A Prediction For England

The late Lawrence Auster, an anglophile, used to call the UK “the dead isle.” But he stressed that his metaphor allows for a rebirth. Author Francis Meyrick summarizes his own seven predictions thusly:

In “The Coming European Civil War(s)”, we continue to steadily predict:

1) the inevitable -quiet- rise of armed paramilitary ‘neighborhood defense’ patriot-Nationalist forces, organised under a common ideological umbrella, but carefully dispersed in anti-infiltration local cell structures. We suggest that an organisation numbering in the mere hundreds, can fundamentally change the course of History.

2) The possibility of a [N.Z.] type mosque attack is growing, and won’t really surprise anybody.

3) the likelihood of vicious, depraved, MUSLIM (not ‘Asian’) child rape gang members (not ‘grooming gang misguided gentlemen’) getting summarily shot on British streets – much to the hysterical dismay of meckering so-called ‘Liberal’ (ha!) do-gooders.

4) the accelerating procurement of conventional weaponry from Eastern Europe, especially the Balkans

5) the likelihood that CNC computer-mill weapon manufacturing will become a more and more potent factor. We are not talking one-shot plastic death traps, but aluminum & polymer battle ready fire arms. For academic research reasons, I have built several myself, and hurled hundreds of rounds down range. The technology works, and potentially may contribute to the rearmament of Europe.

6) British Intelligence services will ramp up their already feverish surveillance of Social Media, and Patriots just as quickly will VPN their way around that.

7) Christians will increasingly split into two broad groupings. The first will be passive, abhor violence, and will be followers of what we may term “Jesus-meek-and-mild”. The second group of Christians however will be grimly realistic, based, and much more in favor of the exhortation found in Nehemiah 6:16

“Join your section, and pick up your trowel and sword.”


Which Historic Parallel With President Trump?

“And we are here as on a darkling plain.” I swing between the black pill and the white pill. Western countries are under genocidal alien rule. Poz chokes the civilized world. It’s not natural but that’s the reality of the early 21st century.

What’s Trump’s analogue in east-central European history? Let’s assume that to be a helpful question, one that shines a light on perhaps some parallel between one occupied nation then, and unfree nations now.

Americans are ruled by malicious transnational interests, as are Canadians, New Zealanders, English, Swedes, etc. Poland was under foreign occupation for from 1772 to 1918, an era knows as the Partitions during which her people were stateless under the rule of Russian, Prussian, and Austro-Hungarian empires and endured campaigns of forced russification and germanization under their respective occupant. Commonly, historic judgment blames the decadence of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth at the height of its power in the latter half of the 18th century for the Partitions, along with the treason of nobles who sold out to the three partitioning empires. A parallel with present circumstances.

Is Trump our man? Great things happened over the past two years. Hungary’s bold national project is thriving. There is the Gilets Jaunes uprising in France and Matteo Salvini in Italy. At the very least, Trump can be given credit for this apparent US non-interference with Europe’s nationalist awakening. There are also signs that elements of the globalist cabal are losing their cool. And lest we forget, Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Accord, averting the planned demographic collapse of Republican-majority regions of the country.

Yet immigration is unprecedented in volume, in direct opposition to Trump’s promises during his Presidential campaign. Jarvanka, MIGA, SOTU, WTF. Who is Trump’s historic parallel?

The man who seized destiny…

I was once convinced that Józef Piłsudski (1867 – 1935) is an analogue for Donald Trump. He was a man of extraordinary personal magnetism. A dreamer of the multi-ethnic Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s past imperial glories with a resolve to revive that past. From the hostile perspective of the nationalist Right of his time, Piłsudski was an imperialist. From the hostile perspective of the revolutionary Left, he was a mere socialist and unacceptable due to his loathing of Soviet Communism. Yet he captured the hearts of his nation for an eternity. My grandmother told me that she remembers seeing people crying in the streets when news broke that he had died.

Piłsudski’s pivotal moment took place during the waning years of WWI. He commanded 25,000 Polish legionnaires under allegiance to Austria, under whose flag they scored key victories against Russia on the eastern front. Piłsudski was asked to transfer his allegiance from Austria to her ally Germany. This is from historian Norman Davies’ 1981 edition of God’s Playground:

The extent of the German success, and the imminent collapse of Russia, undermined Piłsudski’s original motives. He no more wanted a complete German victory than a Russian one. So on 21 July 1917 he refused to transfer his allegiance from Austria to Germany. Piłsudski’s interview with [Hans Hartwig] von Besseler, the German Governor of Warsaw, was entirely uncompromising:

PIŁSUDSKI: Your Excellency, do you imagine for one moment that you will win the nation’s confidence by hanging Polish insignia on each of the fingers of the hand which is throttling Poland? The Poles know the Prussian stranglehold for what it is.

VON BESSELER: Herr von Piłsudski, you know that in these stirring times Poland needs a leader of vision, and you are the only one whom I have been able to find. If you go along with us, we will give you everything — power, fame, money…

PIŁSUDSKI: Your Excellency does not understand me, and does not wish to understand. If I were to go along with you, Germany would gain one man, whilst I would lose a nation.

(If you just skimmed over the above, re-read von Besseler’s offer and Piłsudski’s reply. Idle thought: did globalists make Donald Trump a similar offer?)

Piłsudski was arrested and imprisoned in Germany for the remainder of WWI. But with the Central Powers’ collapse in 1918, Piłsudski stepped into the power-vacuum created by the chaotic departure of German garrisons from Warsaw and became the head of the newly independent Poland. Two years later, he routed the Soviet Union in a battle that became known as “The Miracle on the Vistula,” strangling Vladimir Lenin’s dream of marching his armies on to Berlin to ignite a Bolshevik Revolution in continental Europe. 

Piłsudski’s physiognomy: soldier, leader, visionary.


… or the man who wanted to work with the system?

But what if instead of that story of deliverance and destiny, Trump’s historic parallel is a different figure? Namely, margrave Aleksander Wielopolski (1803 – 1877). Margrave is a hereditary title of the Holy Roman Empire’s legacy. Wielopolski ran Poland’s civil administration within the Russian Empire. To forestall the bloodshed that would result from Poland’s growing independence movement, he ordered a conscription of Polish nationalists into twenty-year enlistments in the Tsar’s army. That decision sparked the January 1863 Uprising that lasted almost a year and a half, the very outcome Wielopolski wanted to avoid.

Wielopolski’s physiognomy: diplomat, thinker, conservative.


When following along with this song about the ill-fated 1863 Uprising, my translation below, replace “Margrave Wielopolski” with “President Trump” and “Tsar” with (((globalists))). Does the analogy work? It’s too soon to tell.

Margrave Wielopolski

Through Saxon square, Circassian hundreds gallop
And by the palace, a hundred campfires burn
How do you do it, Your Excellency
That you’re despised on every side?

Lord Margrave, you don’t think in lockstep
So with the Tsar you’re already suspect
Neither Petersburg nor Moscow will trust
A Pole who has his own plans

Lord Margrave still walks the tightrope
It’s dangerous to walk so high
After all, disaster won’t spare him
Because bad luck has he, who is born here

Your contempt, no one will forgive
We’re superstitious, fervent and teary
And you’re proud, you won’t deign wallow
In the national borscht with us

Why splash logic in our faces?
We did not read Hegel, sire
For us it’s Chopin, peas and cabbage
And from time to time an uprising

Lord Margrave still walks the tightrope
Abyss on the left, abyss on the right
If he avoids death at countryman’s hand
He’ll leave office in disgrace

All that work, Lord Margrave, and for nothing
In vain, the forced conscription
Things will be as they must – business as usual
To battle unarmed, backbreak and welts

Lord Margrave, you won’t change a nation
Here, being reasonable is seldom heard of
And the one thing we do truly well
Is lose most beautifully in the world

Lord Margrave still walks the tightrope
Awkwardly and with a wild boar’s posture
And when he falls, he’ll merely earn
A traitor’s shame instead of a monument

That you fell, that’s normal Polish fate
In the end, everyone falls off that rope
Only why did you forget, Wielopolski,
That the fall must look pretty?

Lyrics: Jerzy Czech; music/performance: Przemysław Gintrowski (c. 1980)

Back to Donald Trump and America

Trump’s physiognomy. Is it “businessman, playboy, neophyte” or is it “chess-player, wolf, king”?

America doesn’t get the Romantic spirit of beautiful loss, of futile sacrifice… right? Except for the death-scene of Sergeant Elias in Platoon. I’m not bringing this up flippantly. The Vietnam war was a beautiful loss. Civil Rights, in contrast, was a hideous loss and so has been every setback since then, from the negrification of Detroit through drag queen storytime at America’s public libraries. A national tragedy, once felt and understood as such, can cleanse the collective psyche of its hubris and forge a people’s fanatical will to never perish.


