Srce Vatreno

It really is different when your country is small and nobody outside of your broader extended family understands your language.

Then: Song from Yugoslavia. “History as anthology” per reader Each Pond Gone’s apt reflection. Now: anthem-rock from the band Zaprešić Boys. There is no one vocalist. It’s team cadence.

Igraj moja Hrvatska (Play, my Croatia). Eastern Europe bedazzles people who live in points-west because it shows what normal life looks like. This video shows boys and girls outside of an apartment complex twenty years ago, and then as adults in the present year, getting ready for the big game. God, who works in mysterious ways, had shielded one half of Europe with the Iron Curtain.

U porazu i pobjedi (In defeat and in victory). Choral power in every verse and chorus. The video is the antidote to anyone in Eastern Europe who still wants to leave everything and go west. Fool’s gold.

Srce Vaterno” (Fiery Heart). Sing the chorus out loud when Croatia wins the World Cup:

Bijelo-crvena polja hrvatska / The white-red Croatian colors
Na dresu sjete me da ja volim te / On the jersey remind me that I love you
Igrajte za nju, Našu voljenu / Play for her, our beloved
Nek jače kuca to srce vatreno / Beat harder, the fiery heart

And the lighter side of Balkan sounds as you get ready for the game; the young and the old, the traditional and the modern, all in one voice: Hrvatska!


Go Croatia!

Croatia plays “England” tomorrow at 2:00 PM Eastern US Time. If you are English, you’re better off cheering for your fellow Europeans because the blacks on your team by definition aren’t English, therefore your team isn’t.


As far as I can tell, every player on the Croat team is a son of Hrvatska. The match represents a contest between good and evil. To globalists, filth from Hell that they are, an uncontaminated European team burns like holy water. Where they can’t make us kill each other in a fratricidal war, they push the culture of death. Where they can’t have us self-annihilate with despair and sterility, they set up a debt-bondage economy. Where they can’t enslave us, they promote mixing. Where we stay true to our blood, they open the borders.

Athletic competition is an apex achievement of civilization because it gives human aggression a field on which honor obligates the competitors to keep it clean. All’s fair in love and war but a cheap shot in sports dishonors you. The Olympic Truce (ékécheiria, “laying down of arms”) was announced before the Games of 776 BC so that the host city is not attacked and athletes and spectators can travel safely.

Spectator sports is a communal event where your finest go up against the rival’s finest. International athletic competition represents the fraternal spirit among nations. In an honorable contest, the winner and the loser shake hands. But there is no honor in padding your team with foreign talent. That’s playing dirty, literally and figuratively. Africa’s population bubble offers a pool of one billion to augment the eleven-man squad. Reach for that ring, and you corrupt everything: who gives a damn about the game’s outcome when cheap imports fill the roster.

Croatia is a small country of 4.1 million people, up from 2.8 million in 1890. Whatever the final numbers on the scoreboard, tomorrow’s game will be the glory of Croatia because her players and fans aren’t cucked.

Hating Women

A compilation of quoted text from a “How much do you hate women?” thread on Reddit:

if almost all the women I needed to interact with had not treated me with disgust and disrespect, wanting to make sure I know my place as subhuman on the planet, I might not have hated them, but it would be necessary to remove all the bad memories of humiliations and aggregations, which were occasionally caused by them and by their social influence on their normies pets, all they had to do was say something and I was humiliated and beaten, there are too many memories to ignore and too much hate to be left behind, if I could I would put a bullet in the head of each one of them

Let’s see, for nearly two decades I’ve gone to sleep every night fantasizing about torturing women.

Just thinking about how much I hate women makes me hate them more. I hate them so much it gives me a headache.

I don’t know if I’d rather fuck or kill a girl. Both would be immensely pleasurable.

It’d be great if there was a girl in pain at my feet. And I could crush her head under my heel. Over and over, smashing her face into pulp. Unrecognizable as human.

It’s OK to hate racial and ethnic enemies. There are two kinds of such hateIn fact, if you don’t feel something icy and implacable toward them, something’s not right with you. Be assured that they hate you and they want you dead. It’s also OK to hate an individual woman such as a vicious ex-wife. But if you hate women as a category, pull yourself back from the abyss.

Liberal West is hell for us, paradise for entire categories of parasites. Is it a paradise for White women? SJ, Esquire’s comment gives a glimpse of what it’s like for a girl:

If you’re ever tempted to hate “women” as a class (God forbid one ever becomes as bitter as those incels, linked above), just think about how life unfolds for them, and you’ll probably find that hate melting away. Really imagine what it’s like for a woman: you go through life not understanding why everyone is nice to you all the time… you’re EXTRAORDINARILY susceptible to peer/media pressure, so that without even realizing it you put off the things that make you happy in favour of toxic behaviours that slowly poison your soul… and then one day, you notice that no one gives a fig for you anymore, and you’re invisible, and it was all a lie. That’s harsh, that is.

