White Guilt: “The Most Agreeable Feeling”

Exhibit 1. A packed movie theatre, “Batman Begins” is playing. There is a scene in which Bruce Wayne fires his company’s corrupt CEO and promotes Morgan Freeman’s humble character into that position. The nearly all-White audience erupts in spontaneous applause.

Exhibit 2. Bright-faced office workers get together on a sunny Saturday morning to paint houses in a low-income Black neighborhood as part of their Corporate Responsibility program, a volunteering initiative coordinated by an energetic group of interns. Box lunches for the volunteers are delivered at noon and tensions rise as residents of the painted houses want their sandwiches too. A large-screen plasma television is jabbering in the background.

Exhibit 3. A somber dinner in memory of the untimely death of a promising young girl. There are tears, but mostly there is soft, warm laughter as grief gives way to peace. At the meal’s conclusion, as guests pick up to part and goodbyes are exchanged, Peter Biehl shakes hands with three young African men.

Let us understand “White guilt.” It is not White guilt.

When European missionaries came to Africa to baptize heathen souls, they wondered at the wild faces and savage customs of the natives. “Childlike,” as the cliché in colonial memoirs goes. And many other words.

From the biography of 19th century Christian missionary Dr. David Livingstone:

Various methods of salutation were in vogue among the different tribes. Some would pick up a handful of sand or ashes and rub it on their arms and chest. Others would drum their ribs with their elbows. The people of the Batonga tribe greeted Livingstone by lying on their backs on the ground, rolling from one side to the other, and beating their sides with their hands.
– (Giants of the Missionary Trial by Eugene Myers Harrison).

In Dr. Livingstone’s own words:

The more intimately I become acquainted with barbarians, the more disgusting does heathenism become. It is lamentable to see those who might be children of God, dwelling in peace and love, so utterly the children of the devil. Oh, Almighty God, help! help! and leave not this wretched people to the slave-dealer and Satan. Help them to look to Christ and live.

As is evident from Livingtone’s journals and other reports of colonial visitors to the Dark Continent, Africans in their native state are, in the European’s preconscious perception, so removed from our most basic template of fellow man that our instinctual response is to see him as cursed or depraved. The missionaries felt the pity. And now we feel that same pity. This had led to anti-racism infecting the body politic and metastasizing to its present quasi-religious cult.

It’s fitting then, that the most luminous of Europeans, the Nordics, have now gone the most full-retard with anti-racism.

Today, he feels guilty when he looks at ...

He feels pity when he looks at …

... him.

… him.

That pity, it is an involuntary reflex. If pressed, most would admit that the low-income Black neighborhood where office workers were painting walls is not poor; not when judging by the residents’ evident effects of robust caloric intake, ubiquity of electronic toys, and cultural coherence of the neighborhood (lots of White folks can’t afford that last one!). Yet, all that the pitying White liberal sees is Black faces and hears Black talking, and those things trigger for him thoughts of poverty that is beyond material. The cheering audience at the “Batman” movie — there is catharsis Whites feel when our innate pity for the Black is discharged. And when a White father shakes hands with… eh, just picture it if your stomach lets you.

But you know what? It is easy to point fingers. And this blog is not a place where we point-and-rage or point-and-mock. That would be a waste of my time, and yours. What I want this place to be is a vehicle for understanding ourselves and our world toward doing the things that need to be done — starting with ourselves.

So, forget liberals, cuckservatives, and Biehl. Look at me and you, veterans of alt-Right’s discourses on race-realism. How many of us, when interacting with a nice and humble Black, have caught themselves laying on the treacly niceness we’d not otherwise extend to a member of any other racial group, our own in particular? How many of us have felt sorry for a Black person who is awkwardly in over his head in some work situation and have felt compelled to assuage that discomfort in ways we’d not do for anyone of any other race? How many of us here on race-realism blogs had been overly indulgent of various Black commenters, willfully blind to their escalating passive-aggression?
Under a culture of de facto gag-orders on any honest public conversation on race, this reflexive pity for the Black man grows unchecked and we the fools self-indulgently luxuriate in said pity. Blacks pick up on this. And that is why the more they are given, the more angry they become. The way forward requires that we understand this pity, this “most agreeable feeling.”
Rest in peace, Chris and Channon.

Rest in peace, Chris and Channon.

16 thoughts on “White Guilt: “The Most Agreeable Feeling”

  1. Your analysis is spot on and I think most applicable to whites whose contact with blacks manifests primarily through various media organs, perhaps tangentially through work

    It’s hard to feel the impulses you describe when, from a very early age, diversity and race differences are made apparent, but even I, a hardened race realist with a PhD in Diversity, can’t escape this most Europen reflex.

    The mind rot is deep and takes hold early. When I was a kid I used to have this fantasy of witnessing a white man stealing a black baby from a black mother’s arms. I would spring into action and recover the kid after publicly punishing the thief. This psychodrama that played itself out in my head had one aim: to prove to blacks (myself?) that not all whites are rayciss. It’s sick, proof the propaganda starts early and the reason my future kids will be homeschooled.

  2. Philomathean, you are not the only one who had those fantasies. I think this is universal. And that fantasy scales up to pop culture memes about saintly Negroes such as in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” But you know what all of those fantasies have in common? The African’s childlike gentleness. And when fantasy meets reality, like it did for Dr. Livingstone, the fantasy is discarded.

  3. This instinct can be harnessed to good ends if we can recover the virtues of discernment and responsibility. The extent to which moderns lack this is shocking, as displayed in this recent news story: https://archive.is/f2tR0 . The main thing cases like this reveal, I think, is that the modern mind has no principled basis for taking responsibility for the lives of others. A society that has that capability can handle groups that inspire pity, because it’s capable of taking actions that can actually help rather than just salving their cowardly consciences.

  4. Michelle Moon did a nice job of leading her daughter. That seemed like a cross-examination rather than an interview.

  5. PA, why do white people travel to Africa and then complain about Africans?

    Do you go to Poland and complain about Poles?

  6. btw PA, the Ethiopian you pictured above is not a him, its a her.

    In that tribe only the females wear lip plates.

  7. “btw PA, the Ethiopian you pictured above is not a him, its a her.
    In that tribe only the females wear lip plates.”
    I suppose if I were a normal PC White I should be ashamed that I had no idea. I’m not, so why do I feel bad? That’s pity, and I don’t like it.

    Now, why is a neg more effective than an insult again? I mean, thanks for pointing that out, even though your race was just totally burned. It seems harsher because I would never have chosen to be cruel, not in spite of that. Authenticity makes it somehow more vicious.

    I don’t agree with going around making insults about blacks or using the “n” word in offense because, well, it’s true that putting others down shows insecurity within yourself.

    While I don’t want my descendants to be interbred with yours for reasons that you have just illuminated, I hope you keep posting here. I have to compliment your personal courage on interacting with “racists” as a reasonable person.The variety in perspective brings clarity, as does a second eye bring depth perception. As it shows a lack of wisdom for “racists” to dehumanize blacks, it shows wisdom for blacks to humanize “racists”. So, “look at me”. Does acknowledging you give me an “agreeable feeling”?

    Yes. It does.

    You know what I fucking love? I love how when I stopped believing in the false religion, when I became WN and accepted myself as a “racist,” my resentment towards non-whites evaporated.

    I LOVE the disillusionment and moral confusion in obedient Whites who need to believe in “equality” and their hidden frustration with non-whites who don’t live up to their ideal. All day I deal with brown people who have been put here as part of a genocidal population replacement program against my race, and don’t feel any personal resentment towards them as individuals, because I know they are just trying to make a better life for themselves. I LOVE knowing what the bottled-up resentment of trying to convince myself it doesn’t matter feels like, and not having it anymore. I LOVE the feeling of moral vindication I get from being around Whites who immediately spout that they’re “not racist” when they let slip their discontent towards non-whites, when I am an actual Fash who genuinely likes the brown people I interact with because it isn’t personal. I also love having the rational understanding that allows me to make moral judgements about race without fearing I’m a bad person for thinking the wrong thing, because I’m not trying to superimpose an absurd ideology on myself. Knowing that it’s too difficult for most Whites to comprehend how it can be true that loving our race is righteous and healthy even if brown people aren’t bad people, gives me a feeling like I’m an intellectual giant and I LOVE that even more. Most of all, I love the feeling of superiority I get from knowing that the majority of Whites trying to convince themselves that they like “diversity” are in denial and acting out of cowardice; and the difference between me and them is I have the moral courage to face the truth.

    It’s not pity, towards browns or Whites. It’s not hatred either. It’s a feeling of elitism akin to the feeling that wealthy shitlibs are chasing when they crap all over their own race. But mine is far more genuine and less pretentious, because I can’t display it for social status. It’s a feeling of elitism that lives in my heart, much more pure and true. Or so I like to think. It’s not at all that I hate Politically Correct Whites who can’t see what I do; it’s like a warm, paternalistic validation that I should have been put here to guide and rule them. Gamma delusions of grandeur, to be sure. Really takes the edge off the pain of isolation and despair. A Most Agreeable Feeling indeed.

    Oh, shit. Did I have too much to drink?

  8. “I love how when I stopped believing in the false religion, when I became WN and accepted myself as a “racist,” my resentment towards non-whites evaporated.”


    there is no way to disconnect mistreatment from racism; thats why people have a problem with it. I tried to explain this point to CH but he ignored it. There is no way to make racism “cool”; or to sell it as a valid religion.

    Even Farrahkan can’t do it ( he only uses it as a catalyst to sell what is essentially a very conservative politic program to American blacks who otherwise would reject the discipline and structure of Islam…)

    Saying you are concerned about the survival of white people is NOT practicing racism.

    Mistreating people on the basis of color is.

    Heretic, here is the root of what you are up against:

    There is no justification for mistreatment and/or abuse.

  9. thwack, you missed something important. The scarequotes. You’ll get it.

    “Saying you are concerned about the survival of white people is NOT practicing racism.”

    Funny, why do I have to keep it a secret to remain employed and out of a cardboard box on the streets then? We will still get fired, expelled from college, lynched, or depending on the country, imprisoned for advocating White survival. Or maybe openly gunned down by the state in an alleyway.

    My friend Jeff didn’t hurt a brown soul; he lived a crime-free, quiet life but he was an open WN who advocated for our independence. He tried to live as a peaceful life of defiance as best he could. One morning before he was supposed to have an important job interview, he was walking out of his house listening to classical music on his headphones, and was surrounded by the cops in an alley, had a CLIP unloaded into him IN THE BACK by a female officer, who excused herself that he was carrying a flaregun (as in holding it , not waving it around) before leaving his house after having just been gang-beaten by the druggie thugs in his building. The lamestream media doesn’t mention how he was left to writhe and choke in the street, while a half-dozen cowardly cops stood around and watched, doing nothing for 12 minutes while he bled out and died. How convenient that he had just been beaten into a semi-concussion by local druggies having a wild party next door, which the cops weren’t interested in, and shouted a warning that he was armed when there was an unexpected aggressive bang on his door. Who would have thought the police would walk past the loud party of intoxicated junkies blasting rap music to bang on the door of the apartment next door rocking Beethoven in defiance? Not me. I know him and he was a good man, he didn’t mistreat any brown people. There were no riots, no protests, nothing. Just a quick blurb in the local paper; because White lives don’t matter. Is that “racism” thwack, that he was mistreated because of his race? No, because he was White.

    Jeff’s family had to fork out insane coin on lawyers just to get an inquiry into what happened. It took over a YEAR, and probably near a year’s wages for his family no doubt. Lying media doesn’t mention that either. And the first damn thing that the judge said when the thing started, before ANY evidence was presented, was that there was no blame being assigned in this inquiry and nobody was going to be undergoing any discipline. See, cops can butcher us like animals and have no fear of any consequences because of our race. Is that “racism,” thwack?

    No, it’s not. “Racism” is a label that Politically Correct zealots use to “other” and dehumanize unbelievers who don’t follow their religion. You mustn’t have been to the Seminary (College) if you think “racism” is about “mistreatment” of people, rather than shaming impious Whites for not being faithful enough. Calling me a “racist” is like calling an atheist a “heathen” or “infidel”. Damn straight I am a fucking Heretic. And I swear that by the time I’m done with this smarmy, hateful religion of lies and fear, people will be humiliated to admit they ever believed it in public.

