Black (In)Gratitude

I always appreciate Camlost’s insight into teh blax. My favorite was his earlier observation, perhaps a hyperbole or perhaps not, of how White oversight is all that keeps black schools from devolving to everyone, including teachers, stripping and grinding in the halls. He also sheds light on the misconception that blacks are ungenerous:

Contrary to popular belief, blacks are extremely generous – they readily give away everything to family and friends without regard to tomorrow. The main thing that keeps black household wealth so low is that blacks who start to get ahead are constantly strapped down with the financial burden of loaning money to friends – even white collar blacks with degrees. (** Obama and our resident music critic are obvious exceptions)

Of course all that generosity comes easy when you don’t work that hard or invest sweat equity in endeavors that only have long range payoff. Blacks just want the white folks (and the government) to be an open piggy bank $$$ for others in that same black way, but under that African economic scenario nobody works hard and creates wealth.

And not sure what you mean by “cliquey”, but blacks generally want to mix their genes quite freely with everyone, they’ve got nowhere to go but upwards. And blacks have zero notion of good breeding and good graces and don’t form into social classes or self- stratify by occupation, education or tastes – that’s only a feature of complex patriarchal societies. The closest they come to “class” is when the lighter and mentally brighter mulattos start to rise to the top in black-run countries (this especially happens in the Carribbean).

And blacks aren’t very “exploitative” as things like colonialism or natural resource extraction generally require 2 steps of planning.

Point taken on black generosity. On the other hand, there is “black gratitude.” Perhaps the main reason I’m not a liberal is because it would be too much of a chore to constantly defer to this kind of a political ally:


A lot of money, resources, and power has already been turned over, with nary a thank-you (sic). Camlost points out that collective black American spending power is at more than $1 trillion in the United States:

If taken alone that would make black America 15th in the world amongst countries. Because of their predilection for luxury goods and services $$, blacks in America have a level of discretionary/entertainment $$ footprint far bigger than all of the whites in countries as big as Poland or Australia.

Can confirm. I once saw a monstrously bovine black woman loading a mountain of Bed Bath & Beyond merchandise into her late-model minivan. I wondered, what real-value economic system could possibly justify compensating her with this level of material comfort?

Also speaking of black (in)gratitude in the bigger context of r-selection: I find Anonymous Conservative’s r/K theory of politics persuasive and fascinating, though I’m only superficially familiar with it. I asked him:

What fascinates me, is that r’s punish K’s acquiescence with their demands. For example, they heap incremental abuse on western Europeans for each incremental gesture of generosity.

I tend to project, in error, my K-selected mentality onto rabbits. His reply reminded me that liberals (r-selected people) relate to life very differently than I do:

It is amygdala acclimatization. As they get used to you giving them one thing, that becomes normal, and soon they are demanding two. If you give two, that is normalized after a while, and soon they demand three. We’ve seen it for ages. We say give an inch and they take a mile. That is amygdala acclimatization, but nobody sees the mechanism, which is just like the addiction effect. Give a shot of heroin, and soon you need that to feel normal, and two to feel good. Same thing.

Makes no sense to K’s, who expect the worst, and are grateful for any relief.

It’s easy to make fun of blacks, America’s second-worst ingrates. It is also the necessary because they are given so much, on negative merit, and at such cost to the giver — yet our society is organized around the principle of black victimhood, and so much destruction flows from that lie.


Please Stop Doing That

Creating or forwarding memes that show a dark-skinned killer’s portrait next to that of his innocent White female victim.

Kate Steinle was not Nicole Simpson. Don’t corrupt her memory. Interracial proximity is repulsive in person and no less so as a posthumously implied relationship.

Think about it — what if the girl were someone in your life? You would find the pairing obscene, like a clown-world engagement announcement.

A ‘Nam Flashback

No, not my PTSD. Before my time. But we still wore those steel-pot helmets in Army basic training in the late 1980s. The conflict over Vietnam is fading from memory, its echo in popular consciousness being Forrest Gump, which ventured to reconcile the hippie and the soldier.

