Victory Waltz

No day goes by without with some outrage involving the victimization of a European, often a very young or a very old one, by third world filth. In one case earlier this summer GoFundMe suspended a murdered Irish teenager’s account. That’s life under occupation by illegitimate western European governments.

Sometimes in national struggles you have the backing of the state. At other times such as today, you are on your own, unprotected by the state of which you are a citizen. Seventy five years later you might finally have a country of your own.

The (Un)banned Songs Concert. Held in Warsaw to commemorate the start of the 1944 Uprising and to honor the Home Army (Armia Krajowa, or AK) partisants who participated in the battle. Some of the videos from various performances show the few still-living veterans in the audience, visibly fewer each year. I post these video because:

  1. This stuff is inspirational to me
  2. They serve as an aspirational example that Westerners don’t have to accept what they have; namely, to have to share their land and destiny with Diversity all the while watching their heritage destroyed because they’d gotten stung by the tolerance-toxin administered by their blackmailed sexual-pervert ruling class. Just as the west was once an example of freedom to those on the east side of the Iron Curtain, so is the nationalist revolt in the east now an example to those in the west of it being possible to be whole.

The concert has been held in Warsaw for some years now, featuring fighting songs that were written by actual participants in the ’44 Uprising, rather than by professional songwriters. Those songs were illegal during the early years of the post-war Communist regime. I showcased three other such songs in October of last year. They are performed in their original 1940s style with none of the contemporary vocal affections.

A word on the vocal technique of the singer in the video at the end of this post, and I know nothing about music: there are, to my understanding, two ways of singing. One way is to sing with the belly or the diaphragm, which is what you see opera performers do. The other way is to sing with your “head,” a technique in which the locus of the performer’s vocal power lies somewhere above the roof of the mouth. The imagined mechanics of this kind of vocalization strike me as more difficult and I in fact nearly work up a tension headache just thinking about it. It appears to let you sing those nuanced notes. The female soloist in the featured video sings that way.

A Bullet Dodged. The man at 2:04 in the video at the end of the post is Poland’s president Andrzej Duda of the center-right party. Physiognomy: honest. He eked out a narrow election victory three weeks ago over the Rafał Trzaskowski, the candidate of the globohomo party. The leftist’s high percentage of votes tells you that the enemy played an almost-effective hand. The Left appealed to the psychological insecurity of the weaker half of the electorate. Their message was twofold: the EU is the global strong horse with a radiant vision of progress; Poland should embrace the strong horse and not backward clinging to God and nation.

The problem with Progress is that it’s the same judeo-communism it’s always been, this time with rainbow flags instead of the red star. But its rhetoric works on many. There are enough people, unmarried female voters in particular, that can be manipulated into voting for evil things. This is why muscular public demonstrations by the traditionalist Right are important, such the commemoration of Zero Hour or the Independence Day march every November 11th. It’s a spiritual war.

See Trzaskowski speak at a TED Talks event, in excellent English. Physiognomy: a lowlife. He has an arrogance about him, which works on the weaker half of the electorate in democratic politics because it comes across as alpha. His pro-EU message to his own countrymen: “flattery flattery, flattery, newspapers in Spain and Scotland are finally NOTICING us!” His paeans to the EU, by the way, never otherwise acknowledge any of the peoples of Europe. It’s all about the abstraction represented by that gay blue flag being big and powerful and progressive. “Austria took in more immigrants than Brazil!

One of the things you notice, under his air of dynamic optimism, is his hatred and contempt for the people and for the office of Presidency itself. In the linked video above he self-deprecatingly jokes that he was once a respectable member of society as a professor, and now as a politician he’s as disreputable as a used car salesman. On July 12th he lost, Western Civilization won that one.

The Zero Hour Tradition. Warsaw Uprising ’44 commemoration started during Communism era, with a moment of silence at Zero Hour, or 1700 hrs. every August 1st, to honor the outbreak of the insurgency. People pulled their cars over or stopped walking and stood silently for a minute. The Uprising was a politically incorrect historic event to bring up under Communism, somewhat like citing crime statistics in the USA is now. The city’s official holiday was the anniversary of the mid-January ’45 Soviet liberation of Warsaw.

