ruse don’t fly. If I’m 92 IQ average white Joe and I “see” YOU PLAYING ALONG with the enemy and conceding to all their linguistic manipulations then YOU are the enemy.

    You are a shitty lord and not a white Supremacist JUST AS YOU CLAIM. Hiding under the, “I must do it like them, but only because we have to” is childish nonsense.

    They say PA is a white Supremacist. OWN IT and start as a leader who AT LEAST believes in his own right to existence.

  17. Thordaddy, I don’t disown White Supremacist. Can we consider the matter settled at least for the next several comment threads?

  18. Certainly….

    But the tougher truth for all us white males who have a visceral sense of existential crisis is that we don’t “get it” BECAUSE we don’t want to get it!

    To be a “shitty lord” is SUCH A RELIEF in relation to what we really need to be to avert existential oblivion….

    We dare not call “feminism” dyke “nature” because then we would need to remove ourselves from the comfort of a proxy war and ACTUALLY target the insatiable parasite embedded within….

    We absolutely “see” no prophit in defining Liberalism as homo-sexual “nature” (the self-annihilating “nature”) because then who would pen all these fabulous creation myths like the “Enlightenment” or the “Gnostic Gospels?”

    Yes, yes… We believe in HBD…. But only because long ago we conceded “equality” in the intellectual sphere. That black nerd was truly equal to the white nerd, if not cooler. So really not a nerd at all, but a really cool, smart black guy.

    I could go on to list the concession to “Jewish Supremacy” and inevitable Islamic takeover….

    All psyche war to deny wS and to keep white male firmly entrenched in AwS.

    You have a duty, PA.

  19. Why don’t you capitalize “White”? It’s a racial identity designator like “Asian,” not an arbitrary value like “pale” or “tall.”

  20. PA….

    The 20th century was the century of “white” self-annihilation…. ONLY NOW has “it” transformed into something more humanely clinical called Liberal ideology.

    White IS ONLY COALESCING in relation to objective Supremacy. And because objective Supremacy is what it is then white takes it proper position in the lower case. In others words, if we do not share a mutual destination then we can only pretend to be brothers by race alone. And a shared origin is no mandate against future friction where both God-ordained free will and suboptimal AI are in operation.

  21. “You HAVE NEVER EVEN TRIED genuine white Supremacy…. That’s what is even crazier.. None have.”

    None? What, just you? I get tired of your endless refrain, though I respect you. Still, I think your ivory tower style tactics are hopelessly naive, however noble they may be. We’re in a street fight and need to use every dirty trick, every bait and switch, every agree and amplify tactic that comes to hand. That’s what our enemies do every single minute of the day.

  22. Peterike…

    I have articulated the paradigm as simplistically as possible….

    YOU WERE BORN to be a “white” anti-white Supremacist AND the degree to which you engage in degenerate thought and action, you fulfill your societal role.

    THE ONLY antidote is white Supremacy.

    And you’ve never tried white Supremacy because you are AR THIS DAY convinced one must fight degeneracy with degeneracy…

    And by the way, I’ve been a bouncer in SoCal for nearly the last twenty years. I know a thing or two about street fight and it NEVER ends with playing along with your enemy. Bridging the gap is how you fight. Playing “You are, I am not” is how you avoid fighting.

  23. Peterike….

    Alt-riters and neo-reactionaries are “racist” anti-white Supremacists…. Believers in their “right” to self-annihilate (in the face of inevitable infinite regress and General Entropy… It’s LOGICAL)… “Racist” because of a self-inflicted self-loathing born of their concession to “black nerd’s” exalted existence. Anti-white Supremacist because even the mere thought of the perfect white man nauseates them as though afflicted with an invasive pathology. But ultimately, the social construction itself — “racist” anti-white Supremacist — JUST IS a “white” self-annihilator. The alt-riter and neoreactionary are high IQ “white” male self-annihilators WHO DO NOT BELIEVE in their right to existence and the evidence of this is literally everywhere….

    And you pretend not to “see?”

    What does that ^^^ mean when coupled with Peterike’s high IQ?

    Collaboration, by DEFAULT.

    And this is indeed “our” state of radically autonomous affairs. Guilty and always proving innocent… Even me. Or resignation to a total indifference. A radical autonomy in and of itself. Heads they win, tails you lose. Healthy perpetuation is the only real victory.

