A Short Post About Killing

Here are two literary references to the taking of human life.

The first one is from Henryk Sienkiewicz, recipient of the 1905 Nobel Prize in Literature. I read his popular adventure novel for boys titled “In the Desert and the Wilderness” (orig. “W pustyni i w puszczy”) when I was in second grade. It is a story about two children of British empire’s civil engineers in Egypt, a fourteen-year-old boy Stan and a younger girl Nell, who are abducted by Arab rebels and transported to Sudan as hostages.

While traveling through the Sahara, Stan gets a hold of a rifle and kills his captors. After a series of adventures in Africa in their quest to reach British soldiers or explorers in Kenya, he and Nell are rescued and reunited with their families. In telling his story to his father, Stan gets to the part where he killed the men and looks at him apprehensively. His father says, as translated by me:

“Listen, Stan, don’t deal in death lightly, but if someone threatens your homeland, the life of your mother, sister or the life of a woman placed in your care, put a bullet in his head with no questions asked and don’t burden yourself with any remorse.”

The second fictional account of killing — two killings, to be precise — is from Krzysztof Kieślowski’s one-hour film “Decalogue 5.” The eleven-minute clip below shows both homicides, each in graphic detail: the brutal murder of a taxi driver that starts at the beginning of this video and the killer’s resulting execution by hanging, which starts at 5:45.

The anguished-looking man in the execution scene is the convict’s lawyer, a young idealist who is very emotionally involved in the case and at one point (not shown in this video) is reprimanded for being too delicate for his job.

In my past conversations about the film — in which the taxi driver is rarely mentioned — sophisticated liberals have pointed to “Decalogue 5” as an impassioned case against capital punishment. As far as I know, Kieślowski himself was against it. But an artist’s conscious mind and what he transmits through his art can be two different things.

When I watch the execution scene, I feel sincerely sorry for the kid but I am also satisfied that the punishment redeems his humanity and ours.



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  1. FYI, Hulu just added several short Kieślowski films to its Criterion Collection, but not “Decalogue 5.” I’m not as up on him as I should be, though “The Double Life of Veronique” is a magnificent film. And I’ve seen “Blue” and “White” but not yet “Red.” The first two were also brilliant films.

    On the larger topic, it’s amazing how culturally it was once perfectly acceptable to protect one’s nation and family, and how both of these would now be frowned upon by the Smart Set. We are so degenerate it beggars belief.

    “If someone threatens your homeland, the life of your mother, sister or the life of a woman placed in your care, put a bullet in his head with no questions asked.” Notice how the father doesn’t say “if someone threatens you.” It was all about the homeland and the women. I guess a threat to one’s self doesn’t need explaining, but it needs more consideration to kill in that case. But threaten my nation or the women and it’s over for you. Such healthy attitudes!

    Today, as immigrant hordes threaten our nation and quite actively assault our women, we sit supine.

  2. Update to my own post. Apparently, Hulu has the film “A Short Film About Killing” that is “a shocking, powerful film expanded from episode V of Kieślowski’s legendary Decalogue.” I have a lot to watch.

  3. I wonder if it’s only available as the entire ten-part set “The Decalogue” (1988). Each of the episodes is a meditation on its respective Commandment, “Decalogue 5” being based on “Thou shalt not kill.” I think you can only buy the DVDs as a set.

  4. Yeah, Kieslowski made “Thou shalt not kill” (Decalogue 5) and “Thou shalt not covet” (Dekalogue 6) into full length “Short Film About Killing / Love” versions in addition to them being part of the ten-part Decalogue, in which each episode is one hour-long.

  5. I saw one or two of those Red White and Blue films but frankly cannot recall.

    We have funny ethics about killing. Could you do it?

    I ask myself that shit all the time. When my dog gets old, what is going to happen. In terms of ethics, the most sense? is to do it yourself with a knife and a cut across the carotid artery in the throat. That is the most painless way to go, for any mammal. Right?

    The idea that people are special, or any different from other evolved species, is pretty self-serving. I have had experience with dolphins in the wild where it was clear they were saying hi, or just keeping me company. And it is well known that dogs do that too. Cats not so much.

    But the point being that we put those animals to death as a matter of course. In the daily course of business. Just running the seas with that sonar and things like that – that is why those whales “inexplicably” wash up on shore.

    However the flip side of that, is the grief that other people will feel. I don’t care much about my own life except to the point that other people will miss me. That is the only thing that matters.

    So considering that – a person who will not be missed? is not worth much. Put the “immigrants” in Europe into that equation. (This is solid ethics, right? It is my best shot.) They would hardly be even noticed. No one’s life is worth a damn except to the point that other people feel for them. Of those invaders into Europe, how many of their mothers even know where they are.

    If that is the value of human life – the extent that it will be missed and mourned, by family and others within a community – well what happens when that community is not around, and eventually that family is not around either. What it means is that life is cheap for us white Americans too.

    There is some relevant game theory there. Once life is cheap, that is a position of power. Some Isreali celeb politician real talker has a famous quote about that, about how for the Palestinians life is cheap and therefore they do what they do.

    (I hope this post redeems a little bit, my performance last night. It is hard for an alcoholic to drink too much, but it happens.)

  6. It is not my place to life the ban on anyone, but to the extent that it is? i say that nikcrit is out of the doghouse. My advice, before it went off the rails, was meant for his own credibility. We all have only so much (cred), and if we don’t STFU, people write us off.

    I find myself repeating myself all the time. Eventually i will say what i have to say, but until then it is just the same old same.

    Narcissism is only a disease to the extent that it causes problems. To be on topic – one of the problems that it can cause (and i am not trying to be funny here) is inflicting harm on other people, to the worst extent possible. In my estimation the worst extent possible is not violent rape and murder, but rather mutilation and torture.

