A Thousand Doves

Tomorrow we begin celebrating Christ’s birth. The winter cold settles in. Storm clouds hang over our nations. In the home of Logan Tipton, this Christmas will not be like the previous one.


Excerpt from the song, translated from French:

Winter is here over the village roofs
The sky is white, and I hear
The choir of children

Peace be to the world
For a hundred thousand years to come
Give us a thousand doves
At every sunrise

A beautiful world is a world
Where one lives without fear


On Christmas Eve in 1914, enemy soldiers on the western front of World War I ceased hostilities and fraternized in no-man’s land on what is now remembered as the Christmas Truce:

“It was a beautiful moonlit night, frost on the ground, white almost everywhere: and at about 7 or 8 in the evening there was a lot of commotion in the German trenches and there were these lights — I don’t know what they were. And then they sang, “Silent Night” – “Stille Nacht.” I shall never forget it, it was one of the highlights of my life. I thought, what a beautiful tune,” Pvt. Albert Moren, a British soldier, wrote in a journal.


“A Thousand Doves” is the English title of Mireille Mathieu’s “Mille Colombes,” my favorite secular Christmas song. I chose that song for this post because I like the melody and the earnest evocation of an idealized world. And yet, how do you relate to Mireille’s invocation of beauty when you see ugliness on daily order and beauty lies solely, it seems, in the realm of escapism?

A close friend of mine is a forty-something bachelor. We’ve been friends since middle school. I recently asked him, “so how is it that you never became an SJW, given the circumstances?” He said, “It’s pretty simple; the system is hostile to the White man so I oppose it for my own good.” And because — as his words over our many evenings of RealTalk make it clear — sometimes the lion has to show the jackals who he is.


Peace in this world is what we earn when we secure the space to live as our best selves. Eternal peace is what we earn when we leave this world, having lived as men and women in Christ our Lord. As morning follows night, so He came to this world to destroy Satan’s works (see 1 John 3:8).


In the homes of some of the alt-Right readers, the kitchen now bustles with women cheerfully doing what they do best as the holiday approaches. In other homes there are no women, no rambunctious little cousins storming around the house; maybe just a couple of bottles of something strong. Whatever your home, all of us are comrades in the group struggle.

To the bloggers who’ve been doing this for years now, fellow commenters over the past decade, readers who like what I write: may this Christmas bring you peace and may the new year bring you invigorated purpose. Thank you for reading and for helping me stay sharp.

And like the Red Baron said to Snoopy, today I say to all men of good will:

“Merry Christmas, my friend!”


37 thoughts on “A Thousand Doves

  1. After the Christmas truce in 1914, both sides should have simply stopped fighting. They should have said damn your eyes to the evil and stupid men who were making them fight for the greater wealth of war profiteers and the finance powers. They should have marched back to their capitols and hung the war profiteers from lamp posts.

    WWI was the war that destroyed the monarchies and gave us infernal democracy. It also really kicked off the dissolution of Christianity as a force in the world, though it managed to hang on, especially in Catholic nations, for a few more decades. It also helped foist the vote of women on the world.

    WWII was the war that made nationalism a dirty word, as well as ended the discussion of race as an acceptable topic in polite society. Prior to that, the educated classes clearly understood racial demarcations and what they meant.

    Our task now in many ways is to unlearn the things we “learned” from those wars. Me, I have no faith in the future, but I know others here are more optimistic, and this is a time of year for optimism.

    Merry Christmas PA, and thank you for all you do, and to all our other brothers and sisters united with us in our glorious quest to revitalize the West.

    This is the song I like.

    To dream the impossible dream
    To fight the unbeatable foe
    To bear with unbearable sorrow
    To run where the brave dare not go

    To right the unrightable wrong
    To love pure and chaste from afar
    To try when your arms are too weary
    To reach the unreachable star

    This is my quest
    To follow that star
    No matter how hopeless
    No matter how far
    To fight for the right
    Without question or pause
    To be willing to march into Hell
    For a heavenly cause

    And I know if I’ll only be true
    To this glorious quest
    That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
    When I’m laid to my rest

    And the world will be better for this
    That one man, scorned and covered with scars
    Still strove with his last ounce of courage
    To reach the unreachable star