  24. Peterike….

    The alt-RITE and Neo’s reaction NOW OPERATE as the highest form of “white” radical autonomy. They are, seemingly paradoxically, the greatest obstacle to wS just because they are so subtly disguised and articulately subversive. Their HBD truth PEGS a CERTAIN genetic profile MOST SUSCEPTIBLE to fervently faithful embrace of objective Supremacy…. And THEY ARE ON BOARD in the technologically-advanced annihilation of this certain genetic profile that co-mingles within the white race with its diasporic nexus perhaps rooted in a Germanic ethnie. At the same time, HBD truth implies a genetic profile certain TO REJECT objective Supremacy and thus destine itself for annihilation. And yet, reality itself tells “us” this genetic profile perpetuates. The self-appointed role of the alt-riter and Neo’s reaction itself is to “give life” to this self-annihilating genetic profile that nonetheless CAN PERPETUATE. So the logical conclusion to the insatiable parasite amongst us? HE CANNOT BE TOTALLY ANNIHILATED. We must find accommodation or face our own annihilation. in fact, IF we annihilate ourselves then the parasite will die. That’s the nerd’s plan. That’s the plan of the social retard. Stomp on his glasses rather than “see” the only solution is wS.

  25. We’re in a street fight and need to use every dirty trick, every bait and switch, every agree and amplify tactic that comes to hand. That’s what our enemies do every single minute of the day.

    Peterike, in the wake of Caitlyn Jenner / Rachel Dolezolozlolz spectacle, you left a comment on Heartiste that I thought was brilliant, which I’ve copied below. The Left used to represent the interests of middle American Whites. Nowadays, it is nothing more than a fragile coalition of grievance groups. What do feminazis, homos, trannies, blacks, beaners, muzzles, and jews have in common? Nothing really, except for a mutual interest in attacking the Stale Pale Male, demoralizing him into handing ever more gibsmedats to whomever screeches the loudest.

    The Progressive Left has been telling us for decades that “there is no such thing as race” and that “race is social construct.” All great bosh and lies, but thanks to their academic and media hegemony millions have accepted this as true, and it’s an unassailable article of faith among the Progs.

    Yet the moment a white woman actually calls their bluff, they shriek “oh no, not for YOU whitey!” Dolezal has laid bare the Prog shiv. Their own “logic” entraps them. Either race is REAL, in which case you can accuse Dolezal of wearing blackface. Or if race is NOT real, as we’re lectured, then how dare you try to trample her rights? You can’t have it both ways.

    The truth revealed here is simply that anti-racism, “race is a construct,” etc. are now and have always been tools to attack whites, period. Most here know that, but somewhere in the lizard brains of Progs these hate-facts may be starting to bubble up.

  26. MGE, hey thanks for that! You know it’s funny. I read that comment and I can see myself writing it, but I have absolutely no memory of writing it. Things just wash over me at my age.

    I keep up with a few blogs and try to keep up on the comment stream. But it’s difficult. Too much work to do every day. Other interests, etc. At Heartiste is just float in now and then and drop a comment. I certainly don’t read all the endless comment chatter there. I can’t manage it.

    I’m by nature pessimistic and the world makes me more so. I probably spend too much time with a glass in my hand. Not at the Suburban_Elk level yet, but who knows what the future holds. I have adult children, I worry about the world they are inheriting. I try to make some little difference by comment bombing on Yahoo or various Prog sites until I get banned, which is usually pretty quickly. I’m not a warrior. I wish I were, but I’m not.

    As for you Thordaddy, honestly you just remind me too much of graduate school discourse. I gave that up many, many years ago. I hated it then and I hate it now. When you start in with “I have articulated the paradigm as simplistically as possible….” I just glaze over. Nothing against you, but I can no longer manage that sort of discourse. So let’s just agree to not engage. We’re both trying to fight for our side in our different ways. I support you in that.

    And I don’t know why, but I feel like ending with this poem from the great Wallace Stevens.

    “Burghers of Petty Death”

    These two by the stone wall
    Are a slight part of death.
    The grass is still green.

    But there is a total death,
    A devastation, a death of great height
    And depth, covering all surfaces,
    Filling the mind.