    I was a victim of mutilation and torture, at the hands of the jews. Well not literally at their hands, i would guess that my mohel was white. But the point being – by any definition that counts as mutilation and torture, and that is the worst thing to impose on someone. It is worse than rape, it is worse than murder.

    Would you rather be killed, would you rather be fucked in the ass in a gang rape in prison – or would you rather have your arm cut off? That question is rhetorical because the answer is clear. I would rather have been abused by a Catholic priest and kept my penis. / humor at least is intact – was that the intended effect? methinks not

  7. What happened to the “mudsharking” post?

    “Mudsharking” as modern “good” is passively killing whites and those most affected viscerally by this passive killing are subsequently grossly pathologized to the point that this passive killing transforms into diabolical plot.

  8. One of the many 800 pound elephants in the “white” male’s room is clearly his lack of inspiration to righteously kill which is tied directly to his desire for de facto homo lifestyle…. A MGTOW, wifeless, childless, pleasure-induced state of being… In my experience, it was the birth of my first daughter that spurred nearly uncontrollable thoughts of righteous annihilation of evil. Three more on top of that and the only thing that has changed is the plethora of scenarios which rumble through my head on an inconsistently perpetual basis.

    You want to righteously annihilate the anti-white Supremacist???

    Get a lady or a radical female liberationist that you will enforce wS upon and impregnate her… When the child is born, and I can only hope all was done with a singular aim towards wS, the father will now be in the position to confront himself as to whether he has the will to righteously annihilate those who would violate HIS OWN baby innocent.

  9. “What happened to the “mudsharking” post?”

    It’s still there. Dated November 25th. One of my most popular posts, going by views. My second-most popular post, in fact, after “Paris 2015,” which was huge. Paris gets few views now, while the Mudsharking post gets a steady stream of views every day.

  10. Nikcrit….

    Only to draw no clear cut principle on the subject and hide the fundamental desire for radical sexual autonomy AND THUS an ideologically-induced “tolerance” for mudsharking by a growing mob force of sexually degenerate self-annihilators.

    @PA…. a slight undersight….

  11. Nikcrit,

    Creating identity crisis is the manner in which the upper and lower classes conspired to subvert and pilfer the white middle classes…. Mudsharkig in this context is a mere meme employed to that very end. And so you are here as a product of “mudsharking” seeking to solidify an identity that seemingly is more and more black versus white… So again I’ll say, AT LEAST IN THE VIRTUAL REALM, there is nothing discernibly “black” about Nikcrit, but there is a palpable desire for authentic white Supremacy. I think that “we” who can give it to you, should.

  12. All of this makes me think back to a book, “The Faithful Exceutioner- Life & Honor & Shame in the Turbulent 16th Century”, by Joel Harrington (2013).
    Basically, it recounts the story of a literate and conscientious professional executioner in the service of the city of Nuremberg during that very chaotic period – who kept a diary.
    In this telling, nothing is sugar-coated: Criminals do awful things that turn the stomach. It always is morally difficult to kill even the worst offender. Up close, it is all very, very messy.
    The recent war movie, “Fury” is hardly a great piece of art. It is burdened with all kinds of flaws. But I respect the fact that it invites its viewers to understand that “doing the right thing” is only easy in the abstract.

  13. Oops, I meant, “Life &Death& Honor& Shame in the Turbulent 16th Century.”

    The central character – Frantz Schmidt – was the only executioner in that era who was known to never touch alcohol (a lot!!). He, alone, could do the job stone cold sober. That is why he rarely needed more than one stroke to deliver a head into a waiting basket.
    That made him a good man, by all accounts.

  14. A man showed up in Nuremberg one day filled with zeal for the proscecution of “witches”, He had apparently acquired this enthusiasm from his travels in the parts of Germany that were already balls-deep into this maddness,
    The City Authorities convicted him of trying to generate civic disorder and sentenced him to meet Mr. Schmit down at the crossroads. There was no more witch craze madness in Nuremberg after that.

  15. Two thoughts. First of all, on witches. What the fuck.

    Witches are one of those things, that doesn’t compute, to a modern-minded person. They are anachronistic, i guess would be the word – but something about them, tells us all we need to know about how things get spinning – it is a witch hunt baby, do you know any?

    Look, i am not a witch, i am a racist. I would rather be a witch? A witch was a woman though, and the male equivalent was the warlock, but being a warlock was never the same thing. Realistically – as much bs as the feminists present? they have a case to make, about their persicution, a case upon witches.

    A modern myth, a modern meme. (Let’s never again use the word “meme”. That word sucks. It basically means idea but instead of idea it gets used by fags.)

    But that aside. Witchcraft and its appeal. Food for thought. It all gets caught up by sexually unsatisfied smart girls, who need to just be fucked into sanity. Am i right or am i right?

    But put that to bed and so secondly, on the soap opera theme here. Reading back on the other threads – nikcrit is not entirely in the wrong. Basically now and then he upsets me. I brought up his disagreement with hardscrabble_farmer as a point of evidence. hardscrabble_farmer, by the way, is slash was the best man – so anyone running afoul of him is suspect. Sometimes i want to quit this life and go work on the Farm. I have a Farm here, by the way. I estimate that i pulled in 1500 pounds of food, last year, from this black dirt. / yeah no joke

    But as someone else has said, if nikcrit didn’t exist, we would have to invent him. He is a sort of witch, perhaps a demon? or is that giving him too much credit. Realistically we have to accommodate him and his half-black ass, because political reality. Our Platform cannot be Kill ‘em all. As appealing as that sounds, and it all comes down to that, but still.

    I want what is best for my kids, even the ones i don’t have. And i want yours to be ok too.

  16. * persecution

    Despite 3+ standard deviations, i never got spelling. To this day. I have bragged on my iq before, and will do so again.

    We are in a position to be remembered, as men who said something and mattered. Anyone reading this qualifies. Name your kid Jon Jay. Or in my case Phil Taber.

