The Banality of Evil

From Christian Post:

Child welfare services in Norway have reportedly removed five Christian children from their parents’ home and placed them into foster care after the parents were accused of radicalizing and indoctrinating their children with Christianity. According to the British-based Christian Institute, Norway’s child protection services, known as the Barnevernet, seized the three sons and two daughters of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu in mid-November.

A Faceless Bureaucracy Gone Wrong?

This evil act against an innocent family is not committed by some Dindu with underdeveloped prefrontal lobes and zero capacity for empathy killing a stranger. This isn’t an organized criminal gang’s hit on an unlucky witness being rationalized as a necessity, nor is it a war atrocity carried out in the heat of fighting.

According to the story, the family’s ordeal began with the female principal at the elder girls’ school notifying authorities with “concerns” about how the children are raised:

[The principal] does not believe them to be physically abused at home, she believes that the parents need ‘help’ and guidance from the Barnevernet into raising their children

Is that cunt proud of herself? I’m sorry to have even asked that question. I’ll bet she is.

There is a concept called the Banality of Evil, that seemingly explains this case. The concept holds that state-directed abuses are sometimes carried out not with malice or even an awareness of the big picture, but by ordinary people simply doing their job. But is that the only dynamic at play here?

… or is it Personal?

There is certainly the bureaucratic, impersonal element. But then, there is this:

According to the Institute, the parents were refused access to their older children over the following couple of weeks and told that their children had adapted well in their new foster home and “didn’t miss their parents.”

I once read the memoirs of  a woman who survived the notorious prison Pawiak in occupied Warsaw. In the book, she describes one prison official who took sadistic pleasure in calling an inmate to his office and informing him or her that the inmate’s child or spouse had died at another prison or in a concentration camp.

When reading about the Bodnariu family in Norway, a petty sadist delivering that gratuitously cruel line “your children don’t miss you much” reminds me of that henchman at Pawiak.

The Personal is Political.

What we see in Norway is not just mere bureaucratic abuse. We are dealing with willful, conscious evil, a satanic — I am not saying this metaphorically — war on Christians.

That personal hatred being directed at the Bodnarius is rooted in the liberal’s hatred of the White Christian. That animus appears to be particularly distilled in modern Germanic/Nordic countries, with their innate tendency toward obedience and guarding of purity.

Under normal circumstances, obedience ensures harmonious communities and valuing purity fosters moral health and physical beauty of their people.

But under the influence of the past decades of Frankfurt School’s long march through the institutions, the Nordics’ obedience and purity instincts have been directed toward obeying and protecting the ideological purity of political correctness by denouncing those who do not conform to it. To spiritually deformed modern citizens of Norway, a pious Christian family represents a stain on the country’s character that must be cleansed.

The Deprogramming.

A naïve young person without a bedrock sense of identity is susceptible to brainwashing by a charismatic cult leader, for example. Families of children who join such cults have in a number of cases sought help from professional deprogrammers.

All of us here on the dissident Right have been doing revolutionary work in deprogramming our pozzed societies. But on occasion we also have to deal with liberals we know personally. They may be relatives whom we can’t entirely write off, with whom we get along swimmingly until they open their mouths on the subject of politics. How do you deprogram them?

First of all, let go of any ambition of converting them to sanity or changing their minds on anything. In most circumstances, the best you can do is check them when they squirt toxins into the air — with merely an outside chance of deprogramming them.

You can’t reach them with reason. Therefore, do not debate them. Don’t try to seek common ground with them or appeal to their intellectual vanity or a shared sense of decency. Dialectic is for rational people who seek deeper understanding. Anti-Whites are not rational.

The Frankfurt School-infiltrated educational institutions and media had programmed those people by tapping into the feminine parts of their psyche — through appeals to vanity and conformity. And that is also the route for shutting them up, with a slim but nonzero probability of eventually deprogramming them.

They are best shunned entirely, ideally with a nonverbal message that you are disgusted with their opinion. If the liberal is an extended family member whom you can’t always avoid, treat him or her (it’s more often “her”) normally until she belches political snark. When that happens, go cold. Cut her off with a frown, saying that you are not interested in talking about that. Mock her if she doubles-down. If she persists, turn your back on her and walk away.

Let the liberals be the ranting crazies, not us. They’re coming unglued lately as it is. And if anything is going to work on waking up a liberal you otherwise care about, it’s implied threats of shunning and gestures of contempt.

As long as ordinary people remain vocal liberals, you owe them no part of your time, wisdom, or decency. They are at best temporarily insane idiots or at worst scumbags. In either case, so long as they hold their leftist views, they will eagerly collaborate in brutalizing these children:


The family that Norway wants to destroy.




8 thoughts on “The Banality of Evil

  1. As they said at Western Rifle Shooters – how many trip wires do they have to cross.

    To put it another way

    How many rivers
    do we got to cross

    Quoting Bob Marley sort of misses the mark, but sort of doesn’t.

    We are all going to be growing potatoes, in ten years – i am going to be dead (kidding!) because alcohol can’t managism.

  2. Whatever – it is a given and true that my contributions allow my bullshit. Anyone following this scene knows how hard i can hit, so some allowances are in order.

  3. That animus appears to be particularly distilled in modern Germanic/Nordic countries, with their innate tendency toward obedience and guarding of purity.


  4. Almost certainly my very-distant cousins, and fills me with a cold, steely rage. No mercy will be given once the reaction comes. Five years if we’re lucky, 20 if unlucky.

  5. To me this is speciifically very disturbing because it’s a high-‘g’ group from the current dominant race but who seem to be not acting out of ethnic or compensatory malice but rather pure, unbridled insanity.
    Which, of course, means that if this could really happen, anything could happen…….It’s stories such as these that lead me to my speculative theories about the inspiration for SWPL egalitarian liberalism laying in some airy and intoxicating cloud of enervation and ‘is-that-all-there-is?’-ism…..

    I mean, can you come up with a more practical and convincing cause for such nonsense?

  6. I mean, can you come up with a more practical and convincing cause for such nonsense?

    I thought I did in the original post: conformity and ‘mean girls’ out-grouping.

  7. yeah, that behavior you mapped out and applied causation to is, ummm, ‘feasible’ —– and apparently, since this isn’t fiction, it’s obviously true.
    Still, to me, there’s something almost fantastical and cosmically perverse in carrying out an abstract ideology so far. I mean, what about the biological self-preservation and all the other ethnic-based instincts that hbd’ers usually rely upon for explanation?

    that absence is what summons my dread about the possible nihilism that infects the ‘top’ of any given biological socio-ethnic order. Not a pretty thought, but plenty of evidence exists pointing to at much.

    Looking back at my own development since my early 20s, basically since adulthood, earthy and practical concerns at times becoming a priority turned out to be a saving grace.

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