Therefore, the silent commemoration of the Uprising became a passive defiance of the official narrative. This tradition continued after the fall of Communism and in recent years it grew into this dramatic spectacle.

The Waltz. Its lyrics follow the narrative arc of dramadespairvictory. The first two verses set the scene, with the heavily-armed foreign occupant and his savage Asiatic henchmen on one side, “the boys from AK” on the other. The third and fourth verse salute England’s RAF for their airlifts of arms and supplies. Those were a dangerous undertaking because Stalin had denied them permission to fly over Soviet-controlled territory, which negated the possibility of any emergency landing. In addition to the RAF, the air forces of the United States and South Africa also flew over the city with air drops for the insurgents. The fifth verse is about Soviet treachery. The sixth verse likens the haunting visage of the fallen city to that of a wraith. Every verse ends with a variation on “the boys from AK.”

(The historic clips displayed on the stage screen are restored original film from the Uprising). The music is a traditional waltz, the words were written in 1944. The most exciting part of a waltz is the choral or instrumental crescendo. In a formal ballroom dance your mind’s eye sees the couples whirling. In a tavern setting or perhaps at a country wedding when the waltz reaches this culmination of spirit you would see the patrons singing together with their glasses high in the air. Here that peak moment occurs midway through the performance and then with the final verse:

One day when Poland’s free
Her capital will be a sight to see
A monument for the ages
For the heroic boys from AK

In seventy five years, we’ll either all be browned-out by Communism they wish or Europe will clean out the filth and hold concerts in honor of those who helped take down globopedo. 

The state of the union

A long, excellent description of political conditions in the United States is cited below. h/t Suburban_elk: “Monster epic thread at Unz, last week, wherein Ron Unz says ‘The Political Bankruptcy of White Nationalism.’ It has a 1000+ comments, including this one.”

Everything that follows in this blog entry is the quoted comment that was originally posted by another reader under Unz’s article:

So what’s the problem with White people?

White interests and pro-White political activism are being insidiously kept down. This political condition is not new. White Americans are disunified and afraid. This is by design. Even White children are being taught to feel ashamed about their history. Like the Germans of yesteryear, White Americans are being demeaned and deracinated for the alleged sins of their ancestors.

(Whites) stole America. (Whites) created wealth by enslaving Blacks.

‘But it’s those ‘bad Whites’ who did it! Really! I’m not like them. I’m not racist!’

And so the indoctrination goes.

Today’s dominant narrative about White people now turns invariably to slavery or Naziism or the KKK. We are under attack by our own mass media. The manufacturers of this chronicle rule America’s roost. Pro-White advocates are shut out of this process. Due to ‘cancel culture’, even their jobs and personal security are under threat. Beyond that, pro-White proponents can be tarred with slurs that carries no penalty to the accuser.

Whereas, the N-word involving Blacks is now taboo and may not be spoken (this protects Blacks from various forms of verbal criticism), there’s also the strange case of an injurious N-word involving Whites that remains Wide Open and is freely available for indiscriminate use. Defamation is OK when used properly! This N-word is ‘Nazi’.

The use (and non-use) of these two race-oriented slurs (Nigger and Nazi) speak volumes about who controls the discussion about race and ‘racism’, who sets the ground rules on political discourse, and who shapes political memory. Guess what: it’s NOT you, white boy.

Contrast the dark imagery surrounding ‘White supremacism’ with the wondrous, shimmering picture of Jewish history (exceptionalism, innocence and martyrdom); not to mention the magic, persecuted, 100% equal, downtrodden negro. In one generation, American history has been turned upside down.

Get the picture? We are now living in Hollywood’s all-new, politically-correct, Good Guys vs the Bad Guys drama about evil ‘racism’! And YOU with the blue eyes are the problem.

Fortunately, as cities burn, reality is closing in on BLM and their crypto-enablers. But the men behind the curtain still wield toxic and inordinate power.

Let me concede that Ron does ably makes the case that a lot of White anxiety over the unwelcome arrival of tens of millions of ‘undocumented’ immigrants from Mexico and Central America over the past 4o years seems, at this point in history, premature (if not misplaced.)

Newly-arrived Hispanics have not caused anywhere near the cultural chaos that our Black underclass has generated. But history is full of surprises. Why should Americans ignore the fact that cultural cohesion and unified nationhood comes in large part from cultural continuity as well as genetic similarity? What’s wrong with homogeneity?

Commonality–not diversity–is a nation’s strength. This fact is so obvious that it was taken for granted and widely-embraced throughout most of our nation’s history.

The Japanese and Chinese understand these fact. So do the Israelis. That is why those nations eschew multiculturalism as they strive to sustain genetic continuity and uniformity. At the same time, these peoples revere their histories as well as their ancestors. Once America was this way.

Today, (White) Americans are being persuaded to throw out all that prideful thinking with the one-color bathwater. But will ending ‘white supremacy’ require the termination of the White race?

Whites have been fooled into feeling ashamed about their various histories as well as how America should look down the road. This is the anti-White diversity fallacy.

Besides the POC agitators, the principle enablers of this new vision for America are elite (((liberal))) educators, media lords, political activists, and public intellectuals–many of whom are hostile to the long-term interests of America’s original core demographic.

The Fake News Big lie goes this way: All human beings are equal and therefore all people are ultimately the same. Since human equality is undeniably true (and you are a ‘racist’ if you believe otherwise) then all people are ultimately interchangeable. Since all people are interchangable, then all peoples are replaceable.

This is commie-speak for: Say goodbye to White America!

But as the Black/White experience proves, race does matter. Differences endure. As for nationhood, one common language is also more unifying to a nation than two. These maxims (once widely shared) need to be re-learned. Meanwhile, anti-White/pro-diversity propaganda in American schools and mass media are targeting White children and White identity while, simultaneously, various non-White identities are being cultivated.

This oozing onslaught subverts normal and natural expressions of racial cohesion among White Americans. This is unfair. Yet these double-standards abound.

Why, for instance, is ‘Jewish nationalism’ (Zionism) considered appropriate and reasonable without question whereas ‘White nationalism’ is deemed automatically inappropriate and political unacceptable?

There’s no clear reason for this except that certain ‘values’ in modern America are now axiomatically accepted and others rejected. It all ‘goes without saying’.

Might it be time to deconstruct these dubious dictums?

As for ongoing White opposition to unlawful immigration through our Southern border, once Whites become a numerical minority in America’s Southwest, who is to say that Mexican revanchism will not again rise?

What happens if the msm/liberal alliance succeeds in pushing through amnesty for millions of ‘Dreamers’?

Will subsequent demands for ‘economic equality’ not likely increase?

In the name of ‘equality’, will there not likely be more calls for greater ‘affirmative action’? This is the road we’re on.

The momentum and power of the Antifa/BLM movements are both astonishing, if not somewhat irrational. Yes, there was previously widespread and systematic racism in America, but it’s been almost entirely eradicated. How? But the political action of majority-White jurists, majority-White legislators, and majority-White voters. Now it’s time for Blacks to raise their game, not simply demand more handouts from their White counterparts.

Floyd’s accidental death (or was it a drug overdose?) at the hands of a white cop should have been nothing more than a blip on one local police blotter. Jared Taylor makes the airtight case why George Floyd Doesn’t Really Matter.

But the street reaction and media coverage of Floyd’s death took us in exactly the opposite and wrong direction. Thuggish Floyd came to symbolize ongoing and systemic Black persecution (by Whites and White cops). But these charges are mostly bunk. Unarmed Whites are killed by police more often than unarmed Blacks. The actual crisis is Blacks murdering other Blacks. Yet the msm mostly ignores this.

White-created protocols involving orderliness, safety, prosperity, and legal safeguards are being tossed aside to comfort Black feelings and mollify Black threats of mass violence. Why? White America is afraid. White may not speak with one voice–particularly when it comes to race. Why? It’s racist!

Unlike all other groups, Whites are suspect when they speak collectively or too forcefully on racial issues, even when faced with Black anarchy, violence and rebellion.