    Someone has to and present, the Platform is simple. I want what is best for my White kids (even the ones i don’t have), and i want you to be ok too.

  17. Rum “He, alone, could do the job stone cold sober. That is why he rarely needed more than one stroke to deliver a head into a waiting basket.”

    Interesting point about executioners’ skill/sobriety. The guillotine was invented precisely as a humane alternative.

    Suburban_elk ” I want what is best for my White kids (even the ones i don’t have)”

    Notice that the 14 Words don’t say “…a future for my White children” but simply “…a future for White children.”

  18. I question my own motivations about politics, all the time.

    But it is not that complicated.

    So much of this stuff that we talk about – in a sane society, could be left unsaid.

    Somehow we became unglued. Basically, we are not evolved to live in a society with thousands of people. It is not natural. A person like me, an average conscientious person? wants to be in charge. I don’t want to defer to the police or the zoning commission or anyone else, ever, at all. Except my brothers, who are bigger than me. I will defer to them.

    But this society? it ain’t natural, and it is not going to work.

    So the question of motives, should really not even need to be addressed. A man wants some discretion in his living arrangement. In this society, there is little discretion, about how things will get built up, and who will live here. It is not “natural”, that i don’t have voice.

    The flip side is that we are all going to be dead, in 50 or 100 years. But maybe the kids will mention our names. Jon Jay for instance. George Washington. Those were men-and-a-half.

    We have forgotten about our obligation to history. I have forgotten about it. Despair and death is no solace.

    To be on topic, i think that killing is awful. But the living arrangement that is being built up, is not a happy one. Which is the point i try and make about so-called “white civilization” and how it is not an effective basis for advocacy. White civilization sucks. If white civilization were something, we would not be in this situation. White civilization? where is this thing you speak of. Is it down at Starbucks, or Caribou? the grocery, the Mall? Where is it.

    Of course i know that civilization is not something that can be pointed to – but the larger point is that our crisis, is that, actually, we are not (civilized). It seems to be just beyond our reach – that is what it is. In its essence, civility is something we almost get.

  19. I will try and take it easy here, but please allow this quick link.


    That is an old school website, i don’t think it gets updated, but it is fascinating reading. An insider’s perspective about violence and the street. The guy’s writing is just gripping, and i think that anyone around here will appreciate his themes.

    A lot of people have real misconceptions about violence and being a tough guy. He says that most people who go there do so from a bad place, a place where they hate themselves. He also says that once you kill someone, you can’t undo that action, and it can turn your life into a metaphorical prison, that cannot be imagined.

  20. I am really out of it, and should shut up, but another point he makes is that violent people have an advantage, that can be understood with some basic game theory – because they already made the decision and necessary adjustment, to be violent – whereas the vast majority of people have not.

    He also writes about how it is sometimes trendy – or it was for awhile, though in these hard times it is probably not so cool anymore – to go slumming, for college girls to go to dive bars and that sort of thing, and how the different codes of behavior for those different sets of people, equals problems.

    We all know about this stuff, to a point. If you go into a bad part of town, say the Mexican part – you be real careful about eye contact, and if you are looking at people, you best be ready to smile. I sometimes have a hard time not looking at people, because i am an idiot, but i have learned that a genuine smile is always helpful.

    The website is entirely about the Mindset of violence. The criminals and the victims.

    A lot of people on the internet talk about guns and fighting. I have my fantasies too. But the reality is, caution is the better part of valor, or at least i like to think so.

    This post required a lot of effort. Maybe some vodka is in order. I know about bad people on the street. The only people who have really ever hassled me out of the blue, have been local high kids, when i have been on my bike and they are in cars. White kids. Whereas the browns and blacks? in my experience they don’t start trouble. Not with me. My situational awareness is always at code red. I have been beaten and kicked down but walked away from some bad stuff. Been attacked with a knife, maced, threatened with a gun once or twice.

    That is my internet tough guy bio. As always everything is made up but i find that the truth makes for the best copy. It is strange how life seems uneventful but experience accumulates in spite of your best efforts.

  21. I don’t like to carry weapons because i find that they are more likely to be used. However, a solid flick blade is pretty basic stuff. A good walking stick made from the mulberry tree. I was thinking about drilling a carriage bolt through the end, but right there is malicious intent and according to my reading, is a felony to carry on school grounds near the house. They got laws for everything.

    The guy who used to live next door to my parents was ex-military, and a killer. He had a certain Minnesota look – Jesse Ventura, Hulk Hogan, that sort – all man. Sometimes he would come over and talk with my dad and end up crying. He had charisma through the roof, but was on the street, last i heard. That look though was typical of the South Metro suburbs such as Savage and Prior Lake before those places turned gay. Country boy meets biker gang. I don’t know if that look needs to activated epigenetically but you don’t see it as much anymore. I sure as hell don’t have it. Life is unfair. Would you rather look like Jesse Ventura or pajama boy?

  22. I picture you around six foot tall, thin and gaunt-faced with prominent cheekbones, a bit anemic looking, dirty blond hair, grey eyes with a haunted look, and handlebar moustache.

  23. There would be worse guesses. Your estimate of my complexion is more or less dead-on. Which coloration is a point of vanity. The handlebar mustache would be goofy – Daniel Day Lewis pulled it off. When i do the facial hair thing, i go with the Hitler. It is sort of an inside joke – but people get it. The frequent salutes help them there. People think it’s a joke – if they only knew.

    Caribou is the local coffee chain around here, and they have a blackboard with a stupid community themed question, like Where’s your favorite place to go for dinner. I used to always come up with “the thread winner” and the more to do with Nazis, the better.

    Where’s your favorite place to go for dinner?

    “Hitler’s birthday was last week, so we’ll be fasting thank you very much.” – and finding enough space to write that with eloquent legibility and appropriately chosen colored chalk – all the while under people’s eyes – that is where the Talent comes in. Silly little jokes like that though – i find that there are two types of people in the world. Those who enjoy them, and those who don’t.

    I have thought about getting a tattoo, it would either be a cross or a swastika. Both those symbols are very real. They are also very close, and someone must have done some archetype analysis on their relation. The swastika is spinning and in motion, whereas the cross is not, the cross is stable. Jung wrote abundantly about that stuff, i can’t remember much of it now. It is funny how ambitious and pretentious was my reading material, as a young man. I thought i had to read Jung, and i did. Most of it was over my head, of course. However – the best 20-page read that i know, is his The Stages of Life. The obscure symbolism that he was obsessed with, in my estimation, is a misdirection.

  24. “It is funny how ambitious and pretentious was my reading material, as a young man. I thought i had to read Jung, and i did. Most of it was over my head, of course”

    Same here. A lot of it is confusing when you don’t yet have a conceptual framework into which you fit ideas. My professor in an Honors seminar had us read an anthology of poststrucuralist/ feminist/ Terry Eagleton / whatever essays and I strongly disliked it, but couldn’t explain why. It felt counterfit and slimy.

    At around 21, I went through Arthur Kostler’s work and couldn’t put it down. Read “Gulag Archipelago” when bored for long stretches overseas in the Army. Straightforward stuff that resonated with my instinctual anti-leftism. Read Sexual Personae at 25. By the time I talked with Paglia at 29, I had a good grasp on the material.

  25. Nah, more like:

    But with “blacker’ hair, eyes and, uhh, teeth!

    (I need for holiday break to end; too much free time doesn’t sit well wit’ me…)

  26. Nikcrit, even if I saw you in person and you looked like Triple H or Djimon Hounsou, I’ll still insist you look like the fellow I posted above. The image is just too deeply imprinted in my mind in connection with you.

  27. The anthology I had in mind was “Critical Terms for Literary Study”. What I most vividly remember from it is an essay which “proved” that gender is a social construct because of a scene in which Tom Sawyer dresses as a girl and is caught in that disguise.

    God, I hate liars. Especially ones who teach young men.

  28. Well nikcrit if you are really that handsome, then good for you. That guy looks pretty stoned, and Horn of Africa. Don’t get me started on those guys. They are some toughs. People who talk about how stupid are Somalis – apparently their average IQ is in the 70s – have no idea. I have found them – in the course of live conversation – to be intuitively perceptive in a way that i would describe as off the charts brilliant. They are criminals to the core. That is their MO. Their women are hot – and totally like white penis. Not that i would know.

    I was cursed with pretty boy good looks, but at least they don’t last forever.

    It is totally gay to fixate on your own appearance, but on the other hand it’s not. There was a post on 28Sherman about how your face goes south, and it is a different pattern, a different story, for men than it is for women. How your face ages.

    Bill Burr has the final word on that, on one of his netflix comedies, where he talks about quitting drinking. But he says that “you’re feeling good and you lean in for a picture and then you’re like bam! John Travolta head, Alec Baldwin.”

    There is an image, a company logo, that was on a truck i saw this last summer, that was of a repairman bent over at his work, and most of his face was shaded by his hat. That man was not a “face” – he was work.

    The Big Head, in old age, is a liability. Alcohol and adiposity are absolutely the main causes. But there is a deeper cause somewhere – about where your head is at. Are you (the general you) lost in your head and your own life and your own problems, and your head is going to get big and bloated – or are you looking at the world and working with hands, and spending time outside, and appreciate Nature and the animals and whatever it is you like. And then your head doesn’t get too big.

    My hat size is large plus, but that is not what i am talking about. I am talking about your face and whether it bloats up, or better becomes clear with age.

  29. I once got into it with one of those Country Boy biker types. In my car i misjudged an intersection, and was at fault for making him, on his bike, cede to me the right of way.

    Well we stopped and exchanged some words. I knew i was in the wrong and said, Haven’t you ever made a mistake?

    And he said back, Oh aren’t you a pretty boy. I flipped and came at him – and he moved on right quick. And i was grateful for that, for him being older and wiser.

    I used to be a fairly expert driver. Pulling stunts in traffic and that sort of bs. I am sure that some responsible family type men, were this close to shutting me down. Pull out in front of traffic and do a 360, fishtail two or three times in a narrow lane at the Mall. Obviously it is talent and skill, and not everyone can do that stuff. I was never a great athlete, but could always handle a car, or boat. People noticed and so i got to sit with the cool kids.

    But that sort of reckless behavior happens, when someone isn’t getting his dick sucked. No one got killed, it is kind of ok but there was one accident, for which i was at fault. It sucks, and there is nothing to be done about it now.

  30. PA, I once noted ay gl piggy a grad seminar I took in which the you g female instructor gave us a essay prompt; “DeTocqueville: was he or was he not a racist? Support your argument with passages from texts used in this course….’ Funny shit but good times past indeed! Elk: the person in that image is former Laker Rick Fox. All I can say about him & ” handsome” is that in college through my early 40s, I must’ve had more than 50+ people say to me I look like him . personally, I neither see or deny the similarities; basically, I’m like many twin cities’ halfrican, a hybrid of Rustbelt sharecropper & middle-class Scandinavian gene stock & heritage.

  31. Re. Somali IQ: NO Somali blood. Mine’s typical black southern migration north blood: west African…… As for IQ: in my late 20s, mine averaged low-to-mid 120s. My purely speculative guess is that I give off the impression of having one (IQ) slightly higher because of a likely higher verbal IQ (e.g., always sucked in math while breezing through Lit & Journalism seminars & classes…….. My new year’s guesses for house guys IQs: PA: 140; peterike:145; SOBL: 130; phi hermetic: 145; Trainspotter: 125; elk: 125 (but higher before the alcohol damage set in)….. Happy New Year, you disgruntled alabaster chaps!