Where are the Flower Children today? The 1979 musical Hair sets the ’60s revolution to sometimes pretty good songs. The revolution itself was a convergence of several vectors:

  • The ascendance of a Jewish elite
  • Frankfurt School’s cultural Marxism
  • Domestic intelligence programs
  • Soviet subversion (see Yuri Bezmenov on YouTube)
  • The unwillingness of young people to be drafted
  • The Pill and the consequent loosening of sexual morals
  • At-remove sentimentality about blacks
  • Prosperous nation’s urge to barter away its posterity’s birthright for a mess of fake virtue.

It was all those things, but the Sixties wouldn’t have happened if the visible part of its program weren’t presented to appeal to the virtues and vices of ordinary people. The scenes from Hair in the video below are a snapshot of the decade’s human side. In the film, Claude Bukowski is a conscripted farm boy who sneaks away from his Army training center to see his girlfriend. His civilian hippie friend George Berger puts on a uniform to cover for Claude in a headcount, only to get swept up in an unexpected deployment and ultimately to die in the war. There is a visually arresting scene of young soldiers, the hapless Berger among them, marching into the C-130s followed by a panorama of headstones at Arlington National Cemetery.

Then, massive peace protests in Washington, DC. They look wholesome by today’s standards because it’s all healthy American faces. The Confederate flag was still part of the big family. However liberated they were — and as the subsequent century will have shown, morbidly selfish — a generation rightfully did not want themselves and their friends fed to the war machine for no discernible reason.


Was there any point to 58,000 American men getting killed in a localized Asian conflict? If you asked one them, he’d probably tell you something disagreeable. For example, the wounded young sergeant in this CBS footage of an ambush might have offered a few words about serving your country. The firefight begins at 1:47:

Embedded CBS reporter:

… and the medic, having survived another rescue mission, brings back the wounded man. “Who is it? who is it?” — the question spreads down the line. “Oh Christ, it’s Hero, the sergeant who likes to walk point.”

Not feeling any pain while in shock, the wounded NCO answers a few of the reporter’s questions while awaiting medevac. His low-key gallantry is not unique to the better element of some past generation. There are videos from Iraq and Afghanistan with Millennials similar to him. My high school friend’s much younger brother served in both operations. He was a good-natured kid as an early-teen, and he’s a good-natured Devil Dog with stories now.

Imagine when that White warrior love of fight meets a leader that points to proper targets. For example, one can dream of a God Emperor who impossibly wins an election, then rips the civic mask off a transnational anti-White dictatorship, baits every snake and rat to expose itself, lights a fire under (((Pedowood’s))) ass, and then … makes fireworks over the swamp and orders brave Americans to take back their own country.

Eh, that’s crazy talk.


The True Meaning Of Diversity

Aesthetic violence.”

LeShitlourde agrees with Heartiste:

What a salient way to express this sentiment. No one has a disgust reflex anymore.

The major reason I don’t want to live around blacks isn’t because I fear them killing me. It’s because I don’t want to have my auditory senses constantly assaulted by croaking coon jabber 24/7, or have to deal with the smell of stinky jungle odor and burnt hair, or listen to their shitty tribe music.

Same goes for all minorities. I don’t want to smell caustic curry body odor on public transport, or have some gook down the hall stinking up the apartment complex with some disgusting fried sea-insect that they’re eating that night.

To me, this is the reality of diversity. Constantly subconsciously on edge because I can smell, hear, and see that I am surrounded by people that are not my own. I would trade so many of the conveniences of modern life to not feel like my country is being occupied, used and ruined.

Everybody has heard of Robert Putnam’s 2007 study about ethnic diversity decreasing social trust. I finally read the whole thing. Being a liberal who was unhappy with the revelations of his own study, Putnam pads the paper with “optimism” about diversity’s long-term prospects that ring false ten years later.

The paper was published before Obama’s two terms and their state-sponsored black lawlessness, the fanning out of negative-value boarders like Somalis throughout the country, the recent developments in Europe, and the amplification of anti-White rhetoric from the liberal establishment — all of which have shown diversity to be a weapon of war rather than some natural and ultimately benign development. With the past decade’s changes in social mood, people dismiss Putnam’s bromides, such as this one, as nonsense:

As we have more contact with people who are unlike us, we overcome our initial hesitation and ignorance and come to trust them more.

Putnam’s study includes a graph that, consistent with his anti-diversity conclusions, positively correlates the homogenity of a geographic region in the United States with the self-reported level of interracial trust. And way up in the upper-right corner of the graph, is the zero-diversity rural South Dakota and its almost literally off-the-chart professed love of diversity. The figure could have been titled “Ignorance is Bliss.”

Indeed. Whites are divided into those who are “knowing” and “ignorant” of diversity. A person with little experience outside of a homogeneous community would in fact go out of his way to be nice to an ostensibly non-threatening vibrant. After all, human experience differentiates between guests and invaders. But those who are contaminated with the knowledge of diversity will react differently to the sight of a brown face in a White space, possibly even with suppressed homicidal revulsion, because what they see is a scouting party.


What Putnam neglected to include in his paper, which is why LeShitlourde had to fill in that part, is that aside from the geopolitics of White genocide, diversity looks ugly, it sounds ugly, and it smells bad.

I have a million stories about diversity and the freedom from it. I once flew to Tampa and felt my tension melt away while dealing with an all-White staff of a car rental business. Then approaching the Skyway Bridge, I saw that the toll booth attendant is an older White fellow. Completely unburdened, at this point, of that on-edge feeling I shoulder daily and seeing that there are no cars behind me, I had a friendly chat with him.

Everybody needs a place to rest
Everybody wants to have a home
Don’t make no difference what nobody says
Ain’t nobody like to be alone
— Bruce Springsteen

(Here is Putnam’s study).


Lucius Somesuch ties together several interesting lines of speculation:

[A]s many are probably already aware, media is ambiguously reporting that director Bryan Singer, the most notoriously paederastic of Hollywood honchos, has “gone missing” from the set of his latest film, shooting in London, and the studio has fired him on account of his dereliction.

I’ve long been thinking now that the current sexgate is only noise until Singer or Schumacher comes under the gun. Well, now we have the signal. Singer must be scared shitless right now of something, and I’d wager it isn’t formal law enforcement.

It occurred to me, pacing the floor, that FBI Anon’s soft countercoup scenario may very well be in effect. So many “big names” have suddenly had their careers vanished on the instant, thanks to suddenly-surfaced claims of “harassment”. Maybe I just don’t dive through the clickbait properly, but as far as I can see we seldom even have the faces or names of alleged victims to attach to all this. Hardly any alleged perp protests their innocence; many are walking away from multimillion dollar contracts/projects.

I am now willing to venture that the real “substance” of these allegations are visits from the Trumpenreich loyalists with video of Keillor, Lauer, etc. getting BJs from thirt**n year-olds. They are being offered a hardsell onetime out from the lynch mobs in exchange for spilling on the big fish of the I!!um!n@t!.

I also wouldn’t be surprised, it occurs to me, if it isn’t a conscious TrumpAnon strategy to prompt the archons of the conspiracy to precipitously assassinate one of their major ranking members, as paranoia about the leaks heads to a flood. Imagine if Singer, Schumacher, Travolta, some rock star, perhaps better still Franken, Princess Lindsey, Tim Kaine wound up shot at his desk by a sniper who’s climbed up a tree across the street. If a gun goes off then the Administration can conveniently go into nuclear mode to “uncover the conspiracy” seemingly unrelated to all those butt-pinching allegations.

Former Pres. H. W. Bush, after all, has had a shot across his bow, and he’s what, 96 now?

FBI Anon said their wish was a “soft landing” that bags the ringleaders and makes the followers quietly retire from public life because nailing them all would mean ending civil society as we know it. Hillary certainly looks crazy enough to go and have George Lucas whacked on his morning stroll or something. Maybe the FBI actually has Singer in protective custody? Imagine: Soros doesn’t know if Hillary whacked him, Hillary doesn’t know if Soros is whacking everybody. It’s like when Di Niro starts killing all his friends in GoodFellas. Half a dozen billionaire pedos may all have active hit teams seeking out each other.