Confession: I like women. Girls were lied to just as badly as boys. Do you think that taking a hundred cocks, each new arousal dependent on a slightly higher degree of humiliation than the previous, and the deadening of every last bit of tenderness and ability to love made them happy?

We all could have lived differently. We could have lived in a world in which virgin marriage at a young age is the socially enforced norm. Women may well have felt a part of them contained by that custom, but I assure you that every last one of the ageing slags you see out there puking out her wine would have instead been healthy and calm and valued.

Many of us are angry. Had I known, had I not been lied to. Could have had so much more. Could have been so much more.

If you harbor homicidal feelings toward women as a whole, I’m not turning my back on you brother, just on the demon inside you. That thing is yours to kill.

About The Sexual Market

“What I’m seeing is fascinating. We in the midst of an unraveling sexual marketplace in all the ways that heartiste has so astutely documented, but this is the darkest underbelly of it all, the blackest of pills, here. No wonder it was banned from reddit. It’s too much reality. The darkest manifestations of the sexual revolution and the gory afterbirth of feminism, resides here.” – MGE

OK, I’m interested. I’m willing to gaze into the blackest of waters.

A Heartiste commenter last night mourned the disappearance of the everyday female beauty that had been ubiquitous until about twenty years ago. He added, with a flourish, that the few HB8s and 9s left alive are now in modelling or high-end sales. They are no longer part of the landscape like springtime trees year-in and year-out. That last flourish was mine.

How close to literal truth is his lamentation, though? Our genes are fine, but the environmental factors are baneful. From what I see, children look as bright and healthy as they always did. As to teenage girls, something happens at that stage of their development, and many are simply unattractive. They aren’t exactly fat, but there is a thickness to their faces and bodies — sixteen-year-olds with the sex appeal of a tired middle-aged woman. In young adulthood, every girl becomes the kind of woman she had decided to be, and there are two kinds. Do most of them succumb to HFCS and immorality? A polarized culture forces everyone to choose.

Motley Fairs

I love that stuff — the song at the end of the post. One of my early memories is hearing the Maryla Rodowicz song “Kolorowe Jarmarki” (Motley Fairs) on dad’s car radio in 1977 while driving past exactly such a market near Gdansk on vacation there. The song is in the tradition of farewell-to-summer odes that reverberate with larger nostalgia for one’s youth, like Don Henley’s “The Boys of Summer.” The next time I heard “Motley Fairs” was at 32.

Rodowicz’s songs are on YouTube, except that one. I did, however, find a cover by a contemporary Ukrainian artist I am not familiar with, Diana Osipchuk.

Her version rocks it out, whereas Rodowicz’s original 1977 song has a “country carnival” sound. Osipchuk does a nice job. What also interests me, is the tangent on ethnic diversity.

Specifically, the diversity among similar peoples. A foreigner will not tell a Yank from a Reb, but every American can. Similarly, there is a difference between Poles and Ukrainians despite the fact that we’re similar in look, language, and culture. Mushroom foraging in forests, for example, is a beloved pastime of all Slavs. Every kid in Poland and Ukraine knows wild mushrooms by name and knows the difference between a prized delicacy and something that will kill you.

Poland has accepted many Ukrainian immigrants over the recent years. Not good, we are two different nations. We’ve done horrific things to each other. That’s the past and the guilty are dead. No more brother wars. Following the hard-fought Poland-Ukraine game in the 2016 World Cup, the players from the opposing sides customarily shook hands, but then swapped their jerseys in a gesture of fraternity.

Ukrainians too, have their internal divisions.

So here is the song. Things that strike me about the cover-version performance:

Polish being a foreign (albeit similar) language for her, she sings it with a heavy accent. Non-native speakers, even other Slavs, have difficulty enunciating the clear vowels and the crisp clusters of Polish consonants. Other than micronation dialects within Poland itself (Kashub, Silesian, Highlander), Slovak is the closest language to Polish. We communicate easily in our respective languages.

At 3:19, she adds an alternate refrain in Ukrainian. I wonder if others pick up on this up too: once in her native language, she vocalizes much more freely.

Anyhow, a high-energy, charming cover. Дуже добре!

Kolorowe Jarmarki (Motley Fairs)
1977 original, 2014 cover below

Kiedy patrzę hen za siebie / When I look far back 
W tamte lata co minęły / At those years that passed
Kiedy myślę co przegrałam / When I think of what I lost 
A co diabli wzięli / And what the devils took
Co straciłam z własnej woli / What I lost on purpose
A co przeciw sobie / Or gave up in spite of myself
Co wyliczę to wyliczę / Whatever I’ll count, I count
Ale zawsze wtedy powiem / But I’ll always say
Że najbardziej mi żal / That what I miss the most is…

