To Bring People Together

“Nick Sandmann and the students of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be. They have captivated the attention of the world, and I know they will use it for the good – maybe even to bring people together. It started off unpleasant, but can end in a dream!” – President Trump on Twitter


“Bring people together.”

That phrase flashes up an image of a happy multiracial polity. And that’s impossible because right off, we’d fight over what kind of music is played. The end game of liberalism is a permanent Third World, by violence or by entropy. Trump, no doubt, knows this but his strategic objectives are tempered by a wish to prevent the CONUS empire from falling apart on his watch.

There is another way to look at his phrase, bring people together: with “people” referring to heritage America and the Red-Blue ideological rift that divides them. That reconciliation is not only desirable but possible. It started off unpleasant but can end in a dream.

Liberals are driven into demonic contortions over an impressive Roman Catholic teenager’s standing his ground against White Genocide banging a drum in his face. Look at their Twitter posts. But unlike interracial animus, which is irreconcilable, ideological divisions among a people of the same nation can be healed. In our present intra-White near-civil-war, the divisions are not over politics, they are the worse kind of people’s opportunistic attack on Western Civilization itself.

The good news is that we need those people because they are not just our family in many cases, but also part of our organic social pyramid. The other good news is that they can be turned away from liberalism because they are all followers, and they’ve been following bad leaders. Nick Sandmann, with his Christian defiance of evil, is an example of a new generation of leaders who will bring them back to righteousness. Deus vult.


Facts about the event involving the Covington Boys and Nathan Phillips


Some facts and brief commentary I put together on this event:


Bravo for the young man. You can clearly see his dignity, integrity and intelligence in that statement. He also did not run from “racist,” which is a big deal as the country moves forward. He was, no doubt, well advised by the adults in his life.

As to adults in his life who have failed, this is the statement posted by the Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School:


The school and diocese should have taken an uncompromising stance protecting their students. Instead, they threw them under the bus. This blog’s regular commenter Suburban_elk nails it:

That’s what is unforgivable. I don’t know how long the “full length video” has been out and about, but even w/o that full length video, it’s cowardly and despicable for the school administration to side against their own students.

At some point those people have to be called on their COWARDICE.

Daily Stormer has doxed the administration, and they will get some online heat. But more needs to happen.

The students themselves might make a show of solidarity, and not boycott their school. This would clearly be an effective move, on their part.

I am not “up” on the story and its details, but that’s a UMC Catholic school with tuition?

The administrators at that school are charged with a responsibility and given a lot of status for their positions.

They are in a shitstorm now. Ffs imagine how angry some of the more upstanding parents are; or at least we can hope.

I checked out a number of the twitter threads from the leftist accounts, and how they just stick their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge their mistake, is something to behold.

Nathan Phillips, the American Indian who aggressively entered the underage minor’s personal space in a way that could be perceived as aggravated assault, has a history of radical left wing activism.

The most ignominious antagonist in this story is the serpent National Review, which published an article comparing the Covington High School student to Christ’s killers. They promptly took that article down, but not before it was archived.

As others said, President Trump should invite the young men from Covington Catholic to the White House. In fact, that’s what he should do for any for any of his supporters who suffer from the violence of the media and the mobs they sic on honorable Americans.


A Hero For The Gammas

It’s Negan from the television show “The Walking Dead.”

Soooooo wordy.

I haven’t seen this series, just the above clip and a few of the zombie-fighting scenes. My familiarity with the show is limited to that, plus conversations about it with others. I watched the above and found it repellent because Negan is a Gamma male’s wish-fulfillment avatar.

One, it’s his omnipotence. Gamma males’ avatars are larger-than-life, effectively superhuman figures in a story that is not premised on having supernatural protagonists.

And two, the character’s use of his power to humiliate vanquished men. You see this in the lineup of Negan’s kneeling victims. Now, as I understand the narrative arc of that show, those captives aren’t entirely sympathetic characters, but that’s incidental. What’s not incidental is their very normal look. Fit, with intelligent and loyal faces. The Gamma and the (((Gamma))) envies that which is part of the natural order of human society and relishes the abasement of those who represent it.

Tell someone: “Create a fictional character. Anything you want, no limits. We’ll provide full studio support and production.” A Gamma writer, if given to following his resentments, will line up all of his real and imagined enemies and torment them. The more incontinent such a writer, the more he will indulge in scripting a character who is cruel in the sort of verbose way that appeals to the darker side of a certain kind of female viewer and to the Gamma male.

People in the entertainment industry are not us, but they tell our stories. Sometimes they deliver an intelligent show but you still walk away feeling a little bit dirty. Trust that feeling.

(Gamma Male, if you are unfamiliar with the term.)

Harmonies Of Hope

ABBA, “I Have a Dream.” The all-time greatest pop band. No other act does harmonies like Agnetha and Anni-Frid beginning at 2:45. They sing “I believe in angels.” Do you mean that, ladies? The children’s choir joins in. Africans are included in later such performances to virtue-signal, corrupting things. But they’re not in this one.

Swedish patriots who have the future of their nation’s youngest on their minds, no doubt, are contemplating action. Such a patriot might hope that in seventy years, young people on the streets of Stockholm will chant “Honor and glory to the heroes!” for him. The spirit of Ebba Åkerlund watches over the hero.

The arc of entanglement with, and one scenario of disentangling from, Diversity:

  • One: Curiosity
  • Two: Hospitality
  • Three: Tolerance
  • Four: Grumbling
  • Five: Political action [*You are here]

And now an inflection point if there is a critical mass for it.

  • Six: Open hostility to all of them
  • Seven: Action against organized groups
  • Eight: Action against all adult males
  • Nine: “Suitcase or mass grave”
  • Ten: Not letting them escape alive

In 2017, brown human garbage migrant killed Ebba Åkerlund, a deaf Swedish girl, in a terrorist act. A year later, another brown human garbage migrant, who almost daily vandalizes the 11-year-old Ebba’s grave, attacked her father Stefan. The grieving father said, “When I called the police no one came.”


I once told a story about a Swedish man named Stefan who snapped. He felt that it’s okay to destroy evil.

Rispettiamo Luca Traini.

Albano Carrisi and Romina Power, “Ci Sara” (“There will be”). Possibly the second-greatest pop act of all time. In Italian. Refrain begins at 1:10.

You must believe it
There will be – a love story and a better world
There will be – a deeper blue and a more immense sky
There will be – your shadow at my side dressed in white
There will be – a more human way to say I love you more

Maryla Rodowicz, “Golębi Song” (“The Doves’ Song”). This hippie ballad from 1983 reflects the anxieties of its time. As it turns out, it’s not with nukes and tanks that the Cold War’s winner “replaced our breath with smoke,” but with Diversity and Poz and GMO. That word, “replace…”

They want to replace our breath with smoke…
The Flower Children are all grown up
They have their own homes
Who’ll sing today, who’ll raise his hand?

The refrain, which begins at 1:05, is very nice:

A tu świat jak zdrowy sad /  And this world’s a healthy orchard
Tyle słońca, pszczół i lat /  So much sunshine, bees and summers
Tyle ziarna, róż, pejzaży, gwiazd /  So many seeds, roses, landscapes, stars
I smutku, i jesieni /  And sorrows, and autumns

A tu świat jak zdrowy sad /  And this world’s a healthy orchard
Tyle róż, orzechów, gwiazd /  So many roses, grain, and stars
Czy przed burzą zawsze, zawsze jest  /  Is it always so beautiful, so sunny
Tak pięknie, tak pogodnie? /  Before the storm?

Zaprešić Boys, “U Porazu i Pobiedy” (“In Defeat and in Victory”). From Croatia, the best song on this list. The best song of the post-9/11 era. Don’t miss the outtro vocals. A selection of comments on YouTube:

  • I dont understand a Word but this song is great as hell! Respect from Sweden!
  • Braty hrvati respect z Ukrainy!
  • Respect from POLAND !
  • Respect from Germany
  • Respect from neighbour (Hungary)! HRVATSKA!
  • pozdrav iz srbije !
  • Respect from Argentina
  • Respect from Sparta Prague – Czech Republic.
  • Brati Hrvati, respect from Slovakia.
  • Respect iz Makedonije!
  • Pozdrav braci iz HercegBosne, Sarajevo!
  • Respect from italy
  • BELARUS z Vami!!!
  • Poz iz Kanade
  • Respect from Russia, bro!

At 0:54, the refrain:

Kad hladne kiše padaju /  When the cold rains fall
Il oganj žari zemlju tu /  
Or fire burns the earth
Ljepota tvoja ostaje  /  Your beauty remains
Jer sam tu i čuvam te (Hrvatska!) /  I’m here and watching over you (Croatia!)

