EU Macht Frei

If you have not already read Vox Day’s “SJWs Always Lie: Taking down the Thought Police,” you should click on the preceding link and buy it now. There are Kindle as well as paperback editions. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

One of the underpinnings of that book is the lesson on dialectic vs rhetoric, which Vox borrows from Aristotle’s “Rhetoric.” In short, dialectical persuasion appeals to reason and rhetorical persuasion appeals to emotion. Dialectic is ineffective against rhetoric because reason-based arguments can’t overcome appeals to emotion. You have to fight fire with fire, and fight rhetoric with sharper rhetoric. As Vox put it elsewhere, the effective rhetorical weapon incorporates truth + simplicity + contempt.

Political cartoons, by the necessity of the medium, are rhetorical, rather than dialectical weapons. In a recent example, as reported by the Polish-language Niezależna, the moderate-left German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) ran an editorial attacking east/central European countries for pushing back on the European Union’s (EU) demands to take in refugees. Their immediate target was Poland’s newly-elected conservative government. SZ’s editorial was accompanied by a cartoon showing Poland retreating into a bunker and throwing out the EU flag while panhandling for EU’s money:


There is one problem with the cartoon. It goofed on an important detail. Can you spot it? Answer: it’s unclear how Indonesia (or Monaco) fits into the story. Yes, the cartoonist fucked up and got the Polish flag wrong, and SZ’s editorial staff failed to catch that mistake.

One of the many rhetorical responses to that cartoon includes this one by twitter account holder @karnkowski:


Karnkowski writes in the above tweet: “the German newspaper made an error in coloring the flags, so I corrected both — the Polish and the German one.” A slap in the face is met with a kick in the teeth.

The revised cartoon is pure, 200-proof rhetoric. The implied message is clear: “Here is our flag drawn correctly. Here is YOUR supranational, imperialistic flag drawn correctly. I’m ignoring the panhandling thing because I don’t care.”

Equating the European Union flag — not the three-color German national flag but the EU flag — with Hitler’s swastika hits hard as visual rhetoric. It is a vulnerability particular to the pro-EU German ruling class that smart nationalists exploit.

This isn’t Poland vs Germany. The German people are bearing a major part of the brunt of the EU-driven migrant resettlement. Germans are also actively resisting their government, in underreported acts of arson and mass protests that feature Angela Merkel hanged in effigy. Nationalists across Europe, from Spain to Russia, including German patriots, know that they stand in solidarity with one another against the EU superstate as they declare “Europe belongs to us.”

Rather, the EU = Nazi meme is something Eastern European nationalists push hard, not as puerile Godwin babble but as living memory of Luftwaffe bombs dropping on their cities, along with countless wartime atrocities. Associating Nazi symbolism with the EU works because it hits the central vulnerability of Merkel’s government — its invitation of Syrian (and “Syrian”) migrants being an ostensible act of atonement over Germany’s aggressive actions in World War II. That’s why the burning of EU flags to the chants of “EU Macht Frei” at this year’s Independence Day march in Warsaw made news around the world.

This rhetoric works because it unmasks the predator’s face behind EU’s pacifist mask. It exposes its quest for political control under the guise of economic development. Central to this “Nazi” rhetoric is the accusation that the EU project is promoted as a repudiation of Germany’s attempted conquest of Europe seventy years ago, while in fact being Act Two of the same, this time spearheaded not with Wehrmacht but with military-age Middle Eastern and African male migrants.

At its heart, this conflict is nationalism vs. globalism, the latter represented by the blue flag. And that blue, yellow-starred circle-jerk is getting rhetorically aligned with the Hakenkreuz to expose the Fourth Reich the European Union as another transnational assault on the nations of Europe, and one that aims to bring ruin, once again, to Germans first and foremost, while taking all of us down.


Berlin’s conquest of Europe: how it ended the last time.

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  2. PA,
    would you translate for us the comment y Karnkowski? i take it you’re saying that the reacting cartoon is equating the nazi flag with fascist E.U. policies, yes?

  3. Excellent work by Karnkowski. The right needs to get better at this kind of thing. For too long the Left has owned the playing field. To a large extent the Globalists have won by default, though they’ve also managed to crush whatever small moments of resistance have some up (even the placid Tea Party was too much for them to stand, so they co-opted it and destroyed it, tout suite).

    Europe certainly seems to be stirring, but there’s a long, long way to go yet. Even if all new immigration was stopped today, there are millions upon millions in Europe who should not be there. Stopping the influx is one battle. Removing the current multi-culti inhabitants will be far, far more difficult. It will take a genuine revolution and a removal of anything resembling democracy (all to the good, say I).

    And partially on tangent, in the spirit of “What Are We Fighting For?” here are two beautiful Swedish sisters joining in gorgeous musical harmonies, in a purely American idiom. This is white culture when it’s not slutted up and debased by the purveyors of depravity. If you like this kind of music or not, you can’t help but smile at these lovely young women. This is what the Globalists want to destroy.

  4. That First Aid Kid (strange name for a band) song is nice. The opening lines “Stockholm’s cold but I’ve been told / I was born to endure this kind of weather” lift the song above a common sweet tribute/ballad, making it sound attuned to the emergent identitarian age.

