Hospitality Done Right. The guests arrive, respectfully remove their hats and shoes. You feed and entertain them like kings. Then the guests leave and praise you to their friends.

Hospitality Done Wrong. The guests arrive, eat your food, leer at your daughter, shove your son, put their feet on your table, laugh at you, bring their friends over and never leave.

Asylum for Refugees. A generous humanitarian gesture toward a large numbers of foreigners seeking safety — assuming they are deemed asylum seekers and not non-uniformed invaders — should be a temporary sanctuary in a confined campus, with mandatory return once the hostilities are deemed to have ended. And no possibility of release to integrate with the host state’s population.

In no moral law is it written that asylum for refugees must become an open door to changing the national character of the host country. A good host will feed you and board you, not dispossess his son or give away his daughter for the guest’s sake.

The Bitch and Her Whelps. A bitch, ready to whelp, begged a shepherd dog for a place where she might litter. When her request was granted, she sought permission to rear her puppies in that same kennel. The shepherd dog again consented. But at last the bitch, protected by her whelps, who had now grown up and were able to defend themselves, asserted her exclusive right to the kennel and the yard, and would not permit the shepherd dog to approach.  (Aesop’s Fable)

Dear Editors of Scotland’s The National: by welcoming the migrants, you are not entering into a host-guest relationship with your fellow men, as you may think you are. They hear you say “welcome to Scotland” and they think you’re a joke. They think that Scotland is a joke. They will never respect you, they will never show your grandchildren an ounce of kindness. They laugh at you because you just gave away your most valuable possession, your future.


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