“We understand how hard and costly it is to regain our country”

That statement, today, is most apropos Westerners who had lot their countries to mass immigration.

On an English-language blog, I post Poland-related material primarily with the thought of it relating to the dreams of people of English-speaking countries, as I live here too. The video below, which is a four-minute explanation of the Independence March in Warsaw, will speak to your thoughts. Many elements of Polish history are playing out right now in your country.

The English-speaking narrator opens with:

Many in foreign media outlets have criticized [the march], with some strong words used to label those who attended. Noted political scientist Francis Fukuyama…

The photo below is flashed up; the banner says “White Europe of Brotherly Nations”


… labelled the march “fascist.” Andrew Rettman for the EU Observer called it “Neo-Nazi.” Al Jezeera described it as “homophobic and White supremacist.” And the BBC labeled it as “far right.” The most recurring epithet to describe the march was the word “nationalist.”

I don’t want to defend the march from those allegations, as they are not worthy of much consideration. I would rather take the time to explain why 250,000 Poles chose to attend the Independence Day rally.

“Bóg Honor Ojczyzna” on the banner below translates to “God Honor Fatherland.” The four-minute video:


Which Way, Mr. President?

A list compiled on Twitter:

1. No Wall in sight
2. DACA: Live & kicking
3. Russia: Endless Sanctions!
4. Hillary: High on the hog
5. Social Media: Commie-curated
6. Rosenstein: Still ruling roost
7. South Africa? What a tweet!
8. Israel: Fat & Happy
9. Debt: Putting Obama to shame
10. Mueller: Still on my payroll.
11. Sholom Rubashkin: Pardoned
12. White turnout: Lowest in decades.
13. Iran: Sanctions by meme.
14. Opioid Crisis: Ongoing.
15. Felons: Free and ready to vote.
16. Setting DOJ on protesters at Charlottesville & giving left a free pass
17. Sessions charging James Fields with terrorist/murder when it’s clear it wasn’t
18. Still in Syria, still sabre rattling
19. Non stop pandering to every other demos except the only one who voted for him

And early arrivals from the caravan are already entering the United States.

It’s reasonable to admit that President Trump has come to a point at which his negotiating approach has arrived at negative returns. At the present curve of accomplishment, nobody is voting for him in 2020. And I believe he knows it and that there was always a Plan B. I haven’t been part of his preparation for presidency and I don’t get his intelligence reports, so I don’t know how that might look. Plan B, I imagine, would be a high-risk, high-reward extraconstitutional move involving loyal elements within the US armed forces and the fanatical devotion of his 63 million rally-goers. It might be modeled on the Red Army’s possum game of withdrawing and then encircling and pouncing.

Ronald Reagan, by history’s tragic twist, inflicted two mortal wounds on the country he loved: by signing the no-fault divorce into California’s law and then by signing the Simpson–Mazzoli immigration amnesty into law in 1986.

White Genocide is real. Emboldened by Trump’s apparent weakness, leftists are now openly affirming that. We elected him to stop it by reversing the past three decades of demographic and political changes. Nobody, for a moment and on either side of this cold civil war, saw him as just another President in a parade of alternately liberal and conservative ones. He was elected to kick over the apple cart.

The worst thing Trump, already the greatest President since Andrew Jackson can do, is follow Reagan’s example of trying to work with his enemies. At this point, the survival of the American people and their culture will be well served by President Trump’s weighing of inspiring, decisive action. And if he doesn’t have the power to do that, then may he at least speak openly and spell out for everyone exactly what’s going on behind the scenes.

Mr. President, this is no time for age or physical exhaustion. The eyes of the millions who will follow you are upon you. The eyes of eternity are upon you.

Poland’s Independence March 2018

Today is Poland’s 100th anniversary of regaining its independence after 123 years under foreign Partition. The date was November 11, 1918, when the occupying Russian, Prussian, and Austrian empires collapsed in wake of WWI and withdrew their garrisons from Partitioned territory. History’s Great Man, Józef Pilsudski, stepped into the chaos and claimed himself the head of the reborn Polish state. Two years later, he led Poland to a decisive victory over the invading Soviet army, ending Lenin’s plan to capture Berlin and start a Europe-wide communist revolution.

