The Chaser: From A Fashion Catalog

This entry is a chaser to the previous post.

Markets rely on Whites to do the lion’s share of spending. When it comes to advertising graphics, they can’t entirely purge us from public display — images without our faces will not move the product.

But if you want to delegitimize us while running an effective sales campaign, you need to keep us — and comply with KultMarx imperatives by adulterating the harmony of the image with one or more non-Whites. For optimal equilibrium of advertising and demoralizing, you pair a White female with you-can-guess-who.

And, that’s not what’s going on in the pages of the catalog below. Here is the front cover (cropped):


A White-White couple?

The aesthetic is neither heroin-chic nor homo-creepoid because the models look healthy. I don’t mind their androgynous look. It is a legitimate style: Nordic gracile, prelapsarian in its affected adult innocence. Let’s call it High-Elven.

. . .

Well lookee here, a dark elf:


I didn’t say that KultMarx gave this company an opt-out.

Yet I had to laugh. Clearly, somebody is looking for drama.

This post shows all of the images in the catalog that feature more than one person on a set, except for these three photos, which I am omitting:

  • An early-teen White girl and Black boy (parents of minors ought to know better than to sign off on that).
  • WM, BW, WW
  • BW, WW

There wasn’t anything remarkable about those last two. But what’s remarkable, is that every male-female adult couple in this catalog is White. Examples:

K345And finally, the next image is from the cover page of another company’s catalog. In today’s political climate, its natural wholesomeness is counterrevolutionary.

It is also good and beautiful.


A Mixed Message

The poster below has different messages for different audiences.

  • For White men and boys: “Die.”
  • For Black males: “You can have an unrealistic blonde, a genetic upgrade, and gibs from White folk. No downside.”
  • For White women and girls: “Get a sexy cabana boy (he will stick around, promise!), have a genetic catastrophe, fall into the underclass.”

Nothing in staged commercial photography is by accident. The wedding band is on his middle finger.Rnmd2

Nazi LARPers

I don’t have much to say on that subject beyond “don’t do that,” as well as highlighting the White lower class angle. A commenter writes at Vox Popoli:

I agree the Nazi brand sucks. But for many of these guys, LARPing as a Stormtrooper is the alternative to opioids and suicide.

Instead of spitting on them like the cucks and shitlibs, we should be trying to reach out and find CONSTRUCTIVE outlets for their anger. But since the Deep State has throttled legitimate electoral politics, expect it to get worse. Showing some empathy for the plight of some of these individuals costs us nothing and might flip a few to better behaviors. Calling them “Alt-Retards” isn’t helping. Neither is calling them “dead-end losers” — they already know this, it is the very heart of their despair.

Some Nazi LARPers are no doubt idiot Gammas and others are as described above, teens who are hardest-stomped by neoliberalism’s war on Whites.

We all feel that war, even as many have internalized its assaults as normal and can’t envision any other way to live. You can be over-fifty and upper-middle-class, but you still can’t entirely avoid the aesthetic bombardment of diversity. You might live in a super-Zip and socialize in out-of-sight places, but then you’re living in a bunker, albeit a pretty one.

White teens in majority-minority schools don’t get the comfort of a pretty bunker. You’ve seen a group of black high-schoolers hanging out, with that one White kid in their company deferentially affecting a submissive simian slouch.

His wealthier White peers play lacrosse, listen to good music, and have attractive girlfriends. But they still can’t go to a mall that looks like it’s in their own country. Point is, everybody feels the dispossession, but some get it harder than others.

I drove through a lower-middle-class area. A White teenage boy shuffled past me as I stood at a light. He looked about 14, lifeless eyes, lowered head under his grey hoodie. This land was your land, this land ain’t your land. His prospects for having a human-looking girlfriend are near-zero. He does not run around on artificial turf in expensive sports gear. His mom might be a fat, divorced mudshark. He does not see any constructive direction that his life can take.

Another comment at VP:

The bottom line is that even communists take care of their wounded. If the Alt-West can’t even do their most basic Christian duty of caring for the poor, the sick, the orphans, and the LOSERS, we’ll never win anything because when the cards are down I need the guy next to me to be willing to lay down his life for me.

There is use in shaming someone who takes a wrong turn, and certainly in shaming a political saboteur. Knowing when to slam down a liability who waves a Hakenkreuz at an AltRight rally vs. when to steer a youth who is amenable to guidance toward productive activism takes good judgment.

Similar environmental pressures can create different responses. Some find escapism in anachronistic iconography and others surrender to whiggerdom. This (in)famous scene in Gran Torino titillated racists but something sat ill with me. It’s where Clint Eastwood’s character chased off a group of blacks who were intimidating a whigger and his Hmong girlfriend. And I figured out what it was: filicide.

