“The Reply”

The poem/song “Odpowiedź” (The Reply), in English translation. Open thread.

It’ll be a night in heavy snow / To będzie noc w głębokim śniegu
Which muffles footsteps / Który ma moc głuszenia kroków
In the shadow that transforms / W głębokim cieniu co przemienia
The body into two pools of darkness / Ciało na dwie kałuże mroku
We lie down holding our breaths / Leżymy powstrzymując oddech
And even the softest whisper of thoughts / I nawet szept najlżejszy myśl

If the wolves don’t track us down / Jeśli nas nie wyśledzą wilki
Or the man in a fur coat who swings / I człowiek w szubie co kołysze
Rapid-fire death from his chest / Na piersi szybkostrzelną śmierć
We must spring into a run / Poderwać trzeba się i biec
To the dry applause of brief salvos / W oklasku suchych krótkich salw
Onto that longed-for shore / Na tamten upragniony brzeg

Everywhere the same soil, it teaches wisdom

Wszędzie ta sama ziemia jest, naucza mądrość

Everywhere man cries clear tears, mothers rock their babies
Wszędzie człowiek białymi łzami płacze, Matki kołyszą dzieci

The moon rises and builds our white home 
/ Księżyc wschodzi i biały dom buduje nam

It’ll be a night that follows hard reality / To będzie noc po trudnej jawie
A conspiracy of the imagination / Ta konspiracja wyobraźni
It tastes like bread, is light like vodka / Ma chleba smak i lekkość wódki
But the choice to stay / Lecz wybór by pozostać tu
Confirms each dream of palm trees / Potwierdza każdy sen o palmach

The dream interrupts the entry of those three / Przerwie sen nagłe wejście trzech
Made tall by rubber and iron / Wysokich z gumy i żelaza
They’ll check the name check the fear / Sprawdzą nazwisko sprawdzą strach
And order you to go down the stairs / I zejść rozkażą w dół po schodach
They won’t let you take anything along / Nic z sobą zabrać nie pozwolą
But the watchman’s sympathetic face / Prócz współczującej twarzy stróża


Hellenic, Roman, Medieval / Helleńska, rzymska, średniowieczna
Indian, Elizabethan, Italian / Indyjska, elżbietańska, włoska
French above all, I think / Francuska nade wszystko chyba
A bit of Weimar and Versailles / Trochę weimarska i wersalska
So many homelands we carry  / Tyle dźwigamy naszych ojczyzn
On Earth’s one back / Na jednym grzbiecie jednej ziemi

But the one that’s guarded / Lecz ta jedyna, której strzeże
By that most singular number / Liczba najbardziej pojedyncza
Is right here where they stomp you into the ground /
Jest tutaj gdzie cię wdepczą w grunt

Or with a shovel’s hard ringing / Lub szpadlem, który hardo dzwoni
They dig a large hole / W tęsknocie zrobią spory dół


Original poem “Odpowiedź” (The Reply) by Zbigniew Herbert, 1986. Music and vocals by Przemysław Gintrowski. My translation to English.


Berlin in July 1945

You’ll see a “Video Unavailable” notice when you try to play it. Click on “Watch on YouTube” when you see that message.

What makes defeat merely temporary is a conscious connection to one’s ancestors. Occupying powers know this, which is why they falsify history and tear down monuments.

Here is a detailed summary of the Battle of Berlin. I read the whole thing but this passage stood out: “There was sporadic fighting in a few isolated buildings where some SS troops still refused to surrender, but the Soviets reduced such buildings to rubble.” It’s an afterthought-line until you put yourself in the place of those small groups of men who were no longer fighting to defend their city, but for the sake of immortal honor.

Here is an older post about East Germany, which features a patriotic video to DDR’s national anthem, “Risen from the Ruins,” along with an overview of propaganda. Which occupation was more harmful to Germany, by design rather than through a turn of circumstances: the Soviet or the American one?

After 2015 and the Merkel migrant invasion, Germany and all of Europe has been under a redoubled attack. European nations pick themselves back up after they’re knocked down.

A Transitional Moment

Nonwhites living in the West are giddy:


One, she’s technically right. Two, shit that never happened. Those sassy rejoinders are a genre of fiction. Three, they relish their stroke of good fortune of being alive when Whites have a government boot on their necks. Four, people aren’t designed to mix socially across race. Five, I wonder how common it’s becoming, to loathe the sight of a nonwhite just being there, where we wish to be ourselves. Tradition, such as boys’ baseball league, is profaned when shared with foreigners. Six, this is a transitional moment in history. The question is, a transition what. Seven, all races will revert to what they’ve been for thousands of years.