  10. Heretic, I suggest you take this issue up with white people. Indeed, white people DO mistreat and abuse each other; just not on the basis of color.

    Think of “race” like a prison. The guards run the prison. Sometimes the guards have disagreements over HOW to run the prison; they may even fight and kill each other (sometimes with the help of inmates)

    But at the end of the day the goal is always to MAINTAIN THE PRISON AT ALL COSTS.

    If that means installing an inmate as the warden for a few years, so be it. If that means midnight basketball for the inmates, so be it.

    If you don’t like how the prison is run, you should talk to the other guards.

  11. “How many of us here on race-realism blogs had been overly indulgent of various Black commenters, willfully blind to their escalating passive-aggression?”

    That was a string of questions you wrote. My answer to all the others in the paragraph is: naught: I have always treated them like I’d traet someone of any other race, if they were in the same setting/had the same skills.
    But to this one my answer is: yes, sometimes.

    Months ago I posted truthful comments about race & intelligence at some sites. Some black dudes replied, they tried to be kind and write in an educated fashion. Of course they denied all of reality about intelligence.

    My gift to them was that I didn’t reply. It was a compromise between giving leeway to my nature, and write truth and only truth one more time, or being a good nurse-actor and tell them something that will help them feel better (saying I had explained myself poorly in the previous comment).

    I see a lot of people in alt-right sites who like to cause ache to their neighbor, and even more to the “other”.
    This is because causing ache is what best reassures one that he is strong, and, clearly, these persons have a great wish of being strong, and a great insecurity about their being how they wish to be.

    Another time I saw a comment rambling about “white supremacy” and very quickly the grammar and wordage told me it had to be written by black: just that would have made for a pointy response, but I left no response. Why hurt a person for no gain?

    “And this blog is not a place where we point-and-rage or point-and-mock.”

    But you have called me (and many others at once) “defective”, “to be corrected”, “dysfunctional”, “repellent”, “weird”, and much else on the same line, just because in a monkey-like, jungle-sort of setting I’ll be at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy.

    It’s hard to not see that there’s some pleasure in doing that. Even the wealth of names employed to the purpose is proof of that. I’ll post an articulate response to your love of nature’s and human’s “ferality” later, if ever.
    I don’t think the persistence of dynamics characteristics of monkeys and apes among humans in the 20th century is anything to stare at as if looking at a beauty // celebrate // reinvigorate // despise and or harass who loses at “the game”.

    You are disgusted by other races who are closer to the ancient animal state, then you value feral power wars and dynamics as if they were the best of gold.

  12. I see a lot of people in alt-right sites who like to cause ache to their neighbor, and even more to the “other”.
    This is because causing ache is what best reassures one that he is strong, and, clearly, these persons have a great wish of being strong, and a great insecurity about their being how they wish to be.

    It may be the case that causing other people pain is a sign of something, such as strength.

    But why would that be any indication of the motivation to those actions, which are described in your comment as shallow and self-seeking.

    The Pain that is caused by Conflict and Life is what it is. It is inevitable.

    The world and people’s place in it and their actions, are motivated by circumstances and conditions, feelings and causes, that are far removed from any motivations that can even be understood, and much less by the actors themselves, and outsiders alike.

    In other words, the ascription of self-seeking motives resulting such as those from insecurity, is utterly missing the big picture about what human beings are doing on this Earth.

    It is not entirely a petty drama.

  13. — But you have called me (and many others at once) “defective”, “to be corrected”, “dysfunctional”, “repellent”, “weird”, and much else on the same line, just because in a monkey-like, jungle-sort of setting I’ll be at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy.

    As sinners, we’re all defective in the only way that ultimately matters. But it sounds like you’re describing my various references to Gamma or Omega males in general. If that’s the case, Gamma is a kind mix of immaturity and dishonesty that ought to be corrected if you seek affirmative interaction with other people. As to Omegas, some have problems that they can overcome if so inclined, others either can’t or don’t care either way. One can be content with the cards he’s holding or not.

  14. The point in my previous comment is not so obscure as i was making it.

    Hurting other people is part of life. Especially in this situation where the Races have been thrown together in an un-natural environment.

    When people come into conflict, someone is going to win and someone is going to lose.

    Those actions might be described as self-seeking, but they are not shallow.

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