No Permanent Sanctuary in the East

Many on the pro-White Right feel solace when they look to the east of the Hajnal Line, central and eastern Europe and Russia, and imagine that as their refuge as the West is deluged with non-Europeans. This is perfectly natural. Those countries represent an element of hope and there is comfort in escapism. However, fantasies of fleeing to nearly all-White Eastern Europe are an insidious habit, best not indulged in for all of our sakes.

First, those thoughts are dangerous because they promote a flight mentality when we are coming to a point when we should be fighting, with repatriation of all non-Europeans being the end game within our lifetimes. Europe — all of it — belongs to us; we can’t cede any part of our continent to others. That is a non-negotiable. There is already growing and underreported resistance in Germany and other places and this is no time to abandon your compatriots.

The second reason why seductive thoughts of fleeing east are best pushed away is because Europeans’ vitality springs from their national identities. Individual European states, large and small, cannot be asked to absorb any other nation, including another European one. Our collective identity in this global struggle is White, but it is under our individual national and cultural identities that we thrive once we secure peace. We are fully men when we stand as undisputed owners of our public space, keeping it in our own image to reflect our very identity. Mixing multiple cultures in that same public space, even similar ones, is deracinating and demoralizing.

Given the globalist-orchestrated invasion unfolding before our eyes and the emergent push-back, there are signs of an incipient war in Western Europe. When that happens, Eastern European nations would best help their Western brothers and sisters by:

  • Providing temporary sanctuaries to women and children
  • Supporting nationalists in their countries morally, diplomatically, materially, and militarily

But any mass-scale and implicitly permanent accommodation of non-nationals on the soil of any Eastern European country would be suicidal for all of us. Ireland for the Irish. Germany for Germans. Latvia for Latvians. Solidarity, not White flight in Europe.

Europe belongs to Europeans.

Europe belongs to Europeans.


4 thoughts on “No Permanent Sanctuary in the East

  1. As long as European ethnics remains at war with the “white race” and thus genuine white Supremacy then they MUST FIGHT ALONE as European ethnics.

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