  32. elk: 125

    This is where we kind of disagree about where we are coming from, and what we want to accomplish.

    In other words, why are you goading me. Look, nikcrit – it’s not fair, but the fact is, i have cred around here.

    My NSA official score, based on SAT’s, is 149. Yeah, believe it. However, that puts me in the bottom half, of my family of origin.

    Back in the 80s, there were plenty of math contests, to filter out true genius – i placed as high as Second, State-wide, in Minnesota in the 80s. I consistently placed in the top 10 and 20, including the test of Gold Standard, the University of Minnesota Talented Youth Math Program, in which the cut-off for enrollment was 42 out of 50, and the third highest score of all time was 49, and my score was 46, and i was a year below the age limit.

    Do the math kid. 155. My maths were 770, and i was literally stoned on hashish. / shit that is true

    St. Cloud Math Contest – the best kids in the state. I came in second. Twelve or thirteen years old.

    Fuck you and your estimate. This is what i mean about deference. Sometimes you don’t know. Show a little respect – i beat your ass every time in these debates. Do you not know that.

    Your estimations of my iq reflect your own limitations.

  33. And if i don’t get a little show of support, from the Lurkers or whoever, … i will take it personal.

    Or am i just another internet hard-on?

    Do you not love me? / question for real

  34. Like i said nikcrit – you have to show some respect. Or do you really think you are a better man.

    What is wrong with your own people, that you don’t like their company.

    Those numbers i offered, are true. I like to think that that intelligence is evident in my writing. But nikcrit is saying that it is not.

    I would ask for some feedback, from whomever. Am i contributing or not?

    By the way i have a big white penis to go with it. / well it is not that big but it is very good average white size, 6+ but maybe a little thin, why did they skin it, well we will get even soon enough

  35. Realistically though – If no show of support?

    Then i leave you to it. Not trying to be a tough guy here – but come on, i don’t have the answers.

    Just one kind word? is that too much to ask? well i can be as hard as that too.

  36. Elk: you are contributing. What I said is what they call a “joke”.
    Sans the sauce, you’re the smartest mofo in the manosphere, but you don’t need to hear it from me…. Newsflash: NAMS can deliver levity too..!

  37. IMHO, NONONESENSELFDEFENSE is one of the best things on the interwebs. I have been recommending it to people IRL a lot. I do not go there much these days because it seems to have stopped adding stuff.
    Another self defense GURU of mine is Massad Ayoob. His Youtube videos are spot on. He calls himself an Arab-American but I can recognize a good-old-boy when I see him.
    I will make the judgment now: He is Merican!!

  38. Suburban Elk, I wonder why you do not at least consider yourself a white supremacist if not a white Supremacist in fact?

    I wonder if you were to conceptualize and then define white Supremacist in the absolute sense, what would you come up with?

    And then ask yourself how this conceptualization cannot then be the very definition of Suburban Elk?

  39. What I said is what they call a “joke”.

    nikcrit knows how to just (barely) walk the line. Stop provoking me. / though good joke, by the way! credit where due

    One of my very few real life friends, who has more wisdom than do i – he says, don’t wrestle with the bear. Meaning that people who keep to themselves, are usually best left alone.

    He came up with that phrase in reference to big fat adiposity Americans. Yeah they are stupid and slow – but have that casual strength that you don’t want to feel. It’s casual and easy, and fucks you just like that.

    He, by the way, is partially Arab, … but White. I am totally “big tent”, as far as all this goes. We have to include everyone who wants in. / practical politics makes sense

    I don’t push him too hard, on questions of Identity. But i have noticed how he has changed, and now defines his son, as White. To the point, he said how his son was the only white kid in his class. Talk about a definitive statement – it don’t get any clearer than that.

  40. thordaddy –

    I don’t agree with white supremacy.

    The basis for White advocacy, is that it will be easier on the kids. So that they don’t have to suffer these troubles.

    I don’t think that white people are “better” – i don’t think that for a second. Maybe the white people you know are better than mine – but i see them as the same old pieces of shit.

    However, like i have said ten times now – there is still a responsibility, for the kids, and their world.

    That is where we are at. No one is going to say it better than me, because you are all idiots. / nothing personal but that is my perspective

  41. If i don’t get some positive feedback?

    Literally, i can’t be expecting you to suck my dick, because that is gross.

    But all the same, a once-in-awhile Nice job, Suburban_elk, might be worth it.

  42. I did say in the previous thread (?) that you make me think.

    Other feedback? A wild man like you has highs that are high and lows that are low. Alcohol lubricates the mental gears when the buzz kicks in but drowns the engine if you keep pouring it in.

    I’ve found your comments among the most valuable on the alt-Right (iow, on the entirety of the internet). But then the lows come and I see the uneven course of your ship. Unprincipled flippancy even.

    Ignoring the low points, I say great job, Suburban_elk.

  43. You are too good to me.

    I will be taking a detox, but will get back to you later.

    I wish i could tell you about my personal problems. I wish i could tell somebody.

    That whole line, about Don’t pass out in the snow – is so much the truth.

    Right outside the door. I wish i could tell you, my story. I wish i had to strength, to sing my song.

  44. Oh, in my little impromptu I.Q. assessment yesterday, I forgot to include a regular here who would be at the top of the list: Thordaddy, whose intelligence quotient i’d guess to be 160 or so —– high enough to explain his willful social oblivion and indifference to commmon conversational courtesy; he’s also ‘normal-genius’ in how he, while unintentionally annoying 70-to-80-percent of the time, nonetheless comes up with some real pure and raw gems a few times a year in his assaying operational reality in our social here-and-now. If he paid more attention to contemporary mores, pieties and follies, he’d eventually fall victim to ’em; Thordaddy’s a true ‘ruminating bottom’ in the classic literary sense.

    elk: you’re too smart for this world; btw, tonight is new year’s eve —– designate tonight’s driver now!! lolzz

  45. Nikcrit “high enough to explain his willful social oblivion and indifference to commmon conversational courtesy”

    This also describes the two “untouchable” (as in, completely unassailable via normal verbal attacks) commenters at The Château: GBFM and Captain Obvious/Zombie Shane.