  2. WWII was the war that made nationalism a dirty word, as well as ended the discussion of race as an acceptable topic in polite society. Prior to that, the educated classes clearly understood racial demarcations and what they meant.

    well, yes, but one could perhaps re-phrase it as: racial demarcations acknowledged doesn’t sanction the obliteration of other races, religions and ethnicities……

    I was curious of your take of my reply to your long comment re. WWII a few posts back; more specifically, do you agree that the alt-right’s “Hitler Reconsidered” wing causes more harm than good. To me, it’s a no-brainer, but then perhaps i just have to face cold reality in acknowledging where many alt-righters heads are at. I got a bit closer-to-home dose of that the other day upon asking Trainspotter and our blog host what kind of sovereignty would they accord blacks and biracials if they could be ‘Alt-right Czar for a day.”

    Yet all of which folds into my faithful belief that, even if racial and ethnic antipathy is forevermore, we all remain more vital, clearly visioned and just ….. more ALIVE, rather than slowly more and more numb and desensitized when we talk candidly and communicate rather than create mutual strawmen to shake back-and-forth at each other.

    In any case, gentleman: I appreciate the respectable discourse and respectful consideration extended across the many vast ideological differences imparted here in our commentary —— happy holiday’s to you all!

  3. Yet Nikcrit, it is the alt-RITE that is the virtual strawman… A real-time socially constructed character in the Narrative symbolizing that cognitively dissonant mindset “we” identify as the “racist” anti-white Supremacist. This thoroughly unstainable “entity” survives by way of virtual memetic perpetuation. In that real world, a “racist” is a white Supremacist even when one is a Japanese scientist writing about the relative attractiveness of black female. It is simply that psychological mechanism of “white supremacy” that greater and lesser liberationists justifiably cut each others’ throats. “Our” complicity is facilitating this delusion…. “Our” complicity is failing to separate.

  4. WWII might have made “nationalism” a dirty word, but only for the purpose of ushering in a deracinated national socialism everywhere it would most likely fail. The BIG LIE of WWII was the defeat of a “white supremacist” force when the reality was the victory of a greater force for anti-white Supremacy over a smaller and more regional force for anti-white Supremacy.

  5. Nik: “do you agree that the alt-right’s “Hitler Reconsidered” wing causes more harm than good.”

    Probably, but only because the well on that topic has been so completely poisoned. It’s simply not possible for most people to consider Hitler rationally or to even consider the possibility that Germany didn’t just blatantly start the war for no reason. So yes, I don’t think it does anybody any good, no matter how much truth there might be to some things.

    Speaking of, some time back you asked me about some source for alt-history, or something. This website is very interesting. Guy is a bit of a crank but he presents a fascinating digest version of alternative history. Main website is:


    But the fun timeline piece is here (he makes it hard to find for some reason):


    It starts in 1763 with the Rothschilds, so you know you’re in for a fun ride! With this guy, it’s bankers and Masons all the way down.

  6. Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas.

    My own questions of faith are fairly simple.

    First of all, the First Axiom – is that it is all unknowable. We are going to die – and then what?

    It is my impression, my understanding, that we don’t disappear. It is rather that we fade into a merciful forgetfulness. That is what i want to believe, and i think that that Want adds up to something!

    I can’t believe in the atheist’s platform, the Great Nothing. It can’t be (like that). God is not like a Holiday Dinner and a Norman Rockwell painting, with perfect gravy.

    That is what we think of it, because that is the best we can do. Pumpkin pie and perfect gravy, pizza and tomato sauce. Did someone say pizza? Cooking is the great art.

    This guy i know, he has one-liners even better than mine, he said, in response to people who “don’t cook” – What do they eat?

    So that is the morning eschatology. Eat, my son, eat. You live to eat. Like a grazing happy and fat, a rabbit that there, is happy and fat. He fights too, with his paws. He knows he knows he knows he knows. There is only so much clover and then.

  7. Does anyone else feel persecuted when their comments don’t go through?

    I love a public blog. It is the sweet spot between the NY Times, telling you what, and a forum.

    Talent will out. Every chance you get, say something.

    I was at the Mall yesterday, and the cops were out in force. I love those guys. Talk about fighting the good fight. Bloomington cops? Average IQ 110. Average bench, 230. Average looks, pretty square. Average integrity quotient, … whatever their iq is 110 what do you expect.

  8. Merry Christmas PA!

    And so you got nothing for the rest of us.

    That is so lame, when you address the host, but no one else.

  9. Merry Christmas to you PA, I am preparing to visit my gf and her family right now as I am estranged from my own.

    However, kindred voices like yours provide guiding wisdom and inspiration that fuels the fire.

  10. I was at the Mall yesterday, and the cops were out in force.

    I noticed that the BLM protest at The Mall in Bloomington seemed to be attended by a ratio of protesters that was 10-to-1 white!

    I’m going to Northfield for a couple days early next week.

  11. I noticed that the BLM protest at The Mall in Bloomington seemed to be attended by a ratio of protesters that was 10-to-1 white!

    Were you down there? that is funny as hell.

    Some Ethiopian Horn of Africa loser was dub-steppin’ … that is talent.


    I just kinda jump around and grin.

    https://www.you and tube.com/watch?v=YAvxAnKZQO4

  12. Were you down there? that is funny as hell.

    No, saw the extended coverage on CNN; idk know if i’ll make it up to the city from northfield; only a two-day pitstop….. got some friends on-staff at Carelton.

  13. BLM is just that latest signal from the radical “black” collective DEMANDING annihilation under the auspices of an ideologically-induced psychosis that is finally rationalized as a self-annihilation. Meaning, the sheer perversion of claiming a right to another’s primary concern TO THE POINT OF VIOLENT enFORCEment deems such an entity be annihilated justifiably by mere existential principle.

    To FORCE me to believe your black life matters under the coercion of violent mob action MEANS your mob MAY BE RATIONALLY AND REASONABLY annihilated with extreme prejudice. That most “blacks” cannot recognize the deadly machinations of their “talented tenth” is wholly irrelevant at this stage. The radical “black” collective is self-annihilating and BLM is only the most recent and clearer evidence of such a state of being.

  14. Yet PA, it is even more insidious when one inspects the “devil in details” because the underlying current of BLM is “white man” “murdering” “innocent black child” when the ACTUAL EFFECT is the sacrifice of white children at the altar of the nigger ego writ large largely via the political machinations of “white” self-annihilators.

  15. That was cogently put, Thordaddy.
    I wouldn’t go that far, if that’s not too out of place to say to a commenter at his own blog.

    thor, y’know, we have some genuine interest in your ideas and respectfully seek out your specific thoughts on matters from time-to-time, yet you continue to render complicated replies. this, even though it’s clear in context that you’re quite capable of being more precise when you really want to. .
    So at times i can’t help but think that you’re being intentionally unclear and complicated. .
    You come off like some 19th century german philosopher at times, with all your roundabout inferences and rhetoric; it’s like reading Hegel for the first time.

    Consider this quote of Hegel, speaking of ‘self-consciousness’:

    I have my self-consciousness not in myself but in the other. I am satisfied and have peace with myself only in this other and I AM only because I have peace with myself; if I did not have it then I would be a contradiction that falls to pieces. This other, because it likewise exists outside itself, has its self-consciousness only in me; and both the other and I are only this consciousness of being-outside-ourselves and of our identity; we are only this intuition, feeling, and knowledge of our unity. This is love, and without knowing that love is both a distinguishing and the sublation of this distinction, one speaks emptily of it.”

    sounds like someone who hangs out here from time to time?

  16. That’s pretty complicated, nikcrit.

    I would say that those German philosophers? they failed.

    There are only so many words.

  17. English is the best language in the world – that is why everyone speaks it.

    Some Somali said to me, on the Street, he said to me “Like you’re going to do something.” Stuff that really happened.

    And he was right – i didn’t do shit. Because i don’t want to commit a felony. And i don’t want to die. But he comes to this town and mocks me. There are better men than me, and young.

  18. I may have better one-liners, but i get the feeling that you all are more serious people, and better men.

    Aging is hard.

    The theme i would relate, is animal intelligence. A graceful death is an illusion. Every zebra, every buffalo, every animal – dies a cruel death. Elephants though might be another story. They are so big that no one can take them down.

    They pass the mirror test. Isn’t that crazy. Along with gorillas, chimps, whales and dolphins, and maybe dogs, and perhaps rabbits too.

    Birds do not, pass the mirror test. They fly straight into it.


    The Holidays, uggh. They are meant to be celebrated, because without that celebration, it is death and despair. Go out and do something good. Any ideas?

    I should have bought more vodka. In Russian, vodka means sweet water. That is what it means. The essence of, life, sweet water, the source.

  19. Well Nikcrit, I am Germanic after all… As for the Hegelian dialect…. The above quote would seem a concrete manifestation of Hegel reaching towards a radical autonomy where one’s existence is only ACTUAL in relation to its antithesis….

    Of course, that’s the very reason I seek to conceive white Supremacy in the absolute sense so that my existence (as genuine wS/synthesis) isn’t at all subordinated to the mad psychological whim of the nigger (anti-wS/antithesis).

  20. Peterike, Philomatean, JumpingJackFlash , thanks guys. Hope your Christmas was good. Mine has been fantastic.

    Elk , I don’t think you need to break up a YouTube link to avoid mod. I set commenting to mod any comment with more than one link. But you should be OK with just one per comment. As to why other comments occasionally go to mod, I have no idea.

    I liked your description of MN cops yesterday.

  21. Thor: “As for the Hegelian dialect…. The above quote would seem a concrete manifestation of Hegel reaching towards a radical autonomy where one’s existence is only ACTUAL in relation to its antithesis….”

    I merely quoted Hegel to make the point that your comments are routinely just as cryptic and convoluted; i wasn’t noting anything in particular about the content of Hegel’s quote.

    I guess I realize you’re going to do whatever you’re going to do; i just think you need to know that some of us simply don’t know what the fuk you’re talking about a good part of the time.

  22. PA, how coud you be sure she is a hater (assuming she said only what we see in her comment and that you weren’t privvy to anything else)? i
    I can think of many center-left freaks of my acquaintance over the years who are very, very capable of separating their hedonism from their politics (or lack thereof but presumed politics).

    Part of your charm IMO is that you sometimes give too much credit to your adversaries, real and/or perceived. You seem to extend to others the ideological purity you exercise for yourself.

  23. Nikcrit….

    And my answer to you is JUST MORE radical autonomy FOR you are much too smart to not understand….

    You KNOW white Supremacy is verboten….

    And you KNOW what IS ACTUALLY VERBOTEN is not the inequality of “white supremacy,” but the inequality of white Supremacy for its white Supremacists.

    NO ONE REJECTS “inequality” when at the expense of the genuine white Supremacist…

    And you know these things and you pretend like you don’t know these things….

    I now write for that very arrogant high IQ “white” convert class THAT LITERALLY MAINTAINS its inexplicable inability to conceptualize the white Supremacist in the absolute sense….

    For Nikcrit to now claim incomprehensible the conceptualization of the white Supremacist as a white man who believes in and therefore strives towards objective Supremacy, ie., Perfection, IS YOUR ACT OF radical autonomy. You MUST MAINTAIN THIS ACT to stay in “good” with the blob of MRKN liberationists.

    Now imagine organizing a civilized society WITH NO CONCEPT of the perfect civilization?

    This is where the wS is at with you and the rest of the radically autonomous mass of anti-white Supremacist….

    And finally, you KNOW what a bold move it would be to assert that Nikcrit was, in fact, NOT an anti-white Supremacist.

    Can you type that and publish or are you once again vexed by cryptic text?

  24. Can you type that and publish or are you once again vexed by cryptic text?

    I, Nikcrit, hereby attest that I AM NOT an anti-white supremacist (my right hand raised)……

    Actually, all this is inspiring me to revise some earlier, half-articulated theories, initially discussed with you at GL Piggy, about a halfrican ‘ubermensch’ taking shape as my human-spiritual id, a la Nietzsche. remember? a nexus of sub-saharan physicality and nordic mentality?

  25. “For Nikcrit to now claim incomprehensible the conceptualization of the white Supremacist as a white man who believes in and therefore strives towards objective Supremacy, ie., Perfection, IS YOUR ACT OF radical autonomy…..Can you type that and publish or are you once again vexed by cryptic text?”

    (Sigh) so know you’re going to take my candor and request for clarity from you as some sort of theoretical tactic? some sort of idelogical avoidance on my part? (Never mind that i couldn’t even discern the quarry you suggest because of the very cryptic-ness i claim on your part)..