    These are the small townsmen of death,
    A man and a woman, like two leaves
    That keep clinging to a tree,
    Before winter freezes and grows black —

    Of great height and depth
    Without any feeling, an imperium of quiet,
    In which a wasted figure, with an instrument,
    Propounds blank final music.

  27. Peterike…

    I just write what I think when I’m provoked by what others aay… Nothing more and nothing less. You said in a “street fight” one must fight “degeneracy with degeneracy.” And you ARE JUST WRONG. First, because you are not really a street fighter and secondly because it’s nonsensical. You are SAYING beat Liberalism with liberalism (impossible). But liberals are not REALLY street fighters either UNLESS accompanied by a mob. So when a 50 plus year old white man with adult children “preaches” false instruction to MY teenage and prepubescent sons about things of which I am intimately aware of, I’m inspired to write otherwise. Now, if I said that you beat degeneracy with wS, what would that mean to you? If I say it is nonsensical to MANDATE degenerately annihilating he who would degenerately annihilate you BECAUSE it is wholly unnecessary, what is your retort?

  28. Peterike…

    I’m really just here because of PA…. He is closest to epitomizing wS and so I want him to take that final leap of faith. He implicitly understands that the salient fact is The Perfect Man as empirical fact and that the real battle is not between believers and nonbelievers, but between believers who dispute to consequence of that empirical fact. In other words, where you might see that Christian/nonChristian war as primary, it is secondary to the war between the wS and the liberal “Christian” with the former believing said fact falsifies “universal equality” while the latter believing said fact MANDATES a “self-annihilation for salvation,” Christ-imitating Crucifixion.

  29. A rejoinder to peterike’s comment and post higher up:

    The blackbird whirled in the autumn winds.
    It was a small part of the pantomime.

    A man and a woman
    Are one.
    A man and a woman and a blackbird
    Are one.

    I do not know which to prefer,
    The beauty of inflections
    Or the beauty of innuendoes,
    The blackbird whistling
    Or just after.

  30. Don’t even get me started on the drinking. I work a very high pressure job, frequently with 12 hour shifts that easily extend into 14 hours, flipping erratically throughout the month from days to nights and back. My circadian rhythm is almost as effed up as my romantic life. . . hence, I drink … first maybe a beer or two after work, then a half pint of gin, then a pint with some cough syrup. A few weeks ago I blacked out and didn’t wake up until the secretary called me repeatedly.

    I thought, well maybe the job stress is just a convenient rationalization for the drinking, but then over the holidays I took my first vacation in 2 years and had not the slightest urge to drink. I felt so relaxed I wanted to stay sober in order to enjoy it. I didn’t even go anywhere either. Just relaxed at home without a drop of alcohol the entire time.

    My job places me in direct interaction with the lower strata of society. I’d say the majority of my clientele subsists entirely off government benefits. Much of my alt-right ideation was fomented by witnessing the wages of diversity, up close, day after day. I’m so sick of busting my tail so my tax dollars can go to support the increasingly degenerate underclass in this society. You would not believe how many young, able bodied men I encounter that are unemployed and have absolutely no ambition to do anything other than collect a disability check, smoke weed, and play video games all day. Many of the women have absolutely zero shame in shitting out one baby after another, each from different baby daddies, and then towing them from one welfare agency to the next, trying to get Tyrone “signed up for the disbility cuz he gots ADD.”

    Speaking of pessimism, did you happen to watch season I of True Detective? It seems to me like a show that you and PA would really like. The main character, Chole, was inspired by the book Conspiracy Against the Human Race. I attempted to read it but it was just too damn pessimistic even for me.

  31. My job places me in direct interaction with the lower strata of society. I’d say the majority of my clientele subsists entirely off government benefits. Much of my alt-right ideation was fomented by witnessing the wages of diversity, up close, day after day. I’m so sick of busting my tail so my tax dollars can go to support the increasingly degenerate underclass in this society. You would not believe how many young, able bodied men I encounter that are unemployed and have absolutely no ambition to do anything other than collect a disability check, smoke weed, and play video games all day. Many of the women have absolutely zero shame in shitting out one baby after another, each from different baby daddies, and then towing them from one welfare agency to the next, trying to get Tyrone “signed up for the disbility cuz he gots ADD.”

    Hey, I work in the industry that trains your future clientele and hones their lack of skills and abilities!

    Where’s my finders fee?

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