This year’s Independence March almost didn’t work out. Just three days before the event, Warsaw’s mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, member of the pro-EU opposition party, revoked nationalists’ demonstration permit but thankfully courts overturned her ban at the eleventh hour. Last year’s march broke national records for largest crowds, at 60,000. This year’s estimates are upward of 200,000. Here are scenes from today, see the video below:

  • 0:01 – Chanting “Honor and glory to the heroes!” The heroes being saluted are national martyrs in general, Armia Krajowa partisants in particular.
  • 0:05 – Chanting “God! Honor! Fatherland!”
  • 0:12 – Camera pulls back and you see members of Italy’s nationalist party Forza Nuova among Poland’s National Radical Camp (ONR) members. ONR’s flag is green with the stylized arm holding a sword.
  • 0:15 – Poland’s president Andrzej Duda addresses the nationalists right there on the street:

“I wish you a successful celebration. Long live Poland. Long live the free, independent, sovereign Republic. Honor and glory to the heroes!”

Subsequently, more footage of ONR and FN participants.

  • 1:00 – Cut to another part of the march, the singing of the national anthem.
  • 1:18 – Footage of various parts of the march.

The remaining minute of the video shows as the evening darkens the sky and there are various scenes with absolutely lovely capture of ordinary people marching. November is cold and miserable in Poland, best kind of weather. The 2016 Independence March was pounded by sleet. Yet it looks warm, with so many patriots marching together.

I watched a Polish talk panel discuss the event. It was a friendly discussion with Krzysztof Bosak, one of the organizers of the march. He’s the young man with the blue necktie who does most of the talking during the first twelve minutes. As I learned, Bosak is a former member of parliament, now leader of National Movement, an umbrella organization of various right wing populist groups, including ONR.

I’m translating a bit of what he said:

I can’t emphasize enough, how many obstacles were thrown at us in the run-up to this march. And yet, this year’s march was more impressive than ever. There were scores of delegations from other countries. I spent a long time today with a Catholic journalist from the United States, who was tremendously impressed with everything he saw. [Laughs] Contrary to the American embassy, which had issued warning about this event, he never felt threatened. He simply felt wonderful, walking with Poles who were demonstrating their patriotism. Even when he saw some of the nationalist groups that the foreign media call extremist. 

Later he says:

I think that all members of All-Poland Youth, of National Radical Camp, from Independence March Association, from National Movement, understand that it just so happens, that we carry the burden of organizing the best, the largest patriotic demonstration in Europe.

Before he leaves after the 12 minute mark, Bosak goes over some insider-politics stuff that took place in the lead-up to the march, including the Warsaw mayor’s revocation of nationalists’ permit to march and the legal negotiations that rapidly took place that led to reinstating their permit. He concludes: 

Simply put, the Nationalist community is a community of mature, competent people who know what their aspirations are and are capable of bringing them to realization.