Also, you might know a good one. Yet he feels profound satisfaction at what he sees as the cosmic justice of racism being (at this flash-moment in history) crushed while nonwhites’ most depraved iniquities against us are being indulged. This notion of “racism,” to a White person, is associated with the idea of guilt over cruel treatment of an inferior being. To a nonwhite, “racism” is simply a reminder of the differences between us, for which they despise us:


Globalists’ Promises

This will be a bit free-form.

The absolute worst that humanity had encountered is not nukes, it’s the unipolar world order after 1990. Power is fissile though. The deep state faction that looked like it won History during the Bill Clinton terms and reached apex power during George W. Bush’s terms was challenged by the Trump faction. Under Bubba, they promised Planetary McProsperity. Under Dubya, they promised Planetary Democracy.

As Presidential candidate, Barack Obama promised Whites forgiveness for racism. Yeah, over here we don’t buy the premise of “racism” but many Whites did. Not just in America either. Remember how feverishly Germans cheered for Obama when he visited there in 2008. Finally, they thought, we can stop being punished for our nazi past. Liberals everywhere whipped themselves into a pseudoreligious froth and something snapped inside their souls. They went insane and remained that way. Meanwhile, many conservative-leaning people took Obummer’s promise on good faith. We’ll show them we’re not racist just so the madness ends.

Not me. As I like to paraphrase Axl, “So I never fell for Oh-buh-ma.”

Globalists’ promise to nonwhites under Obummer was different. That promise was: “Come out and play. Whitey’s finished.”

The promised kill shot was to be under Hillary’s term. But they never saw Trump coming. And now when unmasked, they promise planetary trannies and cannibals.

On Trump Not Cucking


It’s been clear to me from the beginning that if Trump were to build the wall but do nothing else, his successor would simply tear it down to much pseudoreaganesque grandstanding. The final score: Nationalists 1, Globalists 2. This is why I’m in substantial agreement with Steve (@BGKB), who posted:

TRUMP didn’t cuck. He is exposing the jew pedophile cabals corruption at every step. If TRUMP fixed everything on day 1 with an executive order, the next democrap prez would reverse it all via executive order & normies wouldnt know who the traitors are. Perhaps this explanation will help. If you think TRUMP sold out to jew pedophiles wait 2 days.

Changing the attitudes of the mass of people is a necessary condition for long-term victory. Without that groundwork, a construction project is ripe for tearing down and the liquidation of a few bad actors is an opportunity for their equally-bad groomed successors.

Stephen King’s politics aside, “The Dead Zone” showed how to take down the enemy’s political movement permanently. It was the scene at a rally, with Johnny’s unsuccessful assasination attempt of a warmonger Presidential candidate. He missed the shot but something else happened. The candidate grabbed a small child as a human shield and photo images of the craven act sunk his campaign.

Idle Thoughts On Choreographed Dance

This post is the fulfillment of my newfound lifelong interest in choreographed dance. It’s also a weekend open thread.

Spanish singer Paloma San Basilio performs in this video for “Luna de Miel.” I think this is from 1979. Castilian-lisp Spanish is the best kind of Spanish. You’ll notice it in her pronunciation of “s” and “z” sounds as “th.”

The other thing that caught my attention in the video is what you can call the default in pop-culture choreographed dance, before Eighties’ era emphasis on technical perfection, along with the drift away from traditional sexual polarity. Through the recent decades the dancers and their dance have become more androgynous, the art directors jettisoning any remaining connection to the dance being what it’s always been, which is stylized courtship between man and woman. For that long-forgotten sensuality, take a look at this video:

Pretty smooth, isn’t it, when she twice hands off her mic over to a male dancer when she needs her hands to be free. Also, tell me you wouldn’t love for her to run her hand along your back like she does with one of the male dancers. From another composition that’s in the same spirit:

L’amour est enfant de bohème
Il n’a jamais jamais connu de loi
Si tu ne m’aimes pas, je t’aime
Et si je t’aime, prends garde à toi!

Only a few years later… Madonna’s “Material Girl” has a similar choreographed dance, the female fantasy of being a lady attended-on by adoring gentlemen. I have literally not seen this video since 1984. Just opened that time capsule now.

