A Simple Message to the GOP


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5 thoughts on “A Simple Message to the GOP

  1. The Great Trumpening.

    Like a black light, exposing filthy stains on a cheap hotel sheets, Der Trumpenkrieg’s campaign is exposing large numbers of “conservatives” as the worthless cuckservatives they are.

    After 2016, the question to all would-be rightist leaders will be, “Whose side were you on when The Donald was running?”

    Whatever happens next, he’s accomplished that much.

    I just hope to God his security detail is good.

  2. In Canada the old Progressive Conservative party (oxymoron alert!) was reduced from a parliamentary majority to 2 seats in the House of Commons. If the Repubs try to sabotage Trump, the same thing will happen to them. They’ll go down to 3 or 4 seats in the House, less of a loss in the Senate due to the staggered thing they do. We may be witnessing the self-annihilation of a historic American political party.

  3. OT@peterike,

    Hey, maybe Western Europe isn’t through and ‘finished’ after all, et tu?


    It’s sort of interesting to see a rise in prominence for the National Front while Britain’s BNP has been losing ground in the last decade; i’d think the two groups level of popularity would be closely tied to the same issues and events in Western Europe, no?

  4. Well, there’s UKIP. British voters have another party to voice their discontent. It’s a lame party with a weak-ass message but you can’t get fired or arrested for supporting it – well, there was one couple who had their kids taken away…..

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