Immigration Debate

Two comments on immigration I posted on Gab:

A radical proposal: no immigrants. Why is this a bickering over ‘what kjnd’ in the first place.

The countries with the “best” potential immigrants are in no position to send their surplus talent abroad because low tfr = no surplus. Radical proposal: “That America not be a vampire on the civilized world.”

Immigration Debate, the Home Version

Boomer Dad: “Let’s stuff some beaner babies into Junior’s room. I’ll make ’em do chores.”

Cuckian Mom: “Those underprivileged black keeyeeds, bring them all in they need hugs!”

Gay Brother: “Can Chong and Pajeet move in? They have high IQs.”

Slutty Sister: “Syrians please? Turks are nice too. Oh and Arabs! Can-we can-we pleeeease?”

Creepy Houseguest: [rubbing hands]

Junior: [humming The Doors]

“The killer awoke before dawn
He put his boots on
He took a face from the ancient gallery
And he walked on down the hall
He went into the room where…”

Open thread.

A Perspective on Chateau Heartiste

Heretic Phi wrote this excellent analysis:

A few years ago I heard Roosh giving a speech about the history of Game theory. The first phase were the PUA, iconized by Mystery, which was the purpose-driven gathering of practical data for real-world personal use (what works, what doesn’t).

Roosh calls the second phase the “Roissy-sphere,” where the empirical knowledge provided by Game flowered our understanding of female sexual psychology, and evolutionary psychology in general. (Paraphrasing from memory here.) This is where the average dude with some book smarts can actually come to understand why what worked for his dad and his grandpa is worthless for him.

That led to great advancements in our social knowledge of what is wrong with our society, that is forcing us to mate under unnatural conditions that we did not evolve to survive and reproduce under. We now can see many defects in the outdated “Social Science” theories under which our institutions are run. Heartiste is described in his early years as the core of a massive intellectual development from the PUA side of the Manosphere, which at that time had nothing to do with WN. The way he describes it, Roosh himself sprung from the “Roissy-sphere”.

Roosh then pushes Neomasculinity (which would naturally center around himself) as the third phase, about transforming our forbidden knowledge of hypergamy back into personal self-improvement and a gentle anti-feminist political agenda.

But what Heartiste did for our side was even better. For he gave this knowledge to… dissidents. We now know things about the human animal that our seemly almighty enemies in their pride and vanity, have little comprehension of. The risk that they will suddenly figure it out before their ignorance destroys them is very small, for their hearts are too weak to question their faith. And in 2016 we saw what a Natural can do with that knowledge.

… his legacy is all around you and will never go away. If he retires tomorrow, he is still here. Every single one of us thinks, understands, and sees the world differently in part because of Heartiste.

It really should have been almost time for him to take a break anyhow. Twelve years is a big chunk of your life to be able to come up with material of that volume, of that quality, with that consistency. He needs to cocoon up for a while so he can evolve into a higher form.


Open Thread: Chateau Heartiste

“Le Chateau shone a bright light of truth onto sex, love, culture, and politics; but the lamps are going out all over the West.” — Corvo

Whether on orders from the top or at the caprice of an imbecile employee of WordPress, the great Chateau Heartiste was shut down. Initial reactions by many of the Chateau’s regulars, including yours truly, appear under the previous article.

Sclerotic bureaucracy vs. ideas whose time has come. We know how that works out. Someone wrote on Gab and I agree fully:

In a more sane era, the writings of Heartiste would be considered just as important as Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams or John Locke.

They will be.

Intolerance Of Blasphemy

This is how a Western state fights cultural barbarism: a 51-year-old female “artist” was arrested in Poland for profaning the image of Virgin Mary and Jesus by filling their halos with rainbow colors. She faces two years in prison.

Freedom and tolerance, and the enforcement of those ideals, has always been a who-whom deal.

Polish interior minister Joachim Brudziński announced the arrest, saying she was detained for “carrying out a profanation of the Virgin Mary of Częstochowa.” The Black Madonna of Częstochowa is a Byzantine icon that is housed in the country’s holiest Catholic shrine.

Telling stories about freedom and ‘tolerance’ doesn’t give anyone the right to offend the feelings of believers,” Brudziński said, adding that the paintings are “cultural barbarism.”

I won’t post an image of her work, it’s shown under the link above. The witch went for full blasphemy: the Madonna of Częstochowa is the most sacred of Poland’s national relics. The painting’s history prior to its arrival in Poland in the 14th century is shrouded in legends, some of which trace the icon’s origin to Christ’s apostle St. Luke himself.