Ja te volim dobro znam (Hrvatska!)  /  I love you, you know well (Croatia!)
Kad ti pjevam, osjećam /  When I sing I feel
Da smo kao jedno mi /  That we are one
U porazu i pobjedi /  In defeat and in victory

A Millennial’s Reply

Why the Boomer-bashing? For one, that’s how anger works itself out. To a Boomer commenter at Chateau Heartiste named Jim (not the NRx blogger known by that name), whose motivational speech begins with “I don’t owe young men anything” and includes a boast about his divorce, a Millennial reader replies:

There’s a lot to unpack here and I haven’t read all the comments or the root of this comment from Jim but I’ll give a dissident millennials retort.

I doubt you do owe us anything Jim, and some of your fellow boomers to add, who very well represent the best of their generation. However, I owe you nothing and can comfortably toss the failures of my generation at your generation’s feet. Let’s not forget, dad, you are the ones who raised us. You stood idly by while Ted Kennedy, his minions, and their scum successors undid the world you were allowed to be born and raised in. Your observations are accurate and the shortcomings you recognize are aptly noted. However, your last paragraph needs to be crux of your thought, not a final, passing notion.

[Jim’s last paragraph: “But then, we didn’t have ‘smart phones’, liberal-based CATV and 16 years of SJW training, K-12 and 4 at college like a Millennial. Maybe that’s where they’re hamstrung and THAT I can’t help them with other than to say to throw off the yoke, don’t get married and get a motorcycle. That would at least be a start.”]

The Stephen Paddocks of the world are the ones who allowed for the monstrosities of today to be born and reared. Boomers have been busy fattening their defined benefit plans on my generations back, buying up all the prime properties so that my generation must live in cubicle size rentables owned by foreign interests, and chasing waifus from distant lands while your ex-wives brow beat and torment us. You forgot to keep your home, our home, in order. It’s not YOUR fault, but it’s not MINE either. We are victims of our existence. Born at the worst time under the worst conditions. Generation Z has protection, in the form of Donald Trump and the vanguard of the Alt-Right, which as I’m sure you are aware of, is made up of yes, you guessed it mostly millennials. Millennials didn’t have that; we had to navigate the world on our own with no guidance and boomers like you telling us to get off our ass and do something in a world that hates us and actively works against us.

You aren’t wrong when you say many of us have no accomplishments nor care to seek any; but there are among us many eager to earn such accolades, to make up for lost time, to live in a way that wasn’t allotted to us. Millennials like myself have lived in a world with no peace, we have been guilty from birth of our heritage and our mere existence as true heritage Americans makes us enemies of the state. We have been in a state of war all our life, a cultural war, where no one like Trump stood up for us. We were truly on our own. And you are surprised we turned to video games and iphones? We can’t even go to Starbucks or look on our iphones without being exposed to the world’s contempt for our existence. Yes, the worst of the world is among us, but just by chance maybe the best of the world is also among us as well, lying beneath our shamed exteriors desperately waiting for an opportunity to act and earn those accomplishments you talk about.

Before you lose hope in us millennials let me say that the world’s contempt, in addition to apathy, laziness, and weakness, is creating other traits in millennials like anger, which leads to hate, which leads to violence (taking action). I think you will be surprised who steps up from my generation when the time comes and what that looks like. No one thought Octavian would become Caesar Augustus. He, like us was a sickly youth, who in time took action and created the greatest civilization the world had known.

Yes, Generation Z will be the shock troops, however, don’t be surprised if they are led by people from my generation. We have the most to prove, and I believe, the most to gain, a world we heard about and saw in a not so distant past. There are ones among us who have had experiences like yours and aren’t just finger pointing do nothings.

I’m prepared to accept my generations faults and shortcomings, but honestly it seems boomers refuse to accept theirs.

Back to me, PA. Once Boomers pass, the wrath of the young may well turn toward us, GenX. That’s how anger works itself out. But we will accept their scorn because unlike Boomers, we accept our part of the blame. We saw evil, we flinched, we never forgave ourselves for that. We have none of the arrogance of our parents’ generation. And pretty much by the time we turned twenty, we abandoned our expectations of ‘having it all’ that Boomers will cleave on to to their last day.

Economically, we’ll be in the same boat as the maturing Generation Zyklon and their children, no damning appearance of burning through their inheritance. So I don’t foresee a similar kind of Xer-bashing or even Millennial-bashing when our respective generations become old.