For this reason, our back-sliding ‘leaders’ are pandering to Black delusions involving contemporary (non-existent) White persecutions of Blacks. Meanwhile, our (((msm))) is playing a vital, toxic role in devious charade.

There is no systemic, anti-Black racism in America. Blacks are now somewhat privileged in America: affirmative action, Hate Crime legislation, and numerous set-asides at colleges, government jobs, and even in most large corporates. Yet Black anger/violence is growing and being excused. This is may be due to the fact that casual discrimination involving race, decorum, speech, appearance, personality, manners, etc. does exist and always will (if America is allowed to remain free). People get to choose their friends.

Whites (as well as Asians and Hispanics) often avoid socializing with Blacks due to patterns of behavior. These preferences undermine Black social and economic opportunities. But this cannot be avoided in a free society.

If we had an honest media and political leaders who were committed to speaking candidly, our entire focus now might be on Black crime and Black dysfunction. After all, Floyd’s death came from his resisting arrest as well as his self-administered drug overdose. This fits a pattern.

Fortunately, Trump (and most White Americans) are not buying the BLM narrative. This is why Trump will win reelection and why Whites in America should strive to maintain our majority status. Race matters. Always will.

No Dogwhistling

The most malignant empire in modern history might be the one that presently has military bases all over the world. Or it could be the EU. Or it’s the ancient empire that has no state and it controls those entities. By the metric of its dysgenic effect on the ruled nations, Ottoman rule over the Balkans ranks up there. When calling out the evil empire, Viktor Orban isn’t dogwhistling, he is speaking straightforwardly:

Today an empire is once again threatening us. We are an obstruction to a plan that wants to eliminate nations and wants to create a mixed-race Europe. We are an obstruction to a financial and political empire that wants to execute this plan, no matter what cost. Let us not prevaricate! For the sake of the execution of the Soros plan, all over Europe, they want to clear out of the way the governments that represent national interests. Including us.

In recent years, Soros’ NGOs encompassed all determinant levels of the European decision-making process. They are also present in some Hungarian parties in the heartland. They behave like activists of the Agitation and Propaganda Department of late. Soviet Communist Party. We — old workhorses — can recognize them by their stench. With more refined methods. But Soros’ soldiers want to determine for us what we shall do. What to think, and moreover what we ourselves should be [reference to progressive gender theory].

For so long the situation was simple: a human being was a man or a woman, was a mother or a father, Hungarian or German, or perhaps Russian, Christian or Muslim. Today, they want to force us into a world where these natural and clear outlines are definitely missing. That world has no sure points. It is not clear who is a man or a woman, what a family is, what it means to be Hungarian and Christian. They create a third gender, they mock fate, they qualify families as unnecessary, nations as outdated. My dear friends, let’s speak clearly! Migration is not the goal but the instrument of the Soros plan.

Orban said “mixed-race.” I’m glad he called that out by name.


Everybody wants to be John Bender, the character from The Breakfast Club. At least among the generation for whom the story was created and when caught in the moment’s indulgence of identifying with a fictional character. That is, until we figure out that Bender is a loser and a fuck-up. And a rather toxic one, like in the scene that lends itself to being a parable of the Alpha and the Interloper.

Yet that character is more than a mere loser and fuck-up. He’s a villain when you project Interloper qualities onto him in his conflict with the King-Alpha represented by Andrew Clark. Alternately, he’s a hero when you see his role as that of a Rebel — like in the scene where principal Vernon piles on the Saturday detentions. Two different kinds of conflict. The interloper is a parasite. The rebel is a Romantic personification of one-half of our identity, a vital part of a complete soul that must find equilibrium with its king-counterpart for the two to make a whole.

The rebel is an avatar of rejecting the compromises that would grind you down, later into adulthood, into the miserable Vernon. When people say “a breath of fresh air” in a particular context, they allude to an energy that liberates you to kick open the doors behind which stretches a vista of freedom.