It would have been better if Eastwood had told the boy to also get into the truck. After they dropped the girl off at her house, he should have said: “Son, you’re gonna help me change the oil in my Torino.”

Going After The Truth

A thought-experiment: you have the power of reading human minds at their most raw layer of id, bypassing your subject’s higher functions, acculturated habit, social fear, and accumulated rationalizations. Using that power, you have a conversation with one thousand men’s base instinct. You don’t waste your time on anti-Whites — their id is on full display, making it plain that they won’t let us live in peace. Instead, you just talk with normal men: hardline WNs, the squishier cucks, and everyone in between. You ask each man’s hind-brain:

“What do you want?”

His id replies: “GTKRWN”

“When do you want it?”

“I already told you. Now.”

So why not just say that when blogging or commenting, instead of taking the long way there? Indeed, just follow Matthew 5.37:

But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

In substance, many of us speak the plain truth. First and foremost by not lying — about the world to others, about ourselves to ourselves. The “red pill” is a metaphor of the AltRight and it signifies our alignment with reality. What’s that blog, with Where pretty lies perish as its tagline?

So then why not dispense with the intermediate stages of your thinking process, and with indirect paths to nailing the truth, and instead always let your id make the kill shot?

Two reasons. One: because the kill shot alone will not change the way people think. It might titillate someone, but he’ll go right back to his blue-pill comfort-zone. A badly timed delivery of undistilled truth will not rewire his brain out of its maze of lies. If you communicate with someone who is less advanced than you are, you have to let him keep up with you.

Two: are you sure that you’ve reached the truth’s finish line? The fish follows its id too, when it chomps at the fisherman’s hook. It’s good to recognize who is wiser than you, and mostly just listen and learn. With those who are on your level or not quite as far along, there is an opportunity to think things through together.

It’s phenomenal how the AltRight came together. We communicate across a fifty (or more) IQ-point span, across generations and national backgrounds, across a range of religious and ideological beliefs. But one key thing we have in common is that we will secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

The Antagonist operates from behind a smoke screen of pretty lies, except that the smoke has started to stink of sulfur. Truth is our weapon against his lies, so that when the time is right, we deliver the kill shot.

“The truth shall set you free.” Think about how that applies to present geopolitics, and to things beyond.

Say No To Entropy

Speaking of bravery, Marvel comics is finding their sales waaaaay down after a recent dip into “diversity” waters. Could it be because blacks, Muslim women, etc. just aren’t that heroic? Would they storm the beach under fire at Normandy or brave their way back into the Twin Towers to look for the injured while the fire still raged? The black teens in Florida last week didn’t even lift a finger to call 911 while the mentally challenged black man flailed in the pond and died. — Camlost

The SJW delusion is that by taking over good real estate, they will keep harnessing its value to their purposes. They don’t understand that by ruining good real estate, they kill its original value.  The result: nobody watches the new Dr. Who. (This is similar to how when women take over a profession, its value in terms of social status and earning power collapses).

The Millennial Woes podcasts below is good, and is related to the above. It’s about the new female Dr. Who. He brings up the “reasonable” liberal argument: why not? After all, the show’s main character has no reason to not reincarnate as, say, a woman, or black, or Chinese. He follows with an aside remark that grabbed my attention: “That’s entropy.”

Yes, as I’ll add: the entropy-mentality of liberalism that would have everything in the world just amalgamate through Brownian motion. A reflection of the r-selected mentality: cows grazing, rabbits munching on grass. No agency, no control, no order, no will, no transcendence of mindless random forces of whatever breeze blows through.

So Millennial Woes eviscerates the liberal argument by first establishing that Dr. Who has traditionally been an icon for slightly-misfit boys, a character they related to growing up in ways that they wouldn’t relate to in his female form. He then suggests that the producers’ ultimate goal is to make him black, with a woman being a moderate step in that direction. The goal is to move on to James Bond, and ultimately to tar-brush (my term, not his) all iconic European characters.

He goes on to explain that Dr. Who’s fan-base tends to be liberal, so they struggle in formulating their objections to a female character. They make content-free points such as: “I like the move toward diversity but they are doing it for political reasons, they are going about it all wrong” — like what does that even mean? How would going about it “the right way” look?

So finally, Millennial Woes masterfully delivers the identitarian argument we are all familiar with here: Dr. Who is an English cultural icon, he has always been British (there was one or two Scottish actors) — and that is the reason to keep him a British man — and yes, that also means White.

And as I would add, make a K-selected stand: he is ours, you can’t have him. Say No to entropy.

Good podcast; there is a lot more there: