Is Hungary the Savior of Europe?

Europe is entering its darkest hour. When this nightmare is over and her nations prevail over the sputtering but still dangerous European Union, will Hungary be credited at the continent’s savior? I believe so. At the very least, our posterity’s gratitude will belong to three men: a shrewd statesman, a charismatic mayor, and a cursing trucker.

The Statesman

Effective defense of Europe from Angela Merkel’s third world invasion begins with Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orbán. For a well-researched summary of his political background and the measures he put into place upon his election in 2010, read this article by Ryan Landry at “Social Matter.” Orbán’s best recognized achievement so far is having secured the Hungarian border, keeping migrants out of his country and forcing them to seek their ultimate destination in Germany and points north through neighboring Croatia.

Orbán was the first European head of state that made it clear to the Muslim and African migrants that Europe is not unanimously accommodating of their invasion and was firm with the European Union that the future of Hungary’s sons and daughters is not negotiable. His refusal to compromise for the chimera of more favorable treatment by the American press encouraged other European leaders to follow his example, setting off a virtuous cycle of border-protection measures. Orbán showed the world that immigration is not an inevitable force of nature like tides — the solution to this apparent juggernaut is merely political, spearheaded by one man’s courage.

The Mayor

On a local level, there is Laszlo Toroczkai, a young mayor of Ásotthalom, a southern Hungarian village on the Serbian border. In September, he created an impressive video featuring the show of force with which his town will repel any attempts to invade.

This week, he released a follow-up video. In it, he shows ways in which his village has become one of the safes places in Europe. He credits the help of fellow Visegrad alliance nations (Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia) in policing the Hungarian border, and contrasts the peaceful Hungary with the horror show of asylum-granting Western European states.

He understands the stakes. Making an appeal to the very survival of Europe, he invites all active Europeans (his words) to a two-day gathering in Ásotthalom on 19th – 20th December of this year to establish an informational network of Europeans.

The final message of the video is “we will win.” Mayor Toroczkai shows us how.

The Trucker

Try to watch that video only once. Not possible, it’s that addictive. It is high-definition footage from a tractor trailer’s dashboard-mounted camera, featuring migrants from a nearby refugee camp loitering on the highway in massive numbers and trying to intimidate truckers on the UK-bound highway in Calais, France. The video features the Hungarian truck driver’s color commentary, which is hilarious in its rich mélange of curses. Despite the fact that he is driving through a gauntlet of restless, zombie-like aliens, and despite the chill of despair suffused through the landscape, the man sounds like he’s quite enjoying himself. Just picture Mad Max cracking jokes as he speeds through road wreckage.

It’s the little things in a man’s attitude that comprise the difference between resigning to lose and resolving to win. Like for example, when an off-screen migrant climbs on his trailer and vandalizes the canvas. Rather than lamenting the damage, the driver says “If I go out I will stab him, I swear. I will stab that rat through with my tactical knife.”

Sweet move at the 5:00 mark.

The folk-techno music in the background was perfect.

That man is my hero. He isn’t extraordinary, as far as White men historically go. Neither are prime minister Orbán nor mayor Toroczkai, for that matter, despite their uncommon talents. They are doing something all of us are capable of when we know who we are and what we believe in.


27 thoughts on “Is Hungary the Savior of Europe?

  1. RE. that last video: that intermittent but perpetual cluster of migrants gathered alongside the highway reminded me of scenarios I’ve encountered during trips to New Mexico and Arizona border towns, while taking a few days off work out of LA; this was the mid 90s, so I imagine it’s gotten worse since then. But even then, I recall thinking: how could someone be proud and indignant, even arrogant, when invading someone else’s sovereignty? I mean, their actions individually and collectively scream, “Please let me escape the hell of my own place and people and join the more favorable clime among your people.”

    How is that a circumstance that begets surliness and specific demands?

  2. We’re they aggressive or meek when you were there?

    Well, the connection I casually summoned and mentioned was simply in that they were both border-jumping immigrants running along a nearby highway.
    The Mexicans I’m referring to, from what I remember, seemed to be a more even mix of males and females, with most of them much more docile than the ones in your vid; the only ones that I recall being outright surly and provoking were the clusters of younger males, who were as much or more aggressive than the worst exemplars in your video.

    Perhaps your invaders are emboldened by the political sentiments on their side? I really don’t know much re. EU politics and populist sentiment and in which directions those winds are blowing, etc. One thing about us upper Midwesterners: we sorta cloister our concerns closer to home and leave these thorny international issues to you Beltway professionals, lolzz.

  3. Hey, internet tough guyz

    “What in (the dog’s) cock is going on?!”

    That is about the funniest meme slash aphorism i ever heard. (I wish i was a Pole.)

  4. the only ones that I recall being outright surly and provoking were the clusters of younger males, who were as much or more aggressive than the worst exemplars in your video.