There are parallels to Bender in literature, in how readers relate to anti-heroes. For example, I did a high school research project on The Catcher in the Rye, for which I went to a library to read old reviews of the novel. One memorable passage was from a critic who wrote that young readers admire the character of Holden Caulfield for his honesty while adult readers see him as misguided, bordering on mentally ill. A similar example in the disparity of reception by readers’ age comes up with Polonius’ advice to his son Laertes in Act 1, Scene 3 of Hamlet: the young reader is slow to appreciate the counsel of temperance, the experienced reader can relate to what he’s saying.

As a rebel figure, The Breakfast Club’s Bender is the personification of Will, Spirit and Youth. His opponent Clark, as the alpha-king figure, represents Responsibility, Strength and Adulthood. The story reconciles the two antagonists, the king and the rebel. In the sense of being of one nation, they are brothers. In Biblical terms they are each other’s neighbor.

Enter the interloper — in this case, Bender when he personifies the treacherous outsider, not the brother-rebel. That’s the take in the analysis linked at the top. The interloper has studied our civilization for at least the past two hundred years to find the weak points in its structure. His antagonism toward the Alpha is not the starting point in the arc of conflict at the end of which there is the catharsis of reconciliation. His rebel-posture is the mask that hides his appetite for our flesh, and the Alpha merely happens to stand in the way of the interloper’s appetite. And in that light this Bender persona is not the Sigma rebel. He is the cocksure Gamma like the misfit crew in Animal House and finally Jon “Stewart” at the terminus of that evolution of character.

There is celebration when once-alienated brothers shake hands. There is no such satisfaction in reconciling with the parasite. That would make as much sense as rapprochement with cancer.

There were voters in 2016 who sincerely wanted Hillary to win the Presidential election. Some of them were misguided Americans of European, Christian roots. We laughed at them, the iconic image of the election night is goofy looking girls and soyboys crying when it became clear that Trump has enough electoral votes to win. In the coming election, when Trump wins, the liberals will not be crying. They will have been coordinated to begin making armed attacks on Trump voters and they are prepared to murder innocents.

Many among the Democratic Party voters are scorpions to our frog, aliens with whom we stand nothing to gain by extending an offer of reconciliation. They have always hated us and that hate is on the brink of consummation. They gloat: “we will replace you,” “your grandchildren will be brown,” “rural america will pay for its support of trump.” Among them will be Whites, like a subset of those who are rioting in Portland. Many of them haven’t yet committed some fait accompli surrender to evil, if in fact there is such a thing as an irreversible fall from grace.

It’s the will of a higher consciousness that you reconcile with your rebellious brother, in due time and always from a position of strength, before any point-of-no-return is crossed (you might even learn a thing or two from each other as Clark and Bender did). Peace between two halves of a whole is always good, even when past sins have to be paid for. As to the interloper, just hang the thief.

Idle thoughts on femme ballads

Kasztany, Edyta Górniak. The song’s lyrics connect “kasztany” (chestnuts) along with an autumn walk through a park, with the feeling that a part of one’s soul is deadened with the loss of a lover. Northeastern Europe has the most beautiful trees in autumn. The best poetry connects one’s native landscape with his or her highest longings.

This song’s temperature rises slowly but then it comes to a boil. A personal connection with the ballad: as I approached age thirty, it became clear to me that I want to marry a woman of my own cultural background. As to one of the first girls I met toward that end, I drove to northern New Jersey to see her. On my way there, I played a CD with unfamiliar songs. “Kasztany” hit the right note so I played the song over and over.

On ne vit pas sans se dire adieu, Mireille Mathieu. This was during high school. Me: a stripling with a twinkle in my eye. She: sexwise and more mature than I was. She confronted me in front of my friends because I had been blowing her off after our frolics. “You need to grow up.” Well played, lady. Sometimes, like in my story, the aggressive female can be one’s age yet seem older. But she can also be younger and unsophisticated like in this song:

Oh, I know it wasn’t your fault
I knew how things would end, come on
Your father and his advice:
“Your studies, your service, you have a future
This girl isn’t right for you”
Today you are happy
All’s well that ends well
But what could I do, I loved you
I was sixteen, sixteen!

Lost in Your Eyes, Debbie Gibson. Also way back then. Late evening, we raced against her dad’s curfew, parked under a willow at a dark cul-de-sac close to her home and my car’s windows fogged up while that song played on the radio. When I picked her up that evening, she said “I was writing your name in my notebook all day at school.”