Favorite Fluff

  1. Favorite Bon Jovi song? — “I’ll be there for you.”
  2. Can you ride a motorcycle? — I can balance and shift gears, not ready for the highway.
  3. Elvis or Beatles? — Elvis.
  4. Most interesting country in the world, other than your own? — Finland.
  5. Better to die in your sleep or when alert? — Alert.
  6. Do you have yellow fever? — No.
  7. How do you remember the space shuttle Challenger disaster? — Heard about it in school. As I got home and got ready to do my afternoon paper route, my manager called and said that the newspaper has literally stopped the presses and will reissue the paper several hours later.
  8. Favorite commenter here, other than Suburban_elk? — I recuse myself.
  9. Have you ever IRL met someone you first met on an AltRight site? — No.
  10. Do you know IRL people who read the same AltRight blogs you do? — Yes.
  11. Ever skinny-dipped in a 4+ group with at least one non-partner you found attractive? — Yes.
  12. Favorite breed of dog? — Great Dane.
  13. Do you pray at least once per day? — Yes.
  14. Most interesting post on this blog? — I recuse myself.
  15. Favorite John Milton work, other than “Paradise Lost”? — “Lycidas”
  16. Ever experienced a runner’s high? — Yes, at 17. There is nothing like it.
  17. Favorite color? Purple.
  18. The proudest election vote you ever cast, other than for Donald Trump? — Writing in Tom Tancredo for President in 2008.
  19. Favorite Elton John song? — “I guess that’s why they call it the blues.”
  20. Is your life going right? — Yes.
  21. What song to you want to hear right now? — Boston “Amanda.”
  22. Favorite pro sports team, then or now? — Washington Redskins.
  23. Ever had a brush with death? — Yes.
  24. Describe your twenties? — Struggle.
  25. Favorite Queen song? — “Who wants to live forever;” runner up: “Radio Ga Ga.”
  26. Does God watch over Poland? — Yes.
  27. Best workout? — Heavybag with Ministry “N.W.O” on loud (I have a simple home gym.)
  28. Favorite poem? — John Keats “Ode to a nightingale.”
  29. Do you have unfinished business? — Yes.
  30. Ever had a brush with paralysis? — Yes
  31. Movie character you most related to at the time? — Tim Robbins in “Jacob’s Ladder.”
  32. What do you have a talent for? — Pencil drawing, esp. caricatures.
  33. Do you honor your father and your mother? — It’s complicated.
  34. Favorite song in a language other than English (or French)? — Rammstein “Ohne Dich.”
  35. Ever been a dick to someone who didn’t deserve it? — Yes and I’m sorry.
  36. Been in a real fight? (as an adult, with a stranger, open-ended outcome) — Yes. I won.
  37. Favorite Bob Seger song? — “Still the same.”
  38. Favorite classical composition? — Tchaikovsky “Piano Concerto No. 1.”
  39. Grateful or resentful? — Grateful.
  40. Favorite Kenny Rogers song? — “She believes in me.”

And you?

The AltRight Offers Nothing New

Nor should it. An apt observation by S.J., Esquire:

I was at a blue-collar business, enjoying the atmosphere of unpretentious banter, and I thought to myself, why is it that you’ve increasingly seen blue-collar, lower-class individuals hastening to make sure everyone knows they’re not racist, against all sense of instinct and self-preservation? Because we do see this; we may be accustomed to conceiving of the “proles” as more fundamentally open and honest (vs. the virtue-signalling upper- and SWPL classes), but these days they hide their secret thoughts pretty well, quite often.

Why is that? Answer: it’s because they know they’re just lowly blue-collar joes, and they’re not self-confident enough – about life, about their place in the world – to challenge the Narrative.

Thus why it’s so important to get Elites in there to shift that Overton Window.

What S.J., wrote reminded me of a scene in Arthur Koestler’s “Darkness at Noon.” A must-read novel, by the way. There is a scene in which two prisoners in Stalin’s USSR, an intellectual and a former tsarist officer, strike up a situational friendship. When they learn that the intellectual is scheduled for execution, the officer tells him (paraphrasing the dialogue), “I envy you… me, I have twenty years in this cell to look forward to. Another 7,300 nights without a woman…”

“But you can read, study” replies the condemned intellectual.

“I haven’t the head for that,” says the officer.

How that scene relates to the above observation is that unlike contributors to AltRight discussions who, in our way, thrive on independent thought, most people feel abandoned when their political culture turns on them. They ask “What guidance do we follow?” Churches are pozzed. Conservative politicians aren’t our friends. Self-satisfied Boomer parents are self-satisfied. Wise grandparents are dead. Television, schools, the football league, movies, commercial message bombardment, talking heads in the news… they are what they are.

So these regular people have their innate disgust threshold, like we all do, that makes them feel uneasy about the anti-racist and sexual perversion propaganda. But there is no place they can go that would settle their uneasy feelings. So people do the normal thing: they go along to get along and keep their real feelings to themselves.