    Did you just say “exemplars”?

    Good work kid, zing zang and the rest – smileys.

    I love Mexicans, i love blacks. However, … when it comes to it, we are going to kill you all.

    God damn, you know and i know, the top title in the hood is not billionaire, it’s killer.

    White folks wants back his nerve.

  5. PA, and the rest of the Regulars –

    I will tone it down.

    On the other hand, “the dog’s cock” has to go down as the funniest joke of all time.

  6. Someone once said, that Europe will be saved (if it will be saved, which I highly doubt) by the periphery, not by the rotten core. That means the ‘little’ countries, not the traditional major powers. I think he was right. Hungarians? Why not. Who else.

    Bravo Hungary.

  7. If i am explaining my joke that means i failed, but oh well no one bats a thousand.

    Everything is “the big Dog in the Sky”.

    But the metaphor of the Dog for God, is not a joke. I can’t get all theologician on your asses this morning – but it is a conscious being that is co-evolved with us – as we are with God. (As we are with dogs.)

  8. And as far as “what in god’s cock” – that was from the video, and about the funniest thing i ever heard. Who the hell says that? apparently they do. Idioms are the color of language, and i am herefore appropriating.

    What in God’s cock is the point?

    Is it funny or did i miss?

  9. White folks wants back his nerve.

    Probably. At least to some extent. But i think you overlook some factors that are quite relevant here; i recall us discussing the same thing at s.o.b.’s blog, in which you said something like: ‘face it, blacks won the battle over whites in owning the street, e.g. ‘the underworld vice market,’ or words to that effect.

    But did they really? or was it more tactically wise to concede it voluntarily after taking a sober review of just what precisely was at stake; i recall saying at 28herm something along the lines of:
    ….. did they really ‘lose’ it? Or did they weigh the costs and decided it would be, at best, a very ugly, pyrrhic victory, a la what you said: “The street sucks.” That, of course, is what it often comes down to: many ‘battles’ are determined solely by dint of who’s more primitive. I mean, most middle-class and even lower-middle-class whites are going to be directing urban crack and weed distribution because they’re not going to risk the official sanction and stigma of a criminal record by civil authorities or death by gunshot street administered by street authorities.

    I mean, how many teddy bear street shrines do you see poping-up on urban blocks in your neighborhood?

  10. Nikcrit, I don’t think it’s wise to cede public space in the face of resistible opposition. The first time I noticed something like this happen was when I came to the US in 1983 and the big thing in the local news was the removal of Nativity scenes from a local courthouse. At my age then I didn’t have the language to describe my objection but I thought that a big mistake is being made by placating the screeching antagonists (my parents had more precise words for them) and banning expressions of devotion.

    Elk: links are cool. Just FYI, my mod settings are for two or more links in one comment. That video was not my cup of tea. Peterike thusfar has been most in tune with my taste, in bringing up new artists. I am thinking specifically of Drive By Truckers/ Jason Isbell that he brought to our attention in the final days of GL Piggy. I hadn’t heard of Isbell prior to that. I listen to Isbell quite a bit now and “Outfit” is one of my favorite songs. (I already knew of First Aid Kid, which he linked to here a few days ago).

    I have a post on ugliness almost ready. Will take a final look at it tomorrow and probably post it in the morning.

  11. Nikcrit, I don’t think it’s wise to cede public space in the face of resistible opposition.

    I didn’t exactly presume that you were thinking it was wise; moreso, i was suggesting it’s a logical dilemma that develops: in any polyglot society to arise in modern times, the lumpen prole vice world is usually overseen by the ‘official’ minority or underdog community…… actually, I recalled something you pointed out back at sobl’s blog: how, if you wanted to prevent the reality of what i just said then you have to have a majority-culture (white) lumpen proletariat as well as white middle-to-upper classes evident in a given ‘community.’

    My experience has been that even in overwhelmingly white communities (summoning the cities between milwaukee and minneapolis anecdotally here) even those white-prole sectors are sort-of raceless-to-whiggerish in how they apply style to their underworld bizness, etc.).

    IDK; i may be sorta tangenting of a bit here—–haven’t yet had my coffee, lolzz.

  12. links are cool.

    okay, i don’t believe anyone here will be converted into loving “the blue Duke.” But the way he was lauded in American Hustle was brilliant IMO; i hope Bale won a Oscar for his potrayal, tho i don’t recall if he did. (fwiw, the segment of the clip that starts at the 1:20 mark is just too preciously hilarious for silly Sir Duke devotees such as myself):

    Just in case anyone care’s to hear the source for that scene:

  13. nikcrit – black folks are the best, in the moment – we get it, ok – and along with that reed – it’s ok, just leave us alone, peace be with you – you are genius too

  14. elk —– i wasn’t making or implying any racial point…… it’s hard for me to tell when you’re serious from joking or being sarcastic…. or just drunk.

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