    As far as creative expression or vigor go, I’m finding that globalists (liberals) are coasting on an empty tank. They have … what exactly? We have an explosion of RealTalk and art. Look for Les Brigandes and Shiksa Goddess on youtube for the tip of the iceberg, in terms of female bands.

    By the way, I always liked how Swedes pronounce the “z” sound like an “s” when speaking English. Abba did that in all of their songs. Those girls do that too.

  5. here are two beautiful Swedish sisters joining in gorgeous musical harmonies, in a purely American idiom. This is white culture when it’s not slutted up and debased by the purveyors of depravity. If you like this kind of music or not, you can’t help but smile at these lovely young women. This is what the Globalists want to destroy.

    I don’t comprehend your sense of insult and sense of cultural assault in this instance; what i hear is not at all uncommon: a white foreign (in this case Scandinavian) interpretation of an American pop template and genre, in this case an appropriation of rootsy American folk, country and a trace of lilting blues, which makes the music not at all ethnically exclusive… That assay, of course, is subjective by default, as anytime you use terms like ‘rootsy’ and ‘country’ or even ‘folk’ in terms of pop idiom, some hermeneutic nitpik breaks out in terms of ethnodemographic sourcing and bragging rights.

    But if we bypass all that mess for the moment, I say you have there a good, nice and respectful interpretation of americana music idiom by a foreign voice or voices, with politics neither here nor there when looking at either the main ingredients of the music or its cultural effect. Bottom line: i don’t see how one could reasonably prove that ‘globalists want to destroy’ music such as this! I see neither the threat or the provocation in such a sound.

    And this is coming from someone who can be a real finnicky music bitch at times, who hates his well-earned jadedness when it comes to pop thematics, lolzz.

  6. It is interesting how the Nazi symbolism is flexible in its orientation. Of course it is used by old school WN as the cause celebre, but in this new school cartoon it is part of the global empire.

    As an American who came into race-real political concerns naturally, i have to say that the Nazis always getting the bad wrap has made me sympathetic to their cause. But then really, what was their cause?

    The need to align them with this side or that side, in some black or white pattern, is simplistic and flawed thinking. We all know that, however – there still is somehow something about “the whole Nazi thing” can’t be swept under the rug.

    Part of their appeal is that they were working on a new mythic identity, what with the esoterism and all that Himalayan yeti monk racial soul stuff. So they had that going for them. Another part of their appeal is simply their German faces.

    But now that they failed, those same qualities are seen as embarrassments. As for their aggression on the Field of Europe, well what can be said about that. I don’t know “who started it” and those things are always contentious. War is Hell, it seems delusional, in retrospect. Why couldn’t they just shore up their borders, and put limits on the influence of hostile tribes.

    All that speculation goes nowhere. The Nazis were a fetish for race realists for the reasons above – that they were esoteric, that they were good-looking in an innocent perhaps neotenous way, and that they lost. But now the politics of identity are become mainstream and there is no place for fetishes.

    It occurs to me that word “fetish” might seem to be over-used, as in above – but it is exactly the right concept. It is another one of those concepts that in itself is a little bit uncomfortable and taboo, for the usual reasons, which are that it is associated with leather whips chains and lace, which as always the less said the better. I often make the easy jokes along such lines – but i know that people get tired of them, and they can be compromising. “There is nothing gay about Hell.” – QED

    And that is the spirit of the cartoon, is it not? “To hell with that Nazism, you take it back, we have no use of your cartoon imagery and its associations.”

  7. Those chicks sure can sing, and speaking the perfect English seems to be so typical for many of those Scandinavians. I have heard that flawless English is a mark of all their educated classes, whatever that means.

    In any case they are superior people, but their cousins are holding up signs that “Welcome Refugees”.

    The evil globalists got a hold of the reins of government and play on the interpersonal dynamics between the sexes, and other things, things that they understand very well, to cause dissension and corruption because it is a short term profitable scheme for a system that would profit in the short term with dissent and corruption.

    As is written elsewhere, by specialists well grounded in theory and application, the solution against them is an emergent belief structure that takes no prisoners, that accepts no compromise, and that is willing to fight the long game and die. And so it is.

    It is so fucked up how it plays out on the ground – and not the long term fourth generational fight that will involve James Cameron type mechanical genius Aryan throwback barbarians – but the day-to-day busroute and schoolyard experience of young people and those otherwise not removed from the poorer quarters and the street. The unnatural experience of it – oh hey this is where i grew up but now i take the bus and everyone is from Somalia and Central America, and that’s a good thing? and if i try and complain about it to my relatives they tell me to adjust – not realizing that includes a submissive posture, or in the alternative that struggle which is wearisome and – without talking about my own failings – this situation is just, uh, unfriendly, and aren’t we supposed to be nice to each other and so why would we advocate this environment for young boys and girls about whom we say we would do everything to protect. Just throwing them to the wolves.

    But whatever. The obvious contradictions, between what are the most important things, which is the future for your kids, and the politics and policies that create hostile environments for their LIVES – cannot be maintained at all any longer, in anybody’s head. Anyone advocating for the multicult is advocating against their own children, or against other people’s, if they don’t have any.

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