  46. Alcohol lubricates the mental gears when the buzz kicks in but drowns the engine if you keep pouring it in.

    elk, perhaps you might want to stamp this little quote from our blog host into your commenting signature?

  47. You are not on mod. I deleted the ones I thought you’ll regret posting when you’re sober. I’ll restore them if you ask me to do that tomorrow and you sound sober.

  48. Suburban Elk…

    No one agrees with “white supremacy” AS DEFINED by the anti-white Supremacist…. What I asked you is, as one with an asserted 155 IQ (and although Nikcrit’s assessment was rather flattery, I would only put mine at the 120-130 range), WHY DO YOU REFUSE to conceptualize and then define white Supremacy in the absolute sense (say like your abnormally high IQ amongst whites)?

    IF YOUR 155 IQ is not an evidence of white Supremacy, what is it? Nothing? Just a number totally unrelated to your race? Just an OBJECTIVE measure of your intelligence? It seems rather odd to deny objective Supremacy, but somehow attach a numerical label to “it” and it then transforms into a high IQ who then denies its very own basis?

    You clearly come off as that high IQ “white” who really does not believe in his right to existence and this is the “foundation” of your aingst towards white Supremacy.

  49. Stop flattering me, thordaddy –

    I don’t believe that white people, are better than others.

    Do you believe, that white people are better? by what measure.

    We had the world in our hands – and this is what we created – these suburbs. wow what an un-awesome accomplishment.

  50. I would like PA, or any of the other top commenters – to explain how white people are better.

    I don’t buy it for a second.

    If we were better, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  51. Elk, I can borrow Heartiste’s one-liner: our enemies are exploiting a bug in our program.

    I’m only deleting the comments in which you sound barely conscious (it’s a dead day at work, I’m fiddling away on the smartphone). But you know that The Royal We luvs The Elkster.

  52. Suburban Elk…

    Either your question is absurdly irrelevant in light of an understood existential crisis OR not recognizing any so-called “existential crisis,” you can afford to submit to the dominate liberal conception of “white supremacy” THAT HAS YOU BELIEVE that YOU have no right to exist.

    Do you need to be “better” than the anti-white Supremacist to want to merely survive at your best?

  53. I thought —- and confirmed —— that Gulag Archipelago was written by Solzhenitsyn; the way its phrased in your comment, it seems you’re attributing the book to Kostler. Or did I misread your intent?

    In any case, I think i’ve mentioned it before, but i cannot recommend enough the two books on Glasnost by New Yorker editor David Remnick; he’s probably what you’d call a hardcore mainstream leftist, but he got his start at a international staff beat reporter and has a real, enticing talent for telling great stories, with a superb knack for laying out telling details. Appropos of our discussion, he was also a big Solzhenitsyn fan and upon encountering him and meeting him during his stint as a wash.post reporter stationed in Moscow, he pulled some hilarious tidbits out of the old author for his filed stories, later refigured into his book. Remnick’s reporting was entertaining enough to prompt me to read Gulag and other stuff Solzhenitsyn wrote, though i’d barely heard of him prior.

    Happy, happy gentlemen; looking forward to resuming discussions in ’16!

  54. Thanks for saying something nikcrit, and everyone else.

    Looking forward to a better year, next time.

    I got shut down on the internet, i got shut down down on the street.

    https://www.you and tube.com/watch?v=YgSPaXgAdzE

  55. This thread has been epic. Yeah i went off the rails here and there, and there’s thordaddy and nikcrit, busting our chops as usual.

    But this goes down, in the all time Hall of Fame. Am i right or am i right.

    Regards to everyone reading, and the Host.


    By the way, that picture image of that Laker dude – is, in my estimation, totally ok and contributory. That is a beautiful man. I don’t have a fixation there, but someone like Scotty Pippen – he has an obligation, to you and me. If he ignores that obligation, he is missing it. I wish i had that sort of Talent. / life is not fair

    With power comes responsibility.

    Two kids from my high school, made it into the pros. One in basketball, and one in hockey. How competitive is that circuit, wow. They were all such Great Athletes (all my friends), … and yet none of them made it.

    But two kids from this one high school. What an exceptional record of success, really. That number includes two classes above and two below, so that is 2 males out of 1500. Pretty remarkable. Another kid from my class, almost made the olympics for freestyle skiing – but didn’t. He insisted that it was politics (Aspen politics), that kept him off the Team. He might have been right, about that.

    He was the best looking person i ever knew. And his dad abandoned him, or some bullshit. Typical American lost soul and no dad.

    / please don’t mod me, i am doing my best

  56. Yes, Gulag Archipelago was written by Solzhenitsyn. From Koestler, I read his best-known novel “Darkness at Noon,” a couple of his other novels, and his two-part autobiography.

  57. O.T. and possible future post fodder: I’ve been off for almost two weeks, have been flipping through television shows i never see otherwise. Appropos to discussion here and at like-minded blogs, I’m seeing confirmation of the alt-right claims re. how homoerotic mainstream television has become, whether it be sit-com, crime-drama or any of the many tangential ‘reality-tv’ formats. There are also flaming and cross-dressing actors in commercials whose intent is to make that person iconic; a branded character like Progressive Insurance’s ‘Flo’ in a recent spate of, I believe, Old Navy advertisements.

    I don’t know what to make of all that; i’m thinking a bit of thor’s ‘radical autonomy’ riffs; and to the extent that i can follow his train of thought, that make sense, particularly when said ‘autonomy’ is in accord with a self-absorption and cultural narcissism that mostw certainly seems prime and at apex ascent during this early 21st-century times.