Kolorowych jarmarków, blaszanych zegarków / Motley fairs, tin watches
Pierzastych kogucików, baloników na druciku / Feathery cockerels, balloons on a wire
Motyli drewnianych, koników bujanych / Wooden butterflies, rocking horses
Cukrowej waty i z piernika chaty / Cotton candy and a gingerbread house

Tyle spraw już mam za sobą / So many things are now in the past
Coraz bliżej jesień płowa / Ever closer the pale autumn
Już tak wiele przeszło obok / So much has passed me by
Już jest co żałować / So much to long after
Małym rzeczom zostajemy / To the little things we remain
W pamiętaniu wierni / Faithful in rememberance
Zamiast serca noszę chyba / Instead of a heart I think I bear
Odpustowy piernik / A church-feast gingerbread 
Bo najbardziej mi żal / Because what I miss the most is…

[Refrain x2]

[Alternate refrain in Ukrainian added in this cover version at 3:19]

Why They Are Afraid Of Europeans

H/t Anonymous Conservative:

I keep hearing in my head an anon on 4Chan, who claimed to be a staffer at the Bilderburg meetings. He said everyone this year was terrified of the sudden rise of populism, and they all decided that over the next three years, all migrants will be sent back and the migration experiment is over.

It’s a well-argued point of faith in the Neoreaction that right wing folk activism is futile, if not counterproductive, because it has no support among the ruling classes. Two counterpoints. One, boldness creates its own support. Two, honor is outside of political calculus.

This is why they are afraid:














People attend Hungarian march at a pro-Orban rally during Hungary's National Day celebrations in Budapest






Protesters carry Polish flags and National Radical Camp flags during a rally, organised by far-right, nationalist groups, to mark 99th anniversary of Polish independence in Warsaw



Riot police remove their helmets and join nationalist demonstrators





“Here, Jesus Christ is King.”

The speech.

“You will not bring any of your laws here. This is Poland. This is our land. Our country. Our rules and values. Here — Jesus Christ is King. We are not interested in any immigration directives or quotas. I repeat: these are not our wars. Not our culture. Not our faith. And not our immigrants”

It’s Never Going Back To How It Was


A two-year sentence for an illegal alien who killed a man and his two kids.


There is no going back to the Constitution. President Trump knows it, his bolshevik enemies know it. There is no way in hell that Trump doesn’t have a succession plan to ensure that executive power never falls back into the hands of the Uniparty whose sixteen-year plan to eradicate Whites was interrupted. Plus there is a mountain of scores to be settled.

Patience. Two things are becoming clear. That Trump is leading a movement that had been in preparation since at least Reagan’s presidency. And that the purpose of his first term is to set up the strike.

MGE observes:

The question is, how much longer can the center hold?

I am starting to see a very rapid tribal polarization in this country, and as allegiances harden, what forces could bring them back together? What’s remarkable is that this is occurring during a period of economic prosperity. What will happen during the next recession?

Consider the following:

* The left is no longer even pretending to support free speech anymore. The formerly non-partisan ACLU is now getting involved in elections in support of progressive candidates and will no longer support free speech that is pro-white.

In an internal memo obtained by the Wall Street Journal, the ACLU nows says that when choosing clients, they will take into account several factors, including “the potential impact on the ACLU’s credibility” and “the potential harm to important relationships and ACLU standing.” What’s worse, the memo goes on to lay out “Considerations Specific to Speech Cases,” including the “impact of the proposed speech,” the “potential effect on marginalized communities,” and whether “the speech may assist in advancing the goals of white supremacists or others whose views are contrary to our values.”

We all know “white supremacist” means when it is used by the left: it’s any form of speech or activism that is explicitly in the interests of white people. According to the ACLU, any form of speech is worthy of first amendment protection, including pro-pedophilia speech, but anything pro-white is a no-no.

* Trump staffers are being harassed in public. Maxine Waters is now openly calling for more of this, without censure from her colleagues in Congress.

* Charles Blow just wrote an op-ed essentially acknowledging that whites are being replaced, but we should shut up and take it up the ass.

* Silicon Valley Tech companies are not even pretending to be politically neutral anymore. Consider the following tweets by Peter Fonda:

“Sarah Sanders is a lying gash, too. And “gash” is much worse than cunt. Maybe we should take her children away and deport her to Arkansas, and giving her children to Stephen Goebbels Miller for safe keeping.”

“Kristjen Nielsen is a lying gash that should be put in a cage and poked at by passerby. The gash should be pilloried in Lafayette Square naked and whipped by passersby while being filmed for posterity.”


That last tweet triggered a secret service investigation. Yet, Fonda not only gets to stay on Twitter, he gets to keep his blue checkmark. Jared Taylor, on the other hand, violated no Twitter terms of service, and was booted from the platform for being associated with “violent extremist groups,” or something.

These are just a few examples of the polarization I have seen within the last week. I don’t see any sign of this letting up. I’m not seeing any potential leaders on the horizon that would be capable of dialing this back. When I see this stuff happening, I wonder if things could spin apart faster than anyone anticipated.