There are two perspectives. One, is from the point of view of the year when the video came out and its contrast against that which the audiences were comfortable with at the time. Madonna’s video is less civilized than what you see in “Luna de Miel.” There is no feminine warmth in “Material Girl.” She has no reciprcal grace for her gentlemen-in-attendance the way San Basilio does. Madonna’s act is also more technically disciplined.

The second perspective is that of forty years later, or now. The video retrograde from our perspective. No Diversity, and there is even an on-the-house Game lesson for the viewers: chicks dig plucked wildflowers and an old pickup truck more than diamonds and supplication.

Pat Benetar’s “Love is a Battlefield” is another early-eighties transitional video. The story is about a young woman who for an unexplained reason is thrown out of her house by her father. What could she have done then… had an abortion? Her parents throw her out with a heavy heart and she ends up on the seedy streets of 1983 Manhattan and gets into prostitution. She and the other girls of the night join forces in empowerment against their pimp, shown as choreographed dance. It’s not sensual like San Basilios’s, it’s also not mechanical like Madonna’s. It’s rag dolls who are still vulnerable under their bravado.

The choreographed dance in Eighties’ music videos evolved over the decade. Michael Jackson’s virtuosity, Janet Jackson’s militaristic formations. Black sensibilities. Madonna’s increasingly queer male dancers. The sensual woman… who’s she?

By 2009 there was Lady Gaga with “Bad Romance” and its creepy antiseptic rooms. Definitely re-watch the Spanish video to detox after your voyage to the underworld.


A subject for another time and for the comments: choreographed folk dances.

“war” it hisses

An article at Unz makes an argument that Hitler was justified in attacking Poland in 1939. Commenter Szopen makes important counterpoints in the debate that follows the article. But the tangent I’m taking here is that we should expect more such articles in the near future, and not for “good” reasons of rehabilitating Hitler and therefore by popular leap of association, nationalism. And also not for good (no scare quotes here) reasons of retiring the establishment’s ongoing anti-German propaganda campaing. Globalists are pressing for adverse action against Poland, in part to extort Holocaust reparations from the Polish government and because Poland is the largest of east-central European countries to openly defy globohomo. An ethnically homogeneous country where Jesus Christ is King? Can’t let others start seeing that it’s possible!

From the comments:

I’ve lived around Jews all my life and they absolutely hate Poland. Poles and Polish culture and religion.

The greater the degree to which an ethnic group relies upon exploitative value-extraction from its host, the less human does that host population appear to them. Another commenter replies to the above:

It’s necessary to keep this in mind. The article has the same flavour as current Jewish media articles about Russia, Iran, Anglo-Americans or Palestinians (and it’s a testament to Jewish power that this heterogeneous group can be found lumped together)…

Another important fact is that inter-war Poland was multicultural… and the Communist Jews were Bolsheviks who wanted to do to Poland/Germany what the their brothers did to Russia after 1917…

[In 1939] Poland’s Communist Jews fled to Russia expecting a big welcome but ended up on cattle trucks to Siberia the same as all other refugees (unreliable elements). It was only later that Stalin appreciated their usefulness, and reintroduced them to Soviet dominated Poland to form Poland’s new Communist Nomenklatura (elite).

That past is alive on global scale and the heirs to those Bolsheviks are in power throughout the West. Consequently, last week Washington Post objected to Trump’s upcoming visit to Poland:

Here’s a suggestion to President Trump ahead of his scheduled visit to Poland at the end of this month: Please, don’t go…

One problem is that Trump and key figures in his administration feel attracted to Poland for ideological reasons. They share the views of Poland’s governing Law and Justice party on restrictive immigration policy, skepticism toward the European Union, and cultural issues such as abortion and LGBTQ rights.

Europe is passing through its darkest time. There are lighthouses in the night, countries that reject the nation-wrecking trifecta of immigration, abortion, and homosexuality.

No, I don’t think that the linked article at Unz’s was published in the spirit of anti-Polish agitation. What I’m saying, though, is that the enemies of European Christendom are making aggressive moves against Poland. They only get so much mileage from their control of authorized media, so they will dispatch shills throughout dissident sites to exploit nationalist English and Americans’ ambivalence about their respective countries’ past conduct toward Germany.

Many of you will recall the sudden appearance of a verbose and erudite-appearing commenter A_ at Chateau Heartiste, not long before the Chateau was deplatformed. I don’t dismiss the possibility that A_’s purpose was to subvert the pro-White movement via his Agree-Amplify-Poison rhetoric (I can later elaborate on this in the comments). And that he was a beta-test for an ideological offensive against one particular European country.