The linked video is about the things beneath the garment. In the intro the camera lingers over the swell of her breasts on its way up to her face. As to the young man, look at his eyes when he first appears. Man has binocular vision for a reason. My idle thoughts are such, that the love story is more complete when the war-atrocities that he will do when set free to reclaim his home come into focus. A slaughter pit, shrieks of scores being settled. Your mind’s camera flinches back to the bucolic scenes in the song’s video. Your luminous avatar coalesces with the young man’s face, filled with foreshadowing.

La Paloma, Nana Mouskouri. Greek landscape in the video. This once-crucible and now frontier of our civilization. On Lesvos invaders had cut down five thousand olive trees, which take decades to grow. Joseph Conrad, The Heart of Darkness: “It was very simple, and at the end of that moving appeal to every altruistic sentiment it blazed at you, luminous and terrifying, like a flash of lightning in a serene sky: ‘Exterminate all the brutes!'”

dubya, remember him?


Would it have made a difference if Al Gore had won the 2000 election? In retrospect, going by the facts that had become common knowledge since Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, the answer appears to be “no.”

“The official portraits of former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were removed from the Grand Foyer of the White House within the last week, aides told CNN, and replaced by those of two Republican presidents who served more than a century ago. White House tradition calls for portraits of the most recent American presidents to be given the most prominent placement, in the entrance of the executive mansion, visible to guests during official events.

“That places the paintings well outside of Trump’s vantage point in the White House. In their previous location, the pictures would have been seen daily as Trump descends the staircase from his third floor private residence or when he hosts events on the state floor of the White House. Now, they hang in a space used mainly for storing unused tablecloths and furniture.” — CNN July 17, 2020

Also, you might remember the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoe at Dubya at a press conference in 2008. That’s Muntadhar al-Zaidi (@muntazer_zaidi), now working for a Lebanese television channel. His pinned tweet:

My will that I wrote it for many years beforei throw #GeorgeWBush . I was chasing the criminal to tell him that #Iraqi peoples not receive the occupation with flowers

There was a live transmission from an Iraqi news team on the eve of the Bush administration’s 2003 invasion of Iraq. They had set their equipment on the roof of a building in Baghdad, standing there or pacing in place with their cameras aimed at the capital city’s night skyline. Nothing happened, they were just looking at their city and waiting for the end of their world.

Four years earlier, there was the Clinton administration’s campaign against Serbia. Recalling from the news at the time, NATO forces dropped ordnance on civilian infrastructure and then came back with more bombs after bystanders had already rushed to administer first aid to the casualties of the first sortie.

The empire’s operations in Serbia and Iraq were the foreign policy extension of its earlier operations in central Texas and northern Idaho, as well as on 9/11.

Leftism in Verse

Seeking to find the heart of Leftism, one goes back and forth, while peeling its layers, between ascribing lofty and base motives to that political energy. One model says that Leftism is rule by intellectuals who are prone to hubris in their ambition to make an omelette out of the eggs they break in the name of progress. Arthur Koestler’ “Darkness at Noon” (1944) is a study in that perspective, delivered through the prison dialogues of Rubashev and his interrogator Ivanov. Some call it rule by the priestly caste.

Yet when you peel that layer, you discover the mandarins of the Left to be merely a front for something disappointingly vulgar: the merchant. Leftism at its heart turn out to be a material value-extraction project that drives the cycle of communism. Its leader is the hand-rubbing thief, with “brahmins” being little more than propagandists in his employ, not the principal actors they believe themselves to be. This merchant’s paramilitary, whose purpose is to sow chaos for the sake of economic churn, is the Caliban lumpenproletariat animated by its bestial lust for European goods. Abortion, female emancipation, moral inversion and vice also help the merchant skim profits on every facet of human activity.

The merchant-model of Leftism scales up to the ambition of globalists with their project of leveling nations toward an ultimate consolidation of power. Leftism is a value-extraction endeavor, the parasitic harvesting of the capital that’s released in the engineered fission of existing social and ecological systems.

