The Hill of Crosses

An unassuming hill in the countryside of Lithuania, just north of Siauliai, is known as Kryziu Kalnas, or The Hill of Crosses. It is believed that the first crosses were placed on that hill to memorialize fallen patriots in wake of the failed 1831 uprising against the Russian Empire. The number of crosses there is now estimated at more than 100,000 despite the Soviet government’s razing them twice, in 1961 and 1975.


I visited there about fifteen years ago. The hill, with crosses planted clandestinely by the people over the years, is a living symbol of quiet, peaceful defiance of tyranny.

What kinds of simple, non-violent acts of defiance are done in our time?



5 thoughts on “The Hill of Crosses

  1. Speaking of anti-white, you catch the Google banner for Veterans Day? The only (barely) white guy is way in the back, waving goodbye…

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