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In predawn hours of December 7th 2015, Versailles, Kentucky police were called to a home in which a Black home invader had murdered a sleeping six-year-old White child, Logan Tipton.

LT3.png   LT4.png

Little ditty about a boy named Logan
One American kid growin’ up in the heartland
Logan was gonna be a football star

The local Fox News station reports:

According to court documents, the intruder, later identified as 32-year-old Ronald Exantus wandered around the home before walking up the stairs and stabbing a sleeping six-year-old boy several times in the head “with a large kitchen knife that he obtained in the house.”

Cameron Gray, a contributor to the conservative site Ricochet writes:

All week, I have been tweeting about Logan, doing my best to make sure people read and share his story. I seem to have utterly failed. If you look at the hashtag #LoganTipton, it’s mostly tweets from me. I have been completely frustrated, and increasingly angry, that so few care about this boy or what happened to him.

The Lexington media, of course, has covered the story extensively, as its counterpart in Indianapolis, where the killer is from. The national MSM, however, has largely been silent, which I have pointed out numerous times this week. People have responded to me about media narratives, and how since the killer was black, they don’t want to deal with the racial aspect of the story. [My emphasis -PA] Others have callously told me that people are killed every day, and not every murder makes the news.

Since Grey’s December 11th article, more people had posted under #LoganTipton, including a Louisville news station reporter.


Ronald Exantus

Logan Tipton’s life did not matter to his country’s usurper class and its disingenuous enablers in the mass media. Born in America the Illegitimate, Logan came into this world a boy without a birthright and without a country.

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Logan Tipton, 2009 – 2015


20 thoughts on “#LoganTipton

  1. so profoundly horrific that our society doesn’t have the wherewithal to protect such a fine young life .

  2. PA, linked you on a prior post, nice vid on europe.
    I know you were in military and we talked about it a bit, but if you were in your 20s right now, would YOU join the military?

  3. EK, probably not. If I did, I’d go into the USMC as the whitest of branches. I would go in strictly for practical reasons, like weapons training rather than the patriotic notions I had then. It would also be important to be ready to disobey in case I get orders involving action against European nationalists.

  4. PA – This one is hitting my wife hard as it is not far from us. The fact that the killer had no prior record and was working as a nurse for dialysis patients is even scarier. The killer had a GF who had kids, yet he kills random children and attacks others for seemingly no reason. Shows how the dindu gene can come out at any time. Why would he drive 200 miles to rob a house? What is the connection?

    Blacks moving from pure robbery to now an almost automatic “robbery turns into rape/murder” is something no media figure will ever touch. It would be interesting to see the numbers to see if intuition is confirmed by real stats.

  5. This blog is not a place where we point-and-rage or point-and-mock. That would be a waste of my time, and yours

    I feel awkward and pulled in multiple directions on posts like this one. I recall mentioning on the GL Piggy or OneSTDV blog a couple of years ago about how, during a confrontation at a school while i was at work, i came the closest i ever came to hitting a student. The circumstance was a black male 8th-grader who was over six feet tall and weighed 200lbs., came up behind a white female middle-schooler and knocked her out cold and stole her cell phone; she didn’t get a nanosecond of warning….. For his part, the kid planned out the attack, bragged about it to his friends, in fact, we found out —– all with the intent of stealing her cell phone! (as idiotic and unpractical that was, yet overwhelmed by the act’s moral impoverishment).
    But what compelled me the most to feel the urge to hit him? Racial shame? The cowardice in large male picking a small female child as prey? If the former, that would be a self-serving motive….
    Anyhow, i think posts like this one —– and i mean this in the analytical sense rather than a judgment or comment on taste or tone —– breaks the “non-piss-n-vinegar-type-of-site” disclaimer you state in your ‘About” section of this blog; in fact, posts like this one are intended to incite and generate piss-n-vinegar outrage; I might argue that they should.

    Still, I think the ultimate good and gain from tragedies like these are to point out cold, hard correlative stats that mainstream media and their memes don’t or underplay: the disparities between black-on-white-vs.-white-on-black crime.

  6. Nikcrit, it took me three days to get the draft of this post to where I thought it’s ready to press “Publish.” My original draft was much longer, it had strong angry language, analysis of another blogger’s comments on the case, and extended commentary on White disposession.

    I “sleep on” every post because a different frame of mind at a different time of day lets me catch typos, tighten things up, and balance the rhetoric. But in this case, one night’s perspective wasn’t enough. The draft was too loud. It was more about my anger, and about abstractions of history, and fancy phrases, than it was about that little boy.

    I wondered, how would his family read my post if they come upon it?