But then you peel back the avaricious merchant, revealing him to be a middleman for the Satanists, who now rule the West and strive to free the imprisoned fallen angels. Spirit cooking, Gotthard base tunnel, pizzahorror, Large Hadron Collider, adrenochrome, life-extension, sorcery covens in high places.

In summary: the heart of Leftism as priestly arrogance, which in turn is exposed as the tool of money changers, who are then unmasked as an instrument of the devil-worshiping overclass.

The implications: if I were to propose, based on circumstantial evidence alone, that Leftism is the projection, onto the material plane, of an ancient and ongoing war between Heaven and Hell and that this story is older than time itself, the most agnostic man, if honest, at the very least would say “it fits.” Mankind’s ancient stories are likely more than myths; they are transmitted history. The war on the White genome looks to be central to this cosmic struggle between good and evil.

Ancient stories: I revisit Zbigniew Herbert’s poem “Damastes” every couple of years. I last read it two years ago, posted it here with a line-by-line translation. Just listened to it again. One thing that always catches my attention is Herbert’s sudden reference to Theseus. The Hero appears seemingly out of nowhere and destroys the monster.

— Zbigniew Herbert, 1983 (my translation)

My movable empire between Athens and Megara
I ruled over wilderness canyon abyss alone
with no advice from stupid old men or insignias but with a primitive club
clad only in the shadow of the wolf and the horrific sound of the word Damastes

I lacked subjects that is to say I had each one for a short time
they did not live to dawn however it’s slander to call me a murderer
as cry the falsifiers of history

in essence I was learned social reformer
my true passion was anthropometry

I devised a crucible for the perfect man
I fit the captured travelers to that bed
it was difficult to avoid – I admit – stretching members cutting limbs

patients kept dying but the more perished
the more I was certain that my studies are just
the goal was sublime progress requires sacrifices

I longed to abolish the difference between what is high and what is low
to humanity disgustingly diverse I longed to give one shape
I ceased not in my efforts to level mankind

Theseus took my life that slayer of the innocent Minotaur
he who plumbed the labyrinth with a girl’s bundle of yarn
full of trickery without principles or a vision of the future
I have an inextinguishable hope that others take up my toil
and the task I started so boldly they’ll lead to its end


Amon Ra commented: “We’re done worrying about fertility rates at this point. They’re irrelevant in the present situation. It’s the current generations that will make or break our collective future.” Crisis: a crucial stage or turning point in the course of something; the turning point of a disease when an important change takes place.

A priest, a radio host, and a gamma walk into a bar

Not into a bar in this case, but the gamma does call into Art Bell’s radio show on which the featured guest is Father Malachi Martin. Fr. Martin is a 76-year-old man of formidable intellect and achievement, an exorcist and a former advisor to two Popes. The show was recorded in 1996, so while the gamma is not as ancient as one that the Book of Proverbs describes with the word “fool,” he’s also not of our own contemporary period with all of its cultural idiosyncrasies either. Yet they all sound the same.

This gamma calls in to Art Bell’s show and introduces himself as an atheist. Now mind you, if you were listening to the entire 21-hour series of Bell’s interviews with Fr. Martin, you will recall that there was another caller earlier, a young military intelligence officer Maj. Ed Dames, who also approached Fr. Martin from the perspective of an unbeliever. But because Dames is not a gamma, he didn’t behave like an ass and his call developed into a long, mutually respectful segment that was valuable for the officer and the priest. One word: humility.

The gamma calls in at 2:31:06 during the linked segment. The most obvious gamma marker is his Alpha Ambition Without The Alpha Goods: an attitude of entitlement to unearned social status, his haughtiness toward someone of Fr. Martin’s caliber. Other gamma markers:

  • Logorrhea; not out of nervousness as can be the case with non-gammas, but out of the gamma’s quest to vanquish you with words
  • Asking questions not to hear an answer, but to grandstand
  • Lies, such as when he states a “fact” of astronomy that is not a fact
  • Overestimation of his own intelligence
  • Behavior that provokes contempt in other men: Fr. Martin is patient but chilly toward him; Art Bell clearly wants to punch him in the face over the telephone
  • Slovenly appearance; I’m taking poetic liberty here because while we can’t see the gamma caller, one might imagine a thirty-year-old overweight man with a neck beard

None of the other male callers, to that point, displayed anything remotely similar to that gamma’s behavior.

