Placeholder for First Post

More will come. Stand by.


8 thoughts on “Placeholder for First Post

  1. There comes a point where a man has to stop commenting and start blogging. Good luck with your new venture.

  2. There are a lot of people who want to say something, even if they don’t know what it is.

    The foul cat Saruman has taken to breeding goblin-men with orcs.

    PA recently said some things about commenting versus blogging, that a commenter was nothing compared to a blogger, and now here he is blogging. Bloggers are like the planets and commenters are unknowns.

    In any case, the demand the market and the audience? abounds (and down there, with the clown frown!) opportunity for realtalkers, seize the crown.

    I have made this observation before, and so have others. Any quality work done here, writing whatever, will be pilfered stolen and taken credit for by some loser. For instance just yesterday in the WSJ was a leading article on how tall the republican candidates were being a leading question of google, and that was an exact copy of the conversation at CH two weeks ago. Happens all the time. The creative and honest ideas come from here and loser hacks copy them. Fuck this gay earth. Kidding haha, best wishes.

    My prediction is a frustrating experience, like most things in life.

  3. Hey Elk, hope to see more of you here. One thing I learned in my three days of blogging is that this is, unlike commenting, real work — on top of the full-time jobby-thingy I already have. As commenters, we fire off comments apropos another comment in most cases, segueing from what someone else said to what pops into our minds. Then, as with mentally active commenters like you, the words just flow.

    But a blog post is an ex-nihilo creation that has to have a sensible beginning apropos nothing. Then, it has to be well written. Then, it has to have a catchy title. Then, the post’s content has to live up to the hype of the title, or people will feel ripped-off. Then, until you’re established and can do lazy posts, you gotta give it your A-game all the time to hold readers’ attention.

    I am drafting my next post now. All the stuff I just wrote aside, this is fun.

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