Like S.J. says, it’s so important to shift that Overton Window in the public realm. And I would add, for the AltRight to provide that conceptual home for all of those people who are looking for it. It’s no accident that the AltRight offers nothing new, nor should it. It simply reconnects our people with natural law, Christian fundamentals, and European heritage.

A Revelation To Many

Minnesota voted in Keith Ellison, a black Muslim, for attorney general. And if anyone here has a black or brown friend, he’s convulsing with delight at that news. And he’s not even Muslim! So please don’t invite him to implicitly White places and events.

Ok. Why do I keep beating on this.

Because it’s true and because many Whites, in their ego and niceness, won’t face up to the fact that things are tribal — racial. “I know a good one.” Fine, express some pro-White belief to him, especially one that has a basis in racial exclusion. Tell him that you don’t like seeing Africans in Denmark. And see his reaction. Ask yourself if he’s using you and White society in general as a bag of goodies. Ask yourself how deep is the veneer of Nice in your relations. Ask yourself, what sorts of impulses fire through his brain when he sees the most vile thing for us to process, a White girl with a brown baby.

I’ve observed things decades earlier that have contributed toward my belief that non-Whites harbor a Biological Envy that drives them to long for our unhappiness, fall, and total disappearance. My experience with blogging, on other blogs and here, has provided me with the final pieces I needed to be wholly confident in asserting this.

Suburban_elk brings a sharp analytical eye to the above:

I agree with the premise, that the members of a race group like to see their competitors suffer and fail.

As I recall however, the premise has been expressed at times in absolute terms, as in “every black American likes to see White people suffer and fail.”

For the sake of argument, consider that a Fair Summary.

Much of the difficulty and contentiousness of the argument around that premise, is of course in its inclusion of “every member” of group X. So said argument could be refuted with a simple NAxALT.

And in fact that’s where most people will contend it.

In support of the premise however; consider Suburban_elk’s soon-to-be famous axiom, that every single individual is but a fractal expression of his group AND AS SUCH, benefits or suffers as with his group and inversely his group’s competitors.

I find that to be a strong argument. Even if good-hearted blacks — and let’s not froth at the mouth and pretend that they don’t have their share of good hearts — don’t drink a toast to the anniversary of Newsom and Christian, they still benefit from their group killing out members of their competitors.

Actually though at some point they don’t benefit from that, because their competitors respond back and with force.

And so we learn that whiteboard Reasoning on such a broad problem as competition between population groups, doesn’t reduce to neat axioms. Who knew?

Another difficulty in the original premise, is in the meaning and understanding of “like”, as in blacks like to see Whites suffer and fail.

The way that people characterize and categorize their own reactions and thoughts and feelings about things, is often secondary to how those things affect them. For example, I won’t necessarily “like” to see every black in America inexplicably die in six months of tuberculosis but on the other hand it would be great.

So this thing I’m saying about their ill will, is this supposed to be some kind of a revelation? Or just a belaboring of group competition and ordinary Schadenfreude?

It’s a revelation to those who blind themselves to the reality of group competition. Anti-racist conditioning relies on Europeans’ historic tendency to idealize blacks as faithful dogs. This tendency leads to cuckish habits of mind when political fortunes reverse the master-servant dynamic and metastasizes into a “refugees welcome” general hysteria. The world happily exploits those who operate under the delusion of fraternity, with collateral damage to cucks’ neighbors.

“It’s Time To Make America America Again”

How does a White country become brown through peaceful means? When White men marry brown women. Any other way is war.

The “America Again” video below shows that mass Third World immigration looks and feels like an invasion because that’s exactly what it is. President Trump will have to make an awe-inspiring stand, should the Central American caravan reach the U.S. border. You and I have to show up and vote on Tuesday.

The relationship between Whites and uprooted dark-bodied people is such that the moment they have some situational or structural advantage over us, they push the blade to the hilt. The pleasure is too intense for them to resist. Those laughing Mexican jurors who acquitted Kate Steinle’s killer were a preview of a future that we have to avert.