    I would see we’re in a period in which the pop culture is decadent, almost as much so as it was in the late 70s (think here of the social maladies that the movie ‘Taxi Driver’ via its moral avenger Travis Bickle, but with a crowning 21st-century touch of digital-age-ramped-up self-consumption and vainglory, in which the individual has transcended his earthly bound form and place and is now exalted via avataristic meme and splendor.)

    It’s weird for this middle-aged hipster to sit back and take in the mass-consuming zeitgeist for a couple weeks; it serves to remind me why i don’t realliy like too much idle time.

  58. I made my name in “crazy” when I “obsessed” over the notion that, contrary to all the fabulous “creation myths” penned by the highest intellects of the reactionary right and traditional Christianity, Liberalism IS the political manifestation of the homo-sexual “nature,” the self-annihilating “nature” (the falsification of “survival and reproduction”). The key to understanding this fact is in dispensing with the liberal conception of homo-sexuality and accepting the real definition where:

    Homo = same = EXACT SAME = self…

    The reframe is not an America distributing “liberalism” the world over, but rather, America as the last place on earth with still small and influential pockets of white sexual regeneracy…

    “We” are under a FINAL ONSLAUGHT…

    The final tally is quite simple… All sexual relations outside of the Created Order are homo-sexual acts… Acts of SELF-sexualizing… Instant gratification and inevitable self-annihilation… Only the genuine white Supremacist stands against and aghast at all this self-inflicted carnage…

    And yet, there is a second layer that only bolsters the understanding… There is no spiritual or intellectual origin to raw sexual degeneracy. That the best minds of the “right” would narrate it so only goes to show how deeply embedded is the ethos of anti-white Supremacy.

    There is no political spectrum.

    There is desire for radical sexual autonomy amongst the sheep AND “default elite” alike and a MUTUAL hatred for white Supremacy ALL ROOTED in a homo-sexual “nature,” ie., The LIBERATED “nature.”

  59. Really? I never encountered something like that in my nine-to-five; i’m familiar with the circumstance, but always in the form of something i read about. Was this book in Europe or stateside?

    I’m curious about this My town seems to have avoided these controversies; we’re pretty conservative by modern zeitgeist standards, and I bet it’s a case of the likely activists and inciters who provide the bridge from hypothetical to literal circumstance and actuality decided to push their cause elsewhere; IOW: if this occurred stateside, i bet it was in ny or d.c. or some other beltway locale.

    i wonder how i would handle this stuff if i were a parent; i could see myself plainly stating that two same gender people are bonded like friends but are a couple. My response would differ from the prog-liberal response in that, however, i wouldn’t be hesitant to point out the highly disproportionate rarity of such couplings, nor would i be afraid to make the kid of the rancor and dissent attendant to such pairings. (i believe our society oft overlooks a basic fact of sociology and human communication: rancor and disparagement often occur in evolutionary reaction to a existential threat; and at a base bio-genetic level, homosexuality IS an existential threat to the continuity of the species; couple that purely practical assessment of the practice with the vainglorious form we see manifesting in present-day zeitgeist form, and you have the social spectacle that we do every time you turn on your tv or step outside your door.0

  60. Nikcrit, yeah, this was in the US, the northeast corridor.

    I noticed the all-homo-all-the-time TV you describe on the sitcom “Two And A Half Men” after Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen. It was a good red pill sitcom in its first few seasons that then went hard feminist, and until I stopped watching the show, became a horrorshow of self-indulgent flamery. I watched it on the network’s website, since I haven’t owned a TV in years.

  61. Those who desire to rape sheep into “action” are motivated by a sexual degeneracy…. All the world’s “leaders” are, from the best perspective of a “lone wolf,” sexual degenerates and undoubtedly situated against white sexual regeneracy.

    And now before “us” will be the new, most “epic” case of deadly mudsharking with the only question to be asked some 20 years since Ms. OJ Simpson was nearly decapitated is whether the Cosby act will give “us” even more mudsharking twenty years into the future?

    And here “we” have the high IQs of the alt-rite NOT ASKING ITSELF how the Cosby act, just like the OJ act, GETS TURNED INTO MORE mudsharking?

  62. This is another thing about many of the high IQ alt-riters whose game with the ladies was as weak as their pull on aged homosexual predators. So for the same reason that they did not attract genuine females, they did not usually attract homosexual predators OR DID but knew of no others like himself… Needless to say, his objective view of Liberalism is fundamentally tainted, perverted and incomplete. The nature of society is now so radical that ONLY AS A genuine white Supremacist could the individual white male hope to see anything truthfully.

  63. And here “we” have the high IQs of the alt-rite NOT ASKING ITSELF how the Cosby act, just like the OJ act, GETS TURNED INTO MORE mudsharking

    I’m surprised by the relatively under-hyped coverage following Cosby’s indictment; both in terms of hot news cycle, and also in terms of symbolic significance re. black-American iconry, his being booked is humongous. I mean, you don’t have to be black or even just ‘pro-black’ to realize the symbolic stem and weight of Cosby; he’s the rosharch blot go-to template for any template black self-uplift proverb or platitude; the singular black celebrity that can promulgate a narrative counter to the civil-rights version and one that is ‘conservative,’ at least in basic thrust and in its lift-yoursel-up-from-your-bootstraps sourcings.

    Still, it’s hard to make the victims blameless; people are tired of seeing these women who use teir looks, wiles and other, more intangible charms in every way possible to their advantage, only to then revert to helpless delicate lilies when a man dared make self-serving presumption of their oh-so readily apparent virtue.

    Still, i’m surprised there wasn’t more hype; is the alt-right consensus amused by this blow to black conservatism and social prudence?

  64. I was always interested how you sort-of convincingly conflate homoerotic impulse with a narcissistic impulse —– your whole “loving yourself and pleasuring yourself —- sometimes to death” observations.