    Ok, but you could simply take my request for clarity for the respectful gesture it was and is; just why would i bother with any of it if i wasn’t interested enough in your viewpoint on these matters.

    Why not just quit blowing smoke and simply clean up your rhetoric a bit and be more clear?

  26. nikcrit has been trying to get thordaddy to tone down his language, for at least half-a-decade.

    By the way, thordaddy’s language is not Rhetoric. It is the last thing from rhetoric.

    My language is rhetoric – jokes, emotional appeals, blah blah. I believe that rhetoric beats dialectic, nine times out of ten.

    The dialectic wants to appeal to reason – but a very real question, is how much reason can be gotten to, with words? There is too much ambiguity in their meaning.

    The meaning of words is disputable – and therefore, and so is their arguments. I don’t see that logic and reason, can be appealed to, with Words. All we can do, is the emotional.


    However, it would be a real good question, as to why there was a tradition, in Greek philosophy, for an appeal to reason.

    I am over my head here, but would suggest that that appeal reflected a different, more reasonable, mindset (of theirs).

    We have become emotional creatures, but those Fathers of Philosophy, were not.

  27. nikcrit has been trying to get thordaddy to tone down his language, for at least half-a-decade.

    Yes, you are correct: thor is the king of complicated dialectic, the antithesis of rhetoric…

    IMO, about once a year, he unleashes a nugget of pure truth and wisdom, condensed to a sentence or two; his happy oblivion to convention serves to free him from any and all contemporary convention or cant. (Though it serves to annoy the hell out of us the rest of the time; lolzzz).

    He’s a literary trope and figure that the author, critic and professor Harold Bloom calls a ‘ruminating bottom.’

  28. Suburban Elk….

    I have stated elsewhere that we now fight the psychological war with a liberated language. But, those who have fought to liberate the language such that a word like “abortion” equals a phrase like “reproductive right” and radically liberal social constructions like “homosexual man” come into being, ALSO fight to maintain the delusion that the language has not been liberated at all. So when someone exclaims, “That’s baaaad,” he really means that “it” is good and everybody knows this just like everyone knows that the right to reproduce is equal to the right to kill your child in utero, of course.

    But the critical word and phrase at the foundation of this entire chaotic existential crisis is Supremacy and white Supremacy….. Linguistically, these are the only human forces understood to REJECT “universal equality.” And of course, “universe equality,” itself, evidencing a liberated language used to conduct psychological war on the masses WHO THEN are utilized to stamp out any and all remaining remnant of genuine wS.

  29. Nikcrit….

    I suppose I could claim all this came to me at once….

    White Supremacy or radical autonomy….

    These are THE ONLY PATHS for the “white” male.

    The question is not then to debate about what wS and radical autonomy are or are not WHEN THE WHOLE INTENT is to obscure only having those two choices at hand and failing to reconcile one’s self with those two choices.

    What “we” know is that DERACINATION is pathological…. A deracinated “Christian” is pathological…. A deracinated “white” is liberal is pathological…. A person who embraces ideologically-induced deracination is on a path towards pathology…. A deracinated Supremacist IS NONSENSICAL and signals use of a liberated language… Making race meaningless is pathological…. Desire for radical sexual autonomy, ie., abortion, miscegenation, homo-sexuality, is pathological BECAUSE it is deracination IN FACT…. YOU know all these things, yet fail to not only articulate the “antithesis,,” but in attempting to rebut will simply engage in WHAT YOU BELIEVE is the uncertainty in the racial discourse. But because “race” is a fact then there is no real uncertainty in the mind of the “racist” and so it then appears a primitive case of projection. Then again, you are TOO SMART not to know that you are in fact employing the tactic of projection which is perfectly fine BECAUSE the entire point is to stay mired in the racial discourse so as to get it off of whether one is a Supremacist or anti-Supremacist…. A white Supremacist or anti-white Supremacist…. One who rejects degeneracy or one who embraces it…. One who desires to ascend or one who desires radical autonomy and self-annihilation…..

    And then you will without any irony at all ask, “what does race have to do with all this?”

    Nothing or everything? Do you have any other option?

    You are HERE because you are being called to white Supremacy (as PA writes for wS whether he comes to terms with this or not)…. So what better explanation could I possibly give you?

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