(Reference: The Gamma Personality.)

Perfect Possession

Father Malachi Martin (1921 – 1999), a Roman Catholic priest and exorcist born in Ireland and later a resident of New York City, gave a series of interviews during the 1990s about what he calls the “perfect possession” and how common it is among the upper and elite classes. Below, I transcribed the entire five-minute video that’s featured at the end of this post.

FATHER MALACHI MARTIN: What has come to light… it is not so surprising to a lot of people, that there are covens amongst the very educated class. Architects, doctors, lawyers, priests, brokers and the leisure class. And they lead perfectly normal lives. They’re jewel merchants, they travel, they’re prominent in their own way, but they do have this indulgence. It is not very easy to understand except when you talk with them. When they let their hair down and peel the grapes as they say and when they’re on their way to being cured of what they — or healed, is the proper world — you find that there is an exhilaration and a satisfaction which is both sensual and sexual, and mental, when they really indulge in Luciferian worship. There is a peculiar exhilaration…

INTERVIEWER: Like a drug, then?

FR. MARTIN: Yes. It’s a peculiar exhilaration. The godly instincts in us all, the angelic in us all, because we all have something angelic and something godly besides a lot of negative things, that is quenched. And you find in them a horror, a horror, of anything we call sacred, and holy, or sacrosanct. The idea of the sacred, of the awesome… [end of that audio]

FR. MARTIN: Perfect possession is consequent on a very conscious step, a consciously taken step. It’s not something that’s implicit. The perfectly possessed, through a certain graduation, it’s a gradual thing, it’s not suddenly overnight… the devil does not appear with a scroll in the morning that says “sign this and your fifty years of happiness and then you come to Hell with me.” The Faustian picture, you know, Mephistopheles.

INTERVIEWER: Yes, Hollywood is really…

FR. MARTIN: That’s right. And Goethe’s play, and Faust… it’s not that. It’s a gradual thing where the person slowly but surely cedes… concedes, surrenders their will. Every fiber of their will and of their being. And acquiesce closely in it and are rewarded by their master — and utterly conscious! There is nothing implicit about it. It isn’t slid by them. But the total surrender and acceptance of Luciferian beings, that’s what takes place in the perfectly possessed. That is something that cannot be done implicitly or overnight, or by accident. Or be slipped into your life without you knowing it, oh no.

INTERVIEWER: Are there cases in which a possession is not obvious?

FR. MARTIN: That’s right. You know, the typical thing of somebody throwing themselves at the ground and cursing and spitting, and protesting, defecating and urinating and all sorts of — what they’re doing is protesting, saying “help me, help me.” But really, the perfectly possessed, you’ll recall, are those that are completely at peace. And I’ve known several of the perfectly possessed and I avoid them like the pest. And you know them only by almost accidental means. Sometimes… they’re perfectly normal, by the way. They have great business property, they’re married, they have children and wives, they put down responsible jobs. There is nothing wrong there. Now and again, just now and again, it’s as it were, a veil is drawn aside. And you see somebody you don’t know at all. You just don’t know this person, this man, this woman. And there is a completely alien look, a completely alien attitude and they breathe alienation. And you know them if you have a nose for it, you know then that they’re perfectly possessed so there is nothing that can be done about them.

INTERVIEWER: In other words their pact, their deal, they are at peace with and comfortable with their deal.

FR. MARTIN: That’s right. They have passed through the usual Satanist rituals too. The three Satanist rituals — the power of inflicting pain, the power of hating, and the power of burning. Fire is part of the Satanist and the Luciferian development. They’ve passed through those with flying colors.

INTERVIEWER: Father Martin talked of persons perfectly possessed by the devil. You can ignore this question, Father, if you wish. In the opinion of Father Martin, is Bill Clinton perfectly possessed?

FR. MARTIN: [brief silence] No comment.