Anyway, the resignation of so many Big Names from multiple forms of media and politics now looks to me to be the progress of what FBI Anon advised was their plan. They’re not giving up their careers without a fight because of some lone indecency with a secretary twelve years ago– they’re going because Trump Enforcement had a talk with them about twelve year-olds.


Plumpjack (at Chateau Heartiste) quotes me:

I see small material victories such as the reinstatement of the travel ban not in terms of a linear “plusses/minuses”, given the sheer volume of bodies that have to go back, but in terms of degrees of rotation of this big ship turning course.

… and comments, coining “Gropocaust”:

that’s how I’m seeing it, also. a big, slow, heavy turnaround.

just to name one of many examples: the gropocaust. most of those being accused were immune to such accusations not long ago. the “victims” simply deferred to the perps because they assumed that getting groped by a leftie perv (or trading for-, or being an exhibitionist for-) was simply the price paid to the gatekeepers as the price of entry. or they were afraid to come forward because their lives and “careers” would be ruined.

now there’s a new accusation every other day, and nearly all the perps are lefties. if this is not a sign of an irreversible changing of the global zeitgeist then I don’t know what is.

now, I read all kinds of nostradamuses making predictions on here, from white pill to black pill, and I did not see one single person predict the gropocaust. (except maybe plumpjack and a couple others, who said that one of the four horsefaces of the lib-pocalypse would be that the victims would begin to cannibalize one another as the overall status of victims began to fall).

my point is, if nobody could have predicted gropocaust, how many other unforeseen gifts are coming down the dirty laundry pipeline? I don’t expect it to be a cakewalk, but 50 years worth of secrets and lies is going to be pretty hard to contain once all the curators of those secrets and lies start thinking of saving their own hides.


Back to me, PA. Here are two facts about Donald Trump:

He had an eye on the presidency since his youth.

His business is luxury hotels, where members of the elite stay.

Elegy Of Fortinbras

Translation of Zbigniew Herbert’s “Elegy of Fortinbras” (1961). Fortinbras is William Shakespeare’s fictional Norwegian prince and conqueror of Denmark. He appears in the final scene of “Hamlet.” The original poem “Tren Fortynbrasa” is under the YouTube video below. 


Now that we’re alone we can talk Prince man to man
though you lie on the stairs and see no more than a dead ant
nothing but a black sun with broken rays
I could never think of your hands without smiling
and now that they lie on the stone like fallen nests
they are as defenseless as before The end is exactly this
The hands lie apart The sword lies separate The head separate
and the knight’s feet in soft slippers

You will have a soldier’s funeral though you weren’t a soldier
it is the only ritual I am somewhat acquainted with
There will be no candles no singing only cannon fuses and salvos
Crape dragged on the cobblestones helmets studded boots artillery horses
drums drums I know it’s nothing exquisite
those will be my maneuvers as I assume control
one has to take the city by the throat and shake it a bit

Anyhow you had to perish Hamlet you were not for life
you believed in crystal notions not in human clay
always twitching as if asleep you hunted chimeras
wolfishly you bit at the air only to vomit
you knew no human thing you did not even know how to breathe

Now you have peace Hamlet you accomplished what you had to
and you have peace The rest is not silence but it belongs to me
you chose the easier part an elegant thrust
but what is heroic death compared to eternal vigilance
with a cold apple in one’s hand on a raised chair
with a view on the anthill and on the clock’s dial

Adieu Prince I have tasks a sewer project
and a decree on prostitutes and beggars
I must also elaborate a better system of prisons
since as you justly said Denmark is a prison
I go to my affairs This night is born
a star named Hamlet We shall never meet
what I shall leave will not be worth a tragedy

It is not for us to greet each other or bid farewell we live on archipelagos
and that water these words what can they do what can they do Prince


This musical interpretation is perfect:

Kate Steinle

Mr. President,

What are our orders, sir?





“And one of the rare smiles in which I see no pathology. No stress and tightness under the eyes, no tightness in the cheeks, no upper lip turned under, no disgust affect in the nasolabial lines, no undue asymmetry in affect. Just a nice, honest smile.

So fucking enraging.”