    So after two nights of reworking the draft, I cut almost all of it. Simplified the language. I really had nothing to say about this killing other than my little take on Mellencamp’s song, for which no fourth line came to mind as appropriate.

    But the post needed to be written. It made most sense finally to let my readers get to know that boy through the photos I posted, and ask users of Twitter to propagate the hashtag. I tried and that’s the best I could do.

  7. I empathize with that; I meant it when i said i was making a analytical more than moral opinion.

    I was also mindful in this instance that I’m not a parent. That probably accounts for commenting differences on a lot of posts but especially on ones like this.

  8. Now what we have here is a desperate Kentucky man, chafing under the legacy of slavery, who was minding his own business whilst endeavoring to redistribute some of a White family’s ill-gotten gains.

    It was an innocent reparations mission gone wrong. What if the Kentucky man had happened upon one of America’s many White racists instead of a sleeping child? He NEEDED that knife. BLACK LIVES MATTER, you see. It’s a dangerous time to be “redistributing while black,” as the fate of Ferguson’s Gentle Giant instructs us.

    More than likely the Kentucky man attended an underfunded inner city school as a child. He probably didn’t get enough vitamin A in the school lunches, because racist White Republicans deliberately underfunded his school’s lunch program. And so, his vitamin A deficient eyes could not perceive the sleeping child. It could have been an attack dog trained to assault African-Americans.

    The struggle in the darkness to make sense of his surroundings and the painful memories of his deprived upbringing in racist America amounted to a triggering event. What choice did he have?

    This unfortunate episode will skew those horribly racist facts called DOJ crime statistics, no doubt further emboldening ignorant White Nationalists.

  9. ‘Fraid I don’t Stasibook or Twit.

    I find stuff like this doesn’t work though. Lemmings will just rationalize that you’re picking out a “rare”, isolated incident. Black crime doesn’t change anyone’s mind about anything important. It doesn’t matter, it’s plain as day. We have all the crime stats. We have all the gruesome stories from last week too. And the week before that. Anyone who’s ready to accept the fact that our people are being massacred by non-Whites constantly will accept what’s in front of their eyes, and those who are in denial will keep making excuses.

    Getting upset about this doesn’t change anything. It’s open season on whitey, what else is new?

  10. If Obama had a son, he’d look like Ronny E.

    I don’t have the photoshop tools or skills, but if anyone is into that kind of thing, here’s a visual meme for you:

    4 squares —
    top left: Zimmerman
    top right: split in 2 on the diag. left diag 17 y.o. middle-finger waving Trayvon w/ “Reality” in text overlay; other side of diag 5 y.o. graduation gown Trayvon w/ “MSM Prop” text overlay.
    bottom left: Ronny E.
    bottom right: again split in 2 on the diag. left diag Logan w/ “Reality” as text overlay; other side of diag completely black w/ “MSM Prop” overlay.

    Finally, I don’t do the twit myself, but I think if you’re going to tag posts on logan, add the #BLM tag as well. Force the shit-lib excuse mongers to see Logan.

  11. O.T.


    I recall you at sobl’s site having some interesting things to say about black-vs-white physical aesthetics and how they manifested in dance and other fine arts… so, thought you might want to check this article out and perhaps even riff it into a bona-fide post…..

    Speaking of: I don’t necessarily like to put o.t. stuff in the comment queue —– or if you even want any unasked-for suggestions for posts, but i didn’t see any email address in the ‘About’ section of your blog, where such suggestions typically go…I used to do as much at sobl’s site; only once i recall him explicitly citing me as a post’s source, but he did post on a few topics i suggested, perhaps coincidentally or not, and he never outright said he did or didn’t want me to.

    In any case, i sometimes suggest things. but i’m certainly open and ok with a firm yea or nay in how to proceed in that task.

  12. Anyone that’s been in the race-realism ring long enough has had more than his fill of this particular type of savage nigger hate that undoubtedly gets no national media attention for reasons that are more than obvious at this stage. At the same time, the “game” is at another stage and the default assumption of all “triggering” events is false flag. The nature of chaos is not just to paralyze the sheep, but trigger the lone wolves. And although “we” can by just plain experience attest to the reality of the Logan Tipton’s of our world, “we” are also certain that such “events” may be false flags utilized to trigger lone “white” wolves.. To then be crushed by UncleBeast! In fact, “we” must assimilate this very notion into the Narrative so as to put all complicitors on collective notice.

    First thing is first…

    Decent black men, if there are any left, MUST BE the leaders in eradicating niggers. PERIOD.

    And they only need “white” liberal immunity.

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