What this is in fact about:

“We are dealing with a direct attack on the family and children – the sexualization of children, that entire LBGT movement, gender,” Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of the ruling rightwing Law and Justice party, told supporters last month. “This is imported, but they today actually threaten our identity, our nation, its continuation and therefore the Polish state.”

“This is imported.” Yes, it is.

Commercial advertisement is where a great deal of cultural warfare takes place. You know the Gillette ad, the ubiquitous interracial couple ads, all serving the same purpose as the obscene rainbow painting, which is to demoralize the national psyche with the goal of destroying a people. Therefore I’m happy to see this Volvo ad dealt with properly — on the left it’s the original graphics presumably from Sweden (Volvo is a Swedish company) and on the right, as altered in Poland:


Bonus for fixing the adult male’s soyboy face. And if you look closer, the child was changed from a girl to a boy.

Images of sexual perversion is just one kind of weapon of psychological wafare. Images of racial incoherence is another. Here is a MicroSoft ad altered in Poland for the domestic market from some years back:


If I can name one of the simple things that is necessary for the survival of Western civilization, it’s that U.S. military leaves Eastern Europe.

Season Two of Cobra Kai

Season 2 spoilers follow. Just throwing out some thoughts.


Major theme:

“I wasn’t taught the difference between mercy and honor, and I paid the price.” — Johnny Lawrence

“Second chances” is another overarching theme of the second season of Cobra Kai. That’s obvious. What’s subtle is the question of whether people deserve a second chance. John Kreese does not. He is a sociopath, redemption is irrelevant.


The two cartoon villains are Tory and Kreese. A word on each. Tory is a product of neurotic-male fascination with butt-kicking babes. For everyone else, such unrealistic female characters break the suspension of disbelief. Kreese: he is the articulation of their fears when they see us starting to turn to nationalism.


In earlier comments, CMC writes:

LaRusso’s looking across the Pacific, to another civilization for answers. Recall that the original was from the mid 80’s. The east was recognized as rising, as a worthy ancient culture whose defeat may have just been an aberration. For instance, Japan’s cars had been a cheap joke in the 60’s, then just cheap in the 70’s, then no joke in the 80’s. He ain’t some home schooled neo-Medici condottiere wrestling with Christian concepts like honor and meekness, he’s in another world.

Similarly, Johnny’s not looking to King Arthur’s court or Beowulf or the Illiad, he’s looking to a snake, he’s crawling along as low as he can go —or as basic as you want to go if we’re being generous.


I liked Season 2 through I think the 8th episode, when Johnny and Daniel shook hands after that accidental double-date. That was the time to start tying up the loose ends for the series. Leave the Ali loose end open though, as there wouldn’t be enough episodes in the season to work her in without rushing that. But if a third season is needed to introduce Ali, then we’re now milking the Johnny/Daniel dynamic, turning it into one arbitrary mishap or misunderstanding after another. In short, I wanted the series elegantly wrapped up in S2.

Johnny Lawrence carries the series. He is us. Ralph Macchio and the writers did a good job making Daniel a stronger and more sympathetic character in S2. The way his devotion to karate was jeopardizing his auto business was very well done. He doesn’t have Johnny’s pathos, righteousness, heroic honesty. But he does have a look in his eyes that reveals that he really wants to do the right thing.


Minor stuff I disliked, very much: the lesbian kiss at that party. Gratuitous (((filth))).

And I very much liked the single-episode subplot in which Johnny and his high school friends get together, even if under grim circumstances. Funny, isn’t it, how flashbacks of the guys riding their motorbikes are now conveyed as joyful moments of youth, while in 1984 Karate Kid they were meant to be menacing scenes.

There is something to be said about the meta phenomenon of Cobra Kai. The show is about White GenX men, now approaching or just past 50. What do they, the showbiz producers, want from us? America is on the verge of racial/demographic collapse. The all-around hate in the air is dialed up to the max. And here we have an ’80s vibe Valley in Cobra Kai.


Another theme… predestination? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Eli was right to do something about his awful nerdhood. But then he turned into a monster… almost literally, in that horror-movie lab scene when he was stalking Dimitri.

And Robbie. He had the full benefit of Miyago-do training. He wanted to be good. He was strong and had integrity. But then that dishonorable kick that might have paralyzed Miguel, who paid a price for showing mercy. The author can do whatever he wants. It’s his fictional world. The show’s writers wanted that implausible melee in episode 10, that had upset the series’ narrative arc.