    Well, that’s certainly true in recent decades in terms of western hedonism and how that hedonism became prime in personal western identity, mediated and not.

    But to get back to the observations of yours that i think may becoming prime: it’s the connection of liberalism’s anti-nationalism and ethnic pacifism —- yet coupled with a personal vanity and exaltation that almost seems parodic, and that now is purely evident in the pop culture at a comically high level.

    The mass media theorist Neil Postman said that we as a country (i would say, given the context, he more generally meant ‘the west’) had learned via mediated feedback loops how to ‘pleasure itself to death;” that seems to dovetail nicely with your frequent rejoinder about homoerotic impulse manifested eventually boils down to ‘love of one”=”love of the self,” etc.

    IDK, but there’s something clearly to it; there’s a real vainglorious element to current youth/pop culture—–and it quite naturally taps into all the new technological paraphenalia that facillitates that impulse, as well as the psychological background leading up to our 21st-century ‘here and now.’

  65. Nikcrit….

    Not only is there not conflation, but a relationship more clear to you than ever before. In the West, “we” are talking high IQ “white” males and their liberal ideology… “We” are talking equations and “equality.”

    Homo = same = EXACT SAME = self…

    Homo-sexuality IS sex with self… Pleasuring one’s self until death…. RADICAL SEXUAL AUTONOMY. Irrefutable and unassailable… Any high IQ “white” liberal servant attempting to either deconstruct or deny the above equation loses automatic face.

    This is the mass pathology transformed into inherent desire.

    The target is both the meme of Christian sexual ethics and the genes of a certain genetic profile most “susceptible” to the triggering of these sexually regenerate ethics ONLY FOUND in Christianity and white Supremacy.

  66. “I’m surprised by the relatively under-hyped coverage following Cosby’s indictment”

    You think it’s under-hyped? I don’t really know how to judge these things since I don’t necessarily frequent the standard issue news sites or the more popular SWPL sites. I do know that the original accusations against the Coz were hyped to the stratosphere. It seemed non-stop for a while there.

    Assuming the media is in fact downplaying his arrest, I think you have this timeline.

    When the accusations first came out, the media was in a huge Grrrllll Power phase. Everything was about rape, and Haven Monahan, and all that noise. The Cosby story fit right in as YET ANOTHER example of the rape rape rape going on (except by Muslims in Europe because that doesn’t exist).

    However, in the months that followed, the endless rape narrative started to fade (mostly because the high profile cases kept turning out to be fake) and we moved into the Black Lives Matter business, Ferguson, Baltimore, and all that racket. We’re still more or less in that media moment. So now the black guy getting arrested is going to be played down. First it was a story about rape and women, so it got promoted. Now it’s just another black criminal, so nothing to see here folks.

    There is overlap between these narratives, not a sudden stop of one and start of another. But I think if you drew two charts of media coverage you’d see the rape line going down and the BLM line going up.

  67. The silence of the alt-rite as it concerns the Cosby act is rather predictable givens the held fallacies and obscured hatreds of this swath of high IQ “white” males. Alt-riters are “racist” anti-white Supremacists…. Uh…. More evidence of a radically autonomous society. None of the white females that Cosby “tickled” were really “feminist” in either the correct conception of the term (as de facto dyke “nature”) or as the falsely held current conception of the term held by the alt-rite as simply the act of the white woman. Again, there is a symbiotic regression at work with the aim of more mudsharking and anti-white Supremacy and the alt-rite HELPS PEN PART OF THIS NARRATIVE in the hopes that it takes deeper “root.” Because after all, most alt-riters desire radical sexual autonomy and hate white Supremacy.

  68. Peterike…

    What he means by “underhyped” is that the Cosby act might be the case of the most prolific black rapist of white females in modern history and hardly anyone noticed such an unsavory irony.ESPECIALLY the “white” males of the media..

  69. PA congratulations on your blog, very interesting posts thus far.

    Yesterday I took the tractor across the road to a neighbor’s house and slaughtered a pig for him. He is a twenty something who repairs turbines at power plants, that’s about all I know. He asked me if I’d show him how- I’d rescued his pig in the Fall when it got lose and I told him I’d help and he called me to see if the offer was still on the table.

    It took about five minutes to do the actually killing. He brought out a .22 rifle, but he just couldn’t bring himself to pop it like I showed him, so I shot her with my .38 and stuck her with a knife to bleed out. Then we cut hooked the back legs on a spreader and eviscerated and skinned the animal- maybe an hour and a half total including cleanup to get the halves hung in his garage. He was remarkably unperturbed for a guy who’d never even been hunting before and next time I’m pretty sure he’ll do it himself. Especially after he gets a taste of those chops and ribs.

    Killing is part of life. It just is. We avoid it as much as we can, I’d bet 99% of the population in this country- not the recent arrivals, they know how to kill animals- haven’t a clue what goes into putting an eight ounce portion of meat on their plate. I don’t particularly enjoy slaughtering an animal, but I eat meat so I don’t expect anyone else to do it for me.

    I got into a discussion with another millennial today who was talking about global warming, white privilege, the singularity- typical NPR listening kid who hasn’t experienced a whole lot of life yet. At one point he said something to the effect that medicine and science should be dedicated to eliminating all human suffering and afflictions; disease, illness, etc. I asked him what he thought to be the logical conclusion of such a policy. He seemed confused by the question. “Immortality?” I asked. “No” he replied “People would still die of old age.” I explained to him that no human being has ever died of a numerical designation, that death was always the result of a failure of an organ or an opportunistic infection, like pneumonia. I had work to do so I didn’t hang around for his response, but you could see the gears turning.

    Sorry to go on so long for a first post- kudos to your writing, always enjoyed your comments elsewhere.

  70. I’m happy to see you here, Hardscrabble Farmer. “Conversations with Millennials” should make a whole subgenre of writing in this sphere.

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