PS: Is there a word for nostalgia for things that are still here? Part of me will miss Boomers when they are gone. The heart softens when recalling long-ago images of when they were young and vigorous, we trusted them, and their undying cheerfulness wasn’t out of sync with the world around us.

The speech, in a few impromptu words


That jarring “Among those hardest hit [by illegal migration] are African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans.” The Right loathes this for the submissive language that it is. It’s also not true, in more than one way. Blacks’ polled support for immigration is off-the-charts. Never discount the psychology of joy in hurting one’s enemy. The libs and the hard Left see such supplicating and dated language as weak.

The speech may have been a necessary rhetorical set-up for what comes next. May it be so. As Trump asked, I will call my senator tomorrow morning. U.S. Capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121.

The nationalists on Trump’s ideological vanguard, and those millions of ordinary conservative American patriots who fill Trump’s rally stadiums THIRST for leadership. The purpose of that speech may or may not have been to inspire.

This is much bigger than a humanitarian crisis. As others noted, what President Trump has to eventually say is: “They want to replace you.”

UPDATE: Next morning’s perspective. The appeals to the so-called “civic nationalism” inspire nobody. To many of us, they feel like betrayal even when that’s certainly not the intent. Maybe they have their ancillary use in exposing the mercenary Democrat opposition, and other persuasive use. But they ring hollow. That said, Trump is a fighter, God knows what he’s wrestling with, and it showed last night. Godspeed to the President, this is all just the beginning. If you’re in the United States, call your senator and tell the person on the other end of the line “please work with the President on securing the border.”

Night Radio


Suburban_elk paints the night brilliantly:

Local radio stations, New Year’s Eve! “count downs”

1. Classic Rock, KQ — the 100 best New Year’s Eve party tunes. No exag, that is what their list was called. Status signaling here: I enjoyed some classic rock on the way to the gym, but already can’t remember the specific tunes. But the takeaway is that this classic rock station, which is a classic rock station even by the dinosaur standards of classic rock stations, no longer hosts parties downtown, BUT hasn’t given up the ghost and is in fact, still, rocking out.

2. The Alternative Hipster Station, “the Current” — the 90 best Locally Sourced [I kid you not, that’s what they were billed as] songs from the past year. This station is so hipster central that it literally figuratively literally figuratively, literally, decreases the size of your already beset penis, simply by listening to it. Except sometimes they play some good stuff too.

It’s in the favorite alternative format of a college radio station that is super hip, because even though we went to college and are not still in it for a long time, we’re still young at heart; or something. I find it interesting how they have to try and strapple the line, which line consists of two or three or four, or five, quadrants, if you will. In one corner, good stuff by local Whites (who are not dead); and in another “world” type stuff which I am sorry to say, is often good, if one is able to put aside one’s politics.

It is what it is: sensitive African niggers sing songs.

The funny thing about that radio station is the “scene” that they try to represent and spearhead and figurehead. It’s the Hipster Scene, and as we know that scene is befraught with difficulties: trying to be White and celebrate diversity at the same time. One of said tension’s primary fractal expressions, is in the “cool wine aunt” personalities that the female DJ’s have, who try and put on a good voice despite their shriveling wombs.

One such miserably positioned show host was “literally” gushing from her vagina lips about this Ethiopian scenester musician immigrant who loves Bob Dylan and that’s one of the reasons he “chose” to live here. Levels of bugwoman confusion feelz that shouldn’t even be possible.

The song that the DJ played for us, and orgasm’d to, was actually a neat fusion world pop, and soulful. The guy in fact does have a well developed soulful singing voice. Those guys have a musical tradition which reflects their diverse history in the highlands of Ethiopia or something. This is new “good restaurants” and I don’t mean to promulgate this hipster meme as an excuse to celebrate diversity and ease us on off the World Stage to make room for the replacements.

Just a-sayin, it was a good song. I AM SORRY! … As a matter of principle, I try not to “like” other folkways anymore. It can be challenge though, refluffing the feathers of the Firebird, because it’s in such bad shape. Our own folkways done got paved over by “Progress”.

The Progress that paved them over was the Progress bemoaned of by Uncle Ted, and not the progress of cult Marx politics. It is interesting that the same word is sometimes used for both things. Those are separate problems but they conjoined to sweep in on us as a perfect storm.

Earlier thoughts about the two kinds of progress.